Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

FOR OUR SOLDIERS IN AFRICA - Julia wants to be a nurse.
- Why? In harsh times, we all must help.
I'd like you to meet your future coworker: Pilar de Soraluce and Magdalena Medina.
Go on, make friends! They're getting married in November.
- Are you married? - No, not yet.
I'm waiting for my fiancé to return from Africa.
He's a lieutenant.
Pedro! If I don't make it, tell your sister to forget me.
Hold your fire! If you want us to surrender, you're no longer our commander! The queen wants to see you immediately.
- We're ready to help.
- A ship leaves Thursday.
They're not ready.
Not for war and not for Melilla.
It's a bloodbath.
My brother and Andrés are fine, Mother.
The rebels were merciless.
It must be hell over there.
Promise me you won't fall in love with another girl.
- Julia, what are you doing here? - I'm coming with you to Africa.
My brother and fiancé are there.
I must find them.
Magdalena? - No longer seasick? - Yes, I feel better - It's hot.
- Welcome to the Rif.
- Are you alright? - Yes.
Damsels of nobility, just what we needed.
The queen's orders are to open a Red Cross Hospital I can't just make up a hospital Are you for or against the queen? Take these ladies to San Justo School.
- When do the kids come back? - School's been out for a while.
- This is in no condition to be a hospital.
- It will have to be.
It's all we've got.
Alright, complaint department is closed.
Now, let's get to work.
Here's to what awaits us.
I have wounded soldiers, I need urgent assistance! Hurry, ladies, and pay attention! So we meet again, Julia Ballester.
Pedro! I'm happy you found your brother.
And Andrés? Andrés was there, but suddenly Pedro! I looked for him everywhere.
Andrés can't be dead.
Duchess, nurses Dr.
Luis Garcés.
It's been 8 years! And of all places, I run into him here! - What? No, no.
- We're going to the airport together.
Duchess' orders.
Get out, quick! They're coming! These are hard times for our country.
We must be prepared for the worst.
We're alive unfortunately.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - There's three of them.
- What will we do? Luis! Pray for a miracle.
No Get ready to run.
Run! Run! No search patrol? What if they were attacked? Yes.
Yes, okay.
Keep me posted.
They can't find them.
And the officer they were sent to aid was killed just before.
Do you really think the ambulance was ambushed? They most likely took this route and there are Kabylian rebels here.
They're armed.
- But if they made it to here - That area is full of snipers.
The perfect place to send an unguarded ambulance! What were you thinking? We're at war, I hope you're starting to see that.
I haven't sent forces because I don't have any more forces to send.
- So ask for more.
- I have.
For months.
Months I've been asking for soldiers, beds, medicine.
I know, I know.
But what's your plan? Better, Lieutenant? Careful.
We've got to get out of here.
We've got to find a way.
Looks like someone already has.
Commander Commander! Commander! Hey! Where are you going? Where are you going? Take it easy, Lieutenant.
Maybe he'll make it and let them know we're here.
I doubt it.
Doctor! How are you? Fine.
Welcome back, ensign.
How are you? Don't move.
Okay, remember to always keep the wounds clean, fingernails short and hands sterile, not just the instruments.
We must provide an aseptic, antiseptic environment.
How do you clean hands? With soapy water or with alcohol that's less than 90% proof.
And if necessary, rinse in mercury chloride or potassium - Permanganate, at four per mil.
- four per mil.
Then you scrub and dry off all of the dyed coating that appears.
Your brother looks better.
Dear Mother, I'm writing to you with news that will bring you joy.
Your son Pedro, my brother, is alive.
He's here in the hospital with me, and he's fine.
Luckily, he's in the best of hands.
It looks like he's out of danger.
And I'll take care of him until he's well enough to be taken home.
We'll both come home, I promise.
Unfortunately the news is not all good.
Andrés wasn't as lucky, Mother.
My beloved Andrés This cursed war has taken him forever.
I couldn't even say goodbye.
I can't stand the pain that he's no longer here, that I'll never see him again.
I guess it's the lesson of war.
One second, you're alive, the next, it all goes to pieces.
"Before surrendering, the Spanish forces set fire to their six planes lest they fall into enemy hands.
" - They were our only planes.
- But the pilots are here.
Why would we need planes there? "The armed rebels breached the statute of surrender by" Julia! Julia! Julia I finally found you.
- What is it? - They took Zeluán.
They're closing in on us.
So many are dead.
Pilar and Luis were headed there.
They've gone missing.
Stay calm.
Let's go.
Any water left? We have to ration.
We have to maintain our hydration level.
I'm well aware of that.
I'm a nurse.
There must be a barracks or a village somewhere.
We've been walking so long.
There must be someone around.
Let's hope they're one of us.
We're not safe here.
Isn't it crazy that we're here, Pilar? The two of us together again.
Let me look at that arm.
Let me have a look.
Now you won't speak to me? Pilar, if we get out of this alive, we're going to work side by side.
If we work side by side, we'll have to talk.
- Pilar, it's been eight years! - Luis! You left me standing up there in my bridal gown like an idiot.
But that wasn't the worst of it.
It's how I had to face everyone pitying me all that time.
You have no idea what it took to pick up the pieces! - I'm sorry, Pilar.
- Shut up.
I wrote a letter explaining everything.
- Oh, that you didn't love me? - Of course I did! Pilar, your father and your brother threatened me.
What? They beat me up and forced me to leave Madrid without saying a word.
- That's a lie! - Hope to die if it is.
It's the truth, I swear.
I've never stopped thinking about you.
I've hated you for 8 years.
No one has ever hated anyone as much as I do you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Don't touch me.
- I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
What happened to you? Are you medics? - I'm a military doctor.
- Sir.
She's a nurse.
Take us to the Red Cross Hospital.
Have a look here first.
We found him a ways down in the road.
Bullet wound in the leg.
The wound's in bad shape.
I'm Commander Silva.
Bazán regiment.
Please help me.
Get us out of here.
Let's go.
Pilar, help me.
Pilar! Are you alright? Did anything happen to you? Get the orderlies and tell Dr.
Calderón we have a wounded man.
Let's go! - Pilar, you're injured.
- I'm fine.
Julia The injured man is from the Bazán regiment.
- Your brother's regiment, right? - Yes.
He was lying in the road.
So, someone survived after all.
Did he say anything? He's been out for a while.
- Nurse, let's go! Where are the orderlies? - Yes.
- Where's Dr.
Calderón? - Getting the O.
Stay here, Julia.
Julia Julia What is it? - They brought in your commander.
- Silva! He's injured.
They're going to operate now.
I used the tourniquet, but I couldn't clean the wound.
The bullet's inside, it may have hit the tibia.
I'll take it from here.
Check that burn on your face.
A burn? Don't worry, you're still gorgeous.
- Anesthesia? - Ready.
Fine, let's start.
- Will we have to amputate? Well, I hope not.
Depends on the harm the bullet's done.
Duchess, turn the tourniquet.
We have to stop the bleeding.
Duchess, your nose is bleeding.
- Go, I'll take over.
- No.
Let's move on.
The bone's splintered.
We need a traction.
Ahmed? What are you doing there? You're supposed to be in bed.
Are you not well? Does something hurt? Wound? Head? Tummy? He'd like a glass of milk.
That's why he got up.
Don't worry, I can get him one.
Should I? - Oh, sure, thanks.
I'll move it very slowly, okay? - Okay.
- If it hurts, tell me and I'll stop.
No worries.
You'll do just fine.
If it had been me, I'm such a crybaby.
I would have bawled so hard, the rebels would have come down from Ceuta to see what was happening.
I burned myself once on a lamp Ouch, Magdalena! I'm sorry.
- Should I stop? Or - No, go on.
Are you alright? It was a nightmare.
But didn't the guards defend you? It all happened so fast.
If it hadn't been for Luis Well, at least something good came out of all this.
You no longer want to kill him.
Pilar! Sorry.
I was looking for a cream for the face.
The sun my face.
I'll wait outside.
Should I do this myself? No, no, of course not.
Be careful, please! - I'm sorry, Pilar.
- No, I'm sorry.
- Had I known my father and brother - Had I known you'd be in Melilla Pilar, listen.
I never could forget you.
Not for a single day.
You neither, right? No.
Luis! You're here, my love.
Thank God! I came as fast as I could! What happened? What did they do? to you? - Nothing, I'm fine.
- My God, what a scare! I thought this one lost his father! Thi-this is my wife.
I'm okay.
Come, let's go to the kitchen.
- You're okay, then? - Yes.
They said they found you by chance, that they shot up the ambulance.
Yes, yes, but I'm here now.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Who's that girl? His wife.
- What? He's married? - Yes.
- No ring? - No.
And that belly she's pregnant? - He's having a baby! - Magdalena! I'm sorry, so sorry.
I don't I don't want to think or talk about this.
Okay? Let's get to work.
There's a lot of blood.
Hemostatic pincers, please.
He's losing too much blood, Verónica! Pincers.
There, clean it.
Got it.
Pilar? Why aren't you resting? I'm fine, Duchess.
Thank you.
- Did someone tend your wound? - Yes, I prefer to work.
We need to clear an area to put the commander in.
Let's clear out those beds in the back.
The boy can't be here surrounded by all the misery.
- He's no bother, though.
- But he could get infected.
Send him home.
- He doesn't have a home.
- Then find him one, let's go! Let's go, clear this up! Duchess, ma'am, has the commander woken up? Did he say what happened? No, he's unconscious.
Commander Commander! Easy, easy.
Where am I? Am I in a hospital? Yes, you're in the Red Cross Hospital of Melilla.
Easy now, relax.
We took a bullet out of your leg.
It went just fine.
Thank God.
- Nurse, you can't be here.
- I'm sorry, but I must speak with him.
- It'll have to be later, he just woke up.
- He was in charge of Andrés' regiment.
They said everyone died, but he's here.
Commander do you remember a Lieutenant Andrés Pereda? He was with you at Annual.
- Yes, Lieutenant Pereda.
- Yes? - I remember.
- You do? Do you know where he is or what happened to him? No.
I don't know.
I don't know anything.
Please, try and remember.
Sir, perhaps he escaped like you did? I didn't escape.
An officer would never do that.
I took on the rebels and they injured me! They left me for dead! That's how I survived! They're all dead! They're all dead! Relax, relax.
The commander has no news on Andrés, either.
He says they're all dead.
That officer is a scoundrel.
It's all his fault.
He wanted us to surrender.
We had to flee because of that son of a bitch.
Pedro, don't move! - Calm down.
- Andrés is dead because of him.
I swear I'll avenge his death.
I swear it.
Julia Andrés wanted you to forget him.
He wanted me to tell you that.
He wanted you to move on if something happened to him.
He was like a brother to me, but he was right.
You must forget him, Julia.
You must be quiet, Lieutenant.
- Calm down or they'll kill us.
- Get the bullet out.
Get the bullet out of me, I can't stand it anymore! My God, I can't take it! No, please! Please! Enough! If you prefer, I can kill you, then you'll be quiet.
No, please.
Please, my arm.
My arm! No, no! Lieutenant Lieutenant.
My God, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant! - I'm sorry for interrupting.
- No, I've just finished.
You've never seen a Muslim pray? No, I didn't even know you were Muslim.
The truth is, I hadn't thought about it - Larbi.
- What? Larbi Al Hamza.
That's my name.
And you're Magdalena.
It comes from the Bible: Maria Magdalena.
You've read the Bible? To know, one must read.
And one must know to understand.
I want to understand.
Do you always pray at the same time? I'd like to know, too.
We pray five times a day.
More than the Christians.
- Did you need me for anything? - Yes, the boy who came with the man - Ahmed.
- Yes.
He can't stay here.
The duchess says he might catch an infection.
But he has nowhere to go, miss.
The duchess will speak with the army's orphanage.
She says maybe they can make room for him.
Could you please help me tell him? He doesn't understand me.
Sure, let's go.
Ahmed Tell him, please.
Ahmed Please, we're doing this for you.
You'll be safer there! Let him go.
You know what that place is like? It's better for him there.
You've never been to an orphanage, have you? This, here, is paradise compared to that place.
They go hungry.
There are more rats than kids, so many illnesses.
That's where you want him to go? Don't look at me like that.
What should I do? If it's about money, I'll pay, but who should I pay? In Madrid you just pay, but here? Can't the boy stay two more days until we find a place for him? Those are my orders.
We need to clear the place for the commander.
You're right.
It's the stars that count.
Right? Larbi Son of a bitch! You wanted to bury us, traitor! Coward! You killed two of us, you son of a bitch! Son of a bitch.
Help! - Help! Help! - What are you doing?! Stop, stop! - Let me go! - Stop! - Let me go! - Calm down! Pedro! What's going on? He's a coward! Andrés is dead because of him! Calm down, Pedro.
Calm down! - Calm down.
- What's going on here? Nothing.
My brother got nervous, but he's fine now.
Doctor? The ensign attacked the commander.
That man is a traitor.
He killed his own men! That's enough! Take him to his bed.
This is absurd! We save his life and he's almost killed minutes later.
- An officer! - I'm just as shocked, I was in the O.
Why wasn't I told the commander was here? Saving his life was the priority at the time.
What would you have told Her Majesty if the assassin had prevailed? The commander is fine and the aggressor contained.
Tell that to the queen.
We owe so much to Commander Silva.
How could this happen? And with the rebels at the gates! Nurse.
Collect the ensign's belongings.
- Why? What will you do with him? - He's being arrested.
He's committed a serious offense.
- He's a lying traitor! - He's a war hero! - Didn't you hear me, nurse? - I was there! The man's telling the truth! The commander's no hero.
He wanted to surrender to the enemy.
You were there, too, and you.
All of you! Why are you silent? Coward! Traitor! Coward! Coward! Quiet! I will not allow this kind of slander.
Somarriba, call High Command.
Have them take these soldiers to jail.
- Why? - For rebelling.
- They didn't do anything.
- For rebelling! - Nurses, help them up.
- No! Get them out of here one by one.
One moment.
The nurses do as I say.
And the wounded will leave the hospital when they're well again.
I ask you to not meddle in military matters.
This is my responsibility.
Tell that to General Ibarra, High Command, whoever necessary.
I'm not changing my mind.
Duchess not here.
Clean this up.
The commander's position was surrounded for a week.
The rebels were shooting everything that moved.
They were going to let our men die of thirst or hunger.
They would have all died.
That these men survived is a miracle.
As things stand, they owe their lives to him.
They bring him here to be treated, and what happens? They were about to kill him right under our noses.
These soldiers are wounded and need medical attention.
Here's what we'll do, Colonel.
Arrest them if you will.
We'll move them to a hall under your guards' supervision.
But they do not leave the hospital.
Alright, then.
But I don't think High Command will allow it for long.
- I know.
- They'll be court-martialed.
And the nurse's brother, the ensign, will be first.
Andrés said it.
Your Andrés told him straight up: "If you hand us over to the enemy, you're no longer our commander.
" Julia, you must believe me! - Look at me.
- I'm listening.
He fired at us! They should arrest him.
- I know.
But who's going to believe you? You attacked a superior! I couldn't hold back.
There's eight of you against him.
They'll ask for your statements and the truth will be known.
Don't bet on us, miss.
Whether we're eight or eighty, the commander's always right.
- That can't be.
- Welcome to the army, it can.
It's all your fault.
Couldn't you just shut up? They'll give that coward a medal! They can give him two! Who cares? I just want to go home.
You will, in a coffin, for rebelling.
Quiet over there! You, to your bed.
Nurses, stop treating them and leave.
I have to take his blood pressure.
You're done with him, so leave! You heard what the duchess said.
You won't leave the hospital until you're completely well.
Understood? And then what? They'll say we're traitors, then we're dead.
I won't let them.
You hear me? I won't let anything happen to you.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
- I didn't know you were here.
- I was on my way out.
Do what you must.
Let's see Estrella, open that window.
Magdalena, open those other ones and I'll take care of these - Whose patient is this? - Mine, why? His wounds are infected.
He has tetanus and needs to be in the dark.
Did you try using suction cups on his back? Tetanus? I don't have that diagnosis noted in here.
I assume you haven't injected the serum, either.
Not in your notepad either? What good is a notepad if you don't apply the treatment? You're right, I don't know how it happened.
If you had your head in the right place Listen, you can't speak to me like that.
I don't need your permission to speak any kind of way.
I've tried to get along with you, but that does it! You are so rude! I didn't get here because I'm nice.
Your friend can fill that role.
Nor for having a smiling face and a little notebook.
I'm here because I do a good job.
Can you say the same? And now attend to the patient.
Oh! The bolder she gets, the more I like her.
What's wrong with me, is that normal? Who said you were normal? Right, that's my charm! Along with insisting endlessly until I win her over.
You haven't won anything.
She walked by and didn't bat an eye.
- So I'll just have to keep insisting.
- That's it.
Pilar, you must forgive me.
- Not now, Luis.
Jesus, we were about to die.
I didn't think it was the right time to I guess I'm not the only one getting rejected.
Of course, I'm neither married nor a father-to-be.
Hey, it'll go down with some ice.
What is it? I'm sorry, Duchess, ma'am.
I want to return to Madrid.
I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood.
I'm not as strong as I thought.
If I stayed, I'd only be a nuisance.
It's not that easy to get back home.
The few ships that leave are overburdened.
Any available space is reserved for the wounded.
- Besides, you swore an oath.
- I know.
I just can't I was sure that lack of sleep and the new environment would be the biggest test.
The first days are the hardest.
Anything can bring us down under these conditions.
Even for you.
It's him, right? Dr.
Luis Garcés.
Magdalena told me you were engaged.
It's a tough test, I'll give you that.
But giving up solves nothing.
On the contrary, you'll miss the chance of ever knowing if you could have overcome it.
You'll live on feeling sorry for yourself, weakened, unable to take on anything new, and forever regretting that you didn't try.
You owe yourself more, Pilar.
That's not you.
Are you sure you want to leave us? We're short two baskets of vegetables, go get them.
And this to the kitchen, at the end of the hallway, please.
This is set and that is Are you alright, miss? I'm Raquel.
I'm Dámaso's daughter, you know, the NCO in charge of food.
We met before, but we weren't introduced.
- You are? - Pilar.
I'm fine, no worries.
My pleasure.
We'll be seeing more of each other, I suppose.
No matter what you need, just ask, I'm here for you.
Thank you.
You nurses are so generous to have come here, with how things are now I'm telling you, this war is so terrible.
Listen Take that to the kitchen, please.
Whatever your other problem is, it's none of my business, of course Look, you know what my mother would always say? - No.
- If there's a solution, why worry? Now, if there's a solution why worry? Is there a solution for your problem? - I'm sure there is.
- There.
You see? There you go.
Work is calling.
Delighted! Commander, wake up.
Commander Commander Your time has come! Commander, calm down.
Commander Sit up.
Easy, relax.
There you go, good.
I've brought you some warm milk.
I'm sure it will help.
My brother would like to apologize.
He's the one who attacked you.
He feels very bad about what happened.
Miss, why are you telling me this? So you might pardon him and we could all just go home.
He tried to kill me.
What are you expecting? That I forget about it? No.
- I'm not saying that.
I'm just asking - I said no.
He says you wanted to surrender.
And that you killed those who wouldn't join you.
- That's a lie.
- It is not.
Doctor! Help! Julia Julia.
How are you? My brother is no murderer.
The first thing I learned when I came here was you never know how you'll react in an extreme situation.
Your brother made a big mistake.
He shouldn't have to die for it, though.
Or do you think he should? Of course not.
As a doctor, I try to save lives, not take them.
My opinion makes no difference, it's the court-martial's decision.
The truth is I'd help you if only I could.
You know what I thought the first time I saw you? That you were arrogant and vain.
Oh, yeah? What changed your mind? Who said I did? Fidel! I'll head up.
Lucky me, I didn't know where to find you.
You didn't tell me you were coming.
Susana, this is Nurse Julia Ballester.
- Delighted.
- It's a pleasure.
I'm sorry for interrupting.
You must have a lot to do.
Yes, the rebels keep attacking and the wounded are pouring in.
- We've hardly slept since we arrived.
- He never does.
Susana It's true! I don't know how he is as a boss, but as a doctor, his patients always come first.
Alright, then, Nurse Julia has a lot to do, please keep me posted.
- Of course.
- See you! Did you know one of the nurses is an old school friend? - I didn't.
- Magdalena.
- Magdalena? - Can you believe it? I haven't seen her since my father was stationed in Melilla.
Let's see, first the head, or first the arm? Ahmed, stay put, please! Ahmed! He won't get dressed.
We're headed for the orphanage, I suppose that's why.
Let me try, miss.
I don't want to send you there, Ahmed.
I really don't.
I don't know what to do.
We can take him to my house.
He can live with my mother, my cousins.
You'd do that? Really? He needs a family.
Ahmed That's so generous of you, Larbi, thank you.
- Shukran.
- What? That's "thank you" in my language.
Shukran, Ahmed.
He likes your hair.
In my country, women wear it covered as Allah says it should be.
Why? To protect them from the staring men.
Magdalena? Susana? - Susana! - Magdalena! Wow, you look great in that uniform! It's all so new! You, a nurse! Now, spin around.
Calderón We've got tons of news to share! Is it true you're engaged? - Who is he? - Yes.
Daniel de Zumárraga.
- The son, I hope.
- No, the father.
The son, of course.
What did you think?! - Is he still so handsome? - Of course he is.
Oh, excuse me for a moment.
Ahmed, be a good boy.
Bring him by every now and then, okay? Sure, nurse.
I live close by.
So, should we continue our tour of the hospital? Sure.
I didn't know the Moor still worked here.
After all those people have done to us.
I don't trust any of them.
You be careful.
Larbi hasn't missed a day of work.
He knows what his place is.
Here are the patients, of course.
- What was this before? - The library.
The work that went into it! You can't imagine what it looked like.
Mother wants to see you, you must come by.
You'll tell us how Madrid is.
How I wish I were there.
less fever, but a rash on the back.
Likely a reaction to the treatment.
Come in.
If I may, Duchess? Susana, Colonel Marquéz' daughter, asked me out for dinner at their house.
- Oh, right, you're old school friends.
- If you need me here No, go on.
Go clear your head.
Change out of your uniform and forget this war for a while.
I'll try.
I'll be back in no time.
Thank you.
Change into something nicer, going out for dinner You were saying? - That it's hard to shed old customs.
- About the patient.
The rash shouldn't be an issue and the fever's down.
Magdalena! I need your help for my brother.
It can't wait.
- What do you want me to do? - You get along with the Arab, right? With Larbi? Why? But Yes, they're getting whole families out.
They put them in the ship's storage.
Ten or twelve per boat.
- There's no room for more.
- How much does it cost? Who's the passenger? It's no business for a lady.
It's too dangerous for ladies.
Not alone.
- Can you come along? - Me? - Julia, maybe we - Please, it's for my brother.
I need to get him out, no matter what.
He's under arrest.
He's innocent.
They'll execute him.
Please, I need your help.
I can pay you.
I thought you were different.
That you understood me.
I must have been wrong.
For you, an Arab's just a crook.
Just a traitor.
No, that's not it.
I don't think that at all! Julia's just asking because you know Melilla, that's all.
But I'm sorry, we didn't want to offend you.
I'm sorry, ladies.
Larbi Well you heard him.
It's a dangerous place.
You won't go there on your own, will you? Promise you won't.
- Julia! - I promise.
Julia! Sorry, you can't go in.
I have to attend to them.
Show me a written authorization from the colonel, then you can pass.
- I'm a nurse.
- Those are the orders.
- My brother is in there and - Miss, please! Pick it up and leave, please.
Duchess! Duchess, they won't let me attend to my brother.
They want an authorization from the colonel.
Don't worry, I'll issue one and speak with the ensign.
But why can't I see him? - What are they planning? - At the moment, he's taken care of.
But he attacked his commander.
Sooner or later, he'll have to answer for it.
Miss! - Miss! Looking for someone? - No.
Miss, I'm Hakim.
Let me help.
Don't be afraid.
- Do you work here on the boats? - Of course.
We all do.
I need to get someone out of Melilla.
No no, no.
I know people do it.
No, miss.
You should go home.
It's dangerous here.
I have money.
I can pay you.
Put that away, there are dangerous people here.
You could get hurt, miss.
I'm not leaving until I speak to someone.
Can you help me or not? Follow me.
Follow me, miss, follow me.
Listen, you keep quiet.
It's better that I speak to them.
Clear? Step closer, miss.
- He has space on a boat.
- Really? It leaves tonight.
How much can you pay? What? This is too little, miss.
Too little! You must have more.
This is worth more than a ship's ticket.
This? Do you have more, miss? - Are you sure? Let me see! - No, I really don't.
You don't have more? - I want this.
- Not my ring! - Miss, take it off! - No! Let me go! The infection made his respiratory problems worse.
We administered the anti-tetanus serum, but it seems we're too late.
What if we disinfect the wound again? - His dyspnea is increasing.
- Time's not on our side.
Give him 50 milligrams more.
Don't let him suffer.
How many times has your nose bled today? I just blow my nose too hard.
Those blood samples were yours.
Which samples? Someone left some blood samples here.
They don't belong to any of our patients.
Is it contagious? - I don't think so.
- So, nothing to worry about.
Nothing? Why did you sneak in the samples if there's nothing to worry about? You thought it might be tuberculosis, didn't you? Do you have a humming in your ears, vertigo? Possibly.
Blood in your saliva? How often? All this stays between you and me.
Promise me that.
Of course.
- Promise me you'll do a full check.
- No.
- Duchess - I said no.
I make the calls in this hospital, even if they're wrong.
Let's leave it at that.
If the rebels are going to invade, what are they waiting for? Why haven't they invaded yet? Didn't they say they were at the gates? Or maybe they're actually afraid of us! It's ready.
And not 'cause I made it, but the soup is delicious! - Pilar, would you like some? - No, thanks.
- You must! It'll warm your bones.
- Thanks, I'm not hungry.
I'm really not hungry.
You sure? Okay, then.
There you go - Thanks.
- Don't mention it.
Pilar! Ouch! Come on, Pilar, give me a second.
You think it's easy for me? That kiss wasn't a lie.
The slap wasn't either.
Out of the way.
Pilar! Listen to me, please! what's worse is the poor girl.
What did you tell her? Nothing.
You didn't tell her we were engaged? No, I didn't.
Don't tell her either, please.
Don't worry.
I won't.
It's no surprise you don't want her to know what kind of man she's with.
Stay away from me.
Hurry up or it'll get cold.
Won't you ever learn? I just can't get used to the gunfire.
Oh, no one ever does.
Life, eh? I dream of being in Madrid, and you end up here in Melilla! Had anyone told me a month ago! What you're doing is admirable.
- Were you a nurse in Madrid? - We only got our degree there.
Pilar has been with the duchess longest.
That's why she's the assistant director.
She's so organized.
I wish I had her head! - Earlier, I met what was her name? - Julia.
Julia Ballester.
She's not a nurse yet.
She snuck on the train with us to find her fiancé here.
- He's an infantry lieutenant.
- Oh Did she find him? I'm afraid he's dead.
The truth is, Julia's a brave woman.
This war is a nightmare.
Magdalena, you be careful.
Don't ever go out alone.
The streets are infested with Moors.
Don't scare the girl.
It's not the jungle.
They're so ungrateful.
All we've done for them.
This is how they pay us back? They're not all like that.
What I mean is th-that some work at the hospital, and they hate the war as much as we do.
Magdalena, you've always been as good as you are naive.
Haven't you been told the atrocities they do to our soldiers? Can't we avoid the subject for 5 minutes? Magdalena, when's the wedding? - Have you set a date? - Yes.
November 22nd.
Thank you.
What about you? Well - We're still waiting for Fidel.
- Mom.
Oh! I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to be indiscreet.
Always putting my foot in my mouth.
Magdalena, I can't let you go without showing you the house.
Don't expect anything out of this world, though.
Living next to High Command is like living in a barracks, you know.
I would have preferred to live elsewhere Everyone's in a rush for us to get married except you.
- Don't talk nonsense.
- I'm not.
I'd get up and leave with you any time.
Don't you love me anymore? You know I do.
But we're at war.
People die in my arms every day.
- There are many priorities.
- Of which I was never one.
I didn't say that.
Are we going to wait for the war to end to set the date? It has to end at some point, right? Susana I love you.
You'll have your wedding.
And it will be wonderful because you're wonderful.
The engagement ring? They stole it? Andrés' signet ring, too.
What an idiot I am.
I used them to pay for Pedro's escape.
Now I have nothing.
How could you just run off like that? You could have been killed! I should've known.
What? - You knew? - No, I didn't know anything.
I mean, I knew but she promised me she wouldn't do it! God Almighty.
They'll take my brother, don't you see? They'll lock him away and then they'll execute him.
- Have you spoken to Carmen about this? - Yes, I did.
She says she can't do anything.
I'll call my parents.
I'll tell them to transfer enough money to get Pedro out of here.
You can't solve everything with money.
What, do you want to get robbed again? Do you mind not treating me like a baby? I know all that, but what can I do? In Madrid, I'd know what to do, but I don't know anyone here.
Nobody cares.
Everything will work out.
He'll be fine, you'll see.
You haven't come all this way for that type of misfortune.
Ladies, a patient is not feeling well.
I'm on my way, thank you.
What happened? Is he dead? It's my fault, I know.
I should've had a nurse at his side.
It wouldn't have changed anything.
- Maybe it would have.
Too many mistakes.
All by me.
Even if that were so, we can't always get it right.
The job teaches you that, too.
Is he dead? When did it happen? Just now, with you? We have to call his family.
We usually send word, but the orders are to bury them here in Melilla.
Are they going to drop bombs? Now? Bombs? Come on, no way! Nurse, what's with the light? Quiet.
I'll get more oil lamps and a doctor to issue the death certificate.
Can you get him ready for the transfer? - They'll take him to the cemetery tonight.
- Yes.
Back to bed.
Help me lift him.
We have to do this? Magdalena Take his arm.
- Let's go.
- I don't know if we'll manage.
Turn him.
How did he get here if he couldn't move? We'll have to change his clothes.
Us? That, too? A dead man? Can't an orderly do it? Magdalena, please! Just imagine he's not dead! Then I wouldn't be taking his clothes off either.
They're taking him tonight? - Yes.
You heard her, to the cemetery, in the ambulance.
What if What if, what? Julia.
Snap out of it.
What if, what? What if we put the body in my brother's bed? And put him in the ambulance.
Are you mad? No.
No, no, no.
Absolutely no way.
Lieutenant, did the pain go down? Why did he do it? The Moor, why did he take the bullet out? He wants you alive and kicking, all the better to kill you later.
Or for ransom from your family.
Mendoza, if no one knows we're here, no one can come for us.
We have to get word out.
How are we going to do that? Excuse me.
Could you help me? I've got to get something from storage, but I can't not with my arm like this.
I thought, since you're so tall and strong.
Oh, I'm sorry! Sorry, I just can't get used to the power outages.
Don't worry, it's fine.
I'll come with you.
Thank you.
My feet are trembling, my arms, my whole body.
What am I doing here? Wait a second.
Give me one minute.
Pedro! It's me.
What's going on? Get up.
I'm getting you out of here.
Are you sure about this? Yes.
This won't end well.
Good evening.
Which way? The other door! Hello there.
May I know what the hurry's about? It's the soldier who died today.
We're taking him to the ambulance.
Why through here? We took some wrong turns.
I was telling Julia this isn't the right way.
The guard please! Thanks so much for your help.
I'll take it from here.
Please, he's all I have left.
Please Thank you.
- Go on.
- Thank you.
The driver is waiting.
Corporal! Come here.
Is that any way to wear your uniform? I'm sorry, Captain.
It's the heat.
- A corporal must always set an example! - At your command.
Move along.
Larbi? Can you come a second? Hurry, please.
There's a window in the gallery that won't close properly.
Ok, let's go.
I'm sweating all over.
My feet, arms, my whole body.
Come, get on the truck.
Put his uniform and boots on.
Now what? - Can you drive? - It can't be that hard.
- Come on.
- Julia, let's go, please! Wake up.
- Let's go! - I don't know how, Magdalena! Hey! Hey! Get out! What are you doing? - I'm getting my brother out! - You can't do that! - Yes, I can! - Please, he's innocent.
It's the only way to save him.
Do you know what will happen to me if they find out? You'll say you're sorry, but I'll get shot! How does this turn on? Up with you! Hey, you Stop! Move over! Stop! No, don't shoot, please! Nobody leaves the hospital! Gunshots.
They came from outside.
What's going on? The nurse's brother escaped with their help! Stop pointing that weapon at them, where do you think you are? Put it down, Corporal.
That's an order! Put the gun down.
Julia, which one stole the ring? Can you remember? I'm not sure.
Look, was it one of them? Yes.
The one with the beard, on the right, I'm positive.
Wait for me here.
Stay here.
You came alone to talk to those men? - Say your goodbyes, now! - No, Julia's coming, too.
- No, Pedro.
Let's go! - No! - I can't go with you.
- They'll make you pay for what I've done.
Pedro, I can't go with you.
I have to stay.
- You have to leave now! - Let's go! - Go! Go! - Pedro, let's go! They can't know you helped me! - No! No! - Stay where you are! No! No! No, no, no! Pedro! Pedro! Pedro.
Pedro, no! Pedro! Help! Help! They saw it, they're answering! Wait! I haven't done anything! Lieutenant! Help! Duchess, ma'am, you owe us a lot of explanations.
I'm solely responsible.
I'm not talking to you.
Larbi is innocent, sir.
Take that uniform off.
I'm sorry for what happened.
I'd be honored if you came to visit.
If I tell her about us, there couldn't be anything between us.
And there never will be.
Should I be concerned about my husband? - Excuse me? - I got lucky, I'm not letting him go.
This color goes well with your face.
Quick, a doctor! Please hurry! The rebels left an injured man at the gates of the city.
Pilar? Don't speak or it'll be worse.
Calm down