Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- Julia! - What happened? They've taken Zeluán.
Pilar and Luis were going there.
We haven't heard from them.
What are we going to do? Get ready to run.
Go! Andrés wanted you to forget him.
He asked me to tell you.
You must forget him, Julia.
We have to get out of here.
We must find a way.
Looks like someone already did.
Commander! Hey, Commander! You've never seen a Muslim pray? Larbi.
- What? - That's my name.
And you are Magdalena.
Your father and your brother, Miguel, forbade me from marrying you.
I spent eight years hating you.
Are you okay? Did anything happen to you? Call the stretcher bearers and Dr.
Calderón, we have an injured man.
They brought in your commander.
Andrés is dead because of him.
I swear I'll avenge his death.
I swear I'll avenge him.
Son of a bitch.
You wanted us to surrender, traitor.
What are you doing? Stop! He's telling the truth! He wanted to turn us in to the enemy! Gather them and take them to jail.
- For what? - For rebelling.
- They didn't do anything.
- For rebelling! I won't let anything happen to you.
They bring him in so we can help him recover and what happens? Luis, my love! I thought this baby lost his father.
This is my wife.
If I could, I'd help you.
You know what I thought when I met you? That you were arrogant.
Miguel! It seems everyone's in a rush for us to get married except you.
Don't you love me anymore? I need to get someone out of Melilla.
I can pay you.
- You don't have more, miss? - Let go of me! - I want this.
- No, not the ring! - Let me go! - Take it off.
Do you feel a ringing in your ears? A feeling of vertigo? - Promise me you'll keep it secret.
- Promise me you'll get tested.
I said no.
One of the patients isn't well.
What if we put the body in my brother's bed and we put my brother in the ambulance instead? No, no, no, no.
Pedro, it's me.
He's all I have left.
- Go.
- Thank you.
Hey! Get out of there! He's innocent.
It's the only way to save him.
You know what happens to me if you're caught? Stop! No, no, no, please! Hey! Stop! They might think you helped me.
- No, no! - Stop! No! No! No! No, no, no! Pedro! Pedro.
What happened last night? I heard some shots.
It was Ensign Del Bazán.
He was caught trying to escape.
My God, I just hope everyone's alright.
Well, not too injured because Magdalena, be quiet.
- Good morning, Duchess, ma'am.
- Colonel.
We were called upon.
How are they? - You'll see them now.
- Where are the injured? In the guardroom.
Somarriba, show the doctor and nurses in.
That won't be necessary.
- Take them.
- Follow me, please.
In the guardroom? You're joking.
Do you think an attempted escape from your hospital and in your ambulance is a joke? No, but it seems that you've already judged and passed sentence.
You have a very peculiar concept of justice.
You're going to have to provide quite a few explanations.
I trust they'll all be convincing.
- Julia! Julia, are you okay? - Thank God you came.
- What have they done to you? - No, I'm fine.
They shot him in the leg and he hit his head when he fell.
I shouldn't have let you leave.
They could have killed you all.
I would have gotten out even if you hadn't let me.
Doctor, stay with the nurses to treat him.
You, come with me.
And the ambulance driver, too.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry, Julia.
Everything will be okay.
- Relax, Pedro.
- Breathe.
I can't see well, Doctor.
I can't see.
I can't see well.
- Look here.
- Huh? - Here.
- No So, your brother tried to escape and made it to the port, no less.
In one of the hospital's ambulances, sir.
We all know that piece of information, there's no need to keep repeating it.
- And with help.
- Larbi's not to blame.
He thought he was carrying a recently deceased soldier.
In fact, when he noticed, he confronted my brother.
That's why his face is bruised.
Is the lady telling the truth? - I'm the only one who's responsble.
- I'm not talking to you.
If you thought you were carrying a body, why did you take it to the port instead of the morgue, where they were expecting you? Because we forced him.
They forced me, sir.
That's how you thank the military for the trust it's placed in you? - He's telling you the truth.
- They told you to be quiet, miss.
If you're going to use that tone, we can stop right here.
There's no one more interested in clearing this up than me.
Do you realize the gravity of the situation? A nurse helping a detainee escape.
He's her brother.
Did you expect her to stand by while you executed him? The ensign attacked a superior who is a war hero, no less.
What he did to Commander Silva is despicable and he should pay for it.
He'll be judged in a military court.
In the meantime, he'll stay locked in the guardroom, as will the young lady.
The young lady is not under your orders.
I won't allow you to hold her.
She must answer for what she's done.
Of course, before the queen and before me.
Let the queen herself come, then.
I have no problem with calling her.
Well, call her! Call her.
As a military man, I only take orders from my superiors and they from the Ministry of War.
A lady nurse will not go to the guardroom.
I need your guarantee that something like this won't happen again.
No one can guarantee anything, Colonel.
Melilla's future is hanging by a thread.
You should never have come here, none of you.
What just happened proves it.
It will be more than enough to get you kicked out of here.
Try it.
I'll do the same to you.
Larbi didn't do anything.
Why are you firing him? I got him off from going to jail.
Isn't that plenty? Julia.
How's my brother? The injury on his head caused loss of vision.
What does that mean? Is he blind? It's too soon to know, but I'll do everything I can to stop it.
You should rest, don't you think? Come to my office immediately.
What happened? Are they sending them back? I don't know.
Well, I hope not.
I'm saying that as a doctor, of course.
"He who excuses himself" Guys, I let them get her brother out.
I'm saying nothing.
You've gone out of your way for her a lot lately.
For whom? Come on, Fidel, we've known each other for a long time and this isn't university.
The nurse.
No one's saying she isn't beautiful.
Sure, she's beautiful.
And she has talent, too.
That's important in our field.
It's worse than I thought.
Let me remind you, Casanova, that I have a girlfriend.
- Her name is Susana.
- Yeah, and you love her so much and you're a very faithful man.
Maybe you know me after all.
But you haven't given her a ring, though you know she wants it.
Luis, don't confuse your problems with Pilar with what's happening to me.
Come on, now.
Well, yeah, maybe I'm confused, but that's precisely why you should take some advice.
Think hard about what you're doing, because very soon you'll be married to a woman who you care about very much, yes, but who you don't love.
And one day you'll surprise yourself trying to be faithful and loyal and to not turn into a traitor who you'd never respect.
God gives bread to those who have no teeth.
Guillermo, I need your opinion.
- My opinion? - Yes.
- Professional, I mean.
- Oh, professional, of course.
Yeah, that's what I'm here for.
Let's hear it.
As far as I'm concerned, you never got on that train.
You're not a nurse.
You're not even certified.
Therefore, I see no reason for you to remain in this hospital.
But if I'm not in the hospital, the colonel will expel me from the city and my brother won't Your brother will remain in the guardroom until the trial.
Madame Duchess, please let me pay back everything you've done for me.
Let me keep my promise.
There's so much to be done in the hospital, Duchess.
Do you really have more to say? I won't deny you room and board for the rest of your stay here, but take off that uniform right now.
And you two Get to work.
I'm sorry.
I don't know what to say.
It's best you don't say anything.
A drink? I think there's still some left in the flask.
Maybe today's the day we can really get drunk.
Well, I'm getting back to work.
I know the duchess thinks that I'm only here for my brother and Andrés, but it's not like that.
I wanted to be a nurse.
Before all this happened, I wanted to be a nurse.
And now I've made a mess of your lives, of my brother's life - and they fired Larbi because of me.
- No, that was my fault.
I convinced him to help you.
I have to speak to him.
I have to apologize to him.
Where are you going? Don't say anything.
Don't let the duchess or Pilar find out.
- Magdalena, be careful.
- Yes.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand.
I don't want to buy anything.
Really, I was just looking.
Thank you very much, but I was just looking.
- Oh, Spanish.
- Yes, yes.
But, no.
Really, I appreciate it, but, no, thanks.
Don't smile.
If you smile, they think you want to buy.
Give me a moment.
- A present.
- You shouldn't have.
You're getting better at my language.
I've had a good teacher.
Women alone here, no.
Women don't go about alone.
In Spain, women go alone? No, in Spain we don't go about alone either.
Well, only to mass.
You're daring.
- What were you doing here? - I was looking for your house.
- I was told you live around here.
- Yes, I live close by.
But you were looking for me? I wanted to talk to you.
I'm so sorry about what happened.
I would be very honored if you came to my home.
I can offer you Moroccan tea.
It's roasted lamb in a pot.
It smells good.
Your home is nice.
I live here with my mother and with my cousin Abdallah.
Ahmed's in school right now.
It's important that he study so he can find a good job when he's older.
It's a humble home, we don't have many things.
I'm sure it's very different from yours, no? Sit down, please.
It burns a little, but it tastes good.
- Well, I'm not much of a tea person.
- You don't like it? Take a sweet.
My mother makes them.
Surely better than tea.
It tastes like marzipan.
Marzipan is not Spanish, marzipan is Arabic.
Many things connect us, even if some don't want to see it.
I'm sorry for what's happened.
You're out of a job because of me.
Nobody forced me, miss.
I knew the risk.
It's not your fault.
It's called a hijab.
It's a symbol of our religion.
Should I show you how to put it on? This color is nice on you.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
It's late and the duchess doesn't know I went out.
- I shouldn't have come here.
- I'm sorry if I upset you.
It's my fault.
I've given you the wrong idea.
I'm engaged, I'm getting married.
Lucky man.
He has a very good wife.
I wish you happiness.
May Allah bless you.
Well, I'll be off now.
Let me walk you back.
These streets are very dangerous, miss.
I should go alone.
It's okay, really.
I came alone and nothing happened.
There are a lot of people on the street.
Goodbye, Larbi.
Hello, miss.
That's Abdallah, my cousin.
She's one of the nurses from the hospital.
I'll speak with the duchess.
I'll try to get you your job back.
You've been fired, haven't you? That's my business.
I knew it would happen.
You never listen to me.
The contusion may have affected the optic nerve.
Or perhaps it caused internal bleeding and it's putting pressure on it.
So, if the hemorrhage reabsorbs, he may get his vision back.
Hopefully, because if it doesn't, it could be dangerous.
It could end up causing an embolism.
Why not make an incision and relieve the clot? Do you know why I followed you over here? Because you get bored without me, Guillermo.
Because you're braver than me than Luis, than all the doctors I know.
You call it bravery, others call it madness.
"The two go hand in hand," like my mother used to say.
A wise woman.
I want you to take care of the ensign.
If anyone can get his vision back, it's you.
And take Verónica with you.
I can't say no when you ask me like that.
Although it's rare that I say no.
I'm better at being rejected than rejecting.
By the way, it's not bravery, my friend.
It's simply knowing that sometimes there's nothing to lose.
Very well.
If you see Dr.
Garcés, remind him that he has to take the blood samples to the lab.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to bother you.
- No, on the contrary.
Julia, I've asked Dr.
San Esteban to take care of your brother.
He's a trained eye doctor and our best shot at helping him.
Thank you.
Not just for this, Doctor, but for not turning me in.
You could have gotten in trouble.
You're a good man and your fiancée a lucky woman.
No, I'm not engaged.
Well, I'm going to check the dressings in case you'd like to learn.
The duchess prohibited me from being a nurse.
In fact, I'm only staying in Melilla a few more days until I know what's going to happen to my brother.
Finally! Where have you been? In the kitchen, checking the weekly menus.
My God, there's no way to keep this clean.
Magdalena? Is something wrong? When your husband was alive, what did you feel for him? What did I feel? That I loved him, that he was good, educated, attentive.
Okay, but when you thought about him, did you Did you feel something like like a knot in your stomach or heat going through your body? Well, my husband was a gentleman.
And did you feel that with Luis? Oh, Magdalena, with Luis I don't remember, it was so long ago.
It seems to me that you're starting to miss Daniel? No.
No, Pilar.
Daniel and I never I mean a kiss, you know, normal stuff.
But not Daniel is very good, educated and attentive.
So, what's the problem? Nothing, there's no problem.
I was just curious.
- Let's go? - Sure.
Do you really think we can afford to lose a nurse? I'm not planning on losing any.
Do you mean Julia Ballester? - Yes, I know she has no training - Doctor, I take care of the nurses, that was the deal.
Of course, I'm just suggesting The suggestion box is in front of my office.
Duchess, we're low on staff.
Coudn't you give her a chance? She had one and chose to escape and fool us all.
She should feel the weight of what she's lost.
Miss, the towels.
She'll have to think about what she wants.
Then we'll see.
If you excuse me, I have work to do.
Of course.
Pilar, finally.
Hey, I haven't seen you all morning.
Maybe because I'm avoiding you.
You don't need to be so honest.
A simple "good morning" would be enough.
I'm not good at faking things.
Did you want something, Doctor? I wanted to know how you're doing.
After everything that's happened, I thought they'd send you back home.
The duchess stood up for us.
I wish you would have trusted me.
- I could have helped you.
- Trust you? Yes, trust me.
There was a time when you trusted me.
Exactly, there was.
Anything else, Doctor? Please, don't be so formal.
- Or I could just stop talking to you.
- Fantastic.
So it's going to be like this from now on, huh? - Doctor, nurse - That's what we are, isn't it? Isn't that what you told your wife? I have things to do.
Pilar? Don't speak or it'll get worse.
Pilar? - Pilar, are you okay? - Yes, yes.
I dropped some things, Doctor.
Don't come in.
Relax, relax.
Please, stay calm.
Don't come in, don't come in.
Luis, I said don't come in.
It's okay, it's okay.
He left, he left.
Look, I have this ring, here.
I have this ring.
It's very expensive, take it.
But leave me, please.
- No, I'll give it to you.
- Take it off.
Let go! - Duchess.
- Yes.
Duchess, please.
Is something wrong? Pilar.
We've been robbed.
I should have confronted him.
- Pilar, this man was armed.
- I know.
But he's stolen many things.
How are we going to attend to the wounded? We'll have to improvise.
We had nothing at the front and we managed.
We'll just have to be more creative.
- More creative, yes.
- This is going to sting.
May I come in? I brought Miss Pilar some soup.
- It'll help warm you up.
- Don't worry, it was nothing.
Thank you, Doctor.
No problem.
Poor thing.
You've had quite a few scares.
Yes, I haven't gotten off on the right foot here.
It shows.
At this rate, I'm going to have to start worrying about my husband.
How do you mean? Every time something happens to you, he's nearby.
He told me you two were together.
Before going into the storeroom, I mean.
Yes, talking about a patient, of course.
If he had only gone into the storeroom with you.
I'm sure he would have confronted the thief.
Yes, he's very noble.
Very noble, yes.
When I got pregnant, everyone thought that he'd wash his hands of it and leave me on my own.
No, no, we got married.
And do you know what he did? He invited my whole family to the wedding.
The whole family.
Well, he spent a fortune.
He was almost more excited about it than I was.
I've been so lucky.
And I have no intention of letting him get away.
If you need anything, I'll be in the kitchen.
Who is it? It's Verónica, a nurse from the hospital.
Do you remember me? If I could see you, I'm sure I would.
How is my sister? She's fine.
I'm Doctor Guillermo San Esteban.
Now relax, please.
The nurse has to change the bandage on your leg.
- Relax.
- Is she still in the hospital? - Has she been arrested? - Relax, Julia's fine.
When will I see again, Doctor? Feeling pain is normal, it was a strong blow.
But when will I get my vision back? Soon.
Maybe even sooner than you think.
Are you saying that to lift my spirits? No, I'm saying it because it's true.
We didn't come here to feed you lies.
Okay, okay, don't get upset.
I believe you.
I want to believe you.
You have a gift, Pedro.
In the two years I've been working with her, I still haven't gotten a smile out of her.
Tell me, Doctor.
What does she look like? Very beautiful.
Too bad I didn't meet her before being in this fix.
Well, nothing is impossible.
You have to have faith.
- Verónica, think - Doctor.
Excuse me, I was told you went to see my brother.
How is he? As well as he could be in a cell like that without being able to see, of course.
Imagine that.
But he's in high spirits.
I'd like to have that spirit.
I'd be crying in the corner all day.
But, of course, I'm not like him.
In that sense, of course, I If you excuse me, I have to go.
We've simply changed his bandage.
His vision hasn't changed.
We'll have to keep waiting.
Thank you.
Julia! Julia! - We've been robbed.
- Robbed? Of what? Packs of gauze, splints, all the compresses, some cans of pharmaceuticals, medication, first-aid kits, syringes, stethoscopes, candle lamps, gas lamps, jars, beakers Almost everything.
Not to mention what they took from our rooms.
Our jewelry, a box of mementos I had.
We have enough morphine for two or three days at most.
I'll send a telegram and ask for replenishments from the next ship.
We'll have to hold on until then.
We could ask the other hospitals.
We could get some of it back from the black market.
Are you saying we should pay for what's ours? If we do this, we'll be abetting them and they'll just come to rob us again tomorrow.
True, but we can't just make up more morphine.
We'll give them cold baths.
Some of the wounded are in too much pain to sleep, and without morphine, we won't be able to calm them down.
Well, we'll have to make the pills ourselves with the compounds we have and keep their spirits high.
Magdalena, we'll have to enforce hygiene and cleanliness to the letter.
Once you run out of morphine, you'll agree with me.
- Do you want to help, Doctor? - I'm trying to.
Then speak with your superiors and tell them to double their security measures.
It's clear and obvious that we're not getting the Rifians' affection.
We don't know that it was the Rifians, Duchess, ma'am.
I mean, they're not all the same.
We shouldn't speak of them as if they're all in on it.
I'm the first to think that we shouldn't generalize, dear, but Pilar has seen their faces and gave quite a detailed description.
Well, she should go to Command to testify.
She will, she will, but I imagine there's more than one Rifian with a scar on his face during times of war.
A scar? Let's stop talking about thieves and focus on this.
We urgently need gauze, bandages and Duchess, ma'am, excuse me.
I know it's not my place to meddle in this, but bandages are cloth, aren't they? It's different, but in this hospital we have quite a bit of cloth.
What are you doing here? I've come to get my job back.
Maybe if I speak with the duchess, I can Yes, with the duchess.
Well, good luck.
Excuse me.
- Are you upset about the scarf? - It's not about the scarf.
Well, that, too, but Look, I don't know if you had anything to do with it, but it's best if you leave.
Something to do with what? This morning the hospital was robbed! You didn't know? No, I didn't know.
Did they steal a lot? We don't have bandages or medicine.
We were about to close the hospital.
Not counting our personal belongings, the only mementos we had.
You think it was me? Pilar saw your cousin.
Abdallah? You saw Abdallah? No, Pilar did.
She doesn't know who he is, but I do.
I don't think there are many Rifians with that scar.
Abdallah! Abdallah! Open the door.
Open the door! - Where is the medicine? - What medicine, cousin? Move away from the door.
You don't believe me because you spoke with that girl, right? You choose to believe that Spanish woman instead of me? Huh? Instead of your family? Larbi.
Listen to me.
If you open that, don't ever come back.
You hear me? What did you do with the rest? Stealing will only get you labeled as a thief! They'll call us all thieves! Are you going to turn us in? The rest of the hospitals don't have extra medicine, Duchess.
I know, but once the supplies arrive, we'll reimburse it all.
We urgently need morphine, chloroform and phenol.
Call the queen and ask her to send it to you.
Will you? But the cargo won't get here until the end of next week.
Sir, the situation is very critical.
Neither the hospital nor I can give them what we don't have.
- You don't have medicine.
- Not enough to share.
Did you share your supplies with the other medical centers in Melilla? What? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't want you to take this personally.
Oh, you don't? How should I take it? Madame Duchess, you are all surviving just like the rest of us.
I have nothing else to say.
Sir, madam.
Colonel, you always make decisions based on what's best for your men, but this is personal.
It's personal.
Captain, I'd advise you to watch your words.
Otherwise, you'll just have to face the Yes? Yes, General, everything's ready.
We're just waiting on your authorization for the summary trial that Commander Silva requested.
The name of the ensign is Pedro Ballester.
Yes, all is set.
In less than 24 hours.
Yes, I hope so, sir.
Would you also like to comment on this? No, sir.
- Hello.
- I don't know what happened in there, but clearly it wasn't good.
- Affirmative.
I'd rather not talk.
- Is it the robbery? - My mother told me.
- Yes, among other things.
We don't even have bandages for the wounded, but your father seems to think his personal quarrel with the duchess is more important.
Honestly, I'd rather not talk.
Do you want me to do something? It's no use.
You know what he's like.
I have to go.
It was a good idea, my lieutenant, but we've been doing this for hours and nobody's answered.
Any better ideas? I'm not giving up.
Maybe you should start accepting that you won't see your fiancée and I won't see my son ever again.
They've seen me.
- What? - They've seen me! They're answering! What are they saying? Wait, wait, wait.
They're on Harcha Hill.
Tell them we're prisoners here.
I'll do I'll do it.
Don't worry, I'll do it.
Hide it.
Wait! Wait! He's done nothing, don't take him! Who is she? My fiancée.
She's waiting for me in Madrid.
Quick! Please, a doctor! Hurry, please! The Rifians left him injured at the doors of the city.
Follow me.
Do we know how long he's been unconscious? No.
The only thing we know is that they found him roaming the city, delirious.
What are you doing? People are trying to rest.
I'm removing the debris.
You never know when I might have to use it.
Things are getting ugly around here.
- We have to talk.
- Actually, you'll feel safer if you learn how to use it.
Now you've seen that it's not safe for you here.
- Here, why don't you try it? - What? Go on, hold it.
Hold it, woman, it's okay.
Okay, now, point it.
Hold it tightly.
Now, put your finger on the trigger.
Good, very good.
Always prepared, okay? Keep your arm firm.
But your shoulder relaxed.
Very good.
The tip of the barrel, the target but don't shoot until you're sure.
- Luis, do you have to - Careful! What are you doing? - You have to talk to Raquel.
- Put the gun down, please! - What are you talking about? - You must tell her we used to be together.
No, no, no.
I won't do that, Pilar, no.
We've talked about this, okay? She's pregnant.
I don't want to worry her even more.
She'll find out from others and that will be worse! I'm not going to do it, Pilar.
I don't want to.
- Can't you see? - See what? Did you marry her because you got her pregnant? - And why didn't you tell me? - I tried to.
- But you slapped me.
- Oh, come on! Besides, it wouldn't have changed anything.
She's going to have my child.
You're right, that wouldn't have changed anything.
What I feel for you hasn't changed either.
What are you doing? You want a wife and a lover? Come on, Pilar.
You know I'd never consider you a lover.
Wonderful, because I'm not.
Pilar, if I told her, it would be I'd be saying that nothing will ever happen between us.
Nothing will.
I don't love you anymore.
You're lying.
- We kissed the other day.
- You kissed me.
You kissed me.
Pilar, please, look in my eyes, okay? Look at me.
Look at me and tell me we're over.
- I'm sorry.
- Doctor, those who resist, win.
And we're going to resist until the end.
- I'm sorry, - I'm expected in the kitchen.
- It's important.
I have news on your brother.
- This is dangerous, Raquel.
- Oh, come on.
You've seen what's happened.
Besides, you're pregnant.
No, Luis, I'm not leaving.
All of this needs to be tossed.
Really, I don't know what I'm going to give these people to eat.
- And where would I go? - What do you mean, where? - Home, where you can rest.
- She can't go home alone.
The hospital isn't safe after what happened.
Oh, okay.
And she'll be safe at home, right? Do you know what's going on in the city? My father's right.
It's scary out on the streets.
This is a hospital, Raquel, you could catch an illness here.
And in your condition that's not good.
Most of the injuries here are bullet wounds.
- But there are infections.
- Few.
Besides, she doesn't even go near the patients.
Don't you realize I'd rather be here with you? Oh! I definitely feel safe here.
But, no, you must rest more.
Your blood pressure was low yesterday.
She's like her mother, working until she went into labor.
And the next day, she was on her feet again.
If I get tired, I'll stop.
I can't hang around doing nothing.
I just can't, honey.
You know that.
So, I can make a nice purée with these potatoes and vegetables.
I'm fine, really.
Don't worry.
Alright, whatever you want.
Nothing good will come of this.
Will come of what? Huh? No, of the vegetables.
They've gone bad, haven't they? No.
Do you recall what I told you when my daughter got pregnant? Yes.
Oh That either I should behave like a man or I'd have to take it up with Rocinanta.
That's it.
Rocinanta is still here, my friend.
Father, I'm just asking you to think about it.
I've said no.
End of discussion.
What is it now? The duchess has come with demands, her favorite pastime.
She's run out of supplies.
It seems someone broke into the school and they stole bandages, equipment and medicine.
I'm not asking you for the duchess, it's for Fidel.
How are they going to keep the hospital going now? Good question.
Good question.
Now, they'll know what it really takes to keep up a war hospital without the help of Her Majesty.
But, Vicente, I suppose you're going to help them.
Considering the effort those saintly women are putting in.
My hands are tied, Manuela.
I can't.
Let them suffer just like everyone else.
Is that how you treat my future husband? Your future husband, child, if we put it that way, will first have to ask you to marry him.
And at the moment at the moment, he hasn't done that.
But he will.
Very well.
Don't worry, honey.
Understanding has never been your father's strong suit.
But we won't just stand here doing nothing.
Trust me.
Trust me.
This trial doesn't gather proof or compare testimonies.
The minimum needed to pass a sentence.
I have to make sure they don't convict him.
You never give up, do you? I got on a train to Melilla without a ticket, without a nursing certificate, and without my family's support.
With just one goal: to find my brother and my fiancé.
I've lost one of them.
But as long as the other is alive, I'm not I'm not going to give up.
You're brave, Julia.
And that's an important thing for a nurse to be.
I thought the most important thing was reading the manual.
Raquel, please, can you stop for a moment? - I want to talk with you.
- Can you see that I can't stop? Come on, with all the things I have to do.
Clean the tables, I have to sweep - Alright.
- I have to wash the glasses.
- Yeah.
- And my father still hasn't arrived.
Can you listen to me, please? - Honey, what's so important? - No, it's not important, but it's a thing it's about What? It's Pilar.
Pilar who? What do you mean, Pilar who? Pilar, the nurse lady.
Oh, Soraluce.
Poor thing, she's sure trying.
But she just can't wipe off that scared look on her face.
What happened to her? Yeah, um - She and I - Yes.
We were we were engaged.
A long time ago, very long.
I didn't tell you so you wouldn't get upset.
I know it's a difficult time, you're expecting my child, ours both of ours.
But nothing's going on.
I just didn't want to lie to you.
Like I told you, it was a long time ago.
We were just kids.
Well, I made a small mistake.
Nothing terrible.
Everyone knows, don't they? Everyone but me.
But Raquel, wait.
Skip the preface, please.
I assume you already have a diagnosis.
Truth be told, I don't.
But I don't like what I'm seeing.
It could be sarcoidosis or granulomatosis.
Or something even worse.
Duchess, the situation is serious.
If we don't treat you on time and your lungs or heart get affected, it could be lethal in a matter of weeks.
But all this is mere speculation.
You must rest, Duchess.
You need to rest and we must treat you.
With all due respect, you should let your husband know the situation.
It's my business.
I'll follow whatever treatment you prescribe.
But only if this stays between you and me.
You're the first patient who gives me conditions.
Do you know what the colonel will do if he finds out about this? I'll tell you.
It'll be the perfect excuse to send us back to Madrid and close the hospital.
And you, Doctor, will also be out of a job.
Promise me you'll rest, at least.
Now, you understand, that won't be possible.
It's time.
You're going to Command, right? To testify against my brother.
I've sent a telegram to the queen.
I've asked her to intervene.
I'm not sure she will.
It's starting.
The trial is going to start and we can't do anything.
Will they allow me to be with him or see him at least? Well, I can't guarantee anything, but we'll try.
- Come with me.
- What? Come.
Don't leave my side.
If we have any problems, I'll speak.
Your name is Pedro Ballester and Gómez de Rozas? Yes, sir.
Yes, General.
Did you serve as a soldier in the Gazán regiment with the rank of ensign under the orders of Commander Silva? Yes, General.
Were you injured in the retreat of Annual? Were you injured in the retreat of Annual and later transferred to the Red Cross Hospital in Melilla? Yes, General.
While you were in that hospital, did you assault Commander Silva, who had just been admitted? If I may, General, I was under the influence of Did you try to escape from said hospital while under arrest? Yes.
Yes, General.
- But I was arrested - That will be all.
Take him away.
They're not going to ask him anything else? Where are you taking me? - General, you must listen to me.
- Quiet, ensign! I was falsely accused.
Commander Silva is a traitor.
- He wanted to turn us over to the regime.
- Speak when you are spoken to.
Show some respect to this court and to your superiors.
He wanted to kill us all.
The commander You can't treat him that way! Julia.
- He's injured.
- Silence! Silence, miss, or I'll have you removed from this court.
Who are you? He's my brother.
He's innocent.
You must listen to him, please.
Sit down, miss.
The court must continue.
You must calm down.
Still no news from the queen? We're incommunicado? Since when? You haven't delivered the telegram I gave you? Yes, I did, but the rebels have been bombing since last night.
You didn't hear the bombs? - They must have cut the line.
- Have you thought about repairing it? For God's sake, don't give me that look.
We can't be isolated.
- Do something! - Excuse me.
- Pilar.
- Ma'am.
- Any news on Julia's brother? - I'm going to Command.
These sheets need to be changed.
- Gauze.
- Yes.
We were ordered to resist.
I only shot at soldiers that were deserting.
And you didn't see Ensign Pedro Ballester again until you ran into each other in the hospital? Until the moment he tried to kill me with some scissors.
Why do you think he attacked you? To avoid being accused of deserting.
That's a lie.
I'm no deserter.
For the last time, ensign, silence.
Silence! Thank you, Commander.
You may leave.
This court will now pass sentence.
We don't need any more testimonies.
Will the accused please stand.
In the plaza of Melilla, the present court is gathered in this summary trial, having approved and declared on the record that the accused is guilty of desertion and treason.
I'm sorry, but what else could you expect? In times of war, both crimes are punishable with the death penalty, which will be carried out immediately right here on Command premises.
Take him away.
- Pedro, listen to me.
- Get out of here.
- Tell Mother to forgive me.
- I'm not leaving you here, you hear me? Remove the young lady from the court and take the prisoner away.
Take him away! Take him away! The firing squad is waiting.
- I'll get you out of here! - It's okay, it's okay.
- Help! A thief! - Miss It's me.
I've come to return your belongings.
I didn't steal it, I swear.
So, why do you have it? Because you were right.
My cousin was one of the thieves.
I just wanted to bring it back, I swear.
And you weren't going to tell me? How can I believe you? How do you expect me to trust you? How can I tell everyone you had nothing to do with the robbery if you break in here like one? Aren't you going to answer me? Aren't you going to say anything? Not even that you're sorry? I'm sorry.
That ensign will be executed against the orders of the government.
What orders? We haven't received any orders.
I asked General Ibarra to postpone the execution until our communication lines are back up.
The general will only listen to the high commission.
The queen has ordered the ministry of war and high commission to stop the trial.
And you How do you know that happened? Because I know.
And we'll all be responsible for the death of that poor boy.
And you'll be first.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
Would you like a last confession, son? Thank you, Father.
I'm at peace.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
Halt! Ready? Sir, the lines have come back up.
This is Colonel Márquez, from Command.
I need to get through to Madrid urgently.
With General Berenguer.
It's very urgent.
How long of a wait? Make it an absolute priority.
That's an order! This is the closest they'll let us get, Julia.
Left! Prepare to fire.
Arms! Load arms! Aim arms! Julia.
Yes? Yes, put her on.
General, I'm calling because I have A telegram? When was it sent? Stop! Wait! Rest arms! Julia.
Julia, we made it just in time.
The execution was suspended.
There will be a regular trial when the time comes, - but your brother's life was saved.
- Thank you.
I'll give your thanks to the queen.
Julia, nothing's impossible.
You see? Doctor.
You must have had a lot of fun at my expense, huh? For what it's worth, when I came to Melilla, I didn't know Luis was stationed here.
Listen, miss, I don't blame you for anything, but try to understand.
I'm just a humble girl, and you Any man would prefer you over me.
Don't be silly.
He loves you.
And he wants to be a father.
He's excited about it.
Old flames die hard.
Who says you're not going to fall in love again? I promise you that the day he left me at the altar, he stopped existing for me.
He left you at the altar? He didn't tell you? He said it was no big deal.
He didn't tell me You see? He's already lying to me.
Can you see? God - Raquel, are you okay? - Leave me alone.
- Does your belly hurt? - It's none of your business.
- Let me - Don't touch me! Raquel.
Lie down, lie down.
Lie down.
Help! Help! Easy now, easy now.
- What happened? - Luis, please, - I don't want to lose the baby.
- No, no.
Her pressure.
We need to take her pressure.
Luis, don't worry.
I'll take over.
- It's best if you wait outside.
- No, Luis.
Don't don't go.
But she's my wife.
It's my child.
- Pilar, please.
- Luis, come.
Don't leave me.
Please, no.
- Relax, relax.
- Please, don't It's my fault.
I shouldn't have told her anything.
No, no! It's your fault for not having told her.
Well, thank you.
If something happens to the baby, I'll never forgive myself.
They're alive.
They're alive.
They're alive.
Where am I? - This is Melilla, right? - Come.
You should lie down.
We have to rescue them.
The soldiers in Bazán.
They're alive! And so is Lieutenant Andrés Pereda.
They're alive! You must go rescue them! They're alive! Don't you understand me? Andrés was right.
You're even more beautiful than in the photo.
- You know Andrés? - He was captured.
Is he alive? Colonel, a patient told me that there are captured soldiers.
- What did you tell the nurse? - That you're a traitor.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
If something happens to my Raquel, you and I are going to have a word.
Raquel doesn't deserve this, so I'm clear that nothing is going to happen between us ever.
What can I do for you? You can help us get the morphine back.
What have you told him about me? - It's him.
- Who? - The thief.
- Aren't you a little far - from your home? - Let's go get the soldiers.
- Let's go - Are you threatening me in my house? They're going to kill us! They'll execute us! Don't leave! To the hospital, quick! - Duchess! - Carmen, Carmen!