Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

I just hope everyone is okay.
- Where are the injured? - In the guardroom.
Thank God you came.
They shot him in the leg and he hit his head.
- I shouldn't have let you leave.
- I would have gotten out anyway.
So your brother tried to escape and with help.
Larbi's innocent.
He thought he was taking a wounded soldier who had passed away.
I can't see! I can't see! I can't see! - I can't see well.
- Look here.
- How's my brother? - He has some vision loss.
Is he going to be blind? Take that uniform off.
I'm sorry about what happened.
I'd be honored if you came to my home.
That color suits you.
I'm sorry, I I - I have to go.
- I'm sorry if I upset you.
I'm engaged.
I'm getting married.
He's a lucky man.
Goodbye, Larbi.
He's Abdallah, my cousin.
She's one of the nurses from the hospital.
Talking will make it worse.
- Pilar? - I dropped some things, don't come in.
Medication, first-aid kits The morphine will only last two or three days at most.
May I? - Pilar saw your cousin.
- Abdallah? You choose to believe that Spanish woman over us.
If I tell her, I'd be accepting nothing will happen between us.
Nothing ever will.
They saw me.
They're answering.
Wait! Wait! Don't take him! Quick, a doctor! Hurry, please! They left him wounded at the gates of the city.
- I'd like to speak with you.
- What? It’s Pilar.
She and I were engaged.
Everyone knew, didn't they? Everyone but me.
Lie down, please.
Help! I told everyone you had nothing to do with the robbery, and now you break in like a thief! Duchess? If we don't treat you in time, it could be fatal within weeks.
This is all mere speculation.
Did you attack Commander Silva when he was admitted? The commander is a traitor! - He wanted us to surrender! - Silence! I sent a telegram to the queen asking her to intervene.
I'm not sure if she will.
It's proven and declared by the court that you are guilty of desertion and treason.
Yes? A telegram? When was it sent? Halt! Wait! Lower your weapons! We made it just in time, your brother's safe.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What's going to happen to my brother now? He'll have to wait for his trial.
They'll probably take him to Madrid.
You could go with him, if you want.
Of course she wants to.
If they take him, she'd have no reason to stay.
Actually, Duchess, I'd like to stay.
I know I could be useful.
- Useful? - Yes, useful.
As a nurse.
- I know I've made mistakes.
- Yes.
Yes, I know.
I'm just asking for one last chance.
At the slightest problem, I'll be the one locking you up.
Julia! - Can I help you, Doctor? - Yes.
Julia! Julia, go back to the ambulance.
My God, run! Run! Run! Julia! Now or never, let's go! Run! - To the hospital! Quick! - Julia, take cover.
Get down! - Duchess, are you alright? - Yes, yes.
Are you okay, Julia? Duchess.
Duchess! Carmen! Carmen! Apply pressure.
- Yes.
- Apply pressure, Julia! Hurry! Colonel, it's the duchess.
What does that woman want now? She's been shot.
How is she? Tell me the truth.
It's There are no abnormalities.
No fever, normal blood pressure, no bleeding.
The child? I just heard its heartbeat and it's like a train pulling up to the station.
But she needs rest, all that she can get.
Raquel, how are you? What a scare, huh? I'm fine.
No thanks to you.
I'm sorry.
If something were to happen to you or the baby I could never forgive myself.
Help me sit up.
I can't I can't, I can't, I can't.
- Stay lying down.
- Yes.
You shouldn't take her out of the hospital.
What should we do? Where should we take her? No, Luis, please.
I don't I don't want to impose on anyone.
And much less on Miss Pilar or the other ladies.
It's no bother, really, don't worry.
Pilar, come, please.
- The duchess.
- What? - She's been shot.
- What do you mean? They're bringing her in the ambulance.
Let's go! Luis, please don't.
Don't leave me alone, Luis.
Julia! - Julia! - Let's go! - What happened? - She won't stop bleeding.
A stray bullet.
She's losing a lot of blood! Verónica! Verónica! To the O.
! Hold on, Duchess.
Stay calm.
Let's go! Julia! Julia! With me, on three.
One, two, three! Nurses.
Is it true what I've been told? The anesthesia, Verónica.
We have to stop the hemorrhaging at once.
Fill me in on her status.
Incised, contused wound to the abdomen.
Bullet wound, heavy bleeding.
- Does it have an exit wound? - Yes, it's a bigger tear and also bleeding.
I'll direct the operation.
With all due respect, sir, I'm chief medic of the hospital.
And I'm head of sanity affairs.
Need I remind you, you're under my command.
Would you prefer to wait outside the O.
? First, we must stop the hemorrhaging and see if there are any damaged organs.
Let's hope the bullet went through in a clean path.
Why is she spitting blood? Nurse.
More anesthesia, she's going to wake up.
No, sir.
Let me inject it in the medulla.
It's enough with the lower area.
- Go ahead.
- No.
It could be dangerous, sir.
This area is reddened.
She has acute erythema.
You knew.
She has a granuloma in her abdomen and leg.
Posible sarcoidosis or granulomatosis.
How long have you known? A few days, sir.
I ran some tests.
And why didn't you inform me? Is there anything else I should know about, Captain? No, sir.
Doctor, she's still bleeding.
She'll lose too much blood.
The bullet could have affected her blood vessels.
Colonel, how is she? The duchess is still alive.
We've controlled the hemorrhaging, but I doubt she'll be able to pull through.
Stay by her side.
Watch for bleeding and keep the bandages fresh.
You may enter.
We came as soon as we heard about the duchess.
Go back home.
Soldiers, escort the ladies.
We've had quite enough this morning.
I I should stay here.
Verónica, take her to her room.
She'll be better there.
- Mrs.
- Hello.
Mother, go ahead, I'll be right there.
But don't be long, okay, dear? Will she die? Honestly, I don't know.
She's a strong woman.
They shot at you in front of the Command building? What were you doing there? I went with Julia to her brother's trial.
I see.
And there was no one else she could go with? She doesn't know anyone here.
The duchess was there to help her, wasn't she? No.
Don't give me that face.
I just don't understand you.
I think you're being quite selfish.
- Selfish? - Yes.
Yes, of course I'm selfish.
You know why? Because that bullet could have hit you.
That's why.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, well, don't be.
Ask yourself why you prefer to be with that girl when I need you here by my side.
Asleep like that, it seems like she's not suffering.
She has a pulse, right? Now we have to wait for her to wake up.
How could something like this happen? People get bullet wounds every day.
It could happen to any one of us.
It shouldn't have been her.
She sent me to the ambulance and stayed with the wounded man.
Can we stop speaking as if she's left us? She'll get well, you'll see.
You'll say it's silly, but I have an inkling.
I know she'll get well.
She'll get well before we know it.
We'll have to to take shifts to watch her.
We must keep the drainage clean and make sure she doesn't bleed.
So, I'll start.
Actually, no.
Magdalena, you start and I'll take tonight's shift.
- Sure.
- Sure? Yes.
Pilar, just a moment.
Tell me I asked the duchess to let me be a nurse with you.
She said yes right before Of course.
Put on your uniform.
- I see you'll be staying.
- I promised the duchess.
- Dr.
- I'd like to speak with you.
Come in.
Why didn't you tell me about the duchess' illness? It's your duty to keep me informed.
She insisted that I not tell anyone.
For God's sake! It's not a private matter.
She runs a hospital.
Can't you see? If we had treated her in time, maybe the situation wouldn't be so critical.
She won't recover, will she? You and I are doctors.
You don't need me to tell you what I think.
Nurse! Nurse! Yes? Stay calm.
Water, please.
Better? Julia? How do you know my name? Andrés was right.
You're more beautiful in person.
You knew Andrés? I know him.
He's been taken prisoner.
He's alive? They're all there.
As prisoners.
Where? Close to Batel.
We made signals.
We have to rescue them.
Relax, please, relax.
Relax, I'll be right back.
- Alright? - They're alive.
One of the wounded told me there are soldiers imprisoned in Batel.
Would you please wait outside until your turn? They're soldiers from the Bazán regiment.
They let him live so he'd tell us they have prisoners.
Let's go.
Where did you come from? What did you tell the nurse? You're you're a traitor.
You abandoned us all.
Soldier? He's dead.
That can't be.
I was gone for just a moment.
Aren't you going to do anything? You must go to Batel.
You must send a unit.
Do you really think it's your place to tell the army what to do? Batel has been taken by the Rifians.
Getting there is like crossing through hell.
Do you know how many men we'd lose just to save a few? They've given everything for the army.
You can't abandon them like that.
We not only can, miss; we must.
It's normal in pregnancies.
The blood pressure, I mean.
It's relatively normal for it to fluctuate.
Especially with first-time pregnancies.
Well, what's important is that she hasn't suffered any hemorrhaging.
The blood pressure.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
- Why'd you do that? - Maybe that blood pressure has to do with the fact that your longtime girlfriend is here - and you never said a word about it.
- Me? - Who told you? - Is it a lie? Are you going to keep lying, Lieutenant? What's most worrying is that you never told us.
That means it's important.
Listen, I With all due respect, sir, if I didn't say anything, it was to avoid something like this.
Giving importance to something that isn't.
- Pilar and I - Pilar.
That nurse there's nothing between us.
Nothing, nothing at all.
- Hasn't been for years.
- Sure.
I'm completely sure.
Really? If something happens to my Raquel, if she loses her child or gets ill, you and I will have another talk.
And when I say talk, I mean Yeah? Keep the handkerchief.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
It was probably a cardiac arrest, he was very weak.
I spoke with the colonel.
I'm sure he'll listen to you.
- The decision isn't in his hands.
- Please.
What, you want him to send more men to Batel - and risk more lives? - No.
To save the prisoners’ lives.
I thought that's why you became a doctor, - to save lives.
- It's not that easy, Julia.
Melilla is surrounded and we hardly have any forces left to defend ourselves.
Besides, our place is here, we're medical assistants.
I thought you supported me.
Of course I support you, Julia.
Every wounded man has a story and we shouldn't get involved, we should just cure them.
The only way I can look in the mirror every morning is knowing that we did everything possible.
Doctor! The duchess is waking up.
How is she? She woke up in a lot of pain.
How long has she been like this? She started just now.
Duchess, can you hear me? Can you hear me? - Duchess.
- I'm so cold.
What's going on? What's happening? They shot at us at Command, remember? Command.
A bullet hit you, ma'am.
Colonel Márquez and I did surgery on you.
Everything is alright.
The colonel I'm dead.
Don't say that, Madame Duchess.
We're taking care of you.
Nothing bad will happen.
She woke up because of the pain.
We must inject more morphine.
Do it.
- There might not be any left, they took - Well, look for it! There must be a bottle somewhere, right? Pilar.
The duchess woke up in a lot of pain.
She needs morphine and we don't have any more vials.
There's none left here.
Let me look in her office.
Come in.
Excuse me, sir.
We ran out of morphine.
The duchess keeps some vials in this cabinet.
The key is in the first drawer.
How is the duchess? Has she woken up? Is she with Dr.
Calderón? Well, I don't know, but I'll check and let you know right now.
Here's the morphine.
Try to make the most of it.
You're the head nurse, am I right? That's right, sir.
Where is Julia Ballester's file? Julia doesn't have a file.
She doesn't have a degree.
She was going to start training when all this blew up.
- So, she's not a nurse.
- Not yet, sir.
If she's not a nurse, what's she doing here? The duchess allowed her to stay.
We could use as much help as we could get, and Julia is very hardworking.
Who has a position she shouldn't.
Bring me the papers of everyone that works here, the list of shifts, the nurses and wounded men's files, and the list of medicine.
From now on, I will personally run this center.
We're going to change some habits.
We could possibly find morphine in a few hospitals, that's if we can exchange anything with them.
As you order, Colonel.
I want one of the O.
s dismantled.
They'll come from the Docker to pick up the material.
They need it.
But we also need it.
They could bring their wounded here.
I've not asked for your opinion, miss.
As soon as the duchess recovers we'll transfer her to Madrid.
- To Madrid? - To Madrid.
It's the only solution if we want to save her.
Are you going to inform the queen? Her Majesty the Queen wants what's best for the duchess and I'm sure she'd want to be with her in such difficult times.
What about us? You'll accompany her, of course.
Of course, sir.
Márquez wants to send the duchess back to Madrid - and us along with her.
- What are you saying? This can't be.
It's not fair.
There's so much to be done here.
- He can't manage without us.
- Yes, he can.
Now, he's in charge.
It's good for you.
You'll see Daniel, you can prepare your wedding And you won't have to see that lousy Luis anymore.
Well What's important is that the duchess recover.
Wasn't this stolen from you? Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
Well, that's what I thought.
But Where was it? Pilar, please.
You're going to wake her.
Larbi brought it.
- Larbi? - But he wasn't the thief.
He wasn't the thief, but he had it? - Please, lower your voice.
- What's going on? He brought it because he wanted to, that's it.
He didn't have to do it.
He simply found out who had it and came to give it back to me.
Larbi came here to give it to you.
When? Is she going to stay long? What do I know? Hey there.
How are you feeling? - A little better? - Yes, yes, yes.
I think so.
Because I'm a little hungry.
- Should we request some food for you? - No, no, no, no.
Lord, don't worry.
I can hold on.
We have to talk.
Although I wouldn't mind an omelette.
- Oh - I'll go fix it.
No, please, don't get up.
I'll bring it to you.
Really? Thank you, Pilar.
You've been so good to me.
Use three eggs.
Slightly wet.
- Yes.
- And with ham.
I need an omelette with This can't be.
Three eggs.
Slightly wet.
Careful, careful! You're a cook now, too? It's for your wife.
- She asked me for an omelette.
- Who, Raquel? She did? Oh it's a good sign that her appetite is back.
Leave it.
I'll make it for her.
Did you salt it? - What? - Salt.
I don't know, Luis, I'm not great in the kitchen.
They taught me in the barracks.
Well, actually, I had no choice but to learn.
First, you have to beat them really well.
To the beat of a marching band.
Left, left, left, right, left.
Thanks for taking good care of her.
Hopefully, it was just a scare.
As long as you don't give her any more Yes, it's true.
You're right.
I don't know what I was thinking.
You weren't, Luis.
Thinking? You weren't thinking.
Hold on, Pilar.
I told her we were together because you forced me to be.
Or didn't you? Pilar, really, I None of this is None of this is easy.
I wasn't expecting to find you here.
Old memories came back.
Raquel doesn't deserve this.
So, now I'm clear that nothing can happen between you and me.
I'm glad that you finally came to your senses.
Uh You know what my mother says? A man who gives flowers has something to be sorry about.
But I should be apologizing.
I shouldn't have spoken to you that way.
I don't have any reason to be jealous, right? How is the duchess? Is she still unconscious? No, no, she's awake now, but it's too soon to know what will become of her.
Then why are you so serious? It's that girl, the nurse, Julia Ballester.
She's having a rough time.
With her husband's death and her brother's situation It seems her husband isn't dead.
He was taken prisoner and she won't stop until she tells each and every one of us what we should be doing.
Her husband is He's a prisoner? Did you know? Yes.
One of the wounded told us about him and his comrades.
In fact, sir, I insist that we should inform the general.
The general has been duly informed.
So, will he Will he send a rescue unit? Has he said anything? He hasn't said and I haven't asked.
I don't spend my time chatting with High Command.
I follow their orders, that's all.
But you have to go rescue them.
It's best the girl start accepting the idea that the lad won't be coming back.
The sooner she does, the sooner she can restart her life, because she's so young.
If we had to rescue all our imprisoned soldiers starting with General Navarro I mean, please, did you read "The Telegram" today? They're all in Monte Arruit.
What will become of them, Vicente? They've stood their ground heroically, but perhaps things are starting to change.
Sanjurjo has lifted a blockade in Sidi Amarán.
It took more than a month, but finally, finally the rebels have suffered a severe punishment.
What the new Ministry of War should do is make haste in sending reinforcements.
No one said dying was easy, that life is worthless and slips away without warning.
Because this war is teaching us to be brave.
That's why we came to the Rif, isn't it? To be brave.
And for those we're willing to keep fighting for.
We're indebted to them.
We can't let them down, we can't be accomplices of the disaster.
We can't say there's nothing to be done.
One can always do more.
It's the only way we can look in the mirror every morning.
Let's not abandon the soldiers that have given their all for us.
Prisoners of the rebels are waiting for us to honor our promise that we'll rescue them.
Yes, they may just be a handful of men, maybe they don't matter to their army or to their own government that sent them here, but each and every one of them has a mother, a girlfriend, maybe children.
They all deserve to live out their destiny, and more than that, they deserve to have hope and know that behind each one of them there's a whole country sharing their fate and suffering.
Are you sure that you want us to publish this? Yes.
Put it away, please.
No matter what happens, don't mention my name.
- Agreed? - Agreed.
Thank you.
What are they doing with the operating room, Pilar? Nothing, ma'am, they’re not doing anything.
- You're trying to fool me.
- No.
Why would we fool you? The pain won't let her sleep, nor anyone else in the room.
Yes, but the morphine won't arrive for another three days.
This can't be.
We need to go get it.
Get it where? - Larbi.
If he helped you get your box back, he can surely help us get the morphine back.
You have to go ask him for it.
- No.
- What do you mean no? I can't go alone.
Come with me.
Let's go.
Oh, oh! [speaking in French] It's so pretty So pretty Is it yours? If you'll excuse me, I need it.
Of course, I was just trying it on.
I I I'm going to lie down.
It's just that I stood up and, well well, it's like galloping horses in here.
It's just horrible.
The omelette, by the way, hit the spot just right.
I'm glad.
If you need anything, call for the nurses.
Oh Well, I think she's exaggerating a little.
She doesn't look ill.
And she was trying on your clothes.
We should tell Luis to take her home.
No, no, no.
- What if someone happens to her? - Nothing will happen to her.
- You know what I think? - That she doesn't trust me? Luis is the one she shouldn't trust.
You're the one who laid things out for him, and good thing you did - I'm still in love with him.
- Oh, boy Despite everything, despite the pain he's caused me, knowing that he's married and that he's going to be a father.
You know what the worst part is? He still loves me, too.
- What are you going to do? - Nothing.
- He's having a baby.
- Yes, but No! I haven't had expectations in love for a long time.
Let's go.
Which way is it? That way, I believe.
Really, Dámaso, that's not necessary.
You saved my daughter's life and my future grandson, you deserve a treat.
Well, thank you very much.
Wow! Nice wine, yes, sir.
This isn't the usual, is it? It's the one for special occasions.
What's up, Dámaso? It's been a long time.
What are you doing here? Hadn't you left for Málaga? I came back.
I'm out of a job and things are tight, you know how it is.
I was hoping you'd be happier to see me.
You're lucky I'm not clocking you.
Oh, Dámaso, always so sweet.
How's Raquel? What do you care how she is? She's fine.
It was just a scare.
What kind of scare? A little dizziness, but both her and the child are fine.
What child? What other? The child Raquel's expecting.
She's about four or five months pregnant.
Look at that Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to come back.
If you're not going to order, you'd better leave.
And make sure you don't come around again.
I'll do what I can, Dámaso, but I can't promise anything, much less now that I've discovered you'll be a grandfather.
An excellent wine, Dámaso, excellent.
Thank you very much.
You shouldn't have bothered.
It's tea.
Very delicious.
I've tried it already.
Well, not this one, but another one here, too.
Is she your wife? No.
Sister? No, no, no.
Aisha is my cousin's wife.
I don't know how you say that.
The same.
"My cousin's wife.
" Thank you, Aisha.
Magdalena! Ahmed! Come here! What's wrong? He's scared that you'll take him back to the hospital.
But he didn't want to leave it.
Now he prefers to stay with me.
Thank you.
Are you learning Spanish? Yes miss.
I learn Spa nish.
in "scoo.
" School.
Very good, Ahmed! Come here! Very good.
- What can I do for you? - Help us get back the morphine.
They've stolen it from us.
The wounded need it.
But I had nothing to do with the robbery.
Pilar knows that you came to return my box.
What else does she know? What have you told her about me? We don't think you had anything to do with the robbery, it's just that if you were able to recover the box, we thought maybe you could help us get the rest back.
You Do you think I'm innocent, María Magdalena? Of course.
Of course I do.
You're innocent.
Of course.
If we didn't think so, we wouldn't be here.
- We have we can pay.
- No.
No, please.
You're in my house, you came to ask me a favor.
No money.
So, you'll help us? He hasn't said yes or no.
He'll help us.
I'm sure.
Magdalena, is there something about Larbi that you haven't told me? It's him.
- Who? - The the thief.
Don’t come closer.
You're very far from home.
Let's get the soldiers.
Are you threatening me in my home? Watch your tongue or I'll cut it off.
Pilar, let's go.
- You don't scare me.
- Let go of me! You're my cousin's friend, right? What are you doing, cousin? Don't touch her! If you touch her again, I'll kill you.
You hear me? Have you forgotten where you belong? Traitor! Go back to the hospital, ladies! You best go now.
Let's go.
Magdalena, let's go.
[speaking Arabic] [speaking Arabic] I'm flipping out, okay? Not a word of where we've been or what's happened, okay? - Yes.
- Magdalena, there's a letter for you.
Daniel? Huh? Is it from Daniel? - Won't you open it? - Later.
Right now I want to see how the duchess is doing.
Yes? Yes? Is someone there? Colonel Márquez, yes.
This is he.
May I ask who's calling? What? From Yes yes, ma'am.
It is an honor to speak with you, madam.
Tell me, Colonel, How is the duchess? If you'd like me to be honest I beg you to be.
Not well not well.
I personally led the operation, and even though we did everything possible, she had a bullet wound in the abdominal area with a severe prognosis.
I was with her a moment ago, she's lost a lot of blood.
Oh, my lord What a disaster.
Poor duchess.
I knew something like this could happen, but As soon as she has the strength, I think we should evacuate her to the peninsula, if you agree.
Of course.
Bring her to Madrid as soon as possible on the hospital ship.
Tell whoever necessary that I've ordered it so.
And in the meantime, I'd take charge of the hospital - if you allow it, madam.
- You're very generous, Colonel.
Do you think you can handle the load? There's no other choice.
In fact, I've already begun organizing everything and overseeing what needs to be coordinated with the other hospitals in Melilla.
I trust you completely, do what you must.
And, of course, along with the duchess, the rest of the nurses would return to the peninsula as well.
They've done amazing work, but I think that it would be much better to keep them far away from the existing hostility in the area.
Besides, without the duchess, their stay here would be pointless, right? Absolutely not, Colonel.
The lady nurses must continue on with their work in Melilla.
We can't manage without them.
They left everything behind to go there.
We must reward their sacrifice.
Yes, ma'am, but The nurses stay there.
Every single one of them.
Did you hear me, Colonel? Yes, madam.
The nurses stay.
At your command.
It's the morphine.
It's what Abdallah gave me.
I'll get more.
You must be careful.
Are you worried about me? I also worry about you.
I'm sorry about my cousin.
You're a good person.
Good to me.
Even if you're not from the Rif.
I'm sorry.
Why? You haven't done anything to I hadn't done it, but I wanted to.
I I'm not as good as you say, Larbi.
I can't handle something like this.
We can't see each other anymore.
This This has to end here and now.
Lord Almighty! Listen to that snoring, ey? Sounds like a steam engine.
Yeah, it's been like that for an hour.
I can't take it anymore.
They'd give my Aunt Titi nettle tea and that worked.
And we're not going to look for nettle to make tea right now.
Get into bed with me.
Come on.
The only thing that comforts me is knowing that Luis won't get any shut-eye for the rest of his life.
Oh, this is tight.
I miss my bed.
And now that I'd gotten used to the thought that we'd have to go home Do you miss your life from before? Do you? You know what I was thinking about today? Drinking a tigernut milk at the Retiro.
Oh Some ice cream cones on the Paseo del Prado.
A tea with cake at the Palace.
- Cod at Casa Labra.
- Oh, shush! Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Larbi came.
- He brought the morphine.
- Really? We have to help Larbi get his job back at the hospital.
What they've done to him isn't fair.
You're right, he's a good man.
Yeah, but if he comes back If he comes back, what? I think I don't want to marry Daniel.
Why? I don't know.
It's as if being here has made me realize some things.
What things? I don't know, Pilar.
You know Daniel's always been everything to me, but I don't know, it's just love isn't what I thought it was.
I don't know.
I don't know if what goes on in here is enough.
I don't know, Pilar.
I'm a mess.
Well Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Today was a tough day.
Let's get some sleep.
We'll see about it tomorrow.
- For God's sake - Please.
- What? What's going on? - The duchess.
She's waking up.
I brought you a surprise.
What are you doing here with all the wounded that need tending to? You can't imagine how scared we were, Duchess.
It was terrible.
ACCOMPLICES OF THE EXECUTIONER "Maybe they're just a handful of men that don't matter to their army or to their government that sent them to this war, but each one of them has a mother, a girlfriend, maybe children, and they all deserve to live out their destiny, moreover, they deserve to have hope and know that behind each one of them is a whole country sharing their fate and their suffering.
" That's it.
Who wrote it? A fanatic, no doubt.
Let's see, Arsenio Gutiérrez.
Doesn't ring a bell.
Maybe he's not even from Melilla.
I doubt it.
Clearly, he's not talking about hearsay.
Darling, what did the general want so early in the morning? He's received a telegram from the future Minister of War.
The article has caused a commotion in Madrid and he's ordered that we send a rescue unit.
Really? The last thing the new government wants is people saying that they don't care about their soldiers.
The expedition leaves today.
Fidel, we have to organize the necessary team and, of course, choose a medical officer to go along with them.
I'll go, sir.
You? What kind of crazy talk is this? Fidel, what do you mean you'll go? Well, it's my duty, Manuela.
No, it isn't.
Your duty is to stay in the hospital where you're Chief Medic.
Your duty is to be with me.
What? I get the impression that you consider everyone but me.
- I think about you.
- It doesn't seem like it.
Hey, we're at war.
And there are people out there that are giving their lives for us.
If I don't go, they'll send another and this mission is too risky for me to allow that.
- What are you trying to prove? - I'm not trying to prove anything.
It's my job, Susana.
So, the real question is to whom are you trying to prove yourself? Father, you won't allow this, will you? It's a voluntary and honorable decision.
It should make you proud.
What? You're crazy.
You're both crazy! - This war has changed you all.
- Susana.
No, leave me! You've already made your decision, haven't you? Well, then leave! Alright.
Julia! Julia! Come up! Hurry! Are you sure they're going to send a rescue unit? When? They want to leave today.
Command is getting prepared.
This article is stirring up consciences.
This journalist just saved so many lives.
I wish I could thank him.
I don't think you can.
It was signed with a pseudonym.
Well, he shouldn't hide.
What he's done is really brave.
"We can always do more.
It's the only way we can look in the mirror every morning.
" Scissors and pincers.
Liquid morphine Suture threads.
Carbolic acid.
Bismuth iodine.
Got it.
Promise me you'll be careful, please.
I promise.
I'm sorry about before for getting angry with you.
I understand your decision, Fidel, but I can't help feeling scared.
If something happens to you Susana.
Nothing is going to happen to me.
I'm very sorry about what you're going through, it must be very hard, but relax, I'll be fine.
You know why? Because I know you'll be here waiting for me.
And that's so important to me.
And because I love you.
And I want to be with you.
Don't say goodbye.
Let's just say see you later.
I love you, too.
What are you doing here in your state? Are you mad? I would be if I stayed in that bed and let you get away with this.
What is this? We've transferred an O.
to the Docker.
Are you planning on picking my hospital apart? No, ma'am, no.
I'm simply trying to maximize our resources.
Stop rambling and speak frankly.
What you've been planning is to take advantage of my convalescence and undo all my work in Melilla.
You should have let me die on the operating table, Colonel.
You reminded me the other day of my oath as a doctor, remember? Well, that oath always seems to spoil a wish or two.
When your condition is better, you'll be evacuated to the peninsula.
That bullet didn't finish me.
You won't get me to budge from here.
I wasn't referring to your wound, but to your illness.
I see Dr.
Calderón told you.
It was just a matter of time before we all noticed.
How long were you planning on keeping up your lie? Until we found you dead one day? You can't continue running the hospital in your condition.
The queen has approved your evacuation.
You spoke with the queen? It was very irresponsible of you to come to Melilla in this state.
You knew your illness and you kept it hidden so that no one could stop your trip.
It's not contagious, Colonel.
And Dr.
Calderón has offered to find the proper treament.
As soon as I get my strength back, I'll be in his hands.
Captain Calderón is leaving on a military mission today.
You'll have to get by without him.
And in his absence, I'll take charge of the duties of this hospital.
Including your evacuation.
If you need me as a doctor, you know where to find me.
When does the expedition leave? In a matter of hours.
Those cowards don't deserve one more life being risked for them.
Those damned politicians and journalists don't know what it's like to be there under siege by those savages, waiting for them to kill you.
This is Lieutenant Pereda.
But why, Commander? He's to blame for it all.
You weren't there.
I have my reasons.
- Maybe the rebels have already handled it.
- Hopefully.
Somarriba, do you remember I saved your life? Of course, I'll never forget it.
So, you know what you have to do.
Let's go, men.
- Sotelo, do we have everything? - Yes, Captain.
It's time, Fidel.
Do us a favor, will you? Don't be a hero.
And you guys do one for me.
Keep this place together.
And when I get back, we'll celebrate.
Of course we will.
Seriously, Fidel, let the soldiers earn the medals.
Don't worry.
Right, get to work.
Fidel, you're going? Yes, with the rescue brigade.
We're leaving right now.
You were the one who wrote the article, weren't you? Well, I didn't write it, they were your words.
I only put them on paper.
Come back, okay? I'll try.
And I'll bring Andrés with me.
Thank you.
Let's go, men! Dear Julia, my love, I know this letter will never reach you.
I won't get out of here alive.
I hope my love for you helps you move on.
Just like yours has kept me alive up until now.
I love you, never doubt that.
You've never for a moment stopped being present within me.
And solely because of that, I know my life has been worth living.
Shots! They're firing shots! Prisoners out! Quick! Out now! They're going to kill us! They're taking us outside to execute us! Don't go! Don't go! No! No! No! Ready? It's our people.
It's our people.
They came for us.
- We're going to die here, Lieutenant.
- Don't screw with me.
We've gotten this far, we can't give up now.
We have to get out there.
Keep going! Keep going! Let's go, get up! No! If they're dead, they'll kill us all! Grab the lieutenant.
[yelling in Arabic] Lieutenant, no! Lieutenant, no! Stay calm! Don't shoot! Don't shoot! We're Spaniards! - Don't shoot! - Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Forward! Go get 'em! Are you Lieutenant Pereda? Andrés Pereda? Yes, sir.
Fidel wrote the article to help me.
If something happens to him, I'll never forgive myself.
Fidel wrote the article? If we see each other all the time, we both know that sooner or later And I'm engaged, you know that.
"Dear Daniel, I had to write you because I'm having doubts.
" She's writing her fiancé right now to break it off.
Do you know what that means? They'll label her for life.
You must end this.
Why did you come? I want to see who this child looks like.
Give me 200 pesetas or someone I know will discover the truth.
I think Raquel is hiding something.
Are you coming to tell me she's taking money from the kitchen? - Pilar, I don't know what to think.
- Don't be unfair with me.
Don't take me where I don't want to go.
- Did you bring the money? - How do I know you won't be back for more? If you don't give it to me all your troubles end here.
Soldier! We have to transfer him to the hospital.
He's having a seizure.
If we don't transfer him, he could die.