Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- To the O.
! - Julia! - What happened? - A stray bullet.
Hold on, Duchess.
- Why is she spitting up blood? - She has acute erythema.
Possible sarcoidosis or granulomatosis.
How long have you known? - How are you? - I'm fine.
No thanks to you.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
Maybe her blood pressure has to do with the fact that your longtime girlfriend has come here and you told us nothing.
Raquel doesn't deserve this.
So, it's clear to me nothing will happen between you and me.
I will be directing this center as of now.
As soon as the duchess recovers, we'll transfer her to Madrid.
What can I do for you? We need you to help us get the morphine back.
They stole it from us and the wounded need it.
- It's him.
- Who? That's him, the thief.
You're far from home.
We're going to get the soldiers.
Are you threatening me? What are you doing, cousin? Don't touch her! If you touch her again, I'll kill you! - How is Raquel? - What do you care? It was just a scare, both her and the baby are fine.
What baby? Andrés was right.
You're even more beautiful in person.
- You knew Andrés? - He's been taken prisoner.
He's alive? Colonel, one of the wounded told me there are soldiers imprisoned near Batel.
- What did you tell the nurse? - You're a traitor.
Soldier? Soldier? He's dead.
Aren't you going to do anything? You can't just abandon them.
I spoke with the colonel.
You want them to send more men to Batel? I want them to save the prisoners.
The only way I can look in the mirror every morning is knowing we did everything possible.
Are you sure you want us to publish it? Whatever happens, don't give my name.
It's the morphine.
- I'm sorry.
- Why? You haven't done anything.
The article stirred things up in Madrid and they've ordered that a rescue unit be sent.
- I'll go, sir.
- What are you trying to prove? I'm not trying to prove anything.
So, maybe the question is to whom are you trying to prove something? This is Lieutenant Pereda.
But why, Commander? He's to blame for it all.
The queen has approved your evacuation.
You spoke to the queen? It was very irresponsible for you to come to Melilla in this state.
Are you Lieutenant Pereda? Andrés Pereda? Yes, sir.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Corporal communications to Command.
Corporal communications to Command.
Go ahead, corporal communications.
Command here.
Report your position and situation.
We received a heliogram from the rescue unit.
Commander Ortiz has given the attack order.
The Rifians are heavily armed.
They've resisted more than we expected.
Corporal communications, this is Command.
Do you read me? Over.
This is Command.
Do you read me? Over.
What are you going to do, Captain? Stop! Stop, don't shoot.
Why do you want to kill me? Answer me! - I'm following a superior's orders.
- Whose? Whose orders? Speak! Speak! Medic! Medic! Captain, don't worry.
We're here.
We've got to get out of here.
Let's go.
Hold on, Captain! There! There! We haven't heard from them in hours.
Well, it's still too soon, Susana.
You can't give up hope.
I'm tired of being told I have to wait.
For what? For them to bring Fidel back in a coffin? That wouldn't even be the worst part.
What do you mean? What could be worse? He could come back damaged.
You've seen how some come back destroyed.
Inside and out, wanting to die.
Hold on, woman.
No, no.
Don't think about those things.
Fidel is going to come back safe and sound.
That's what you have to think about.
- If I think about it, it could happen? - Of course it could.
If you wish for it enough, it could happen.
Positive thinking.
I heard about it in a conference.
Any news? Not yet.
And I just got back from Command.
I'm also worried.
I just can't stop thinking how Fidel wrote that article to help me.
And now, if something happens to him, I would never forgive myself.
What article? Fidel wrote that article in "The Telegram"? Yes.
- Susana, dear.
- Mother.
What's going on? They've lost communication with the unit.
Oh, my God.
You have to have faith, child.
The sergeant explained to me that sometimes the batteries die or the frequency is lost or many other things.
You just have to wait, honey.
Just wait, nothing else.
Everything will be okay, you'll see.
For sure.
I can't believe he's alive.
Andrés is alive.
Does my sister know? Of course, she moved heaven and earth for them to get rescued.
They're sending a rescue unit.
What? Can you see that light? I can see something.
I don't know if it's a light.
Let me see.
What are you doing? You shouldn't be out of bed.
Tell me, Pilar.
You came to tell me something.
The cargo ship is here with the new supplies.
I have to go over them in detail, but I think - it's everything we asked for.
- Finally.
All our problems are over.
Although soon there will be different problems.
Pilar, where did you get the morphine from? The morphine you gave me and the other wounded.
We didn't have any left.
It was thanks to Larbi, ma'am.
He found out who was behind the robbery - and managed to get it back.
- Larbi? He's a good man.
And he's out of a job.
It's not fair.
Tell him to come see me.
What are you doing? Don't you have work to do? - Yes.
- Well, go, then.
Go mind your tasks.
You must have something to do.
- Yes, yes.
- Go on.
How's the duchess? I'm sorry.
She's better.
We were lucky.
I suppose you're in charge of everything now.
Like me.
I'm acting medical chief in Fidel's absence.
You haven't heard? They've lost contact with the rescue unit.
We haven't heard from them.
- The unit that Fidel was in? - Yes.
Okay, okay.
Fidel is a very experienced officer.
He's not going to do anything stupid.
There's nothing to worry about much.
I'm sure they'll come back safe and sound.
From your lips to God's ears.
Pilar? Pilar.
I wanted to thank you.
I wanted to thank you for giving Raquel a bed.
You've been very generous.
You didn't give me a choice.
You've been very generous.
I know I can count on you.
I'll take it from here.
- Hello, Larbi.
- "Salaam alaikum," miss.
They said the duchess would like to speak with me.
- Yes, that's right.
- Please, don't move.
Follow me.
The duchess Is something wrong, miss? Come here.
Excuse me, miss, I have to use the restroom.
Yes, right away.
Don't worry, I just realized this is so dusty, I don't understand.
Someone should give this a cleaning because Magdalena.
What are you doing? Are you hiding from someone? No, that's silly.
Who would I be hiding from? No.
I was just taking a breather with Aurelio.
Taking a break.
Right, Aurelio? - Fernando.
- Oh, Fernando, right.
Excuse me.
The duchess is talking with Larbi.
Larbi, yes.
What are they talking about? She asked me how we got the morphine.
I told her he helped us get it back and she wants to give him his job back.
You shouldn't have said anything, Pilar.
What if he gets in trouble and then he blames us - for asking him to get it? - Magdalena, I can't lie to the duchess.
She asked me and I told her.
What's wrong with you? Larbi can't work here again.
Why? Because - You don't want him to.
- Yes, I do.
I mean, I want him to get his job back, but if he gets his job back - I - You what? You what? Oh, I don't know, Pilar.
Uh Fernando I'm sorry, needs the restroom.
- You look like a queen.
- What are you doing here? Don't be rude.
And here I am because I was worried about you.
Your father told me you weren't well.
My husband will be here any minute, so you don't have to worry.
Get out.
You got married? Yes, and I married a real man.
And he blows you out of the water.
- I said get out.
- Show me your belly.
Why are you here, Román? The truth is I was just passing through, but I think I'm going to stick around a couple more days.
I'm curious to see who this baby looks like.
He looks like his father and I told you that's not you.
Now get out of here If I'm not the father, there's no reason for you to get so nervous, right? Raquel.
Get inside and shut up.
What are you doing up? You might get a dizzy spell again.
Not at all, I feel much better.
Oh, yeah? I'm glad to hear it.
I had quite a scare.
- I'll help you get dressed.
- No, don't come in.
- Why? What's going on? - There's a nurse changing.
I'm sorry.
Why don't you wait for me downstairs? You look like a queen.
Wipe that smile off your face or I swear I'll knock your teeth out.
Don't you feel sorry for me? You're here like a marchioness with your little husband, and I'm in a flea-infested hostel.
It's not fair.
Give me 200 pesetas or I'll tell a certain someone the truth.
Román, you're hurting me.
You're looking very beautiful.
Let go.
Pregnancy looks good on you.
Stop! Stop! Don't unload any more supplies.
Don't unload any more supplies.
There's already enough here.
Take the rest to the Docker.
Sir, this order came specifically from Madrid - to this hospital.
- Miss.
They have nothing at the Docker.
If this were theirs, they wouldn't hesitate to help us.
Okay, but the duchess said Dearest Magdalena, the duchess cannot refuse to be charitable with those who also need it, don't you think? Well, you'll have to talk to her about that.
Madame Duchess is convalescent.
I'm the head of the hospital.
What are you doing here? You should be resting.
I'm resting just the same whether I'm in bed or sitting in my office.
It's comfortable, don't you think? You should know, with all the time you've spent here lately.
May I help you with something, Colonel? Wait outside, please.
You may leave.
And you can start your job whenever you like.
Start right now, if you like, as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you, ma'am.
So, he's thinking of coming back to work.
Have you managed to contact anyone from the rescue unit? No.
I've given the order for half of the supplies that just arrived to be sent to the Docker.
They need it more than we do.
We can't establish differences between one hospital and another.
First, we'll check what supplies we've received and then we'll see which ones we can let go of.
Too late, ma'am.
The trucks have already left.
Tell them to come back.
Don't waste your strength, ma'am.
You should stay in bed until we determine you're ready to be evacuated.
You really want me out of your sight, Colonel, but that just helps me recover faster.
I'm not referring to the gunshot or the operation.
I'm speaking of your illness.
You're ill and we don't know what you have.
I tested myself, it's not contagious.
You need to have an X-ray done.
We need to know what those lumps are, why you're bleeding.
For Christ's sake, I'm speaking as a doctor! Don't you want to know what it is? For Christ's sake, Colonel, there are more wounded in this hospital.
Why are you so worried about me? As a nurse, would you accept that answer? Would you? Duchess.
- Excuse me, I'll come back later.
- No, no, no.
Julia, come in.
Come in, please.
The colonel and I have finished.
I've finished, but I'm not moving from this hospital until you say you'll have the X-ray done.
I haven't said I'd have an X-ray done.
Please, make her see reason.
The duchess is ill, perhaps severely ill, and she refuses to admit it.
Colonel, the doctor-patient relationship is confidential.
A doctor's obligation is to cure the ill whether they want it or not.
Ma'am, you're going to have that X-ray done.
Do you have anything else to add or is today's consultation over? The colonel is exaggerating.
He likes to exaggerate.
But don't say a word about what you heard in this office to anyone.
Tell me.
Allow me.
- Huh? - Help you.
No, no, I can do it.
It's light.
- Are you sure? - Yes, yes, I'm sure.
What are you doing here? I was looking for you.
- For me? - I wanted to thank you.
I got my job back.
- You got your job back? - Yes.
- That's great.
- Thanks to you.
You spoke with the duchess, you spoke well of me.
- I did? - Yes.
I mean, well, yes, I spoke well of you, but that's normal, right? You've helped us so much, you earned the job yourself.
Now we'll see each other every day.
Uh Well, okay, I've got to go.
This is pretty heavy after a while.
Okay, see you later.
See you later.
Paloma, check if they brought the jugs of milk.
They sometimes leave them outside without notice.
Would you mind? I'll watch the fire.
- Are you waiting for someone? - For a wretch.
But he just got here.
You've missed me a lot, haven't you? Don't make me laugh, Román.
The day I lost sight of you was the best day of my life.
You have no idea how happy I was, just thinking I'd never see your face around here again.
Wishes hardly ever come true.
I'm here and you know what I want.
Did you bring the money? How do I know you won't come back for more? You could take the risk, but what's certain is that if you don't give it to me, your problems end right now.
[speaking in Arabic] It's okay, everything's fine.
Stay still.
Stay still.
I don't want to hurt you.
You believe me, right? Let me go, Román! Let me go! I said let me go! Stop! - Where did you get this from? - What do you care? Go away, go back to Málaga, find a job, - but leave me alone! - You could name him after me.
So you remember who his father is.
I'm glad that you finally decided on it.
Let's get this over with, I'm begging you.
Undress your upper area.
I'm not going to undress in front of you.
Madam, I'm a doctor.
- You're a man.
- Yes, that, too.
A man that has other things to do Then go and do them outside! Alright.
Of course.
Of course, this is the explanation.
Something must be pressuring your veins which is making you cough up blood.
What are they? We'll have to do a biopsy to be sure.
They could be nodules, they could be granulomas, or they could be the same thing that you feel on other parts of your body.
There's also the possibility that it's growing and could keep doing so.
What's the cause? The cause isn't easy to determine, but we shouldn't worry about that right now.
If the nodules are malignant, you'll have to be evacuated immediately and undergo treatment.
Are we in agreement? And do you feel anything? I mean, do you feel discomfort or pain? A little dizziness.
I have a cough, nosebleeds, nothing I haven't been able to live with the past few weeks, and here I am.
I've called you in because I wanted you to hear it from me.
Before anyone else told you.
It's definitely not tuberculosis.
Therefore, it's not something that is contagious.
Furthermore, I don't think I'll be well enough to make too many plans.
Of course not.
You have to get well first.
First, this hospital must continue functioning and Dr.
Calderón, our chief medic, must get back safe and sound after having successfully rescued the survivors.
Let's hope so.
At the moment, we don't have news.
Gauze, bandages.
Prepare the sling.
Captain, the bullet's still inside.
We're going to try to plug the wound, immobilize your arm, and when we get out of here, we'll patch you up better.
Wait, wait! Don't shoot.
Get out of here.
The Spaniards are retreating.
What do you mean retreating? The Spaniards lost.
Follow me.
Come on, follow me.
- Come on.
- We can't.
There's no other choice.
We can't escape, much less with someone wounded.
- That Moor is trying to kill us.
- He saved my life - when you were about to kill me.
- 'Cause you're a traitor.
- You sullied the name - Hey, hey hey! Hey! We're going to get out of here.
And we'll all get out together.
Let's go, let's go.
- Raposo, let's go.
- Go, Lieutenant.
I'll cover you.
To that hill.
Hide between the rocks.
It's safe.
Let's go.
Let's go! Why are you helping us? Allah doesn't want us to kill.
Go! Go! Let's go.
Hang on, Captain.
Down, down.
We can't stay here very long.
We're in an open field.
He can't keep going.
We must treat him here.
Give me the blanket.
Why did you point your gun at me, Captain? - I told you, I was following orders.
- Whose? Who gave you the order to kill me? You were in the Bazán regiment under Commander Silva's orders, weren't you? Did Silva send you? Son of a bitch! Where is he? Why didn't he come himself? Where is that bastard? Alright, leave him.
Come with me.
That Silva is a traitor.
He wanted us to surrender.
And then he escaped and left us in that jail.
I know, I know him.
But you have to calm down.
First we have to get out of here and then we'll take care of him - in Melilla, alright? - Alright.
Do you want a cigarette? I ran out of tobacco I don't know how long ago.
We haven't introduced ourselves.
Captain Fidel Calderón.
I'm a doctor at the Red Cross Hospital in Melilla.
Lieutenant Pereda.
Pereda? Andrés Pereda? Lieutenant Andrés Pereda? Yes, yes.
How did you know? What is it? I'm sorry, it's just I've heard a lot about you.
I know your fiancé.
She's a nurse at the hospital.
- What do you mean? Julia? - Julia Ballester, yes.
She came to the Rif looking for you and her brother.
Julia is in Melilla? - Yes.
- How is she? How is she? When was the last time you saw her? - She's fine, she's fine.
- Are you sure? - Yes, yes.
- And Pedro, her brother? He was an ensign in Bazán.
Any news on him? Is he alive? Yes, yes, he's alive.
He confronted Silva, so they wanted to execute him.
But don't worry, they're fine.
They're both fine.
They're in Melilla.
They're Thank you, Captain.
- Thank you for this news.
- Julia is an amazing woman.
She is.
We can't fall apart, not now.
We have to work and show the duchess that the hospital is working perfectly.
You're right.
Sitting here isn't going to fix anything.
It won't make the duchess recover or the rescue successful.
So, it's best to get to work, right? That's right.
Let's get to work.
Magdalena, you're going to write now? I have to.
I can't do anything until I'm honest with Daniel.
Hold on, Magdalena, having doubts is normal.
Lots of things have happened, distance is diffi It's not just doubts, Pilar.
It'll be fine.
This moment will pass, really.
I'll be right there.
Dear Daniel, I'm writing you because I'm having doubts.
You know that you're everything to me, but if I'm having doubts, we can't get married.
It wouldn't be fair to you or proper.
Larbi, may I speak with you? I'd like to know if I'd like to know if there's something going on between you and Magdalena.
What do you mean? Can you come down, please? We can't talk like this.
Look, I know it's none of my business, I'm not sure if I even want to know, but Magdalena is about to do something crazy.
What do you suggest I do? Right now she's writing a letter to her fiancé to break off their engagement.
Do you know what that means? You know they'll label her for life? You don't know.
You don't know.
- Is that so crazy? - Yes.
It's crazy.
Crazy is marrying someone you don't love.
Larbi, Magdalena belongs in another world.
She can't break up with him.
She shouldn't.
And it's not just because of her fiancé, it's her family, her home, her surroundings, her life.
She's about to throw it all out the window.
I'm asking you Please, I'm asking you.
If you really want what's best for her, don't allow it.
You must finish this.
Whatever it is.
Miss Pilar.
With all due respect, you shouldn't meddle in her life, either.
Nor in mine.
So, honey, you finally decided to show up.
The resting period in the hospital is over.
Even sleeping can get tiring.
, Father.
I couldn't stay in bed anymore.
You know who stopped by? That shameless Román.
He's lucky I didn't smash his face in.
Why? What what did he say? Nothing.
He's back from Málaga.
My stomach turned just seeing him.
The best thing you did was to rid yourself of that scoundrel.
Don't worry, Father, if we if we must rid ourselves of him again.
I'll I'll take care of it.
- What would you like? - Two glasses of red wine, please.
Hold on, Verónica, I didn't say I would operate on him.
I said there's an operation that could help him recover - his eyesight.
That's very different.
- Guillermo, you have to operate on him.
You're the only doctor here with training in ophthalmology.
And the probabilities of success are very low, Verónica.
And the infirmary at Command does not have the right conditions.
What if we bring him here? That boy is accused of desertion.
They're not going to let him out.
Unless it's a matter of life or death.
It is a matter of life or death.
It doesn't seem like it.
If at least he were writhing in pain, you know what I mean? Of course I do.
Two glasses of wine.
The tapas are coming right up.
Thank you.
While we're at it, let's make a toast, right? What should we toast to? That's what I mean.
What are we toasting for? When you have a good reason, let me know.
Nothing? No, nothing.
Some of the soldiers from the rescue unit made it back to the Docker.
They somehow made it out of the attack.
It must have been horrible.
Oh, dear God, no! And Fidel wasn't among them.
Nor was Somarriba or any of the soldiers that were held as prisoners of the rebels.
- What happened to them? - All we know is that they were able to escape, nothing more.
We don't know anything about the ones who stayed to fight.
Communications are down.
You're not going to do anything? You're not going to rescue them? You're just going to wait for the radio to start working again? - It's nighttime.
- I know it's nighttime, Vicente.
But your future son-in-law is there.
Dear God! I'm doing everything I can.
Not just for Fidel or Somarriba, for everyone.
For everyone that went with them.
They're all equally important.
We can't have any more losses.
We just can't.
You must speak with General Ibarra.
I already have.
In the morning we're going to hoist a hot-air balloon to inspect the area and they'll send a backup unit.
Tomorrow tomorrow we'll have news.
Whether it's good or bad.
What do you expect me to do until tomorrow? Just sit there reading or sewing, looking out the window all night? Susana, you must rest or you'll fall ill.
I just don't understand why Fidel had to go on that mission.
Or why you allowed him to, Father.
I don't understand.
What are you doing here so late making such a fuss? I'm sorry.
I couldn't sleep.
A lot of work was behind schedule.
Did I wake you? Um listen, Larbi, I don't think it was a good idea that you came back to the hospital.
You don't? Well, I think it's good that you're back, but if you're here, we'll see each other all the time, we won't be able to avoid it.
And if we see each other all the time, we both know that sooner or later And I'm engaged, you know that.
What are you doing, Larbi? Larbi.
Larbi, someone could come in.
Everyone's sleeping.
- Larbi.
- Magdalena.
What are you doing? What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me? Oh, God, you were having a nightmare.
I was dreaming? - Really? - Yes.
You were moving around and talking.
- What did I say? - I don't know! It was gibberish, but no one can sleep.
Do you want some water, a lime blossom tea? - Alcohol.
- Look It's a joke, Pili.
God! I'm going to get some water.
Go to sleep.
- Julia! - I'm sorry.
What are you doing here, and dressed? I can't sleep.
I'm going to Command to see if they have any news.
You know what? I can't sleep either.
- I'm going with you.
- Really? - No, no, you don't have to.
Stay here.
- Don't be silly.
You're not going alone.
I'll get dressed in five minutes and we'll go together, okay? I'll be right back.
- Five minutes.
- Yes, yes.
Thank you.
Can you let the lady know, please? Oh, it's you.
- I thought my father was bringing news.
- Have you heard anything? The attack failed.
A few survivors came back, but Andrés and Fidel weren't among them.
But do they know where they are? They don't know.
They're trying to contact them.
I can't stand the waiting.
What do you want to do? Go with a unit looking for them? - We can't.
- At least I'd feel useful.
But being here doing nothing is like torture.
I almost prefer not knowing, at least there's a chance.
I just can't help thinking everything could go wrong.
No, Susana.
You hear me? Fidel is going to come back and you'll get married and it'll be the best wedding that's ever been seen in Melilla.
That doesn't have much merit.
There's my Susana.
And you'll wear a beautiful dress.
Like the one the Marchioness of San Vicente wore when she married the Duke of Alba.
Do you remember? I just can't imagine living without Fidel.
I've thought so much about our future together Well, focus on that future, now more than ever.
You don't understand.
Your fiancé is in Madrid, safe and sound, waiting for you, missing you.
A whole life with him awaits you with the man you love.
I'm going to I'm going to ask for some more tea.
- Is that you, Verónica? - Yes, it's me.
How are you feeling? Fine.
Tell me, is there any news on Andrés and the other soldiers? A backup unit went out first thing this morning.
I hope they get there in time.
And I'm locked up in here and can't help them.
I don't even know if it's day or night.
Pedro, Dr.
San Esteban is going to operate on you today.
- Today? - Yes.
Every day that passes, you're in more danger.
You have to trust him and trust me.
I can't stand this darkness anymore, I want to see you.
Tell the doctor I'm ready.
You have to take this.
Soldier! Soldier! - Soldier, I need help! - What's happening? We have to transfer this man to the hospital, he's having a seizure.
- What do you mean, an attack? - He could die if we don't take him now.
Go call a vehicle.
First I have to inform an officer.
Aren't you listening to me? He could die if we don't transfer him right now.
And that will be your responsibility.
- Wait here, I'll get help.
- Hurry! It's as if he's been intoxicated.
Have you ingested anything in the last few hours? - Nothing.
- Are you sure, nurse? Soldiers, wait outside.
I'm going to operate.
Did he take something? What does it matter? He'll be better in no time.
You said if I brought him here, you'd operate on him.
Here he is, do it.
- What if I'm not capable? - Are you going to operate or what? - And if they find out it was you? - Answer me.
Yes or no? Let's see if you can get here at the time you promised, you always make me wait.
- Well, I wasn't that late.
Leave the box there, I'll pay you right away.
- Everything I asked for is there? - You tell me, look if you like.
Is something wrong? The money isn't here.
- Did you pay for anything else today? - No, ma'am.
Has anyone else been in the kitchen besides you? I arrived first thing in the morning and haven't seen anyone.
Are you going to pay me or not? Let's do this: leave the box here and I'll pay you for it next week.
I'm sorry, but it doesn't work that way.
You either pay me or I'll take the food.
I'm telling you I don't have the money right now.
Well, when you do, let me know.
What should we make to eat? We're going to have to get by.
Are you sure Raquel hasn't been in here today? Luis.
- Pilar, you're here.
- Hello.
This soldier needs a serum injection.
Can you make sure you give him one, please? - I'll be right back.
- Luis, there's a problem in the kitchen.
In the kitchen, really? Why are you telling me? As if I didn't have enough problems here.
- Was there an accident? - No.
I don't even know what happened.
The only thing I know is that I wasn't able to pay for the food.
So now there's no food because the money was missing from the register.
There's something strange going on and I don't know what to do.
The cook is very worried because she thinks we'll blame her - and it wasn't her.
- Pilar, I trust you.
I'm sure you can handle it.
You can handle everything, right? I think Raquel is hiding something.
Oh, no, no, no.
Please don't go down that road.
- Not there.
I don't want to hear it.
- You'll have to hear it.
What do I have to hear? Why did you come here? What are you insinuating? Did you come to tell me Raquel took money from the register? - I didn't say that.
- You know what Raquel says about you? - What does she say? - That you won't stop until we split up.
- Well - Wait.
You know what I say? I say no.
I say, "No, no, Raquel.
You're wrong, Raquel.
Pilar just wants what's best for me.
" I even say to her, "She lent you her bed.
" And now you come to tell me this and I don't know what to think.
- Don't be so unfair.
- Don't take me where I don't want to go.
Where I can't go.
- You understand? - Luis! Luis! Luis, good thing I found you.
- You, too? - Please, you have to help me.
I need you to come to the O.
- Right now, Luis! Right now! - But look at this place.
You can't say no.
Come on.
You understand me.
You left everything to come here.
And everything for him.
For Andrés.
You must love him so much.
You were very brave.
Some may say I was foolish.
The truth is they're not wrong.
What would the world be without fools? A more peaceful place, I guess.
And more boring.
I'm going to confess something.
I became jealous of you.
Of me? It seemed like you and Fidel had a connection, something special that linked you.
Fidel has been so great with me.
I didn't know anything about nursing and he was very patient.
Being jealous seems so ridiculous - now that I could lose him.
- Don't say that.
I wish I were as strong as you, I wish I had the courage to go looking for him.
His fever's going up.
What should we do? We can't do anything else.
We have to get out of here soon.
- Don't shoot! It's me, Rashid.
- I brought water.
Water? He brought water.
Let's go.
Give it to me.
Wet his lips little by little.
The Spaniards have left.
Everyone left.
What do you mean they left? Our soldiers? They've left us.
They must think we're dead.
- They haven't heard from us.
- So we have to get out of here.
We have to go.
I don't see anyone.
No one alive, that is.
Well, let's go prove that, shall we? Let's go, let's go.
They riddled them with bullets.
And it wasn't just now.
- They killed them all.
- Sons of bitches.
Your brothers did this.
You must be happy, you dog! - Soldier! - The telephone, the telephone.
Command, do you copy? Hey, hey! Relax, relax! Calm down! - Relax.
- [speaking in Arabic] [speaking in Arabic] Are you alright? Are you alright? Yes, yes.
This is Lieutenant Andrés Pereda from the Bazán regiment.
- Do you copy? - Relax.
Andrés Pereda from the Bazán regiment.
Do you copy? Anyone? Command in Melilla here.
What's happening, Captain? We can't last much longer.
- How many are there, Lieutenant? - I don't know, five or six.
- Somarriba, do you have ammo left? - No.
Take this.
Do you read me, Captain? What's happening, Captain? - Has anything happened? - We don't know.
What don't you know? Father, what's happening? Nothing has happened.
On the contrary, we've been in telephone contact with them.
With who? Are they alive? They were.
An hour ago they were.
This is Command.
Can you hear me? Come in.
- Vicente, why aren't they answering? - Communication is very difficult and maybe the field telephone is in poor condition.
- Are you sure it was them? - Yes, yes, he identified himself from the communications location.
Then then we heard some shots and we haven't - heard from them again.
- Oh, my God.
- Some shots? - Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
This morning a second unit departed supplied with a field telephone.
As soon as they get to the spot, I'm sure Command, do you read me? - Command, do you read me? - We read you.
Go ahead.
- Command, do you read me? - Affirmative.
Identify yourself.
Lieutenant Andrés Pereda.
Do you copy? It's Andrés.
- That's Andrés' voice.
- This is Lieutenant Andrés Pere one wounded He's breaking up.
This is Melilla Command.
Give us your position.
We have one wounded and one dead.
Come get us.
We're at the communications location.
We don't know how long we can hold on.
Lieutenant? Lieutenant.
Do you read me? He said there was one dead.
Well Soon we'll have news from the second unit.
And the sergeant won't budge from here until communications have been restored.
And we won't budge from here either.
Julia, if you want to stay with us I think I should get back to the hospital.
They'll bring them back, dear.
They'll bring them back.
Yes, but I don't want them to bring me a corpse.
You must find your men and bring them back.
- Do you hear me? - Yes, Colonel.
It's hard for us to move forward, it's full of rebels.
We've already repelled two attacks.
I'm sure you'll fulfill your duty, Lieutenant.
- Good luck.
- At your command, Colonel.
It's up to luck now, Manuela.
It's not in our hands.
Well, all we can do is pray.
Colonel, I've just been informed that Ensign Ballester has been transferred from his cell to the Red Cross Hospital.
- What, do you mean they've taken him? - Apparently he had a seizure.
We had to evacuate him in order to do surgery.
A seizure? What kind of seizure? Are you sure you can do this? I can.
Pulse is stable.
My father always told me, and my grandfather, he was in the army, too.
War is like the lottery.
Practically everyone loses.
It's not worth lamenting.
Nothing is for sure yet.
I'm sure we'll get some news soon.
You'll see.
You're telling me? You haven't stopped looking for Andrés.
Even when it seemed impossible.
But I think this time I'm not going to get my hopes up.
Why not? Because I'm not ready.
Because I don't want to cry.
Of course not.
Neither of us is going to cry.
Because we still don't know what's going to happen.
And no matter what happens, one thing's for sure: they fought to get back.
That was tough, ey? You see how she holds his hand? If someone held my hand like that, so lovingly I don't know if I'll ever know how that feels.
Hey, man, don't say that.
I think it's not going to happen with Verónica.
Larbi? - What are you doing here? - Hello.
I'm fixing this.
Oh right.
- Did you need something? - Me? No.
Listen, Larbi, I'm glad you're back.
I'm happy for you, you know? But since you're here, we'll see each other all the time.
We won't be able to avoid it.
And if we see each other all the time What are you doing? Nothing, listening to you.
I'm sorry, Larbi.
I can't.
This isn't right.
I need you to understand me.
I understand.
You and I are different.
No, no we're all different.
It's not because of that, it's more complicated.
I'm far from home, the war, the hospital So many things.
And the truth is, I'm not sure if Don't worry, Magdalena.
I understand.
You do? You're engaged and I don't want to hurt you.
I'm happy you understand.
It's what's best for everyone, right? Excuse me, have you seen a letter I had here? Yes, I gave it to the mailman.
- The mailman? When? - Just a moment ago.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Mailman! Mailman! Mailman! One moment.
I'm sorry, excuse me, it's just that there's been a mistake.
There's a letter that shouldn't be in there.
Please, do you think I could look for it? It'll just take a minute, two at most.
I promise.
May I? Yes? Thank you so much, really.
It's this one.
I found it.
I found it.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, excuse me, can you come back a moment? It's just, I'm sorry, I've made a mistake.
I'm really sorry.
This letter must reach its destination, please.
- They just informed us they're coming.
- Who's coming? They're bringing them in a truck, they're almost here.
- Who's coming? - My God, I don't know.
I don't know how many or who.
Come quick, come.
Pedro, Pedro, it's me.
Andrés, Andrés.
You have to tell them the truth.
You have to tell them that Silva betrayed us.
It's your word against the commander's.
- Don't defend that traitor.
- I'm not defending anyone! How dare you report me? I swear I'll kill you and your whole family.
If we're not going to get married, I don't want to see you again.
- What's wrong? - Does it have to do with Julia? Román has no right to ask you for anything - It's just that Román - What? Román is the father.
He's the father.
It's best that Luis know nothing of this.
When I was there, I almost died and I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Tell me you feel the same, please.
Tell me, Julia.
Luis, the baby that Raquel is expecting isn't yours.
Don't touch my father again or I'll cut you right here.
Get out the way unless you want the same.
- No! No! - What are you doing?