Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

What are you going to do, Captain? Wait! - Why do you want to kill me? - I'm following my supervisor's orders.
Whose orders? Whose orders? Speak! He's alive! Andrés is alive.
- What's that? - You can see the light? You must get an X-ray.
We have to discover what those lumps are and why you're bleeding.
Don't you want to know what you have? If the nodules are malignant, you'll have to be evacuated immediately and undergo treatment.
- Captain Fidel Calderón.
- Lieutenant Pereda.
- Lieutenant Andrés Pereda? - How did you know? - I know your fiancé.
- Julia's in Melilla? I can't stop thinking how Fidel wrote that article to help me.
I'll never forgive myself if something happens to him.
Fidel wrote the article in "The Telegram"? Yes.
If we see each other all the time, we both know that sooner or later I'm engaged, you know that.
- Oh! - Jesus.
You were having a nightmare.
- I was dreaming? - She's writing a letter to her fiancé to break off the engagement.
Do you know what that means? Do you realize they'll label her for life? - You have to end this.
- Why are you here, Román? I'm curious to see who that baby looks like.
He looks like his father and you're not it.
Give me 200 pesetas or someone I know is going to hear the truth.
- I think Raquel is hiding something.
- You've come to tell me that Raquel is taking money from the kitchen? - Pilar, I don't know what to think.
- Don't be unfair to me.
Dont push me where I don't want to go.
- You have to do the surgery.
- That boy is accused of desertion.
They won't let him out.
Maybe if he were writhing in pain Soldier, I need help! We have to transfer this man to the hospital right now.
He's having a seizure! I'm sorry, Larbi, this isn't right.
I'm sorry.
- I need you to understand.
- I do understand.
- You do? - You're engaged.
- And I don't want to hurt you.
- I'm glad you understand.
It's what's best for everyone, right? Please, come back.
This letter must reach its destination.
Who gave you the order to kill me? You were in the Bazán regiment under the orders of Commander Silva, weren't you? Silva sent you? - Command, do you read me? - Affirmative.
- Lieutenant Andrés Pereda, do you copy? - It's Andrés.
Can you hear me? Is anyone there? Lieutenant, Lieutenant.
We can't last much longer.
Captain, what's happening? Julia.
I see it must have been hard.
Well, the important thing is I brought him back, right? I'm happy that you're okay, too.
What you did was really brave, Fidel.
I'll never forget it.
Thank you.
Andrés, you're Captain.
I'll always be indebted to you.
On the contrary, Lieutenant.
You're a hero.
Fidel and I spoke a lot about you when we were awaiting rescue.
He says you're a very brave woman.
He's helped me so much here.
He helped me become a nurse.
If it weren't for him, I wouldn't still be here.
I appreciate you taking such good care of her during my absence.
We're back, Captain.
Shall we go see your brother? Yes.
Can you see my hand, Pedro? I see a shadow.
Is that your hand? I don't understand.
The swelling has gone down enough for there to be results by now.
We may have to wait a little more, Pedro, but don't worry.
You'll recover.
Someone's here to see you, Pedro.
Julia? Hey.
Pedro, it’s me.
Andrés, Andrés! You're finally here.
You thought you'd be rid of me that easily? Oh, how I've missed you.
If only I could see you.
Well, you heard the doctor.
You're going to recover, okay? You must tell them the truth.
You must tell them that Silva betrayed us.
- Relax.
- It's his fault I'm like this.
I'm going to speak with the colonel.
And Silva will pay for what he's done.
At ease, Lieutenant, at ease.
- How are you feeling? - Recovering, Colonel.
Hopefully, the other wounded can say the same soon Well, tell me, Lieutenant.
Tell me.
It is my duty to inform you, Colonel that Commander Silva ordered Captain Somarriba to join the rescue unit for the sole purpose of killing me.
What? What are you saying? He did it so that I wouldn't be able to testify against him, so that I wouldn't speak of his disgraceful behavior.
What you're saying is very serious.
- Do you have proof? - I do.
Somarriba himself confessed it to me.
When he recovers, you can corroborate it.
The commander defended his position until the end.
The rebels left him for dead.
He survived by a miracle.
That's false.
The commander wanted us to surrender our position.
He killed two of our soldiers without reason.
I was witness to it.
And when we were imprisoned, he bribed the Rifians so they'd let him out and he abandoned us like dogs.
It's your word against the commander's.
- Don't defend that traitor.
- I'm not defending anyone! But I also can't accuse him at the moment.
Lieutenant, if you have something to report to your superiors, do it through the chain of command.
I will.
Thank you for receiving me.
If there's nothing else You may leave.
Damián, be careful with the bottles.
You break 'em, you pay for 'em.
- Don't come crying to me after.
- Maybe there was an unforeseen expense, a payment that wasn't jotted down for some reason.
An unforeseen expense? Not that I know of Maybe you made a mistake on the calculations.
I don't make mistakes on calculations.
Well, maybe someone broke in to rob again.
Considering how many people pass through.
What they should do is put more soldiers on watch.
Pilar, we're very exposed.
But of course, maybe they don't have enough soldiers or they assign them to more important tasks, right? Well, it mustn't have been much money, right? Or was it? The register is always in the kitchen.
If someone had broken in, you would have seen them, wouldn't you? Are you calling us thieves? Lord, no.
I'm just saying there's money missing, and if someone took it with the intention of giving it back, there's no problem She's calling you a thief.
Miss, I swear to you on my wife's grave, rest her soul, and on my daughter still present, on my future grandson, and even on the Virgin Mary that I haven't taken one single cent.
And she less so.
Have a good day.
It was Román, wasn't it? He gave you his sob story and you gave him the money.
- Didn't you? - Something like that.
Damn that bastard! Why do you listen to that lowlife? Why? You're married to a good man from a good family.
Román has no right to ask anything of you.
Let him manage on his own! - Don't get angry at me.
- What's wrong? - It's just that Román - What? Román is the father He's the father He's the father.
It's best that Luis know nothing of this.
I'll repay the money from the cashier.
We'll find a way.
It's like you were reborn.
I thought you had died.
I'm here.
I'm alive.
Fidel I want to be your wife.
I can't wait any longer.
I don't want to lose you.
You're not going to lose me, Susana.
I was here, expecting I'd hear news of your death.
And I couldn't help thinking you weren't even my husband.
Not my fiancé, not my anything.
What is it? Does it have to do with Julia? No, no, why do you say that? I know it was you who wrote the article in the newspaper.
- You did it for her.
- No.
I did it because I wanted to save those soldiers' lives.
You know me.
It's what I believe.
If we're not going to get married, I don't want to see you again.
My God, I'm a nervous wreck.
What's wrong? The queen is coming.
How about that? - The queen is coming to Melilla? - Yes.
Arriving at the port? Already? It's the first time a ship gets here ahead of schedule and it had to be today.
Of course, everything will be ready.
Don't worry.
The queen is about to arrive.
We have to finish setting up now, Pilar.
- Let's go.
- Yes, yes.
Go carefully.
She's arriving.
Without a military escort.
What are they thinking? It's a private visit.
They didn't call the press and barely called the authorities.
It's safest not to draw attention.
Thank God! I thought we'd never arrive.
My dear Red Cross Hospital.
Colonel Vicente Márquez, Head of Military Sanitary Affairs.
Madam, it's an honor to be in your presence.
We finally see each other face-to-face, Colonel.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Carmen.
- Madam.
You didn't have to come out to greet me.
Were you in bed? - No, no, no.
- How are you feeling? As you can see, I'm still standing.
It'll take more than a gunshot for you to give up.
I've been very worried about you.
Very soon I'll be back at one hundred percent, madam.
I'm sure, but before that, you'll come back to Madrid with me.
You'll have time to come back to Melilla - when you've fully recovered.
- But, madam, my recovery There's no arguing this, Carmen.
You're coming back with me and that's that.
Now, how about a smile for the photograph?! Everyone, please, get together for a portrait.
I imagined it much bigger, I don't know why.
It's not bad for a school, but for a hospital - it's getting a little small.
- And the war doesn't stop.
More wounded arrive in Melilla every day.
And the other hospitals are in worse condition.
I was told the soldiers prefer to come to this one.
Is it true? Has word spread among the troops? Madam, I don't think the wounded get a chance - to voice their opinion.
- That's what “The Herald” says.
Is it true, Carmen? Where there's smoke, there's fire.
This hospital receives special treatment.
With all due respect, madam, if we were able to limit expenses We won't limit the expenses, Colonel.
Quite the opposite.
I'm planning on spending.
A lot.
I have big plans for Melilla.
We have to build a dispensary for the poor, a civil hospital, and a child welfare clinic.
This way, mothers without means can come here and feed their babies.
And field hospitals, madam.
If we could operate on the front line, we could save many lives.
There's no certainty of that, Captain.
Most of the wounded die while being transported.
It's not a priority nor the time to discuss it, Captain.
- And who are you? - Pardon me, madam.
Fidel Calderón, Medical Captain.
Chief Medic of this hospital.
From what I gather, this building got too small for you as well.
You're my kind of people, Captain.
You know how to pick them, Carmen.
You really pick them well.
By the way, I forgot to introduce you to little Fernanda.
- Fernanda Gómez de Agüero.
- Gómez de Agüero? - Do you remember the Agüeros? - Of course.
Their youngest.
She's come to stay at the hospital with you.
She has hopes of becoming a nurse.
It will be a pleasure to have you with us, miss.
Thank you, Duchess.
This way.
Did you hear that? She's taking the duchess back with her.
And the ship leaves tomorrow morning.
Don't make me more nervous than I already am, Magdalena.
They're coming.
Stay still.
My dear nurses, I'm so proud of you all.
They're doing great work, madam.
I was with your mother and Daniel, your fiancé, on Saturday.
Your mother is putting her body and soul into organizing your wedding.
It'll be the wedding of the year.
And you're here sacrificing yourself.
You, ladies, are all setting an example in Spain.
Now no one can say we don't take care of our soldiers.
We've brought our best from home to take care of them.
Good morning, soldier.
How are you feeling? The ensign was admitted two weeks ago with a bullet wound in the right knee and, as you may observe, today his condition is optimal.
I'm so happy to be here, to be able to see all of our heroes up close.
Our homeland Our homeland will never forget all of your bravery and generosity - Salaam alaikum.
- This is Rachid, madam.
He saved many of our lives.
Including mine.
Is he from a company of Regulars? No, he's Berber, from the Guelaya Kabyle.
But he's against this war, just like us.
If it hadn't been for your people, this would never have started.
But take care of him the best you can, Spain is following the international treaties.
Good day.
Good day, soldier.
- Relax, Magdalena.
- Oh, Pilar, my mother's going to kill me.
We'll talk about this later.
Let's go.
- Yes, let's go.
- Breathe.
- Is he still unconscious? - Yes.
You thought you wouldn't see me again.
Or am I wrong? It's a miracle they were able to rescue you still alive.
Will they be sending you home on leave? Your lie may work with the others but I was there with you.
I know who you are and what you did.
That's why you ordered Somarriba to shoot me.
- I didn't give any orders.
- I won't stop until I take you down.
- Commander.
- What do you want, Pereda? To end up an ensign? Tread carefully, Pereda.
Because I'll place you in front of a firing squad and I'll make sure they execute you.
Awarding of medals, open-air mass, reception at Command General Ibarra doesn't know the day only has 24 hours.
Excuse me, madam.
Pardon my boldness.
I'm Julia Ballester.
I wanted to thank you for your intervention in stopping my brother's execution.
- If it hadn't have been for you - The ensign.
So, this is her? Give your thanks to the duchess.
She never asks me for anything.
However, she took this personally.
The nurses are a personal matter, madam, for you as well, they've always been.
Return to the wounded, Julia, that's your place.
Make the most of it, you're all making history.
Thank you, madam.
She seems smart.
I didn't see her at the classes.
She wasn't in San José.
She sneaked onto the train when we were leaving Atocha.
You know the importance we give to being fully trained.
I brought some dirty sheets to be washed.
Leave them here.
I thought you were going to speak with Magdalena.
I did speak with her.
You did? I told her we're very different, that she's engaged.
What you told me.
She's not engaged anymore.
She broke off her engagement via a letter.
It's what you wanted.
You achieved it.
It's a painkiller.
Pain? Yes, do you understand? You must take it.
Don't be afraid.
It's medicine.
And she's my friend.
Pilar told me you broke off the engagement with your fiancé.
Huh? She told you? Well, yes I wrote him.
I need some time to clear my head and I had to be honest with him.
Breaking off my engagement was my idea, okay? It has nothing to do with you.
Magdalena, your words say one thing, but your eyes say something different.
Please, don't make this harder.
You know I hold you in great esteem, but there's nothing between us.
It's best if each of us go on our own path.
I won't make things more difficult for you.
But even if you don't want it, your path is the same as mine.
Well, it looks like we're just in time.
You were lucky, this wound wasn't looking good.
In a way, Rachid was the first to treat it.
It was a miracle I survived the prison.
I don't know how we got out of there alive.
The colonel didn't believe anything I told him.
Don't worry, Lieutenant, Somarriba will wake up and tell the truth.
I hope so.
Doctor, here are the bandages.
I can take it from here, if you like.
Very well.
If you don't let me go, I can't treat you.
- Oh, no? - No, and I have to dress the wound.
Let them cut my arm off.
When can we go back home, Julia? To be together again.
Far from the war and all this.
Andrés, I'm a nurse now.
And I can't abandon the hospital while I'm still needed here.
What's wrong? You don't want to come with me? Yes, of course I want to go with you.
It's just that I realized that this is what I really want to do and now I can't leave.
Please understand me.
Alright, this is done.
- We're having dinner with the queen? No.
- She requested it.
She'll come with the duchess and the nurses.
Your mother has been a nervous wreck all day.
How could I not be, Vicente? These things need to be announced sooner.
- For God's sake.
- Calm down, Manuela.
Calm down or I'll send you to the guardroom.
Don't tell me to calm down, don't tell me to calm down.
What dress should I wear? What's the protocol? If we make a mess of it, we'll make fools of ourselves.
Mother, you've been to hundreds of receptions.
Yes, but not with the queen.
I'll tell you one thing, I'm going to go get ready.
Oh, my Lord.
Sure, you make yourself up in ten minutes, but me? Vicente, I won't make it in time, I'm serious.
- I won't make it, Vicente.
- Manuela, the hat.
Fidel will be coming to the dinner as well, I suppose.
He wouldn't miss an occasion such as this.
No, he shouldn't miss it, although where should we seat him? Because your engagement isn't formalized yet.
You say that almost as if you doubt that we're engaged.
No, I'm not doubting.
But for it to be official, he'd have to ask you and speak with me, I believe.
Fidel and I will get married.
So, start preparing your full-dress uniform, because before you know it, you'll be walking me down the aisle.
With your permission, Colonel.
Her Majesty the Queen is on her way here.
Thank you.
You were here? What's the matter, are you hiding? What's that? Don't tell me we're going to have to buy a new uniform.
Keep your voice down.
- What? - What? I don't know what to do.
Well, first of all, stay calm.
It's a simple equation and you're a smart guy.
You have a girlfriend and you have a ring.
I don't think it needs much more explaining.
What's wrong, Fidel? Are you scared? No, I'm not scared.
I just always thought that when I took this step, I'd be more sure.
And you're not.
I mean, I love Susana, you know that.
But I don't know if I love her enough to spend the rest of my life with her.
I mean, you say that as if it were a prison sentence.
Everyone who gets married has doubts.
And the three of us know that doubt has a name.
And we all know that person is engaged and I shouldn't get in the middle of that.
That can never be.
- Unless - Unless what? Wait, I'll say it.
Unless she feels the same way you do.
And there's only one way to know that.
Ask her.
No way, that's crazy.
No, crazy is marrying someone you don't love.
Which is not true in my case because I'm very in love with Pilar.
- Raquel.
- Yes.
Raquel, Raquel.
- Did I say "Pilar"? - Yes.
Oh, my God.
Fidel, what are you doing here? Are you going to help me hang these, Doctor? Julia, I'd like to speak with you.
What's the matter? Fidel, you're scaring me.
Is everything okay? I don't want to hurt anyone, but I have to tell you this.
What? Since I got back, I don't know what's wrong with me, Julia, but when I was there, I almost died and I couldn't stop thinking about you.
- Don't say that.
- It's the truth.
And now your fiancé is back and you're going to leave, and just the thought that I won't see you anymore kills me inside.
Tell me you don't feel it, Julia.
Tell me.
Tell me you don't feel the same, please.
Tell me.
Tell me you didn't think about me.
Tell me.
That you wouldn't care if you never saw me again.
Tell me, Julia.
No, no.
I can't do this to Andrés.
- I'm engaged.
- I know.
- I know that.
- And I love him.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
This doesn't make sense.
You're right.
- No - It's my fault, I know.
- It doesn't make sense.
- I love Susana and I have no right to do this to her.
I should get back.
What? You're still looking for the money? Don't worry, my father will reimburse it.
You see? We're more honest than you think.
I never doubted your father's honesty.
But you doubt mine, right? I won't tolerate that, even if you are a lady.
- So, watch it.
- I know you took that money.
And I know why you took it.
I won't just stand here listening to your insults.
Luis isn't the father of your child.
You tricked him into marrying you.
That's what hurts you, isn't it? That he married me.
He stood you up at the altar.
Tell your father not to worry about the money.
But you're going to tell Luis the truth.
- Or I will.
- You still love him, don't you? Let me clear it up for you.
Luis is my husband and no one is going to change that.
Pilar, he's not getting back with you, no matter what he tells you.
Knowing the truth would make him miserable, so I'm not going to tell him.
If you love him so much, you tell him.
He'll see for himself who's sticking the knife.
Give me a hand, please.
I want to make sure there's no infection.
Take his temperature, too.
Are you going to help me or just stand there? Sorry.
You're not still thinking about the money, are you? No, that's over with.
It's something else.
Luis, do you think that that honesty is overrated? Well, I don't know.
I guess I guess it depends.
Sometimes it's best not to be overly honest, right? Living in ignorance isn't always a bad thing.
Why do you ask? It's nothing.
He doesn't have an infection.
No fever, either.
The wound is healing well.
There's no bruising on his head.
He should have regained consciousness by now.
Do you want to slap him? I mean, since you're so good at slapping, well You're so funny today.
Captain, can you hear me? It's Lieutenant Garcés.
Try opening that's it.
Open your eyes.
Where am I? What happened? You're at the Red Cross Hospital in Melilla.
You were wounded, but you're safe now, you hear me? Don't speak, you must rest.
Don't speak.
I need to speak with Colonel Márquez.
- It's very important.
- Relax, alright? - You'll have time to speak with him.
- No.
Get word to the colonel.
He'll be at Command.
Let's go.
Tell the duchess to let Colonel Márquez know.
Captain Somarriba woke up.
I heard you want to speak with the colonel.
Do you have something urgent to tell him? I can't stand disloyalty, Somarriba.
I saved your life, remember? How dare you report me? If you dare say anything to the colonel, I swear I'll kill you and your whole family.
I'll kill Sagrario and the girls.
- They must be young ladies by now.
- No, please.
Do with me what you may, but please don't touch my family.
It depends on you, Somarriba.
It depends on you.
Is that clear? Get well, Somarriba.
No, it's not necessary that we wait for the war to end, because it will.
It seems impossible right now, but the end will come.
- I have no doubt, madam.
- The hospitals are necessary now.
And not just here in Melilla.
I'm going to make sure we open hospitals in Larache, Tangier, Tétouan.
But why are you opposed to putting up - field hospitals, Colonel? - Tending to the wounded in horrible conditions with the risk of being attacked will be a permanent source of infections and we'd be putting our doctors' lives in danger, and they are our most valuable people.
And the nurses, Colonel.
And the nurses.
The nurses, too, madam, of course.
Tell me, Colonel.
What illness does the duchess have? Don't make that face, please.
I know everything.
Her husband, the Duke of La Victoria, told me.
Carmen wrote him a letter.
Colonel, is it serious? We've discovered some granulomas in different parts of her body.
Some are pressing on her veins and she bleeds easily.
- She has borderline anemia.
- Are those granulomas dangerous? There's no way of knowing until we do a biopsy, but since she refuses to be treated I know her character.
Carmen isn't the type to complain; that woman's one of a kind.
- I don't know if you've noticed.
- Yes, I've noticed.
But, you see, madam, as Head of Military Sanitary Affairs, I don't know if I should allow our head of the hospital to carry out her duty in her condition.
Don't exaggerate, Colonel.
I've seen her and she seems to possess all her faculties.
She could collapse at any moment and she knows perfectly well that she's running that risk.
Madam, thank you for your visit.
Colonel, the Red Cross Hospital just called.
Captain Somarriba regained consciousness.
He'd like to speak with you.
Thank you, Sergeant.
You may go.
I'm happy to see you awake.
- How are you feeling, Captain? - Eager to return to my post, Colonel.
I was informed about what happened at the front.
It was a miracle you all made it out of there.
Somarriba I'm afraid there's a matter that cannot wait.
Lieutenant Pereda claims that you tried to shoot him under Commander Silva's orders.
Is this true? I need you to tell me the truth.
Many lives depend on your testimony.
Colonel, I don't remember anything that happened at the front.
My memory is cloudy and I can't remember.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I can't remember anything.
I don't remember anything, Colonel.
I'm sorry.
Lieutenant Pereda told you the truth.
The captain confessed that Silva gave him orders to kill him.
I was there when he told him.
Are you willing to testify against them? Do you plan on taking the commander and the captain - to a court-martial? - Yes, sir.
The commander didn't hesitate taking Ballester to court - under a false accusation.
- The ensign attacked him in front of everyone and you're accusing him.
It's the word of some officers against others with lower ranks.
They're just testimonies without any proof.
Colonel, - you must believe us.
- What does it matter if I believe you or not? What does it matter? I'm Head of Military Sanitary Affairs and all I want is for my hospitals to be functional.
To be able to tend to and treat the wounded.
I've had enough of this damned war! Is that too much to ask for? You may go.
I don't understand why you had to tell Larbi that I broke off my engagement with Daniel.
- Now he thinks I did it because of him.
- Didn't you? No.
I mean, I like Larbi a lot, but that has nothing to do with it.
I My head's a mess and I want to be at peace.
Well? Well, forgive me for meddling in your life.
I just wanted to help.
Pilar, it's not a big deal.
Don't get upset.
You all think I can handle everything.
First Daniel, then Larbi.
First, Luis is going to have a baby with Raquel.
Now it turns out that Luis isn't the father of Raquel's baby.
What are you saying, Pilar? But But but how did you when My God.
If I can't even get the words out, - I can only imagine how you must feel.
- I I don't know what to do.
I don't know if I should tell him because I don't want to spoil his life, but I also can't keep this inside.
What happened to this shirt? - It's stained.
- Calm down.
Calm down, Pilar.
I understand, and it's good that you told me.
Something like that can eat away at you if you don't share it.
We we we won't say anything.
It's best to say nothing.
Best for who, Pilar? Okay, it's clear that the easiest thing to do is say nothing, but But what? If you care about Luis, you can't let him live blindly.
Luis loves the idea of being a father, and if he doesn't know this, it's like there's nothing wrong.
Pilar, it's his life.
His life.
He can't live in a lie.
It's he who must decide, not you.
I don't want to be the bad guy in this, Magdalena.
- He's going to take it out on me.
- Pilar, if you don't tell him, this lie will give way to other lies.
Luis will end up being miserable.
Then what excuse will you give for having stayed silent? There's a child on the way and I don't want to ruin its life.
What? Pardon the interruption.
I'm ready.
I left the things in my bedroom, so is there anything I can start doing? Yes, many things.
Magdalena will explain everything and let's practice knocking on the door before entering.
Um It smells really bad.
Did you know the money from the kitchen showed up? It was in another box in the same closet.
Raquel told me that the cook must have made a mistake.
- Well, that's good.
- I wanted you to know in case you wanted to apologize to Dámaso.
Well, and to Raquel.
- Can we talk? - Yeah, sure.
It's important.
You're not going to like what I'm going to say but you have to know.
Pilar, you're scaring me.
Luis, your child, the boy that Raquel is pregnant with, isn't yours.
I know what you're hearing must be hard, but Stop, stop, stop.
Don't go on.
I don't recognize you, Pilar.
- It's the truth.
The other day - The other day, Dámaso was a thief and look what happened today.
I must be a fool.
I'm a fool.
And I told you, Pilar, I told you Raquel warned me that you wouldn't stop until you split us up and I told you I didn't want to believe her.
I was wrong.
I'm telling you it's the truth.
There's a man that's blackmailing her and she's paying him so that he won't tell you - that's why she took the money.
- Lower your voice.
You're talking about my family.
You're talking about my wife.
Never in my life would I have expected this from you.
Not from you, never.
That's what this is about, isn't it? This must be your way of getting revenge on me for standing you up at the altar.
What are you saying? Who are you going to believe, her or me? I want you to tell me who that man is.
What does he want, Raquel? I didn't want to worry you, that's why I didn't tell you.
You're my wife, what happens to you happens to me.
Who is he? Raquel, who is he? A boyfriend I had before meeting you.
A scumbag.
I thought I had rid myself of him, but now look.
When he found out I was pregnant, he threatened to tell you that he was the father, but that's a lie.
I swear it's a lie.
You're the father of my child, don't ever doubt that.
- Why didn't you say anything? - Because I didn't think you'd believe me.
- Honey, I was afraid of losing you.
- You won't lose me.
And I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, either.
We're going to fix this once and for all.
- But what - I want you to set up a meeting with him.
You won't have to go, I will.
I'll spell things out for him.
If he ever gets near you again, I'll have him locked up.
No, no.
Please, it's done.
Leave it alone.
I gave him the money and I don't think he'll try it again.
He'll be back.
When he spends what you gave him, he'll come back.
I'll handle him.
My place is here, madam.
Don't try to come up with more arguments, you won't convince me.
I haven't finished the work you entrusted me with.
I entrusted you with it and now I'm asking you to listen to reason for once in your life.
You're coming back with me.
I was absent a few days and we almost lost the hospital.
- If I go back to Madrid now - You're ill.
- You have to undergo treatment.
- One more month, that's all I'm asking.
Then I'll go wherever you ask.
Are you sure you'll be standing in one month? Colonel Márquez assures me that you could drop dead - at any moment.
- The colonel is confusing his wishes - with reality.
- Carmen! Why did you send me here, madam? Why me? What do you mean why? You know as well as I do.
We created the Ladies of Nursing Corps to help ease pain wherever needed and that's what you're doing here.
And I suppose that now nobody can say that the Royals have forgotten their troops.
You've done a great deal of good for Spain by coming here and, it's true, for the monarch as well.
And I'm very grateful for that, but I'm not going to allow you to put your health in danger - in order to fulfill your duty.
- I'm fine, madam, believe me.
Those of us who accepted coming to Melilla accepted putting our own lives at risk from the moment we set foot in this city.
None of us are safe here, not even you.
I must finish the mission that brought me here, but I'll do whatever you ask of me.
- Do we know each other? - Luckily, we don't.
You must be Román.
Well, well, the distinguished doctor.
Where is Raquel? Raquel isn't coming.
No, we're going to solve this, you and me, like men.
Although I think you're not much of one.
You blackmailed my wife, a pregnant woman, and came up with a hoax saying the baby isn't mine - so she'd give you money.
- Everyone tries to earn a living any way they can.
So you admit that you invented everything.
Come on, be a man for once in your life.
Yes, it's a lie.
I'm not the baby's father.
- What's going on here? - LIsten to me, you piece of trash, because I'll only say it once.
If I ever see you again, I'll put a bullet in each of your legs, take you out of Melilla, and dump you in the desert - so you're eaten alive.
- Luis, Luis.
Alright, we've cleared things up here.
- Haven't we? - Yes, I understand.
I understand.
Luis, what are you doing? You can't behave like a thug.
Why do you always have to meddle, Pilar? Why? It's none of your business! Pilar, the bonnet looks amazing on you, but are you wearing it to the queen's reception? I'd go in my uniform if I could.
I've lost the habit of dressing up.
Where are you running off to, Magdalena? For a walk.
I'm feeling a little claustrophobic.
We're all crammed in here and I can't breathe.
I'll meet you at the dinner, don't wait for me.
I'm also leaving now.
You, too? See you soon.
We're capable of doing the best and the worst.
Things I never thought I would do.
War is horrifying, although amazing things have happened to me here as well.
The best is, without a doubt, that you came.
And despite everything, we're out here on a stroll.
And we're together.
Julia, let's never be apart again.
- Andrés, I wanted to tell you - Wait, wait.
I know what you want to say.
That you don't want to leave the hospital and you want to continue being a nurse.
Right? What's that smile for? Because I love you.
Since I know you want to continue being a nurse, the only way of not having to be far away from you - is asking for a transfer to Melilla.
- I can't ask you to do that.
You're not asking me.
I'm doing it because I want to.
I'm doing it for you and for me.
I'll speak with Command tomorrow and I'm sure they won't object to the idea.
Why are you so good to me? You wanted to return to Madrid.
I want to be with you.
Madrid without you would be worse than this war.
We'll get married here.
I'm sure we can find a nice church.
A chapel.
A chapel.
I thought you weren't coming.
Did I miss anything? Well, everyone wants to be with the queen and the queen just wants to be with the nurses, basically.
Would you like some? - Well, yes.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Oh, good.
Magdalena still hasn't showed up.
You both have made me a bundle of nerves.
Everyone has been very kind to me.
The only thing I won't miss is the heat in this city.
Please know that we celebrate and appreciate your visit.
Andrés is going to stay in Melilla.
Here at Command.
Really? That's great.
He's doing it for you.
We're very happy.
It's been a morale boost for the nurses and doctors - during these difficult times.
- I know and I've seen it.
That's why I'm going back to Madrid with the feeling that we're fulfilling a very important mission.
Our army will never forget it, madam.
Those that serve in the Mixed Sanitary Company, from first to last, are an example to us all.
Excuse me, madam, I've been informed that dinner is ready.
With your permission, we should move to the dining room.
If you'll excuse me, I'd like to make the most of your presence so that you may be witness to a very special moment for us on the most important day of my life.
What are you doing? Susana Márquez, you know I've loved you forever.
I think I loved you before I met you.
You're the woman of my life, Susana.
My legs are shaking, I think I'm going to faint.
Don't, you'll ruin the moment.
Ladies, gentlemen, may I have your attention, please.
Something that doesn't happen every day is about to take place: a lightning bolt of love in the middle of the war.
With your permission, Colonel.
I'll allow I order you to do it.
Excuse me.
I had an emergency.
Susana Márquez, will you marry me? I've seen more decisive people.
- I'd think about it twice, Captain.
- Yes, of course, yes.
By his Majesty, King Alfonso, I raise my glass as well for this delightful couple who has announced their engagement today.
You have my blessing.
May you be very happy.
How exciting, madam.
Who would've imagined that you'd be here toasting to our daughter's wedding? It's been such a wonderful surprise.
For me as well, I'm at a loss for words.
You must have suspected, right? It didn't seem like a kiss between two strangers.
Soon I'll come back to Melilla with Alfonso, and by then, - we'll have won the war.
- From your lips to God's ears.
Your presence at the front, madam, has raised - the troops’ morale very much.
- Soon the counteroffensive will begin.
Those rebels will regret having offended the Crown.
I hope you won't misunderstand me when I say that, so far, what's impressed me most is the Red Cross Hospital.
I think we all agree that the duchess is doing formidable work.
I rely on the unconditional support of the nurses.
My dear lady nurses.
Look at them.
Aren't they like angels? Just a few months ago, they were living comfortable lives and now they've given it all up in order to be here.
It's our pleasure to do it, madam.
Help is needed here.
The days fly by with everything there is to do.
There's nothing that compares to saving a wounded man's life.
You see? We're so lucky to have them with us.
Don't be so humble, Duchess.
Let's speak frankly: if it weren't for you, this hospital wouldn't exist, and it's the best in Melilla.
We're really going to miss you.
What's important is the work, not the people, Captain.
And this hospital will continue its service even when none of us are here anymore.
The captain's right, madam.
We're really going to miss you.
You're leaving, Madame Duchess? She's not leaving.
She's not leaving.
She's staying as head of the hospital.
I've tried to convince her to take a break, - but I've failed.
- Madam, I'm not trying to You've promised that, if you begin losing your strength, you'll return immediately to the homeland.
- It's a promise.
- It is.
Colonel, take care of the duchess.
Even if she doesn't let you.
One last toast.
I'd like to make a toast to the Duchess of La Victoria and for the work she's doing in this city.
To the duchess.
If your husband saw that look of fear on your face, he'd run off.
- Tell me what happened.
- Go ask him.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled to tell you.
I'm fed up with you.
Just tell me what you said to Luis.
Don't worry, I didn't tell him the truth.
What good would that do me? I'd be killing the golden goose.
Now I want what's mine.
You said you'd give us a week to pay you.
Your husband got cocky.
So much so that my conditions have changed.
I want the money now.
Leave this to me, Raquel.
I'll take care of it.
You're a shameful creep.
What we agreed upon.
And listen up, it's the last time I want to see you in my canteen.
Now that I have money, you won't let me in? Listen, Dámaso, what I know about your daughter is worth gold.
You, you're a businessman; you know I'm not just going to settle for some pocket money.
It was hard work getting that money together.
Lots of cash flows through here.
It won't be hard to sneak out a little on the side.
I'm not a lowlife like you, Román.
Watch your words, grandpa, or this will cost you more than just money.
Don't you ever touch my father again - or I'll cut you right here! - Get out of the way, Raquel, if you don't want me to give you yours, too! Are you going to hit me, too? A pregnant woman? That's it! I'm calling the Civil Guard - to come take care of you! - Who the hell are you going to call? I'll burn this canteen down with you and your daughter in it! No! - What have you done? - I don't know, Father.
Father, he came at me.
We must take him to the hospital.
No, no.
Father, we're not taking him anywhere.
Let's just get this problem out of the way.
- Can you see me? - Yes! - Are you seeing me? - Yes! You're more beautiful than ever.
I thought you'd be at the port seeing off the queen.
My work is here, Colonel, not at the port.
And she's the first to agree with me on that.
Everything's working out just the way she wishes.
The queen is thrilled that you want to stay here.
This hospital is one of the major triumphs the Crown has had in recent times.
Haven't you read the newspapers from Madrid? With you here, the monarchy gains quite a few points.
If the queen and I are in agreement that I continue as head of this hospital, we both win, Colonel.
Including me.
Stop worrying about it.
You know what you're in for, don't you? - What? - Didn't you hear what she said? You have to take care of me now.
- Don't get up, Captain.
- At your orders, Colonel.
- You wanted to see me? - Yes.
I wanted I wanted to confess.
To take the weight off my conscience.
Did you recover your memory? My memory was always there, Colonel.
I know I failed you.
And I'll never forgive myself.
I know I'm not worthy of wearing this uniform.
Captain, look at me.
I've known you for many years and I know that you're a man of honor.
I haven't the faintest doubt.
But, tell me, what's going on? What Lieutenant Pereda told you is true.
Commander Silva ordered me to kill him.
I don't understand all this animus, Colonel.
They're like vermin.
All of this is a plot.
- What is it you have to say? - Everyone is conspiring against me.
Everyone? It's now three officers that are accusing you.
One of them is my right-hand man in Command.
You'll be taken to court and I presume you'll be convicted.
I've informed my superiors.
They will proceed to arrest you.
Excuse me, Colonel.
You've been lying to me since you got here.
I defended you.
I've defended you because of the respect I owe you from the beginning of military training, but they were all lies.
All dirty lies.
Can you even imagine how I feel? You don't know what it was like.
I was ordered to resist, but they denied me reinforcements.
We hadn't had water for more than a week.
I lost my head.
Don't you understand? You're an embarrassment to the army.
I've given my life to it! I've been serving in Africa for 12 years! Look at my service record.
It's impeccable! I'm a hero! Stop tarnishing that word! And look at me, look at me, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
If you have any respect for the military face the consequences for what you have done.
Tell the truth at the trial.
Tell the damn truth for once and for all! Even if it's too late, learn the meaning of the word "dignity.
" I want to apologize to the captain.
And to the ensign.
Let me apologize to them.
I must do it.
Give me your weapon, Commander.
You may leave.
So, the three of us will be staying in Melilla? Well, we're staying.
I'm sure you can go back to Madrid.
What am I going to do in Madrid without you two? You can always go What's that? If you were dead, none of this would be happening! - Commander! - Have you gone mad? Commander, I'm right here! I'm not afraid of you! - Pedro! - Sir, lower the gun.
No, no, no! Let go of the gun! You're the first one I'm taking.
Commander, please.
Please, lower the gun.
Julia, don't move! Stay calm.
- Was that a gunshot? - Please, no.
What's going on in here? Nobody come in! Stop.
If anyone moves, I'll shoot her.
Listen to him! Close the doors! - Get out, get out, get out.
- Out! My God, let her go! Let her go! Commander, please, lower the gun.
Let her go and let's talk calmly.
My God, sir, you still have time to stop this madness! Time time has run out.
For you, for me, for everyone.
It's me you want.
You want me.
Here you have me, just let that woman go.
Let her go now.
Twelve years.
I've been in Morocco for 12 years.
From blockhouse to blockhouse, watching how everyone else gets promoted and makes a better life.
I did what anyone else would have done.
I had no way out.
What else should I have done? Let them kill us? Like cockroaches? In the name of what? - In the name of what, for God's sake? - Calm down.
These these these lieutenants, with their hunger for glory, are the real murderers.
They're the real murderers! They're the ones with blood on their hands! Their ambition killed those men, not me! Commander.
You're married, you have children.
How do you want them to remember you? As a man that fulfilled his duty or as a coward? There's no need for them to know what happened.
Come on, Commander, give me your gun.
We can still fix this.
Drop the gun and let's just talk.
If you kill this woman, sir, you'll be killing the reason we're all here.
No, no.
Don't do it.
Oh, my God! Who did this to you? Help! Have you seen who it is? Ahmed! Ahmed! Ahmed! Meningitis.
This hospital is declared in quarantine until further notice.
No one is allowed in or out of the hospital under any circumstance.
Let personnel know.
You're going to fight it until the last minute.
At some point you'll get tired of watching.
- You're being very strange, Luis.
- Why did you come? To make my life miserable? - I'm worried about you.
- Well, don't worry about me anymore.
She hasn't paid attention to me since I started recovering.
Listen, Pedro.
Verónica likes you.
I think she likes you so much that it scares her just thinking about it.
His fever keeps going up.
We can't let him die.
Any volunteers to defend the blockhouse? Let's go, brave ones! Let's go!