Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

It must have been hard.
What's important is that I brought him back.
What you did was very brave.
I'll never forget it.
Thank you.
Pedro, it's me.
Andrés! You have to tell them the truth.
You have to tell them Silva betrayed us.
It's your word against the commander's.
- Don't defend that traitor.
- I'm not defending anyone! How dare you report me? I swear I'll kill you and your whole family.
If we're not going to get married, I don't want to see you ever again.
What's going on? Does it have something to do with Julia? Román has no right to ask anything of you! It's just that Román - What? - Román is the father.
He's the father.
It's best that Luis know nothing of this.
The baby Raquel is expecting isn't yours.
- Who are you going to believe, me or her? - Tell me who that man is.
Who is he, Raquel? A boyfriend I had before I met you.
He threatened to tell you the baby is his.
If I see you here again, I'll put a bullet in each of your legs and dump you in the desert for the dogs to eat.
Do you hear me? - Luis! Luis! - I'll kill you.
Lieutenant Pereda claims you tried to shoot him under Commander Silva's orders.
Is that true? I can't remember anything that happened at the front.
I can't remember anything, Colonel.
You must believe us.
What does it matter what I believe? I've had enough of this damned war! I almost died out there and I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Please, tell me you don't feel the same.
Tell me, Julia.
No I can't do this to Andrés.
What we agreed.
I don't ever want to see you in my canteen again.
Watch your words, grandpa, or it'll cost you more than money.
Touch my father again, and I'll cut you! Get out of the way, Raquel, or you'll get the same.
- No! - What are you going to do? No! Susana Márquez will you marry me? Yes, absolutely.
- You wanted to see me? - I want to I want to confess.
- What's going on? - What Lieutenant Pereda said is true.
Commander Silva ordered me to kill him.
Julia Julia! - Can you see me? - Yes.
There are now three officers accusing you.
You'll be taken to trial and most likely will be found guilty.
If you were dead, none of this would be happening.
- Pedro.
- Lower the gun, sir.
- Fidel! - No, no, no, no! - Drop the gun! - What's happening in here? No one come in! If anyone moves, I'll shoot her.
You heard him, close the doors.
- Let her go! - Pedro! If you kill this woman, sir, you'll destroy everything we've come here to do.
No! - I'll kill her.
- No.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES SPANISH PROTECTORATE - NORTH AFRICA SEPTEMBER 1921 The time has come for brave men, for those who are coming to save us.
Company, attention! Order, arms! There's never been so many soldiers in Melilla ready to fight.
Left shoulder! We're going to win this time.
Arms! Finally, some good news.
The three of us are together, Julia, Andrés and I.
I recover more every day thanks to the nurses.
If it weren't for them, I'd be dead.
Just one more of the thousands of soldiers who'll never return home.
Commander Silva died a coward, and that's how he'll be remembered.
His suicide prompted my file to be closed.
Now I won't be tried for insubordination.
I'm free, Mother.
Free forever.
Ensign I guarantee that the army will erase any trace of suspicion from your record.
It's over.
There are more than 40 thousand soldiers in Melilla now.
We're going to retake Nador, 15 kilometers from here, on the other side of Gurugú.
The operation has a name: The "Revenge.
" Lieutenant Pereda! I don't believe it.
Roberto Molina.
Why the hell are you dressed like that? Is there a carnival in town? The regiment is where the action's at, buddy.
The infantry only have enough strength left to bury bodies.
- When did you arrive? - A few days ago.
I'm in the 1st Battalion, the spearhead of the campaign.
- So you're in the 3rd, huh? - Yes.
Honestly, when I heard a unit had come together, I didn't think twice.
We're going to give them a beating.
Together at last! So, what's your unit? When are you going to Nador? I don't know.
At the moment, I don't think I'll be leaving Melilla.
Sergeant! - Load the 2nd platoon.
- Yes, sir.
The rest of you onto the truck, damn it! Sorry, they're sending us to protect the garrison of a blockhouse on the slopes of Gurugú.
- We have to keep the road to Nador clear.
- I know.
- When are you going? - I don't know.
- I'm still waiting.
- I see.
- Lieutenant, we're ready.
- Very well.
I have to go.
- I'll see you at the front line, buddy.
- Take care.
You, too.
When does the campaign start? Reinforcements are still arriving, but two columns leave tomorrow for Atalayon.
Are you going? - You could ask for a post there.
- No.
I'll coordinate the deployment from Command.
I just got back, Pedro.
I can't tell your sister I'm leaving again.
You're a career officer.
She'll have to understand.
My God! Who did this to you? Can you hear me? Help! Please, help! Finish cleaning and preparing the instruments.
- I'm here.
- Pilar, the ether.
Yes, sir.
What have we here, Guillermo? Deep stab wound.
It doesn't look good.
It's a civilian.
Have you seen who it is? Luis? Let's go, Pilar.
The anesthetic! Yes, sir.
Don't do it again, please.
No, please.
Please, where He's trying to say something.
Let's go, Pilar.
Didn't you hear the doctor? Ether! We'll try to stop the bleeding, clean the wound, and sew him up.
If he holds out, of course.
Nine, eight, seven - Ready.
- Let's go.
What what's going on? Who is he? Do you know him? He's the father of Raquel's baby.
What? My God! Who did that to him? You tell me.
How did he get here? Who brought him? I don't know, Pilar.
I went outside and I found him there, on the ground.
Maybe he came on his own.
How would he come on his own in the state he was in? It's impossible.
I don't know.
- What are you thinking, Pilar? - Nothing.
Pilar, please, we've known each other a long time.
Look at me.
I don't know, Magdalena, all I know is that I saw him and Luis arguing outside and Luis told him if he saw him around here again - he'd kill him, but - But he's been stabbed - and Luis wouldn't be capable of - No.
No, he wouldn't.
Would he? Somarriba, I'm glad to see you.
At your command, Colonel.
I assumed you would be on leave for at least two or three weeks enjoying some family time.
Sir, I can't leave now, not when the campaign is due to begin.
Although after what happened, I'd completely understand if you'd rather someone else - take over my - Please, Somarriba, I want you by my side.
I don't think I could find anyone else like you.
Captain? Here we are, Colonel.
The answer is no.
Wait a moment, Colonel Once the "Revenge" campaign begins, the hospitals will be overrun with the flood of wounded and we have to be ready.
I'll request more ambulances and litters for the mules.
Most of the wounded die when they're moved, sir.
We'd be able to save many lives if we could set up field hospitals.
We should move to the wounded, not the other way around.
As we start recovering positions, - we'll recover the first aid stations.
- What condition will they be in? We have tents, stretchers, instruments that we need to improvise operating rooms.
Improvise? Improvise? Set up an operating room without asepsis and let our doctors and nurses run the risk of being wounded.
Have you thought about that? We run that risk in Melilla as well, Colonel.
We send troops to set up field hospitals.
What do we do with the ones in Melilla, we leave them empty? Captain Calderón has the answer to that.
In a short time, we can train volunteers from the city as nursing aides and finish the field training for the veterans at the same time.
You can do what you like in your hospital.
But intervention on the campaign ground is my responsibility, and the answer is still no.
Think about it.
The "Revenge" is about to begin.
Captain Do you think Do you think it's necessary to be on the duchess's side? To the point where you have to come here to argue with me in my own office? Why are you always against her, sir? I'm not going to allow that lady to take over the control of our hospitals.
I must not allow it.
I thought our work was to save lives not waste time in power struggles.
We're doctors.
It's not about medicine but rather the military organization that plays the main role in health matters during a war.
You take charge of the training course.
I'll I'll decide how to organize the means.
You may go.
Thank you, sir.
There is no name or regiment.
- He just came out of the operating room.
- How is he? Agitated.
His blood pressure is unstable.
Shall we continue? Yes.
The dressing has to be changed.
I'll do it now.
And continue with the morphine.
I hope you'll be very happy with your marriage.
I mean it.
Thank you, Julia.
I hope you'll be very happy, too.
I still think you're the bravest woman I know.
What you did here with the commander I don't want to think about that.
I'm glad to see you.
- Congratulations on your engagement.
- Thank you, Lieutenant.
I was told the queen herself gave you her blessing.
I can't complain, really.
Why are you here? Is everything alright? I have something to tell you, Julia.
Julia! Andrés! The doctor is going to discharge me.
I'm cured.
What's wrong? I'm requesting to be sent to the front line.
When are you leaving? What else did the doctor say? When is he discharging you? They're transferring me to Málaga, and from there, home.
But But I can go to the front line, too.
- We have to go.
- No, Pedro, no.
You haven't recovered yet.
I'm not going to stand here while you leave.
Pedro, don't be so stupid.
What's this madness? If the doctor says you have to go to Málaga, then you must go.
I've never felt better.
We deserve to join the victory.
Do you see what you've done? How do I tell my mother that Pedro's going back to the front? He's not going back, Julia.
He'll enlist as soon as he can.
As if you didn't know him.
He wants to prove to everyone he's like you.
You know how much he looks up to you.
Andrés, you work at Command now.
You have to get them to discharge him - so he goes home.
- I don't think I can do that, Julia.
I came here to find you both and now that I did, it's all been for nothing.
Please promise me you'll speak to the general.
Where where am I? - Where - Lie down.
Román? Román, can you hear me? Can you hear me? You're in the hospital.
We had to operate.
You've been stabbed.
Do you remember who did this to you? - Román, who did this to you? - How is he? Not well.
What a pity.
What was he saying? He can't talk.
He's only talking nonsense.
Do you think he'll survive, Pilar? Do I look like a doctor? Water.
You're going to cause trouble until your final breath.
Water? It's right there.
At some point, you'll get tired of keeping watch.
Nothing from Seville, Susana.
Montalban will make your wedding dress in Madrid, as it should be.
Montalban is old-fashioned, Mother.
But he dresses everyone in the court.
Except Her Majesty.
The queen was born in Scotland and has other tastes.
Fidel? Fidel, have you heard of Montalban? Do you want to see the catalogue? I'm sorry, Madame Manuela, but I've no time, I have to leave.
In fact, I'm preparing tomorrow's course.
What course? The nursing aides course, Susana.
Your father mentioned it this evening, but since you're wrapped up in that - Good night.
- Good night.
Why didn't Fidel tell me about the course? I don't know, my dear.
He always tells me everything.
I'm sure that apart from the aides, the nurses will be there.
Listen, Susana do you know what this means? That you no longer have anything to worry about.
I wish that were true.
It's wonderful that the youngest of the Osuna family has come.
Her mother is hard-pressed to try to find her a boyfriend.
I didn't expect to see Luchita Cortés.
- It's never too late to learn.
Hello! - Hello.
That's not real, I hope! I don't know what to say.
He reminds me of Don Venancio.
- Good morning, ladies.
Young ladies.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
You won't go into too much detail, will you? If you start talking about blood and nasty things, well, I don't know what comes over me, but it makes me feel ill.
No, don't worry.
Doctor, it's ready.
If you need anything else, please call me.
Thank you very much, Julia.
Why don't you stay? You don't have your qualification yet.
Thank you.
During this course, you're going to learn the basics of first aid treatments as well as some cases that you may see in this hospital.
- Ready? - Yes.
To familiarize yourselves, I'd like to begin with four basic principles.
They are sepsis, antisepsis Sorry! Am I late? I didn't know what time the course started.
Do you want to join us? I'm sure I could be useful.
Don't you think? Of course.
Susana, we were talking about four basic principles, which are sepsis, antisepsis, hemostasis, and anesthetic.
Three, yes.
Wait a minute Two, Magdalena, two.
Well, look who it is.
Ahmed, don't take the sheets.
Come here.
You'll get what's coming! Let's see.
You're a bit hot, Ahmed.
We'll have to get you to the doctor.
Ahmed, go and play.
The grown-ups have to talk.
- What's wrong? - Magdalena, Rachid has left.
- What do you mean he left? - I went to see him this morning, but he wasn't there.
I've looked, but there's no trace of him.
I don't think Rachid is in Melilla anymore.
Where could he have gone? The rebels see him as a traitor, and as for ours, they'll shoot him if he escapes.
Ahmed? - Ahmed! - Ahmed! Ahmed, please.
Doctor! Can you pick him up? Doctor, please! This way.
So, we have seven cervical, twelve dorsal, and five lumbar vertebrae.
The first two have very particular characteristics.
They are Doctor! Doctor, it's Ahmed.
He's sick.
He seemed alright, but then he fainted.
He has a high fever.
Okay, Guillermo, take them to the operating room and check the boy.
Come on.
They let Arabs in here? Here? They do what they like here.
What I don't understand is why Magdalena is with those people.
Did he eat anything to make him feel ill? He vomited up his breakfast this morning.
What is wrong with him, Doctor? Well, he has he has a temperature headache, vomiting, and the neck the neck isn't Well, his knees aren't either.
Don't frighten me, Doctor.
What is it? Meningitis.
Are you one hundred percent sure? We've done a lumbar puncture and the liquid is cloudy.
The symptoms are clear.
He's been sleepy for a few days, with a fever, headaches, and a stiff neck.
What do you suggest, Doctor? From now until further notice, this hospital is declared in quarantine.
No one can come in or leave this hospital under any circumstance.
- Tell the staff.
- Yes, sir.
Don't tell me there's nothing going on because there's something going on.
What if the Arabs have reached Melilla? Why don't you go back to the room until the doctor tells us what to do? Let's go.
I'm tired of so much informality.
- I'm going to tell my husband everything.
- I'm sorry, ladies, I've been given orders not to let anyone leave this hospital.
You do know who I am, don't you? Stand aside, please.
No, Madame Manuela, Pilar won't move.
I'm very sorry.
No one can leave the building and neither can we.
What do you mean we can't leave? What's happening? We've detected a case of meningitis.
It's probably not serious, but we have to prevent a possible contagion.
That sounds perfect.
Close the door as soon as we leave.
Let's go, dear.
If you go out that door, there's no telling what could happen.
Just one of us could start a chain of contagion, and the whole of Melilla would have an epidemic on its hands.
Is that what you want? So? Pilar, close the door, please.
- Do you really expect us to stay here? - There's no other choice.
I suppose we'll all have to be tested.
What tests? Manuela, aren't you going to say anything? I demand to speak to my husband immediately.
We'll have twelve battalions leading the recovery, four more for the garrison in the square, and another two will reinforce the positions on the slopes of Gurugú.
Excuse me, General, two battalions on top of the ones that have already gone to defend it? That's what I said.
If you don't mind, Lieutenant, I'll continue.
Two naval artillery posts are already in action from the barges in the Nador Lagoon.
Ready to leave are four columns under the command of Generals Cabanellas, Sanjurjo, Berenguer and Tuero.
Each one with their corresponding sanitary backup.
With your permission, General.
Although the combined Sanitary Companies' forces have been lessened by the events in July we've been able to maintain not effortlessly we've been able to maintain the standard of health care above, in fact, the minimum required.
And so avoiding epidemics that could have been extended by the massacre.
With your permission, General.
Come in.
Excuse me, Colonel.
There's an urgent call from the Red Cross Hospital.
Your wife.
The duchess won't let her leave the hospital.
With your permission, General.
You're not going to believe this, Vicente, but they won't let us leave.
We haven't done anything.
What would we do? This evening I have guests, I have to get home.
Let's see, how can I explain it? A child came in with a fever, well, an Arab, and he's almost infected us all.
What type of fever? Have they told you? Meningitis.
We can't stay here.
What if the Arab gets worse? Manuela, please, calm down.
Is the Chief Medic with you? - Yes.
- Tell him I want to speak to him.
Fidel, he wants to speak with you.
Yes, Colonel? Yes, we've had to activate the protocol to avoid infection.
We could all be carriers, sir.
Why was the child admitted? Did you know he was infected? No, sir.
They knew he had been sick for a few days, but they didn't tell us.
How serious is it? We're not sure.
That's why we shouldn't run any risks.
You know that if it were up to me I would allow your wife to leave now.
Sir, if we want to avoid an epidemic, we have no other choice.
Captain, put my wife back on, please.
Vicente, you'll send the car to pick us up, right? No, Manuela, the captain is right.
Listen to me.
Do everything you're told, do you hear me? Wait a minute, Vicente, please Did you tell him I have a guest? - Vicente! - Everything you're told.
Everything! He hung up.
Colonel? Send a patrol to protect the hospital and don't let anyone in or out.
Please make sure they send them supplies, medicine, anything they may need - for the duration of the quarantine.
- Yes, sir.
We have to keep the boy in isolation.
Whoever is with him must be very careful.
We can't be too careful.
Check all the patients with a high fever, no matter what their diagnosis.
We'll examine them one by one.
Yes, and if anyone has a stiff neck, you know what to do.
A lumbar puncture and analysis of the spinal fluid.
What if they don't have it, but have vomiting, headaches, and are bedridden, - should we puncture them as well? - Yes, if there's any suspicion at all.
In advanced cases, the "flowers of death" appear.
You'll see blotches all over the body.
Be very careful with the patients.
- We don't want to spread panic, alright? - Alright.
They shouldn't see we're worried.
I'll go over the charts to check for fever.
Ahmed You're in the hospital.
We're going to take care of you.
You're lucky.
The prettiest nurse in the hospital is taking care of you.
What did you say to him? Attention, men! Lieutenant Molina, 1st Battalion of the regiment we're here with your relief.
Nothing new to report, Lieutenant.
Did you bring water? Who's in command, soldier? I think I am, Lieutenant.
The sergeant was killed yesterday and the Fire at will! Get to the blockhouse! Fire! Everyone to the blockhouse.
This is going to be our home, soldiers.
Any complaints? Bad news.
We're about to lose the Nador blockhouse.
Lieutenant Molina has asked for help.
He's lost half of his men.
General? We should send reinforcements.
If we lose the blockhouse, "Revenge" will have to be postponed, - with all its consequences.
- That would be a suicide mission.
The Rifians have cut off all the access roads.
With all due respect, General, I request to be sent to a combat unit.
But, Lieutenant, you've only just returned.
Speaking of which, I've proposed you be promoted to captain for bravery in war.
- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.
I'm grateful, sir.
I repeat my request.
I want to go back to the front.
I know I can help You've been posted here in Command.
You may also serve your country from behind a desk.
That's all, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant I've just sent a patrol to the Red Cross Hospital.
- Your fiancée is there, isn't she? - Yes.
There's an outbreak of meningitis.
The hospital is in quarantine until further notice.
Congratulations on the promotion.
Thank you.
You won't find the answer there, Pilar, whatever the question is.
Come, we have a lot of work to do.
We'll wear the mask around our neck at all times and we'll put it on whenever we have to tend to a patient, alright? Please be very strict with this.
Are the ladies from Melilla going to sleep here? Well, there's not much choice.
We'll have to place them wherever we can.
Julia, does Andrés know about any of this? I suppose they must have told him at Command.
I'm going to ask the duchess for permission to call him.
He told me he wants to go back to the front.
So soon? Yes.
And I don't want to be separated from him again.
We'll help you, Julia.
That's why we're here together, so that we can support one another.
When I came here, I was told he was dead.
I tried to accept it.
And I thought that my life could be different.
Even with another person.
Another person in general? - Or do you mean - That's normal.
- Do you think so? - Of course.
It's happened to all of us, hasn't it? Yeah, but I don't want it to happen again when Andrés leaves.
Magdalena, it's the boy.
His fever is rising.
Let's go.
Let's see.
The fever is still rising.
I don't know what we're going to do.
Shall I call the doctor? We can't let him die, Larbi.
We can't.
Luis! - He doesn't have a pulse.
- No, no, no! Nothing.
He's dead.
This is too strange, Luis.
First, he blackmails your wife, then you threaten him, he turns up wounded at this hospital, and now he's dead? - What are you insinuating now? - I That my wife brought him here half dead and I finished the job? You're poisoning yourself, Pilar, day after day, and you want to poison us all.
I'm not poisoning anyone, Luis, I'm just laying out the facts.
It's too strange.
The day I found you here, I was so happy.
I told myself it was sheer luck that we’d met again.
Well, I wish we'd never met again, Pilar.
What do you want from me? Why did you come here? To ruin my life? - I'm worried about you.
- Well, don't worry about me anymore.
I don't want to speak to you again.
Forget about me.
Lieutenant, no one is allowed in.
My fiancée is one of the nurses who works in the hospital.
- Sir, my orders are - I won't go in, I'd like to talk to her.
Did you hear me, Corporal? Fidel needs the test tubes for the lumbar punctures.
Yes, let me just finish up and I'll hand them to you.
While I'm here, I have to get used to calling him Dr.
It's a bit odd.
What do you call him? Doctor.
There's so much merit to what you do here.
Seeing blood all day, people suffering and in pain.
I don't know if I'll manage.
I thought the same when I got here.
Are you going with your brother? I heard he's being transferred to a hospital in Málaga.
No, I can't.
There's too much work here.
I can't go.
I'd go with him.
After all he's been through, I couldn't leave him alone.
- Does your mother know? - He's writing to her.
Sending a telegram is very complicated.
Mercury chloride and powdered sugar Well, if you stay, you'll be here for our wedding.
- I suppose so.
- We still don't have a date, but I want it to be as soon as possible.
After all, we have the queen's blessing.
It was beautiful, wasn't it? That's it.
Here you go.
Can you take it? Yes.
Aren't you going to congratulate me? Of course.
I hope you'll both be very happy, Susana.
Julia, they're looking for you.
- They're waiting at the door.
- Alright.
Thank you.
Julia? Julia, how are you? Fine.
Well, tired.
We're all very tired.
We don't know when we'll be able to leave.
Command says there's an epidemic.
Is that true? Are you alright? - Tell me, Julia.
Did anything happen? - Yes, don't worry.
I'm fine.
We're trying to control the breakout.
I see.
I have news that I'm sure will cheer you up.
I have the permit for Pedro.
I was able to get him discharged.
Thank God.
I've asked General Ibarra to to let me go back to the front.
He said no.
But I want you to know that I'm going to keep trying.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
I might enlist in the regiment.
I don't know.
You're quiet.
You know I don't want you to go.
But I've no right to ask you to give up your career.
I love you.
I'll always be very proud of you.
Here are Pedro's discharge papers.
Give them to him, alright? Promise me you'll take care of yourself.
I promise.
Hold out your first two fingers.
- Place them here on the wrist.
- Me? Press down gently.
Try to feel the beat.
Do you feel it? Yes.
Yes! Yes, I do.
Count how many beats you feel in one minute.
One, two, - three, four - To yourself, Manuela.
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen Doctor, you're needed in the infectious disease ward.
We have a patient who is very ill.
I mean, really ill.
I don't know where I was, I've lost count.
Magdalena, you distracted me.
Well, go on practicing among yourselves.
Here you go, Manuela.
I'll be right back.
Okay - Let's see.
- The two fingers.
- Here.
- Here? Get him ready so they can take him away.
Yes, Doctor.
Ahmed still has a fever.
I've been bending his neck every so often and I think it's okay, but I'm not sure.
Fidel! Susana, what are you doing here? Wait outside, please.
Why should I go outside if I'm going to be a nurse? Because it's dangerous.
We're all going to get infected, aren't we? We're going to drop one by one, aren't we? Keep your voice down.
They're sick.
Do you want to be a nurse or not? Calm down.
Magdalena! - Susana, please.
- Just a moment.
Can I talk to you? Yes, of course.
Don't you see what's happening? They're the ones who brought the fevers.
They? Who are "they"? You came here to care for our soldiers.
Not to get diseases from those people.
What are you talking about, Susana? Look, Magdalena you don’t know how they live.
Of course they'll get sick if they don’t even have water in their homes.
You don't know what these neighborhoods are like.
Sure, I do.
I've been to his house.
What are you saying? - His house? That - Arab? Say it once and for all.
Arab! Arab! He can hear you.
Of course.
So what? So what if he can hear me? That's enough already, Susana! He works here as well as I.
And I'm here to look after the sick! Generals, soldiers, Arabs, or wherever they're from.
I don't care.
Because I'm a lady nurse.
Don't you see this cross, Susana? Magdalena, please.
Let's calm down.
We've been cooped up for many hours and we're all very upset.
Come with me, Susana.
- Has the cause of death been confirmed? - Yes.
Send me the autopsy report as well as the results of the lumbar puncture and the analyses, if there are any.
Don't you trust me, Colonel? No, it isn't that, Madam.
Although I must confess I have no other choice but to trust you.
I hope you are aware of the gravity of the situation.
Believe me, it's impossible to forget it being in here.
We must be very careful when preparing the body for evacuation.
If the outbreak spreads, I really don't know what we will do.
Well, continue working like we have been so we can beat this disease.
And Madam, my my wife and my daughter, are they alright? They're fine, Colonel, resisting like us all.
If you notice even the slightest symptom I will inform you immediately, don't worry.
Thank you.
I hope this is over soon so we can forget about it all.
I hope so, too.
I hope so, too.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Colonel.
At ease, Corporal.
I'm here to deliver supplies for those inside.
I'll need help.
Soldiers, unload the truck.
Be careful with that.
There are six dozen eggs in there.
Go ahead.
Take the food to the kitchen.
Fernanda, take the clothes to the bedroom and check to see who they're for.
Please be careful with that! Please, they're medical supplies.
Pinillos, you're late.
Put that on the table, please.
Put the vegetables in the sink.
Let me see them.
What am I supposed to do with this mess? Leave it there, please.
Father! What are you doing here? Be quiet, they'll hear you.
- How are you? - Terrified, how do you think I am? - Leave that, you're coming with me.
- No, Father.
You can't stay here in that state.
What happens if you get sick? If I get sick, I'd rather be where the doctors are.
I just saw them taking out a dead body.
Don't you see that it's dangerous to stay here? Dámaso! I don't know how you managed to get in, but now you can't leave.
We're not isolated for the fun of it, do you understand? Father, only you'd think it's a good idea to walk into the lion's den.
Did you tell him Román died? He passed away like a little bird.
He didn’t say a word.
Who brought him here? Come on.
Who? Was it you, Dámaso? Dear, you have a lot to do.
What happened to Román was an accident.
No one wanted to hurt him.
He came looking for it.
He came to the bar asking me for more money, threatening me with a knife.
I refused and he went crazy.
He jumped on me.
I swear I was scared.
You don't believe me? If you ask me, I don't know what to think.
When I brought him to the hospital, he was still breathing.
If I'd wanted him to die, why would I bring him? Maybe so that no one could accuse you of his death? Accuse me if you wish, Lieutenant.
Do it.
Go to Command and tell them what I've just told you.
Will it bring that poor wretch back? That's what he was, a wretch.
I just want to know the truth.
And I just want Raquel, my daughter, not to become a poor wretch, too.
She knows nothing of all this.
And you aren't going to tell her are you? We'll keep this between us.
We'll look after her whatever happens.
Between the two of us.
Is that not the best thing we can do? Stay with her.
As a medical officer, I forbid you to leave the hospital.
Is that clear? Crystal clear, Lieutenant.
- How did he take it? - Julia! Was it you? Was it your idea? What? This.
My discharge.
Signed by General Ibarra.
I didn't ask for anything, Julia.
I don't know, he must have decided.
No, tell me that's a lie.
Look me in the eye and tell me you and Andrés had nothing to do with this.
- What? - He didn’t want to do it.
I had to convince him.
So if you want to blame anyone, blame me.
Stop treating me like a child.
I'm getting out of here, do you understand? I'm going to Command right now to enlist for the campaign.
Pedro! Let me out.
Open the door! I have to leave.
Pedro, they won't let you out of here.
What are you going to write to Mother? That you're going back again? What am I supposed to tell her? That there's no news of you.
That I don't know where you are.
That I don't even know if you're dead or alive.
Is that what you want me to tell her? So, I just have to thank you.
That's all I can do, isn't it? Thanks a lot.
Come on, Ensign.
Keep your head up high.
You've given more to your country than anyone could ask.
You're going to be sad now? After your operation? No, man.
Do you know where Verónica could be? Uh we should celebrate.
I saw some bottles of sherry in the kitchen yesterday.
Shall we go look for them? Why do you want to know where Verónica is? She's been ignoring me since I started recovering.
Why? Why? Why? So many whys.
If we had all the answers, the world would be a very boring place.
Does she have a boyfriend? Is that it? It depends.
Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't.
But do you know or not? Let me see.
How can I explain it, Ensign? Verónica spends the whole day with me, okay? But she ignores me.
She doesn't want to be with you, so there you have it, clear as day.
Look, Pedro Verónica likes you.
And I think she likes you so much that that the thought frightens her.
Excuse me, have you seen Verónica? What are you doing? Do you see? Being blind trusting only what you hear what you imagine that's how I felt before.
Pedro, I have to work.
Always work, work, work.
People say you're serious - and wary.
- Who? It doesn't matter.
I've seen more than that.
Pedro, they'll send you back to the front any day now, just like the rest.
I've seen it so many times.
The wounded soldiers arrive, we patch them up, they're sent back to the war, and later you see their names on the casualty lists.
You don't have to worry about that.
I'm not a soldier anymore.
I've been discharged.
But that's good news, isn't it? Well, it means that I'm leaving and that you won't see me ever again.
You shouldn't have done that.
What? This? - Pedro.
- What's wrong? You might be infected.
Or I might be.
I might be infected and - and now I have to work.
Please go.
- Alright.
I'm going to bed.
Go! I sure am infected.
Here you have some soup, made with all my love.
- It'll warm your body right up.
- Thank you very much, I'm sure it will.
Well, I'll get back to work, we have a lot of guests.
- The soup is bland.
- All the better.
The less they put in it, the safer we'll be.
What's this? This isn't mine.
Now we'll have to go bed by bed asking everyone.
It's worse than an orphanage.
They have us living like orphans.
Honestly, I look at the sheets, I look at the cutlery, the cups, and I wonder, who's touched them before me? I don't dare touch the sheets.
They're probably full of bedbugs or worse.
Don't say that.
Regardless of your complaints, we're going to be here for a few nights.
Thanks for cheering us up.
They're doing the best they can.
They've given us their bedroom, they made us dinner.
Susana, what do you want me to say? That I'm happy to be here? Well, I'm not.
You signed up for the course to be nurses, didn't you? Well, this is a nurse's life.
Susana, where are you going? She's not herself.
Apply a cold press every hour and check the temperature.
That soldier didn't look good.
I don't think he'll make it to tomorrow.
Do you want to rest, Julia? No, I'm fine, thank you.
Julia - is something wrong? - It's my brother.
He's angry with me because of the discharge.
I know he's not a child, but But? Nothing.
I'm sorry, Doctor, I shouldn't be telling you all this.
There's still much work to be done.
In fact, I've been thinking and I think it's better that I don't help you anymore.
I'm very grateful for everything you've taught me.
I really am, but you have new students now and I can find another mentor.
Another mentor? Well, he won't be as good as you.
Honestly, I don't understand, I don't know what you want Nothing.
I don't want anything.
It's not you, Fidel.
It's me.
I'm afraid that I'll be the one who kisses you this time.
So much has happened to me recently and you've been there for me through it all.
Susana What are you doing here? Why aren't you resting? We were going to do the rounds.
I'm only a nurse's aide, but I should be helping with the patients.
If she can, I can, too.
Susana, there are patients in there who are about to die.
Julia has more experience.
Julia, go and rest.
Susana will come with me.
Very well.
Good night, Doctor.
What do I have to do Doctor? I don't know when you'll receive this letter, Mother.
We're locked in.
We haven't left the hospital for days.
Doctors and nurses are fighting the fever.
They don't sleep.
They don't rest.
I hope they don't fall ill as well.
Every time we ask, they give us the same answer, "We have to wait.
" Wait.
And pray that the disease isn't as serious as it looks.
Every death means we must stay locked in longer.
It's a battle where there are no gunshots, bombs, or trenches.
It can't be seen or heard.
That's why it's the most dangerous battle.
And while we're locked up in here, the soldiers are preparing to march on Nador.
"Revenge" is coming.
I've met a girl.
Her name is Verónica.
Good morning, little one.
How do you feel today? I don't understand you.
But wait a minute! Ahmed? You you don't have any fever! You don't have a fever! Doctor! Dr.
Calderón! Please.
Ahmed doesn't have a fever.
Ahmed Hello.
How are you, Ahmed? Alright, let's see.
Are you alright? I'm alright.
Good work, Magdalena.
Let's check all the other patients and if there aren't any symptoms, I'll ask the duchess to reopen the hospital.
Really? Are you serious? Oh, Doctor! Don't worry.
The danger has passed.
Don't worry.
How wonderful.
Do you smell the sea? We can come outside now.
And you can go in.
Well, if you want to, of course.
Isn't it wonderful? Back to work.
Let's go.
- But it's so - Come on.
Manuela, are you feeling well? - Completely well? - I don't know.
- When I get home, I'll think about it.
- I don't feel very well.
I don't know if it's the mattress, but I've got a pain Rosario, not one word, or we'll never get out of here.
Understood? Let's go.
Ready to go? How are you feeling? - Very well, isn't that right, Rosario? - Yes, indeed.
Yes? Well, let's go home.
It's over.
It's all over.
Rosario How are you? Vicente, please take us home quick before they change their minds and close the door again.
- Get in the car.
- Let's go.
- Father! - My girl.
- Did you miss us? - You still have enough strength for a hug.
Let's go now, for the love of God.
- Captain.
- Sir.
Well, then get some rest and get your strength back.
You've done well.
I'm a nurse's aide now.
I'm going to come tomorrow and almost every day.
We're going to spend a lot of time together.
I don't know which of you looks better in a uniform.
Which of the three, you mean.
Don't cry.
- No, I'm not crying.
- This is what you wanted, isn't it? Have you heard from your friend? Is he still in the blockhouse? Yes, they're looking for volunteers to go up to defend it.
Many are signing up.
I hope to get there soon.
We'll kick those rebels out of there.
- And out of the whole Rif, you'll see.
- I've no doubt.
No, no.
There's no need to come with me.
They're expecting me at Command in half an hour.
Do you have the letter for Mother? It's right here.
When I get to Málaga, I'll post it.
Take care, Pedro.
Pedro! When this war is over, I'll come back for you.
Yeah What if the war never ends? I want you to have this.
No one will hear our complaints.
No one wants to hear talk of defeat.
We all know our place.
It's not the time for questions.
There's no more time.
Soldiers! Volunteers to defend the blockhouse! Only the brave! Let's go! Let's go, men! Come on! Come on! They have high expectations for us.
- We can't be afraid.
- Let's go! The moment of truth has come.
- When you finish, take his blood pressure.
- Very well.
Magdalena? Magdalena, are you alright? What's the matter? I'm fine.
Ensign Pedro Ballester didn't arrive at the hospital.
What do you mean? Several soldiers saw an ensign leave with a unit of volunteers yesterday morning.
She has a high fever.
And she just vomited.
- Is she infected? - We don't know yet.
General Ibarra has agreed to my request.
You'll be sent to the front line to attend to the casualties of the regiment.
If they ask me to go, I will.
Exactly like you would.
He's at fault for this.
- She's my friend.
- No, she's not.
You belong to different worlds.
That'll never change.
I want to go to the field hospital.
- You really want to be on the front line? - When do we leave? Only three nurses going and one has to be my fiancée.
I wish you could have seen her working day and night as a nurse She's not a nurse! Do you really want us to be together? If something's changed, tell me.
I have to go.
Do you understand?