Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

My God! Who did this? - Can you hear me? Help! - Have you seen who it is? Most patients die while being transported, sir.
We'd save a lot of lives if we could have field hospitals.
The answer is no.
I've requested to be sent back to the front.
- I can go, too.
We must.
- No, Pedro.
- You're not well enough.
- We must get him medically discharged.
- And sent home.
- I don't know if I can, Julia.
I came here to find you both and now that I did, it's all been for nothing.
Water You'll be a thorn in my side right to the end.
You'll have to stop keeping watch at some point.
- Ahmed! - Ahmed! Meningitis.
From this moment on, the hospital is under quarantine.
Under no circumstances is anyone to enter or leave.
Tell the rest of the personnel.
- Assign me to an operational unit.
- But you just got back, Lieutenant.
- I want to go back to the front, I know - You're to stay here at Command.
- This conversation is over.
- Luis! - He has no pulse.
- No, no, no.
He's dead.
He blackmails your wife, you threaten him, he winds up here and now he's dead.
What are you saying? My wife left him for dead and I finished him off? Let's see.
His fever is getting worse.
- We can't let him die.
- Don't you see what's happening? They spread this sickness.
- What are you talking about? - You don't know how they live.
Yes, I do.
I've been in his home.
- In his house? That - Arab? That's enough, Susana! He works here, just like me.
What happened to Román was an accident.
He came to the bar asking me for more money at knifepoint.
He jumped on me and it was the fright, I swear.
I just want to know the truth.
And I just want my daughter, Raquel, to be happy.
- Is something wrong, Julia? - I've been thinking about it.
I don't think I should keep helping you.
I'm scared that I'll kiss you the next time.
How are you feeling today, Ahmed? - [speaks Arabic] - I don't understand you.
Your fever is gone.
I'm going to ask to open the hospital again.
Oh, Doctor! She ignores me now that I'm getting better.
Look, Pedro, Verónica likes you.
So much so that I think it frightens her.
I want you to have this.
Volunteers to defend the blockhouse? Come on, you courageous lot! - Are you okay, Magdalena? - Magdalena! - What's wrong? - Nothing, I'm fine.
Are you okay? Magdalena! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Down you go.
Be careful, those bastards have good aim! Come on! To the blockhouse! Get going! What the hell Who brought this guy here? You're going to get killed! Take him back with the casualties on the truck, Sergeant.
Jesus Christ! - What's wrong with your gun? - I've run out of ammo.
Get some off the next man you kill.
How's it looking? Bad.
Good, the fluid isn't cloudy.
Her neck isn't stiff either, so it's unlikely that it's meningitis.
Thanks be to God.
- So what's wrong? - Her fever isn't breaking.
Some infection, a temperature It could be anything.
She'll have to be quarantined as a precaution.
Yes, and we'll repeat the spinal tap.
Pilar, make sure her room is ventilated and apply cold compresses.
Alert me immediately if her fever gets worse.
- Bring water with a few drops of vinegar.
- Right away.
Let's hope it's nothing serious.
She doesn't deserve it.
Medic! Medic! Captain, casualties from the Gurugú blockhouse.
This officer has second-degree burns on his neck and chest.
This man here has a fractured wrist.
Send them to Dr.
San Esteban.
You go with them.
This officer has three bullet wounds.
He's in shock.
They weren't able to stop the bleeding.
There's nothing we can do, he's lost too much blood.
We have to try, he's a close family friend.
We'll do everything we can.
Get him into surgery.
- Come with us, Julia.
- Yes, Doctor.
Clean that wound well, Captain.
- I am, sir.
- Scalpel.
Scalpel, please! Sir he has no pulse.
- What do you mean he has no pulse? - I'm sorry.
Take care of him, please.
His parents will be coming to Melilla to get him.
Do what you can to make him as presentable as possible.
We will, Colonel.
How was he evacuated, sir? On a packhorse to a position where the ambulance could get to him.
That's what killed him.
The same as all of those not attended to in proper conditions.
This isn’t the time, Captain.
- Colonel - Captain, please.
The time has come to put it into practice.
If we get to work right away, we could be ready in time for the retaliation.
It's already started, they're dropping bombs on Nador.
That's why there's not a moment to lose, sir.
Do you have any concept of everything we'd need to set up a field hospital? I've painstakingly studied Commander Gómez Ulla's project.
It can be done.
Start organizing whatever you consider necessary.
And if you can be ready to attend to the wounded at the blockhouse and other advanced positions in the area, if you can really be ready, I'll see what my superiors think.
Thank you, Colonel.
Don't thank me, I'm not doing this for you.
We just trust that you are going to be right about this.
Let me know when the officer's body is ready.
Don't say anything.
We have a lot of work to do.
Once the nurse has finished dressing your wound, - you are free to go.
- Really? Aren't you going to look at this? How did you do this? No idea, I just found it there.
They were shooting at the truck.
It doesn't look serious.
It will probably disappear as quickly as it appeared.
Pilar, clean and bandage it.
Keep him here for observation for today.
Thank you, Doctor.
Is it something precious or can I put it under the bed? It's my equipment.
To perform magic.
Are you a magician? Something like that.
What's a magician doing on the front line? I wish I'd made those bullets disappear in a puff of smoke.
Alejandro Prada.
Alejandro, this is a military hospital.
I'll request that you be transferred to the main hospital, okay? What about that kid? Is he in the military? - He's a special case.
- So am I.
Let me stay here, nurse.
Just until my fever breaks, please.
Is that so much to ask? Please.
I'm going to fetch gauze and antiseptic.
Go ahead and take off your shirt.
Articulated wooden splints, metal splints, blood collection tubes, dressings and adhesive bandages, safety pins, vials of morphine and caffeine How far from the front line can we be? Close enough to be useful and far enough not to be a target.
At the crossroads, I assume? In order to attend to the wounded at various posts.
And a water source is essential.
Gómez Ulla mentions over 40 packhorses to transport everything.
We'll put together an advanced surgical team first.
We won't need that many to transport them.
Carmen forgive me.
Some months ago, I ordered the preparation of some tents to receive and operate on casualties.
They’re ready and we can take them.
You've been working behind the scenes.
Yes? - You asked for me? - Yes, Pilar.
- How is Magdalena? - Sleeping.
She still has a fever.
She's young and strong.
We must be strong for her.
The doctor is going to tell you about a carpenter you must go see.
- A carpenter? - Yes, we need boards for splints and wooden cases to transport syringes and test tubes.
Sterilize and package gauze, bandages, cotton wool.
Prepare antiseptic solutions and anything else Dr.
Calderón has put on this list.
But how are we going to take all of that? In baskets, boxes, and trunks.
How else would we take it? There are three trunks full of clothes in the storeroom.
Empty them and bring them.
It must be something two people can carry.
They'll be taken by packhorse or ambulance.
It has to be enough to set up an O.
without taking up too much space.
Let's go.
- Will you prepare this? - Of course.
We have to find as many trunks as possible.
- Well, we can - Verónica! Do you have a minute? Not right now, Guillermo.
Oh, Guillermo, why don't you just go for it? I'm hardly a Greek god and she's in love with someone else.
With who? That ensign? He's just a kid.
- He's gone back to Madrid anyway.
- Exactly.
- She'll miss him even more.
- Now, Guillermo.
If they were that much in love, she'd have gone or he'd have stayed, don't you think? If you wait too long, someone else will steal her away from you.
Trust me, Guillermo.
When it comes to women, I have more experience.
Right, experience.
That's why every time you see Pilar, sparks fly.
That doesn't count.
Pilar is a totally different matter.
Pilar, she makes me Anyway, that's over, okay? There's nothing between us anymore.
Nothing at all.
Well, there is something Indifference, you know what that is? I don't care.
- Fine, I'll go.
- No, wait! I don't mean that I don't care, I mean indifference means I don't care.
It's the concept, the idea, indifference How could I not care? We're friends.
- So you think I should go for it? - Sure.
- There's no room for anything else.
- When the wooden splints come, - we'll put them here, okay? - Okay.
Doctor if the field hospital is set up, will nurses be sent? - Of course.
- It will be dangerous.
Julia This is the most important project of my military medical career.
It's dangerous and it might be a mistake, but we're starting down a road of no return.
They'll teach what we're about to do in military academies, Julia.
Are you still upset? No, I'm not upset with you.
I just said how I feel.
- What I think is best for both of us.
- For the both of us? For you and me? How do you know what's best for us? Forgive me, I have no right to speak to you like this.
Hi, what are you doing? Preparing a transfer? We're getting everything ready to set up the field hospital.
You're returning to the front? No It's still not clear, Susana.
Why? What do you want? Nothing, I'm a nurse’s aide assigned to this hospital.
After the quarantine there must be plenty to do, right? Ask Pilar, she's organizing everything.
I'll take this and put it with the rest.
The priest from La Purisima is coming to discuss the wedding later.
Okay, I'll be there.
Don't let me down, Fidel.
My mother is being a real pain.
I'd prefer another church, but she says if we're not married by the Virgin in the Immaculate, it would be as if we weren't married.
Are you really preparing to go to the front? So there won't be anyone here to decide the wedding date.
Susana you know if it were up to me, we'd decide right now, but I must get this project up and running.
- Please understand.
- If it's not a project, it's a quarantine.
There's always something stopping you.
At least we haven't caught anything.
By the way, Magdalena is bedridden with a fever.
My God, what happened? Magdalena She has to rest.
Could you leave us alone? I'm sure you have plenty to do.
This must be kept shut.
Susana, please She's burning up, isn't she? I have to check her every two hours.
I knew this would happen.
She caught it.
It's not meningitis.
We ran tests and are awaiting the results.
We don't know what it is.
She has to be moved.
She can't stay here, we'll take her home.
She can't be moved and she's well looked after here.
She caught it here from not listening to me and spending time with these people.
This is all his fault.
I didn't give this to her.
You brought that child here when he was sick, right? We all almost died because of that.
If anything happens, it'll be your fault.
Please, Susana, that is totally unfair.
Stay away from her, I won't tell you again.
- She's my friend.
- No, she isn't.
And she never will be.
You're from different worlds and always will be.
There's nothing wrong, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
You came to see me, Susana.
Of course I did.
You just rest up, okay? The situation is critical.
The Rifians have a machine gun which is wreaking havoc on our lines.
Every message is about more fallen soldiers.
We have barely any medics to organize an evacuation and access to the area is tough.
The last evacuation attempt ended in a massacre, the Rifians attacked the packhorses.
Only three made it to Melilla.
We'll have to send more undercover medical staff.
- Pereda, get a support unit ready.
- Yes, sir.
The problem is getting back with the casualties.
- How long until the area is cleared? - It's impossible to know.
They're fighting the rebels back for now, but I'm worried that if we wait for the battle to finish, it will be too late for the wounded.
- What else do you need, sir? - A vehicle.
A vehicle to transport medical staff and another for the supplies they need.
I can let you know how much that will be today.
What else do they need other than first aid kits and stretchers? What are you planning, Colonel? Attending to the wounded in situ.
A surgical team at the vanguard.
We could save so many lives, General.
What's going on? Why don't they return fire? They’ve either gone or they've run out of ammo.
Or they're trying to make us nervous.
Only one way to find out.
Brull, Sanchis, come with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
These sons of bitches stole our machine gun.
No! Where are you going? Hold your position.
- I'll go.
- No! I'm not losing you.
Come on! You've got balls, Ensign! Ensign! Do you have a cigarette? - Any news of your brother? - He should be in Málaga by now.
He said he'd send a telegram, but I've yet to receive one.
He hasn't told our mother, what a surprise she'll get.
- She'll be so happy when she sees him.
- He's her little boy.
Verónica, you cared for my brother when he was in the guardroom.
He got his vision back as you persuaded Dr.
San Esteban to operate on him.
- It was my duty as a nurse.
- No, my brother is alive because of you.
Thank you so much.
One other thing.
Will you be going to the field hospital with Dr.
Calderón? I think he'll want me there.
We were together at the Disaster of Annual and we work well together.
That's how we got through unscathed.
Anyway, it still hasn't been authorized, so we shouldn't worry just yet.
Do you have a second, Verónica? We need to talk.
Look, I know I'm just your average, run-of-the-mill kind of guy and that I'm not the most handsome man in Melilla or at the hospital even, but nobody will ever love you as much as I do.
Not anyone.
Will you marry me? You're saying yes? Without even thinking about it? Do you have a second, Verónica? We need to talk.
- What is it? I'm all ears.
- Look I know I'm just an average, run-of-the-mill guy - Could you pass that test tube, please? - Sure.
- What were you saying? - That That I'm an average guy.
Well, not average, just normal.
- Conventional.
- Is something wrong? Why would there be? So, what did you want to tell me? That I need formaldehyde.
If you need it later on, let me know and I'll bring it to you, no problem.
How are you feeling? Better, I see.
Let's see.
You're to be transferred as soon as you're well enough.
I don't feel well enough.
You're taking up a bed you don't need anymore.
She authorized it.
She said I could stay.
- She's been very nice to me.
- Has she, now? - That lady there? - Yes, the nurse.
Pilar did you permit that man to remain here? - Are you talking to me? - The man in that bed is taking the place of an emergency evacuee.
San Esteban left clear instructions.
And he left me in charge of the patient, correct? - I'll speak with the duchess, then.
- I already spoke to her and she agrees with me, so you should go about your business.
You take care of your patients and I'll take care of the administration.
- Is he your boyfriend? - Excuse me? Is he your boyfriend? - Why do you ask? - You argue like an old married couple.
- Or is he your husband? - You're crossing a line.
Did you know you're beautiful when you're angry? I'm not angry.
Bring her here? Have you lost your mind? She's very ill, Mother.
If you could see her The best place for her is the hospital, they even have an Arab looking after her.
Anyway, if she's contagious, they won't allow her to leave.
Look at what happened to us.
It's not the same thing, Magdalena doesn't have meningitis.
What does she have, then? - They haven't told me.
- Exactly.
If they don't want to tell you, that must be for a reason.
What if we all get it? If you were her mother, you'd get her out.
This is what we're going to do, we'll send a telegram to her mother.
She'll be worried, but she's her mother.
She has a right to know what her daughter has got herself into and to come and get her if she wants.
Larbi Larbi.
You're so handsome.
So handsome.
- Don't say that.
- Why not? It's true.
I I want You also have to tell me the truth, okay? Tell me do you think that I'm beautiful? Since the moment I first saw you.
You have a fever, your hand is hot.
- Tell me again.
- You have to rest.
If they'd told me this in Madrid An Arab! If they'd told me that Don't speak.
- You have to sleep.
- No.
No, I want to be awake, please.
Yes If they'd told me I was going to fall in love in such a way so I forgot what I was going to say.
Just concentrate on getting better, Magdalena.
Larbi do you love me? With all my heart.
Thank you for looking after her.
I'm sure it is really helping.
But you don't like me to be seen with her, - is that what you're saying? - No.
Magdalena is like a sister to me.
We’ve known each other since we were children.
I can't lose her, even just the thought of it We're not going to lose her.
I'm not like the colonel's daughter, Larbi.
I don't think like her.
If there are things I don't approve of, it's for Magdalena's own good.
If they'd told her in Madrid what would happen when she came here I didn't know you were coming, either.
You can never see what's coming.
Just rest.
The fever is breaking, but you still have a high temperature.
That's why you talk in your sleep.
What do you mean I talk in my sleep? - Have you heard me, Doctor? - It’s normal, don't worry.
The good thing is your test results have shown nothing to worry about.
Just work on getting better.
We'll keep taking your temperature every two hours.
I see you have a guardian angel.
Or perhaps two.
Oh, Larbi you're the one who's been bringing the flowers? You brighten the patients' day with flowers, - now you're the patient.
- They're lovely.
- Have you seen how well Ahmed is doing? - I have.
I'm feeling a little better.
What an inconvenience I am.
- My face looks horrible.
- But you have a sweet look in your eyes.
And your words are also sweet.
Dear me, I can't imagine the nonsense - I was saying when I had a fever.
- No.
It wasn't nonsense.
What did I say, Larbi? Larbi, Larbi, Larbi, Larbi! Don't be silly.
You said you wanted to be my wife.
The thing is, Larbi, when someone is talking during a fever, they don't really mean what they say.
What I mean is they say things that they don't really mean and then they don't remember them later.
That's because they say them without thinking.
And that's why they're true, because they don't come from your head.
Oh, Larbi, this is so embarrassing.
How embarrassing! How long would you need to get a surgical team up and running? If it’s a small team and a trial run, we can be ready today.
I assume you'll be going to the front.
Who will you take with you? Two doctors and three nurses.
We'd need to send a security detachment with you.
The nurse’s aides will cover for us here at the hospital.
I'll personally oversee it all before going.
There's no way I'm allowing you to go to the front line.
You're ill and we can't leave the hospital without a director.
If I stay, will you authorize the deployment of the field hospital? I hope I won't regret it.
Forgive me, Father.
Is Fidel not with you? No.
Should he be? We'd planned to meet the priest at home and as he didn't show up, I thought he might have come here to Well, I don’t really know why.
Anyway would you mind calling the hospital to see if he's left yet? That won't be necessary, darling.
I just left Captain Calderón making last-minute preparations for the field hospital.
He leaves tomorrow first thing.
Who's going? A surgical team made up of two doctors and three nurses.
Didn't he tell you? The field hospital will be in a fairly safe area, but on the front line, and I don't have to tell you the work will be hard and the danger ever present.
We will often have to improvise and the enemy will decide when can rest.
We're confident your sacrifice will see immediate results.
Without your help there, many lives will be lost.
Three of you will be going with Dr.
Calderón on this mission.
We are truly grateful for your courage, miss, but you just joined us and are not ready for this mission.
The nurse’s aides will be needed here at the hospital.
I'll need you here to help me with the running of the hospital, Pilar.
Your experience on the front line will be invaluable, Verónica.
Any other volunteers? It's your choice, Doctor.
I assure you any one of them will do her duty without complaint.
Select two more.
Matilde and Davinia.
Thank you all so much for your bravery.
It's an honor to be able to rely on all of you.
Now, we have a lot of work to do.
What a way to stand up the priest.
I didn't know what to tell him.
You've seen the situation we're dealing with, Susana.
There's a lot to do here.
Do you mind if we talk later at home? - I thought you trusted me.
- And I do.
Because I won't take you? You always say how brave I am and how I could be a very good nurse.
You said it'd be better not to work together anymore.
- I want to go.
- You've never been on the front line.
- Neither have most soldiers.
- Do you understand what you're saying? - You want to go to the front? - When do we leave? - Tomorrow morning.
- What do you mean tomorrow morning? - Tomorrow and I need one of you.
- Tomorrow is difficult, Fidel.
- Shall we flip a coin? - It's fine, I'll go.
You're expecting a baby, we'd understand if you wanted Guillermo to go.
- Of course.
Whatever you want, Luis.
- No.
I want to be a part of this, Fidel.
You've been such a pain about this field hospital, I want to see if it's all it's cracked up to be.
Do you mind? I know you probably want to go.
Yes, but what can you do? There's always next time.
In that case, let's go get scared out of our wits together again.
Although I think I'm more frightened right now.
- What do you mean, the blockhouse? - It's being held by the Rifians.
I know what the blockhouse is.
As does all of Melilla.
No one survives it.
- That's why they need a field hospital.
- And you have to go, right? Look, Raquel, I'm a military doctor.
This is my job and my duty.
Listen to me Speak to the colonel and tell him you have to look after me, which you do.
There are plenty of doctors without a family.
- If you won't tell him, I will.
- Wait, that won't be necessary.
I volunteered.
Did Pilar also volunteer? I don't know and I don't care.
- I'm just doing my duty.
- No, this is your duty, Luis.
You volunteered for one reason because you wanted to.
And if the baby comes and you're not here? - Is that being a good father? - Don't assume the worst.
Oh, Luis If what you want is for me to pass the time crying and for my stress to affect the baby, that's up to you.
When I start crying, I don't stop until I make myself ill.
You know me.
It's good.
It's suffocating.
My temperature suddenly goes up and I don't know what to do.
I'm so tired, Magdalena.
- There's a letter for the patient.
- For me? - Is it from Daniel? - No, Ignacia Medina de Legorri.
- My cousin from Sigüenza.
- Has Daniel still not replied? He'll have received my letter by now and will be thinking about his reply.
I don't want to think about it.
You just have to get better, you have us all very worried.
- Are you drinking water? - Yes.
I hate feeling like this.
They've also told me I've been delirious with fever and saying things that later That later, what? Never mind, I'm making this all about me when there's so much to do.
What about you, Julia? Are you really going to the front? Aren't you frightened? Of course I am.
So much that I'd rather not think about it.
Why did you volunteer? Because I want to be a nurse.
And I have to learn to face my fears.
I'm sure everything will be fine.
- What does your cousin say? - Yes, do tell.
Not a lot.
She's learning to play tennis.
- How interesting.
- It's odd because she's very clumsy.
We need to talk.
Right now? We're going to the front tomorrow morning.
That's why I want to talk.
Don't tell me you're coming.
I'd never have thought it.
Why not? I don't know I can't imagine you on the front line.
You don't know me very well, then.
Fidel asked me to go with him, but not before I volunteered.
Really? That's great.
I'm glad, Guillermo.
What have I done? What is it? You look like you're about to have a heart attack.
You're not far from the truth there, Luis.
I have to go to the field hospital.
- Do they need another doctor? - No, you're staying here.
You're going to be a father and I've volunteered.
I know what I'm getting myself into.
I'm grateful, but it's not necessary.
Please, Luis.
We're friends.
I'm asking you, please.
This is my last chance.
If I don't go, I could lose Verónica forever.
It has to be me.
- I don't know what to say.
- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- In fact, you should pray for me.
- Pray? Me? - Fine, light a candle, then.
An expensive one.
A little more One, two, three.
Very good.
Let's do another one.
Welcome, nurse.
Just in time for a photo.
So you're a photographer? Or a journalist or No I'm a spy.
A spy.
- You're a spy? - Yes.
I spy on life.
I don't work for any government, I work for myself.
And for them.
And for you.
I take photos for "The Telegram.
" - Can I take your portrait? - No.
You lied to me.
And you should have asked permission.
[speaks Arabic] You speak Arabic? I was born in Tangier.
So you're not Spanish either? Half Spanish, half French, half Moroccan.
That's three halves.
I know.
It's complicated.
I've spent my whole life trying to understand.
I feel European, but I love this country.
Let's do this.
Let's see There, very good.
Stay still.
One, two three.
There you go.
- I still don't know your name.
- Pilar.
I'd be willing to become very ill just to spend some time with you, Pilar.
You really won't let me take your photo? They have to see what you're doing here.
The love you give to these casualties of war.
It won't take but a moment.
Thank you, nurse.
Now the boy needs to rest.
Come on, Ahmed.
[speaks Arabic] What did you say? The truth.
You're the most beautiful woman I've seen since the war began.
Come on, Ahmed.
If I may, Captain.
I'm organizing the security dispatch for the field hospital surgical team.
- When are they leaving? - First thing tomorrow.
We just received this list of supplies for transport and the personnel who are going.
One truck will be enough, as you can see.
Is something wrong? David, we're missing a box of gauze and bandages.
And a tent.
Only three nurses are going and one of them has to be my fiancée.
Why, Captain? - She volunteered.
- I don't believe it.
This is coming from you, isn't it? You made this happen.
I was grateful to you for helping her, but now I realize your intentions.
I've already told you, Lieutenant.
She volunteered.
I objected to her coming to the front.
Look, Captain, I may pretend not to notice and look the other way, but don't take me for a fool.
Look here she is willing to risk her life because she wants to be a nurse.
And all you care about is her coming with me.
Who the hell do you think you are? I don't need you to tell me what kind of person she is.
I wish you had seen her working day and night to be a nurse.
She isn't a nurse! She came looking for me and her brother.
- Andrés, wait! - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
He's telling the truth, I volunteered.
- Why do you have to go? - Because I am a nurse.
There are wounded to care for, that could be you.
- Or Pedro.
- Julia Do you really want to be together? If that has changed, tell me now.
The only thing that has changed is I'm a nurse now, nothing more.
And you can't miss out on the captain's project.
I'm frightened to death, Andrés, but I have to go.
This hospital has done so much for both you and me.
The captain rescued you without hesitation.
- The captain? - I won't back down.
- I must go, do you understand? - No.
I don't know if I want to.
Will you be much longer, Julia? They're waiting for us.
I'll be right down.
If you weren't nervous or frightened, you wouldn't be thinking straight.
Listen, Julia until very recently being a nurse Well, it was looked down upon, there was no respect for it.
There are still those who see this as something to pass the time, not a job, much less a career.
I must admit I didn't know what it was about until I came here.
Giving the patient what he needs when he needs it.
Without us, it wouldn't get done.
You know what? Doctors in Santa Adela said my first patient had no hope of surviving, but I stayed there.
I didn't move from his side for a week.
Every morning, that man thanked me and all I did was sit with him.
- Did he die? - No.
No, it was like he was brought back to life.
But listen to this The day he left that hospital, it was me thanking him.
Don't be long, they've started the loading.
I'll be right down.
I'm really glad that you volunteered.
Six Julia isn't going.
- Or is she? - Yes, there were some last-minute changes.
Why didn't you say anything? Because it isn't important.
Look, this is going to be really tough and you know how important you are to me.
Be very careful.
And good luck.
Let's go, nurses.
Come out with me? I hope it all goes well.
Our future is on the line.
Just as it is every day, Colonel.
We're making military health care history, you should be proud.
Who says I'm not? I can hardly jump for joy, though, can I? I'll go with them to the siege zone where the escort is waiting.
- Duchess.
- Colonel.
Be careful.
- Shall we go inside, Mother? - Yes.
I promised Magdalena's mother we'd look in on her.
May God watch over us.
Magdalena will be grateful, you'll see.
I hope her gratitude is the only thing that I take away from here.
- Is Magdalena in bed, Pilar? - Yes.
- Alone? - Yes, I'll take you to her.
That won't be necessary.
Magdalena, darling, you're as white as a sheet.
You came to visit, what a surprise! You're like a daughter to me.
I'd have liked to come earlier, but it was impossible.
You still have a fever.
- Really? We should notify someone.
- How are you, Magdalena? - How are you feeling? - She still has a fever.
Such a high temperature for so long.
Thankfully everyone here is looking out for her, isn't that right? Especially that boy who's here every hour God sends.
What was his name? - Larbi.
- It's only a slight fever.
Go out in the garden and get some fresh air.
And don't you worry about home, I sent your mother a telegram yesterday.
- What did you say? She'll be worried sick.
- We mothers like to be kept up to speed.
- Anyway, I told her you're a lot better.
- Which is true.
It's just a slightly high temperature.
Go and take a walk in the garden.
You'll be over this in no time, you'll see.
And in two months' time you'll be marrying your beloved Daniel.
Everyone says how wonderful he is.
- Mother.
- It's true, everyone says it.
You deserve a good husband and a good father for your children.
The most wonderful thing in the world is raising a family.
Isn't that right, Magdalena? So, you don't have a fever - Your head doesn't hurt, does it? - You've made me good as new.
You're my guardian angel.
If every word out of your mouth is flattery, I'll stop believing any of it.
You'd do well not to, I'm a liar.
But every time I see you I want to tell the truth.
Anyway, your wound hasn't become infected, thank God.
By the way - Do you believe in God or Allah? - Is there a difference? Of course there is, you can't be trying to say they're the same thing.
All I know is that's why people kill each other.
Like in this war.
I'm agnostic.
You're not a Bolshevik, are you? What if I was? Would you stop speaking to me? I only believe in what I can see, that's why I love photography.
You can keep the things that should be seen.
- Don't say any more, you mean me.
- I mean you.
You're impossible.
Get dressed.
It looks like that wound is on the mend.
The nurse said I should remain at the hospital for 24 more hours.
Under observation.
Did she, now? Unfortunately, that decision is for a doctor to make.
Does he have a fever, nurse? - No.
- Nausea? Vomiting? No.
In that case, I'll have to discharge you immediately.
It's fine.
I'll get my things.
Yes, and please do hurry.
Does that doctor - have something against you? - It's a long story.
When I give the order, start shooting and give them hell Destroy that damn machine gun.
I would have loved to go with you.
- If it's God's will - Then it shall be.
Now all I need is for God's will to be with the Arabs.
Annihilate them.
Fire! Let's go.
Hold your fire! Jesus Christ! Lieutenant! Lieutenant! We’ve got it! We’ve got it.
We’ve got it.
It's ours.
It's ours You're going to be fine.
You shouldn’t be sad.
No I'm not sad.
I'm just confused.
Why? I haven't been here long, Larbi but I'm not the same as I was.
I've changed a lot.
I'm another person.
But is that a good thing? Or a bad thing? What I mean is Are you a better person? If you were to ask my family that, I'm sure they'd say no.
Maybe it's time to stop listening to everyone else and start listening to yourself.
- To your inner voice.
- And how do I do that? One day my inner voice says one thing and the next day the complete opposite.
Oh, Larbi.
Why did you have to come into my life? Why did I have to catch your eye? And you? Why did I catch yours? We only get one life, Magdalena.
You have to make good choices.
Thank you.
- Daniel? - Yes! - Nurse.
- Yes? - Come here, please.
- What do you want? It's a surprise and if I tell you, it won't be a surprise anymore.
Come in.
What is this light for? Trust me.
The magic is about to begin.
Ahmed Why is he here in this hospital? He's been very ill.
His parents died in Restinga and he came in with a wounded officer.
He wouldn't leave his side until he died, too.
He never let go of his hand.
Know what he wants to be when he grows up? - No.
- He told me.
A doctor.
Of course.
This is Juan.
He's from Béjar, the youngest of four brothers.
His father is a farmer.
Wheat, I believe.
That's Abel, he got married just before he shipped out.
He still hasn't met his child.
Santiago was a blacksmith in Hortezuelos, a village in Guadalajara.
In his whole life, he's only ever seen his village and here.
How many of them will make it home? Don't say that.
Does the truth scare you? This is my favorite.
From a good family, sensible, responsible The most beautiful nurse at the hospital.
You know nothing about me.
I know you were reborn in Melilla.
In Melilla, in July of 1921.
Amongst all the chaos, you stand strong like an oak.
A gift to all of us.
One that deserves all the love in the world.
And it will still never be as much as she herself gives.
It's normal to be nervous.
This is something difficult and new.
But we mustn't let our fear get the best of us.
I'm trying, Doctor, but I can't.
Don't worry, Doctor, we won't miss a beat.
We have to learn to work alongside fear.
Listen to her, she knows what she's talking about.
- Do we know where we're going? - The front line at Gurugú.
Advanced positions.
- But we don't need to talk about that now.
- I only asked because I mean, I'm not nervous Well, I mean, I'm a little nervous, but Hold on, Guillermo.
About time Come on.
Captain Calderón? Lieutenant Molina at your service.
If you'd taken any longer, you might as well have brought a shovel.
I should see to that leg immediately.
Officers, unload the truck and leave it all there.
We're starting to bring in the casualties.
The wounded and those who didn't make it.
Is your position far from here? 1 km give or take, Captain.
- Are you going to set up camp here? - Yes, why? Don't you think it's a little dangerous? With all due respect, though you can't hear them, the rebels are here.
- They're bringing up artillery, I don't - We know, Lieutenant.
We'll be up and running as soon as possible.
Okay? Guillermo.
Nurse Do we know each other? I don't think so.
- Are there many wounded? - You'll see in a moment.
We're only alive thanks to an infantry ensign.
He was a damn hero.
Can you help us with this, Julia? We're not here to pass the time.
At your service, Colonel.
Any news on the field hospital? No, Lieutenant, it's not about that.
Thank goodness, I thought it was going to be bad news.
They haven't even told us that they've arrived yet.
Captain Somarriba has received a telegram from Málaga Hospital.
Ensign Pedro Ballester never showed up at the hospital.
What do you mean? I checked with the port and he didn't board.
- How can that be? - The captain has asked for anyone who might know his whereabouts.
Some officers say that yesterday morning they saw an ensign get on a truck of volunteers.
- Where were they going? - To the foot of Mount Gurugú.
The patients to be evacuated should be put next to the ambulance on stretchers.
Stay with me, Julia.
Julia, when you finish with one, move straight to the next.
Water, please.
Over here, officers.
Take this man to the hospital.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- Take it easy.
Examine his wounds, Julia.
Take it easy.
Deep breath Hang on.
It's okay.
No, no, no.
Pedro! Pedro.
There's a pulse.
Officers! Over here.
Get this man to surgery immediately! Let's go.
Come with me, Lieutenant.
Bullet wound to right rib cage, exit wound through the right kidney.
- He has a chest wound, but no bullet hole.
- Clean the area.
You should wait outside, Julia.
- No, I want to stay.
- Matilde, take her outside.
- I want to stay, please, Doctor.
- Julia, trust me.
Scalpel, Verónica! Come on! Clean the area.
Nurse "Nobody wants to see us suffer anymore, nobody will hear our complaints.
Nobody wants to hear about defeat.
Everyone knows their role, now isn't the time for questions.
- Time has run out.
" - Does he still have a pulse? Yes.
"They expect everything of us and we mustn't be afraid.
This is the moment of truth.
" Julia, help me, please! - A lady nurse is wounded? - No, sir.
She's dead.
- Confirm who it is - I already told you the line is down.
I must know what has happened.
You're needed here in Melilla.
Now more than ever.
I sent unarmed civilians to the front line.
I request to be relieved of my duties as Chief of Health Care in Melilla.
- Didn't you get my letter? - A letter? For me? No.
- You have to tell him.
- I know.
I know, but it was easier by letter.
- Haven’t you realized he's a crook? - Why do you care? I don't want to drive you into the arms of a scumbag like him.
My life stopped being about you a long time ago.
In the letter, I explained that I won't be marrying you.
Is there someone else? You! This is all your fault.
You've ruined my life.
Julia! Julia!