Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

No, no, no.
Pedro! Get this man to surgery immediately.
You should wait outside.
- Scalpel.
- "It's not the time to ask questions.
Time has run out.
They're expecting everything from us.
" - Help me, please, Julia.
- "The moment of truth is upon us.
" Are you okay, Verónica? - He has no pulse.
- Please, help me! - Help me! - He's gone! It's over! Julia! Are you okay? - He's gone.
- I know.
He's gone.
- Didn't you get my letter, Daniel? - A letter? For me? No.
- You have to tell him.
- I know.
I know, but it was easier by letter.
Yes, ma'am? I want to introduce you to someone.
Prada, journalist.
Pilar de Soraluce, head nurse and my right hand.
Why'd you act like you don't know me? - Why did you? - You started it.
"Dear Mother, Pedro has been laid to rest in the war heroes' cemetery.
His name will go down in history as part of this war.
" Fire! In the letter I explained that I won't be marrying you.
Is there someone else? I would have believed anything but this.
An Arab! Could you sink any lower? Larbi! No! Please, stop.
You're making a spectacle of yourselves.
That's enough! - Magdalena.
- Magdalena.
- Haven't you realized he's a crook? - Why do you care? I don't want to drive you into that scumbag's arms.
He is an esteemed photographer who's writing an article about the lady nurses' work.
on behalf of the queen.
My life stopped being about you a long time ago.
Look, Verónica, I hate to see you suffering alone.
I'm alone, too.
Will you marry me? When's the wedding? - There isn’t going to be one.
- What do you mean? He said it's all ready.
I'll have to go to Madrid and clear things up.
What are you doing here, Julia? It's from the day he died.
Why didn't I go with him? Get gauze and bandages and come with me.
Come on.
How long must we go on saying one thing and feeling another? I spend all day missing you.
You're getting married.
[speaks Arabic] - Out.
- Fidel Don't touch her! We're from the Red Cross, take it easy.
You'll do as you're told.
These people need us.
Silence! [speaks Arabic] Are you okay? You're here to treat him, understand? - What's wrong with him? - Bullet wound.
[speaks Arabic] He needs a hospital.
I can't help him here.
- Doctors heal, so heal him.
- We're not miracle workers.
You are today.
- If he dies, you die.
- No! You both do.
[speaks Arabic] We need hot water to clean the wound.
The wound's infected, it doesn't look good.
He's burning up, what should we do? Pray that he doesn't die.
There we go.
While she doesn't say no, there's still hope.
- What are you talking about? - What do you think? Verónica.
- What a surprise.
- She hasn't responded to my proposal yet.
- But I think that's a good sign.
- That she said nothing? Really? - It means she's thinking about it.
- She's thinking about how to say no.
Who on earth just drops a bomb like that? You couldn't have chosen a worse place or time.
She's in mourning, you’re the last thing on her mind.
Better to be last than nothing at all.
Have you seen those two, darling? He's just talking and she's giving him googly eyes, and he just said they're going to see the world together.
Ladies and gentlemen, breaking news from Command: they've made it into Nador, Nador is ours.
- Let's hear it for the Spanish army.
- Hooray! The enemy hightailed it out.
The war will be over in no time at all.
Let's celebrate! This is to be typed up, miss.
Ma'am! Did you hear? We've taken Nador.
We've taken Nador! We've reclaimed Nador! Magdalena! - Finally! How wonderful.
- Let's see.
What happens now? - I'm going to tell the duchess.
- These people have recovered.
And shouldn't the rest be working? You shouldn't be working.
You haven’t fully recovered.
- Do you want water? Or some tea? - No.
No, I don't want anything, Daniel.
I have to say something.
I'm thinking about going back to Madrid with you.
Really? - Yes.
- Magdalena! We have to tell Susana and her family right away.
They’ve been so kind to host me.
And your mother.
She'll be so happy, she really wants you to help her - with the wedding preparations.
- I don't think you understand.
- I'm going home to recover - Of course.
You get better, I'll take care of the wedding.
I'm so happy.
- Listen, Daniel.
- Yes? I'm going home to recover and to speak to my mother not to marry you.
Verónica! Verónica, did you hear? We've taken Nador.
That was the idea, wasn't it? Have you thought about what I said? About getting married.
I know it's not the best timing and maybe you can't decide, but I can wait.
I'm not in a hurry.
Although if you have decided, I’d rather just know.
But if you need more time, like I said, I'm not in a hurry.
- Guillermo, I'm sorry.
- Maybe I should ask another time.
I want to be able to say something else or say it in a different way.
I still haven’t come to terms with losing Pedro.
I often think I'm going to find him outside smoking with the other officers.
It hasn't been long - but I'm sure if you just - No.
I can't marry you.
I don't want to get your hopes up.
It wouldn't be fair.
What can you do? Don't worry.
I'm used to it.
I'll feel down for a few days, then I'll move on with my life.
Guillermo I'd like to remain friends if that's what you also want.
Friends? Of course.
Why wouldn't I want that? Friends.
Verónica, have you seen Dr.
Calderón? I need him to look over all of this paperwork, - but I can't find him anywhere.
- He left for the field hospital.
On the colonel's orders.
- When did he leave? - A little while ago.
In an ambulance with Julia Ballester.
Why wasn't I told? - I'm not sure.
They had surgical supplies.
- Okay, thank you very much.
- We have to open the wound more.
- Careful.
He is very important, much more so than you or her.
I am being careful.
Please, I need to work.
[speaks Arabic] - I've seen his face before.
- The bullet.
I found it.
If he weren't important, we wouldn't be here.
Julia - Tweezers, please.
- Shut up! - The tweezers.
- Be quiet.
Here's the bullet, I've got it.
His wound is bad, he needs a hospital.
To a hospital.
He's lost blood and has a fever.
He'll die if he doesn't go to a hospital.
Do you get it? He'll die.
You, out.
Come on! What are you doing? - You, too.
- Where are you taking him? - You fix him.
- Alright.
- We have to dress the wound.
- Shut up.
- We have to - Be quiet.
If anything happens to him, you die.
And so does she.
[speaks Arabic] Come in.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I was doing checkups and got distracted.
- Is there any news on them? - No.
Not that we know of.
May I? I'm just going to ask you what I just asked Dr.
Do you have any idea why Dr.
Calderón left without telling anyone, taking Julia Ballester with him? No.
- I don't know what Dr.
Garcés told you - I'm asking you.
Is there something you haven't told me? I don't know what you mean, ma'am.
All I know is that they were seen leaving in an ambulance.
- They're alright, aren't they? - I hope so.
But every second that goes by with no news is a bad sign.
They'll be fine.
- The captain knows what he's doing.
- Sure.
You'll take over until he's back.
Oh, and, Doctor if you're absent, it must be for a good reason and with my permission.
Of course, ma'am.
Just enough to color the tea.
- A little more.
- Like that? A little never mind.
Now the lemon I asked for.
Those slices.
- Separately, of course, not in the cup.
- Of course not.
- Magdalena likes - Of course.
Perfect, thank you very much.
Can I get past, please? Did you know that Magdalena and I are going to Madrid? He told me, too.
He never shuts up.
Of course I said we're not getting married.
Several times, but it's like he didn't hear me.
He doesn't want to hear you.
Well I have the whole journey to get it into his head.
So it's true.
You're going to Madrid with him.
Please, Pilar.
What do you want me to do? I have to go and speak to my family in person.
Tell them that the wedding is cancelled and try to make them understand.
Please, Pilar.
Listen to me, Pilar.
This can't be done by letter.
I know, I know.
Although I'll have to ask the duchess for permission, of course.
It won't be for long, I'll be back before you know it.
Maybe you won't be here when I get back.
- Don't be silly, like I wouldn't be here.
- India and Egypt.
- It would be crazy.
- It's so exotic, isn't it? No! How could I do something like that? So you're thinking about it? No, no, no.
Sometimes I fantasize about it, but that's normal.
Going to Egypt, could you imagine? But, no, I barely know Alejandro.
- I know.
- Hardly at all.
He seems nice.
He is.
And cultured.
- You're right, he does seem cultured.
- And very fun.
I'm sure he's a lot of fun.
- And intelligent.
- Yes, very intelligent.
Here's your tea with milk.
There you go.
I have to go to the port.
A steamship just arrived from Spain.
The first one in days.
It's leaving the day after tomorrow, so Sorry.
It won't be easy to get passage, but I'll do whatever is necessary.
These few days are really going to drag for me.
Your tea's getting cold.
- Pilar, I need you.
- Of course.
Finish up here.
He's fallen again.
We'll take it from here, thank you.
Bring water.
- What's wrong with him? - He was brought from Nador.
He constantly tries to get out of bed, but can't walk because of the trembling.
It says he has no wounds, just burns.
- He's being discharged today? - He can't.
I signed that, but I was wrong.
I mean, he has problems with his legs, but what about his mind? Look at him.
They said the smell of burnt flesh was overwhelming.
- Dear God.
- We need someone to talk to him.
Can you try? I couldn't manage it.
Thank you, Beatriz.
Corporal Herranz.
I don't know where his mind is.
Do you think he's gone mad? Just like all of them.
Losing their minds is the only way to deal with the horror.
We can't discharge him, not now.
What kind of life is waiting for him? What would his family say, what could they do for him? Or worse, what if he got on a truck like Julia's brother? Patients are brought to us and we discharge people, it's our duty.
You never fail to surprise me.
I assumed you'd request a place in an operational unit now that you can.
You were chasing me for it a few days ago.
What changed your mind? I'm convinced that I can also serve the army - from here at Command.
- That's what I said.
But today of all days, when all the regiments are celebrating - that we have taken Nador.
- It's an important victory, General.
- I assure you I wish I'd been there.
- So? I think it's time for those of us who've served since before the Disaster to be sent to the rear guard.
If you'd authorize my transfer? Come in.
I'll be putting you to work today, no doubt about that.
- Thank you, General.
- Captain They’ve found an ambulance on the road to Gurugú.
From the Red Cross.
Abandoned with no sign of the passengers.
I'm just checking if he has a fever.
If you don't let go, I can't treat him.
Is he your boss? It's him, isn't it? What are you doing? No, let go of me.
Listen, let go of me.
I have to treat him, he's very feverish.
Get off me.
He's going to die, don't you understand? Help me! Get off.
Help me! [speaks Arabic] - What did they do? - He's very feverish.
Come here, we have to treat him.
He's burning up.
He doesn't have a fever.
I don't want to be alone with him.
I think I know why I recognize him.
This man is Abd el-Krim, the rebel leader.
- My brother is dead because of this man.
- Julia.
If we kill him, the war will be over.
Our duty is to care for the wounded no matter where they're from.
Think about it, we'd be saving many lives.
If we kill him, they'll kill us both.
They'll kill us anyway.
You and you, get up.
Come on, get up.
- Where are you taking us? - Shut up.
[speaks Arabic] On the floor.
I should never have asked you to come.
It's not your fault.
I wanted to come.
Now nobody knows where we are.
The ambulance Dr.
Calderón and Julia Ballester were in has been found on the road to Gurugú, empty and abandoned.
What about the field hospital? They might have broken down and made it there on foot.
They haven't seen them.
Why were they going to Gurugú? I ordered the captain to organize the transfer of the hospital to Nador.
- The route seemed secure.
- Several patrols are combing the area.
There's no sign of any of the three.
There were only two.
I asked, but they went alone without a driver.
The captain himself was driving.
Why was Julia there? Did you order her to go? - Is it true? Is Fidel missing? - Who let you in, Susana? - He's my fiancé, Father.
- Get out of here right away.
Is Julia with him? I told you to leave, this is military business.
Not under any circumstances, you hear? You must never come into Command like that again.
Me being your father is more reason not to do it, is that clear? Crystal clear.
You don't care that Fidel's life is in danger.
I care very much, whether it be his life or anyone's.
Anyone's! But Fidel has put his own life at risk.
He's a soldier and he made that choice freely.
He knows the risks.
There aren't many of us here who were given that luxury.
Darling you might have been more careful when falling in love with a soldier.
It's not something you choose.
It just happens and that's it.
I trust that you'll be able to deal with the consequences.
They'll show up, honey.
Why did he go with her? Just the two of them.
Doesn't that seem strange to you, Mother? They've eloped.
They've gone away together.
Are you asleep? I can't.
I can't stop thinking that we should have killed him.
Even if it meant we wouldn't escape.
I became a doctor to save lives, Julia.
I don't like violence.
And you think I do? No.
I know you don't.
We'd be saving a lot of lives.
We might get another chance.
- If he gets worse, they'll come for us.
- Do you think? It'll be the last thing we do, though.
I never thought that if I spent a night with you, it'd be like this.
So we're going to die, then.
If this was your last night on earth, if nothing mattered anymore and you could do anything, what would you do? Anything? Yes.
She'll show up.
- Come on, drink.
- She's been missing for hours.
The best-case scenario is that they've been kidnapped.
- Let's go and look for her.
- What are you talking about? - We go anywhere and it's the guardhouse.
- Listen to me.
How did the rebels know they'd be there? - What do you mean? - Think about it The area is supposed to be secure, but they went there deliberately.
Who the hell told them? From what I heard, the whole trip was last minute.
- Very few people knew.
- That makes things easier.
But who else knew? Who could have passed on that information? I don't know, someone at the hospital who could have told the Arabs.
- He's usually around here.
- God, I hate hospitals.
Those who come in don't come out.
Larbi Can we talk to you? It'll only take a second.
Of course.
How can I help? You've heard the captain and Julia are missing? Yes, they told me.
I'm sorry.
- Have you spoken to your people about it? - Sorry? - Have you talked to them about this? - Maybe you said something by accident.
You might have told someone without meaning to.
No, I haven't said anything.
I didn't know, I was here working at the hospital.
- I don't believe you.
- Molina! - Relax.
- Molina! It doesn't matter what I say, you aren't going to believe me.
- Swear to it, Mohammed.
- Leave it! Swear you have no idea what I'm talking about.
- I swear I knew nothing.
- That's enough, come on.
Come on, let's go.
You can't trust these people! What are you doing? What the hell is wrong with you? - He knows something.
- Get out of here.
- You're going to defend that scum? - Out! I'm sorry, Larbi.
Are you alright? I didn’t know he would do that.
I'm not lying.
I don't want anything bad to happen to Julia or Captain Calderón.
I know.
Good morning.
- I'd forgotten where we were.
- So had I.
Listen, my family has a lot of money.
Are you listening? My family has money.
You could ask for a ransom, I'm sure they'd pay to get us out of here.
They'll pay whatever it takes, okay? To get us out of here.
He's alone.
It's now or never.
Julia the door.
[speaks Arabic] Run! Stop right there, Spaniards! Damn! Don't shoot! Who's the first to die? [speaks Arabic] Serve them as well.
You speak very good Spanish.
I studied in Spain when I was young.
I don't understand why you turned on us.
- We were supposed to be friends.
- Friends don't abuse other friends.
That's what you Spanish have done.
You're my prisoners.
But I'm going to make you a deal.
- You and your wife.
- We're not married.
We need medical professionals and you don't want to die.
It's a fair deal.
You're Abd el-Krim.
What do you say? - Will you stay or - Or what? Are you going to kill us? You could have killed me and you'll regret not having done it.
[speaks Arabic] Leave her alone.
No! What are you going to do to us? At ease, Sergeant.
Is the colonel in? - Yes, but I'm afraid he's busy.
- And he can't see me - Captain.
- If you'll excuse me.
If you've come hoping for news as I did, there's nothing to hear.
Patrols have been out scouring the area all night, but nothing.
Maybe they're hiding and There's still hope.
Good day to you.
Do you smoke? Yes.
Thank you.
Whether there's hope or not, the only thing we can do is wait.
It's driving me crazy.
Do you have the same problem? I'm sure you can't stop thinking about it either.
What do you mean? That they've run away.
The two of them.
My fiancé and your girlfriend.
It'd explain why they were together and there's no ransom.
- What you're insinuating is insulting.
- I know.
Forgive me, but don't tell me you haven't even considered it.
They could be in grave danger, that's all that matters.
Everything else is meaningless, - so don't give in to ugly thoughts.
- Ugly thoughts? Us? I just want them to be okay and for them to be back with us as soon as possible.
[speaks Arabic] Just take me, please.
- Let her go.
- On the floor! - Let her go! - Shut your mouth! They're going to kill us.
The sheik says: "One life for another.
" But this won't be happening again.
They've left us close to the ambulance.
So, if I'm not mistaken, we're about two hours away on foot.
Why did they let us go? I assume the sheik has spared our lives for saving his.
It's strange, we thought last night would be our last Fidel, about last night I don't know what we'll say, but I know.
Don't worry, Julia.
It's over.
We thought we were going to die.
I think it's best if we just forget it happened and get on with our lives.
Larbi, where were you? I've been looking for you.
I have to tell you something.
This isn't easy, but I don't want you to hear it from someone else.
- You're going to Madrid with your fiancé.
- How do you know? Wait Larbi, I have to go.
But I'm coming back - to be with you.
- What kind of life would you have with me? You have everything in Madrid.
I don't have anything.
Do you think I care about that? I care.
If you go to Madrid, you won't come back, Maria Magdalena.
I know you won't.
I know it.
Why are you saying this? It's best for everyone if you stay with your people.
When are you leaving? You don't really mean that.
You think it's easy for me to leave? Threadbare sheets.
Old towels.
Robes frayed from being washed so much.
We'll have to stretch the budget to buy more.
- Have you made a note of it all? - Yes.
Ma'am? Oh Pilar - Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
- Well, you did.
What is it? It's the corporal.
I withdrew his discharge, but I've been told you've given his bed to someone else.
I was simply following your medical advice.
Pilar, this is dirty.
- You signed his discharge, did you not? - Yes.
- Can I talk to you for a moment? - Follow me.
The corporal has shell shock, he can't be discharged.
We've seen that patients will pretend to have anything so they're not sent back to the front.
Type this up.
You can't fake the look in his eyes, ma'am.
Request he be sent back to Spain, then.
- We don't have a psych ward.
- I'm just asking for some time.
- I don't know where to send him yet.
- You're the doctor, but tell me something.
What will we say if we get casualties and there aren't enough beds? That you need time? I'm just trying to do my job as best as I can.
This war will have casualties for years to come.
We're just their first port of call.
Are you still fighting for him? I refuse to leave him to his own devices.
You know what's wrong? He's terrified.
We all are when we think of what lies ahead.
But for him, it's a thousand times worse.
- I don't know why I'm telling you this.
- Because I asked.
You're leaving.
Right? You're going and leaving us all.
I mean, I've heard that your journalist He's asked me to travel the world with him.
- And will you go? - Would you? I don't know.
I'm not you.
I don't know what I'd do in your place.
I'm sorry I can't be of more help.
Do you care if I leave? She insists on seeing you.
I don't know anyone in Melilla, I don't know who it could be.
The poor thing's been waiting ages.
I couldn't find you.
Well, of course.
I have a lot of work to do, don't you? - Here she is.
- I don't believe it.
Verónica! - What are you doing here? - The trip was fine, thanks.
- Why are you here? - I was going to send a letter.
But the post is so slow, so I thought it'd be quicker just to come.
But why didn’t you send a telegram or something? I'm in a really bad place, Verónica.
The dressmaking shop closed down and I couldn't pay my board.
I have nowhere to live.
And a war-torn city is a better option? Exactly, they must need people here.
This way, we'll win sooner.
You come here without warning I'm so mad.
She has nowhere to go! - You can stay with me tonight.
- Yes.
No, you'll be on the first boat out of here.
I can't afford the passage.
All we have is each other, Verónica.
If my sister won't help me, who will? Sister? You're sisters? - You look nothing alike.
- That's what everyone says.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
Verónica, you have a big house.
There's room for us both, right? Do you have a moment? I wanted to ask a favor.
My sister is looking for work and I thought - Your sister? - Yes.
Gloria Montellano, at your service.
- What can you do, Gloria? - Anything.
I clean, I cook, I iron, I do patchwork.
I work hard and complain little.
Look at my hands.
Rough from working hard my whole life.
We already have cooks and cleaners.
Thank you, we'll look elsewhere.
I was a dressmaker in Madrid and I saw your laundry room.
The cook told me there's a heap of stuff to be washed and mended.
I would do a great job and you'd save money.
Save money? That's music to my ears.
Welcome to the Red Cross, Gloria.
Thank you.
You won't regret this, ma'am.
Get your sister off me and take her down.
I'm sorry.
Thank you! We'll be together all day like when we were kids.
Get moving.
Tell Colonel Márquez.
Julia! Pilar! Come on.
Fernanda! Julia! - Thank goodness.
- Were you kidnapped? I needed a nurse in case anything came up.
I had no idea we'd be kidnapped.
The route to the field hospital is supposed to be the most secure.
We thought it would be a case of there and back.
If we've learned anything, it’s that there is no such thing as secure and we have to expect the worst.
Why Julia? Well - Why not Marta or Milagros? - And why not Julia? She's good and we worked together at the field hospital.
And I volunteered when he said he needed help.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
If anyone should apologize, it's me.
I should have expected it from you.
You're impulsive.
But you, Captain You've been incredibly irresponsible.
Now, tell me.
Who was the commander you treated? We were here, sir.
It was Abd el-Krim.
- I'm sure of it.
We were in this area.
- Impossible.
Our sources say he's in San Juan de las Minas.
Where did you see him? Two kilometers to the east of this area.
I'm sure of it, sir.
Captain - Check the coordinates and send a patrol.
- Yes, sir.
- And how exactly did you escape? - They spared our lives, sir.
They forced us to treat him.
You had that mongrel's life in your hands? You treated his wounds? I ought to arrest you for treason for what you've done.
General - I tried to kill him, but in the end - You wanted to save your own skin.
This will weigh on your conscience for the rest of your life.
Every day the war goes on, every battle, every time there's a casualty remember that you could have prevented it.
- He's all yours, Colonel.
- General.
I hope you're telling the truth.
Why would I lie, sir? To avoid telling me the real reason you were in that ambulance unchaperoned with one of the lady nurses.
Why didn't you come in? I wanted to talk to you.
In private, not in front of my father or anybody else.
I want you to look me in the eyes.
Tell me that nothing happened.
- Tell me you haven't thrown our life away.
- Don't cry.
Tell me - Tell me that you love me.
- I love you.
I love you.
Thank God you were with Fidel.
You hear horrible things about kidnapping.
- That's why we tried to escape.
- How many were there? Did they shoot you? Where did you sleep? Don't tell me something happened that you can't tell us.
They were saying that you had eloped together, Julia.
- Who said that? - Julia Did something happen? Magdalena has something to tell you.
Oh, yes! I'm going to Madrid.
- What? - Not for long, just to recover.
- I'm going tomorrow.
- So soon? Julia.
The longer this war goes on, the more I think of Pedro.
Everyone celebrating Nador and I'm I don't know what's wrong.
But you wanted to go back to the front.
The general asked me to do a report about the Disaster.
The Ministry has sent a general to investigate what happened.
I'm not going back.
I've asked to be based here at Command.
That's what you want, isn't it? For me to be close by.
Of course.
If anything had happened If you no longer felt the same, you'd tell me.
There is something that I haven't told you, Andrés.
When I first came here, I didn't know what war was and I thought I'd find you and Pedro in a few days, but then they told me that you were dead.
I began to feel alone and lost.
I sought refuge in the hospital and Fidel was very attentive to Pedro.
- He helped me so much - Wait.
- Then I found you out you were alive.
- Don't.
- There's something - I don't want to know.
I know what war is and what it is to lose hope.
All I need to know is if you want to be with me.
Of course.
That's all I care about.
The only thing.
Afternoon, Lieutenant.
Pilar is in the office.
Down that hallway.
You are looking for her, right? And you're going to say it's not visiting time, right? I've known Pilar - for a long time.
- Look I don't like people sticking their noses in my business and I know people like you.
- A dog in a manger.
- Relax, I'm just giving you some advice.
- Don't bother.
- Pilar has had a tough time.
Really tough.
And at times it was my fault.
Don't do the same thing I did.
And what exactly is that? Being a coward.
Making promises you can't keep.
It might seem like a good idea, but sooner or later you'll regret it.
But it'll be too late.
That's all.
You idiot, why did you do that? I should have said "journalist.
" Aren't you a nurse anymore? Do you write articles for the competition? - I'm working, what do you want? - Shall I dictate? "Dear Mother, Cairo is so beautiful, the sunsets are beautiful, and Alejandro and I are having great fun.
” Me and Alejandro.
- Alejandro and me.
- Give me that.
The newspaper is pressuring me.
I have to leave for Cairo.
They'd have me leave tomorrow.
What should I say? To wait a few days? A week.
Don't worry, you can join me later.
That way you'll have time to buy a topi.
And if I say I'm not going? I'll pretend not to hear you.
What is it, Pilar? Tell me.
You're everything I could have dreamed of, Alejandro, but I don't love you.
- Do you love someone else? - No.
Don't be mad.
You're going to regret letting me get away.
You'll get a card every day and you won't know where to put them.
You deserve the best.
They're here.
Welcome, we're going to toast to the happy couples.
- How lovely! Have you booked passage? - We go the day after tomorrow.
I wanted to thank you both again for your hospitality.
It's been a pleasure to have you.
If I may, Colonel, I wanted to make a toast to Magdalena.
To the nurse with the biggest heart in the whole of the Red Cross, Melilla.
And to the weddings on the horizon.
- Well, ours is - May it bring happiness to the four of us.
To Magdalena and Daniel.
And to Fidel and Susana.
Look into each other's eyes, it's good luck.
What's wrong? Can't you sleep? Do you think if you fight to forget something, you'll manage it in the end? I don't know.
But I'm sure I won't be able to forget anything that has happened to us since we came to Melilla.
Do you remember when we arrived and this was a school? It took a week to clean it.
And we could hear the snipers outside, how awful.
The first time I saw a wounded soldier, I almost fainted.
What are you doing? To us.
To us.
This is Are you drinking in the bedroom? No.
Without me? Give me that.
Give me it.
To us.
- And to Magdalena, most of all.
- I'm going to miss you.
You see what I mean? I'm taking a small case, the rest can stay here.
- I have everything I need at home.
- The small one? - You must be feverish again.
- What you do need is your armband.
That way, you'll remember us.
That's enough, I hate goodbyes.
No hugs or speeches or anything that will make me cry.
What are you all doing here at this early hour? - Giving you the send-off you deserve.
- And wishing you a safe trip.
And if you need a checkup, we can also do that.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll be back before you know it.
We're going to miss you, you know that? You've become a woman, my dear.
Don't forget it.
Magdalena, there's still something you need to do in the pharmacy.
What is it? Daniel will be here any minute.
We'll take care of your baggage.
- It's just - Go on! Larbi! Ahmed didn't want to come.
He's mad at you.
He doesn’t want you to go.
What's that? What did they do to you? It doesn't matter.
To some, I'll always just be an Arab.
Do you see now why it's better if you're far away from me? Goodbye, Maria Magdalena.
Not goodbye.
You'll barely have time to miss me.
I'll be back before you know it.
You're not coming back.
Of course I am.
Or don't you believe me? This has been like a dream, Magdalena.
Far from home You'll go back to Madrid, see your life there and forget about me.
That's not possible.
I have a little gift for you.
This flower will never wither.
May God bless you.
I'm dying to get home, aren't you? Magdalena! Your armband.
Julia, if something's telling you not to get married, don't do it.
Don't do it out of obligation.
I called for you because I assumed you'd want to be informed.
As you know, a patrol went to look for Abd el-Krim - in the place you indicated to us.
- Did you find him? They were put to the sword.
We found them abandoned on the road.
Which unit? - Do we know any of them? - It's hard to tell.
They were beheaded.
One by one.
I've secured a place for him at a clinic in Barcelona.
They're pioneers in the study of battle fatigue.
It's not exactly cheap, but well, I'll find a way to raise the money.
He'll be okay there.
You've saved his life.
We do that here every day, right? Yes, it's a beautiful thing.
I ran into the journalist yesterday.
He was looking for you, did he find you? Are you still going travelling? I can't go anywhere, Luis.
Why not? Why not? Because everything I love is in this hospital.
What are you doing here? We're celebrating.
Where is that music coming from? - The bar or the casino? - Everywhere.
The whole city is having a party.
Let's go, we have celebrating to do.
I'm Dr.
Guillermo San Esteban.
Are you new here? Gloria Montellano, at your service.
Montellano? What a coincidence! - One of the nurses has the same name.
- That's because we're sisters.
Jeez, you scared me.
What do you mean? Like real sisters? Like really? I know, we're nothing alike.
She's pretty and friendly - and I'm not.
- I never said that.
I'm surprised because I didn't know that you had a sister, but I mean, you're not very alike.
No offense.
- One blond, one brunette - Did you want something? Sorry? Oh, yes, we're going to celebrate taking Nador in the teachers’ lounge and you have to come.
If you want to, of course.
It was nice to meet you, Gloria.
A pleasure.
- I'll be going, then.
- Yes.
If they ask for tablecloths, sheets, bedclothes, or towels, write it down here.
- Keep a record.
- That doctor is funny, isn't he? Do you know if he's married? - No.
- Girlfriend? - No, no girlfriend.
- How strange, he's so nice.
To find a man of his position with a lovely nature these days - Can you get on with your work? - My, what a party pooper.
Now where has the needle gone? Ladies and gentlemen, your attention, please.
Your attention, please.
Our army has just added a triumphant new chapter to our country's history.
The taking of Nador will be the beginning of the end of this war.
- To our soldiers.
- To our soldiers.
And to Magdalena, may she have a safe trip home and may she think of us as much as we think of her.
- To Magdalena! - To Magdalena! Let your hair down, Fernanda.
Have a drink.
Hey, don't drink it all.
There will be another victory to celebrate next week.
And then another.
Cheer up, Captain.
Have some wine.
As you wish, Captain.
Have you met the new girl? You won't believe it.
It's Verónica's sister.
She's so nice.
She's a lot more cheerful.
- She's coming over.
- Dr.
San Esteban? Guillermo, please.
Tell me, why is nobody dancing? I have two left feet, so Come and dance with me, I'll teach you.
Me? But I don't really, I can't.
You know you want to.
Like this.
Shall we make a toast? Do we have something to toast to? What's wrong? Has something happened? Why didn't I kill him, Julia? Because I'm a coward.
- You're not a coward.
- Yes, I am.
- You're a good man.
- No, I'm not.
They killed all of the soldiers that were sent to find Abd el-Krim, - one by one, and it's my fault.
- It's not your fault.
Even if we had killed him, the war wouldn't have ended, you hear? It's not your fault.
We shouldn't be doing this.
I know.
Do you want me to go? No.
We'll meet outside of here.
On Market Street, it's safe there.
How long do you think you can keep this secret? It could be a huge blow to the future of this hospital.
You're risking everything.
You have no idea what's going on right under your nose.
- What did you say? - Keep an eye on your little nurse.
Say that again.
If you don't sign, my father will lose the bar.
Look, Raquel, I prefer to be up front about things.
Is this how you look after your own? This comes at a price.
I want to know if the baby she's carrying is mine.
I want to be in love with the man I marry.
Is that so hard to understand? - Is something wrong? - Yes, there's something you should know.
Take cover! Get away from the windows! Out of the way!