Tiempos de guerra (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

The ambulance Dr.
Calderón and Julia Ballester were in has been found empty and abandoned.
Why was Julia there? You're here to treat him.
If he dies, you die.
You both die.
I'm thinking about going back to Madrid with you.
- Really? - To recover and to speak to my mother, not to get married.
If you go to Madrid, you won't come back, I know it.
I found the bullet, here it is.
Did you think about what I said? I haven't come to terms with Pedro's death.
I want to be able to say something else.
I can't marry you.
This man is Abd el-Krim, the rebel leader.
If he dies, the war will be over.
- We're going to see the pyramids.
- What do you mean, we? - Of course, go and pack your suitcase.
- No.
You're leaving.
Do you care if I stay or go? Why'd he go with her? Just the two of them.
They've eloped.
They've run away together.
If this was your last night and you could do anything, what would you do? How did the rebels know they'd be there? Who could have told them? - Have you spoken to your people about it? - I haven’t said anything.
You can't trust these people! What are you doing, Molina? Stop there, Spaniards! Don't shoot! We need medical professionals and you don't want to die.
It's a fair deal.
- Will you stay or - Or what? - Are you going to kill us? - You could have killed me and you'll regret not doing it.
No! What are you going to do to us? - Let her go! - Shut your mouth! Julia! - God, what a scare you gave us.
- Were you kidnapped? Tell me nothing happened.
- Tell me you love me.
- I love you.
All I want to know is if you want to be with me.
- Of course I do.
- That's all I care about.
I want to ask a favor.
My sister is looking for a job and I thought Your sister? Welcome to the Red Cross, Gloria.
Thank you, you won't regret this, ma'am.
What is it, Pilar? You're everything I could have dreamed of, Alejandro, but I don't love you.
You're going to regret letting me get away.
I can't go anywhere, Luis.
Everything I love is inside this hospital.
We shouldn't do this.
I know.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES How's it going at Command? Going over paperwork and ledgers.
- Sounds riveting.
- Laugh it up, but I discovered something.
Command is paying for more communal meals than soldiers currently in the hospital.
I'm afraid someone is pocketing a tidy sum.
What if it's Dámaso putting some aside? - Don’t we have bigger problems to - A soldier is stealing from us.
Isn't that serious? So now you spend your time scrutinizing your own? Don't forget whose side you're on.
My goodness, Mother.
You'll have left the countryside bare.
Nothing is too much for my daughter.
You must be tired.
I've had a bath drawn and later we’re being taken out for lunch.
Your aunt and uncle want to see you, they have your wedding gift.
You're going to love it.
- And tomorrow - Mother I'd like to sleep awhile.
- I want to rest.
- Of course, darling, whatever you want.
After everything you've been through There, there.
You're home now.
It's all over.
Nothing can happen to you now.
Go on.
Go and rest.
Julia - Are you asleep? - I can't.
If we were doing things properly instead of in a hurry We're going to look terrible.
- Why should we care what people think? - How can you say that? We're what's important.
Fidel and I.
And you.
We can finally leave you in peace.
We're getting married! Aren’t you happy? How could I not be happy? You're my only daughter.
It's just there's hardly going to be anybody in the church.
- The medical officers will be there.
- They're already on the list.
The lady nurses will also be there.
- All of them? - I know what I'm doing, Mother.
When we get married, the gossip will stop.
What was that, Vicente? Cannon fire? - With your permission, sir.
- What's happening? The Rifians have been taking artillery to the summit of Mount Gurugú.
We haven’t had to wait long for the retaliation for taking Nador.
But the city is full of soldiers.
The danger has passed, hasn't it? While we remain in these lands, we'll always be in danger Captain.
Take over, Yolanda.
Take cover! I said close that! Come on.
Let's go.
Get away from the windows.
Have them close all of the windows onto the courtyard.
Get away from the windows! Get out of the way! Let's get going, ladies.
Get moving.
Unload everything, come on! Let's go.
Reinforce the windows first, especially south-facing ones.
Grab that machine gun and follow me.
We're going to find a better position.
- Could you explain what you're doing? - Following orders.
Do we take a left or a right to get on the roof? Whose orders are you following, Lieutenant? The Head of Military Health Care.
We have to take defensive positions and protect the hospital.
Look, you can do as you wish outside, but I don’t want weapons in here.
With all due respect, ma'am, - I follow my orders.
- So follow this one and get out.
I follow orders from my commander.
Your commander has no authority in here.
I think you're mistaken.
The colonel is the head of health care and the order came directly from Command.
And mine comes directly from the queen.
So if you're so concerned about orders, explain to the colonel why you didn't carry out this one.
He knows where I am if he has a problem.
- Is it really that serious, ma'am? - You heard it for yourselves.
The Rifians are attacking and will keep dropping shells until our army manages to chase them out of Gurugú.
Until that time I cannot guarantee that the hospital will be reasonably safe.
What will we do? Go somewhere else? You are all free to stay or leave.
You came here of your own free will and I won't ask you to stay.
I will understand if you err on the side of caution.
- Will you be staying? - Of course, it's my duty.
The hospital will remain open.
In that case, we're all staying, too, right? That's a personal decision for each of you, Julia.
We'll take precautions.
No taking the patients out for walks or leaning out of the windows and protect the most fragile medical supplies, please.
- We can't afford to lose anything.
- Ladies? - Yes.
- Yes.
Okay, be very careful at night and only turn on lights when absolutely necessary, understood? - Yes.
- Very good, back to work.
Oh, by the way, Magdalena's mother sent a telegram confirming her arrival, so you don't need to worry.
I'm sure she's doing very well.
Why are you still in bed, Magdalena? Aren't you getting up? Is something wrong? Are you feverish again? - You've not eaten a thing.
- I haven't got much of an appetite.
I'll tell Angelines to bring you some of the pastry you love so much, okay? I bet you could eat that.
Darling why don't you come to the recital? I'm sure the queen would love to see you.
Don't worry about clothes, I've just had tons - of new clothes made in the latest trend.
- I'd prefer to stay at home, Mother.
Oh, Magdalena What happened to you in that place? You used to be so carefree.
Nothing happened to me.
Why would it? We never stopped there, Mother.
Running around all day long.
- Wait until I tell you all about it.
- Anyone would think you missed it.
Well, that's because I do.
I miss it.
You just need a distraction.
You haven’t even been out in the garden.
Can I tell you the truth? This is my home - but it feels surreal.
- What's surreal is that your Prince Charming would have to go to Africa to bring you home to us, safe and sound.
Come on.
No more chitchat, time to get up.
I'll let you rest today, but starting tomorrow there's to be no more lazing around.
There's nothing I have to do that can't wait.
That's not true.
Your wedding is in two months.
Just enough time to organize everything.
Mother we need to talk about the wedding.
You and I.
I know.
Daniel already told me.
Daniel? What did he say? You want to spend your wedding night at El Palace.
It's a great idea.
This way, you can forget all that misery.
Turn that frown upside down.
Let me see that pretty face.
You're very lucky to have a boy who'd wait this long and still love you like the first day you met.
Perhaps even more.
Excuse me, miss.
Master Daniel is here to see you.
Come on, honey.
Hurry up.
Don't make him wait.
This is supposed to be one of the best restaurants in Madrid.
Especially for the desserts.
Knowing what a sweet tooth you have, I thought you might like it.
What do you want to do now? Go to the park? You need fresh air and color in your cheeks.
Shall we rent a boat and get the wind blowing through your hair? We can go where you want.
I don't care where we go.
Daniel Why'd you tell my mother we're spending our wedding night in El Palace? It was her idea and it made her happy.
I couldn't say no after all she's been through! But what wedding night, Daniel? There is no wedding! Good morning.
Have you seen who that is? Mr.
Manuel from Urbieta Bank.
That man has really changed since he became a widower.
I'm the one who has changed and it seems like none of you want to accept it.
Magdalena have you told your mother about us? No, not yet.
That's why I came back with you.
To be grown up about this and speak to my family and yours, face-to-face.
She's going to be hugely disappointed when you tell her.
She doesn't deserve it.
If you'd seen the shock she got when she found out you were ill! What do you want me to do? Wait until the day of the wedding? No, of course not, but does it have to be today? You just got here.
Just rest up and get better first.
Let her see that it's still you in there, then you can talk with her.
There's no rush.
You'll only have to wait a few more days.
Does it really make a difference? Flowers.
Just like Magdalena did every morning.
Help me turn him over.
Have there been any letters? Not since the telegram from her mother.
She'll write, don’t worry.
She won't.
It's better that way.
What would she say? When she's coming back, perhaps.
She's not coming back.
None of you came here to stay forever.
Sooner or later, you'll all leave.
Just as she did.
It's not my intention to take control of the hospital.
That's not how it seems when you make decisions without consulting me.
- I advised you to evacuate.
- Exactly.
I didn't follow your advice, so you sent men to the hospital to force me to.
Do you realize the danger you’re putting your doctors and nurses in? Of course I do.
They know the risks and stay of their own free will.
They wouldn't dare contradict you.
The same thing happened with the field hospital and we paid a very high price for that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I don't blame you for that nurse's death.
I'm the only one to blame for that.
I'm not going anywhere, Colonel.
Not now that the war is on our doorstep and we're needed more than ever.
I appreciate your concern for us, but we're staying here for now.
I knew you would, but can I at least leave a few men here to stand guard? I'd really appreciate it, but they must stay outside and not interfere with the running of the hospital.
Don't worry, they won’t.
Ma'am I'm trusting nothing will happen to you or the nurses.
I'm entrusting you with that.
May I, General? Come in, Captain.
I'll be right with you.
Sanjurjo's brigade will be coming up from Atlaten.
And Berenguer's forces are already at Peñas del Rayo.
By the way, send a message to Colonel Riquelme.
- I want to talk to him.
- Yes, sir.
Convene the heads of the friendly tribes, we need their collaboration.
We won't stop until our flag is flying on the highest peak of the mountain.
Get to work, gentlemen.
You can see where we're at.
The press is talking about reconquering Nador, but we're under fire again.
And everything seemed to be going so well yesterday.
General I've looked over the paperwork you gave me.
I wanted you to take a look at it before I write up my report.
I've discovered serious anomalies, General.
And I find new irregularities on every balance sheet I check.
In the meal service we provide the hospital with, for example, the receipts for the meals weren't signed by any medical officials.
You can see for yourself.
This is Health Care's responsibility.
Colonel Márquez is above reproach.
I'll speak with him.
General corruption is rife.
I'm starting to think the army didn't do all it could to avoid defeat.
I will not abide such a lack of respect, Captain.
- Just who do you think you are? - Forgive me, General, - I didn't mean to cause offense.
- Did you hear the bombs? Abd el-Krim won't make winning back territory as easy as the press says.
We have to support the army.
If we let our guard down, they'll take Melilla.
Yes, sir.
Now if there's nothing else Wait I won't stand for another accusation of this magnitude.
- Not one.
Do you understand, Captain? - Yes, sir.
And not one without evidence.
You may go.
There has been an abuse of power, but nobody seems interested in bringing it to light.
Sometimes the truth can hurt.
And bringing it to light can come back to haunt you.
Do you think Ibarra is involved? I'm not sure, but this isn't the only instance.
- Even the hospital is involved.
- Really? There are suspicious entries in the accounts for the communal meals.
I don't know.
I can't let this go, it's happening day in and day out.
I have to see this through.
I'm sorry.
I'm being so selfish.
Talking about my problems as if you don't have your own.
- I know something is bothering you.
- Me? Yes.
You can tell me, Julia.
It's nothing, honestly.
You look beautiful.
If it weren't for those eyes I wouldn't be here.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry.
Why, Julia? You have no need to apologize.
I know, but no matter what I do, I feel bad.
For Andrés and for you.
I feel bad for myself.
- Can you come here a moment, Doctor? - I'll be right there.
We'll meet outside of here.
- You're insane.
- No, really.
I need to see you alone.
I don't think it's a good idea, the way things are out there.
I don't care.
On Market Street.
It's safe there.
Meet me there in half an hour, please.
Yes? He's presenting a severe fever, stabbing pains A discharge from Trauma for the duchess to sign.
- You have to sign it as well, Doctor.
- I didn't already? I'll just take this to the duchess, Estrella.
- Are you okay? - Who? Me? Yes, I'm fine.
Why wouldn't I be? I'm a little But I'm fine.
Where are you going? Of course I'm not okay.
I can't stop thinking about What did you mean yesterday? When you said that you hadn't gone with the photographer - because everything you love is here.
- You know what I meant.
No, I don't.
What do you want me to say? That I stayed for you? Well, I did.
- At least that's part of it.
- Don't play with me.
You were about to go globe-trotting with that - Where is this coming from? - I've never played with you and I've never lied.
I'm still in love with you.
I wish I wasn't, but that's not possible.
And another thing, if you even think of saying that this is to split you and Raquel up, I swear No I know you didn't do anything to split us up.
I haven't been fair to you, Pilar.
Forgive me.
- You wouldn't do that.
- No.
I wouldn't.
You should know that more than anyone.
- If I were a free man - Luis! Did you hear the cannon fire? We're on tenterhooks in the kitchen.
What will we do? - Stay here until they blow us to pieces? - They haven't ordered an evacuation.
- I'll bring the discharge papers.
- Sure.
Wasn't she going away with the photographer? What happened? Did he let her down? - So it would seem.
- What were you talking about? Is she reeling you in again? Didn't you have a falling out? - I have to get back to work.
- After all the lies she told, - you'd forgive her? - Look That's in that past, let's just leave things as they are, okay? Isn't that for the best? Exactly.
We're saying the same thing.
Why don't we start looking to the future? This one will be here before we know it.
Going somewhere? Yes, I'm just going to the market.
- We need - If you're going to lie, don't bother.
You're going to meet Dr.
Or am I wrong? I saw you, Julia.
I saw you.
You and Dr.
Calderón kissing in secret like two teenagers.
How long do you think you can keep this up? I'm very sorry.
We shouldn't have done that in the hospital.
I totally agree, but that's not what worries me.
Do you really think I can go on trusting you both? The last thing we want is to hurt anybody.
What about your fiancé, Andrés? Or Miss Márquez? I'm not just asking out of curiosity, Julia.
This could be a huge blow to the hospital's future and I don't think you realize that.
I know.
Do you think the colonel will allow Fidel to keep working here? That he'll allow him to continue with his career? You're risking everything.
I swore I wouldn't let this happen again, but Please don't send me home.
Ever since you arrived in Melilla, you've worn your heart on your sleeve and you're too emotional, but you need to find the right path.
And what is the correct path? Only you can decide that.
I'm so sorry for disappointing you.
Being a lady nurse means you have a moral obligation.
Just resolve this situation without involving anyone else, or I'll have to do it myself.
And remember something: we won't always be at war.
This will come to an end at some point.
You should be thinking about that time.
I've never felt that bad in my life.
Thank goodness it was the duchess who saw us.
It could have been anyone.
Maybe it would have been for the best.
Everyone would finally know.
We can't do that to Susana and Andrés.
We'll have to tell them sometime.
But if they find out Susana will call off the engagement.
Her father will send you far from here, won't he? - And Andrés - What about Andrés? What do you want? I don't know.
What can I get you, Captain? Some wine? Not from this barrel, don't worry.
This is for the troops.
Private do you know what this is? Let's see.
Well, it has the Red Cross letterhead.
It's the receipt for the meals served in July and August.
Unsigned by the supervising officer.
Well, that is strange, Captain.
Everything gets signed.
This is from the same dates as the Disaster.
There were endless casualties around that time and there were also endless orders.
I don't know.
Maybe in the ensuing chaos Someone forgot the signature and someone else forgot the stamp.
The fact is a lot of money changed hands at that time and there's no record of it.
- And now they want to know why? - Sure.
- Is that a problem? - Of course not, as it should be.
It's just I thought there would be more pressing matters.
They’ve never given us trouble for this stuff before.
By the way - I have this scotch just in - Keep your scotch.
I want that paperwork.
Who authorizes the meals? Wait, I know what's happened.
We must have handed in the unsigned copy.
With all that was going on, we gave them our own copy, which is often left unsigned as it's for internal use.
- Am I making sense? - Sure.
In that case, it's an easy fix.
Find the signed receipt and bring it straight to Command.
Yes, sir.
I hope it turns up There will be trouble if it doesn't.
I'll speak to the colonel and someone will be held accountable.
Is that understood? - Good day.
- Sir.
How are you, Gloria? Could you loan me a needle and thread? One of my buttons fell off.
Hand it over, I'll sew it on for you.
Don't worry, I can sew.
I learned how in the academy.
You must be busy, I don't want to bother you.
You'll just have to sew something else.
Buttons are my job.
If you say so.
Thank you.
They're close, right? Yes, you didn't choose the best time to come.
- I thought we were winning.
- Yeah What I mean is although they're close by, the situation is under control.
Don't worry.
While we're on buttons, I remember once, in surgery, one of my buttons fell into a wound.
What a commotion trying to get it out.
You're so silly, Doctor.
Don't make me laugh.
I might prick you.
I have a funny face.
Don't you have a lady nearby to sew your buttons on for you? Neither nearby nor far away.
- Nobody.
- Yeah, I know what you men are like.
You enjoy the single life as long as possible, then ensnare some poor woman to look after you.
No way, I'm invisible to women.
Put it this way, I have to say hi twice to any woman just to get a response.
Don't make fun of me, Doctor.
I'm not blind, you know.
A big, strong fellow like you and nice to boot.
They must be banging down your door.
Not exactly banging it down.
Quite the opposite.
It's me knocking at theirs, but they just slam it in my face.
- All done.
- Thank you very much.
For the button and the conversation.
I don't know which fool let you get away, but I'm sure she's already regretting it.
Verónica's sister is charming, isn't she? And she has good taste.
And how would you know? You can just tell, Luis.
You only have to see her face, always talking, always laughing What did I say? Sorry? No, nothing.
I wasn't listening.
Thank you very much.
I'll just keep talking to this beaker.
My life is a car crash, Guillermo.
How could I have made such a mess? It's not that I don't love Raquel.
I do, - but Pilar - Pilar again.
She told me she's still in love with me.
That she never stopped.
- What do you think of that? - Is it true? It might be the only and most important truth.
Everything else is a lie.
What if she's right and the baby isn't mine? That's what you'd like.
That way, you have an excuse not to feel guilty and run away with Pilar.
- Who mentioned that? - You.
- Me? No.
- Yes.
- So I'm getting confused - I didn't.
Look, you saw her with that photographer.
You were insanely jealous, - and then you realized you still love her.
- That's true, I do.
Oh, God.
I love her, too.
But Raquel is pregnant.
The baby is due in less than two months.
What kind of dad would I be if I ran off with someone else? It's a shame there's no way of knowing.
Oh, God, not again.
I know I should be used to it by now, but every time I hear one that close, my heart jumps into my mouth.
Are you okay? What's wrong, Julia? I can't do this anymore, Pilar.
I just can't.
When we were kidnapped, Fidel and I spent the night together.
We were alone, far from everything, and we thought it was our last night.
- I know that sounds like an excuse, but - No, go on.
Now I don’t know what to do.
But But I can't help it.
Every time I see Fidel I'm being very unfair to both of them.
I don't know what to do.
I really don't, Pilar.
What you can't do is stand idly by while someone else decides for you.
Nor can you think that a wedding will fix all of this, because it won't, I can assure you.
But you had a happy marriage.
I was running away from a man I was never able to forget.
That's not happiness.
You have to make a decision.
Turns out that Magdalena is the bravest of the three of us.
She's the only one who dared to say out loud how she feels.
Even though it's meant giving up her wedding and everything else.
- Do I really have to wear this, Mother? - You look great, honey.
- What I don't get is why Daniel isn't here.
- Because she's coming to see me, not him.
I don't know who's behaving more strangely, you or him.
Anyway, I'm sure it will all be fine - once you're married.
- She's here.
Her Majesty the Queen.
Come on.
Magdalena, dear.
I'm glad you're up and about.
How are you feeling? You've lost weight.
I don't know about there, but here she's barely eaten.
It's the same there, my lady.
We work every hour God sends.
I saw that for myself.
I was very proud when I left Melilla.
She was overcome with a fever.
Lely, dear, would you leave us alone to talk? I want an update on what's going on at the hospital.
- We'd just bore you.
- Of course, my lady.
I'll order coffee to be made.
I'm sorry that my mother made you worry, my lady.
I don't know what she told you, but as you can see, I feel fine.
I feel responsible for all of you girls, Magdalena.
Matilde's death, your illness I'm not sure if Carmen and myself got ahead of ourselves.
The work being done by the ladies in Melilla is amazing, my lady.
- Don't doubt that for a moment.
- I know, but look what's happened to you.
- You must have been through hell - I'm here for another reason.
I haven't told my mother as I don't know how to without hurting her, but I can't lie to you, my lady.
I don't want to marry Daniel.
But you've already set the date.
I met another man while I was in Melilla.
Oh, Magdalena.
Who is it? A young officer? Do I know his family? Tell me, what's his name? - His name is Larbi.
- Excuse me? Larbi.
I know this might sound crazy, but he's a good man, and ever since I arrived here, I'm longing to be back there by his side.
You're telling me that you want to go back to him? Nothing would make me happier.
Do you understand the consequences of going ahead with this madness? - Money isn't everything.
- I'm not talking about money.
You'd be alone.
Everyone would turn their backs on you.
I'd have him.
You won't be happy with him for long and your life will become a living hell.
You have no idea what you're talking about.
Please, my lady.
If you could just help me tell my mother.
Certainly not.
You cannot do this to your mother.
Remember who you are, where you come from, and who you owe everything to.
- But, my lady - Don't tell your mother anything.
- And forget about that Lardi.
- Larbi, my lady.
Forget about him and come to your senses.
Look after your daughter, Lely.
She deserves the best.
I'll see you in the palace on Thursday.
Don't be late.
What did you talk about? - I hope you weren't impudent.
- No.
No, just about the duchess, the hospital - The war.
- That's all over now.
You need to stop worrying.
The war is over for you.
I've told Daniel that I can't marry him.
There isn't going to be a wedding and I want to go back to Melilla.
As soon as possible.
Open some of the windows, miss.
Let some air in.
It's been a while since we heard anything.
Be alert.
Ma'am I need to speak with you.
- It's urgent.
- Come with me.
How exciting! Is the dress ready yet? Just about.
It's wonderful.
Wait until you see it! Pilar, Julia, come here a moment.
I've got your invitations.
It'd be silly to send them.
This way, I can see you.
You didn't have to go to the trouble, you must be busy with the planning.
You're not kidding, and it's a small event, much to my mother's distaste.
Thank you, Susana.
Julia There you go.
It'd really mean a lot to me if you came to the wedding.
We've been through tough times waiting for news from the front line about our fiancés.
I can finally be happy.
And where is the duchess? I know you saw Julia and me, ma'am.
I want to apologize.
I want you to know I realize how delicate the situation is.
I'm not interested in anyone's private life, but you're Chief Medic, Susana's father is head of health care, Julia is a lady nurse.
The situation is incredibly delicate, and I don’t think you understand the consequences.
I absolutely do.
That's why I'm resigning as Chief Medic of this hospital.
Put that away.
Ma'am We both know that if I don't do it, the colonel will make sure it happens as soon as I break it off with Susana.
- Come in.
- Duchess.
Sorry to intrude, but they said Fidel was here and I thought: what better time than this? It'd be an honor if you came to our wedding.
You've supported Fidel even when my father didn't and I'm very grateful to you for it as well as very excited, because this is what makes me happiest.
So, it'd be an honor if you came.
If this is what you want I couldn't possibly say no.
I hope you don't regret it.
Inviting me, I mean.
Oh, the eggs, Paquita, please.
If this keeps trembling from the cannon fire, they'll all fall off and then we'll see who's laughing.
I said to put them in the cooler, for goodness' sake.
What's happened to you, Father? Why the long face? - I wish that's all it was.
- What's wrong? It's all over.
They're taking the bar away from me and I'll be lucky not to be arrested.
For God's sake, don't be so dramatic.
Every problem has a solution.
I know all about your solutions.
The colonel wants me flayed for handing in receipts for meals that haven't been signed off.
Why does he care? - Does the colonel want in on it now? - There's only one missing signature.
Get someone to sign it.
What's the problem? Nobody will want to own up to this.
This is a witch hunt.
Look, they let me run the bar on the condition that I pay them a large part of the money I make.
But the register is not enough.
So I charge for a large amount of meals, although later I might only serve half of them.
I do the same thing when I buy the supplies.
We should be rich.
If I didn't give it to the powers that be, they'd take the bar away from me.
They'll use this signature business to blame me for everything and get me out of the way.
What do you need? A ranking officer's signature? Any one of them? We'll talk later.
Can’t you see I'm working? It'll only take a second, Luis.
My father's in a predicament.
- Why didn't someone sign them? - You tell me.
Whoever it was is on their way back to Spain.
- And his replacement doesn't want to know.
- Well, I can't sign it, okay? No, it's not okay.
Why can't you do it? Because it would be lying.
No, worse It would be committing a crime.
If you don't sign, my father will lose the bar.
They might make him pay, and if he doesn't have the money, he'll be arrested.
Is that what you want? That really would be a crime.
I swear on my life he hasn't done anything wrong.
I'm just asking you to help your family.
- And you don't care that I have to lie? - Enough about the lie.
Is it a bad thing if you're helping your own? Would you do it? Do you do it? Will you happily lie to get what you want? What's up with you? Look, Raquel, I prefer to be up front about things.
I'm sorry, but I won't help you.
You're an ingrate.
After everything Daniel's done for you.
He came to you when you were sick.
- He brought you back home.
- Daniel already knows everything.
An Arab! Why me? Why? - I'm sure that when you meet him - I don’t want to meet him! Were you thinking of bringing him here? So he can spend the money your father left you.
I will not stand for having some gold digger in my house.
Well, I won't stand for having the same life you did.
I want to love the man I marry and have him love me back.
Is that so hard to understand? If you want to ruin your life, do it, but you won't drag me down with you.
You can leave here with the clothes on your back and never come back.
Magdalena! Magdalena "Dear Larbi, I can finally write a few words to you.
I didn't have the strength until now.
" She started saying how happy the wedding is making her and I couldn't tell her.
It's normal you don't want to hurt her, you're a good person and you love her.
That's exactly why I can't do this to her.
I think I'm brave for fighting in this war, but I'm a coward.
I won't judge you for that.
It's not easy being the reason for someone's misery.
Above all when it's someone who loves you.
Am I making a mistake? If you don't know - I've felt things with Julia that - Be careful, Fidel.
Lust is not the same as love.
You have to make the distinction.
I'm still not sure.
I suppose what I mean is that that's just life.
Sometimes there's no right choice.
This comes at a price.
And will it cost me dearly? Just your honesty.
That's all I want.
Is that a fair deal? Román and Raquel dated, right? Román was a scumbag, nothing more.
Thankfully Raquel met you, Lieutenant.
Were they still seeing each other when we met? - Where are you going with this? - Tell me the truth if you want this.
I need to know if Raquel's baby is mine.
You want the truth? I'll tell you the truth.
The truth is you're married to my daughter, who is a good woman.
Anything else you think will only serve to ruin things and make you both unhappy.
- That's not what I want to know.
- They were seeing each other.
That doesn't mean the baby is his.
You're saying Raquel doesn't know? You were seeing other women.
- Or did you think no one knows that? - I didn't lie to get her to marry me.
Tell me something.
What would you do if you were she? If you didn't know who the father was, what would you do? Wouldn't you choose the better option? The honorable man who'd give you a good life? What will you do? It's all fixed.
- For now anyway.
- I'm glad, Father.
I'm glad Luis came to his senses.
Haven't you spoken to him? We had an argument this morning, but his doing this for you is a good sign.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
It's the baby, it must be changing position.
Sure he's moving into position, Raquel.
- You know there isn't much time left.
- I still have two months.
- Are you going to tell it to wait? - That's my business, let it go.
If it's born early, he'll know it isn't his and he'll feel free to leave with Pilar.
You know that, right? Pilar.
I've been thinking, and there's a legal option to end my marriage.
- What are you talking about? - Repudiation repudiating Raquel.
Yes, repudiate her.
I know it sounds really bad, but I'd just have to go to court And publicly humiliate her.
Don't look at me like that, I have every right.
She had no qualms about lying and telling me the baby was mine.
And then what will you do? Kick her out of your house? Put a heavily pregnant woman on the street.
You couldn't do that, Luis.
I wouldn't love you if you could.
So what are we going to do? Life's too short and I want to spend it with you.
Oh, no.
Don't look at me like that.
Do not look at me like that.
Like what? Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
As you can see, it's all in order.
What a girl my daughter is.
There's more paperwork than dishes.
That says it all.
There's the signature.
So I see.
Is everything in order, then? It is for now.
- I'll tell you if I need anything else.
- Yes, sir.
I thought your investigation was over.
It's my job, Molina.
- I know you don't get that.
- What I don't get is you looking for culprits among your own when we have a common enemy.
That's what I don't get.
Haven’t you heard the cannons? That's all you should have in your head.
There is nothing else until we're done with them.
Soldiers are dying every day or hadn’t you noticed? I lived through it.
They're dying because they're not equipped.
And that's because someone is pocketing that money.
Get off your high horse.
You've been at Command for two minutes and you're talking like this.
It's those at Command who are hiding what is going on.
You have no idea.
You have no idea what's going on right under your nose.
So how could you know what's happening in the army? - What did you say? - Keep an eye on your little nurse.
Leave us men to win the war.
- Say that again.
- I only say what I see And I've seen your little nurse looking very intimate with the captain.
- Fight! - Come on! - Give him a right hook.
- Fight! - Come on.
- Let's go.
Come on, Pereda! - Get him! - Bring it on! Come on, Pereda.
Let's go.
Get off each other! You're lucky you don't need stitches.
Does it hurt a lot? There are more painful things.
Molina is another one who thinks clearing the army of corruption is going against the army itself.
Is that why he hit you? It was me who hit him.
So I deserved it.
He'd have me believe he saw you and Captain Calderón sneak into an alleyway this morning.
It's true.
I'm sorry, Andrés.
I love you, but But you don't only love me, right? I know it's unfair and that you don't deserve it, but it's the truth.
I'd give anything for things to be different, I really would.
Why? Why, Julia? Don't you know how I feel about you? Isn't that enough? - Aren't I enough? - It's not that.
What the hell is it, then? Damn this war and everything it’s doing.
I fought for my life for you.
I didn't think you were capable of this.
- What are you doing here? - Nothing, just taking a walk.
I spend all day completely alone.
Don't even think about going to the ward, Gloria.
Some are contagious and we don't know what they have.
There are also some incredibly nice doctors, - like that lovely Galician one.
- Guillermo? At his age, I'm sure he has a girlfriend waiting for him back home.
- I already told you that he doesn't.
- How can you be so sure? Because I just am, Gloria.
Because he asked me to marry him and I turned him down.
- What? - Oh, don't be silly! I almost believed you.
- I'm not lying, it's the truth.
- Sure.
Like you'd be stupid enough to say no to a military medic when we haven't got two cents to rub together yeah, right.
My goodness.
You're suspended until further notice.
- Don't tell me I didn't warn you.
- I'm sorry about what happened.
I've spoken to Lieutenant Molina.
That was good of you, but it’s not enough.
General I was out of order but we both know I haven't been suspended for a bar fight.
You can go, Captain.
- We're done talking.
- I know you won't approve my reports.
If I'm not here, I can't remind you that the army's integrity is incompatible with corruption.
- Sooner or later everything will come out.
- Who do you think you are? What do you want? To be discharged? All I've ever wanted is to serve my country honorably.
After everything your fiancée did for you? She got down on her knees and begged us to rescue you.
Is this how you repay her? If you'll excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
- I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
- I wasn't concentrating or looking where I was going like I should.
Captain You're coming to the wedding, right? You and Julia.
You're both invited.
Is something wrong? Yes, there is.
There's something you should know.
Nothing happened between them.
Fidel gave me his word.
Fine, as you wish.
I shouldn't butt in on your affairs.
- I'm sorry.
- Wait.
Did Julia tell you? Why are you doing this to me? - Why are you telling me this? - Because it's the truth.
- I'm telling you, you're shrinking.
- I'm a little thinner, that's all.
Are you saying I don't look after you? That's what all of Melilla will think - when you walk into that church.
- Manuela, please.
Hi, darling.
Did you get everything you need? No.
I ran into What's wrong, darling? Well, what do you think? I'm about to get married! And you look very handsome, Father.
It's going to be a beautiful day.
Manuela - Bring us some cold water, please.
- Of course.
Now - will you tell me what's wrong? - Nothing, really.
If you don't want to say anything, don't, but don't lie.
Susana, honey, you might sometimes think that I am too hard on you And I might be, I won't say that I'm not.
The only thing I'm trying to do as much as possible is to try and help you avoid unnecessary suffering.
And I want you to know that no matter what, you can always count on my support and your mother's.
I know, Father.
Pilar! There's a letter from Magdalena.
- Really? - Read it to me, please.
- I can't, Larbi.
- Why not? Because it's something private between you two.
It wouldn't be right.
It's just that I can't read.
What should I do? You're a friend and I trust you.
Would you prefer that a stranger read it to me? - What does it say? - "Dear Larbi, I can finally write you a few words.
I haven’t had the strength until now.
The days are unbearably long thinking of the hospital, my friends, and you You have no idea what I'd give to be there seeing how Pilar is around the photographer.
" - Please, go on.
- Maybe not that "I close my eyes and imagine I'm there with you.
With Julia Tell her I think about her every moment.
Always so decisive and sure of everything Especially after what she's been through.
But suffering always comes to an end and happiness can be eternal.
I miss the hospital so much Always full steam ahead under the duchess' orders.
We did things for her I never thought we were capable of.
If she were here right now, I'd know what decision to make.
My house is an empty home.
Madrid is a ghost town and I float through it like a phantom.
I can't go on deceiving myself.
I love you, Larbi.
But just as I can't lie to myself about that, neither can I lie about the possibility of spending my life with you.
" I don't understand.
"You were right, Larbi.
I don't know if I'll come back.
Everyone says I've gone crazy and my place is here with my people.
I'll always miss you and you'll always be with me, Larbi, because you're also one of my people, and for one day, I was yours.
I hope one day you can forgive me.
When that day comes, remember we were madly in love and that's something only we will remember.
Goodbye, my love.
Your Maria Magdalena will never forget you.
" Civilians decimated by Gurugú artillery fire.
I was told to bring them here, that's all.
I'm sorry, we don’t have the beds.
- And they're not even injured.
- Bring them straight inside.
These people have lost everything, - their homes and more.
- Yes, ma'am.
Ladies, go and make them something to eat while we find them a place to stay.
Welcome to Melilla's Red Cross Hospital.
Please, go in.
- Can I help you? - Careful.
Over there.
- Go in.
- Julia.
- Is everything alright? - They’ve relieved me of my duties.
- Because of the fight? - And the investigation.
That's not why I'm here.
Julia, get inside! Quickly, get inside! Shoot, don't let them get near us.
- Away from the windows.
Are you okay? - Yes.
- Through there to the teachers’ lounge.
- What's happening? A sniper.
I think he's alone.
He's about 40 meters behind the fountain.
Are you all armed? - No.
- We go out the back and surround him.
- Let's go for our guns.
Hey, Guillermo.
- Yeah, sure.
We're the highest ranking officers.
You're coming with me to neutralize him.
Let's go.
Doctor, I'd prefer you didn't put yourself at risk.
- It's okay, we have to help.
- Don't let anyone out.
You guys need to help that soldier keep the sniper back.
And cover us, okay? Captain you're with me.
I'll follow you.
- Take the safety off, for Pete's sake! - Got it.
- Are you kidding? You almost killed me! - Don't rush me, then.
So where is that individual? You son of a You're going to get what's coming to you.
Eat lead.
He's too far, we have to get closer.
We need to split up.
You go that way, I’ll cover the left flank.
Drop the gun.
- Hello, Captain.
- Rachid? Take it easy.
Nobody needs to get hurt.
You're going to die, Captain.
What's happened to you? - We're alive because of you.
- What good did it do? You all hate me.
You don't distinguish between good and bad, you only see Arabs.
We don't all think like that and you know it.
Take it easy.
- Drop yours.
- Don't move! - Goodbye, Captain.
- Rachid! - Rachid.
- No Jesus Christ.
All he wanted was to live in peace and he couldn't.
They wouldn't let him.
This is madness.
He saved my life and I just killed him to save yours.
Damn this war! That's what I say.
Damn this war.
You're ruining my life.
- I have the right to do the same.
- You're right.
- I'm sorry.
- No, you're not.
You didn't care that she was engaged.
- You took advantage of her pain.
- Don't underestimate her.
- She made her own choices.
- Why are you making me do this? Shoot, Captain.
You're going to ruin her life, my life and your fiancée's.
Shoot, Captain.
You've left me no choice.
- My love! - Lower the volume.
I was so scared, hold me.
- Why don't you let him live his life? - Excuse me? If he goes in front of a judge with proof the baby isn't his, - you'll be out on the street.
- You're leaving me for her? Everything I feared, every time I saw you together It was true.
You're a bad person.
If you weren't, you'd have left here and let us move on with our lives.
They've found soldiers and civilians with their throats cut.
- There's been looting.
- Do you think they'll take Melilla? I hope not.
It would be the worst possible scenario.
I'll give you three seconds to leave.
- I work here.
- One two You were aware we received less medication than is recorded on the delivery notes? - Of course not.
- Well, I have proof.
If you insist on uncovering this now, you could make things worse for yourself.
Be smart.