Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending.

1 I want you to make use of your new suit.
You're my— Let's go, old man! You?! Gokigenyou doukashita n darou Hello, did something happen? Kao wo mireba isshun de wakaru yo Looking at your face it's obvious Clairvoyance Senrigan senrigan It's not that absurd MESSOU MO NAI DESU TAIKUTSU KARA MEGUMARETAI NO KAI? Do you want boredom to be fruitful? hantei wa shingi no renzoku de At the end of all our deliberations At the end of all our deliberations ! we decide to choose Venus ! venus sashtari ODORU MACHINAMI PERFECTLY EUPHORIA We're dancing in the streets, perfectly euphoric Though we cry at words that should be like nothing nandemo nai you na kotoba de naitari suru shi NANDEMO NAI YOU NA KOTOBA DE NAITARI SURU SHI HORA, BOKUTACHI NANTE Look, since it's us the idea is Zentei no wa JUUBUN dekiru no ni we could do just fine The idea is Zantei no nai DRAMATIC iku sa we'll go dramatically Seikou no wa The successful one is KARAKU Just a superstar SUPERSTAR Follow Orion on such a dark night Orion wo nAzoru konnA FukAi yoru I want someone close, I want to be hugged, Tsunagaretai hagu saretai Tsumari hanshin hangi acchi kocchi all I see is half-heartedness around me If my once-in-a-lifetime words that wish for a new future Shin mirai wo negau guuzenzetusugou no Kotoba ga moshi, moshi tsumugeru nara could maybe, possibly line up and make sense time would stop Jikan ga tomaru yo Ah, koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni There's no way it'd end here, though Why am I on this side?! It suits you well.
That's not an answer! It's the company's orders.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop! Hey, hey, hey You passed it.
Move along, move along! Evacuate towards the west gate! Quickly! Leave this area to me.
The rest of you should— Why aren't we going in? Hurry up and— I'm gathering information.
If I know where the other Heroes are, we'll avoid showing up at the same time, and we can make a grand entrance.
That's stupid.
Will we catch the culprit if we stand out? Will that bring peace to the city? Will it? Listen, a Hero is all about— Bonjour, Heroes.
We're going on air.
Good luck! Three, two Time to get to work.
Wait! I'm not done talking to you— Excuse me! What the heck? Whoa, is that truck what I think it is?! My ice is a little cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold! There she is! It's not just her body that's naughty! Blue Rose is on the scene! All right! I made it into the background! Give me a break, you guys Hey, wait up! I'll bring that thing down using my wires! Good luck with that.
Hey, shut up! I'll show you what being a Hero is all about! Huh? Huh? Watch and learn! Is that? Yes, there he is! It's Barnaby, the new Hero! "Heh", my ass! All right! Yes! Huh? What kind of joke is this? You got yourself caught in it! Hurry up and undo this.
Um, well Now! B-Behind you.
I can't work with that guy! Say that after you get some results.
I thought you two were finished.
Lucky for you, that thing stopped.
An hour has passed since the stone statue halted its advance, and it still doesn't look like it's going to move.
What does the culprit want, anyway? That doesn't matter.
Huh? I'm more concerned with you than that incident! Do you understand the situation you're in? My situation? That's right.
We have a contract with you to act as Barnaby's foil.
What?! You're Barnaby's second.
His assistant.
An extra.
Got it? Hey, wait a second! Why do I have to be his assistant?! And by the way, our mechanic is angry with you, too.
Huh? Excuse me? My name is Saito.
I developed your suit.
You speak so softly.
You need to make better use of the suit.
Well, I'm still not familiar with it yet.
This is the suit I developed.
This is the crappy suit you wore before.
It's not that bad.
Let's see about that.
I get it! I get it already! You showed me enough, all right? Yeah, and that expression of yours, too.
By the way, I took into account the five minute time limit of your power and added a special feature to the suit.
Huh? See the button on the left arm? You mean this? I'm not done explaining! The time is 3:28 PM.
It's a clock.
See? Was he that surprised? I'm so sorry! I was planning to get there by 3.
So, where are you right now? I still have some work left.
Are you really going to come? Of course.
When? How long will it take? Uh, well You aren't coming.
I will come! When does it start? At four.
Okay! I'm leaving right now.
Hold on a second.
Tiger and Barnaby, we need you to jump into action! The stone statue has begun moving again.
Get ready and head to the scene immediately.
Uh, listen Oh yeah, you're not going to believe this! Isaac, the junior champion, is entering the competition! Isaac? Yeah! He's really cool! His jumps are beautiful, and it's my first time seeing him in person! Oh, yeah? Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'll never forget that you wasted three minutes of my life.
You don't have any friends, do you? A child? Wait just a second.
What are you doing? I'm saving him, of course! If my deduction is correct I've got no time to listen to you! Judging from the fact that no one is around, that child must be moving that stone statue.
Out of the way! He's probably a NEXT that can control the things he touches.
Just move it! That child might be the culprit.
Even if he is the culprit, he's in danger! Your lack of judgment did us in earlier.
Well, that was I don't trust you.
And to be honest, I didn't want to team up with you, but it's the company's orders.
Oh, is that so? GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! Nobody move! Stop! It's Mr.
Legend! Don't you care what happens to this kid? W-What's wrong with this kid?! You're a? Don't.
I'm not supposed to touch anyone when I'm shining like this.
And why is that? I'll hurt people.
You've got it wrong.
Huh? Your power is meant to save people.
You saved me.
That makes you a Hero, too! I see you're awake now.
Don't try and show off now.
The stone statue stopped moving again.
Then go ahead and free yourself! I can't.
Huh? Unless I use my power, that is.
Then use it already! Our power only lasts for five minutes.
I don't really want to use it here.
Jeez Then Lil' Bunny can stay here and do as he pleases! Wait just a second! Now what? I might have misheard you, but did you just call me "Lil' Bunny"? Yeah, because you hop around and have long ears like a cute bunny rabbit.
My name's not Bunny! It's Barnaby! "My name's not Bunny! It's Barnaby!" I didn't say it like that.
"I didn't say it like that.
" Bonjour.
A different statue is on the move! The Lion Statue, the symbol of Helperidese Finance, is running towards New Morghen Area.
Care to free me as well? Huh? I won't be able to get center attention if both our powers are activated.
Hey, let's go.
All participants, get ready behind the stage.
Where is it? Tiger, can you hear me? You can't use your wire today.
What? That statue is a cultural artifact.
The Ministry of the Interior doesn't want it damaged.
A cultural artifact? Forget the statue, the peace is at stake! Are you sure? What about the damage fines? D-Damage fines? Do you know how much we'd have to pay if you destroyed a cultural artifact? Roger that.
You, there Get down from there.
Don't come near me! Hey! What? What's that? H-Hey! Settle down! Kaede Thank you, mister! Huh? Wha—? Now, run away quickly.
Thanks! Th-Thanks.
Huh? I don't see any reason why you should be thanking me.
You're right.
Help! Help! Don't get in my way.
Why are you doing this? Because they left me out.
They left you out? That's right.
They all ignored me, saying that I'm creepy! That's because he started moving dolls You call yourselves NEXT, but that just means you're not human, doesn't it? Of course it creeps us out! I didn't ask to have this power! I don't care! Hurry up and go away! I'll never forgive you.
I understand how you feel.
You're lying! I'm not lying.
I became a NEXT when I was about your age.
I creeped out my friends the same way.
I used to hate my powers, and cried every day.
But one day, a Hero named Legend taught me something.
He said, "Your power is meant to save people.
" That's impossible.
Why? Because my power isn't cool like the real Heroes.
It's all right.
Your power will be useful someday.
Really? It's a promise! Do you mean it? Yeah.
That's why you have to first apologize to everyone and go to the police.
Are you crazy?! If we don't arrest him, we won't get points! Shut up! You want to start using your powers for good, don't you? Then come down from there.
Look out! Help! Leave this one to me.
I knew you'd come.
Thanks, and thanks again.
Crap What's wrong? I'm out of time.
Huh? My power's about to run out.
We won't be able to hold it up any longer.
Hey, Tony! Please, help us out! Everyone's going to be in danger! Please, help us out! I can't.
You can! You can do it! I only have five seconds! Five, four, three That was cool! Way to go! You saved us, Tony.
That makes you a Hero, too.
A Hero Hey, Tony! You were really cool back there.
You still have some of your power left.
What? Well, that's odd I can't work with that man.
He's too naïve.
Things have just begun.
But, sir It's clear that you're drawing the audience's attention as the first superhero duo.
Now is your chance to sell your name.
You chose to reveal your identity to the public for a reason.
If you don't take this opportunity, all your efforts will be in vain.
Am I wrong? Okay I'm sorry.
I was so scared, you know?! If only I had been there, Daddy would have protected you.
I was all right without you, Dad.
Huh? There's a new Hero named Barnaby.
He saved me! He's really cool.
I've become a fan! Boku ga kie tooi mirai de kaseki ni nattara In the distant future, if I become a fossil What would people see in me? Hito wa boku ni nani wo miru darou Bunseki shite na wo tsukete kaidoku wo shitemo And even if I get analyzed, classified and deciphered Aishita hito wa boku shika shiranai Only I will know who I loved Hello ikiru koto Hey there life Kimi no hoka ni kimi wa dekinai Only you can be you From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From that bright sky that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara Bokura wa nani wo hashirareru darou What are we making run? Kiseki wa uchuu dake janai yo Miracles aren't limited to the universe Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters From that bright sky that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara Even if i close my eyes it's not enough Me wo tojikatte tojikirenai yo Ano hoshi sae motenakatta My heart couldn't even get Kokoro that star Ouroboros Hi! I'm Barnaby, the one with the glasses in "Tiger & Bunny".
Hey! Who went and planted a bomb here? I'm in the middle of an important interview.
Next time, on Tiger & Bunny: See ya.