Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Fire is a Good Servant, but a Bad Master.

1 Yeah, that kid we abducted was being noisy, so we killed him, didn't we? Hey, didn't we kill the parents, too? Kidnapping is the safest way to go, since all you have to do is kill them all in the end.
Here he comes.
Keep quiet! Sorry.
Get to sleep already! Jeez.
Wish he'd shut up.
Huh? I told those guys to be quiet! Gokigenyou doukashita n darou Hello, did something happen? Looking at your face it's obvious Kao wo mireba isshun de wakaru yo Senrigan senrigan Clairvoyance MESSOU MO NAI DESU It's not that absurd TAIKUTSU KARA MEGUMARETAI NO KAI? Do you want boredom to be fruitful? hantei wa shingi no renzoku de At the end of all our deliberations ! At the end of all our deliberations venus sashtari ! we decide to choose Venus We're dancing in the streets, perfectly euphoric ODORU MACHINAMI PERFECTLY EUPHORIA Though we cry at words that should be like nothing nandemo nai you na kotoba de naitari suru shi NANDEMO NAI YOU NA KOTOBA DE NAITARI SURU SHI Look, since it's us HORA, BOKUTACHI NANTE the idea is Zentei no wa JUUBUN dekiru no ni we could do just fine Zantei no nai The idea is DRAMATIC iku sa we'll go dramatically The successful one is Seikou no wa Just a superstar SUPERSTAR KARAKU Follow Orion on such a dark night Orion wo nAzoru konnA FukAi yoru I want someone close, I want to be hugged, Tsunagaretai hagu saretai Tsumari hanshin hangi acchi kocchi all I see is half-heartedness around me Shin mirai wo negau guuzenzetusugou no If my once-in-a-lifetime words that wish for a new future Kotoba ga moshi, moshi tsumugeru nara could maybe, possibly line up and make sense time would stop Jikan ga tomaru yo Ah, koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni There's no way it'd end here, though That's good! Great! Give me a nice smile.
Yes, just like that! Good! That's it! Very nice! Yes, like that! Wonderful! That's a good smile! That's sure to boost sales! He's so handsome.
We want to focus on Barnaby alone.
That one's just an extra.
Okay! It's cruel to leave the old man out like that, sir.
Yes! Great! Like that! That's good! Oh, yeah! What's so funny? Huh? Oh, uh well.
Boy, th-this comic sure cracks me up.
These three! They were my first arrest.
Huh? Oh! Oh, those guys! I'm surprised you remembered them.
Most people would.
Well, when you get to be like me, you can't remember every criminal's face.
You just have a bad memory.
Hey! It says that they died.
Is that so? That's it? Is there something else? What kind of attitude is that? Huh? What do you take a person's death as?! Isn't it our job to protect people's lives? You're a Hero, aren't you?! Don't shove your values down my throat.
What? Hello? Yes, of course.
I'll have Wild Tiger head over right away.
Well Barnaby has his hands tied at the moment, so please use Wild Tiger instead.
Yes, he is very durable.
Umm Mr.
Lloyds? Make the flames stronger.
Got it! Fire! Stronger! More! More! Make them much stronger! Well, aren't you sadistic? The building isn't going to hold out.
All right.
That's enough.
W-Water! How pathetic.
Aren't you being a bit more aggressive than usual with that flame of yours? Of course I am! Who wouldn't be, when they're suspected of murder?! How does it look? We still don't have enough data.
All right, we're doing this one more time.
Haven't we done enough?! Fire Emblem is facing a possible suspension from the show.
Now, continue.
Will this really clear him of any suspicions? If we reenact the incident last night and compare the data I told you, it wasn't me.
But no known device is capable of producing flames this powerful.
Therefore, it couldn't have been a normal person.
It's best to assume that the culprit is a NEXT.
Someone as powerful as you are.
I just don't like this.
I don't like this either! Am I required for this experiment? Couldn't you use a dummy? Excuse me? You're taking part in this experiment because I wanted to show you the suit's capabilities.
What? Now do you understand? Without the suit I created, you can't withstand the fire.
What's that supposed to mean? Oh? You like opera? My parents were fans, so I ended up liking it, too.
You must care deeply about your parents.
How sweet of you! Next, could you tell us about some of your dislikes? Um Are there things you dislike? Flames I don't like fire.
Umm Can we move on to the next question? Sure.
What's the best thing about your outfit today? My belt? Why do I have to do this again tomorrow?! "Not enough data"? Unbelievable! And now I'm suspended from HERO TV because of it! Jeez! That's the situation.
Help us out again tomorrow.
Huh? We're going to continue until his suspension is lifted.
You've got to be kidding.
The fact that he can't appear is a serious blow to our show.
You understand, don't you? But why me? If you don't like it, you can turn yourself in to the police instead.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? Say, is the culprit really a NEXT? I've never heard of a NEXT who is capable of producing flames more powerful than mine.
Quickly! The field! Out of the way! I'll save you! Hang in there! Hey! Hey! Come on! Hang in there! What happened here? I-I don't know.
It happened so suddenly.
Are there any witnesses?! Damn it! I've never seen this mark before.
Then have you ever heard of the name Ouroboros? No.
I see.
This mark Have you seen it before? No, I haven't.
If you know anything, please tell me.
I've finally found you! Hey, you! Tell me what that mark means! Please! Please, tell me! Ouroboros I'm told that incident earlier proved your innocence.
You mean, it's the same culprit who burnt the three to death? They were all killed in the same place, and in the same way.
There's no mistaking it.
You can drop me off here.
Huh? Isn't your house further down? Yeah, but I feel like taking a little walk.
Are you sure this place is all right? Yeah.
See you later.
Want me to sleep next to you tonight? What? I'll keep you company.
I'll probably get aches from using your arm as a pillow.
Aww, don't come crying to me later! Huh? It's no good.
I can't remember.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! [PART B.]
Saito! Wait! Wait! Wait! W-W-Whoa! Why isn't he answering?! Mr.
Saito! Mr.
Saito! It's me.
Huh? You were tampering with my cell phone, weren't you? What? Please don't do such silly things ever again.
Hey, wait! Wait! An apology won't be necessary.
Now's not the time for that! I'm being attacked by a strange guy! Yeah, yeah.
It's true! And I don't have my Hero suit right now.
I won't fall for your pranks ever again.
Hey, Bunny?! Bunny! Bunny! In that case Adios! Huh? Oh, my! Wait! Stop! What's this? Did you change your mind about my offer? No.
Take a look.
Huh? What's that? Bastard! What the hell do you think you're doing?! Hey! Take that thing down with your flames, like you always do! Use your own powers.
If I use them now, I'll be in trouble when I really need them.
Powers are meant to be used to save people.
Then how about saving me? Is it out of bullets? All right! Whoa It's not all right! Oh dear, I guess I have no choice.
Fire! You're kidding, right? Look out! That barbaric weapon is more powerful than my flames?! Do you suppose he might be the one behind the murders? What? It's possible.
We've got to catch him and make him confess.
He's coming! I'll act as a decoy.
What? Do something while I stall him.
Now! Whoa! You did well for once! You bastard.
What are you trying to do?! Hm? Hey, you're— More are coming.
That guy Huh? So, now you decide to show up? If you were planning to come, you should have said so from the start.
I didn't come here for your sake.
Then you came here for my sake?! No.
I didn't know you were here.
So where's the culprit? He got away.
And here I thought I could earn some points.
Oh, is that so? What? You've seen that man before? Yeah.
When? Where? I can't seem to remember.
I know I've seen him somewhere.
There might be no point in thinking about it.
Unfortunately, this old man can't remember faces.
Shut up.
Handsome is right.
You're no good at anything.
You're always getting in his way.
I feel so sorry for him! Weren't you the one who said you'd sleep next to me a moment ago? Huh? He's lying! It's not like that between us! Right?! If you'll excuse me.
I'm wasting my time here.
Hey! Then I'm going, too.
Huh? Oh, what? You called me several times, didn't you? That's right.
What were you doing? I was almost killed! You see, I was almost killed as well.
What?! The company elevator suddenly stopped.
Do you have any idea what kind of terror a claustrophobe like me has to deal with? No, I don't.
Besides, shouldn't the company properly maintain their elevators? I just finished fixing it.
Nice job, Mr.
Saito! Huh? I remember who that man was! Oh, my! He's the guy we passed at the elevator during that whole bomb scare! What's this about? Then, the culprit's goal is Let's go! What? What?! I don't understand any of this.
Hey Bunny, go faster! By the way, are you going to be all right without your powers? You can't use them for another hour, right? That doesn't matter! I won't be satisfied until I catch that guy with my own hands! Sorry to ruin your fun, but could you please tell me what the culprit is after? The culprit is trying to silence everyone who saw his face during the bomb scare.
What?! So who else was with you at the time? The director and the cameraman.
That's true.
Please do so.
Get it done by morning.
I'm counting on you.
Hey?! Stop that! Are you all right? Barnaby! We made it just in time.
You guys! Are you all right? Who is he? We'll explain later.
Now hurry and take cover.
Don't interfere! What's wrong? Are you done? Way to go, handsome! You always get to show off.
Then go right ahead.
Points don't matter here.
Really? In that case Hey, you! Time to give yourself up! Stop showing off and just arrest me.
Ouroboros Did you really think you could defeat us? Hey, what are you doing? You said I could handle this one.
That mark on your neck is an Ouroboros, isn't it? What is Ouroboros? Is it a crime syndicate? Where's the man who has that mark engraved on his hand? Answer me! What are you doing?! Please, move.
What's with you? Calm down! Don't interfere! Honestly, those two What are you fighting about? Don't move! Take off your masks and put your hands in the air! I'll blow her head off! All right.
You, too! Quickly! Hey! Handsome! Good.
What are you trying to do? Why did you kill those people in prison? What's your connection to them? Huh? You were behind that incident this morning, weren't you? What are you talking about? Don't play dumb! I told you, I don't know! I'll kill you first.
Is that a person? Who's he? Boku ga kie tooi mirai de kaseki ni nattara In the distant future, if I become a fossil Hito wa boku ni nani wo miru darou What would people see in me? And even if I get analyzed, classified and deciphered Bunseki shite na wo tsukete kaidoku wo shitemo Only I will know who I loved Aishita hito wa boku shika shiranai Hello ikiru koto Hey there life Kimi no hoka ni kimi wa dekinai Only you can be you Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Bokura wa nani wo kanjirareru darou What can we feel? Kiseki wa uchuu dake janai yo Miracles aren't limited to the universe From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Me wo tojitatte tojikirenai yo Even if i close my eyes it's not enough Ano hoshi sae motenakatta My heart couldn't even get Kokoro that star Hello! I'm Kotetsu, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who likes to chew candy! Huh? So, you showed up again? Who in the world are you?! It doesn't look like you'll answer my question, though! Next time, on Tiger & Bunny: