Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Go For Broke!

1 The verdict: the court finds that no civilian lives were saved as a result of the structural damages inflicted by Wild Tiger during the filming of HERO TV.
Therefore, Apollon Media is to provide full compensation for the damages.
Okay Court is adjourned.
Hey, why are you getting mad? This is my problem.
This is my problem, too! We work as a team, and that verdict will deduct points from both of us.
Who cares about points? We're doing it for the sake of the people— Cut it out! I've tried to put up with this since we're a team, but I've had enough of your meddling.
Meddling? You say you did it to protect the citizens, but all you did was destroy buildings.
You weren't helping anybody.
It was just this once.
You're always like this! You even butt into my personal business, like if I'm eating properly and what-not.
What's the big deal? It drives me crazy! Anyways, try to understand that some of the things you do in good faith are causing problems for those around you! Mr.
Barnaby! Can I get your autograph?! My kid's a big fan of yours.
This kid? Oh yeah, happy birthday.
Huh? Tomorrow's your birthday, isn't it? Why, yes.
Someone with your status must have an extravagant birthday planned.
Not really.
Here you go.
Wow, I'll treasure it forever! Oh! Please, let me get that for you.
I'm sure it's difficult while carrying your baby.
Hey! Umm What's wrong with that car?! Stupid car's got terrible timing! Gokigenyou doukashita n darou Hello, did something happen? Kao wo mireba isshun de wakaru yo Looking at your face it's obvious Senrigan senrigan Clairvoyance MESSOU MO NAI DESU It's not that absurd TAIKUTSU KARA MEGUMARETAI NO KAI? Do you want boredom to be fruitful? At the end of all our deliberations hantei wa shingi no renzoku de At the end of all our deliberations ! venus sashtari ! we decide to choose Venus ODORU MACHINAMI PERFECTLY EUPHORIA We're dancing in the streets, perfectly euphoric nandemo nai you na kotoba de naitari suru shi Though we cry at words that should be like nothing NANDEMO NAI YOU NA KOTOBA DE NAITARI SURU SHI HORA, BOKUTACHI NANTE Look, since it's us Zentei no wa the idea is JUUBUN dekiru no ni we could do just fine Zantei no nai The idea is we'll go dramatically DRAMATIC iku sa Seikou no wa The successful one is KARAKU SUPERSTAR Just a superstar Orion wo nAzoru konnA FukAi yoru Follow Orion on such a dark night I want someone close, I want to be hugged, Tsunagaretai hagu saretai Tsumari hanshin hangi acchi kocchi all I see is half-heartedness around me Shin mirai wo negau guuzenzetusugou no If my once-in-a-lifetime words that wish for a new future Kotoba ga moshi, moshi tsumugeru nara could maybe, possibly line up and make sense time would stop Jikan ga tomaru yo Ah, koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni There's no way it'd end here, though Morning, people! Isn't the weather wonderful today? Yeah, I guess.
After looking at those blue skies, things like having to pay fines seem so trivial, don't you agree? I don't think so.
Now, now, take it easy.
What's wrong? Are you feeling sick? No.
Your face just reminded me of what happened yesterday.
Hey! Hey! What happened yesterday? Never mind.
I'm getting sad just thinking about it.
Sad? Yesterday? Someone with your status must have an extravagant birthday planned.
Not really.
Could it be? A birthday party? That's right! Let's throw a party for Bunny! I think that's a wonderful idea! But was Pretty Boy really that depressed? Yeah.
It's the first time I've ever seen him look so sad.
It's a sign that he wants us to celebrate his birthday.
You sure you're not meddling in his personal matters? What? I mean, he doesn't seem like the type to enjoy surprises.
You just don't understand! When you surprise people like that with parties, they get teary, say "Thank you!", and shake your hand.
I'll pass.
Huh? I'm not interested in shaking his hand.
And besides, we are rivals, you know.
That's true.
But Fire Emblem says he's in.
Come to think of it, they're right.
Hey! What's wrong with you guys? Aren't birthdays a time for everyone to celebrate? Wonderful! Truly wonderful! Birthdays are special days.
I believe everyone should celebrate such a happy occasion! Right, Mister Wild? But these guys aren't Let's throw a party! Huh? Well, if the King of Heroes says so, I'll join in.
I like what you're saying, Sky High.
Hey, he said the same thing that I did! Now then, everyone! Let's work together to throw a party for Barnaby! All right! He stole the show So? What kind of present are you getting for him? Huh? This surprise party is his present.
You can't do that.
You need to give him something from the heart.
Then, what would be good? You're hopeless.
Want me to help you out? Uh all right.
You might look good in this.
I would never wear that.
I see.
Which one of these do you like? I'm not into wearing hats.
Oh, yeah Then, what about this apron? What is your problem?! Well, I'm doing research on everyone.
I want to know what people are into right now.
Why do you want to know that? It doesn't matter! Isn't there anything you want? I want that.
Huh? You want a TV? I meant that diamond! The diamond known as the Tears of Hercules is on display here in the Sternbild Central Museum.
Folks have been lining up to get a glimpse of this diamond, which is valued at roughly six million Stern! Well, that's out of the question.
I definitely want this.
All right, let's steal this next.
Again, Master?! What? Do you have a problem? You have all this.
Don't you have enough? If there's anything I want, I make it mine! I can get anything.
As long as I have my wealth, and this power of mine I called you because there's a gang of thieves hiding around here.
Shall we catch them together, Bunny? "I guess I have no choice.
" Thanks! Hey! He's the thief! Let's go! "Okay.
" Wait! There you are! Save me, boss! You're the boss of the thieves, aren't you? Who are you guys? We don't tell our names to people like you! We're going to catch you, scum! Do you think that'll be easy? What?! Put your hands up! Oh, no! We're surrounded.
You've been bad-mouthing our boss—calling him scum.
What should we do, Bunny? "I don't know.
" It's over.
And you're through! Save us! Die! Happy birthday! Okay, cut! I think we're good.
Yeah! I looked cool, didn't I?! "We don't tell our names to people like you!" That was awesome.
Yeah, yeah What kind of reaction is that?! How was I? I threw in some of my own lines.
You overdid it! "It's over.
And you're through!" That makes no sense.
I'll refrain from improvising.
So, did you decide on a present yet? Nah, I took your advice and tried to ask him what sort of fashion he preferred, but he didn't seem interested.
I see Sorry.
It's all right.
Thanks for helping.
So, I'm just going to go with this.
What are you talking about? This is a present from all of us! You need to give your partner something special separately! GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! Thank you for doing this every year.
It's no problem.
As your maid, baking a cake is pretty much the only thing I can do for you.
I'll continue to send you cakes for your birthday.
Thank you, Samantha! Master? Oh, sorry.
I'm sure your parents are sending you their blessings from the heavens.
I wish you a happy birthday.
Thank you.
Hello? Bad news! We've got a situation on our hands! Come right away! Nothing out of the ordinary.
This thing is really something.
Six million Stern, huh? Nothing here, and nothing here! Good evening.
So, did you decide on a present? Yeah! I thought of a lot of things and figured that I should be his present.
That's no good! He'd never like that.
Yeah, I guess not, huh? You should at least get him something.
But we don't have any time.
Here he comes.
Hurry up and hide! Hey! What's this about a situation? I called you because there's a gang of thieves hiding around here.
Shall we catch them together? No, thank you.
Huh? I thought it might be something like this.
You should only do that if we get a call from HQ.
A pickpocket! What are you doing? It got stuck Get going already.
Yeah, but Friend of yours? No, not at all! Hey! That thief ran away! Help me catch him! No.
Come on, let's go! Oh, sorry.
What is he doing? Excuse me, but the thief is completely out of sight.
What? There's no way to find him anymore.
That's not true.
Let's see Where was it? Where was what? Do you know where he's run off to? No! Not at all! He's probably somewhere around Ah! There he is! Hey! You're the thieves' ringleader, aren't you? How did you know? How? Umm, how? He's improvising again.
Who are you guys? Yes, that's what I want to know! We don't tell our names to— Barnaby.
Huh? I'm Barnaby Brooks, Jr.
Have you heard of that name? You mean the Hero?! Give up, and surrender yourself.
Well, I'm done here.
Huh? Why? He wouldn't bother running from a Hero.
Case closed.
Wait! Haven't we done enough?! Put your hands up! Oh, no! We're surrounded! You've been bad-mouthing our boss—calling him scum.
No one ever said that.
Huh? Really? Umm, what should I do? Are you making fun of me?! Oh, right! Save us! No.
Die! What's going on? That's what I want to know! You tried to use me as a shield, didn't you?! Uh, well, never mind that.
Hey, why did a bullet come out just now? Why are you talking to the thieves? What's going on here? Oh, this is Master! Nice work! Get us out of here! Something's not right.
Let's go.
What just happened? That's what I want to know! What's going on here? Ummm To tell you the truth, we were going to throw you a surprise birthday party.
More of your meddling! How many times do I have to tell you? You see how you always end up causing problems for those around you?! Bonjour, Heroes! Orders from the Justice Bureau.
There's been a robbery.
Get to work right away! H-Hey! Here's HERO TV! Now, then Today's criminal is There they are! It's the Pauly Gang, the wanted thieves!\ A NEXT? Yes.
He's able to cover his body in diamonds.
That sounds tough.
What should we do, Lil' Bunny? Don't bother me any more! Huh? Nothing good ever happens when you're involved.
From now on, I'll handle things under the notion that we're not a team.
Come on, get in.
Tiger & Barnaby! You guys ready?! You're pretty loud over the speaker.
Whoa! That's an extra for you guys! Huh? I heard it was Barnaby's birthday, so I modified his suit.
Tiger's, too.
Huh? Huh? Where? Hm? Huh? Owowow Whoa! Sky High, the King of Heroes, is the first on the scene! Because of you, our plan was ruined.
I worked so hard to remember my lines! Sky High! Let's go! And we see Tiger and Barnaby activating their powers! They have five minutes to use their Hundred Power! Scatter! Huh? Sky High has captured one of them! I won't forgive you guys.
I'm sorry Let's get the next one, Bunny.
Huh? Bunny? My ice is a little cold, but your crime— I'm too late.
Hey! At least let me finish my catch phrase.
Me, too.
I wanted to say my catch phrase, too.
I was standing by the whole time.
Alone, in a back alley It was lonely.
I'll let you have the last one to make up for it.
Go catch him.
No, I'll pass.
Let's let them handle it.
Huh? After all, today is a special day.
Damned bastard! You're mine, now! See you! Stop it! Let me go! You're not getting away! Powers exhausted in 30 seconds.
Hey, this is bad! Our powers are going to run out soon! I know that! Why do you have to say that in front of the enemy? So, your powers are about to run out? Then I'll play around with you guys one last time! Thanks for the offer! Man, you're tough! No one can defeat me! Do something! Uh-oh! Not even Tiger and Barnaby's powers seem to stand a chance against that diamond skin! Even Heroes can't defeat me! I'm the strongest person in the world! Five seconds remaining Four Three Good Luck Mode! Good Luck Mode! Three Two One Tiger & Bunny.
Over and Out! We did it.
Good job, you two! This feature is amazing! It boosts our power! No! Your power doesn't change at all.
Huh? It just makes you look cooler in battle.
What? That's it? Then, what about that power just now? It was the result of your splendid teamwork.
Huh? I never expected you two to smash through the diamond with your combined powers.
We didn't really work together.
Don't get the wrong idea.
That was just a coincidence.
Oh, come on! You guys were completely in sync.
You're finally starting to act like a team.
You can have this one.
It's a birthday present! Excuse me? Don't tell me you took it seriously when I said I wanted that diamond? I could never accept it.
Not that! I'm letting you arrest him.
What? It's points that you want, isn't it? Happy birthday.
There's nothing happy about it.
Huh? I told you that I'm sick of your meddling! But Happy birthday? How embarrassing.
Oh, is that so? Why are you smiling? I'm not smiling.
So Will this thing stay like this? In the distant future, if I become a fossil Boku ga kie tooi mirai de kaseki ni nattara Hito wa boku ni nani wo miru darou What would people see in me? Bunseki shite na wo tsukete kaidoku wo shitemo And even if I get analyzed, classified and deciphered Aishita hito wa boku shika shiranai Only I will know who I loved Hello ikiru koto Hey there life Kimi no hoka ni kimi wa dekinai Only you can be you Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters What can we feel? Bokura wa nani wo kanjirareru darou Kiseki wa uchuu dake janai yo Miracles aren't limited to the universe Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Me wo tojitatte tojikirenai yo Even if i close my eyes it's not enough Ano hoshi sae motenakatta My heart couldn't even get Kokoro that star That really surprised me.
I never thought we'd run into a real gang of robbers.
We weren't able to throw a proper party in the end! Huh? What happened to that bunny we bought as a present? Oh, if I'm not mistaken I'm not anyone suspicious.
Then, what's this? Oh, that's for a friend.
How suspicious! Come with me! Hey! Wait! Hi! This is Barnaby, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who saves his favorite food for last.
What? Fire Emblem is suspected of murder? That mark! Next time, on Tiger & Bunny: See you!