Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

There is Always a Next Time.

1 Apparently, he only kills murderers.
Lunatic is very likely to continue his actions until every criminal has been exterminated.
With Lunatic around, I don't think there'll be any more crimes.
He's definitely stronger than the Heroes.
He looks scary.
Hello, did something happen? Gokigenyou doukashita n darou Looking at your face it's obvious Kao wo mireba isshun de wakaru yo Clairvoyance, clairvoyance Senrigan senrigan MESSOU MO NAI DESU It's not that absurd Boredom girl, want to be blessed? TAIKUTSU GAARU MEGUMARETAI NO KAI? hantei wa shingi no renzoku de Judgment lies at the end of careful thought Judgment lies at the end of careful thought ! ! venus sustain People dancing in the streets, ODORU MACHINAMI PERFECTLY, EUPHORIA! sustaining Venus with perfect euphoria Though we cry at words that should be like nothing nandemo nai you na kotoba de naitari suru shi NANDEMO NAI YOU NA KOTOBA DE NAITARI SURU SHI HORA, BOKUTACHI NANTE But you see, the idea is Zentei no wa we're already JUUBUN tekitou ni The idea is Zantei no nai DRAMATIC sa dramatic enough The successful ones are Seikou no wa KARAKU Small superstars SUPERSTAR We trace Orion on this dark night Orion wo nAzoru konnA FukAi yoru I want to be close, I want to be far, Tsunagaretai hanasaretai Tsumari hanshinhangi acchi kocchi it's all half-hearted Shin mirai wo negau guuzenzetusugo no If our words, wishing for a dazzling new future, right here, right now, Kotoba ga moshi, moshi tsumugeru nara could possibly line up and make sense time would stop Jikan ga tomaru yo Ah, koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni There's no way it'd end here, though CEO of Poseidon Line This is problematic.
I never expected that this would lead to public distrust of Heroes.
CEO of Helios Energy If more people begin to doubt them CEO of Titan Industry HERO TV itself will be in jeopardy.
CEO of Hesperides Finance We must do everything we can to prevent that from happening! We've poured too much money into them.
CEO of Odysseus Communication Gentlemen.
Our current topic is Lunatic.
He might believe he's fixing the world, but the Justice Bureau cannot overlook his use of capital punishment.
We should put together a plan to apprehend him as soon as possible, before he can claim any more victims.
Considering we don't even know when he'll appear, there isn't much we can do.
CEO of Kronos Foods That's right! Please, calm down! The problem is that public support for Lunatic's ideals is on the rise.
Our top priorities should be thinking of ways to rebuild the public's trust in Heroes, and showing the people who the representatives of justice truly are.
Today, some currently active Heroes are visiting the Hero Academy.
Hero Academy Ugh, I want to go home.
If we have so much free time, we should be spending it looking for Lunatic.
Well, the higher-ups think it's more important for us to regain the people's trust.
And that helps us achieve our goal, how? So, we meet at last! Now, I shall teach you the secret to becoming a Hero! Oh, man Okay Everyone together, now! So hot Ugh, I want to go home.
You're still saying that? Ugh, I want to go home.
What, you too?! What happened? Just a moment ago, you were really getting into that ninja star thingie.
That was forced enthusiasm! I'm not fit to teach students.
Huh? I mean, all I ever do is stay in the background.
I'm the lowest ranking Hero.
All I do is stay in the background.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
I've even been getting bashed on my blog! Say what? It's full of comments saying that I'm not cut out to be a Hero, and that I should just quit.
I didn't know you had a blog.
I bet that I'm the one dragging down the reputation of Heroes the most.
Were you always this negative? Are you ready? Principal Massini.
It's been a long time, sir! Ah, Barnaby! You've become a fine Hero, I see.
It's all thanks to what I learned here.
I'm happy to hear that.
Ivan! I've been keeping up with your exploits, as well! Please don't use my real name, sir.
Ah, yes! I should be calling you Origami Cyclone.
You've both become so wonderful! Ah! Mr.
Tiger! Pleased to meet you.
Hello, hello.
I'm not a graduate, but I'm here anyway.
I'm sure the students would love to see an ex-star Hero! Leave out the first bit and just introduce me as a star Hero, okay? All right, then.
We're all looking forward to your special speeches! Yes, sir! Uh right.
The most important thing a Hero must do is earn points.
"Take it before it is taken from you".
That's a well-known saying in this business.
Yes, sir! The most important thing a Hero must do is protect the people! Destroy buildings, if you must! Don't worry about any damage fines! Yes, sir! The most important thing a Hero must do is appeal to his sponsors! Whenever you're on camera, make sure your logos are visible! Got that?! Huh? I'm not in this for screen time.
Can't you give us any tips on saving people, instead? Huh? Umm Mr.
Tiger! Please watch me! Me, too! Mr.
Tiger! Please look at mine, too! I'm over here! All right, all right.
Now, show me your powers! Yes, sir! This is my power.
I-is that it? I can stretch my skin this far.
That's a great smile! Mr.
Tiger, I can sweat a lot.
Sweat? How was that? Great smile! Watch my powers, too! Me, too! Me, too! Can we become Heroes? Y-You all have great smiles, that's for sure! Yeah! Thank you very much! Can I really become a Hero? I don't think I can do it.
That's not true! You're lucky, Edward.
Everyone says that once you graduate, you're bound to become a Hero.
I'm just a failure.
Hey, are you giving up? My power isn't useful for being a Hero, like yours is.
You'll be fine! Surely there's something that only you can do.
Something only I can do? Let's make sure that we both become Heroes, okay? Okay.
Thank you very much! Yeah! It might be tough for them to become Heroes, with powers like those.
They're more like circus freaks than NEXT.
What's up? Mind taking a look at my powers, too? Huh? Wow! Amazing! Wow! Amazing! There's no need to copy me.
There's no need to copy me.
Come on, I'm serious.
Come on, I'm serious.
Cut it out, Origami! Oh, sorry.
Being able to shape-shift into other people is an amazing power.
It's not really useful for saving people, though.
You think so? You could shape-shift into me, and use my Hundred Power.
I can copy a person's looks, but I can't copy their powers.
That sucks.
I knew it.
I'm not cut out to be a Hero, with a power like this.
I should just quit being a Hero.
Now I'm getting depressed.
Could you quit crying with my face? Oh, sorry! Just stop over-thinking it.
I'm sure there's something that only your power is capable of handling.
Someone else told me the same thing, once.
It was my friend, a NEXT who was at the top of our class.
I just couldn't take his words seriously.
But he never became a Hero, did he? The fact that you became one means that you were better suited for being a Hero.
That's not true.
Of course it is! You're completely mistaken.
Can the modesty! I said, you're mistaken! It should've been him, not me.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! You were always the perfect student.
Why, the whole school looked up to you.
No way.
You even had a fan club.
They all wore glasses just like yours.
Come on, you're embarrassing me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Umm what was he like, back then? Enough, already.
I'm talking about Origami, Bunny, not you.
Ah Well, Ivan He was very quiet, always hiding behind his closest friend at the academy.
Was that friend the NEXT who was at the top of his class? Yes.
A very gifted student, that one.
However, that student was responsible for an incident.
Incident? It's a very bitter memory for us.
Get the car ready! Have any Heroes arrived? Not yet.
Let's go, Ivan.
We're going to settle this! But using our powers outside is against academy rules.
That doesn't matter! Our powers are meant to save people.
What good are they, if we don't use them?! But my power is It'll be all right.
I'll back you up.
Let's go! I don't think I can do this.
You'll never be a Hero with that attitude! What's the hold-up?! I'll kill her! Give up, old man.
What the hell are you doing? Little bastard! Let me go! Damn it! Ivan! Help me! Hey, Ivan!! I heard about that incident.
Even though it was an accident, he was charged with murder.
Afterwards, Edward went to prison, and was no longer eligible to become a Hero.
So that's why It should've been him, not me.
Is this friend still in prison? Well Long time, no see.
Edward! This brings back memories.
You often asked me for advice here.
Why are you here? You're still I came to get revenge.
He escaped?! Yes.
I took a call, a few days ago Do you know what I've been through? Do you?! I was so close to becoming a Hero, if it weren't for you! Why didn't you help me back then? I was trying to save someone, so why is it me who's the criminal, while you're a Hero?! It's all your fault! I lost everything because of you! Origami! Edward! That's him! Get back here! Damn! Are you all right? Why did you interfere? I'd die, if it would make him feel better.
What kind of talk is that? I'm the one who ruined his life.
Edward's just looking for someone to blame.
From what I've gathered, you're not at fault.
He wanted my help back then! But I If I had just moved, he could've been a Hero.
He would've become a better Hero than me.
It's my fault.
All mine Then you have to stop him.
He committed a crime because of you, right? Will you let that happen again? But I can't do anything.
So you'll make the same mistake? Ivan! Help me! Hey, Ivan! Remember, you're a Hero, now.
I'm so good.
Quit bragging.
Please, just stop.
It looks bad.
It's no big deal! Let's go.
You have a good partner.
You must be joking.
Edward! Edward! What's with that face? Weren't you looking for me? Stop doing this.
Please, Edward! SHUT UP! Your time has come, sinful one.
Lunatic Why'd he shoot at me? You escaped from prison, without atoning for the murder you committed.
For that, you will pay with your life.
That was foolish.
Stay here.
Are you all right? Remember, you're a Hero, now.
Did you think you could escape from me? Wait a second! I'm the real one.
You? It's me you want, right? Kill me.
Senseless slaughter is against my principles.
Reveal yourself, sinner.
I told you, I'm the real one! You will atone for your sins? Very well.
But why?! All true sinners are cowards.
Accept the punishment of justice.
I'll protect Edward! I'm going to protect him! Then I have no choice.
Those who defend sinners are sinners themselves.
You won't get away! Great work, Origami! Why are you after Edward?! He has nothing to do with Ouroboros! You're not silencing people for your organization? I have come to bring atonement upon evildoers, for their sins.
Then you're not with Ouroboros?! You talk too much.
I lost my lead to Ouroboros because of you! Oh, that's too bad.
Don't just rush in, Bunny! So reckless.
Have you been consumed by hatred? Hear the voice of Thanatos.
That idiot! Are you all right? I'm all right I think.
Damn it! Calm down, already! But I have no wish to quarrel with Heroes.
What?! I give murderers what they deserve.
So that's why you're killing people? That is my concept of justice.
Then my concept of justice is arresting idiots like you! I shall see where your sense of justice leads you.
Come back! That bastard.
Hey, you can't pass! Let's start over again.
My failures And your failures Shut up.
Thanks for saving me.
I'll be waiting for you.
Hey, Bunny.
Yes? Aren't you glad that Palm-Face wasn't related to Ouroboros? Guess not, huh? Today's Hero Campaign was welcomed with a great deal of excitement all across the city.
Most of all, I'd like to credit Origami Cyclone for his work.
He's a true Hero.
From now on, I won't just stay in the background! Oww! In the distant future, if I become a fossil Boku ga kie tooi mirai de kaseki ni nattara What would people see in me? Hito wa boku ni nani wo miru darou And even if I get analyzed, classified and deciphered Bunseki shite na wo tsukete kaidoku wo shitemo Aishita hito wa boku shika shiranai Only I will know who I loved Hello ikiru koto Hey there life Kimi no hoka ni kimi wa dekinai Only you can be you Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters What can we feel? Bokura wa nani wo kanjirareru darou Kiseki wa uchuu dake janai yo Miracles aren't limited to the universe Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Me wo tojitatte tojikirenai yo Even if i close my eyes it's not enough Ano hoshi sae motenakatta My heart couldn't even get Kokoro that star Then you're not with Ouroboros?! You talk too much.
Why do you bother with me? I didn't want to team up with you.
I have no intention of asking for your help.
I don't trust you.
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