Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child.

1 There's nowhere to run.
Blue Rose has him cornered! No! And there's her "Cutie Escape"! Dragon Kid, the "Lightning Bolt Kung Fu Master", makes the arrest! I have no complaints about your results, but you're not eye-catching.
Eye-catching? You'd be more popular if you showed more charm.
I'll do my best to stand out! I've asked you before, but could you change the way you talk? Try to sound more feminine.
Feminine? You parents left you in my care, so it's up to me to raise you properly.
I know.
Why don't you put that on? No way! Isn't it a gift from your parents? I'll do anything else! That's out of the question, though! Gokigenyou doukashita n darou Hello, did something happen? Kao wo mireba isshun de wakaru yo Looking at your face it's obvious Senrigan senrigan Clairvoyance, clairvoyance MESSOU MO NAI DESU It's not that absurd Boredom girl, want to be blessed? TAIKUTSU GAARU MEGUMARETAI NO KAI? Judgment lies at the end of careful thought hantei wa shingi no renzoku de Judgment lies at the end of careful thought ! venus sustain ! People dancing in the streets, ODORU MACHINAMI PERFECTLY, EUPHORIA! sustaining Venus with perfect euphoria nandemo nai you na kotoba de naitari suru shi Though we cry at words that should be like nothing NANDEMO NAI YOU NA KOTOBA DE NAITARI SURU SHI But you see, HORA, BOKUTACHI NANTE the idea is Zentei no wa JUUBUN tekitou ni we're already The idea is Zantei no nai dramatic enough DRAMATIC sa Seikou no wa The successful ones are KARAKU SUPERSTAR Small superstars Orion wo nAzoru konnA FukAi yoru We trace Orion on this dark night I want to be close, I want to be far, Tsunagaretai hanasaretai it's all half-hearted Tsumari hanshinhangi acchi kocchi If our words, wishing for a dazzling new future, right here, right now, Shin mirai wo negau guuzenzetusugo no Kotoba ga moshi, moshi tsumugeru nara could possibly line up and make sense time would stop Jikan ga tomaru yo Ah, koko de owaru hazu ga nai no ni There's no way it'd end here, though Well? Did you have a good rest in the chamber I developed? I'm feeling great.
Does it still hurt? I'm fine.
That palm-face bastard's attack was nothing.
It's all thanks to this chamber I developed.
Well, you have remarkable endurance, if nothing else.
"If nothing else"? That's a few words too many.
Hey, this is all thanks to Tiger, there's an emergency.
Get to the training center, right away.
Trouble? You'll see once you get here.
He's adorable.
He sure is.
Very cute.
Me?! That's right.
What's this? Whose kid is he? He's the mayor's son.
Huh? The mayor and his wife were called in on short notice to attend to some official business, and they requested that Tiger look after their son.
What? Couldn't they get a babysitter? There's been a recent string of kidnappings involving children from wealthy families, so the mayor figured it would be safer to leave him with a hero.
We're not the mayor's personal staff.
This job has been appointed to you! Take care of little Sam, got it? Why does it have to be me? It's perfect for you.
It sure is! I bet you'd make a great daddy some day.
Huh? He already is a good dad.
Huh? What do you mean? Shh! Didn't I tell you? I have a nine-year-old daughter.
Daughter?! Then you have a wife, too?! Well, she was taken by illness five years ago.
But enough of the depressing stuff.
It makes me uncomfortable.
I get it now.
That's why they chose you.
Oh! Did you have a nice little nap? What's going on? Oh, that's right.
I forgot to mention that he's a telekinetic NEXT, so be careful.
You could have said that earlier! Make him stop crying, already! Okay! Leave it to me! Upsy-daisy! Sky High! Mama! And Sky uh You take him.
Leave it to me! Peekaboo! Mamaaaa! No good.
Pass! I can't handle this! Mama! Perhaps a woman would be better.
He's saying "mama", after all.
Oh That's a good boy.
How rude! Hey, Blue Rose, help us out! Daughter Wife It's no good, she's cracked! Dragon Kid, your turn! Don't look at me.
You need a girl! You are a girl! But I'm not girly.
Mama He likes you.
Ni hao Say, why do I have to stay here? I need you around in case he starts crying again.
But why are you at my place? Eh? Wasn't this supposed to be your job, old man? Oh come on, we're a team, right? Besides, I don't want him wrecking my stuff.
I don't want him wrecking mine, either.
What, like that computer? It's no big deal if that breaks.
Scary old man, isn't he? Uh oh Aww! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! That's what you didn't want broken? You're just a big kid, aren't you? You're way different than I'd imagined! This was a gift from my parents.
Eh? Happy birthday.
This is a present from me, son.
Wow Thank you.
I see, then.
Looks like he wants that.
Please, be careful with it.
No point telling a baby that.
Did your mommy pick that flower pattern? How cute! What? Are you serious? Hey, that design might like good on you, too.
Absolutely not! You'd definitely look cute! Like I'd even want to be cute.
My parents gave me something like that, but I don't like it at all! Listen Do you understand the feelings a parent puts into picking presents? They're thinking about you from afar, you know.
They don't understand my feelings at all! Come on, he has a point.
You should treasure the things your parents give you.
That was pretty childish, Bunny.
Well? Hmm It doesn't smell right.
Let's move on.
Here I go.
Coochie coochie coo! It was worth putting you through those special classes.
You're the pride of our family no, our country! Pao-Lin Wear this, and become a famous Hero! Oh Sure.
Dinner's ready! You hungry, little guy? Mama I'm not giving in.
Please don't mess up my room any more.
Give it here! But I'm the one who put all the effort into making it! Are these There, there.
That's a good boy.
Are they asleep? Yes.
You know, it's sad to see a kid who doesn't understand her parents' feelings.
You mean Dragon Kid? I can't ignore it, since I send stuff to my daughter, too.
I wonder what she thinks of me.
How are your injuries? You're worried about me? Uh, well You were injured protecting me.
Well, endurance is my only strong point, right? That's right.
Um did you gather all that data by yourself? Yes.
It must have been tough gathering all of it alone.
I've been desperate the last 20 years.
I can't forget the day I saw my parents murdered, even now.
You saw it? Then did you see the murderer's face? I don't remember.
The only thing I can remember is the tattoo on the back of the murderer's hand.
Tattoo? I've been chasing the murderer with only this mark to go on.
Then, I saw a criminal in the news with the same tattoo.
The accused, J.
Benjamin, is sentenced to 250 years in a special prison cell.
Court is adjourned! What does that mark mean?! I've finally found you! Tell me what it means! Please! I'm begging you! Ouroboros Ouroboros? What the hell is Ouroboros?! I found out that this mark is connected to Ouroboros, but My only lead, that man, went mad in prison and died.
It's been twenty years, and I still haven't caught up to the murderer.
If only I could remember his face.
I get that you're frustrated, but you need to relax.
You can't remember something just because you want to remember it.
It'll work out.
You'll find him.
'Morning! This place reeks of alcohol.
Shall we take a walk? What a nice smell.
This place smells like money.
It's full of rich people.
Sis, over there! Sis, that's a pretty good one.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! That was careless.
Shut up.
I'm trying to sleep, here.
Agnes! Do you know how many times I've rang?! Thanks for going to all that trouble.
I didn't do it for your sake.
This is the mayor's child.
We need to make sure everything goes smoothly.
Is that right? So, where's the baby? I think he's still sleeping.
Hurry up and tell us how to contact your family.
Don't bother lying, either.
I can sniff out lies.
Stop it! Tell us, already! Where are you right now?! We have your children.
Who are you? If you want to see them again, bring one million Stern to Warehouse Number 3 at the West Bronze Docks.
What?! If you tell the police, your kids are dead.
Kidnapped? How could you let this happen?! What if something happens to the mayor's baby, huh? H-h-hold on! We should go save them, instead of wasting time here.
As long as they have hostages, we can't take any chances! I have a plan.
The kidnapper only heard Ms.
Agnes' voice.
Agnes, when you go to the designated place, pose as the mother and draw the kidnapper's attention.
In the meantime, the old man and I will save them.
Quit looking over here, idiot.
Give us the money.
You're the serial kidnappers that people have been talking about recently, aren't you? Oh dear! It seems we're famous.
"Kidnapping" is such an ugly word.
We're only babysitters.
Our fees are just a little high.
Are my children safe?! Let me see them, first! You aren't their mother, are you? Sis! That bag doesn't smell like money! You tricked us! You can't fool our noses! Take care of Agnes! Get back here! Are you all right? It's ruined! Huh? It was my favorite, too! You'd better catch them! Right! That hurts! I've seen you before.
Aren't you a Hero? And what if I am? But you don't smell like money.
That's none of your business! Oh, I'm sorry! Say, couldn't you just let us off the hook? That's not going to help you! Hey! He's lying right now.
I'm not lying! It's not getting to me at all.
That's what you get for letting your attention wander! Come back here! Saying that won't do any good.
He's quite the big shot, isn't he? Even in a situation like this, he's sound asleep.
I smell danger.
Are you a NEXT, too? Hmm? We sisters are all NEXT.
Mary can smell money.
Lily can sniff out lies.
And I can smell danger.
We use those powers to run a babysitting business.
The loving parents of kids like you are our best customers.
"Loving"? Don't bother playing dumb.
That baby's hat In the language of flowers, the yellow marigold represents "health".
Flower language? Your parents love you two so much, they're sure to pay out.
Wear this, and become a famous Hero! It's a gift from your parents, isn't it? What is this smell of danger? Sis! Heroes got in our way! What?! Damn! Where'd they go? What do we do, sis? The smell of danger's lingering in the air.
Start the car! Leave her behind.
Huh? Why? She's a NEXT, so we're leaving her.
What?! This kid's a NEXT, too?! Do something! Get these handcuffs off of me.
Not a chance! Yes! Electricity won't work against me! This is your special hat, you should always be wearing it.
That's a good little guy.
It'll be over soon.
Just wait for a bit.
These kids are dangerous.
They're too dangerous.
Sis! I'm going at full power! You all right?! Hold on, we'll save you! It's all taken care of.
Huh? All thanks to him.
I didn't get to do much, today.
That image just now What's wrong, Bunny? Thank you.
You saved my neck.
It wasn't too much trouble, I hope.
Of course it wasn't.
Feeling down? No, not really.
Hey, is that Oh, this is Well It's something my parents got for me, so I see! You look really cute.
Really? Hello? Oh, Kaede? What is it? Listen What happened to that hair clip I gave you? Oh, that? It's being worn every day.
It is?! By Grandma.
Oh Boku ga kie tooi mirai de kaseki ni nattara In the distant future, if I become a fossil Hito wa boku ni nani wo miru darou What would people see in me? Bunseki shite na wo tsukete kaidoku wo shitemo And even if I get analyzed, classified and deciphered Aishita hito wa boku shika shiranai Only I will know who I loved Hello ikiru koto Hey there life Only you can be you Kimi no hoka ni kimi wa dekinai From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Bokura wa nani wo kanjirareru darou What can we feel? Kiseki wa uchuu dake janai yo Miracles aren't limited to the universe Kagayaki tsuzukeru hikatta hoshi kara From the bright star that still glitters Kagayaki tsuzuke hikatta ano sora kara From that bright sky that still glitters Even if i close my eyes it's not enough Me wo tojitatte tojikirenai yo Ano hoshi sae motenakatta My heart couldn't even get Kokoro that star Who is he? Hi! I'm Kotetsu, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who eats the ice in his juice! A paid vacation, eh? What? A bomb scare?! I guess this is no time for a vacation.
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