Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

The Sky's the Limit...

1 Sky High isn't doing so well lately.
His days are over.
You're right.
It's all about Tiger & Barnaby now! Here he is! Sky High, the former King of Heroes, and the Wind Wizard! If this keeps up, It'll only be a matter of time before you slip to third place.
I'm sorry.
I could have reclaimed the torn page Now I don't remember where I dropped it Yet what bothers me most is that there's no beauty looking forward After all, I did have a dream as my spell What can I hate? My past? Myself? I only wish it could be someone else We imagine such a future But even after we lose it, we'll still be the heroes of our story And even if the future is bleak, so long as we have the present we will write as many chapters of this dream as we need He sure is energetic today.
What's gotten into him? On the other hand That one is quiet today.
Let's get going, Kotetsu.
Hey, Bunny.
Again with the excessive workout? At this rate, you won't last through the day.
Don't worry, I've been feeling great lately.
Stop joking around and get ready.
We're going to be late for our interview.
All right! Let's go! They're busy as always.
Don't you agree, Sky High? I've never seen him sigh like that.
Who can blame him? He probably has mixed feelings about seeing those two take the spotlight.
No enemies can beat them! They're the invincible Tiger & Barnaby! But against tough stains, they'll use this to Knock-knock-knock out! The new Hero of cleanliness, Super Dish! Now on sale! Oh! John! Come back here! Stop that, John! Are you okay? I'm fine.
Thank goodness.
Oh, mind if i sit next to you? No.
Sorry for all the commotion.
Not at all.
What a nice place.
Oh yeah.
Have one.
I'm sorry.
Are you a NEXT too? I don't know.
I see.
Your powers just awakened.
It's all right.
Controlling them will be difficult at first, but you'll quickly get used to it.
By the way, my powers awakened when I was eighteen years old, during summer.
Barnaby, when did your NEXT powers awaken? It seems I already had them when I was two.
I'm told my mother would often say she had trouble with me, because I would start crying and activate my powers whenever she'd put me down.
Sounds like a pretty cute story.
Don't you think so Mr.
Wild Tiger? Oh, yeah! Did we have to do that in swimsuits?! So sorry! I couldn't schedule the swimsuit photo shoot and the interview at different times.
We're not super stars.
Don't you hate doing all this? Actually, I don't mind at all.
What?! In fact, I'm enjoying each and every day.
You are? Everything I see and do feels so different now, compared to when I was living for revenge.
Mind if I ask you two to hurry up? You can take your break in the car.
There's still more? Didn't you look at the schedule? Next, you two are appearing on a variety show, then you're doing a guest voice role for a New Year's anime special.
Now hold on a second! What are we trying to become here?! We're supposed to be Heroes! Oh, don't get so upset.
It's not like you're getting called into action.
That's true, but Hey, isn't that Sky High? What is he doing? Oh gosh, you didn't know? Huh? That's Sky High's night job.
Ever since he became a Hero he's patrolled the city every night.
Wow, he's such a boy scout.
Thank you very much! It's true! I've been feeling great lately! The other day, I activated my powers and I went flying, like "whoosh" then "boom", and "bang"! You're not making sense to the listeners.
Remember, we're on the radio.
Anyway, I had a lot more power than usual! You could say that Wild Tiger is still evolving! How wonderful! How thrilling! I'm thrilled at how wonderful you are too.
What an idiot! It must be rough working so early in the morning.
Now, now, don't get depressed.
You can still make a comeback as number one.
Comeback? I was actually thinking about love issues.
What?! Sky High is in love?! Oh dear.
Everyone's falling in love these days.
Is that why you've been depressed lately? How could you not tell us? Who is she?! Well, um— When did you meet her? About three days ago.
Did you already say you like her? Of course not! Jeez, you're so shy! All right, then! We'll give you some advice on love! Yeah! Please go easy on me.
All right! First off, smile! No woman could resist a smile from a hot guy! Hey, good evening.
If I was her, I would like it if a boy said something nice about me.
That hair band It's a very nice red.
It looks good on you.
Do you like red? No.
I see.
Girls have a weakness for physical contact! Touch her in a casual way! Well, see you around.
Can you look towards the camera, please? Mine too! We have a question for you two.
Who is the person you admire most? I'd have to say Mr.
Legend! Oh Because he's cool! Uh-huh And you, Mr.
Barnaby? I suppose that would be my parents.
I see.
My parents were doing research on robots.
Their dream was to create a robot that could save people and make the world peaceful.
They were great partners at work and at home.
I look up to my parents even now.
That's a great answer.
I'm really surprised.
Your parents worked in robotics? Yes.
I remember them taking me to their lab many times.
They looked so cool when they were working.
I really loved my parents.
I wish Kaede would say something like that about me.
I'm sure she does.
No way.
Whenever I call her, all she does is complain.
Like how my stories are outdated.
Or that my jokes are dumb.
Or that my beard is lame.
That's for sure.
Come on Hey, look up there.
HERO TV? The suspect is on the run with hostages.
And in pursuit is Sky High! Can he make a successful arrest today? Why weren't we informed? Is it malfunctioning? No, I had you two excused.
What!? You two have been quite busy with interviews lately, right? With the Second League Heroes around, I decided it wasn't worth taking your time to Are you serious? Our job as Heroes is to save the people! Not to smile in front of the cameras! Calm down, Kotetsu! She did it! Dragon Kid has captured the suspect! And Origami Cyclone manages to get some points for saving the hostages.
The younger Heroes are taking the spotlight this season.
Meanwhile, Sky High had a sudden crash at the end.
He wasn't able to do anything again.
What has happened to Sky High?! GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! I didn't expect to find you here at such a late hour.
Mind if I talk a little bit about myself? No.
You see, until recently I was the best at my job, but not anymore.
Dropping in rank doesn't really bother me, but I'm just not sure if I can live up to everyone's expectations any more.
I failed once and learned how powerless I am the hard way.
When I think that I may not be able to do anything, I become afraid and unable to move.
I feel pathetic.
The way I'm performing now It's the same as if I weren't around.
Why? Even if I'm around, I'll end up disappointing everyone.
Why? Why? Because Why? You're trying to get me to confront the truth, aren't you? It's true.
I just made up excuses and didn't do anything about it.
Thank you, and It's late.
I'll walk you home.
I am fine.
Sorry for saying such strange things.
See you tomorrow.
Until tomorrow.
There you are, Cis.
You had me worried.
I'm sorry.
Okay! Another day wasted on interviews.
Doing interviews is also an important part of our job.
But if we keep this up, we'll get out of shape.
You know You could use a lesson from Mr.
Sky High.
Huh? Even when he was so busy like this, he never once complained.
I know that but What the heck?! Cis, stop! Are you all right? Who are you? She seems to be a power-type NEXT.
Are you serious? Heroes Heroes Finally! I get to do some real Hero work.
Hey, try to calm down a little! Heroes Looks like reasoning with her is out the window.
Guess not! What?! What incredible power.
What the hell is wrong with her?! Amazing She's amazing! Yes.
I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I am fine.
She's not human! I didn't know such an advanced android existed.
She didn't just happen to exist.
I brought her into existence.
You created her? I realized the limitless possibilities of androids.
Androids will surpass humans No, they will surpass even NEXT.
I've been conducting research to create the most powerful being that will stand above us all.
I poured all of my results into Cis.
She is my masterpiece.
Heroes! Stop! What about Heroes?! What do you want? Why is she going after us Heroes? She's not really going after you.
She's just sort of malfunctioning.
She has data on Heroes to draw from.
In order to become the most powerful in the world, she needed to be able to surpass the Heroes.
But then a few days ago While I was transporting her, there was a lightning strike.
Cis took that opportunity to jump out of the car.
When I finally found and retrieved her Her system appeared to have been damaged by the electrical shock.
Whenever she recognizes something Hero related, she goes into battle mode.
Well, that about sums it up.
But this is better than i had imagined! I never expected her to be able to fight this well against Heroes.
I must thank your parents for this.
You still don't recognize me? You're! I am Rotwang.
I worked for your parents.
Cis is based on their research.
Their research was passed on to me, and I took it to the next level.
Your parents would have been pleased.
No, they wouldn't! My parents wanted to make an android that could save people! The didn't want to make a weapon of destruction like this! I advanced their work.
As researchers, that is what they would have wanted! I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I am fine.
Unless you smash her to bits, Cis will continue to destroy the city.
The city is plastered with the faces of Heroes.
No! Youdamnbastard! Stay put! Come back! I thought I activated my power at the same time as Bunny.
What's going on? Damn it! She can even fly? Stop right there! Sky High! Let me handle this one! What kind of an android is this?! I will not allow you to wreak further havoc! The only way to stop her now is to destroy her! It's over! Sky High! I did it! I did it! He sure looks energetic today.
Well, I'm glad he's feeling better.
Wish I could say the same for him.
I wonder if something happened.
Do you think it'll happen again? Huh? Something like last night's incident with the android.
Are you all right, Bunny? I'm shocked that my parents' research was being continued in such a way.
But I could never know what my parents really wanted.
I feel disappointed that I don't know what they wanted.
What's wrong, you two? What good will it do if we Heroes are depressed? That would be setting a bad example for the people! You're right.
Let's continue to work hard for the people of the city! Yeah.
Now then Oh, where are you going? I'm going to go thank her.
Huh? You mean to the woman you were talking about?! Oh, my! Then it worked out?! Go get 'em! Fire! In a corner of the gray-dyed city, I was seeing a dream, no more than my imagination I somehow started thinking about the meaning of existance Right or left by all myself and you may actually more more more And in such a world, I was asked, "Just what is it you can do?" And I felt like your smile was teaching me And I felt like I was experiencing the pain of having found the light Arms outstretched, everyone loses sight of the eternal truth trying to grasp their fleeting dreams.
I wish to believe that the one who brought light to the endless gray of tomorrow wasn't just anyone I will forever share both my past and my future Hey.
Wow, long time no see! I was surprised to suddenly hear from you! There was something I wanted to ask you.
Can I have what he's having? Huh? Have you felt any different lately? Huh? Not really.
Well, the other day my power did get a sudden boost.
But that's about it.
Did your Hundred Power end before your five minutes were up? Huh? Stay calm and listen to me.
Your powers might be declining.
Declining? It's very rare, but some NEXT gradually lose their powers.
Before their powers go, they become more powerful.
Just like a candle before it goes out.
Here you go, sir! Hi! I'm Kotetsu, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who puts on his left sock before the right one! So you've shown up again, Lunatic! Who the hell are you?! Wait, am I losing here? Next time on Tiger & Bunny: Could I try that again?