Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Truth Lies at the Bottom of a Well.

1 Dad, stop! Stop! Honey, no! With 5,930 points, Barnaby is the runaway top-ranked hero.
He's in hot pursuit of a suspect wanted for robbery and murder! Folks, history could be made tonight! Will Barnaby, the King of Heroes, be able to break Legend's record?! I could have reclaimed the torn page Now I don't remember where I dropped it Yet what bothers me most is that there's no beauty looking forward After all, I did have a dream as my spell What can I hate? My past? Myself? I only wish it could be someone else We imagine such a future But even after we lose it, we'll still be the heroes of our story And even if the future is bleak, so long as we have the present we will write as many chapters of this dream as we need You damn grasshopper! Uh-oh! Lunatic has appeared yet again! All right! Our ratings are about to jump.
Sinful one Accept your punishment of justice.
No Please I beg you.
Oh no you don't! My time's almost up.
Bunny, I'll lure him away.
You take care of the grasshopper.
Got it.
How will Tiger and Barnaby take on Lunatic tonight? Come on Lunatic, entertain us.
What a joke.
And the moment has finally arrived! What? That's it?! That wasn't exciting at all.
And the moment has finally arrived! Barnaby has gained the most points in a quarter-season! He's broken Legend's record! Guess this'll do.
I escaped death thanks to you guys.
Be quiet and come with me.
And now, a congratulatory speech from Mr.
Albert Maverick.
I would like to first say congratulations to Barnaby for setting a new record.
Legend, who for years held this record, remained at the top until the day he died.
He was a Hero amongst Heroes.
But today, a young Hero who has surpassed Legend is born for the new age! I'm sure you'll even set a new record for the season.
Here's to hoping that you will use your gifted talent and skills to lead the other Heroes as well.
It's starting to get cold out these days, isn't it? What about your party? They'll be fine.
Thank you very much.
You let me arrest the suspect again, didn't you? I wasn't going to ruin your moment.
I couldn't have done this without your help, Kotetsu.
That's not true.
Anyway, I'm happy for you.
Maverick sure looks happy too.
He really is like a father figure to us Heroes, huh? Yes.
He's like a father to me.
What do you mean? Well Mr.
Maverick and my parents were very good friends.
He would take care of me whenever my parents were busy doing research.
He was with me the whole time even on that Christmas Eve twenty-one years ago.
Thanks, Uncle Maverick! I'm okay from here! My parents were killed right after that It's time to go.
It's all right.
You're not alone anymore.
Following that incident, I became an orphan and Mr.
Maverick took me in.
Starting today, this will be your home.
He raised me as if I were his real son.
I didn't know.
He looked after me even when I went to boarding school.
Barnaby Brooks Jr.
here has been officially approved by the Justice Bureau.
He is the new Hero who will be keeping the peace in Sternbild.
And knowing that I was seeking the person who murdered my parents, he suggested I become a Hero.
He even made all the necessary arrangements for me.
Without Mr.
Maverick, I wouldn't be here today.
I see.
Until now, my only goal in life was to avenge my parents.
But now I have a new goal.
I'm going to make the Hero world that Mr.
Maverick built become bigger and more exciting, and repay him for everything he's done for me the past twenty years.
That is my dream.
Oh, come on.
Dream, you say? What about you, Kotetsu? Do you have any dream? I'm glad you asked! My dream is to get my kid to say that I'm cool! That's simple enough Hey, what's that supposed to mean? That's not a really a dream.
It's a desire.
Who cares about your standards! To me, it's a dream! I hope you get your wish someday.
It doesn't seem like I'll be getting my wish any time soon.
It's very rare, but some NEXT gradually lose their powers.
Legend has set another record.
He is truly a man of legend! Benoit Depardieu He has assaulted and murdered nine women in the past two years.
Due to his targets only being women, he is feared as "The Lady Killer.
" I see.
And you said a civilian informed police of his sighting? Yes.
We are currently looking into that information.
Please hurry.
We need to have the heroes deal with him before Lunatic kills him.
I will.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! What? You're the Lady Killer? You're joking! Yup, I was just joking! Say Wow! Wanna have a little fun? Trying to buy yourself a woman? You're such a bad boy.
You like bad boys, don't you? What's with that look?! You're thinking that I'm useless, aren't you?! Well?! Dad, stop! Stop! Honey, no! You damn brat! How is it? Is it good? Tastes too bland, you say? All right.
Oh, Yuri.
Mind getting me the vinegar over there? Looks like Yuri has entered his rebellious phase, hasn't he, Dear? Don't make me repeat myself, Mom.
Dad is dead.
It's all because of you! He was just going through some hard times He would have gone back to being the father he once was.
But you You devil! You You! What's with that look? Are you going to kill me too? Such horror! Over here.
We didn't have to meet in a place like this.
Oh, I'll have a Legends-Cola.
So what did you want to talk to me about? Right, I did some digging on NEXT losing their powers and came across something really big.
What is it? I hate to tell you this, but It seems Legend also suffered a decline in his powers.
What?! Keep it down! Uh Oh yeah, a Legends-Cola.
Don't be ridiculous.
Do you have any proof? I talked to someone who was a hero at the same time as Legend.
I'm fairly positive.
Legend is the man who established that legendary record.
A hero like him couldn't have— I know how you feel.
I don't want to believe it either.
But it seems at the time they regularly staged the show to have the other Heroes corner the criminals, and let Legend take the actual credit for the arrest.
Are you serious? Not only that, they even went as far as to erase any arrest records that made him look bad.
So that's why there were no records on Jake With his powers declining, I guess he had no choice.
It would have been impossible to remain at the top otherwise.
I'm told that Legend himself was troubled over this, and frequently drowned himself in alcohol.
So, how are you holding up? Have your powers declined? Well, in a way.
I see Here's some friendly advice.
You should start thinking about what to do with your life, before you end up like Legend.
Are you telling me to quit being a hero? I don't want you to quit, either.
But you can't continue this work forever.
Listen, I'm saying this for your own good.
I can still do this! That makes you a hero too! Yuri, if you see bad people, you mustn't turn a blind eye to them.
Become someone strong who can punish evil.
That's my boy.
Why? Why are my powers fading?! You've done more than enough for this city, Dear.
Shut up! People are expecting me to do this! I can't let it end here! What do you know about my suffering?! I mustn't turn a blind eye.
I must become strong.
You again? How long are you going to torment me? Is what you did to me truly the right thing? I am punishing evil in order to prove that— Someone, help me! Now then It's time for your spanking.
Hey, what do you think you're doing? Help me! And who might you be?! Tiger, head to the scene right away! Sorry, I'm a little busy right now.
What?! Are you a Hero? So what if I am? Uh, hate to break the mood but The time of judgment has arrived.
Did you really think you could escape from a Hero of Justice? You can't lay a finger on me.
That's odd.
I thought you said I couldn't lay a finger on you.
How pathetic! I'm surprised a weak guy like you can be a Hero of justice.
You ought to quit being a Hero, if you can't even catch one ordinary human! Barnaby has successfully arrested the terrorists.
and has rescued countless civilians! We Heroes fight for justice and for the people of Sternbild.
Say, how would you like a little spanking? Ooh, sounds like fun.
What the hell is that? Sinful one, accept your punishment of justice.
Are you a Hero too? Okay.
I surrender.
Not! Oops, sorry! My hand slipped.
The voice of Thanatos shall release you from your dark curse.
and send you down the path of atonement and rebirth.
I guess the jig is up.
Fine, I'll turn myself in quietly.
Hey, are you listening? Are you crazy?! That's not what Heroes of Justice are supposed to do! You made two mistakes.
First, I'm not a Hero.
And second This is my idea of justice.
In a corner of the gray-dyed city, I was seeing a dream, no more than my imagination I somehow started thinking about the meaning of existence Right or left by all myself and you may actually more more more And in such a world, I was asked, "Just what is it you can do?" And I felt like your smile was teaching me And I felt like I was experiencing the pain of having found the light Arms outstretched, everyone loses sight of the eternal truth trying to grasp their fleeting dreams.
I wish to believe that the one who brought light to the endless gray of tomorrow wasn't just anyone I will forever share both my past and my future There are chances of possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, so please take precautions when you go out.
We've just received breaking news.
Serial killer Benoit Depardieu, known as "The Lady Killer", was murdered last night.
Judging from the scene of the crime and according to eye-witness accounts, he was murdered by Lunatic.
We shall see how the Heroes will handle this event.
You should start thinking about what to do with your life.
You ought to quit being a hero, if you can't even catch one ordinary human! Hi! I'm Barnaby, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who goes to a hairstylist twice a month! Kotetsu went to visit his family? Well, he is getting old.
I hope you get some good rest, old man.
Next time on Tiger & Bunny: See you!