Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e24 Episode Script

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

1 H-01 will replace all of you NEXT, and will be this city's new Hero.
A new age will dawn! You call this thing a Hero? You can fight it together if you'd like.
If you can't defeat H-01, you can't protect anything: the people of this city, your friends, or your daughter.
Kaede But I'll let one of you live.
The quickest one wins.
If you want to live, flip the deactivation switch on your collar.
However, once you do so, everyone else's will explode.
You have until Tiger and Barnaby are defeated by H-01.
The moment they lose, everyone will die, even if no one has flipped their switch.
Let's go.
Someone must have stolen my torn page from me because I don't remember losing it But on it, missing but not amiss I'm sure was a chapter titled "My dreams" What should I hate? The past? Myself? If only I could, I'd hate someone else The reason we, a cast of characters, think of the future is because the lead actor can never change even if we no longer know the story Though no one ever praises us, so long as we know we exist we can write as many chapters titled "Our dreams" as we want Tiger We're counting on you two.
Beat that thing and save us! Don't bother with such foolish expectations.
They cannot win against H-01, and you know it.
Now, make your decision! None of us will give in to you! Do you really believe that? Someone could betray you at any time.
Hang on, Kaede.
I'll save you right away! We need more time.
Damn it! Then I'll do this even without my powers! Wait! But Kaede is— Look out! What the heck was that? We don't stand a chance without our powers.
We have to hold out until we recover, huh? Pull yourselves together, guys! I almost feel sorry for them.
They can only use their powers for a limited amount of time.
H-01, on the other hand, can use its power indefinitely.
I'll show you sub-human NEXT who the superior beings are.
What are you doing? That android was originally developed by Barnaby's parents.
It should be programmed to shut down if it harms any humans.
But watching it attack the Heroes, they must have somehow blocked its safety subroutines.
Therefore, I'm trying to get the password to forcibly reboot it.
Do you understand? Not really! Why isn't the show resuming?! And we're still unable to contact the Heroes! Mr.
Mayor! Where has Mr.
Maverick gone to? Um W-Well What do you think you're doing?! You plan on defending that murderer?! No.
I only obey the voice of Thanatos.
I shall uncover your identity soon.
Along with the mastermind behind all of this.
What? Thank you for your patience, gentlemen.
You're late, Mr.
Maverick! We were all waiting for you.
My apologies.
I just finished speaking with the Heroes.
They are currently combining their efforts to bring down a terrorist group.
What? They're responsible for this situation? Yes.
Is this going to be like the time Jake attacked the city?! So, are the Heroes all right? They are in a very tough situation, but they are working hard to defend this city.
We must believe in our Heroes and await their return! Here it comes.
Huh? Damn! If this keeps up, we're going to be defeated before we can use our powers! Even those two are no match? At this rate, they'll Push it.
Hurry up and push it! Damn! You coward! What should I do? What should I do? It would be better if one of us survived than if we all perished.
Are you planning on betraying us?! You're kidding, right? No, that's not true! That's not what I meant! Wait! Guys! So, what now, Heroes? Is he serious? Mr.
Sky High! No He wouldn't! Yes, that's right.
Think about it.
Because of my words, everyone See? Those are the limits of your so-called friendships.
Ah, you don't have much time left.
They won't be able to run around for much longer.
Damn it! Come on, hurry up and push the button.
Stop it Stop it! Someone might push it as I speak.
Please, no more! You were all rivals to begin with.
You never know when someone will betray you.
Rivals Come on, hurry! The one who's most vulnerable in a situation like this would be Hey! Sky High! Are you serious?! Hey! Those poor things.
They don't know that they'll all die if they push their buttons.
I was never going to let you live, you NEXT freaks! What should I do, Tiger? Kotetsu! Is this it for us? Take care of Kaede if anything happens to me.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! Come on, do it! Come on! Our powers are back! All right, let's go! You bastard! What power Kotetsu! Everything is going according to my plan.
It looks like things are going well.
Even with their powers activated, my H-01's speed and strength are on a whole different level.
I believe it's time to be rid of these pathetic NEXT.
I have just finished making the necessary arrangements.
Their demises will be handled as honorable deaths in the line of duty.
You can't even put a scratch on it.
Damn it! Now! Got it.
Good Luck Mode! Good Luck Mode! Three Two One Tiger & Bunny, Over & Out! We did it! What? Bunny! Stop it That's enough, you bastard! Kotetsu We won't let things end here We can't afford to lose to you! I've made up my mind! Oh, how unfortunate for you all.
Blue Rose has made up her mind.
Now, Blue Rose, push the button.
I won't push it.
What? I believe in everyone.
I believe in Tiger and Barnaby.
Is that all you want to say? Everyone! Those two will never lose.
We know them.
There's no reason for us to make a choice! As a Hero, I'll trust my friends until the very end.
That's what I've decided.
I want to believe in Mr.
Tiger and Barnaby, too.
I know those two will win! You're right.
What good is a Hero if he can't believe in his own friends! Yeah.
That's right.
And yet, I Thank you, Blue Rose, and thank you again! Oh, please Trust? Belief? Pathetic! Go, H-01! Tear those fools apart! Damn it Our attacks aren't working Kotetsu? Now, Bunny! Take this thing down with that! What? What about you?! Don't worry about me! I'll dodge before it hits.
But— I'll be all right.
Hurry up and fire it.
Hurry, Bunny! They did it! Wow! How?! How could my H-01 lose?! I'll kill them I'll kill those NEXT! You? I'm Wild Tiger's daughter! Stay away! That's my— Oh! Thanks, Kaede dear! Fire! All right! Let's go! We did it, Kotetsu! Kotetsu? What's wrong? Sorry, I got hit.
What? Now, Bunny! I guess it's hard to dodge without my powers.
Damn, it just had to happen during our only chance.
Why have your powers run out? You still have time left.
To tell you the truth, my power can barely last four minutes.
It's been in decline.
No For how long? For several months now.
It was tough trying to keep it a secret from you.
Why didn't you tell me something so important?! Because you'd worry about me.
Is that why you were going to quit being a Hero? What's this about quitting? Being a Hero is unstable.
It's fine when you're still young, but as you get older it starts to get to you.
I'm sorry, Kotetsu.
I never realized what condition you were in.
You idiot.
What's the point of hiding it if you noticed it? Damn I think this is bad Stop talking, already.
Say, Bunny I said stop! It was fun going after criminals with you, and listening to your silly lectures When you started calling me "Kotetsu," I got so happy that I went out and had a drink.
Stop talking like that! Thanks for everything.
Shut up! Don't talk like you're about to die! You're not that kind of person.
Your enthusiasm is your only strong point, isn't it?! I've been learning how to make fried rice, so you have to try it someday! Kotetsu! Too close, pal Hey, you have pretty long eyelashes Kotetsu? Kotetsu! In a corner of the city dyed gray, I was seeing a dream, no more than my imagination I somehow started thinking about the meaning of existence But I never knew myself nor the truth nor my dreams.
Nothing And in such a world, I was asked, "Just what is it you can do?" And I felt like your smile was teaching me And I felt like I was experiencing the pain of having found the light Arms outstretched, everyone loses sight of the eternal truth trying to grasp their fleeting dreams.
I wish to believe that the one who brought light to the endless gray of tomorrow wasn't just anyone I will forever share both my past and my future Hey! Keep working.
I've finished inputting the data.
All I need to do is analyze the password.
Hey, something's not right.
Why is Kotetsu's signal gone?! All right! Kotetsu Next time on Tiger & Bunny: The final episode, See you