Tiger & Bunny (2011) s01e23 Episode Script

Misfortunes Never Come Singly.

1 Hey, stop! Stop, I said! Cut it out! Tiger? No.
It's the person we were persuaded to believe was him.
Who are you?! You're not getting off with light burns for fooling us.
Guess I have no choice.
Let's do this! Good Luck Mode.
Good Luck Mode.
Damn it! I could have reclaimed the torn page Now I don't remember where I dropped it Yet what bothers me most is that there's no beauty looking forward After all, I did have a chapter about my dream What can I hate? My past? Myself? I only wish it could be someone else We imagine such a future But even after we lose it, we'll still be the heroes of our story And even if the future is bleak, so long as we have the present we will write as many chapters of this dream as we need Hey, you still can't remember me? I'm getting tired of your chatter.
There's no point in keeping this up.
So you surrender? How about this?! Did you feel that pain? Feels familiar, right? It's the pain of friendship.
That was a cheap shot.
You caught me off guard with a sucker punch.
You've got it all wrong— I told you, you've got it all wrong! Hey Were the times we spent together that easy to forget? Remember now? Our first encounter went horribly.
I was suddenly forced to team up with you.
I admit that I hated it at first.
After all, why did I have to work with some smart-ass kid? But as time passed, I started to get to know you better.
Before I knew it, it felt natural to be your partner.
We had lots of great times, didn't we? Stop that.
Don't look at me like that! Try to remember! You and I We're the best team ever! Shut up! How dare you bring shame to Wild Tiger's name?! This is for Aunt Samantha.
Good Luck! So this is it, eh? Lil' Bunny My name's not Bunny.
It's Barnaby! Huh? Why did I just say that? What in the world is going on? You're back to normal? Huh? What are you talking about, Old Man? I got offended by the way you just called me Lil' Bunny.
My name's not Bunny! It's Barnaby! You must really hate that nickname, huh? What? Thank goodness.
Thank goodness! Um, what happened? You know who I am, right? Please don't respond to my question with a question.
Kotetsu? Hey! I see! Wait, are you crying? There, there! You're hurting me! Don't be so bashful! Stop that! You're a complete wreck, Kotetsu! I had hoped he might still be of use to me.
How unfortunate.
No matter.
I just have to prepare another.
I remember now Maverick, he did this You already knew that he was the mastermind? I did.
But then Just when I finally found out that he was the one I'm sorry.
I turned against you, Kotetsu.
I It's okay.
You were under his control.
All these years, I was being used by him.
GO NEXT! First in taste, pepsi NEX! Hey! Oh it's you, Ben.
That's the greeting I get? You had me so worried, that I rushed all the way here from home! How did you know where I was? We taxi drivers have our way of finding people.
Who? Oh, he was my boss at the last company I worked for— Forget that! So what now, boys? Huh? There's no turning back now, right? Right.
Then hurry up and get in! I'll take you anywhere you need to go! Yes, sir! Now what? Get in! Mr.
Saito! Looks like you had quite the fight.
Sorry about that.
You came all the way to deliver our suits? I didn't develop the suit you were just wearing.
There's no telling what sort of nasty secrets it's hiding.
Oh Sorry, Ben.
Oh, not at all! We all know this vehicle is way better.
Mine is just a small taxi.
Yes, your car did suck.
What's your problem?! So, are we going to head back towards Apollon Media? Yes.
But first we need to rendezvous with the other heroes.
Hey, you can also meet my daughter.
Of course! Should we get Agnes to help us too? We'll have her broadcast Maverick's true colors on TV.
If we do that, he's finished.
Good idea! Unfortunately, that won't be possible.
What? I already went to the studio.
Excuse me? I said that Maverick staged all of this.
What about my boss? You saw that white burst too, right? I have no idea what you're trying to tell me.
If you don't cut it out.
I'm going to call security! Wait It seems her memories are still altered.
Damn it We could ask others for help, but we don't know who has ties to Maverick.
I guess we have to settle this on our own.
Hey, Blue Rose! We're heading over right now! Barnaby's with me too! Hello? How unfortunate that it has to come to this.
Maverick! What are you doing there? Wild Tiger If you had allowed yourself to be captured, no one would have had to get hurt.
What did you do to them?! Don't worry.
They're safe for now.
The Heroes, and your daughter What did you say?! You'll pay if you harm my little girl! How low can you get?! You two have caused me enough trouble as it is.
I don't want you making things worse.
I suggest you come to me quietly.
I'll be waiting at Justice Tower.
Damn it! I will not let him get away with this.
"Justice Tower", my ass! Where am I? What's going on? Hey, what is this? Hey! Can anyone hear me? You're finally awake.
We've been waiting for you.
Please come in.
It might be a trap! We should be careful.
There's no time to be thinking about that! Thank you for choosing to visit Justice Tower.
This elevator will take you directly to the roof top observation deck past the Gold Area.
Now arriving at the observation deck.
Where does he plan on taking us? I never expect my invention would come in handy like this.
I thought their suits had cameras.
Why bother using this? Look.
Communications between Heroes are relayed and overseen using a specially developed private network.
We use this to prevent information from being intercepted.
I've been unable to access that network for a while now, which means Maverick has seized it.
Are you following me? Not at all.
Like I said! Communications between Heroes are In other words, we can't see what's going on through the suit's cameras, right? That's right.
If we can find out what's going on inside, we may be able to help rescue the other Heroes.
Kaede! Where are you?! Kaede! Kotetsu, calm down.
How can I calm down?! Kaede's in danger because of me! Hey! Where have you taken Kaede? Be careful.
We don't know what kind of NEXT we're facing.
Don't just stand there, answer me! Hey! What is this? This guy is A robot Are you surprised? It's been a while, Barnaby.
You're I suppose you never expected to run into me again like this.
Shut up! Maverick Where is Kaede? She'd better be all right! You should be more worried about yourself.
What?! Do you really think you'll leave here alive? I'll crush this mechanical freak In an instant! Oh? You had such a difficult time fighting Cis.
The new H-01's power has been developed beyond that.
Even with their combined might, none of the other Heroes were able to put a scratch on him.
What are you going to do? Now is your chance to run.
Enough of this nonsense! That idiot! This can't be! Impossible.
A battle android? I was impressed with the technology he employed during the android incident.
So I provided Dr.
Rotwang with this facility and let him work to his heart's content.
The result is this H-01! I've finally created an ultimate being that stands above the human race! What are you guys planning to do? I've realized something.
Androids are the perfect embodiment of justice.
H-01 will replace all of you NEXT, and will be this city's new Hero.
A new age will begin! You call this thing a Hero? Don't you think it's wonderful, Barnaby? The day when androids will be useful to humans has finally come! Your parents' dream will come true.
You've got to be kidding me! You can fight him together if you want.
The data from this battle will be used for future reference.
Unless you defeat H-01 you cannot protect anything.
The people of this city, your friends, or your daughter.
Poor thing.
This would have never happened to her if she didn't have you for a father.
Kaede I swear I'll protect you.
And the big man in the mountain protected the villagers forever and ever.
One more time! One more time! Again? What's wrong? We're going to protect you forever and ever! I won't let you have your way any more! You're finally awake.
Who are you? Where are the others? Where is Kaede?! The girl is safe, but as for the others Ah, is everyone all right? What in the world is going on? I remember being defeated by Mr.
Tiger’s impostor, and Hey, let us out of here! Silence, freaks! You sub-humans deserve to be in cages! What did you say?! He's a NEXT hater Your era has come to an end! Now surrender your title as Heroes to H-01, the new Hero! H-01? You mean the fake Tiger? You've got to be kidding me! That thing could never replace us! How funny to hear that from someone who was defeated so easily.
No matter how strong that thing is, androids are just weapons that only move on command! What's wrong with that? Listen, you Don't underestimate Heroes.
We listen to the cries of the people, we even help criminals redeem themselves.
Can an android do that? That's right! We can be Heroes because we're humans with hearts! I couldn't have been a Hero alone.
I was able to come this far because of the bond I had with my friends.
What nonsense.
In that case, show me.
Prove to me how wonderful this heart you speak of really is.
What do you mean? Sadly, you're all going to die.
The bombs attached to your necks are going to explode.
But, I'll save just one of you.
The quickest one wins.
If you want to be saved, flip the deactivation switch on your collar.
However, once you do, everyone else will blow up.
You have until Tiger and Barnaby are defeated by H-01.
The moment they lose, everyone will blow up even if no one has flipped their switch.
And, don't get any funny ideas.
If i see you trying to use your creepy powers, I'll blow you up! So, what now? Still planning to believe in your silly bonds? Wouldn't it be wiser to betray the others before someone betrays you, Heroes? The moment that Tiger and Barnaby's fight begins, your fight begins as well.
Hey! Guys? Let's go.
In a corner of the city dyed gray, I was seeing a dream, no more than my imagination I somehow started thinking about the meaning of existence But I never knew myself nor the truth nor my dreams.
Nothing And in such a world, I was asked, "Just what is it you can do?" And I felt like your smile was teaching me And I felt like I was experiencing the pain of having found the light Arms outstretched, everyone loses sight of the eternal truth trying to grasp their fleeting dreams.
I wish to believe that the one who brought light to the endless gray of tomorrow wasn't just anyone I will forever share both my past and my future Hi! I'm Barnaby, the member of "Tiger & Bunny" who has a normal body temperature of 35.
7 degrees Celsius! All right, we're going to What's with this guy? Next time on Tiger & Bunny: See ya!