Tijuana (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

I think it'd be important to make it more like a conversation than an interview.
Because I think these are very important times, and we need to talk about things, things that should be told the way they're happening.
I believe that we are lacking in truthful information, in journalism credibility.
From the year 2000 to this day, 116 reporters have been killed.
Forty-three of them were killed during this presidential term.
The freedom of press is violated daily by violence, by power relationships.
According to the UN, Mexico is the most dangerous place for journalists to work.
Nothing nor anyone can infringe upon freedom of speech.
This was remarked by the State Commission of Human Rights in Baja California.
Threats, violence and homicide are part of the everyday life for the Mexican press.
In Tijuana, the alleged murderer of the reporter Javier Valdez was arrested.
140 REPORTERS MURDERED after the threats the reporter received in Baja California, municipal police officers assaulted several reporters DON'T SHOOT, WE'RE THE PRESS Their bodies are gone.
But their lights shine on in each of these candles in each of our hearts.
Their souls are gone, they took them away from us, but we will remember.
FREE TIJUANA Armando Rodríguez.
Here! - Teresa Bautista.
- Here! Moisés Sánchez.
Here! Rubén Espinosa.
Here! Regina Martínez.
Here! - Miroslava Breach.
- Here! Javier Valdez.
Here! Francisco Ortíz Franco.
- Here! - Héctor Félix Miranda.
Here! - Iván Rosa.
- Here! Iván Rosa! Here! Iván Rosa! Here! IVÁN ROSA "20 YEARS WITHOUT JUSTICE" A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES The elections of the 18th are around the corner.
Everybody is talking about them.
Everybody has an opinion that is controversial, partial, or relative.
I mean, the generalized surfeit of the population during "priistas-panistas" governments is a fact that is expressed in a thousand and one different ways.
The polls show the higher popularity of Eugenio Robles, so we wanted to open the discussion about what can happen, what is going to happen and what the hell we have to do.
I know how things are.
That's why my plan is real and can work.
If you let me work with you, with the unions and the bosses, we can change things.
I know what it's like to spend 16 hours a day assembling pieces non-stop, breathing in toxic chemicals, working like a dog, for what? We know you're one of us, Mocho, but like any other politician, you make nice promises without saying how the hell you'll do that.
No, man.
I'm not a politician.
I'm in this because I believe things can be different.
I will never forget this factory.
Let alone you.
I want the State to give us free training.
So our workforce will be more qualified and more expensive.
That's the worst fairy tale you can tell us, Mocho.
As if you didn't know how things work here.
I know it may sound like a joke, but there are countries smaller than Baja California and they made it happen.
Why can't we, then? Don't you think we have a self-esteem issue? That's why we don't think we can have an honest job? I'm not asking you to believe in me, I'm asking you to believe in yourselves.
Together we'll thrive! We're going to take the power from the politicians.
Come on! Come on! Less promises, more action! Together, we'll thrive! Excuse me.
Where is the volunteers' registration? - Upstairs, second door to the right.
- Thanks.
Is this your first day too? No.
- Hi, are you a volunteer? - Yes.
Everybody is upstairs.
- Excuse me.
- I really don't know.
- Gabriela.
- Margarita.
- How are you? - Fine.
But I want to be back home.
- Hon, could you come here, please? - Yes.
Look, this is what Sabines authorized.
What do you think? At least you're smiling in this one.
Besides, you look like a winner.
It shows confidence.
But this is the image of a politician.
If I see this on a billboard, I'll ignore it.
- There are a thousand ads like this one.
- Margarita.
It's a proven formula.
It brings confidence to the campaign.
It confirms Eugenio as a viable politician.
He's doing so well at the polls because of the opposite.
It's not his background, his credentials, or his experience in public office.
Eugenio, if you're winning, it's because you put an idea across and because you're a common man.
We want one of us in office, not just another politician.
- How much time do we have? - We should distribute these tonight.
Eugenio, are you free for our weekly interview? Yes, sure.
Gabriela Cisneros Gil, Buscando Tijuana, interview with Eugenio Robles.
What do you think about businessmen saying you're a populist? Well, if being populist means helping the poor, then, I'm a populist.
Giving grants and pensions is not giving the money away.
Taking taxes off the transnational companies is.
Is that what you're saying to the businessmen in the meeting? - How did you find out about the meeting? - I've got my resources.
Gabriela, one can't live in a bubble.
If we want to change things, we have to work together.
They'll play an important part here.
Are you saying you're selling out? Not at all.
They only asked for a meeting to hear my proposal, and I plan to meet with everyone.
And why is this a secret? They asked me to be discreet.
Could you grant me access? Why would I take a reporter when they wanted to be discreet? I'm not "a" reporter.
I saw your potential from the beginning.
Besides, you asked me to keep record of your entire campaign.
And you've always said you've got nothing to hide.
Let me run this by Sabines.
The differential is notable.
Eugenio Robles leads the polls with 42 percent.
CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR OF BAJA CALIFORNIA Trailing by 10 points is Benitez-Prado.
And far behind is Murillo, with 22 percent.
It appears Robles' canvassing strategy is getting results.
His supporters see in him a change, seeing as he has no political history and his factory worker background.
The candidate Robles Do you believe him? are cautious about the economic risks of electing a populist.
Both intellectual and artistic personalities have moved in favor He's not an accomplice.
He's someone who is going to confront you, question you, and if he doesn't agree with something, he'll say it and he'll defend what he believes, at whatever cost.
Let's start with a brief introduction.
Can you tell me who you are? My name is Federica Almeida, I'm founder and general deputy director of Frente Tijuana.
How long ago did Iván Rosa die? Twenty years ago.
In 1998.
Is it known who killed Iván Rosa? Timoteo Cruz.
Is there any evidence to prove Timoteo Cruz was the perpetrator of the crime? He confessed.
Will you tell me who Gregorio Mueller is? He's the alleged mastermind of the murder of Iván Rosa.
- So, if there is no evidence - Andy.
Turn the camera off, please.
I need to ask you something.
Is your documentary about Iván's life or his death? Look, this was in Barcelona.
They awarded us best paper in Iberoamerica.
Yeah, my mom always complains you didn't take her on this trip.
She knows that was the Pantera's fault.
He thought we had to use that trip to reconnect amongst the partners.
Iván was much more than just a murdered reporter.
I miss him so much.
I would've loved if your dad talked to you more about him.
Well I've got to go to the editorial meeting.
Or else, well, you know your dad.
- Pass the mic.
- Help me take it off.
I guess you'll be interviewing him at some point, right? - That's the idea.
- Well, say hello to your mother.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
MOCHO FROM HIS HOUSE TWO FINGERS AHEAD - Who proposed the headline? - I did.
Do you hate it? No, it's funny.
But Mocho is ten points ahead, not two fingers.
What if it said: "Mocho from his house, by ten points and two fingers"? He's still strong.
People are starting to believe him.
Including myself.
The first independent governor in Baja California.
Who would've thought? What does "from his house" mean? That he can't afford an office.
They're still operating from Robles' house.
But as the formal campaign approaches, this will be impossible.
They're going to start making money and we need to know where from.
LEADER OF THE PEOPLE Give me two minutes.
Lucy, will you tell the boss what the article is about? Come on, Martínez.
Really? Are you kidding me? Fine.
I'll call you back.
Okay, send it to press.
I've just got a scoop.
What is it? They said they're replacing Benítez-Prado.
- Who's your source? - Straight from the CEN of the PTI.
To change horses at this point? Have they told you who the new guy is? Mueller.
Guys, the meeting is over.
Thank you all for another good issue.
I knew the motherfucker would find a way.
The hell with it, let's publish it.
We don't publish rumors on the cover.
But it's better than what we have.
Robles running for office is not news.
But it's a fact, not a rumor.
And lose the chance to give this scoop? I'll deal with this.
I'll check it.
Call the printing guys.
Tell them tonight will be one of those nights.
See you later.
What is it, Dad? - Are you leaving? - Yes.
- I wanted to ask you for a favor.
- I don't have the time now.
- It's quick.
I just need your permission.
- You're almost thirty.
What would you need my permission for? I need access to all the newspaper's files on my uncle's murder.
And to interview you too.
It's for my documentary.
I talked with Federica - and I realized - I can't right now.
How are you, ten? Here, Center 03.
Malú Vega, Frente Tijuana.
DO NOT CROSS - How many bodies so far? - I think there are 16 so far.
Mostly from Honduras, El Salvador, those countries.
And the Coyote? He ran away for sure.
The truck's been here for two days.
Antonio, you look good.
Is it true that you're changing your gubernatorial candidate? Why would you come here and ask me that? What's wrong with you, Borja? Check your phone.
Four missed calls.
I was in session, what could I do? - You know we're in a hurry here.
- I also know what you're debating.
- You do? - Tell, Rosaura, as the party president, confirm me this.
Are you changing the gubernatorial candidate or not? I don't know what you're talking about.
I know you're doing it.
I understand you don't want to say it officially but I want to know if it's Mueller.
we're not 20 anymore.
Another one, please? No beans, no sauce.
Benítez-Prado was in deep shit after that front page article about his wife when he was mayor.
What's more, I think you did it, right? About the trip.
That motherfucker spent 180 thousand pesos from the treasury in two days and then went off to Colima.
That man bet on the wrong horse.
And now he's screwed.
So, it's a fact.
Tell me, is he being replaced by Gregorio Mueller? Can you confirm that? I don't think I can help you, Antonio.
I don't know.
We saw that coming.
Benítez Prado's days were numbered Hey, have you seen that? About the Coyote truck? Sure, what a tragedy.
I couldn't make it.
I had to finish up.
Fucking Coyotes, man, they're not like they used to be.
No, man.
That was no Coyote.
This was about drugs.
Everything is so fucking dark.
Lalo, where are you? And that fucking music? Yeah, better.
Listen to me.
Publish the thing about the replacement but don't mention Mueller.
No, absolutely nothing.
We are the ones who go out to look for the news, the ones who not only say what's going on but we go deeper in every event.
Yeah, be careful, okay? Everything's fine here.
Some drama yesterday, but - Fede.
- nothing serious.
- I need your signature here.
- One second.
Yeah, yes.
So, now during the holidays We can do something with the kids, right? We can go to the San Diego Zoo Get up.
Well, we'll think about it when you get here.
Okay, sweetie.
Say hi to Luca and Olivia for me.
Love you.
See you.
So weird seeing you up so early.
I need access to the files on my uncle.
- Andy, you know that - Wait! After our conversation yesterday, I realized that, in fact, I don't even know him.
I mean, I remember you saying: "Say hi to your uncle," "Say goodbye to your uncle," "Don't drink anything your uncle offers.
" But who was he? My dad never talks about him.
To me, he's just another founder of the Frente, but This is our story, Andrés.
You've got to promise me you'll be very respectful with Iván's stuff.
I promise.
You're honoring the flag now? Don't be a clown.
Go now.
Malú! Fuck! - What the fuck you want? - Calm down, Pulitzer.
I need a favor.
No, man.
I won't lend you another cent.
You're the owner's son, come on! I don't need money.
I need a hard drive.
Haven't you heard? You don't need to download porn anymore.
What a bad joke.
Are you okay? Problems with Alex? Among other things.
I think I'll give you a present one of those strap-ons that you Enough, man! Get lost.
I'm super busy right now.
Come back this afternoon and we'll see.
Malú? I love you.
- Thank you.
Let's go.
- You're welcome.
Gabriela, a second? You thought nobody would notice? - What do you mean? - What you published last night.
Do you think I don't check your blog, your tweets? Well, yes.
It's obvious I'm not hiding anything.
I'm not stupid, kid.
- We had a deal.
- And the deal was I shouldn't leak confidential information about the campaign.
This is a fucking flyer you published.
It's not confidential.
What you're doing is conflict of interest.
- You could be in deep trouble.
- Why? You work for this campaign.
Really? You wrote my contract? Because I didn't get it.
Let me remind you I'm here because I want to be.
I'm not getting paid for providing a service, like you.
And that makes me totally free to have a voice as a reporter.
Which side are you? I'm nowhere.
- I'm just offering my point of view.
- Look.
I know Eugenio grew to trust you during these past months, but when it comes to the campaign, I'm respectfully asking you to remember what your fucking place is.
And what's my fucking place? Just focus on making a pretty interview and end this party in peace.
I don't know what the fuck you're doing here.
SURVEILLANCE Wouldn't have it been better to announce the meeting? Can you imagine the mess with the press if the big parties learn the first candidate having a meeting with the businessmen that control the private sector of the state is the blue-collar with no fingers? Is this because of the mess with the press or you don't want your voters to know? - Eugenio Robles.
- Your cellphone, please.
- Gabriela Cisneros.
- I'm sorry, miss.
This grants access to only one person.
And a plus one per guest.
I'm sorry, miss, but you're not on my list.
What do you think of me, Gabriela? - Of you? - Yes, of me.
The first thing that pops to your head? Don't be ashamed.
Tell me.
- You're a worker.
- No.
You think I'm a blue-collar worker with no mind for politics.
Just like all the men I just had the meeting with.
They think I'll sell out because of my humble origins.
I've never said that.
Just imagine their expressions when I started talking about labor reform.
More than half of them stopped listening.
A jerk interrupted me to invite me on a ride on his yacht of I don't know how many fucking feet, come on! Have you ever stopped to think who you're benefiting every time you blast me in your blog and with your tweets? Watch out! Who's in that car?! Get down.
Watch out! I have a 1319 at the 20.
Requesting backup.
At the 20, I need backup.
What happened? Robles was shot.
They killed him.
That's it.
The scars that make you who you are, that leave a mark, that remind you you're here today.
But there are no guarantees for tomorrow.
Let's go over what we have so far.
From the police, we got the ballistics reports.
Tomorrow we'll have the report on the road-monitoring cameras and Mejía will go to the Public Ministry to check the forensic reports.
Send someone to the party quarters to see what they think, what they'll do.
Do we know who the other person in the car was? The only thing we know is that she's a woman.
I checked the hospitals but there's been no admissions.
It's possible that she's not registered.
The police are not saying anything.
Well, we'll have to look into it.
I want a list of all the women that worked on his campaign.
What hasn't been ruled out is the possibility of this being a settling of scores or that organized crime is involved.
Even though authorities haven't said a word on the matter, the outraged citizens are becoming suspicious and have expressed their mourning on social media.
PTI RESIGNED TO CHANGE CANDIDATES Boss, someone's here to see you.
- We're busy, Malú.
- It's important.
I was there.
With Robles.
Subtitle translation by Ale Tolj