Tijuana (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

NEWS The independent candidate for Baja California, Eugenio Robles, was murdered yesterday afternoon.
He was shot while driving his truck in the city of Tijuana.
The government candidates have condemned what happened and expressed their condolences to the family.
ROBERTO MURILLO PAD CANDIDATE When I win, I'll do everything possible to solve his murder.
What can I say? A very unfortunate event.
RAMÃ"N BENÍTEZ-PRADO PTI CANDIDATE Eugenio Robles and I had different political points of view but I met him personally and he had firm ideals.
The cowardly murder of Eugenio Robles poses several questions.
Who commanded this? JULIÀN SABINES INDEPENDENT PARTY CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR Whose toes was he stepping on? Who was afraid of Eugenio? Are you sure Vargas, Blasco and Barquín were there? - Yes.
- Did you see them? No, but their names were crossed out on the list.
Yes, I know they were crossed out but you didn't see them.
Mueller himself could've been there.
Who profits from Robles' death and how are they profiting? I'll check my source at the union tomorrow.
It's not true he had full support.
Robles meets the most important businessmen in Baja California.
His enemies for years.
Why did he go? He knew those motherfuckers wouldn't give an inch.
It's the other way around.
Robles was an idealist.
He thought he could gain something.
The question here is what the businessmen wanted to gain.
Someone in that meeting had an agenda, apart from Robles and apart from everyone else.
We need to go deep and investigate all their interests.
And let's not forget the union.
Whether he made new enemies during the campaign and why.
Robles had a proposition to improve the workers' conditions.
- They wanted to hear that.
- Every candidate has a proposal to improve the workers' conditions.
Tell us something we don't know.
Sabines, the consultant who was with him knows who was at the meeting and what was said there.
We can talk with him.
- "We"? - Yes.
I want to be part of the team that follows this.
Looking good.
You know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice.
Andrés Borja, good afternoon.
Andrés Borja.
Is your mom a pastry chef? Not just anyone could have made a sweet thing like you.
And when you have eye problems, do you see an eye doctor or a jeweler? Free tonight? It's opening night at a friend's bar.
It'll be fun.
You going on your own or is this a threesome? I'm going with you.
At eight, stranger.
Good morning, lazybones.
You made coffee? Yeah.
Good morning.
Is everything okay? I can't get used to it.
What? The predator standing on two legs.
It's horrible.
Can you imagine? Those poor people got on the truck with the one dream of having a better life.
New opportunities.
And the fucking Coyote knew he was going to abandon them.
I don't understand why they keep believing them.
This is on the TV news and in newspapers every day.
Well because they have no other choice.
You should show your photos to the world.
They'll be in the paper.
Many people will see them.
But in the paper they go unnoticed, they're just another article.
I'd love to exhibit them at the gallery.
An art gallery is no place for my photos.
Malú, they are very good.
Honey, my job is to denounce, not to decorate a house.
Art is also a form of denouncing.
Didn't you have the day off? I've got tons of backlog.
I've got to go.
I know that when you're a foreigner you catch people's attention.
So I got there and said, "Hey, what's up?", being the most Mexican I could be.
- And the four of you left together? - Yes, the four of us.
- So, the ugly girl - I want to see a photo.
- that - Show me a photo.
That's Mueller's son.
Do you know him? Yes.
Daniel! Sophie.
This is my friend Andy.
Daniel Mueller.
Cheer up.
"Cheer up"? What? It wasn't that bad, huh? "It wasn't that bad"? You hopeless romantic! Is this a romance now or what? I think the right word would be a fling.
So, flinger - Don't you feel bad for being a bitch? - Hey! With your husband! With your husband I mean! Calm down, my dear Andrés.
So, are you doing me that favor with Daniel Mueller? I don't see why you're so interested in Daniel Mueller.
He's a simple jerk.
I'm interested in his father.
I need an entry for my documentary.
Okay, let me see what I can do.
He says he loves Tijuana.
But he's been devoted to sucking the blood out of the Tijuanans.
So, well I write about what happens in Tijuana and if Mueller is involved in what happens in Tijuana, well, I have no other choice than to talk about this gentleman.
Excuse me.
Have you read about Robles in El Trópico? About the anonymous threats? That's the first law of stupid journalism: If you don't have anything, you invent it.
It also says Robles had connections with organized crime.
That's the second one! If you don't know anything, connect it with organized crime.
Your expenses are a mess.
I'm not an accountant.
The accountant is not your nanny or your primary school teacher.
Fix them! We await an investigation, I support it.
Excuse me.
I'll stay here for a moment.
How are you, girls? Thank you for this opportunity.
You have no idea what it means to me to work with this story.
Do you know the widow? A bit.
You'll have to talk with Sabines.
Understood? Fuck.
- What is it? - Another reporter was killed.
- Where? - Nuevo Laredo.
An independent blogger.
What was his name? Elmer Parrales.
My God! He was shot at a kindergarten entrance.
He was dropping off his child.
This country is shit! Good afternoon.
Thirty minutes.
Do you have a phone I can? Good afternoon.
My name is Malú Vega, I work for the Frente Tijuana.
May I? - Take a seat, darling.
- Thanks.
I'm writing an article about the abandoned immigrants.
My grandson, Eulalio.
The eldest.
He wanted to meet his parents on the other side.
I'm very sorry for your loss, madam.
Osvaldo wanted to go with him.
But he couldn't afford it.
González, Rigoberto.
Cell phone theft? They haven't said a word to us yet.
I was told the Coyote was arrested.
Did they say anything about the prisoner? Nothing.
Do you know the people helping him cross? I only know he was a friend or relative of someone Eulalio knew.
Do you know where your grandson contacted the Coyote? Next to the airport, at El Bordo.
There are many over there.
In case you need anything.
Thank you very much.
Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm Sonia.
- Hi.
- Sorry.
- Gabriela, this is Sonia, my wife.
- Nice to meet you.
What you've been through is so hard, girl.
I'm fine.
Reporters are used to living with death riding next to them.
They think it's normal but it's not.
I know you're not listening to me.
Because I see something in your eyes that feels all too familiar.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to to pass moral judgment or anything.
I'll go say hi to a couple of people.
Take care of your injuries.
These won't heal.
You get used to living with them.
Like scars.
- I'll see you at the newspaper? - Later.
I've got something to ratify at the Public Ministry.
There were no cameras at the spot you were attacked, or at the escape route.
But there was a camera near the place you were intercepted.
- Can you identify the vehicle? - I don't know.
I can try.
Play it.
That's Robles' truck.
That one.
That's it.
How sure are you that's the vehicle? I'm sure it was silver.
Miss, it's the most common color of car.
Shall we continue? Could it have been this one? Send me those two plates, please.
Where's your bathroom? To the left, end of the hall.
N, B, B, six, two N, B, B, six, two How are you, man? Listen, do me a favor.
I need to trace the plate of a truck we're trailing.
Yes, I'll hold.
Can you write this down? It's NBB6287 and the other one is 22JU54J.
Don't you think it's sad? Half of the people here didn't even know him.
Nobody wants to miss it, as if it's a charity event.
We didn't know him and we're here.
Antonio Borja, I strictly forbid you to take interviews here.
At a wake? How could I? The widow is very young.
We're all going there.
- What a place to meet, huh? - Hi, Borja.
I still can't get over the shock.
He was a brilliant, admirable man.
I'm still in shock.
It's a pity what happened.
When is the PTI issuing a press conference? Press and media at the office can give you that information.
Since we're already here, you could tell me something.
We're at the wake of a great man, Borja.
Let's respect his memory.
This is not the place nor the time.
It's really in bad taste, even for you.
You're right.
It's rude.
It's just I thought you knew about the secret meeting he had with the businessmen.
Just before he was killed.
Didn't you know? Borja.
- Wait for me in the car.
- Yes.
Sonia, my darling, I hope I'll see you - soon, in better circumstances.
- Me too.
From afar, you look as if you had a sack of bricks on your back.
The one with a ton of concrete on his shoulders, the polite way of saying he looks like shit, is your candidate.
He had to lose.
And you? When's your turn to lose? I don't lose, Borja.
I always win.
Leave my candidate alone.
I don't want enemies in the party.
I'm just doing my job.
Everybody thinks I knew about the meeting of Robles and the businessmen, Borja.
- And you didn't? - No.
You should've told me.
We agreed on having a back and forth communication.
If we're not having that, I'm not interested in cooperating with you.
You should've seen the circus.
Everybody was there.
The first minutes, everybody was quiet, poker faces.
Then nobody remembered who the dead man was.
A wake is like a wedding or a baptism, let alone in Mexico.
Some people just don't miss them.
Seeing people from PAD, the PTI guys, and the PMD guys, all of them under the same roof makes me feel bad.
Weren't you trying to quit? A drag.
I heard you were screwing people.
You talked with Sonia.
I was on my best behavior.
I'm not a barbarian.
Poor Sonia, so refined, always trying to take you on the good path, and you show your true colors at a wake.
I only tried to get something out of Benítez-Prado.
He had no idea that so many people allegedly supporting him had a meeting behind his back.
- Poor man.
- Poor thing.
Motherfucker! No, no, no, no! What the fuck? - Hello? - Hi.
Say no more, you're a nymphomaniac.
I know how to set you up with the jerk.
Really? How? Do you play tennis? Antonio.
- Have you talked with your son? - No, why? Nothing in particular, it's just he told me you haven't spoken in a while.
Any news on Robles? We have a list of some of the businessmen that were present in the secret meeting.
Mueller, who of course, I won't go after.
Ricardo Arrieta and your little friend, Juan Eduardo Vargas.
Do you want me to talk with him? You always say that I shouldn't bother the family friends.
- And Juan Eduardo is your friend - Yes, but you're Antonio Borja, you know how to get away with everything.
If you say "please" and kiss me No "please"? Please.
Tell me, where did you get those rackets from? You don't look like a tennis player.
I'm a box full of secrets.
- You are? - Yes.
I'm not so sure.
But we'll see You look like a good boy.
Do you guys want private lessons or? Daniel! Hold on.
What's up? - How are you? - Fine, and you? - Fine, thanks.
- So cute.
I'll kick this klutz's ass and we can play, okay? I don't know, you'll kick my ass too.
I haven't played for ages.
It's okay, man.
It's just a game.
You don't want to lose in front of your chick.
It's okay.
I was just saying.
Okay, let's play.
- You will? Yes? - Yeah.
Let's do it.
No fear, huh? I'm going to kick your ass.
Good thing I'm tired, huh? Whatever.
They're too strong.
We don't want sensationalism.
Look, I'd suggest this one for the inside article and the first one of the trailer for the front page, what do you say? Okay.
Very good, Malú.
Very good job, congrats.
It grinds my gears that since this is small news, after the next political scandal or narco-execution, it will disappear.
It'll be completely forgotten.
Just as the immigrants will be forgotten in the morgue.
Their loved ones may never know what happened to them.
Yeah, it's very sad.
But At least the perpetrator is in jail and we're publishing the story.
But that's not going to help these people.
Send me the photos we chose.
Such false modesty, huh? I really haven't played in ages, man.
But you kicked my ass.
Beginner's luck.
Beginner I was truly surprised, my little Andrés.
It's our turn now.
Look, tennis isn't my thing.
But squash! Whenever you want.
Sure thing.
Tuesday? Yeah.
Same time here? Let's go to my place.
We can have some drinks.
Let's see how much beginner's luck you've got left.
I've got to go.
I wanted to talk with you.
I know we had our differences, but we're going to get to the bottom of this.
"We"? You and who else? The Tijuana? That's going low.
At least I'm investigating Robles' death.
I was supposed to reject it due to solidarity? They offered you the job.
You didn't go after it.
What is it with you, Julián? Robles wasn't dead for a day and you you were at the job interview.
His death is building your career.
Congratulations, Gabriela.
They must be jerks to come all this way to leave it here, don't you think? In this country, everyone is a jerk until proven otherwise.
There's the motherfucker.
Calm your wife, man.
Easy, Agatha.
Tabo! Get the dog! Calm it down.
And this man? We're looking for a truck.
A silver X-trail.
The number plates? NBB6287.
I don't remember.
Anything? Fine.
Let's take the long way.
I'll try to find it, and if I do you'll have your ass kicked.
I'll give you some fucking medicine for memory loss.
You know which one, asshole.
Hey! Silver? Where is it? Back there.
When did it arrive? At dawn.
Who brought it? A big bellied man, short.
Come on! That's half of Tijuana men.
Let's go.
I can't believe it! Motherfucker.
- Do you have the serial number? - Yeah.
Let's find it.
There it is.
Let's see.
It's this one.
I don't think we'll get anything from this.
I'll get it picked up.
- Let's grab a bite.
- It's on you.
I'm a reporter from the Tijuana.
Some friends of mine who crossed the border told me I could get help here.
I don't know anybody.
I'm not a cop.
What is it, girl? Are you looking for something? I'm doing a piece about the immigrants that were abandoned.
I'm a reporter.
That's my job.
We didn't do it.
It's not our style.
He's not the Coyote.
So who abandoned these people? The guy they arrested was a small-time crook.
These fuckers are messing with everything here.
Not only weed and coke.
They're now getting people across the border.
They don't care about us.
They take our money and then abandon us.
They bribe the cops.
They pay them off and they're untouchable.
I don't know how I did it because you know I haven't played tennis for ages.
As soon as I stepped onto the court I made him dance! I shouldn't have studied.
I think you should have studied harder.
You're so mean.
You'll crush my self-esteem.
Don't be a wuss, Jimmy Connors.
Jimmy Connors? It shows your age, mom.
Cheers, mom.
Andy This is a warning.
- Don't mess with Mueller.
- Mom.
I'm happy you're excited about Iván's documentary but there's still a lot of bad blood in that story, Andy.
I told you already I've been thinking and I think it's utterly stupid to go into that.
Besides, I think it's better not to see Mueller for the documentary.
Talk about him, yes.
But meeting him, no.
I mean it.
When we got there, the car was already destroyed.
The good thing is that they hadn't crushed it yet.
I hope it'll be useful for the police.
In case they really want to get to the bottom of this.
I doubt it.
Even if they get a million fingerprints it's useless.
Nobody registers the guys they arrest here.
What do you have, Mejía? Robles' widow and parent's statements are generic.
It seems someone wrote it for them.
No doubt about that.
Antonio, what did you find out at the wake? Nothing.
They're closing ranks.
By the way, people at PTI didn't know about the meeting between Robles and the businessmen.
MONEDA: TURN ON TV Mejía, turn the TV on.
So far, it is known that candidate Robles was executed by a subject who, hours before the incident, had stolen an X-Trail truck from a supermarket The authorities have begun a search and seizure operation and ask for the public for any information.
- If anyone knows - Do you recognize him? Not with his faced covered.
But he did have a cap.
0180019051992 I can't believe that's the only image they have.
I've seen that cap before.
A few months ago, I covered an amateur football match.
And I took a photo Let's see.
Here it is! Malú, do we have any more photos? No.
Robles used to work here.
His killer too, it seems.