Tijuana (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Done, ready.
María! María! Help me, Dani.
- Are you talking to me, sir? - Please, take this downstairs.
How many Marías are there here? Just you.
Share it with everybody.
And make sure the stable boy eats, please.
- Thanks a lot.
- Well, ready.
The specialty of the house Pork ribs in Mueller Sauce.
Or, as the father of my father would call them, Mueller's - Ribs! - Yes! "Mueller's ribs.
" Patented and created in 1935, the ribs consist of a mixture of - Worcestershire sauce - Worcestershire sauce - soy sauce - soy sauce - And? - And? What else? We can't say.
- Yeah, because it's a secret.
- It's a secret.
- The secret that we eat.
- Exactly.
Kept by three generations.
- Bon appetite.
- Bon appetite.
- My dad is a frustrated chef.
- Of course not.
I'm just following the tradition of your grand and great-grandfathers.
Do you follow traditions like this one in your family? No, I don't think so.
Nothing? Any secret that has been passed along from generation to generation that your father told you? Not that I remember.
But he passed along his vocation, right? Right? Doesn't he have the whole reporter look? Sure, you've got the looks.
Actually, my dad and I are pretty different.
- Andy wants to make movies.
- Really? If I know Borja well, he must not be very happy about it.
What kind of movies do you want to make, Andy? You're filming a documentary, right? - Yes.
- Really? Documentaries are a fad, now.
About what? About Iván.
Iván Rosa.
He loved these, you know? What? He ate them right here, in this very same dining room.
What's more, he would sit in that same chair.
But these would've been too raw for him.
He loved them charred.
I'd char them really well for him but it's how tough he was, the Pantera.
You haven't heard that story before, huh? Is your dad helping you with the documentary? Kind of.
If you want me to tell you things no one else will, come over one day and we'll talk.
The rest of his family is in Michoacán.
He's belonged to the factory union for five years.
What was his relationship with Robles? Did they know each other? Did they ever work together? We haven't found anything so far.
Maybe they did know each other, but we couldn't find any hard evidence of that.
All this is very illustrative, Lalo.
Thank you for the effort.
But it's worthless.
It's just a profile, Borja, like any other.
Yes, but this case is different from any other we've worked on.
By the time we publish this, everybody will know about it.
What we need to offer is something nobody else can.
A deep investigation with arguments and points of view.
Who is benefited by Robles's death? Who is prejudiced by it? Do we have a name? Can we interview them? What theories can we back up? We're dealing with the murder of the political figure with the most projection in the last 50 years in this state.
- Gabriela.
- Yes? - Sabines? - Tomorrow, Antonio.
I got an appointment.
Let's get to work.
What happened to you? - Yesterday's protest.
- Were you there with the families? - Is this the Coyote attacked last night? - Yes.
It looks like a raccoon filed its nails on him.
The one who filleted him did it with hatred but without much of an idea how to kill a man.
Why? You can tell by looking at him.
It was clumsily done.
The stabbing is random.
Any suspect? Everybody.
How many people were there yesterday? Forty? Fifty? Anyone could've done it.
Everyone wanted revenge.
The story of the immigrants will get lost and they'll just become statistics.
Why don't we take a chance and tell the story of every one of the deceased? Federica, how would people react if we took Robles off of the front page? They'll think we're confirming the hypothesis of the sole gunman the jerks at the procuracy gave us.
A state governor candidate is not killed every day.
That's the story of the year.
"Is Ureña the sole gunman?" And here we place the article about the immigrants.
Ramona? How are you, honey? - Come in.
- Thanks.
Excuse me.
- Say hello, Osvaldo.
Take a seat.
- Hello.
- Thanks.
- I've got a coffee pot ready.
What was it that couldn't be said over the phone? Well this morning the Coyote was found dead.
Leave that, honey.
Be respectful.
- There's a lady here.
- Don't worry, it's okay.
What's going to happen with the case? I don't know, madam.
Maybe, if they find who killed him, they'll find more clues.
Leave him, don't worry.
I'd feel the same.
- Hello, honey.
I'm home.
- Hi.
- My pajamas? - In the closet, clean.
How are you? - Hi, how was your day? - Fine.
Have you seen Andy? Were you able to talk with him? No.
You do know he's filming a documentary, right? - About Iván.
- Yes.
Where are my fucking pajamas? He needs your help, Antonio.
It's the first time he's asked for help so openly.
Whenever I see him, I'll help him.
Are you serious, Antonio? "Whenever I see him"? He's your son, not your neighbor.
What's wrong with you? What's wrong is that your son has goals that don't last more than 48 hours.
Today he wants to film a documentary, tomorrow he wants to go hunting in Canada.
He never takes anything seriously, he never finishes anything.
That's what's wrong.
It's not true, Antonio.
He's taking this documentary very seriously.
Don't you see your son is desperately trying to get your attention? Trying to get you to see him? And you want him to do it the right way or else, he'll do it the wrong way.
Pay attention to your son, because he's capable of doing something stupid.
What do you mean by "something stupid"? What's the worst thing you can think of? Mueller? - Leave it on the hook.
Andy! - Yes, sir.
- So nice to see you.
- Mr.
Mueller, how are you? "Mr.
Mueller"? Call me Gregorio, I'm not that old, man.
- Sorry, sir.
- "Sir" again.
This is Suspiro.
- Do you mind if I film? - No, wait.
Baby steps.
Let's break the ice first.
Do you know that expression? Yes.
Do you like horses? Yeah, you do? Suspiro is, today, the best pureblood in Mexico, even though he was born in California.
He'll be enshrined in Kentucky.
Have you ever been to a derby? - No? - No, never.
We'll be there next year, right, handsome? And we'll win.
I fell in love with horses when I was seven.
My dad taught me to ride them, to love them, to take care of them and to respect them.
Well, I've had all kinds of beasts.
I had a milk snake once, Tiffany.
She never bit me.
My dad used to say that I was born to dominate animals.
Can you love and dominate an animal at the same time? Come, Andy.
- Hello.
- Hello, how are you? Fine.
- Sabines? - In there, come in.
Gabriela, how nice to see you.
Julián, congratulations on the candidacy.
Thanks, take a seat.
Tell me, what can I do for you? I'll cut to the chase, if that's okay with you.
Julián, sooner or later, the public will learn there was a secret meeting the morning Robles was killed.
So what? The speculations of what happened in there could definitely affect your campaign.
Speculations will always exist.
They're inevitable.
I don't think they'll dare tarnish Eugenio's honor, knowing he's not here to defend himself.
It would be a cruel and cowardly strategy.
In any case, if that happens, we are here to protect the legacy of our comrade, right? I'm not here to shield Robles, Julián.
I don't think you're doing that either.
If he made mistakes, that makes him more human, let's accept that.
Eugenio only wanted to help the underprivileged.
That was his sole objective and he never left that path.
You're trying to create a martyr.
No, Gaby.
We're looking for the same thing as all the other parties.
To win the election.
So, wouldn't it be more convenient to say what happened in that meeting? Thank you very much for your visit, Gabriela.
If you'll excuse me, you'll understand I'm a very busy man.
The PTI will do anything to avoid losing the candidacy.
I think you'd better clean out your closet, or else, they'll find what they're looking for.
Gabriela, do you want some honesty? I've never liked you.
And you're not welcome here anymore.
Have a nice day.
You know how? Come over here.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
Do you like it? Come in, take a seat.
Make yourself at home.
I've got so much to show you and so much to tell you, you'll see.
I'll show you something that nobody has ever shown you before.
We were all friends.
Iván was my first friend when I came to Tijuana.
My best friend.
In fact, he introduced me to your dad.
But then, why did you two? - Your dad and I? - Yes.
Out of the blue, overnight He stopped talking to me.
Then the Pantera thing happened and Your dad blamed me for all the troubles of the world.
Antonio is not an easy guy.
But you already know that.
Please, take no offense.
It's black and white, hate and love.
Everything or nothing.
No shades of grey.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
He reminds me of my dad.
I wouldn't recommend anyone have their dad as an enemy or be by the side of their hate.
Which neighborhood did you say this mechanic's workshop is in? Sánchez Taboada.
It's just a cover for the Coyote.
He used it to collect the money.
What did they say? Not much, but it seems a couple of days before the arrest, a kid showed up and made a scene.
I think he was demanding money or asking where a relative was.
But the argument was pretty intense.
The neighbors say the killer was a kid.
Great, thanks, my friend.
I'll call you back, okay? What is it? Yesterday, I went to tell Ramona about the Coyote.
Her other grandson was there, Osvaldo.
He's always struck me as a normal kid.
But yesterday he was different, like nervous, evasive.
Where can I find that guy? My dad didn't want me anywhere near him.
He needed me far away.
I was a mess.
I was drunk all the time, a lazy ass, a good-for-nothing, always in trouble.
And, well, he was right.
Coming here was good for me.
I grew up here.
Settled down.
Look, Andrés, sometimes in life, it's important to hit rock bottom, to feel everything go to shit, and then get your strength back and start from scratch.
Creating your new path, away from your father's shadow.
Do you know how? - I see.
- Cheers.
I'll show you something.
This was the article that put Borja on the radar.
THE GOVERNOR'S SON-IN-LAW BRIBED TO GET CASINOS Before this, your dad was a nobody.
But after that, everybody was wondering: "Who's this reporter? Who's this reporter with the tricks to go after the big fish?" Antonio Borja dared to publish what nobody else was publishing.
Picture this.
Bojórquez was the most important businessman in all Baja California.
And a close friend of the governor in office.
It turns out that he was handing out millionaires bribes right and left to get them to award him the funding for the first line of casinos.
This article is published, with evidence and all, and Bojórquez loses it.
Motherfucker raised hell.
Paradoxically, I placed my bid after and got it.
So I opened the Bengala and everything else.
So you could say that old Borja and I have the same beginning.
This article and that business put us both on the map.
Could you tell me all this on camera? Andy, don't be rude.
Come on.
We're going slow.
- Not today.
- Okay.
Can I have a copy of this? - Have you met with Sabines? - I tried.
I swear I did my best.
I was nice, put on a good girl face, but even if I tortured him, he wasn't going to tell me anything.
I guess going back to his place is worthless.
We need to surprise him somewhere else, outside his cave, where he's not playing the candidate role.
What do you mean? What does he like doing? Does he have any hobbies? Do you know where he goes when he's not working? I don't know about his hobbies, but he's a university professor.
Can I call you back, please? What's this? Where did you get it? Investigating the competitors.
Why don't we have this in our files? I mean, I don't think it is What? Why all the mystery? My dad became a known reporter at the same time Mueller became a known businessman.
- Does that bother him? - No.
That's not what bothers your dad.
It was all Mueller's scheme.
How? The entire investigation your father did was based on information that Mueller gave him.
He trusted him and got excited about the accusation, but what Mueller never told him was that he was the leader of the other bidding party.
So, with his article, your dad ended up clearing the path for Mueller to become the man he is today.
He can't forgive him for that.
And he can't forgive himself either.
Mueller just fucked with him.
Put it away.
Professor Sabines, nice to meet you.
I'm Antonio Borja.
Nice to meet you too.
I know who you are.
I understand you'd rather not make comments about the meeting you had with Robles the day of his murder.
Really? So straightforward? We know the meeting happened.
We know about the agreements you made.
Sure, from the businessmen's point of view.
We've got testimonies and we're publishing that.
That's your call and I respect it.
I'm not looking for your respect.
I want your version.
You know what they say, silence means consent, so The testimonies of the businessmen don't make Robles look very good.
Do you want to defend him or would you rather stay silent? Robles wanted them to hear his proposals and make it clear that we wanted to work as a team.
Some of them agreed.
Others were harder to convince, but I'd say it was a very positive meeting overall.
I know Robles' profile, so I can imagine some of the topics you discussed might be uncomfortable.
Which one generated the most conflict? The labor issue, for sure.
The businessmen were worried about Robles' union and worker past.
Who showed the most hostility? I don't think that's relevant.
BENÍTEZ PRADO HAS ANNOUNCED HIS RESIGNATION FROM THE CANDIDACY Mejía! - What happened? - Come here, man! Quick! Go to the PTI headquarters.
Benítez Prado has just resigned from the candidacy.
Get a statement out of him or anyone from the party.
- You're already late, man! - Yes, yes.
Was Gregorio Mueller at the meeting? Yes, but he didn't say a word.
Mueller is no factory worker.
The labor issue is not his thing.
And Vargas? Yes, Vargas He was one of the, let's say, anxious ones.
He even offered us money for the campaign in exchange for smoothing out the agenda, but Robles rejected it.
Everything okay? News from the competition.
Good luck in your campaign.
- They say we can - Guys.
The news of Robles' murder is all over the place.
THE MAIN SUSPEC IN THE CANDIDATE'S MURDER - "Personal motive"? - "Sole gunman.
" They're so full of shit.
- Ready, love? - Yes, hon.
- Daughter.
- Hello.
Let me introduce you to Alexandra, my girlfriend.
- Alexandra or Alejandra? - Alexandra.
Ale, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Raúl Vega, at your disposal.
- Come in.
- Excuse me.
- Alexandra, nice to meet you.
Come in.
- Nice to meet you too.
- Mom.
- Hi, daughter.
- I know another one.
- No, please, enough.
No, Dad! I remember Nancy.
A Salvadorian girl we crossed the Suchiate with.
Remember her? Yes, eight months pregnant.
And yet, she manned up, like anybody else.
Immigration caught her.
And right there, the baby decides to be born! And now, what do you think? - What? - She lives in New York.
I think we should've invited them to a nice place for dinner.
What would've been different? Didn't you like the food? No, it's not that.
Next time we can invite them to a nice restaurant, right? No, no I don't mean that your parents' house isn't nice.
No, it's okay.
I don't care, Alex.
Let's drop it, okay? But you understand what I meant, right? Although he's only 32 years old, today, Manuel Ureña is one of the most wanted people in Mexico.
It seems he acted alone and this incident could be about a business transaction.
Ureña worked in the same factory as Robles, which says a lot about the suspect.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I'm Gabriela Cisneros, from Frente Tijuana.
We're writing a profile on Manuel Ureña.
Ureña? He was the silent type.
Do you mind telling me something about him? Ureña? No, I never met him, miss.
- He only talked about the pigskin.
- "Pigskin"? Football, you know? Honestly, they're framing Ureña.
I've never seen him say hi to Robles.
Look it's always the fault of the poor.
Governments do their shit and because they have the money, they protect each other.
He never said he had issues with anybody? Anything suspicious? No, nothing.
He worked like a slave every day like everybody else.
Political parties can go fuck themselves.
- Hello.
- I'm Eduardo Arriola, chief editor at Frente Tijuana.
I work with Malú.
Oh, my God.
Is she okay? Yes, madam.
Everything's okay, thanks.
I was just passing by and wanted to say hi.
- Come in.
- Thanks.
I'm sorry, I'm doing the chores Don't worry, madam.
You must be Osvaldo, right? - Malú asked me to talk to you.
- About what? Have you eaten? No.
I'll buy you some tacos.
If you'll let me.
- Hello? - I can give you information on Ureña.
Do you have something to write on? I've been looking for him for days.
- He's nowhere to be found.
- Have you called the cops? The cops? What for? So they can take my money to allegedly look for him? I think you, the press, can help me.
If you publish an article saying Manuel needs help, that his life is in danger maybe these people will leave him alone.
We all want Ureña to be alive.
What people do you mean? His lenders, the people who collect the debt.
Ureña had been accumulating debt all over the place lately.
You know how these people are.
- Did he have gambling debt? - A lot.
- Any news? - Ureña.
I've been at the factory and a coworker told me Ureña might be in danger.
- Did he say why? - Ureña's weakness: gambling.
He has a big debt with a broker.
This smells like Mueller's shit.
What? Mueller controls everything connected to gambling in Baja California, legal or illegal.
If Ureña owed big money to a broker, he really owed money to Mueller.
If Mueller needed someone to do a dirty job for him Bingo! He would clear Ureña's debt if he killed Robles? Everything is obvious, don't you see? Robles was a pain in the ass for Mueller.
They get rid of him to support Sabines, who's not as strong.
It's a master plan.
PTI knows Benítez Prado doesn't have the strength or the charisma to get there.
They take him out of the game so Mueller can run for office.
With his money and the businessmen's money, he'll push his career and open his path to be governor.
That's what the fucker wanted! Your logic is farfetched, Borja.
Nobody could've planned something like this.
They're capable of this and much more.
Are you serious? Do you want him to sue us again for defamation? We can't take another one, Borja.
We'll go down the drain.
We'll talk about this later.
Come in, son.
What is it, Dad? I was thinking about what you asked me the other day.
My uncle's files? You can use them.
Thanks a lot.
Andy, that documentary you're filming - are you serious about it? - Of course.
What else do you need? You.
You, on camera, telling me everything.
Okay, on one condition.
Don't mess this up.
Stay out of trouble.
This stays in the family and our friends, okay? My cousin and I were going to cross the border together.
We were going to meet my parents.
They've been there for years and they're illegal.
But we didn't have the money to pay the Coyote for both of us.
Finally I survived for being fucking poor and he, my friend, died with the rest of them thanks to a motherfucker.
And you wanted revenge.
I have no idea how I did it.
I just closed my eyes and ran to him.
And I stabbed him over and over again.
You've got to flee Tijuana.
Everybody is a suspect.
If I found you, anybody else can.
I can't leave my grandma alone.
You want her to have two dead grandsons? Cisneros, come on.
Get your keys, we'll take your car.
- Where are we going? - To the circus.
There's a special show tonight.
Lalo, how was it? Have you talked to the guy? He's not living there anymore.
He ran away.
- There he is.
- Who? Mueller.
Motherfucker, it was his plan all along.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Excuse me.
To everyone who's joined us in this electoral force, thanks for being here.
Also, thanks to all our friends in the press for joining us.
Now, the person who's taking us to victory, Rosaura Cifuentes!