Tijuana (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- Are you lost, girl? - What happened? A 41 Echo? The girl speaks our code now.
- What happened to him? - Who? That man, don't fuck with me.
He went on holiday.
- Do you know anything? - Just what you see.
I guess the guy saw it coming.
Karma, they call it.
- Can I get closer? - No.
- Hello? - Lalo.
Malú, what is it? We're in a meeting.
Ureña showed up dead.
He was wrapped up.
Any message on him? - Does he have anything? - Negative.
I'll send you the images now.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES This is the cost of the paper if we accept the conditions they're proposing.
But isn't this the same printing house we've worked with for more than ten years? - I don't understand.
- Me neither, Borja.
What did they say? - It's the inflation.
- The inflation? My balls are inflated thanks to this bullshit.
Thanks for the information, but how are we going to solve this? Ramona? What happened? I came as soon as I could.
Are you okay? Malú Malú.
Osvaldo is gone.
Lalo told me that he wasn't here when he came over.
I thought you knew.
It was after he left with Lalo.
He came back, without saying a word, packed up a bag.
Two hours later, he was gone.
He won't pick up the phone.
He went out with Lalo? Really? Yes.
Since he's your friend, I had no problem but I guess he must've told him something.
What's wrong, Wicho? You could bring Sebas to work.
That man is old enough to be useful, isn't he? Of course not, Lalito.
Sebas won't drop out; he's not that crazy.
He's destined for bigger things.
Big things that hang in front and that you love from behind, asshole.
How are you, Eric? Give me two tacos and a soup.
Tell me the news.
There's not much to tell.
Our wrapped-up friend had his vices.
Ureña? Yes, a lot.
- Gambling, I knew that.
- No, man, the vice.
Crystal meth, acid.
He had a pipe and some gear, but apart from that, there's not much else.
There were no signs of torture on his body.
So what? He wrapped himself up? Let's wait for the autopsy results.
Those things take time, you know how examiners are.
Besides, there's a new corpse every day, they just can't cope.
Apart from that and his record of armed robbery, there's not much else.
That's great, golden Monedita.
You were great.
It's a big help.
I talked with the printing guys again.
They're not giving in.
They say it's the economic crisis, the recession.
Just anything to justify the price increase.
Borja, it's the only local provider.
If we don't find a solution, we'll have to print in another state.
Like every other newspaper in Baja.
They can do that because their articles sell.
Not everyone prints in other states.
El Espectro also prints here.
I mean, if they want to charge us both more, El Espectro and Frente Tijuana can join forces and make a joint proposal.
We can't let them corner us like this.
To join forces with that kiss-ass Larrea? But what? You don't have to talk with him.
I'll contact him.
We get along.
It's up to you.
Rincón? He doesn't live here anymore.
But I was with him here yesterday.
He's gone.
He grabbed his stuff this morning and left.
- Do you know where? - Who knows? Malú, what else could I do? What did you tell him? To go far, that's all.
Why the fuck didn't you tell his grandma? She's desperate, you jerk.
I didn't tell him not to tell his family.
- Just to leave.
- Why the fuck did you lie to me? I understand you want to protect him but why the fuck did you lie to me, Lalo? You know I would've helped you solve this.
- You know that.
- Malú.
The kid confessed to a crime.
Do you think it's a good idea to get more people involved? TIMOTEO CRUZ IVÁN ROSA'S KILLER What's up? What are you up to? If I want to visit a prison, I just call and that's it? "Hey, La Mesa, can I come?" Are you trying to contact Timoteo Cruz? LA MESA PENITENTIARY That's the fucking number.
Fuck, man.
Santiago, do you know what's going on with the printing press here? What do you mean? The price increase.
We've got to stand together so they can't do whatever they want or they'll bleed us dry.
Are they increasing the prices for you? - Not for you? - Not a cent.
Then help me investigate what's going on.
You've got the contacts.
If this happened to you, who would your suspect be? Who benefits from the increase? You do.
So? Who wants you to have a rough time and us to have an easy time? There are elections soon.
Do you think the PTI is behind all this? Cifuentes doesn't want any trouble.
I wouldn't be surprised if she imposed restrictions on the media.
And, honestly you're asking for it every week.
I'll get it.
Let me get this for you.
- We're having dinner.
- Oh, good.
We've just started.
Do you want to join us? No, thanks.
I won't stay long.
What's up? The talk with Larrea left you with a bitter aftertaste? Well, yes.
That's why I'm here.
He thinks the ones after us are Cifuentes and the PTI.
Really? That's what he said? Off the record.
That calls for a toast.
Cifuentes is your territory.
Don't let her hear you or else I'll pay her a visit tomorrow.
No, thanks, Sonia.
I'm leaving now.
It's okay, honey.
You spend more time with my husband than I do anyways.
Cheers, honey.
Borja? Hey, you can't come in - I'd rather it was at a quarter to five - Rosaura.
What is the plan? To close down the newspaper? Hello, Antonio.
I'm also very glad to see you.
Yes, come in.
Close down the paper? I don't understand.
- We would never close any - You're boycotting us with paper costs.
Who is boycotting you? The same printing house that paves the way for El Espectro.
Look the truth is, if Frente Tijuana is not able to cover its costs, you just have to sell more copies.
What are you offering? What can I do to sell more? Praise you and screw the others? I don't know what you mean.
The press only works when it suits you, right? Well, politicians only work when it suits you, right? Borja, why don't you just give up? It has always been this way.
Get used to the idea.
Good bye.
The easy thing would be to pin these deaths on the narcos, but there's no evidence here to prove that.
So? Moneda said he had meth on him.
Doesn't that count? Not much.
You find meth everywhere now.
How do you think these workers can endure 14-hour work days? They need it to be able to bear it.
They get hooked on it, they go into debt and so forth.
They've got to work more to earn more.
It's a vicious cycle.
It's good for the factories because they generate more production.
It's in everybody's interest but the workers'.
And the union? - Do they know about this? - Sure.
What if someone from the union tried to stop it? Who do you have in mind? Robles.
Thank you, Pedro.
- Hello, Dad? How are you? - Son.
Hey, I need the newspaper's help.
Andy, right now, the newspaper can't help you much.
You said you were going to help me.
Help me.
I don't think you'll like my request, but the other option is much worse.
What do you want? To interview Timoteo Cruz.
La Mesa prison won't let me in, but maybe if you call the director, that might help.
- What's the other option? - Interview someone else.
Mueller? Let's go to my office.
This is all of my investigation for Eugenio's piece.
The work material, the interviews, the transcriptions, the photos.
I think you should keep this.
Thanks, Gabriela.
How are things? It's hard.
Margarita, did Eugenio ever tell you anything about meth in the factory? Yes.
Everybody there uses? - Did he? - What? Are you planning to slander my husband? That's the last thing I'd do, Margarita.
But I've been thinking If the people in the factory used and they allowed that, then the union is also an accomplice.
I just want to know if Eugenio had an opinion on that.
Maybe that was his conflict with the union.
When he told me about it, he had been hooked on crystal for almost a year.
I worked at the factory and knew what was going on.
One day, he realized he was killing himself and decided to get clean.
Just like that.
And I helped him.
It was very hard for him, but he did it.
From that moment, he took interest in that issue, as you mentioned.
He faced the union? He proposed measurements to improve working conditions.
The days are too long and people need drugs to deal with that.
He wanted to include that in his program.
And nobody liked his idea? Everybody is involved in the business.
And the party? Was he alone in his fight? Sabines? The others? They didn't support him.
They said there were more important needs, more political ones.
You know? But there was one person, the accountant, a guy called Rojo.
He trusted Eugenio a lot but when he retired, he didn't want to talk to him anymore.
He was a weird guy.
Yes, sure.
I understand, Director.
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry I bothered you.
Without the inmate's authorization, there's nothing much the director can do.
And Timoteo Cruz doesn't want to see your face.
There's nothing else I can do.
What if I pretend to be a relative? - A lot of reporters do that, right? - That's completely unethical.
I wouldn't do it.
But you're not a reporter; you can do whatever you see fit.
- Fine.
- And the readers will tell us.
Let's say, if this month I guess someone's here for you.
How are you, Monedita? Are you okay? What happened? What? Can you tell me what you said to the boy, Osvaldo, before he fled? He fled? I didn't know that, man.
I just bought him lunch.
I'll ask two favors from you, jerk.
One, walk outside with me because I don't want any trouble in here.
Two, stop being such a jerk, motherfucker.
Let's go.
I just saw the grandma.
She told me you went to see him and told him to leave the city.
Well, yes.
I bought him lunch.
He told me he was sad because of his brother and parents.
Who knows? Maybe he was angry at his grandma and fled.
Don't fuck with me, Lalo.
Do you know how many years you can get for a cover-up? Three! Look.
If I knew something, I would've told you.
You have no shame.
Let's go outside.
You will tell me right now what the boy did.
What? I have no fucking idea.
Come on, Lalo.
I won't be able to help you otherwise.
So the full force of the law will get us? - Fuck you, Lalo! - What, you care about the boy? You didn't care when a Coyote killed 20 people and got away with it! Don't fuck with me! You know it's not like that.
How is it, then? Why don't you go chase criminals and leave us alone? After all I did for you! - Let off some steam, jerk! - I don't need to, asshole! Let go of me! Let go! - What is it, Lalo? - Let me go! Commander, what's wrong? Next time you need me, go ask for help from your fucking mother, asshole! What happened? How could you mess with this kid's life like that? Telling him what to do.
That's not your job, you're a reporter, not a social worker.
I should've let them deal with him then? No, but if he confessed to a crime, you shouldn't have interfered.
You're making us all accomplices.
We can't promote "an eye for an eye.
" We try to be civilized here, to follow the procedures.
Are you serious, Borja? "Follow the procedures"? The only procedure here is a fucking system that would've destroyed that boy's life.
Then write about that.
Report it, prove it! You're a reporter, not a judge.
I'm no rat either.
Who the fuck is telling you to betray him? You sound like a rookie.
I shouldn't be here explaining to you how to do your job.
I should fire you! You know why I don't? Because I would have to hire two men to replace you and I don't have the money.
That's the only reason.
Leave now.
I just talked with Lorenzo.
He arrives tomorrow and he'll stay for the whole summer.
Fine, give him my regards.
Yes, I will and also a kiss from you.
Thanks a lot.
- Pick up.
- No.
Take your girl's call, it's okay.
What girl? - It's Mueller.
- Mueller? You wanted to get in touch with him and now you're not answering his calls? It's not that simple.
You'll work it out.
No, let me have it.
Keep it.
Talk to you in a couple of months, sweetie.
- Hello? - What's going on? When are we going to continue - our talk? - I'm sorry.
My documentary is on pause right now.
- I'm collecting some material.
- I'm just saying, I'm going to get busy and won't have the time.
I was expecting you.
Give me two days, tops, and I'll be free.
Okay? Call me.
- Sure, I'll call you.
- Great.
- Who is it? - Good afternoon.
Is Mr.
Rojo home? Is that you? Who are you? I'm Gabriela.
I need to talk to you.
I have nothing to say to anybody.
Rojo, I worked with Eugenio Robles.
How much did Margarita tell you? Enough for everybody to be a suspect.
But I don't have evidence.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Me neither.
What did you tell Robles? First huge amounts of sodium thiosulfate were bought every two weeks.
And I as the company accountant, realized 85 percent of that went to an unknown destination.
There was no record of it.
Did you report it? - Yes.
- To whom? The factory owners.
I thought it was the workers' doing or maybe the union's.
Do you think Robles was killed because of that? Who knows? I worked for them for more than 40 years, covering up all their shit and they left me in this chair.
I mean with all our problems and this jerk making a scene, I'm Easy.
We don't have paper to print tomorrow.
The only solution would be a loan, or pay for it ourselves.
Forget it.
If the PTI wants to screw us, they'll find a way to do it.
Today is the paper, tomorrow the ink.
The day after, their fucking mom.
I'm sorry.
I'm still angry.
Let's think.
We've got to find a solution a more long-term one.
We could bring in paper from Sonora, but that won't arrive till next week.
Not this week.
What do you mean? What are we going to do? Go digital.
- You're kidding me, right? - No.
At least, this week.
We'll find a solution for next week.
Federica, if we don't print, we don't exist.
That motto is from the twenties.
Most media has gone digital now and in a couple of years, that will be the norm.
- It's only a matter of time.
- We're different.
Well, you'll have to find a solution soon, or else, if we don't go digital, there won't be an issue this week.
So annoying.
Beer for you! I gave them to Daniel.
I told him, "Take these to Andy," but on my way out I saw he forgot them.
You've got to try them.
You'll feel the nuts, the smoke.
Nice, huh? Nice and pretty.
Sonia's family, I assume.
They were my grandma's, actually.
I like your place.
There's a vibe here.
I'm sorry I haven't called you.
I put the documentary on hold and Don't worry about it.
I just came over to bring you these.
So, that's why I came.
I'm off.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Did you contact Timoteo? - How do you know about that? - What? - About Timoteo.
- It doesn't matter.
I just want you to know that I can help you with anything you need.
Why don't you come to the casino tonight.
We'll have a good time.
Come and we'll talk.
See you, Andy.
EL ESPECTRO JACUME, SMUGGLERS' PARADISE Aren't you coming to bed? Are you jealous of your competitor? No.
Look, all this doesn't exist.
You can replace it, you can delete it.
It disappears like smoke.
As opposed to this.
You can touch this.
You can smell it, you can wrinkle it, you can read it in the bathroom.
You can take your tablet to the bathroom.
The world has changed, Antonio.
Are you going digital? It'll all be over if I don't.
Don't stay up too late, honey.
Fucking Moneda.
Who does he think he is? Golden Moneda, huh? He's an asshole.
He comes to scream at me in my office? He's a jerk.
Who does he think he is, a golden boy? Yes, it's better to be like this.
And then fucking Borja I mean, was I wrong? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Stop drinking.
- Yes.
Last one.
- Okay.
- Last one.
- Second to last.
- Last one.
The second to last.
- Are you a filmmaker? - Yes.
Do you need an actress? I can do whatever you want.
Really? What's your name? Andy.
I'm so glad you came! What is that? That For the interview.
It was today, right? No, no.
She'll take care of this.
You relax and enjoy yourself.
Welcome, my dear Andy.
INCOMING CALL FEDERICA - What is it? You can't sleep either? - No.
What are you up to? I started a piece about Lalo's thing and I came up with a sermon about journalism ethics, the value of sources I have 3,000 words.
Cut it down to a thousand - and send it to me.
- What? I set aside a space for you.
Are we printing? I thought of something.
But we're going to need to ask for help, some cars, and a lot of coffee.
I'll meet you in the office in one hour.
TO BEGIN WITH Let us win for a change, huh? You're taking the whole table.
How are things here? - Have you won anything? - Yes.
We've got to have some winners here, Rafa.
And you? - Cheers.
- Cheers.
Are you okay? Very well, but I don't know how we're going to do the interview.
The interview? What interview? Leave your interview for some other time, Andy.
Have fun.
Look around you.
Have you seen who's here? - Cheers.
- All these great people here Is that the reason you're bored off your ass here with me? No, I won't blame you.
She likes you too.
Have fun.
- So? - Yes.
- You know.
- Yes.
Paula? - Yes.
- My bed is waiting for you.
Hey, hold on to your dog! More money! Who wanted more money? You wanted more! Down on all fours.
Now! Now, on all fours! Dog, on all fours! Down on all fours, dog.
Dog! It's time to bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Very good.
Very good.
Now! Now.
Very good, dog.
Very good.
He's not answering? Fuck, Lalo.
Forget him.
Colleagues, thanks for being here.
I apologize, it's late and cold, but this week we had a problem and we won't be able to solve it if you don't help.
Guys, sorry for this abuse of trust but we can't find another way to bring in the issue There are 10,000 copies waiting for us in San Diego.
So, if you'd like to join us.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
But hurry up! - Come on, man.
- Toby! Tell the delivery guys we'll give them some money.
Yes, sir.
Thank you very much.