Tijuana (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Come on One of these.
One One, none.
Just no more.
But - Come on, let's go.
- Okay.
But you're not kicking me out.
I'm leaving.
This way? - Good morning, Mr.
- How are you? Good, thank you.
- Good morning.
How are you? Let's go.
- Good morning.
How are you? - Fine.
- How many people? Just you? - Just me.
Follow me.
This way.
Excuse me.
- Congressman.
Excuse me.
- Mr.
Could I have an espresso macchiato, please? You look tired.
I had one of those nightmares where everything works out wonderfully at the end.
And you wake up with a new perspective.
THE "NEW" FACE OF THE PTI This article is about morals and ethics.
You should read my articles from time to time.
What, then? Are you ready for the competition? - What do you think, Congressman? - Mr.
Borja, we're doing fine.
Are you? Too bad the elections are more rigged than Mariachi singers.
Let me tell you, until one of the candidates gets the 40 percent, this election is not resolved.
You're right.
- Thanks.
- Bon appetit.
You know what, Rosaura? For history's sake, it'd be wonderful for a woman to be the governor of Baja California.
I hope it's all done legally.
Without buying votes.
Without cheating.
It's high time you left those bad habits behind.
Whatever happens, be sure about one thing.
Frente Tijuana will be there.
- Huh? A hundred and twenty five.
A hundred and forty.
Two too many.
"If they find out the arrested killer never" "The money melted the handcuffs.
" Pure poetry.
"A minor, a victim's relative, takes revenge and stabs the murderer to death.
The minor, tormented by his crime, confesses it to the reporter.
What to do? Report this to the police or give advice to the minor and tell him to run away without looking back?" "To promote the Law of Talion in journalism is like shooting yourself in the foot.
" I mean, yes.
Lalo really screwed up.
But all this is pretty fucked up.
What would you have done? I wouldn't have screwed up that bad.
I don't know.
The kid's life was at risk.
Look, I think Borja is right.
Lalo should find another job.
Really? If Lalo gets fired, it'll be super hard for him - to get another job.
- That's his problem.
Good morning, Martita.
- Antonio? - Yes? I found something that might be of interest to you.
What? I talked with Margarita, Robles' widow.
No, on the contrary.
I had a really good time, in fact.
I hope she had a good time too.
Yes, me too, since I tried my best.
Hold on a second, please.
I called you because I've been thinking about Timoteo Cruz's interview.
I think I'll need it for my documentary.
What you're asking for takes time, but I made my offer.
If you want my version on camera, you can count on it.
Come over around eight.
Tomorrow is fine.
We're here because Gabriela has important information for us.
I talked with Robles' widow and according to her, in the factory, everybody is involved in the meth business.
Sadly, that's not breaking news.
It's an open secret, there are tons of articles about that.
Yes, but as I was saying, that led me to talk to Abraham Rojo, the factory's former accountant.
He was the one who found the loads of sodium thiosulphate.
Sodium thiosulphate? Antichlor.
Sodium thiosulphate.
It's used to process meth and cocaine and it's also used in the factories to treat the fabrics that are bleached with chlorine.
Every two weeks, huge shipments of sodium thiosulphate would come in but only 15 percent of that would stay in the factory.
- The rest - It was sold to the dealers.
That was exactly what I was going to say.
The accountant was a good find but what about the evidence? Lalo's right.
Just one statement is not enough.
If that's the case, I can start monitoring the factory tonight.
Monitoring? We're reporters, not detectives.
Well As soon as this gentleman takes a shower and feels like working, together with Malú, you'll follow up on that information.
Without taking any risks.
Okay? Are we clear? Lalo? Antonio, with all due respect, I think I should be part of that investigation.
With all due respect, Gabriela, this is a very dangerous thing.
And you're not streetwise, you don't have enough experience.
I don't want you to end up hanging from a bridge or wrapped up and in a canal.
Okay? Well, is there anything else? Let's get to work, guys, please.
Come with me.
Close the door, okay? Can I sit? I believe that your article attacks me pretty unfairly.
I didn't even write your name.
What I did goes beyond that.
- Besides, I don't come off very well.
- Is that my fault? You can't even stand on your own two feet! I thought you were coming to apologize for the mess you made with Moneda or maybe for breaking the law and leaving the newspaper in a very awkward position with the police.
Or for coming to work like such a mess.
You smell like a brothel's toilet.
I don't think I should apologize for anything.
I'll give you a piece of advice.
Go take a shower.
Sleep for a few hours and come back when you can think more clearly.
I didn't fire you yesterday because you're good and the newspaper needs you.
Come here again looking like this, and I'll kick you out of here.
You can't come in.
I'm a friend of Mr.
I was here yesterday, do you remember? Well.
Can you please do something for me? Give this to Paula.
The waitress.
Short, auburn hair, this long.
Tell her I need to give her something.
Look how big you are! What are you doing? I'm playing hide-and-seek with my brother.
I'm so sorry.
Oli, come here.
Get your toys.
Your toys, come.
Do you know where my mother is? She went upstairs to get some papers.
- What are you doing here? - Hi, Mom.
Hey, you're really something.
We woke up and you weren't home.
Then we went out for a minute, and you're gone again.
I'm sorry, son.
I didn't sleep a wink.
Just stopped by for a shower.
I had to be here in the office early.
Yes, sure.
It's the newspaper.
So it's important.
Oli, do you hear him? Your dad is telling me off.
It's not that, right? We're here for only a couple of days and we've hardly seen you.
Let me get my things and we'll go for ice cream, okay? - Ice cream! - Who wants ice cream? Let's go have some ice cream.
Let me get my things.
CORONADO RUM Hey! Have you been drinking? Step out of the car.
Get lost.
- What do you think? - It looks delicious.
I've never cooked fish like this.
I think it's a bit dry.
Let me see.
- Hey, don't! - What? It looks good.
You're just saying that because you like me, that's all.
That's not true.
I don't like you.
Who told you that? Okay.
Dinner's ready, guys! Sorry to drop by but you weren't answering my calls.
What is it? The accountant called me.
He said there's a shipment of antichlor coming in tonight.
Borja asked me and Lalo to deal with that.
Well, I called Lalo ten times and he didn't pick up the phone.
What are you going to do? I won't let you go alone.
- Is it here? - Yes.
Now what? We wait.
Then they woke him up and he came running.
Everybody begged him for help.
So he gave them light and lit up the place.
Their little feet were so hot! Then, they all went to bed.
Good night! Kiss, kiss.
So cute.
Good night.
- Your brother is sleeping already.
- Yes.
You go to sleep too.
I love you.
Mom, I'm going to bed now.
Look, look.
Why are they leaving those behind? Just as Rojo said.
From every load, they leave something behind.
To take it where? To whom? I don't know.
Get down.
- We need to follow them.
- No! Are you stupid or what? Do you know what would happen if one of these men saw us? You're bitter, Dani.
Don't blame the racket, man.
I must admit beating you gets harder every time.
What are you talking about? Hey, do you know a girl called Paula? She works for your father, as a waitress.
She's this tall, dark-skinned, good looking, hair this long.
- A waitress? - Yes.
- Dark-skinned? - Yes.
- Hair this long? - Come on, man.
Be serious.
How should I know, man? Do you know how many employees my dad has? To show you I'm a good friend, I'll ask.
- No guarantees.
- Thanks, man.
Jot this down.
Your girl studies Philosophy on Lot C.
Go for it.
- Hi, Su.
How are you? - Oh, hi.
Are you free now? Coffee? Tea? A beer? They do sell beers here, right? - I'm late for class.
- I'll walk you there.
Andy, what are you doing here? You forgot this at my apartment.
Hey This is my life and that's my job.
Am I clear? Don't come here again.
Have you found anything useful? I analyzed them one by one and it's tough.
Come, I'll show you.
The quality isn't good at all.
We can't see anybody's face, neither the jeep nor the truck have plates But look at this one.
See this barrel? it seems to have a kind of label.
- "Experts"? - "Exports," yeah maybe.
- Can you see what is down there? - Not in this photo.
But in this one, with the freight truck that arrived at the port, I can see the same logo with some Chinese, Mandarin characters or something.
That must be the manufacturer.
CHINESE CHEMICAL EXPORT COMPANY HUA CHEMICAL EXPORTS We discovered that Hua Chemical is the name of the exporting company.
We saw a truck coming in and leaving all the barrels, the ones with the logo.
After that, late at night, another truck came in and took several of those.
We don't know where to because we waited till sun rise and left.
You shouldn't have gone there by yourselves.
We tried to locate Lalo but he didn't pick up the phone.
It was our only chance.
Why didn't you call me? So you could give them permission? You're not their dad, Borja.
Two women on their own messing with dealers.
- I don't like that.
- Yes, they were on their own, but they were aware of the danger, they're not fools.
Well, about these Chinese people We need to know who is importing the substance and how many barrels are coming in.
If those goods come from China, they must be getting in through the Ensenada port.
My cousin Julio works there.
- You'll have to ask him a favor.
- Yes.
But nobody from Frente is going there.
We're messing with interests, especially the dealers', and we can't expose ourselves too much.
Is that clear? It's about a company that imports chemicals to a factory here in Tijuana.
Okay, send me the name of the company via text and I'll send you all the information I find.
- I can go help you.
- No, Gabriela.
Access is too restricted and I won't be able to get you through customs.
- How are you, Ernesto? - Hello, Julio.
Give access to Julio Gaitán Torres, marine traffic control.
- Okay.
- Thanks, see you later.
Are you okay? Take the stairs.
- It'll take just a second.
- I don't want to know.
What's the name of the chemical company? Hua Chemical Exports.
There's no data here.
BAJA IMPORTS Sodium thiosulphate? PLEASE WAIT WHILE THE FILES ARE PRINTING What's going on here? I don't know her.
I need a guard to marine traffic control, quickly! Julio, I'll see you in my office.
Sit there.
You're in big trouble, you know that? This is a government office.
Take your ID, please.
The police are on their way.
There are two options for revisions.
As you prefer No, this is enough.
- Here's everything.
- Federica.
Gabriela is detained at the Public Ministry of Ensenada.
Let's go.
I'm not done here yet and I have plans to go out with my son.
You gave this girl the green light to go investigate.
When I tried to set limits, you made me look like a patronizing man in front of everybody.
So at least come share this problem with me.
I'll see you downstairs.
I'll get my jacket.
PHOTOGRAPHY Andy, come here.
Your dad wants you to take him to the Public Ministry of Ensenada.
He went to his office but meet him outside.
Let's continue.
Let's go.
- What? - We're going to Ensenada, right? Antonio, right? Let's start your ride.
Let's go.
- Fede.
- Martita.
Please, send the info for invoicing to the carrier who's bringing the print run from San Diego.
Yes, Federica.
Fede? Do you know where "Grabriela" is? You'd know where she is if you had been here.
She sent me some messages and I've got many missed calls from her about the factory tonight.
What's with you, Lalo? Are you so drunk that you don't even know what day it is? Gabriela and Malú covered that last night, after you didn't show up.
You're not going anywhere.
I'll take you to grab a bite and take a shower.
Go to my car.
Can you believe the impunity and arrogance of the jerks at the port? Helping each other cover up their shit.
How the fuck do you think we got you out? Someone helped me.
Now I owe them a favor.
You've got to learn that when dealers are involved, we need to tread lightly.
Don't you ever walk into the lion's den again.
You're putting yourself at risk! And you're getting us in trouble.
You can't rock the boat, do you understand? Yes, Antonio.
You're off of Robles' murder investigation.
First, learn to be a reporter, to keep a low profile.
Then, we'll see if you can be part of Frente.
So? He suspended me, I guess.
Or at least he took me off of the investigation.
Really? But what did he say exactly? Are you okay? Hey I want to show you something.
Do you remember the headlight that pointed at us that day? Look.
They are not the usual headlights on jeeps.
They're not common.
Gabriela, I believe this is a very good lead.
Show this to Borja.
See you.
Are you taking a shower? I'm coming in, okay? - Okay.
- I brought you a clean towel.
Yes, come in.
I'll leave it here.
Do you also think I fucked it up? Lalo, we have the responsibility to inform.
It's a social labor.
You too with the reporter ethics bullshit like Borja? And what about the consequences of the things we report? Aren't they our responsibility too? Yes, but we can't step over justice.
Come on, Federica! They don't give a damn about justice.
If I hadn't intervened, the boy would be dead now, and honestly I couldn't have his death on my conscience.
Could you? No.
No article is more important than a life.
I'll wash your clothes.
They stink.
I can't believe it.
You brought a drunk into the house with the kids here.
He's not a drunk.
He's been a coworker for years.
Coworker, friend, I don't care.
He's going through a rough time.
What else could I do? I don't know but I don't like this, especially with my kids in the house.
Don't overreact.
Would you like some tea? No.
Olivia, come here.
Andy! Lights, cameras - Are you all set? - Yes.
How are you, sir? - I'm sorry I'm late.
- I don't care.
What have I missed? - What? - We're back to "sir" now? You're making me feel old again.
I'm sorry.
- Can I put the mic on you? - Yes.
- I'm going to Excuse me.
- Yes.
Go ahead.
So? How are things with Paulita? She's a super hard-working girl, very polite.
I like her.
I really do.
Shall we go over there? You told her to leave with me, right? That would be super tacky, don't you think? Anyway How were things in Ensenada? How do you know I was there? Andrés I know everything that goes on.
You do? No, I'm messing with you.
I sent some of the guys to run an errand and they saw you and told me about it, that's all.
What were you doing there? One of the reporters fucked things up.
She thought she could solve Robles' murder by herself and she was taken to the PM.
What did she do? I don't know.
They didn't tell me.
- Shall we start? - Yes.
There it is Ready? - See you tomorrow, Martita.
- See you.
Lucía, what are you doing here? - Aren't you going home? - I'm waiting.
- For a gentleman? - No.
Luisito, from the garage, he's supposed to bring me my truck.
- Well, take care.
- Goodbye.
- Be careful, Malú.
- Yes, Antonio.
See you tomorrow.
Antonio, shall I call you your taxi? - Yes, tell him to wait ten minutes.
- Sure, sir.
Timoteo was waiting for Iván all night.
That's where he was.
As soon as Iván showed his face, boom! Are you looking for someone? Hey! Hey! That wasn't all.
He went to where he was and in front of everybody present he emptied the chamber of the .
38 Super.
Timoteo was a tough guy.
I think he took his showers with that gun.
Then, he crossed the street, he went into a bar, he ordered a bottle of tequila, he drank it all by himself, with the gun on the bar until the police got there.
Sure, Timoteo was my bodyguard.
What else would they think? That I ordered him to kill Iván.
But I didn't.
It's not true.
Iván was my friend.
I guess the taxi is here, but what a racket! I'll go check.
- Okay, I'll go to the toilet then.
- Yes.
Get down! Iván was a guy a very nice guy, but he loved drinking.
He'd drink a few too many and start making jokes that nobody understood, practical jokes, and many times he wanted to bother Timoteo.
Timoteo was a bodyguard, a soldier, a military man.
I still don't understand what Timoteo Cruz had to do with Iván Rosa.
Andrés there are some people you just can't mess with.
Subtitle translation by Ale Tolj