Tijuana (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

IVÁN ROSA, FOUNDER OF NEWSPAPER, IS KILLED Antonio! Antonio! - Are you okay up there? - Yes.
An ambulance! Call an ambulance! Antonio! Open up! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Samantha.
- Antonio.
- Call us if you need anything.
- Sure.
- Okay? Please inform their family.
- Toby.
- Antonio.
You, stay here.
And you, Mejía, go upstairs.
- Don't lose anything.
- Yes, sir.
Let's go.
- Madam, you can't come in here.
- I'm the owner.
Is everybody okay? Well, only Only Martita is hurt.
- Is it serious? - Yes.
And how are you? I'm great.
Borja? Talk to them, please.
You look better.
This pill will help you sleep.
Take it.
The buzzing in your ears will be gone in a couple of hours.
- Okay? - Okay.
You'll be fine, okay? Yes, thanks.
How are you feeling, Lucía? Better.
- Madam, you can't come in.
- It's fine.
- Thank God you're okay.
- Everything's okay.
They took Martita to the hospital but they said she's out of danger.
- And the rest? - The rest are fine.
- Go home.
- No, I want to stay with you.
This is real chaos.
No, I mean it.
I want to stay.
- I'd rather you didn't.
- Let me stay with you.
Get in your car.
Everything's fine.
I'll ask Andy to drive you home.
- Do you want me to call home? - No.
Honey - How did you get in? - Are you all right? You didn't need to come.
What is it? Andy, your mom is outside.
Drive her home and stay with her.
Don't leave her on her own.
Okay, and you? I'll ask for a ride later.
This is going to take a while, son.
Gaby? Your phone! - Can I have the spoon? - Yes, Auntie.
- Auntie, I've got to go.
- Have your tea first.
Come on.
- I'm sorry, Auntie.
It's my job.
- Okay.
Is everything okay? - Yes, Auntie.
- Be careful, okay? Yes.
Have you seen that jerk going live out there? I'm outside the building where the newspaper Frente Tijuana is based.
It was attacked without mercy tonight They're disgusting.
They should go fuck themselves.
- No, no.
- have been injured They'll think we're upset.
Let them say whatever they want.
As usual, Víctor, here in the city of Tijuana, fear is lying in wait for us.
Fear wins again.
That's all for now.
We'll keep you informed.
I work here.
Hey, can I interview you? It'll be super quick.
I'm tired, please.
I need to know who they were after.
- The blood? - Martita was shot.
But she's okay, she's in the hospital now.
Borja? Upstairs.
I've got to go now.
I'm driving my mom home.
I'll text you later, okay? YOU WON'T SILENCE US! Hi.
What are you doing here? I heard what happened, and I came here to help.
What does this mean? It was a warning.
If they wanted to kill someone, they would've come in.
Is this about what happened at the factory or at the docks? It's impossible to know now.
Good evening.
- What are you doing? - Good morning.
Good morning.
Malú? - Yes? - Are you okay? What? Are you working today? Yes, why? Someone tried to kill you yesterday.
All the more reason to go.
Have you seen my flask? Honey.
- Here.
- Thanks.
One workmate is in the hospital with a bullet wound and another is in shock.
The logical thing to do is to take a few days off.
Martita is stable and Lucía will be fine.
And you? I've got to go.
Yesterday was another lamentable moment in our newspaper's history.
As founders of Frente Tijuana, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your daily work and we thank you and respect you for still believing in what we do here.
I want to introduce you to Ana Paula Gómez.
She belongs to the organization Artículo 19, which defends and assists journalistic work globally.
Ana Paula, this is Frente Tijuana.
Thanks, Toño.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
I guess many of you are familiar with our organization's work.
It's a group of journalists working to protect journalists.
What I wanted to tell you here today, is that this country has no panic button that can stop everything that we're going through.
Yes, it's okay.
Keep on being committed journalists, but please, don't risk your lives foolishly.
The organization has a program that is implemented via different strategies.
We work together with the journalists.
Besides, the country needs us all.
- but it needs us alive.
- Okay.
We will carry on working as a brave, compact team, showing intelligence and enthusiasm, guys.
This cannot stop us.
Okay? Thanks.
Andy! Come in, come in.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
But I I hurt myself playing golf this morning.
The chiropractor just left.
Thank you for seeing me.
Sorry for just dropping by.
I heard what happened.
How are you? I know what you need.
I've got just the thing to help you relax.
Let's have a drink.
But it's eleven in the morning.
That doesn't matter here.
Checking the time is for the poor.
Andrés, you still have so much to learn.
- So, are you staying for dinner? - I can't.
We can order something and eat here.
I'd love to, and I'd love to see Sonia, but I've got to be in Veracruz tomorrow morning.
Did you know that Marcial Guitiérrez was taken, from El Jarocho newspaper? Yes.
I haven't met him, but I know he's a good journalist.
I hope they find him alive.
I love you, Toño.
I'm very proud of your work.
Keep fighting the good fight.
In this country, there's no other choice.
Take care.
- And thanks.
- You too.
So, how was it? It's good, but that's enough for me.
No, we're just getting started, Andrés.
Now it's time for you to have something I only drink with people I trust.
- Are these scorpions? - Baby ones.
From Sierra Duranguense.
Anyone I consider to be part of my family has to have one of these with me.
Okay? Chew it well.
The problem's not when it goes in, but when it comes out.
We don't want it to sting your asshole.
I want you to know that you can count on me for anything you need.
Thanks a lot.
I mean it, Andrés.
I'm very fond of you.
I don't know You remind me of myself when I was young.
You know that your dad and I have our differences, and I don't know what kind of trouble he's in, but if I have to send an army to protect you, I will.
When you value a friendship, you shield it with loyalty.
Learn that.
You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
As long as you're with me nobody will touch you.
So? What can I do for you? First of all, you can shut down that shitty party and stop hurting this country.
Cut the bullshit, Antonio.
I'm being serious.
Are you? We've known each other for years.
Why are you treating me as if I were the enemy? Listen, Rosaura.
You're the state representative.
The state declared war on journalism many years ago.
You are the enemy.
And since we've known each other for ages, we can be honest, right? Precisely.
Precisely, Antonio.
Who knows the game better than you? Of course the party has an agenda.
But apart from that, we want the best for everybody.
Rosaura, my building is fucked.
My secretary is in hospital fighting for her life.
My wife is asking me to think about retirement.
And you're talking about the party's agenda? I've worked in the free press for over 25 years, precisely because I didn't want to follow any agenda.
And that "game" you mentioned if that's what you want, then please stop interfering with our work.
Or else, when hell breaks loose, we'll see what happens.
We're not backing out of this.
I'm glad you're fine.
Give your wife my regards.
Hey, Lu.
Lu? Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
Are you sure you don't want to go home? No.
Moneda Chief.
I'm so sorry.
These are the guys I mentioned.
They'll be guarding the place round the clock until everything settles down.
Moneda You know all this is useless.
If they want to kill you, they will, no matter what.
Well, yes, but maybe they'll think twice.
Especially with these two.
They're as tough as they are ugly.
Right, guys? - Yes, sir.
- Wait outside.
You can trust them, believe me.
I'll accept the help because it comes straight from you.
You know how I feel about the Attorney General's Office.
Yes, I know.
So? Have you and Lalo made peace? That motherfucker.
He needs to get his ass kicked.
He has to apologize to me.
He's the one creating this mess.
Well, Chief, thanks.
- At your disposal.
- Thanks.
- Wait for me outside.
Bring the car.
- Yes, Captain.
What the fuck do you want? Take a seat, jerk.
If I wasn't on duty, I'd kick your fucking ass.
I'll buy you some tacos and then you can kick my ass.
I should've killed you for having such a big mouth.
Your wife would've been super sad, jerk.
No, man.
Don't joke.
Really, is it that hard to admit you fucked up? For real, man? I don't regret helping that boy.
- You would've done the same.
- No, Lalo.
It's one thing to understand the situation, and another is to let you obstruct justice, jerk, and mess with my job.
That's a mistake, man.
We're friends, but don't fuck it up.
Besides, it's all a vicious circle.
Granted, the boy is a victim.
That's fine.
But he'll end up taking the blame.
And you know why? Because he took justice into his own hands.
You know I'm right.
I don't think you're right.
But what I do regret is having pushed you.
I'm sorry.
That's it, Lalo.
Look how much the insurance company is willing to pay.
Are we rich already? Miserable, stingy rats.
But we've been paying them religiously every year! Hey, did Moneda come to see you or Lalo? Me.
He's giving us security guards for a few weeks.
That's the only help I'll accept.
From the Feds, absolutely nothing.
I'll go home for a while.
Rodrigo and the kids are leaving soon.
Say hi to your son for me.
I haven't seen him in ages.
He was here a couple of days ago with the kids.
- Hey.
- How are you? Were you in here? Not in here, no.
I saw everything from outside.
Lucía, what is it? What's wrong? Shouldn't you go home? You moron! Lucía! What the fuck? Lalo, thanks to you, my cousin was fired and we almost ended up dead.
No, Lucía, calm down.
We don't really know that.
Are you taking his side? Motherfucker! - No, I'm not taking sides, okay? - Listen.
We all know yesterday was fucked up.
But it's even worse if we start pointing fingers like a bunch of school children.
Look, Lalo, I don't have problems with anyone.
I was literally taking a piss, I came out and all hell broke loose.
I don't know why the fuck we're still here today, but before our bosses get here, you should make peace.
Come here, you two.
So, let's have a group hug.
Come on, Gaby.
What happened yesterday was no joke.
I'm sorry.
I was worked up.
I'm sorry.
- That's it.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Hold my hand.
- No? Don't you need help? - Are you sure everything's okay? - Yes, dear.
Don't worry.
- Are you going to be okay? No? Yes, don't worry.
I'll be fine.
Think about our conversation.
You've devoted your whole life to the newspaper.
If you decide you've had enough, nobody will blame you.
I know that.
Time will tell.
Time never loses.
Oli, say goodbye to your grandma.
- Bye, Grandma.
- Bye, Luca.
Say goodbye.
I love you.
- Thanks.
- My dear.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Bye, Mom.
I love you.
Come on, let's go.
Come here.
- Bye-bye.
- Be careful when you get in.
Let's go.
There's the heir to the throne.
Is this taken? How are you? How are you, man? Hello.
We're still shaken.
But luckily, we're still alive.
Are you drinking mescal? Can I ask for another round of the same? I'm leaving soon.
- Malú - Come on.
I argued with Alex this morning and I want to make peace.
She knows I'm giving you shit.
If the bosses complained, you'd do much worse.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Have fun.
Good luck.
What is it, man? How's your mom? I think something like this takes a toll on anybody.
But ever since I was a kid, she's said that my dad could be killed any minute for telling the truth.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
In those exact words.
So, I don't know, I guess she's fine.
- Come on.
- Cheers.
- What's this? - Yeah.
How was your day? Complicated.
I want us to spend a week in Miami.
You need a break.
It'll be good for you.
For both of us.
It's just for a week.
I can't.
Why not? Because I haven't told you, Alex, but I'm the only witness, so they said I'm not allowed to leave the country until the investigation goes forward.
How convenient.
I'm sorry.
I can never do what you want.
It's not that I want this.
I think you need some space to process everything that's happening to you.
Nothing's happening to me, Alex.
Don't start with that, please.
And that's it.
As for Moneda I admitted that I fucked up.
He admitted his part.
He's a good guy.
What about your documentary? It's going fine.
I just think that it's a bit more intense than I thought it would be.
That's the way it is.
Just like investigating for an article.
You can start here and the line ends up reaching all the way to Russia.
But have you decided on a theme already? It's coming together but there's so much.
Things have changed, I don't know.
I started out with a concept that, to be honest, is completely useless now.
I took it on because it was simple.
And now I don't know how to explain it.
It's more visceral.
It's cool.
I think I found something to stand for in this life, and that's fine.
Of course.
That's cool.
My friends, future leaders of this country, with a deep sorrow in my soul, I've got to go help a friend.
Come on, not you too! Is this collective suicide or what? First, we need to find out who the fuck shot at us and then we commit collective suicide.
See you tomorrow at work.
Sleep well or don't.
Go, go.
Wait, wait, wait.
Give me a second.
- Oh, my God - Shut up, man.
Give me a second.
"FREEDOM OF SPEECH" Hello? - Are you still at the office? - Yes, I'm here.
And you? At home, remembering old times.
You're in nostalgia mode.
Yes, wait for me there.
I need to talk to you.
"we disembarked in Naples, which offers a beautiful view from the sea that's only surpassed by that of Constantinople, but she was already gone" "in Spain.
" Shall we order some dinner? I'm not hungry.
If you give me a ride home, I'll invite you to dinner.
Borja I need to talk to you.
I'm leaving the newspaper.
What are you saying? Federica, listen We're all shaken up thanks to what happened.
But you, right now you don't sound like yourself.
Let's do this.
Go home, rest, and tomorrow, we go back to doing the only thing, finding the truth and sharing it.
Ever since we met, I've known that you're the kind of woman who won't tolerate injustice.
Look at me.
I love you.
In this life and all the others.
Get some rest.
It's late.
Subtitle translation by Ale Tolj