Tijuana (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Hey! Hey! Wait! Gabriela? I'm Chino.
Rojo, the accountant, sent me.
I've got information.
I know the next delivery date of the chemicals.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES If they came here to shoot at us, to frighten us and shut us up, it's because some jerk didn't like us poking our noses in Robles's assassination.
And because we're getting closer, Toño.
The union must be involved in the meth business.
But what's that got to do with Robles's death? Are the big shots aware of this, or is this just a factory floor boss? Of course they know! Meth is much more profitable than the factory or its exports.
And sure, with Robles being as stubborn as he was, their business was at risk.
He was going to take it from them.
Who would have been Robles's target if he had been elected? Businessmen, for sure.
What role do all the businessmen at that secret meeting play in this equation? Are they involved in any way or was this just a coincidence? Coincidence, my ass.
Someone waited to see if they liked what they heard.
As the meeting drew to a close, they gave the go ahead to kill him.
That is still speculation.
We need to find more evidence.
We can't publish this with the information we have.
Mejía, find out everything you can about this chemicals importer.
It seems to be a new company.
I want to know when they came to Tijuana, who their main shareholders are, their business transactions, their cash flow, everything.
Lalo has all the information Gabriela gave us.
And you, Lalo, I'd like you to find out everything you can about the Santa Marta factory and the union.
Especially their leader, Fat Urbina.
Find out how deep their rivalry with Robles went and if the people from the union had any shady deals.
Something important.
Don't get into trouble.
Toño? Shall we publish a statement about the attack? I'll put out a press release.
If they're after someone, they can come for me.
Make no mistake, Frente Tijuana will not be silenced.
Let's get to work! - Yes, come in.
- Hi, Federica, Lalo.
- How are you, Antonio? - Take a seat.
I've got new information.
I know when the next delivery of chemicals will be.
It's tonight.
We could find the meth lab and we would get that scoop.
Listen, Gabriela, I think an armed attack on the office and an injured coworker are reason enough to stop risking yourself and others.
We won't stop fighting, but we decided to investigate these companies.
Their business transactions, their cash flow, everything, with a magnifying glass, inch by inch.
Lalo and Mejía are at it.
Why don't you join them? If Lalo and Mejía are working on the factory and importer, I can follow the dealer's lead.
Gabriela, Frente Tijuana doesn't chase dealers.
We're not cops or superheroes.
But we have the intel, we know what's going to happen.
We can move forward with the investigation, so why stop? Listen.
Checking on those deliveries is too risky.
The smart thing to do is: follow the money trail.
We'll get to the same place without risking our lives.
Papers always leave a trace.
Besides, they're a good source of evidence.
You've said that already, but it's a long, slow path.
That you have to walk along if you want to get there alive.
Antonio, if we don't follow this lead, we'll be missing a great opportunity.
We can't stop you from doing anything, but if you decide to do it you won't be working for us.
We won't risk it or put you at risk.
If you want to continue working at Frente Tijuana, you'll have to stick to Borja's plan.
If not, there's the door.
- What's up? - Hey.
How are you? Fine.
What are you up to? Nothing, just tampering with this shit.
I heard there will be a chemicals delivery tonight.
We could go and take some snapshots.
We could follow them and find that meth lab.
Fuck off, Gabriela.
Are you nuts? After the shooting? Wanna get killed or what? No, but this will help us solve Robles's assassination.
Tell me something.
- Are these Borja's orders? - Yes.
When? Just now.
I just talked with him and Federica.
Weren't you suspended? But this can get me back in, if all goes well.
They said Lalo and Mejía are working on the factory Yeah, I was there.
So this is the third road.
Take care, Gabriela.
Things are pretty intense.
Take care.
Hi, how are you? What's up? Wanna grab a bite later? I'm very busy.
We could have dinner.
I'm working.
Borja? When are you going to tell everyone I'm leaving? Still with that? It's decided.
I've got to do this.
Fine, don't worry.
I'll do it.
Just give me time to take it in.
Then I'll start looking for my replacement, so I can do this properly.
Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the clown Eustaquio! A round of applause! And the wolf Come over here! Move, will you? Atta boy! Again.
Thank you so much.
Gentlemen, back to your places.
Applause, please! Applause! Enough! I felt like telling jokes, and stories, but you know what? I'm not in the mood.
I want to tell you something important.
You small fries, who came here with your parents, you've got to learn to say "no" to adults.
When we feel attacked, when we feel someone is abusing us, my love, what are we going to say, beautiful? - Don't! - Exactly, love.
Listen to me, kids.
I'm going to tell you something.
Think about it.
A rock is like a word.
If you throw it hard at people, we can defend ourselves.
A "no" is like a rock.
You've got to learn to say "No!" "No!" "I don't want that!" "I won't go there!" - Is that clear? - Yes! Great.
Well Thank you very much.
This was the clown Eustaquio! Hi.
Lucía Torres, from Frente Tijuana.
Eustaquio the Clown, at your service.
Well, I wanted to tell you that I was impressed by you raising awareness through kids' stories.
It was amazing.
Thank you very much.
Yes? Busy? As always.
Come in.
I wanted to tell you that I met Eustaquio the Clown during that event I covered today.
And he has a shelter where he helps kids who live on the streets.
He feeds them, they can do activities and spend the night there.
On your left are the bedrooms.
Is this the article? I believe most of those kids are working as prostitutes in Santa Catalina Square.
How can you keep all this running? Oh, If I could tell you! We do many things here.
We organize raffles, right? We sell cookies, the neighbors help us.
- Sometimes leftovers - Mr.
Eustaquio? - What is it, son? - Someone left these.
It's good stuff.
Very well.
Put them over there.
We'll check them out later.
- Take a seat, please.
- Yes.
Wouldn't you like more money to make repairs here, to help them with other things? Listen to yourself.
Of course I'd love that.
With that money I could I could bring sex therapists to talk to the kids.
And PrEP pills and stuff like that.
What are those pills? They reduce the risk of HIV infection.
Fede, this is fucked up.
We need to report this.
Follow up on this.
But take Malú with you.
As always, Gina, once again, Frente Tijuana is news.
That's right, Carlos.
Another attack on the newspaper's offices.
Without jumping to conclusions, or skipping any sort of investigation, it's well known that having dealers as informers will get you in trouble.
Who knows what they were up to for them to be attacked like this.
- Absolutely.
- Anyway.
In other news, Gina, where Borja? Is the statement ready? Here it is.
Have you heard the news? They're saying we're friends with dealers.
They're not even reporters.
Thank God.
So? This is very good.
Let it be clear, Frente Tijuana will do a full investigation into those responsible for Robles's death.
I don't care if it's Urbina, the union, the businessmen, Mueller, the dealers or a resentful politician.
I have an idea.
But we'll need to post your statement online and make sure he reads it.
What did you have in mind? Auntie, I promise everything will be fine.
But if I knew you weren't coming, I would've called my usual taxi driver.
I don't like being in cars with people I don't know.
Who knows which road he'll take.
But it'll be all registered in my map with GPS.
I'll make sure Dad's at the door as soon as you arrive.
Yes, but I don't like this.
Gabriela, I don't.
I'll follow you on my map, I promise.
I don't know why I listen to you.
Please, take care of my aunt.
Rojo? Yes, speaking.
Yes, Gabriela speaking.
Every cell phone has a built-in GPS.
If we can plant one in the truck with the anti-chlorine, we could find out where that meth lab is.
I need you to help me put the cell phone in the truck that's leaving the factory today.
Chino can do that for you.
I know where they keep the truck.
Just promise me that you'll be careful.
You've got to plant a cell phone in the truck transporting the chemicals.
Wow, that's it? Leave a cell phone in a truck? But you must promise me that if you think you're in danger, or you think they'll see you, you won't do it.
The money is yours either way.
Gabriela? The cell phone is in the truck.
They'll be at the factory in one hour.
- How are you, Malú? - Hi.
I've got news for you.
Some good, some bad.
Which would you like first? Um The good news.
Your photos caught the attention of people at the AP agency and some other foreign media.
They want to publish some of them.
I gave them your number.
That way you can decide what to do.
Thanks, Fede.
And the bad news? I don't think you will get much money for this.
I don't care.
If my photos are seen abroad and that helps change something, I'll be satisfied.
Urbina, why the rush? - Where's Borja? - In his office, but you can't How dare you motherfuckers publish that bullshit? Relax, Urbina.
I'll tell him my version so the motherfucker can fix it.
- Urbina, calm down, wait - Borja? Hey, can I call you back? Okay.
How are you, Urbina? Come in.
- Want a coffee? - No, Borja.
I don't want coffee.
- Thanks, Mejía.
- Sure, sir.
What can I do for you? - I'm very busy right now.
- Slandering people? What? I don't do that.
You mentioned the union as a suspect.
Look, there are a lot of loose ends that lead to the union, but I guess you're here to set it straight, right? I have nothing to hide, Borja.
Please, have a seat.
Great! Perfect.
You look great.
Stay there.
Very good.
Yes, like that.
Yes, just a bit Exactly, that's very good.
Stand still.
There, like that.
There's a lot of meth circling around the factory.
- I guess you know that.
- Of course I know that, Borja.
And the union has tried to eradicate it.
We've held tons of orientation programs about addictions.
But we're not the workers' parents.
What I don't understand is how those factory workers can afford to buy so much crystal on their meager salaries.
I'm sure it's Well I guess they perform better, they have more energy, and I'm sure the businessmen are happy.
You make it seem like we encourage them to do drugs.
Those guys need their jobs and we do what we can for them.
You should focus on the exploiters, the capital owners, not on the exploited workers, who are the first victims.
Where are your journalism ethics? They're investigating what is really happening.
This is not a matter of cowboys and Indians.
Ureña himself was one of your guys, right, Urbina? Yes.
And he was also a gambler, betting on America.
I haven't heard anyone blaming the soccer team for the assassination.
Right? Tell me, what's the relationship between the union, the Santa Marta factory, and the chemicals importer? Santa Marta is a factory that employs many workers.
And the importer fuck them.
Yes? Borja, can I see you for a minute, please? Coming.
Excuse me.
Just a second.
CORNER STORE Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Hi, my name's Gabriela.
I'm a journalist.
I'm writing a piece about a disease in this area.
It seems to be triggered by the smoke from the factories.
Do you know if that building over there is a factory? Disease? Yes.
- What kind of disease? - Respiratory.
There are many sick children around here.
My grandson has very bad lungs.
- Yes? - Yes.
- Do you want to see him? - Um You know what? No.
I left my car parked outside.
It's safe.
Don't worry.
This motherfucker is obviously hiding something.
Shall we continue? Let's continue.
Would you have shown public support for Robles? What a question, Borja.
Robles was my brother in the cause.
He was going to get better working conditions for them.
Of course I was supporting him.
Axel, call your brother.
So, tell me about this disease.
It's irritation of the lungs.
It's caused by a fungus called legionella.
It's in the air, the dust, and you breathe it in.
One of its symptoms is asthma.
It's easily transmitted.
And the factories' smoke is really bad for them.
Let's go, Axel.
Take a seat.
So you're worried about diseases around here, right? I'm a reporter.
They sent me to take notes for the article.
Maybe my lead was wrong and this isn't the place.
Let's see What do you have in your backpack? Fuck.
Call the boss.
He'll decide what to do with this bitch.
Who sent you? Aren't you gonna answer me? Huh? What are you looking for? What are you doing here? I work for Frente Tijuana.
I'm doing an investigation.
If I don't go back soon, they'll come looking for me.
There's no signal.
So, what, missy? I just came to ask a few questions for my article.
Here you have all your answers.
What else do you want to know? Ask me, you little whore.
Do you like your job? Do you? Do you? You're not the boss, man.
That's it.
What's wrong? Who was that? AP just called.
They want to buy some of my photos.
I don't know exactly for what, but they're going to send me a proposal.
No kidding! That's so cool! I think it's great.
Now you're out of excuses to not exhibit them in my gallery.
- No.
- What do you mean "no"? It'll be a small exhibit.
- My love, I don't know - You don't know? Of course you do.
Don't play dumb.
Really? - Are you blackmailing me? - No, I'm not blackmailing you.
I'm convincing you.
- Really? - Yes.
You're very convincing.
Careful with my laptop! Why don't you take some classes so you lose some belly weight? No, I don't think the pole will hold my weight, jerk.
I'll end up bringing down the ceiling.
Come on, what could hold you up? She could hold me.
Man, your tamer.
Yes? Is this Eduardo Arreola from Frente Tijuana? Yes, it's me.
Do you know Gabriela Cisneros? - Yes, I know Gabriela.
- Does she work with you? She works at Frente Tijuana with us.
Who is this? Listen carefully, motherfucker.
Go to Camalú, past the church.
You'll get another call.
Who is this, come on! Lalo? Help me, please.
I don't feel well! Gaby? Gaby! Are you okay? And we don't want anyone else from your fucking newspaper sniffing around here.
You've been warned.
- What was that, man? - Oh, man.
They got the new girl.
Let's go.
Did they say where they have her? No.
- What did they say? - What I told you, man! We need to go to Camalú, and park there.
They'll call me back.
That's pretty far from here, asshole.
How the fuck did she end up here? I'm diabetic.
I need my insulin.
If this is a prank call, I'll kick you in the teeth! Come on, man.
I heard her.
They put her on.
She sounded bad, man.
Listen, man.
Thanks for this.
Thank me if we find her alive.
I'm diabetic.
I need my insulin.
Take her.
Pretty fucked up making us go all the way out here.
We're almost there.
Yes, man.
After the church, right? That's her car.
Pull over.
Stay alert.
Be careful! Gaby? Gaby! Get the girl.
Let's take her to a hospital.
Come on, help me.
- You got her? Let's go.
- Yes.