Tijuana (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

I interviewed Beatriz.
She's the expert, Pablo García's daughter.
- Which one is it? - I think it's that one.
- The one at the back? - Yeah.
What was its name again? - Mon Chou.
- That one.
And I discovered that he's the owner of the sailboat.
It cost about 40, 50 thousand dollars.
It's not under his name, it's under his daughter's.
- I know I was reckless.
- Not only reckless.
You were also egotistical.
If you carry on like this, you'll become a bad journalist.
García? You were reckless and egotistical, and you almost died because of that.
You also risked your coworkers' lives, your friends' and your family's.
How do you want this to end? Antonio, I get it but I had to follow that lead.
I know that, Gabriela.
You're very brave but don't be a jerk.
Out of my sight.
García? Moneda? - Moneda! - What is it? Come here.
I couldn't care less.
But they sent me Will you give me back my necklace? My phone was dead.
I couldn't call you but Don't ignore me, man.
My My necklace.
I just want to know if you'll give me my necklace back.
- He's a drunk man.
- You took my earrings, fucking fat thief! I'll call you back, okay? Shall I educate you, wild boar? Do you like Beethoven? Do you like band music? Pavón! Do you want to leave early? Pig! Hey! You big fat ball of shit! Now? It's about time.
If there's anything missing, I'll sue you, motherfucker! Nobody bailed you out, man, but I brought you a visitor.
Let's see if you're Mr.
Macho now, motherfucker.
I'm fine, man.
I was messing around.
I've got a necklace, it's yours.
It's so painful to see the world's disregard for these kids.
What do you think of that article, huh? Lucía is so good.
I'm sure we could do something to help them.
Hey, by the way, Andy won't answer his phone.
Who knows what that guy's up to.
Shut the fuck up! Come on, man! Come over here! Like talking shit, huh? Come on! Just a beating, princess, okay.
Come on, open up! - Come over here.
- Please, please, please.
Open it wide! Wide, motherfucker! Hey! Enough! Young man, let's get your belongings.
Your belongings, young man.
Your signature here, please.
And an apology.
I didn't know you knew the boss.
Again, from the top.
Hard facts.
What do we have on Ureña? Well, he actually killed Mocho Robles, he worked six years at Santa Marta factory and he's hooked on meth and gambling.
Obviously, someone else pushed him to do it, but we don't know who.
So, about the factory.
We know it received shipments of sodium thiosulphate, and the dealers use the surplus to cook meth.
And HUA Chemical Exports, the company that produces the chemicals for Baja Importaciones, is sanctioned by the American Department of Treasury.
And the expert who supervises all the HUA imports ended up like this.
Who killed Ureña? Who killed the expert? EXPERT SIGNATURE We've got the factory, the union, fat Urbina What do we have on Baja Importaciones? I got an answer from the Chamber of Commerce.
I know who owns Baja Importaciones.
Ana Claudia Valdez Palinque.
I also have her address.
Let's go find her.
Can I go? Yes, Gabriela will go.
I'll go with her.
Hey! What's up, man? - Thanks.
- They got you.
Oh, man! You smell like shit.
Let's get out of here.
What happened? Moneda told me that Andy got into a bar fight.
He got arrested.
Is he okay? Yeah, that's not the problem.
We'll have to bail him out.
That won't be necessary.
They let him out without a bail.
What? Mueller.
He got him out of the SHU.
Even in septic tanks you've got levels.
What were two young guys like you, classy, educated guys doing fighting at a lousy brothel like two half-breeds? You've got to grow up, to mature, to stop doing that kind of thing.
Tijuana is not what it used to be.
Back in the day, you could fight and fix everything with your fists.
Now, any asshole can take a gun and bang! You're dead.
So, now, tell me.
Did you ruin the other guy or what? You should've seen him.
He kicked that jerk's ass! Our Andy is a brawler! Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper Hello.
Fede! I think it's this way! Yes? We're looking for Ana Claudia Valdez.
Who are you please? We're reporters from Frente Tijuana.
Gabriela Cisneros.
Federica Almeida.
I'm Ana Claudia Valdez.
From Baja Importaciones? From where? Aren't you a partner at Baja Importaciones? No, Miss.
I've worked at the Power and Light Company for 20 years now.
I think you're making a mistake.
Look, I don't know if you're aware of how much trouble you are in.
I honestly don't know what you're talking about.
Baja Importaciones is linked with drug trafficking and your name is the only name on every document.
I'm not sure you know the amount of years you'll spend in jail.
What happened to you? An accident with the board.
Are you gonna tell me the truth or are you gonna lie to me? How come Gregorio Mueller got you out of the SHU? What's your relationship with Gregorio Mueller? Tell me.
Is this about your documentary? Because if it is, I'll tell you right now, I'm taking back Iván's files and whatever else you borrowed.
I'm sick and tired of your shit.
This is not a game! When the fuck will you trust me to do my job? How could I when you never do anything right? Listen, I went to Mueller to do things properly, and you don't seem to give a damn about that.
Do you know who you're messing with? Do you know how hard it's been for me to keep this newspaper afloat and you risk it all now for this bullshit? I'm finishing this documentary, with your help or without it.
I'm confident because I know you never finish what you start.
Son of a bitch! Honestly, I have no idea what Baja Importaciones is doing.
So, you signed everything without knowing what it was for? They just told me it was a way to avoid paying taxes.
And someone pays me money.
Haven't you thought of what you're risking? Who's your contact? You'll be the one who's paying for all these crimes.
I only ever really talked to a man from the union.
He was the one who paid me.
If you tell us who he is, we can help you.
It was the fat guy.
Borja? I've got something important to tell you.
The guy has no calling in life, no money.
As far as I know it's always been very hard.
He's almost thirty Orozco.
Every parent is destined to fail in some way.
It's my fault.
No, man.
Don't blame yourself.
No, he's my only child.
And my partner she forgives him for everything.
His mom, you know? Look, the only one that can do anything, if there's anything to be done, is you.
Okay? We don't have to be silent, you need to talk to me Things should be exposed, confronted.
When my dad would get mad at me, instead of confronting it, he would stop talking.
After some time, I did the same.
And I think that helped me to take control of my actions.
But as a child, I did not understand that.
I was very angry.
But I guess that he did love me.
That's a good one! Malú‘s style is unique.
She's a natural artist who chose photography to express herself.
A feminist, artistic, immigrant, and yes, a lesbian.
Now you can all go look around the rest of the exhibit if you wish.
I'm glad you stayed till it was over.
People enjoy it when the artist is there.
Artist? You mean "the lesbian".
"The immigrant", "the circus clown", right? My love People love feeling like it's personal.
That they're investing in something unique.
I don't like those people either.
You looked like you fit in.
It's part of my job, that's all.
This is not a reproach.
I don't know what it is then.
I'm just saying I don't give a fuck about that world.
A single fuck.
The lesbian immigrant sold three photos and they want you to sign them tomorrow at the gallery.
See you tomorrow.
- Give me the last one.
- Okay.
Here you go.
- With beans? - Of course.
PHOTOCOPIES Sir? Ready? Everything okay? The fights are sorted? Yes.
There by the phone.
She's been following me for a while.
- Shall we go after her? - No.
Leave her alone.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes? - He saw me.
He fell into the trap.
I'm so happy with the photos.
I'd been looking for the perfect piece for a renovated part of the house.
- Sure, of course.
- It's not easy.
It had to have substance humanity, criticism.
You have a very good eye, girl.
I'm giving a dinner party at my place.
I want you there.
There will be many wealthy guests, potential clients for you two.
Oh, my, we'd love to, honestly, thank you, but with the exhibit and all, we haven't slept a wink.
- You can't say no.
- Really, we don't The thing is, I mean, I don't think Fine, yes, sure.
See? She knows.
Okay, yes.
- Thanks a lot.
- I love you.
- You too.
- See you.
How are you, Mom? Why don't you answer my calls? I'm sorry, Mom.
I was sleeping.
How can you live like this, Andrés? I don't have any spare time.
I can't clean up.
And are you changing your pajamas? I'm so glad you came, Mom.
Will you make me some eggs? I'm not playing, Andrés.
Take a shower, change your clothes, and most importantly, make things right with your dad.
Let's eat together.
- Sir! You can't come in! - Borja! What is it, Urbina? Did you send that chick to follow me? Come in, please.
You're annoying, Borja.
Take a seat.
I'm doing my job and - you know how it is.
- But I was helping you, man.
We both know that's a lie.
Take a seat.
If you were helping me, you would've told me you were paying an employee from Power and Light Company to use her name.
I'm almost certain you're getting something out of this too.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Do you know Ana Claudia Valdez? No.
If I publish it and mention you're involved in this, you could spend your last years in jail.
If they know you had me followed or that I said anything, they'll retaliate against my family, man.
Who? Do you know what the difference is between the people you're defending and us? They hide behind people like you, people who can lose everything.
We, you and I, we face the music.
I know you didn't become a leader for the power or the money.
I remember how feisty you were.
You and Robles worked for years defending the workers' rights.
I also believe you didn't know they'd kill him.
You know it's funny.
Sometimes I dream about Robles and he doesn't recriminate anything.
It's as if he said "I get you, man.
Don't worry, man.
" But I can't help feeling like shit, you know? Look, Urbina, sometimes the path we take, or the money changes us.
But always There's always time to stop and adjust the direction.
Tell me, who's behind Baja Importaciones? Tell me, Urbina.
Raúl Saldívar.
In your everyday life, how can you detach yourself and remove yourself from all the misery and poverty? How do you leave all those feelings behind? I don't know.
I don't think I disengage.
I can't cut myself off from that.
I feel it's harder for a woman to do that, right? Why for a woman? Well, I don't know.
I think I don't know.
We feel more.
Men are more desensitized to it Every human being is sensitive.
I don't know many women who do this.
- You don't? - No.
What's your name? Malu, or Malú? Malú.
- Malú.
- Malú.
- María Guadalupe.
- María Guadalupe.
I'm intrigued about the leap from photojournalism to having a more artistic eye.
I haven't made any leap.
My eye has always been the same.
I just want to inform people of what's going on.
I'm sure you'd agree that photojournalists, most of them at least, search for the shock, the violence the blood, to sell more newspapers and gain more interest.
I don't know, I think that you're pigeon-holing a very diverse group of people.
We're like any other profession, right? That's why I said "most of them.
" Yes.
Honey, of course.
She's not generalizing.
Malú, in general, draws inspiration from her life.
- She - What do you do exactly? Plastic surgery.
Interesting It's like if I said plastic surgeons, most of them, are devoted to cheat people, and take advantage of their insecurities to sell them, convince them that the key to their happiness lies in fake tits.
Maybe, but thanks to those fake tits I can afford your photos.
Every profession has its nuances.
Excuse me.
The restroom? - That way.
- Thanks, excuse me.
You're fucking up a relationship that took me years to build and it goes beyond your photos.
I'm sorry if I offended your friends.
- They are not my friends, - No, sure.
It's your job.
Yes, it's my job, and I'm doing this for you.
Even if you underestimate me.
I never asked for this, Alexandra.
If you didn't want to come, you shouldn't have come.
- Don't be incoherent.
- They're the incoherent ones, here having a relaxed dinner party with the image of a dead kid behind them, for fucks sake.
You took the photo, you agreed to exhibit it, sell it, sign it, accept the money.
So, who is the incoherent one? Talk to Andy.
That boy doesn't want to grow up.
You're not a graduate in maturity either.
What do you mean? He's our son.
He gets into trouble, he won't listen, I can't talk to him.
Yes, you can.
With that attitude, you're only driving him away from us.
I don't know what to do.
Raúl Saldívar.
He owns several customs companies and he seems to be involved in some other businesses, but we need to investigate further.
Customs companies? So, he can let anything go through.
Even sodium thiosulphate.
Do you remember the secret meeting Robles had with businessmen just before he was killed? I enlarged the names in the list that were blurry, remember? I'm guessing here it could read "Raúl Saldívar.
" If you look closely, this could be the "R" This, the "L.
" No doubt this is an "S", and here, these tall letters, the "L" and the "D".
A blurry photo can't be our evidence that Saldívar was there or that he had something to do with Robles's death.
How are you? - What are you doing here? - I need your help.
I'm very busy.
I know I'm not your favorite person, but there's something we both can agree on.
What? Please tell me.
We both want to know the truth.
We're very close to building a solid case, that could unveil who was behind Robles' murder.
What do you want to know? I need to know if Raúl Saldívar was one of the businessmen in the meeting, and what was discussed there.
Saldívar didn't say much.
He was quiet and listened to us carefully.
Do you think he could have asked Ureña to kill Robles? We just didn't know he was in the meth business but I guess he could have caused less problems by opening a new drug route than by murdering someone running for governor.
So, who do you think could have been behind this? Someone who had way too much more to lose than a simple meth route.
- Borja? - Yes? Do you know how much the newspaper is worth? Tell me, how much is it worth according to your notes? This is nothing! Fuck, a quesadilla stand in the street is worth more than the newspaper.
I can imagine the life you'll have with this retirement plan Sure.
With this retirement plan Where are you going? I know someone who has nothing to lose.
Thanks, young man.
Have a nice day.
Can we talk? Come in.
Apart from the few words he said at the meeting, this is the only thing I've got from Raúl Saldívar.
It's from a fundraising event.
These two have always been good friends.
So Cifuentes and Saldívar do know each other.
Subtitle translation by Ale Tolj