Tijuana (2019) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Cifuentes with Saldívar? When and where was this photo taken? Benítez Prado gave it to me.
He says they're close friends.
And what does that prove? It proves some politicians rub shoulders with It proves they know each other.
It could be a motive An obvious one.
With Robles? Do you think Cifuentes had something to do with this? I don't know.
She's cold and cunning but I don't know if she's capable of A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES - Good morning.
- Good morning, Miss.
- Hello? - Where's your stuff? The documentary is dead.
My dad took the material from me.
No kidding! Why? I don't know, he doesn't like anything he can't control.
That's true.
What about you? What's up? Nothing, man.
Everything's okay.
Sure? You sound upset.
Fuck, man.
Don't worry.
You'll sort things out.
I don't know.
What are you doing about the documentary? I don't know.
Without Frente's files, there isn't much I can do.
Iván Rosa's whole life is in there.
Don't be a baby, man.
You don't need your dad to film the documentary, Andy.
Well, let's recap.
Hard data.
What do we have? We have enough data to reveal Raúl Saldívar's narcotics operation.
But what's not clear is the direct link between Saldívar and Robles's assassination.
Not necessarily.
Sabines declared on the record that Robles and Saldívar spoke at the business meeting.
Robles was going to ruin Saldívar's deal with the union.
That's enough to publish.
Yeah, it is.
But who directly benefits from Robles' death? According to our theory, a gubernatorial candidate was murdered, someone who'd practically already been elected, just to protect the drug trade inside the factories and the entry route for the chemicals.
In my opinion, it's a bad deal, but if we have Robles out of the way, who will win the state governorship? Rosaura Cifuentes wasn't even a candidate.
She came in as a stand-in for Benítez Prado and now she's leading in the polls.
- Where did you get this photo? - Benítez Prado.
Do we have anything else? No, just the photo.
To publish it with the Saldívar story would ruin the PTI campaign.
And the political career of Rosaura Cifuentes.
We would be insinuating she's directly connected to Robles' murder.
Not precisely, but we would be insinuating that she's connected to organized crime.
Let's be honest, Borja.
What people will think is that she's involved in Robles' murder.
It's It's a very delicate subject.
- We have the evidence right here.
- Yeah.
Granted, a photo isn't absolute truth, but it's enough to get some justice served to those responsible for killing Robles.
Listen, we practice journalism based on facts.
Not on suggestions, not on assumptions.
I agree with Lalo.
If we don't do this, we're missing an opportunity to make a real difference.
We have the moral responsibility to denounce a corrupt system in which one or more candidates believe it's normal to rub shoulders with criminals! We can't be accomplices.
- Let's run with the photo.
- Good! Give me five options for the headline within half an hour, and please, Federica, talk to our distributors and get a good price for a double print run.
We're doing this full on.
You heard him.
Come on.
Lalo? Are you okay, Lalo? Hanging in there.
Heads-up, my friend.
We drop the bomb tomorrow.
I hope you'll be able to issue an arrest warrant for this motherfucker, Saldívar.
So? Why the long face? Well I hope we're not making a mistake.
I was still a boy when my dad was running for the presidency of the Republic.
Since then, I wanted to earn his love and admiration.
I wanted to impress him.
But then I understood that I wasn't him.
And if he wanted to look down on me, well, I didn't have to look up to him.
And I'll tell you what even when my dad looked down on me for many years, who was the one who stayed with him till the end? My brothers? No.
The black sheep of the family.
Because he wanted to be treated the way he deserved.
He wanted to be taken care of the way he deserved, not for himself, but because he was the father of Gregorio Mueller.
My dad learned by force to swallow his pride, and he admitted that I'd done something with my life.
He tried to look down on me.
But, being in that hospital bed, he had no choice but to look up to me.
So, don't underestimate yourself, Andrés.
I've got an idea.
Come work with me.
Public relations manager, Andrés Borja.
Why do you want to be a journalist? Because we fight for the truth.
Because we can give a voice and justice to those who can't have access to it, because they don't have the money or the knowledge.
Without information, you can't make the right decisions.
I believe journalism can make a real difference.
A real difference? Cifuentes was going to be governor and now someone else will.
That's a real change.
Why Frente Tijuana? I believe I can work in any environment.
But I chose Frente Tijuana because it's been fighting to remain independent, and it'll continue doing serious investigative journalism.
Even though some things didn't work out in the best way possible, you did a great job with the Robles investigation.
That's journalism.
We're a family here, and being part of that family means a great commitment.
I know you have that.
So, from now on you'll be a staff reporter at Frente Tijuana.
I mean, if you want.
Come here.
Go get some rest.
Good night.
What's up, Andy? - How are you? - Fine, and you? Fine, I'm fine.
What's up? What are you doing here? I'm looking for a guy but I think he already left.
And you? I'm here investigating some shit, man.
So, wanna have some beers? I can't right now.
I'm kind of busy, but tomorrow? Yeah, sure.
- Take care.
- You too.
This is for you.
So, is this better? No, thanks.
Excuse me and good luck.
Hi, good evening.
Ready? Let's play.
So, how much to take you out to dinner? Nothing, zero.
So, how do I do it? Right now, you're my client.
If you want to be something else, wait for my shift to end and, when you're sober, you say "hi" and you ask me out, like a normal person.
What's your name? Luz.
I think this is what I'll miss the most.
What? This.
Hanging out in this old building in your old office, with your old stuff.
Seeing you getting old.
Watching Lalo pretend that he's not drunk as fuck.
Arguing with the accountants.
You know? Sometimes I imagine Iván walking around here when there's no one around.
It's true.
Don't be a jerk, Federica.
Don't go.
You're gonna leave me all alone here? No, you'll still have Pantera.
- You jerk.
- He'll take care of you.
I think it's better if I take my things and go.
Just don't do it while I'm here.
I don't want to watch you doing it.
Enrique? - What's up, Borja? - The Frente? We ran out.
I've already ordered more.
The article in Frente Tijuana uncovered a great scandal, linking the PTI candidate, Rosaura Cifuentes, with Eugenio Robles's murder.
I have no reason to hide it.
I know Raúl Saldívar.
Just like I know most of the businessmen in Baja California.
We know each other socially, but there is no relationship between us.
Can you assure us that Saldívar's money wasn't used to finance your campaign? Let me assure you that my campaign, from day one, just as it will be until election day, has been completely clean.
PTI is only grasping at straws, trying to tarnish the other parties.
Which party is the most frequently accused of buying votes? This is just one piece of evidence of how rotten our system is, a system our late leader had been committed to fighting.
I'm glad the cesspit of corruption has been uncovered.
Do you think Raúl Saldívar is connected with candidate Robles' murder? No doubt about it.
The authorities should consider this one of the strongest leads to investigate.
Good! The authorities haven't officially announced if, after Frente Tijuana's article, the PTI will be legally sanctioned.
Borja and I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent work that made this investigation possible.
We know this meant hours and hours of work, tension among us Some of us even ended up in jail.
But we hope you're as happy as we are.
I've got two announcements to make.
First, from today onwards, our colleague Gabriela Cisneros is joining our team, as an official staff reporter.
- Very good! - Yes! Well, and the second announcement is that I'm leaving the newspaper.
And Tijuana.
This newspaper has been my life for the past 30 years.
But I feel it's time for me to enjoy my family, because time goes by so quickly.
You must know I fucking love you guys, and the only constant thing in life is change, so I know everybody will be fine.
I'm going to miss you a lot.
To Federica, cheers! Cheers! Andy! Welcome.
Wow! Not bad, eh? You look so good today.
- Thanks.
- Have you met everybody? - Know what I'm saying? Come.
- No, I don't know anybody.
Hey Salinas.
Allow me to introduce you to Andrés Borja.
Nice to meet you.
Andrés will be our new public relations manager.
I guess so.
I wasn't expecting to find you here.
I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye.
I wanna do things right.
Alex I think we're being immature letting things end this way.
I'll always love you.
But you're not ready for this.
You need to be okay with yourself first.
With who you are.
If that ever happens, maybe it'll be easier for you to love someone just as they are.
Leave the keys in the usual place, okay? I honestly think he's a jerk, I don't know why so many people follow him, but look.
Two thousand seven hundred likes for his photo.
Pretty good, right? What are "likes"? What the fuck are they for? How much do they cost? No, they don't cost anything and actually, they're useless.
It's like They're impressions.
They give you an idea of Come in.
You wanted to see me, boss? Yes, yesterday I got the report from all casinos and I was really surprised.
What happened to you? You lost a lot of money.
It was a mistake, boss.
I should've shown my card to the whole table.
I've been working non-stop.
My grandpa My grandpa used to tell me that his dad, when he had the night shift, there, in the Northern Division, he had a technique.
A system, to keep himself awake.
He would spit in his hand and slap himself.
Why don't you try it? Try it.
Don't spit in your hand.
Just slap yourself to see how it feels.
What? Not like that.
That won't keep you awake! A good one, come on.
What do we do? Come here, Andrés.
Let's see.
As I see it, you've got two options.
I slap you, or he will.
But let me tell you, he may look weak, but he's got a heavy hand.
Him or me.
Him? Okay, go ahead.
It's okay.
First, it was Iván and now, Federica.
I don't know what I'll do without her.
I've never been alone at the newspaper.
Time replaces everybody.
You'll discover new sides of yourself, educating and leading whoever's going to replace her.
Let's go for some beers? It's on me.
What is it? What are you doing here? Go home, already.
Working here you'll realize that days like this only happen once a year.
Lalo, have you noticed that your jacket and your shirt are the same color.
Don't ignore me.
So, tell me.
How do I look? Like a forty-something loser who doesn't know how to dress for a date.
But who's kind of cool.
I see you online.
Come on, girl! Say yes already.
Don't be an asshole.
How are you? Fine, you? Do you want a drink? So, you're official at the paper now? Yeah.
A beer, please.
And you? Are you okay? I'm working with Mueller.
My dad has no fucking idea.
For a while now, I've been getting more and more involved with with this person, but I'm at the point where I think I may be in over my head.
I don't know how to explain it, but I feel weird.
I ended up getting closer to this jerk well, closer than I would have liked to in order to to work on the documentary, but now I'm spending more time with that asshole than with my dad.
I see you guys working on really complicated stuff and here I am complaining that my documentary isn't going well.
I don't know.
I always feel calmer after seeing you.
- Don't move! Don't - Easy! - No! - Don't get out! - Stay there! - No! - Don't move! Come on.
- No! No! Father! They're going to kill him! CALL FROM FEDERICA A.