Tin Star (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Comfort of Strangers

(CLEARS THROAT) JIM: Everything all right? - Sure, Chief.
- All right, all right.
- Okay.
- Oh.
Sure, Chief.
You doing okay, Chief? Just open the fucking door.
All right.
Got it.
And stop calling me fucking Chief.
Anna? Where the fuck is my daughter? She's not in there with you, Chief? Where is she? - I don't know, Chief.
- You don't know.
I don't know, I don't know.
I, I I was outside the whole time.
She didn't come out.
- You were outside the whole time? - NICK: Yes.
I mean, like, I went to the washroom.
So you weren't outside the whole time? I mean, I guess not, but You find my fucking kid! (PANTING) (FLUTE WHISTLING) Hey! - You all right? - Drive.
- Did you see the size of that? - What was it? - I don't know.
- Oh, my God.
Must've been about 10 foot! - You saw it? - I don't know what I saw.
- What did you see? - I don't know! Did it growl? A bear? - We're in Canada.
- Fuck.
Yeah, there's a bear sign.
Right there.
Oh! (LAUGHING) You all right? You're bleeding.
WHITEY: Do you want to pull over? ANNA: It's just a scratch.
I got a first aid kit in the back.
We could stop.
- Who are you calling? - Dad.
Where is he? I have no idea.
JIM: Hi, this is Chief Worth.
Leave me a message.
(SIGHS) Could Could you drop me at Randy's? Randy's? Yeah, on Main Street.
The bar? Why? Are you looking for someone? (THUNDER RUMBLING) Where are you going? You're going the wrong way.
- WHITEY: Am I? - Town's in the other direction.
- Is it? - Drop me here.
I can walk back.
WHITEY: What, with a bear on the loose? - He fucking hit me.
- Bigger picture.
(SCOFFS) Bigger picture? I could file an assault charge.
There's a teenage girl gone missing.
I was gone for two fucking minutes, D.
What does this bed say to you? What do you mean, what does the bed say to me? Which box do we tick? Voluntary or involuntary.
How the heck would I know? (SNIFFLES) Does it say, teenage girl arranged bed to make it look like she was in it so she could sneak out to meet boyfriend, or does it say, teenage girl dragged out of bed Oh, for fuck's sakes, no one was dragged anywhere.
- I took a lousy piss and this - (DOOR OPENS) Did you try calling her, Chief? JIM: Straight to voice mail.
Have you seen my mobile? We're gonna get this sorted.
We have a few hikers go missing each year.
- Where's Lehane? - DENISE: He's on his way.
No sign of forced entry.
Yeah, well, doesn't rule out abduction, does it? NICK: Abduction, Denise? I would have heard something.
A struggle, a scream You abandoned your post.
(FAINT THUD) (DOOR CLOSES) (THUNDER RUMBLING) Randy's, you want to go to? All right, I'll turn round.
It's no worries.
(THUNDERCLAP) The name's Whitey, by the way.
You're English.
So are you.
There's a ton of us out here for the refinery.
What about you? Oh, my God, it's you.
The body-popper.
(CHUCKLES) (LAUGHS) That was, um - There's no words for it.
- amazingly weird.
(LAUGHS) (BOTH CHUCKLING) JIM: She's probably gone to see her mum.
Then why'd she sneak out the back? Because I stuck your idiot fucking boyfriend on the door to stop her doing something stupid like that.
- He's not my boyfriend.
- (ELEVATOR DINGS) From now on, you get to drive the fucking golf cart.
(SIRENS WAILING) (MACHINE BEEPING) Where is Anna? She She's having trouble sleeping, so I let her have a lie in.
Who are you? What? Who are you? I'm your husband.
Which one? I miss him.
You haven't called me that in a while.
Ah, you're hurting me, love.
Where's Anna? I want to see her.
Boyfriend getting shit-faced, is he? It's Dad.
(SEAT BELT SWISHES) At least I think he is.
(MUFFLED ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) I'm sorry to hear it.
(KNOCKS ON WINDOW) Thanks for Rescuing me.
(CHUCKLES) Any time.
How come I get to drive this shit-heap? And the kid drives the fancy wheels, huh? (CELL PHONE VIBRATING) I'm not made of money.
WHITEY: Where the fuck is he? In Randy's, getting rat-arsed.
You got the bag? It's complicated.
I don't like complicated.
Well, I can't just grab it off her, can I, Frank? Then she'd know.
I've got to act natural.
WHITEY: Wait till she ain't looking, then get it off her without her noticing.
- How long's that gonna take? - Blame Johnny, and count yourself lucky you've got me to clean up after his mess.
(PHONE BEEPS) (SIGHS) So what if she found a cigarette butt? What does that fucking prove? It's got your DNA all over it.
I got no motive.
FRANK: Well, maybe not, but I do.
I'm your only alibi.
Fucking little bitch.
- What? - Randy just handed it in.
(MACHINE BEEPING) - What? - You were at the bar last night.
So? So Lehane says that your phone is full of texts from Anna wondering where the hell you were.
Where were you? - Is this a fucking interview? - It can be.
Wait here.
Holy shit la marde, he just remembered that he's married.
JIM: Fuck.
(WOMAN LAUGHS) - Where are we? - (SPEAKING CREE) (SPEAKING CREE) What's wrong? We were just having some fun.
Come on.
You'd better remember my name, motherfucker.
Where am I? - The res.
- What? The reserve.
(WOMAN SNIFFING) Where's my gun? Eh? Mmm.
What happened to that guy I brought back here last night? The little firecracker.
Where's my fucking gun? Eh? Do you think I'm a whore? My name is Jaclyn, you goddamn fucking son of a bitch.
And you said you were going to help me.
Help you? Don't you remember? Last night you told me you were going to help (DOOR OPENS) JACLYN: Holy shit.
Jesus fucking Christ! Fuck.
(ELEVATOR DINGS) (SIRENS WAILING) Where's Anna? I want to see her.
(MAN LAUGHING) WHITEY: Cunted, was he? Your dad? Yeah, he's an alcoholic.
How long since the last bender? Three years.
Twelve steps? Fat lot of good.
(SCOFFS) We came here to make a new start.
He stopped for my little brother, but then (BAR DOOR OPENS) And now I suppose I'm not enough.
My mum always used to say, "A sober alcoholic wouldn't give her son away "for all the whiskey in the world, "but give her one drink "and she'd sell him for the next glass.
" (CHUCKLES) Your mum was an alcoholic? Always was, always will be.
What's left of her.
Point is, we can't trust 'em.
Much as we love 'em.
Why don't I take you home? ANNA: Home's 6,000 miles away.
WHITEY: Anywhere you wanna go then.
I don't care.
(CAR ALARM BEEPS) (CELL PHONE RINGS) What the fuck are you doing? WHITEY: Follow me.
(PHONE BEEPS) Let's go.
(ENGINE STARTS) "Fuck you.
" Sent at 2:21 a.
Last missed call was Let's see.
She made about six in total at 2:20.
BENOIT: Why's she texting, "Where are you?" I went out for a beer.
- When did you get back? - JIM: Don't know.
Constable McGillen said that you got back at the hotel after 6:00.
Constable McGillen is a cunt.
You have no idea where you were between the hours of 3:00, when you were seen leaving Randy's, and 6:00, when you got back to the hotel? My daughter has been missing since midnight last night.
BENOIT: So you can't verify your whereabouts? I was blind drunk.
DENISE: Could she be trying to punish you? Maybe staying with a girlfriend or something? She doesn't have any friends.
We forced her to come here.
(JIM SIGHS) I got a splitting headache.
Will you help me find her? Nick, painkillers.
What am I, a pharmacist now? I can't get E Section's air support or any other resources until she's been missing for 24 hours.
My son was murdered.
(DOOR OPENS) DENISE: We're gonna need your computer as evidence and I need you to sign off on these medical forms.
Are we done? Is he fit for duty? Would you be? (GUN COCKS) (ANNA SNIFFLES, UNZIPS PURSE) Two can play at Dad's game.
Why should I be the only one who isn't in a fucking coma? (SNIFFLES) I'm not letting anyone down.
Why is this happening to us? A few days ago we were a nice, normal family.
With a dad like yours? An alkie, I mean.
None of this is your fault.
I used to think if my mum loved me, she'd stop.
She didn't.
What happened to her? WHITEY: She's in a home.
Bloody nice one, mind.
Costs an arm and a leg.
That's why I'm here.
You can earn a packet as a vac truck driver, doing the 12-hour shifts plus overtime.
Yeah, I hope she's grateful.
She loves me in her own way.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Can I have your attention, please? Is this on? Can you get this on? JIM: (OVER MIC) Can I have your attention, please? Four days ago, an unidentified gunman shot and killed my son, and now my daughter is missing.
I need some volunteers.
JIM: Anyone willing to help look for her? DENISE: Thanks.
Anybody? (RANDY SCOFFS) Oh.
Come here.
These guys are just workers, they don't give a shit.
You want me to round up some volunteers, you just say the word.
- All right, thanks.
- Okay.
NICK: (ON RADIO) Unconfirmed reports of two trespassers near the municipal dam.
One male, one female.
Girl's in her teens.
DENISE: Dam is on the reserve, Chief.
The police can't go on the reserve without an invitation.
ELIZABETH: Hey, guys, line up over here.
What the hell are you doing? Assembling volunteers.
Why? A girl's gone missing.
We have an operation to run.
It is not inconceivable that one of our employees is responsible for a missing teenage girl.
It is unpleasant, but the more proactive we are, the better.
I didn't authorize this.
Are we a team, Monsieur Gagnon? - A team? - A team.
You know, working together for a common goal.
My goal is to get this refinery operational.
Yours is to assist me.
Anything else is a complication.
(L'AMOUR PLAYING ON RADIO) (VOLUME INCREASES) Them others, them oil boys, like the scum outside Randy's, they got no reason to live.
They're stomachs on legs.
I can see it in their eyes.
They're empty.
(ANNA SINGS ALONG) But not me.
I got a purpose.
(LAUGHS) I got a purpose.
I think you drunk too much.
Maybe you should sleep it off.
(SIGHS) I wish I didn't feel sick.
The car's spinning.
That's it.
Shut your eyes.
ANNA: I want to go for a walk.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) WHITEY: Nice spot for a stroll.
ANNA: It's perfect.
(CAR ALARM BEEPS) ANNA: It's beautiful.
It's locked.
So? (GUN COCKS) There he is.
ANNA: I wanna go higher.
WHITEY: Ain't we high enough? ANNA: No.
(LAUGHS) ANNA: Woo! WHITEY: The moon's still up.
Makes you feel so lonely, don't it? Which I think is a bloody waste.
I mean, there's what? Gazillions of empty planets up there, right? Right.
So, what's the fucking point? Nothing has a point.
Everything has an agenda.
WHITEY: Everything and everyone has a purpose.
What's your purpose, Whitey? I already told you.
You're here to support your mum? Yeah.
Believe what you want.
ANNA: No one's that nice.
How would you know? You don't know what happened.
WHITEY: Tell me what happened.
When someone dies, someone you love, you sort of breathe death in, like germs.
If I said jump, would you? Fuck off.
You serious? WHITEY: I don't think we should go any higher.
Why not? 'Cause I fucking hate heights, that's why.
ANNA: I don't.
I'm not afraid of anything now.
Not with you here.
(SIRENS WAILING) What now? That's the Elder's Lodge.
They're watching us.
JIM: So? You cross this bridge, they're gonna shoot you.
I haven't got time to pass a fucking peace pipe, love.
Have some respect, okay? There's history here.
You're the one who just got off the fucking boat.
Remember that.
You stay here, okay? I'm gonna talk to them.
(SIREN WAILING) JACOB: The hell kind of man is he? He's a good man, okay? He loves his family.
If you hadn't lost touch with your own people, - you'd know by now.
- DENISE: Know what? The kind of man you're dealing with.
DENISE: Okay, he shouldn't have done what you say he did, but he just lost his son.
You don't have to punish him like this.
(JACOB LAUGHS) Lawmen been fucking us for centuries.
You think I'm doing this because a white cop fucked one of my people? I'm doing this because you're my daughter and you call this man Chief.
JACOB: This is Chief Minahik.
By what authority are you entering treaty land? And by what authority did you enter our reserve a few hours ago? You trespassed onto our land without invitation, provocation or legal reason, in a state of intoxication.
Unfit for duty, yet carrying a lethal weapon.
Consider this your warning.
Your first and last.
Just trying to find my daughter.
Take your gun and turn back.
Clear the crowd and get me airborne, now.
(GRUNTS) You okay? When I drink, I black out, all right, so You asked me what I did last night, I've absolutely no fucking idea.
Help me find my girl.
Do something! DENISE: Dad! Do something! Petey used to make these little models, leave them by my bedside.
(CHUCKLES) I never knew what the hell they were.
They all looked like demented snowmen.
(LAUGHS) It has this horrible smell.
Smell it.
It dries out, then it starts to crumble.
ANNA: Look.
My little brother's crumbling to dust.
ANNA: Whitey, I just remembered.
What? That bloke, you know, you know, the one who won the karaoke contest? Yeah.
He was down by the river the day before Petey was murdered.
He what? I remember thinking it was weird at the time.
Like he was sort of watching the house.
- You sure it was the same bloke? - I'm dead sure.
Have you told anyone? I should have told Dad.
Not that he cares.
If he gave a shit about us, he wouldn't be out getting pissed, would he? He doesn't care, so why should I? What's the bloody point, anyway? There's nothing left.
Nothing left to stop me.
Stop you what? I could just lean forward and it would all be over.
My bag! Petey's things.
You going to go in after it? You think I won't? JOHNNY: What the fuck is he playing at? He's going to kill her.
FRANK: Give it here.
Push me.
I can't.
JOHNNY: Give me the gun.
If he hasn't got the balls to do it, then someone else has to.
All right.
None of this is your fault.
- Let me go.
(SIREN WAILING) We have company.
Right, we gotta get out of here.
FRANK: Leave it! Get Please.
- You swore on my life, you fucking cunt.
- I know, I'm sorry.
No, get away from me.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) (PHONE RINGING) (PEOPLE CHATTERING) Stick a copy of this front page on our website and issue a press release.
Of course.
(PHONE CHIMES) JOHNNY: (SINGING) But a poker game dealt me a blow Lost my riches (THUMPING) (ECHOING) Now Trini Lopez (THUMPING) - Is all I have left - (THUMPING) (THUMPING) JOHNNY: (CLEAR) To bet (GUITAR STRUMMING) But it wouldn't have settled my gambling debts Anyway (THUMPING) (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING) JOHNNY: (SINGING) I was inches from fame Fun and bitches (LAUGHS) Ah, fuck fame.
Integrity would have done.
(PUFFS CIGARETTE) But a poker game dealt me a blow Lost my riches (CHUCKLES) Now Trini Lopez Is all that I have left To bet But it wouldn't have settled my gambling debts Anyway