Tin Star (2017) s01e04 Episode Script


ANNOUNCER: From the outside, this might look like a conventional oil refinery.
But the fact is that North Stream Oil's newest facility is one of the greenest and most efficient industrial processors in the world.
Using the latest scientific research to transform oil sands bitumen into synthetic crude oil, our state of the art technology both increases yield and captures up to 90% of our industrial carbon emissions.
Producing more end products we rely on.
From gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and propane to medicines, plastics, paints, textiles and cosmetics.
Making more of the essential materials that a clean, modern society depends on.
Whitey, do you copy We cannot judge a biography by its length, nor by the number of pages in it.
We must judge it by the richness of its contents.
Sometimes those unfinished are the most poignant.
We cannot judge a song by its duration, or by the number of its notes.
We must judge it by how it touches and lifts our souls.
Sometimes those unfinished are the most beautiful.
And when something has enriched our lives, and its melody lingers in our hearts, is it unfinished? Or is it endless? ANNA: Seems so quiet all of a sudden.
Fucking toys everywhere.
What? His toys everywhere.
Don't you dare tidy up.
I wasn't gonna.
ANGELA: Nobody's going to tidy our little boy away.
If you want to tidy up, go inside and get rid of some of those flowers.
I can't breathe in there for the stink of the lilies.
Fucking ducked.
You know? What? I ducked.
Didn't mean to.
I was Fucking just I saw the gunman, and I just I ducked.
(SNIFFLES) Of course you ducked.
It's only natural.
Everyone would've ducked.
ANGELA: I got out of the car.
I was the one to make us stay so that he could have a fecking piss.
(ANGELA CRIES) Don't you dare give out to yourself for that.
Come here to me.
Come here.
(SOBS) (ANGELA CRIES) Maybe I should tell Mum about getting pissed.
Why? JIM: So you don't have to lie about it.
I'm not lying, Dad.
I'm just not saying anything.
Same thing, innit? It's not a big deal.
As long as it doesn't happen again.
JIM: Mm-hmm.
It's okay.
All right? Hmm.
ANNA: I'll be all right.
What the fuck is that? ANNA: It's North Stream.
- JIM: Bin it.
- ANNA: Yeah.
NICK: He's got the feds here keeping an eye on him.
What are we sticking around for? We're gonna stay here until the Chief say it's okay for us to go.
His family know yet? Know what? Well, you know Wasted Police Chief fucks First Nations crack whore.
Only a matter of time before they find out.
Would you shut up already? She's not a crack whore.
Okay? And they're not gonna find out because no one is a big enough asshole to tell them.
(SCOFFS) - I'm not leaving, Anna.
- We have to.
It's not safe, Mum.
Is it, Dad? ANGELA: Petey's buried here.
Well, I'm going.
Well, maybe she's right.
Maybe we should leave.
We should go home.
This is our home.
We said goodbye to London.
Yeah, but we thought it was safe here, didn't we? (BAG THUMPING) You're a fucking coward, Jim.
ANGELA: Protect us.
The man I married wasn't afraid of anything.
Well, the man you married was a pisshead.
You don't need booze.
Find them.
Find them and kill them.
You mean that? Yes.
I don't know.
DENISE: (ON RADIO) Come in, Chief.
JIM: (ON RADIO) Go ahead, Denise.
DENISE: (ON RADIO) We've got a witness.
JIM: But why do we have to meet on the reserve? It's the only place she feels safe.
She? (MACHINES BEEPING) - Oh, fuck that.
- Okay, wait.
Why didn't you tell me it was her? 'Cause you wouldn't have come.
You're fucking right I wouldn't have come.
She said she was there the night Suzy was murdered.
- Are you fucking kidding me? - No.
- She said "murdered"? - Yes.
- And you believe her? - Yeah.
Nobody knows it was a homicide.
You need to speak to her.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
What, you finally remembered my name? (SCOFFS) You know, I asked you for help? That night in the bar, do you remember that? I told you we both knew Suzy.
That she was my sponsor.
That's, that's That's how I got into the house that night.
Tell him what night.
The night I stole the Oxycon I was there that night that guy came from North Stream.
What guy? What guy from North Stream? What guy? The Quebecois.
What happened? If I tell you, then I'm gonna end up just like Suzy.
No, we won't let that happen to you.
I don't believe you.
I don't even trust you.
Why should I trust you, huh? You're afraid.
We're gonna need a sworn statement from you.
JACLYN: Oh, fuck this shit.
I'll die in my own time.
I'm coming.
Coming, coming, coming.
(ANGELA GROANS) You okay? ANGELA: Yeah, I just got dizzy.
- All right.
- ANGELA: Shit.
- You all right? Come here.
- Yeah, thanks.
Sit here.
(ANGELA GROANS) - Sure you're all right? Yeah? - Yeah.
Stay there I'll get you some water.
(GROANS) ANGELA: I'm sorry, I know you don't want to be here.
ANNA: Doesn't matter what I want.
Why are we staying? ANGELA: Because your dad and I don't run.
Not from this, or from each other.
He won't let anything happen to us.
WHITEY: All right? Yeah, we're staying.
That's nice.
ANNA: You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.
You? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
You already asked me that.
I didn't believe you the first time.
(SIGHS) I don't want to be here.
WHITEY: I don't blame you.
Your mum and dad holding up okay? ANNA: Yeah, Dad's put cameras everywhere.
That's very sensible.
Can I see you again? Yeah, I'll see if I can get some time off.
- WHITEY: I better go.
- All right.
(INDISTINCT SHOUTING) FRANK: They've opened up the road.
We get on with it, then we clear out.
WHITEY: We can't.
There's police everywhere, and he's got cameras all over his house.
FRANK: I'm running out of money, Whitey.
I can't bankroll this forever.
Is that all you care about? No, it's not just the money.
It's Johnny.
- What about him? - FRANK: He's scarpered.
- Has he now? - Gone for days.
WHITEY: Well, I told you he was unreliable.
What if he talks? He won't talk.
What have you done? WHITEY: Let's just say we didn't see eye to eye.
FRANK: Christ! (GODSWILL LAUGHING) The girl could identify him, Frank.
It was either him or her, and I chose him.
And if you got a problem with that, you can take it up with my associate.
From here on in, I'm in charge.
- Dermot.
(DERMOT CHUCKLES) You miss the circus? (SIGHS) Journalists are scum.
Well, PR girls are gold-digging home wreckers.
- "PR girl"? - Oh, I'm sorry, what was it Vice President of What was it? Stakeholder Relations.
Stakeholder Relations.
What is that? You get people to sign over their land access.
Is that really you? Mm-mm-mm.
The only way to change the oil industry is from the inside out.
How much are they paying you? Don't worry, lunch is on me.
So what's your angle on the Worth case? Are you pumping me? CTNN sets the tone.
Sleep with me.
- You think I whored myself out? - DERMOT: Oh, you tell me.
You were a top reporter, well-respected critic of the energy sector, and now you're working for a fucking oil company? I'm making a difference by getting my hands dirty on the front line.
Oh, my God, how much are they paying you? ELIZABETH: And protecting an entire community.
And helping this country reach its emissions targets.
Unlike you, who's sitting in the bleachers, sniping pointlessly at an industry that is just ignoring you.
You were always a self-righteous do-gooder, Dermot.
Except when it came to doing right by us.
GAGNON: Be careful.
ELIZABETH: You bugged the fucking hotel now? GAGNON: I don't like his politics.
Why? He's a little too left of Pinochet for you? I know for a fact what his angle will be.
"Oil boom brings organized crime to small town.
" Oh, great.
You're hacking his editor's phone too? You think they don't hack ours? Negative publicity is bad for share prices.
Maybe you should find someone else to pump.
Unless you think a good pumping will change his mind.
ELIZABETH: What? Stop the car.
- Keep driving.
- Stop the car.
Get in.
ELIZABETH: Fuck off.
You want me to apologize? Sexist comments are one thing, hacking journalists' phones is quite another.
It is unethical, I don't want anything to do with it.
What's unethical is a cop who takes drugs and sleeps with hookers.
(TAPS) What? New Police Chief is a walking scandal.
Why are you telling me this? So you can pass it on to your journalist friends.
(TAPS) BENOIT: In the good old days, it was easy.
You see a guy wearing colors, you kick the crap out of him.
Cops versus bikers.
You know we're not allowed to be tough cops anymore.
Meanwhile, these animals have evolved into a nationwide network of organized criminals.
What's this got to do with our son? BENOIT: Danny Lyle.
Do me a favor.
BENOIT: He's a drug addict with a history of mental illness and violent crime.
He's a fucking mess.
He's Fallen, a hangaround.
Punks like Danny spend years trying to earn their patch.
And then you come along.
You cost the Lyles $25,000 in an oil company negotiation, and you humiliate him in public.
He's never even going to make half-patch unless he makes you pay.
- Danny Lyle is fucking harmless.
- How do you know? Seven dead cops in the last four years in this province alone.
Every one of them a biker-cop slaying.
One of them was my mentor.
You might want to avert your eyes, Mrs.
You didn't tell me that you cost the Lyles 20 grand.
It was 25 actually.
And I was doing them a favor.
You seriously think an oil company killed Petey? Yeah.
- A Canadian oil company? - Yeah, I do.
Killed Suzy too.
How do you know? Are you drinking? No.
If you drink again, you're on your own.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) NICK: Now the Cheyenne, he's the Indian's Indian.
They were played by Navajo extras in the movie.
They weren't even Cheyenne.
This whole noble savage fantasy is such patronizing bullshit.
(DENISE SIGHS) Are you okay? I mean, ancestry aside.
- Yeah, if you ever suggest - (DOOR OPENS) a Pocahontas role-play during sex, I'm gonna cut your fucking balls off.
(LAUGHING) Copy that.
JIM: Who's up at the house? DENISE: Federal squad car, Chief.
I need to talk to you.
Right, my office.
You leave your post for one fucking second, Denise will hunt you down and kill you.
Won't you, Denise? Yes, sir.
(CLEARS THROAT) JIM: You shit in a bag if you need to.
Copy that, Chief.
Shit in a bag.
Shut the door.
Son of a bitch.
(DOOR CLOSES) So In Canada, right? JIM: Can you compel a witness to testify? DENISE: We can't find her.
- JIM: Eh? - DENISE: She's gone missing.
Oh, fuck.
Well, since the last time we saw her at the casino.
I mean, should I put together a missing persons report? No.
You just You keep looking for her, all right? JIM: But quietly.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) Sitting on a gold mine here.
Got big plans for this place have you? Guess if I didn't like your accent so much, I might tell you to mind your own fucking business.
Seems like everyone around here is making money except for us, bud.
The feds have eyes on Danny.
If we make a move on a North Stream truck, then we're looking at four years to life for armed robbery.
BONER: You're gonna let a 100 grand's worth of laptop slip through your fingers? MCMONEY: Heat's on Danny.
That means the heat's on us too.
We call off the robbery.
WHITEY: Looks like the feds are fingering those bikers for the dead kid.
FRANK: That's good, isn't it? If the heat's on those lot, that explains why they're calling off the robbery.
- FRANK: What robbery? - Oh, shut up, Frank! I got a plan.
It's fucking horrible here, innit? (CHUCKLES) If I asked you to tell me the truth, would you? Yeah.
That night you drank, what happened? Got pissed.
What else? The rest is a bit of a blur, really.
You know? You must remember something.
JIM: Not much.
JIM: What? The truth.
Woke up on the reserve.
ANNA: Who with? No one.
You wouldn't lie to me, would you? No.
(GROANS) JIM: What? Get out, get out, get out.
No, no, no.
No! (ANGELA CRIES) (CONTINUES CRYING) (KNOCK ON DOOR) (DOOR OPENS) Four of the country's top-selling papers as well as CBC, CTV and TVA, are taking O'Hanrahan's "Oil refinery brings organized crime to small town" lead.
Not if you leak the Police Chief's "drug-fueled sex with hooker" story.
Details are in there.
Plus a list of witnesses.
A Tribal Elder, a couple of constables, though they are strictly off the record.
You're asking me to destroy this man's family.
We go online in 16 hours with an 8.
5 billion dollar refinery that is specifically designed to clean up dirty oil and you're going to let the press shit all over it? This is your moment.
This is what we hired you to do, to win by any means necessary.
Take it.
Tire tread forensics put Danny Lyle's pickup - at the gas station.
- So he stopped for gas.
Black poncho in the back of the cab matches Anna's description of the gunman, so do Danny's height and build.
Doesn't prove he killed our boy.
BENOIT: No, but it makes him our most probable suspect.
Or it would, if Wallace Lyle hadn't come forward as an alibi after having said in his deposition that he was flat-out drunk at the time.
So he's lying? If you made a public appeal for help, it might make Wallace change his mind.
- Fuck off.
- ANGELA: It's not your decision.
- Can we have a moment alone, please? - Of course.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) Jim, this man is an experienced police With an ancient fucking grudge against a bunch of bullshit bikers.
JIM: Danny's not a hangaround, anyway.
- He's a full patch.
- Okay.
But I don't understand.
I mean, why not do it? What have we got to lose? 'Cause he's talking out of his fucking ass! How do you know? ANGELA: No, what? Is there something you're not telling me? Well, what? Like what? Like why you're being such an arsehole.
Stop it.
Stop what? I'm not doing anything.
No, you never do anything, do you? Jesus, it's never your fault.
I'll do it.
I'll talk.
(ANNA SIGHS) What? Maybe I should tell the police you and Mum are planning to murder whoever did it.
(CHUCKLES) BENOIT: This was a savage, premeditated attack that resulted in the tragic death of a 5-year-old child.
BENOIT: We're appealing to anyone with information to come forward and assist us in our inquiries.
You, uh look for somewhere safe to bring up your children.
That's one of the reasons why we came here.
And Petey Petey loved it here.
He loved the river, and the woods, and (VOICE BREAKING) the mountains.
And now he's He's buried in the graveyard, and I just want to know why.
(PEOPLE MURMURING) (CAMERAS CLICKING) You are a PR girl sitting in the eye of a PR shitstorm.
And downtown, they won't just fire you, they will put an asterisk by your name.
(DOOR CLOSES) NEWS ANCHOR: North Stream's share price took a tumble today amidst further delays and increasing controversy for their flagship tar sands refinery.
Dermot O'Hanrahan reports from Little Big Bear.
Well, local police services in Canada carry a huge amount of public popularity.
And support for this ex-British policeman who moved here with his family looking for a better life (SNORING) but instead met with tragedy, is growing.
(CLUCKING) NEWS ANCHOR: How serious are the Police Chief's allegations being taken? (MUTTERING) Yeah, yeah.
(GASPS) (CHICKENS CLUCKING LOUDLY) Ah! GAGNON: You're having a heart attack.
I have some information for you regarding the Police Chief.
(HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING) It has to be his disease.
'Cause if it's not, he's just an arrogant, deluded arsehole, and he's not.
(SIGHS) He's a good man.
He just can't help himself.
You know I love him, right? God knows I love him.
It's taken me 20 years to realize that he just might never change.
Is he drinking? Anna.
(MUSIC STOPS) (ANGELA SIGHS) Is he? Drinking? Oh, Jesus.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Stay here.
- Mrs.
Worth? Who are you? What do you say to the allegations that your husband is using drugs and sleeping with prostitutes? Why don't you fuck off? (LOCKS DOOR) (SNIFFLES) I don't know I don't know what shape God is.
Whether He's power or energy or whatever.
Uh But He's the only one on a dark night who can see a black insect inside a black dog.
'Cause He sees everything.
And He knows.
He knows I'd never hurt a kid.
(DOOR OPENS) - POLICE 1: Stay calm, please.
- POLICE 2: Hold him.
POLICE 3: Stay still! (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) What you do to him? Depends.
To whom? Danny's brother.
How'd you get him to withdraw his alibi? What are you saying, Chief? Oh, don't fuck about.
Was it like the good old days, was it? Cops versus bikers.
Only this time, you had to beat up an old man.
Are you accusing me of assaulting a witness? Get the fuck out of my office.
Get the fuck out of my town.
(KNOCKING ON DOOR) (SIGHS) (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - What's going on? - Get out.
- JIM: What? - Get the fuck out.
Anna? ANGELA: Don't you dare bring her into this.
(LOCKS DOOR) It's armored glass, asshole.
Better get out of the way! Don't say I didn't warn you.
(FAINT BEEPING) North Stream's reporting a distress signal.
Fuck 'em.
NICK: (ON RADIO) Possible robbery in progress.
NICK: Calling all units.
What am I supposed to do? Have a drink? Am I on my own here? NICK: Distress signal from North Stream supply vehicle.
Location, 12 clicks east of Maple on Highway 40.
I'm on my way.
(SONG CONTINUES) Same again.