Tin Star (2017) s01e05 Episode Script


1 (SIRENS WAILING) Nick, copy, please, I'm approaching the location.
Right behind you, D.
Where's the Chief? He's responding.
He's en route.
DENISE: I'll lead us in.
Copy that.
(SIRENS WAILING) NICK: Well, here she is.
DENISE: Do you see anything? NICK: Looks clear from here.
(CRICKETS CHIRPING) FRANK: Which car is he in? WHITEY: TrailBlazer.
FRANK: He drives a Prius.
WHITEY: TrailBlazer.
What the fuck are you doing? Well, he's not here.
DENISE: Payload's gone.
Looks like computers.
The driver's out cold.
Steady pulse, but he doesn't look good.
FRANK: What if he's not coming? He'll come if it's man down.
It's gonna be a lot quicker if we transport him out of here ourselves.
At least get him somewhere they can send a chopper.
One of us has to stay here to hold the scene.
NICK: Yeah, right? So where the fuck is the Chief at? DENISE: He's responding.
Fuck's sakes, Denise, would you stop covering for the guy? He's progress impaired.
Oh, yeah, no, he's impaired, I'll give you that, by a bottle of whiskey or three.
He'll be here.
Goddamn it, I know you can hear me.
There was an incident at the call-out involving Denise.
(WHISTLES) So where the fuck are you? (WHISTLING) (CONTINUES WHISTLING) Daddy's gonna buy you a looking glass.
(ENGINE STARTS) Have you used one of these before? I grew up in the country with a mom who hated the British.
She never liked your dad.
You and I we're gonna look after ourselves from now on.
That woman was an easy target and you shoved me.
Hey! Hey! I saved our asses! You kill a cop around here, it's the same as anywhere.
They go fucking mental.
WHITEY: We came here to kill a cop, Frank.
- Shh.
- When have you ever once finished your fucking job right, huh? Pissing and whining about your fucked luck.
It's you, you're the reason you're a fucking loser.
Take care of this lot.
Try not to fuck that up, eh? (PANTING) (INDISTINCT VOICES ON RADIO) NICK: Hey.
Hey! Get back behind that line.
(CAMERA CLICKING) NICK: Did you hear me? Step.
GAGNON: Any, uh, description of the perpetrator? What is your business here? I see motorcycle track, so I was wondering if biker had a hand in this.
When we make the arrests, I'm sure your company will be informed.
GAGNON: Absolutely.
If you wouldn't mind, do you have a manifest for the payload? It was probably in the driver's cab.
It would be a big help to know what was stolen.
(QUIETLY) Asshole.
I was sorry to hear about your colleague.
(DRILLING) MAN: Idiot! (HONKING HORN) I've never barred a police chief before, but after last night, maybe I should.
You know, bikers might be trouble, at least they're trouble I can handle.
Put something in it.
Go home, Chief.
Sleep it off.
What if I don't? You're gonna call the cops? Oi.
BARMAID: What, are you a cowboy now? You gotta tell me which one.
You choose.
Leave the bottle.
So, this is your new station house, eh? JIM: Mm-hmm.
You know she led the response? Covering for your sorry ass all the way.
- She all right? - She was fuckin' shot.
Where? Highway 40.
No, you fuckin' idiot.
Where? In the shoulder.
Is it through and through? - What? - JIM: Did it nick the artery? Any bone damage? She gonna live? - NICK: Yeah, she's gonna - Oh.
Hey, fuck you! You left us on our own out there.
Go home, Nick.
You are beyond unfit for duty.
I'm gonna have to ask you to turn over your weapon.
Go home, put your feet up.
You've had a shock.
Someone tried to kill me and they're gonna try again.
And when they do, I'm gonna burn this shithole to the fucking ground.
RANDY: (SINGING) Remember that rainy evening I threw you out With nothing but a fine-tooth comb Can I help? Don't normally allow customers back here.
So, what you clear in a week here, then? Two things I never discuss with strangers.
The first is money.
All right, let me guess.
Take off wages, utilities, stock, taxes, license, mortgage, I'd say, what, two grand a week, tops? Look at you.
A woman of your grace and stature shouldn't be lugging crates around.
You know, you'd make 10 times what you're making now with a late license and a bit of adult entertainment.
- (RANDY LAUGHS) - What? What kind of adult entertainment did you have in mind? Cold beer, warm women.
Nothing too tasteful.
I ain't looking for a partner.
What about a backer then? A backer? Yeah.
You know You out front, me right behind you.
What exactly do you bring to the table? Hundred grand.
FRANK: Once I liquidize my assets.
RANDY: Strip bar, eh? FRANK: One stage, two poles, six girls on a rota.
$20 on the door and a premium on all drinks.
You put the "boom" back in boomtown.
I'm telling you, love, you'd make a killing on these oil boys.
All those paychecks, nowhere else to spend them but your bar? What kind of a girl do you take me for? I take you for a very capable woman.
And yet you're here.
ANGELA: So you've come to talk about my husband.
- ELIZABETH: I came here to talk to you.
- About my husband.
About you.
Oh, about my hopes and dreams? - ELIZABETH: This isn't a sales pitch.
- Of course it is.
Look, I came here to make the best life possible for my children.
With an alcoholic husband.
- Who I'm not here to talk about.
- You're not here to talk about.
- That life - Is over.
I have nothing left to lose.
You have a daughter.
And a home and bills to pay.
I have a son in the ground.
The Municipal Council is reviewing your husband's position as Chief of Police.
(LAUGHS) Jesus, you're so transparent.
This isn't about him, it's about you and Anna.
Oh? And getting his police pension and health care benefits.
If North Stream takes that to the federal courts, it all goes away.
You will have nothing.
Well, I'll get a job.
It's an official retraction of the allegations that he made against North Stream.
Why? Why does a multi-billion- dollar company care what a drunken, disgraced police chief says about it? What are they so worried about? I don't know.
ANNA: What's she doing here? She doesn't know.
I came to talk to your mother.
Really? What about? Sometimes it helps to talk.
All he needs to do is sign.
ANNA: Sign what? No, Dad won't sign this.
ELIZABETH: Well, if he won't sign it, North Stream will send in their lawyers.
And they won't be bringing flowers.
So this is why you're here? Yes.
ANNA: Okay.
Well, in that case, I am glad you came.
I feel much better now.
Looks like we got a problem here, Chief-o.
You put our friend in the hospital last night.
The record is 132.
JIM: Just getting warmed up.
Did you know that That a really, really fast punch trails at 45 feet and 11 inches per second.
That's 30 miles an hour.
But it's not about speed, is it? About heft.
It's the timing.
And, and knowing when it's your moment.
This is not your moment.
I'm bait.
You're small fry.
Now fuck off.
Find your target.
And pull the trigger gently.
You're scared of him, aren't you? No.
I'm scared of the trouble he brings.
I'm not.
(SINGING) Won't you come home Bill Bailey? Won't you come home? GAGNON: (SINGING) I'll do the cooking, honey I'll pay the rent How did you acquire this? FRANK: I want to get dressed.
Please don't waste my time.
Some guy in the bar.
- GAGNON: Oh, what guy? - Oh, you know, big guy, Canadian, check shirt.
What? You're saying he stole it? Is that why you're here? North Stream, they don't trust their employee.
They got tracking, monitoring software installed that activate on start up.
(CHUCKLING) You know, he never said he nicked it.
What a bastard, eh? Hijacking, kidnap with violence, theft, attempted murder of a police officer I want those laptop.
Call me when you can make that happen.
FRANK: Oi, you can't take my fucking passport! (PEOPLE CHATTERING) Perfect.
WHITEY: I wouldn't ask if I didn't know it was gonna work.
You've done things for me.
Things only a brother does.
End of the day, it means everything.
I know why you need this.
It's blood law.
To free your soul from the pain.
I got this, brother.
WHITEY: Mm-hmm.
(GIGGLING) Look at me.
GODSWILL: Look at me, Jim.
Look at me.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING, MUSIC PLAYING) What the fuck are you? My name is Elijah.
I am an interventionist from the Newhope Clinic, Calgary.
Your wife called us.
She's worried about you, Jim.
Is she? That's nice.
GODSWILL: I'm here to take you to a better place.
Well, that shouldn't be hard.
GODSWILL: There are two ways we can do this.
In the passenger seat or in the trunk, but either way, you're coming with me, Jim.
I'll tell you what, Elaine.
I'll let you drive me home, and I can talk to my wife, straighten this out.
And then, I'll let you drive me back here and buy me a drink.
(LAUGHS) You never know, you might get lucky.
Well - After you.
- No.
After you.
Your mum brought you up nice.
Worth, we'll take my car.
JIM: Well, I can't drive, can I? I'm totally fucking pissed.
Worth! Just give me a sec! Elaine, do you wanna touch me? Eh? Here, hold that.
I've done this before.
- That's mine.
- (LIQUOR SLOSHING) When did you come to realize that a power greater than you could restore your sanity? Turn your life over to to the care of a power greater than you.
Play the game.
Give me step four, step four, step four, step four.
Step four, a searching and thorough moral stock-taking.
Play the game.
What's next? Step five, go on, then.
Step five, Elaine.
(GODSWILL GROANS) (GASPS) (TIRES SCREECHING) (GRUNTING) JIM: Whoa, whoa! Don't distract Daddy when he's driving.
(GODSWILL GASPING) (JIM LAUGHING) (GASPING) That thing chafing? You all right? You all right, mate? (GODSWILL GRUNTING FAINTLY) Oh.
I'll be right there.
Roger? (LAUGHING) JIM: That's gonna hurt.
Fuckin' terrible, that is.
(PANTING) Here you are.
Hold on.
There we go.
Oh, look.
There you are.
Now, I know that you're only doing the dog work and that you don't know much.
But what you do know you are gonna tell me.
Right? Say it.
(GROANING) Who sent you? How many are you? Who pulled the trigger? Speak to me, Rodge.
Talk to me.
(GROANING) Remember step five.
Admit to another person, to ourselves and to a higher power the true nature of our failings.
Step six.
(GROANS) We are ready and willing to have God remove all our weaknesses of character.
I think.
Step seven is boring.
Step eight.
Make a list of all the people we've harmed and be ready to make amends to them all.
- (GODSWILL MOANS) - Who's trying to kill me? And why? Who killed my son? (PANTING) I see you Jack Devlin.
I see all of you.
What did you call me? Any child of yours is better off dead.
(GODSWILL GASPING) I did your boy a favor when I blew his brains out.
Straight to a man's heart.
(CHUCKLES) There's something you need to know.
(CLEARS THROAT) Full disclosure.
Right before my ex cut out, he re-mortgaged the bar, took off with the money.
Now, I run a good ship, okay? But the fucker's left me short with the bank month to month.
However, I have spreadsheets.
Now, if you factor in the debt solution and your investment, well, you, you can follow the projection.
I have a feeling for a future here.
(RANDY MOANING) FRANK: Wonderful workmanship.
RANDY: Thank you.
- (MAKES TICKLING SOUND) - (LAUGHS) - Frank? - (FRANK URINATING) FRANK: Yeah? Something took over there.
(FRANK FLUSHES) Something bigger than both of us.
I felt it.
(CLEARS THROAT) I don't trifle, I don't lie.
I give my heart, it stays given.
- Yeah.
- But there's this.
My husband, he belonged to the bike club.
He was beholden.
I'm not doing that again.
So I need to know, are you beholden, Frank Kane? - To who? - The kid.
There's an unholy alliance between you two.
(SIGHS) Is there something I need to know, Frank? It's a family thing.
A debt of honor.
When it's been repaid, I'm beholden to no one.
JIM: (SINGING) Hush, little baby, don't say a word Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird (CREAKING) And if that mockingbird don't sing Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring (CHAIR CREAKING) And if that diamond ring is brass Daddy's gonna get you a looking glass You asleep, love? You missed a verse.
ANNA: Where are you? In the woods.
I'm lost in the woods.
JIM: But I'm getting there, darling.
JIM: Hmm? When are you coming home? Soon, love.
(GUNSHOT) (GRUNTS) Shit! (PANTING) Dad, are you hurt? I'm all right.
Nice shooting, Irish.
It's not your blood.
Whose is it? (PEOPLE CHEERING) MAN: Good shot, good shot.
(PEOPLE CHATTERING) Christ Almighty.
(SNIFFLING) He saved my life.
Godswill? WHITEY: He's dead.
Oh, I'm I'm so sorry, mate.
I know how much he meant to you.
You won't leave me, will you, Frank? No, I'm not going anywhere.
WHITEY: 'Cause I don't think I can do this on my own.
Do what, Whitey? WHITEY: Jack dies.
But first, his family for my friend.