Tin Star (2017) s01e07 Episode Script


1 (DISTANT CHATTER) (ALARM BLARING) Main gates to patrol.
We have a code red in section 7.
AUTOMATED ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
(FAINTER) Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
What can I get you? I'll have what he's having.
Paint stripper, straight up.
Told you.
I need your help.
I very much doubt it.
You made accusations against our company.
I'm looking into them.
Your company is not my fucking problem anymore.
You said it was Dr.
Did she ever mention a place called Reverie? Fuck knows.
But your boss is a murderer.
And there's a witness floating about out there.
So, I'd watch your back if I were you.
Thanks for the drink.
(BEEPS) ANNA: Dad? Hi, hi.
ANNA: You all right? Yeah, I'm all right.
You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm coming up.
JIM: Eh? All right JIM: Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
(WOMAN MOANS) Oh, thank fuck for that.
Ooh, yeah.
Oh, fucking hell.
JIM: Coming.
Ah, f All right? Bought you some shopping.
You missed a few.
(DOOR CLOSES) JIM: Yeah, well, I didn't know you were coming, did I? ANNA: Clearly.
You need looking after.
Eh? You need looking after.
Yes, I do.
Oh, you already emptied it.
How thoughtful.
Do you want coffee? ANNA: Hey, hey.
I'm sorry.
You okay? WOMAN 1: Yeah.
Hi, sorry, just mind your head on the tap.
Are these your shoes? WOMAN 2: Yeah.
Where are their clothes? Um, in the bed.
Shoes are underneath.
ANNA: Okay.
(PHONE VIBRATING) (BEEP) Chief, it's Denise.
Call me back, it's urgent.
Yeah, we found some tire tracks over there.
Right over there.
(ENGINE STARTS) We need to talk to you.
(SIGHS) DENISE: The car was doused in gasoline.
And the victim had two bullet wounds in his chest.
NICK: We've confirmed time of death as three days ago between 18 and 2400 hours.
And eight witnesses who saw you leaving Randy's bar shortly before that time frame.
Oh, with a big black guy who happened to match the profile of the victim.
We ran the plates.
Victim's name is Roger Crouch.
A North Stream Oil employee.
His physical description matches the guy you were seen leaving with.
I wanna make a phone call.
(DOOR OPENING) Can I help you? You filed a complaint against one of our employees, Monsieur Louis Gagnon? Yeah.
Some of the families up here didn't think much of you guys.
Why would anyone have a problem with carbon capture? Taking the bad stuff and making it safe, right? Mr.
Gagnon was a little overeager on getting our community onside.
We just asked him to ease off some.
It was all sorted out.
ELIZABETH: And how exactly did Monsieur Gagnon get people onside? There might've been some misunderstandings.
Is he paying you? You accusing me of corruption? Oh, I just asked a question.
I think you better leave.
Dangerous out here for a rich white lady on her own.
I'll have my, uh, deputy escort you to the perimeter.
That won't be necessary.
Thank you.
I can arrange my own transportation.
ANGELA: Uh, must have been (EXHALES) I don't remem No later than 6:00.
No, no, it was exactly 6:00.
I remember because I had the radio on.
What station? Bonjour FM.
French Canadian.
My French is shite, but they play really good music.
(CHUCKLES) Well, if it was in French, how did you know the time? There's a clock on the radio.
ANGELA: What's this about? DENISE: So, thereafter, Chief Worth was with you for the entire evening? That's right, thereafter.
What did you two do? We made love.
Actually, no, that's not actually accurate.
We fucked is what it was.
'Cause my husband was drunk.
Worth, is your husband violent when he's drunk? You mean rough sex? I don't mean that.
I mean (CLEARS THROAT) physical violence.
He could hardly walk a straight line when he got home, much less land a punch, so, no.
How did your husband get home, Mrs.
Worth? He drove himself.
Is that what this is about? About drunk driving? I've told him I've told him how strict you are about that here, and you're right, he He shouldn't NICK: Mrs.
Worth, do you recognize that man? No.
Should I? What if we ask you to sign a witness statement to that effect, would you do so? - A witness statement? - NICK: Mmm.
So, this is an investigation? Jesus, what's happened? How's Anna? She misses her brother.
She say anything? About what? Ask her.
Jesus, Jim.
How are you gonna get out of this one? (KISSES) I'll think of something.
You'd better fucking had.
It should've been me.
He was only five.
ANNA: He'd never hurt anyone.
Everyone loved him.
It wasn't meant for him.
What? The bullet.
It was meant for your dad.
So? WHITEY: So, maybe you'd be better off without him.
I-I can't leave him, he's my dad.
Why not? Well, where would I go? With me.
Pull up a chair, handsome.
- Sneak a preview? - Fuck off.
Something wrong? No, love, not at all.
Um It's just a new supplier.
It's a decent fake.
(MUSIC CONTINUES MUFFLED) You touched down in Vancouver three weeks ago.
First thing you do is visit a specialist reptile outlet.
Purchase a saw scaled viper.
The weapons you acquire the next day from your contacts with the Vancouver heroin trade.
One of them is an RCFP informant.
(CHUCKLING) Likely he would testify in court.
Now, if the Police Chief isn't on to you already, he soon will be, especially if I tell him what I just told you.
What do you want? Don't buy guns from an informer.
What would I want guns for? Oh, come on, Frankie! Up your game.
Show me you have what it takes to finish what you started.
Kill him, or I shut you down.
You've got your own goons.
Traceable to me.
Why are you doing this? (SIGHS) Let's just say the Chief and I, we have a score to settle.
(FOLK MUSIC PLAYING ON RADIO) Ever seen that man? He worked for North Stream Oil.
Excuse me.
Ever seen this man? The fuck you staring at, girl? What? I don't think we should do this.
Why not? Because I care about you.
So? More than I've ever cared about anyone.
That's sweet.
(LAUGHS) (PHONE RINGING) WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Private Investigations, can I help? Uh, yeah.
Are you calling regarding a new or existing case? Existing.
WOMAN: Case number? JIM: 373.
WOMAN: 373.
- Mr.
Devlin? - That's me.
We have a DNA match.
You really gonna let him go? - No.
- (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) You all right? Angela's lying for you.
You think? DENISE: I found this inside the burned out car.
Wild Buffalo, it's your brand.
It's anyone's brand.
Yet, you're quite good at this cop thing.
You're better than me anyway.
You're a bit by the book, but you're above average.
Nobody knows about this yet.
I need you to tell me the truth, all of it.
Put your seat belt on.
(ENGINE STARTS) Here, come here.
JIM: His real name is Reginald Godswill.
How do you know that? JIM: Well I'm not exactly, um, a cop, Denise.
I'm more of a criminal, really.
Um Licensed by the state to catch other criminals.
Like an undercover cop? Mm-hmm.
About 20 years.
Mostly hanging around the kind of assholes that this man associated with.
So he came here to kill you and accidentally killed your son? Nah, that was a That was a little fellow.
He's still running around out there somewhere.
Well DENISE: You're gonna need that, if you wanna find him.
- Afternoon, Chief.
- All right? - Do you have an appointment? - No, open up.
Alrighty, um, can I ask the purpose of your visit? Murder inquiry.
Gonna be searching some of your trailers here.
Which one belongs to Roger Crouch? I'll just need to talk to somebody first.
Well, you're talking to somebody now.
GUARD: Sorry, Chief, there's protocol and all, even with the Chief of Police.
(TRUCK HORN BLARING) Number 6 to number 1, we've got a problem here.
Roger Crouch, you know him? - Worked with him? - MEN: No.
- Know where his trailer is? - No, man.
Nothing? Absolutely nothing? State your business.
Roger Crouch, works for you.
Want to search his trailer.
I don't need one.
Place of work, remember? Residential accommodation, not a workplace.
- No warrant, no search.
- Ah, fuck it.
(GRUNTS) GAGNON: I'm done fighting.
Who's fighting? I'm just trying to find the fellow who killed my kid, that's all.
And I could've helped you.
Well, you still could.
I could let you off for assaulting a police officer, if that'd help.
JIM: I could shut down the Bouchard case.
What case? Your witness disappeared.
And besides, you broke into my home and tried to strangle me, (GROANING) motherfucker.
A man like you, he makes too many enemies, Mr.
Get out of Little Big Bear, while you still can.
NICK: I get it, you're still gonna have to wait.
You know what? Just take a seat for me, all right? Sit down.
What were you two talking about? The case.
You're discussing the case with the prime suspect? Oh, what the hell is wrong with you, Denise? Anyone else would be all over this guy, instead you're slamming on the brakes.
You're sneaking out for some cozy fucking tête-a-tête.
- Tête-a-tête - Stop it! Don't cut me out.
Okay, Denise? I'm a good cop.
I don't deserve that.
I'm not cutting you out.
Then what were you two talking about? Chief has decided not to make his resignation official.
He's keeping his star.
What the fuck? I see you, you don't see me.
Guaranteed Mexican army issue.
The official Mexican army, not some beaner dope cartel.
FRANK: Yeah.
Uh Just a gun, thanks.
Now, the beauty of these is they stow in your pants with little or no profile, but when they do come out, the recalcitrant patron, uh, immediately gets the message.
I-I-I don't need to scare any drunks.
I just need something I can use once and, uh, the job's done.
The job you have in mind being Stop something dead.
Like a bear.
We are attuned, friend.
I have exactly what you're looking for.
The Desert Eagle.
Classic for a reason.
Gas operated, .
357 magnum rounds.
Put down any person, or, uh, bear, you're ever gonna run into.
Feel the feel.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
How much? Comp me in next Saturday night, the wet t-shirt shindig, and I'll throw in these pups for 700.
Bears come out at night, right? (PHONE VIBRATING) Gagnon.
MAN: Yeah.
She's here.
Letendre? With some lady from North Stream.
GAGNON: What? Yeah, she came sniffing around my office this afternoon.
Asking questions.
About you.
Keep her there.
There was no wind that night.
CO2 from one of your pipelines seeped out through a crack.
It came in our place.
It started downstairs, my kids' room.
(EMOTIONAL) I thought they were sleeping! (SOBBING) They were dead.
I found Dr.
Bouchard's report.
She was discredited because no one from your community came forward to corroborate it.
Why? (SNIFFLES) We signed NDAs.
Some of us took money and some of us were intimidated, but not me.
Is the man who paid them named Louis Gagnon? Yeah.
I can help you.
Yeah, that's what Dr.
Bouchard said too.
(SCOFFS) (LAUGHS RUEFULLY) Just another fucking mighty white woman coming along trying to save the Indian squaw, is that it? (LAUGHING) That's it All I need you to do is sign some sort of testimony.
Yeah, right.
And I end up like Suzy.
What happened to Suzy? You can't fucking come here all dressed all fucking fancy like that and suck the oil from my land and fucking poison my kids and then expect me to trust you.
Fuck that.
Why are you talking to me if you don't trust me? I don't know.
You got kids? Two.
Maybe that's why.
Is there another way off this reserve? Yeah, m My brother-in-law's place backs onto the highway.
Does he have a car? Why? I've put you in danger being here.
You need to come with me.
(SCOFFS) Don't fucking tell me what to do.
I ain't fucking doing anything you tell me to do.
JACLYN: Fuck that.
(RIVER WATER STREAMING) You're the only good thing that's happened to me since Petey died.
Get dressed.
What? I'm taking you home.
No, I don't wanna go home.
Home's shit.
I wanna be here with you.
Well, that's not going to happen.
We're done here.
What? It was your first time, weren't it? Sounded like it.
Crying like a fucking baby.
It was fucking off-putting.
Clean yourself up, we're going.
- ANGELA: Organized crime? - JIM: Mm-hmm.
- You said this was North Stream.
- Yeah, I did.
You publicly denounced them.
I mean, that's what it says.
Right? I mean, I could've been right, I could've been wrong.
So, the police were right? This is a local biker thing? He's English.
So what? I think it's got something to do with Jack.
What? Fucker.
So our son died because of something you did? It was your first time too, wasn't it? Wasn't me crying like a baby, it was you.
Nothing you can do will ever hurt me.
You were a mistake.
JIM: You really think this is a good idea? He gets things done.
(VOICE BREAKING) If I killed our son, if I fucking killed our son, do you really think it's a good idea to bring Jack here? What choice do we have? (GLASSES CLINKING) (SNIFFLES) Oh, fuck it.
(PUTTING EMPTY GLASS DOWN) You've come undone.
Everything okay? What's he gonna do? Come inside.
Evening, Mr.
Were you gentle? I don't know what you mean.
When you fucked my daughter, were you gentle? (IMITATES GUNSHOT) Come on, come inside.
AUTOMATED ANNOUNCEMENT: Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
(FAINTER) Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
(SIGHS) Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
(ALARM CONTINUES BLARING) Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate sections 3 to 9 immediately.
Attention, emergency protocol has been activated.
This is not a drill (ANNOUNCEMENT CONTINUES) Mmm! Why would a fellow sent over here to kill me need to dress up as a biker? Maybe the North Stream robbery, it was a setup? DENISE: Three guys who shot me dressed up as bikers, robbed the truck to try and get a shot at you? I need to know if this bullet matches the bullet that was fired into my house.
(GUN COCKING) Put the gun down, you tit.
Now, you might need that.
(CRASHING) (ALL EXCLAIMING) (COUNTRY ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) Whoa, whoa, what the fuck's going on? BOUNCER: Okay, relax.
BIKER: Look at our fucking bikes.
BOUNCER: What bikes? BOUNCER: Let's go.
Let's go.
You know him? Guess so.
Customer, maybe.
Why? British fellow, came here to kill me.
Got two mates.
Heard anything? No, I'll ask around, Chief.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) (MUSIC CONTINUES, MUFFLED) (CLEARS THROAT) I'm gonna ask you a question, and I want a straight answer.
Go on.
That debt of honor that you came here to settle doesn't have anything to do with the Chief of Police, does it? Who's asking? The Chief of Police.
What exactly is he asking you? He said that three Brits had come here to kill him.
He asked me if I'd heard anything.
Holy fuck, Frank! His real name is Jack Devlin.
He doesn't know me from Adam, but he soon will.
Jesus Christ, you said you had a loose end to tie up, did that mean killing the goddamn chief of police? I haven't got any choice, love.
Frank, listen to me.
I don't know what your debt of honor is, and right now I don't give a shit.
And I'm telling you, that man would sooner kill you - than give you the time of the day.
- I know this.
- Walk? - I'll cover for you.
I'll buy you time.
Walk out the back door, then keep walking and don't turn back.
And leave you in the lurch? No, I will join you.
Oh, yeah? And what about this place? This is bricks and mortar, Frank.
I'd rather lose this place than lose you.
No, I am not running! And that fucker has shat on my dreams once before.
I am not gonna let him do it again.
Do you hear me? I will take care of it.
For us.
And then we'll be free.
Let me just go out there and put him off the scent.
- Please, Frank, please.
- No, you're not gonna do my dirty work.
I'm gonna damn well try.
You, fucking walk.
(DOOR CLOSES) (ROCK MUSIC BLARING) RANDY: Nothing happens in this town I don't find out about sooner or later.
If I get wind of anything, I'll let you know.
'Cause the men who tried to kill me, they fucked it up.
They killed my boy instead.
He was only five.
JIM: Five and half, if you're counting.
Is there something you want to tell me? No.
I just Like I said, I'll ask around.
JIM: Who's your new friend? Oh, he's, uh, the new partner.
He's a backer, actually.
I-I still run this place.
Mind if I talk to him? No, I'll go get him for you.
That's all right, I've got it.
Wait, no, you can't go back there.