Tin Star (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

This Be the Verse

I am probably gonna kill you.
But there's a chance you can talk your way out of it.
What do you want? Just the basics, really.
Who are you? And why did you kill my son? Chuck your gun down.
We're gonna have a little chat.
Yeah, I know you too well, Jack.
I've been screwed by you once before.
Why don't you put your gun down and kick it to me? - No, I never give up my gun.
- Yeah, well, no deal then.
All right.
I tell you what.
- I'm gonna kill your girlfriend.
- Oh Go on, take a look.
Whoa! Last chance.
What the Hey, Chief.
That's your wife's car, asshole.
You think you can knock down a row of bikes and get away without a shit kicking? Anna.
Hi, this is Anna leave a message.
Anna, it's your mum.
Where are you? I'm worried about you.
I love you.
Call me right now, okay? Bye.
Where are we going? Calgary.
Why? You're going to give a deposition.
You know, I told you, I'm not testifying.
Don't you want justice? Are you for reals? Yeah, I'm for reals.
So, how old are your kids? Four and six.
Where are they? Toronto, with their father.
And you're here.
My ex-husband's out of work.
Someone has to earn the money.
That's ironic.
You leave your kids so that you can come work for the same people who killed mine.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry? Yes.
Just how sorry are you? - What? - How fucking sorry are you? Very! Very.
That's a little vague.
What exactly are you sorry for? Are you sorry that your partner murdered a doctor? Or are you sorry that your company built a leaky pipeline on our land? All of it.
I'm sorry for all of it.
Let's not stop there.
Your people wouldn't even have oil if your ancestors didn't steal all our land.
Or are you sorry that we signed a treaty that was impossible to understand? Are you talking about Treaty 6? Because that was 150 years ago.
So fucking what? Are you sorry that you sold whiskey to us that was laced with strychnine? What? Or that your people almost wiped out all the buffalo? Or are you sorry that you gave us smallpox? Okay, I'm not responsible for smallpox.
Wake me up when we get to Little Big Bear.
We're not going to Little Big Bear.
Gagnon's in Little Big Bear.
We're going to Calgary.
Yeah, but I'm out of Apache.
- What? - Fentanyl pills.
I'm all out.
Are you going through withdrawal? Well, not yet.
I'll figure something out.
- Just - Oh, fuck, don't.
"Trust me"? Fuck, well, I guess I got no choice, do I? Hey, hey.
You want a ride? No, I didn't mean to flag you down.
I was just Sorry.
Hello, love.
My fault, right? With Pete, my fault.
Supposed to keep my family safe.
Fucked that right up.
You want a drink? No.
Where are you headed? Airport.
All alone? It's me.
Why the hell are you calling from my husband's cell phone? Just routed the call.
It's easy when you know how.
You know, I know a lot about your family.
I know your ex-husband, Richard.
He's a very talented, but, sadly, unemployed journalist.
And I know your two kids, Katie and Tom.
They live with him at 172 Arndale Drive, Toronto.
It's easy.
I also know that 4:00 tomorrow, Richard will collect Katie from her school on Bellamy Road.
On the way home, they'll park in that lot at the corner of 14th and 3rd, they'll cross that road and get Tom from his swimming lesson.
That's a nasty intersection.
So If you want to see your ex-husband and your daughter again, you'll bring that fucking woman to me.
It's me.
I'm gonna kill him.
Just like I promised.
But I love her.
That wasn't supposed to happen, but I need her to forgive me.
I just don't know how.
Are you there? Anna? Mrs.
Worth! Is Anna with you? No.
Do you know where she is? No.
What's happened? She's gone.
I can help you find her.
Okay, thanks.
- Dad.
- Be right there, buddy.
- Dad? - Elizabeth.
Are the kids okay? You know, they waited all weekend for you to call.
I need you to do exactly what I say.
What's wrong? Remember where we spent Thanksgiving? What? - 2012 family reunion? - Yeah.
- Don't say where.
- What? Tom, stop that.
Don't take the kids to school tomorrow.
Go straight to where we're talking about.
Uh, I have a job interview tomorrow, so what is this? I can't say.
You just have to trust me.
And I'm gonna have to call you back because your son is flooding the toilet.
Don't hang up on Fuck! Did you check the local cab company? And the buses.
- Nothing? - Nothing.
She couldn't have been stupid enough to hitchhike, could she? She's not stupid.
So what's she playing at? She's upset.
What happened between you two? - Nothing.
- Having sex is not nothing.
Not for Anna.
It's not me she's upset with.
It's her dad.
Don't worry.
I took the turnoff.
What? I took the turnoff to Little Big Bear.
But you said that Gagnon would be waiting there for us.
You said you wouldn't make it.
Shit, shit, shit.
Airport's the other way.
You You know, my dad's Chief of Police.
I wouldn't worry about Daddy.
What? He's a wino, baby.
Wherever he is, he's probably juiced.
You touch me, my dad'll kill you.
I doubt it.
There's only one road out of town, so she must be somewhere up ahead.
I gotta know.
Did you kill the Police Chief's son? No.
He was just a little boy, Frank.
That was not me.
That was nothing I did.
You told me you came here to kill the Chief.
Chief says the guys who tried to kill him missed and killed his son.
So, who shot the little boy, Frank? That fucking kid you hang around with? Now, you listen to me.
You say nothing about that kid to anyone.
You got that? That kid is family.
I owe him.
Jesus, Frank.
What is this? Love, it'll soon be over.
Yeah? Trust me.
You're not a killer, Frank.
Well, maybe not.
But I'll do what I have to.
What now? Please.
Pretty please? Hey! Dad! Mum? - Are you all right? - Yeah.
What happened? Oh, nothing.
He just offered me a lift.
Can we just go? What did he do to you? - Jesus, Anna, you're shaking.
- I'm fine.
Do you want me to take care of him? No.
Jesus, Mum.
- Stay here.
- What? You, stay with her.
Hey! They're both fucking mad.
- What did you do to my daughter? - Nothing.
- Did you touch her? - No.
- Liar.
- Oh, fuck you, bitch.
- Oh, fuck me? - Yeah.
- Bitch? - I never put a hand on That fucking hurts.
You repeat after me.
I will never Really? I will never I will never Go near Go near A teenage girl - A teenage girl - Maybe we should let him go.
- Feck off.
- Feck off.
Not you.
Ever again.
Say it.
Ever again.
Get in.
Here, stop right here.
You sure this is a good idea? I'll be quick.
Be right back.
We're behind Randy's bar.
Get out of the car and walk away.
Let's go.
You know, I thought that I was strong enough to manage without my kids.
I could tough it out.
You know, just make them proud.
But it hurts.
I'm sorry I flew off the handle.
Go to the biggest mall you can find, leave the car, take a cab to the airport.
Leave your laptops, your phone, anything they can trace.
Jesus Christ, Beth.
Is this real? Just tell me that you'll do it.
- Tell me that you will go.
- I'll go.
I'll go.
How will you contact us? - I'll find a way.
- What's going on? Holy shit! - Anna.
- What? - Can we talk about this? - About what? About you running away from home.
I ran away because my mum and dad are murderers.
What? I asked you why dad was covered in blood, and the next thing you're out in the woods burning his bloody clothes.
Okay, can we talk about this in private? No.
I don't want to talk about it.
What a family.
They're maniacs.
They are.
I'm sorry for being a cunt.
Yeah, you were.
What am I gonna do now? Yeah, you're pretty fucked.
It's him, isn't it? I don't want to see him.
Leave it to me.
She doesn't want to see you.
What's it like being you? Huh? What's it like waking up and not remembering who it is that you've hurt the night before? The week before? The year before? - You've got no remorse.
- Hand.
You've got no remorse 'cause you can't fucking remember what it was that you did wrong.
Take your fucking hand off me.
She can't live with that no more.
Anna, it's not safe for her.
She's had enough.
So, they'd be better off alone than with a dad like you.
Dad! Dad.
- Anna.
- It was an accident.
She's safer with me.
Anna! - I go after her? - No! Shit.
It'll only make it worse.
Jesus Christ, Jack, I just got her back.
Fucking shit.
Damn you, Jack.
Sure, it's my fault.
I gave you the fecking bottle.
It's easier to deal with guns and revenge than it is a wee little dead boy.
This has to stop.
Promise me.
No more, Jack.
So how'd Gagnon know we were gonna be there? Cameras? I still say that we make a run for it.
Get our asses to Calgary.
I told you, we're low on gas, and I'm not going to a service station in the middle of fucking nowhere.
Yeah, well, what are we gonna do? I'm trying to fucking think.
I need to talk to your husband.
What about? We're being followed.
I can explain.
I know who this woman is.
I read the papers.
This is my home.
Why would you bring her here? We need help.
Why? What's wrong? - Kill the lights.
- What? Quick.
We should maybe be calling the Federal Police? Gagnon buys cops.
That's why we're here.
We need a cop we can trust, who's not afraid to arrest a spook.
For what? I saw Suzy Bouchard's murder.
Suzy was my sponsor.
I told her what Gagnon had done in Reverie, and she went after him.
I was crashed out in her basement the night he tried to scare her, and she fought back.
This place is full of cameras.
Surely, he wouldn't try anything here.
- Oh! - Holy shit.
Stay here.
Go get a knife.
A knife? A fucking knife.
Go get one.
Oh, shit.
What's that? Huh? Put it down.
That shit.
You're a nasty woman.
This is a step up from the back of a truck.
I found it the other day.
You'll be safe here.
You know, you've been a complete prick.
You treated me like shit.
But you're the only one I can trust.
How much? What? How much do you trust me? With my life.
Then maybe you're ready.
For what? The truth.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, God! Fuck off! Ah.
Pete, is that you? Honey? - Pete? - Pete? Who the - Oh, my God! - Who the hell are you? I'm sorry.
Sit down.
Car keys.
What? Car keys.
Give me yourfucking car keys! Fucking now! Fuck's sake! Fuckin' hurt! Fuckin' twat! Fucking car.
Where is he? Fuck! Who are you? It's payback, Jack.
You kill me and you'll never find out.