Tin Star (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

Fortunate Boy

You getting in? (SIGHS) So, what time is it? SIMON: 7:00.
(SIGHS) Oh, Christ, sod off, Si.
JIM: Breakfast? (CHUCKLES) Interesting.
Come in and say hello.
(TV CONTINUES) JIM: Keep an eye out for your mum, all right? (JIM WHISTLES) JIM: Oh, yeah? Crisp sandwich.
Go on, then.
Mum won't let me have that for breakfast.
Well, your mum's not here, is she? Give it, Simon.
SIMON: Would you rather Um Yeah? Get your scalp ripped off (HELEN COUGHS) or jump off from one mile of a building? JIM: I suppose I have to go with the scalp.
- SIMON: Hmm? - Because if you jumped off a building that was one mile high, right, you'd be bad, it's just bad.
You'd be dead, right? So I'll go with the scalp, I guess.
- Morning, Mum.
- Morning.
(LAUGHING) (SIGHS) Put the kettle on? - Would you rather - Right.
eat maggots and flies, or go in a bath full of daddy longlegs? JIM: I'd go in the bath anytime.
- Conker.
- (CHUCKLING) JIM: We're gonna go feed the dogs in a minute.
Go on, then.
Would you rather know how you're gonna die, or know when you're gonna die? Cheers, darling.
- SIMON: Why not? - Oh, no, that's a horrible one.
That's a horrible one.
Si, come here.
What are you looking at him for? Go on.
What am I doing? Certificates.
We're behind.
Why don't you just give him a day off, love? Come on, we'll do it later.
All right? We've got to do these jobs.
HELEN: I ain't joking, Si, do it.
I'm sick of telling you.
- SIMON: I wanna help Jack.
- HELEN: Ah.
HELEN: Pack it in.
Do your jobs.
You know it's Saturday, right? Yeah, I know this is Saturday.
Simon, I ain't playing.
Do it.
Give him a day off.
He's not your fucking disciple.
HELEN: Oi, come here.
Go on.
Put your wellies on.
Love ya.
Fuck off.
JIM: Come here.
JIM: Cor, it's fucking freezing.
(PANTS) Go on.
(DOGS BARKING) Thank you very much.
Now, get the lab food.
All right? See, it's written on it.
All right? Is there a scoop in there? SIMON: Uh, yeah.
That's, uh Collin and - Barbara.
- Barbara? Collin and Barbara.
- (CHUCKLES) - All right.
This is Jeff and Sandra.
These ones haven't got any names.
- What do you reckon? - SIMON: Um Michael and James.
(BOTH LAUGH) I'll tell you what There you go, kiddies.
There you go.
You think your mum would let you have one? Yeah, yeah.
JIM: All right.
So, what's the golden rule? - Always go at two.
- Always go on two.
- Close your eyes.
- Yeah.
JIM: Close your eyes.
(JIM HUMMING) All right, here you go.
- Five.
- (LAUGHING) - Four.
Always go on two.
Take him back and give him a wash, all right? (PHONE RINGING) - (PHONE RINGING) - Oh.
- MAN: (ON PHONE) Yeah.
- Hang on.
Hey, here you go.
- Hello? - MAN: Jim, tell me you got him.
No, I'm working on his sister.
Sister? It's Frank we need, mate.
You've been on this for months.
You're wasting your time at the farm.
You've got a better idea? Who's a good boy? Night and Whitey.
Good boy.
You still there? MAN: You need to make contact with Frank.
One more week and then we're pulling you out.
Fuck off.
(BARN DOOR SLIDING) All right? (SNIFFLES) Give us a hand.
Give us a hand.
Got it? There you are.
You coming back later? Yeah.
Will you bring me something? JIM: Yeah, bits and bobs.
Bits and bobs.
Right, Nick.
You got a chance to score.
- Rabbits.
- HOST: Rabbits, done.
- Uh, fox.
- HOST: Fox, done.
- WOMAN: Worms.
- HOST: Worms, done.
- MAN: Uh, bulls.
- HOST: Bulls.
(TV CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY) What are we gonna do about Mal? Eh? What am I gonna tell him when he gets back? Nothing.
Nothing? Fuck me, you're serious, aren't you? Aren't you? What about the little fellow? It's nothing to do with him.
You You're either serious or you're not.
If you're not, you might as well just pack your stuff and go.
All right.
I'll fuck off, then.
HELEN: Go on, then.
Go and get your shit and you can go.
Go on, out.
Out! Stop.
No! - Don't Fuck - Come on.
What, love? I heard fighting.
We're not fighting, love.
We're just talking.
Come on.
Come on, let's go back to bed.
Come on.
HELEN: Come on.
(SNIFFLES) (WHITEY WHIMPERS) What's the matter? What are you doing here, Jack? (SIGHS) HELEN: What do you think this is? You come and go as you please.
I don't know where you go when you're not here with me.
(JIM SIGHS) I think you're right.
I think it's best if you leave.
I'm not going anywhere, darling.
I don't care about Mal.
I'm not leaving you.
He's my husband, Jack.
I know.
(SNIFFLES) Do you have any idea what he's gonna do to me if he finds out? I'm dead.
He's gonna snap my fucking neck.
And him.
I can't play with you anymore.
You should go.
I'm not leaving you, darling.
I can't take care of the three of us on a caretaker's wage, so I'm going to go get some work.
Do Do you love me, Jack? Of course I do.
Of course.
Come here.
JIM: Come here.
I love you.
JIM: I'm not leaving you.
Go talk to Frank.
He'll help us out.
We going to live with Jack, Mum? Why, would you like that? Sit down.
Right, I'm gonna tell you something now, I want you to remember it, right? It's important.
Do you know, the only bloke I've ever trusted, or I'll ever really trust, is you.
Do you know why? 'Cause you're my reward for all the shit that's been thrown at me.
(VOICE BREAKING) You You're the most amazing thing that ever happened to me.
My little boy.
You'll always will be my little boy.
Remember that.
Go on.
ANGELA: Fucking scared the shite out of me.
(LAUGHS) Hello.
How long have you been standing there? Oh - Three weeks.
- Yeah.
Three weeks, you couldn't give me a fucking phone call? I'm (SNIFFLES) I'm sorry, darling.
Fuck you.
Jesus, I promised myself I wouldn't do this.
(ANGELA SIGHS) Do you fuck her? Tsk.
Do you fuck her? Ah, fuck.
Fuck it.
- ANNA: Mum.
- Shit.
ANNA: Mum.
- I'll get it.
I'll get it.
- I'll go.
I'll get it.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Hush, little baby, don't say a word, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that mockingbird don't sing, Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
(BIRDS CHIRPING) (DOGS BARKING) (SPOON CLINKING) Si! Come on, lazy, eat your breakfast.
Did you get that to match Jack's? These are mine.
All right, go on, eat your brekkie.
Be out in a minute, yeah? SIMON: Uh-huh.
(CAR APPROACHING) - You all right? - I'm all right.
- So your dad is all right? - Yeah.
What did you bring me? - Bits and bobs.
- Bits and bobs.
HELEN: Nice to see you.
- Turn around.
HELEN: Come on.
Come on.
She told him.
- (SIMON SIGHS) - Told who what? - About you.
- JIM: Hmm.
Told who about me? Uncle Frank.
Oh, yeah? What did he say? (SNIFFLES) He says he wants to meet you.
That's nice.
SIMON: I said I liked you.
Do you love Mama? Of course I do.
Why do you always leave her though? Got a light? Yep.
There you go.
Cheers, mate.
- Here you are, darling.
- Oh, thank you.
It's fucking freezing.
(SIGHS) (JIM KISSES) (ECHOING) Oh, come on, Jack.
(LAUGHTER) Come on.
Whitey! (WHITEY BARKS) Whitey! SIMON: Whitey! Come on! Whitey! Maybe I'll give you some treats.
Come on! Where are you? Whitey! (SIMON SCREAMS) MAL: How long has she been shagging him? Look at me.
How long have you known about this? Huh? (TOILET FLUSHES) What, you gonna hold out on the old man? (SIMON WHIMPERS) You could've told me, couldn't you? You're a little shit.
You've always been a little shit.
Oi! Simon! (SIMON CRYING) Make a fucking sound and I'll stab you through your fucking heart.
Simon! MAL: Get out, get out.
Shut your fucking mouth and get out.
I'm gonna ruin that cunt.
- Can't, mate.
- What? Do you want us both shot? What are you talking about? Frank's farm.
Can't bring the cops down here.
Fuck Frank, it's my fucking wife.
I understand that, but you need to chill.
Fucking listen Ooh, Jesus.
(MAL GRUNTS) (PANTING) Jack! (WHITEY WHIMPERS) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's the matter? Dad.
Eh? HELEN: Si, come on, fucking hurry up, we've gotta go, love.
Si, you ready? We've gotta go.
Si! All right, Simon, help me find the keys, love.
Shit, Jack, where's the fucking keys? HELEN: All right.
(SIMON CRYING) - Hello, love.
Nice little operation.
And my family.
(STIRRING TEA) All you had to do was to be a good little caretaker.
Wasn't hard, was it? (MAL SIPS TEA) MAL: Hells, go and wait outside with the boy.
Foxy, get her outside, mate.
- Move.
- Don't fucking touch me.
Mal, come on, don't do it.
You can't fucking just Fucking deaf? Get Get off me, you fucking Mal, please, don't do it.
- Move! Move! - Mal, don't! Mal! Ta-ta, cunt.
Take one for the force then, shall I? Eh? (SIMON CRYING) (MAL GROANS) (MAL SIGHS) He's filth.
What? MAL: You have been sucking on a bobby's cock, my dear.
What are you talking about? He's Old Bill.
MAL: How much have you told him? - HELEN: Mal! - How much have you told him? I've told him nothing.
I swear to you, I've told him nothing.
- Mal, don't! - Come fucking here.
Get your Mum! Mum! (SOBBING) Mum! (PANTING) It's rape, Hells.
(HELEN PANTING) You've been gang-banged by Special Operations.
You've been fucked by the whole of New Scotland fucking Yard.
- Simon.
- No, don't MAL: Did you know that your mummy is a fucking whore? (SIMON CRYING) Get your fucking hands off me.
HELEN: No, Mal, I wasn't How does it feel to degrade yourself in front of your own son? To disappoint him like this? To let him see his own mother shamed? Did he say that he loved you? He did, didn't he? I'll bet he's got a mortgage to pay, mouths to feed.
I bet you hadn't thought about that, had you, girl? Eh? That he might have a a real wife.
A home.
A real happy family.
(HELEN CRYING) The ones that he really, really loves.
You take this, girl.
You do the right thing.
FOXY: Malcolm.
(CAR DOOR OPENS) Ah, nice.
Who vouched for him? No one.
He's owed us a few grand at poker.
Offered to work off the debt.
Someone knows, you know that, Fox.
- You find out for me.
- Yeah, all right, Mal.
(TV PLAYING) Hey, kid.
(SNIFFS) Helen.
It wasn't my fault, Frank.
I'm gonna save you.
What did you tell him? Nothing.
I ain't told him anything.
He doesn't know anything.
Is that what you care about? You know it isn't.
Don't you care about me, Frank? Of course I do.
I love you.
You're me sister.
Half-sister, remember? Oh, yeah, half-sister.
Come here.
(FRANK SIGHS) You know if it gets out that the old blue are on to me, I'm fucked.
No one will go near me.
FRANK: I'll lose everything.
Years and years of fucking grafting.
(SIGHS) HELEN: Are you gonna kill him, Frank? FRANK: Hmm? Kill him.
- Will you kill him for me? - He's a cop.
- Please.
- You don't kill cops.
Don't you know what he's done to me, Frank? He come in here and he's fucking humiliated me.
- He fucking raped me, Frank! - Enough! - Ya got no fucking self-respect.
- Enough! I do this, it's the last mess of yours I'm ever gonna clean up, have you got that? Yeah? You break my fucking heart, you know that? I'm sorry.
(FRANK SIGHS) HELEN: Frank? Frank! - (HELEN CRYING) - (DOOR CLOSES) SIMON: Mum, are you all right? HELEN: Come here.
Come here.
JIM: Hi, Simon.
She betrayed me, Frank.
This isn't their fault.
You brought me here.
This is your mess, you clean it up.
He's Old Bill.
You take Helen and the boy, you leave and you don't come back.
Where are you going? None of your fucking business.
You know what she's been like.
Years me and you been through Fuck off.
Come here.
Come here.
All right, mate? Can you let me out? (CAR ENGINE STARTS) (CAR DRIVES AWAY) (CAR DOOR CLOSES) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) You lied.
I know.
I know I did, but I got to get to a hospital, then I can come back for you and your mum.
What about your real family? Listen, your dad's gonna fucking kill me, then he's gonna kill your mum.
You got to let me out, mate.
SIMON: Three.
Look after your mum, all right? All right? Where are you going? I can't stay here.
I can't stay here.
I can't stay here.
Listen! All right.
Now, I'm gonna get cleaned up, and I'm gonna come back for you and your mum.
When? JIM: Soon.
I waited and I waited, but he never came back.
I tried to keep the dogs alive as long as I could, but when Mum tried to drink herself to death, they all starved.
One by one.
What did you do? They put me in care.
(SNIFFLES) And so I spent 10 years trying to find him.
Track him down.
Make it right.
By killing a child? That was never meant to happen.
I swear.
You fired into a car - with a kid in it.
- He ducked.
You were pointing a gun at a fucking family.
He's a coward, Anna.
You're pathetic.
Don't say that.
You're the most pathetic person I've ever met.
- Anna, please, don't.
- Don't touch me.
No, don't leave, Anna.
Don't you ever leave me.