Tin Star (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

My Love Is Vengeance

("YOU'D BE SO NICE TO COME HOME TO" PLAYING) NURSE: You all right there, laddies? WHITEY: (ON PHONE) Mum? It's me.
It's Simon.
Someone wants to talk to you.
It's Mum.
Tell her who you are.
(SONG CONTINUES) ANNA: (ON PHONE) What? WHITEY: Tell her you're Jack's daughter.
I can't.
ANNA: Why are you doing this? WHITEY: Tell her how he lied to you.
To you and your mum.
How we weren't the only ones he screwed over.
WHITEY: Tell her we're his real family.
Tell her.
ANNA: Let me go.
You pull harder.
I got a goddamn shovel in my hand.
Give it to me.
Oh, shit.
- Okay, let's go.
Hey, it's Denise.
I just got in and saw your cameras are down.
Everything okay? ANGELA: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's fine.
Do you want me to come check it out? No.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's probably just a power cut.
Well, I should come check it out, just to be safe.
No, no.
Um, no, seriously, I don't want you to go to any trouble.
No, it's no trouble.
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
Oh, no.
(GRUNTING) (SIGHS) (GAS HISSING) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) (CAR DINGING) (GRUNTING) What the fuck are you doing? Fucking having a break.
ELIZABETH: A break? We just started.
There's only one shovel.
(EXPLOSION) What the fuck was that? Keep digging.
(FIRE BLAZING) (CELL PHONE RINGS) Hello? JIM: All right? I burned down the house.
JIM: How about that.
JIM: I got what you wanted.
What? Where are you? JIM: Randy's.
What the hell happened? (CRIES) I left the gas on.
Are you okay? Is anyone hurt? No, I was the only one home.
Thank God.
DENISE: Did you call the fire department? ANGELA: Yes.
Right away.
(SNIFFLES) - Do you need the paramedics? - No.
I need to find Jim.
- (RADIO BEEPS) - DENISE: Unit Three? Unit Three.
Fire at the Worth house.
You got eyes on the Chief? Try the hotel.
Why? Oh, because I'm arresting him for the murder of Roger Crouch.
DENISE: Nick, he has an alibi.
(LAUGHS) Yeah, I'm sure you buy it.
Jury won't.
You all right? Not really.
Did you leave a duck in the oven? (BOTH LAUGH) (ANGELA SIGHS) Jack, uh I got something for you.
Christ, Jack.
JIM: He's number two.
Why the woman? Keep him chatty.
Forgive me.
You have to.
Or what? What do you want? I'm sorry.
Sorry? Sorry is a broken fucking cup, not a dead kid.
Kill me.
WHITEY: It's what I deserve.
No, you, you said it was an accident.
So? So you didn't mean it.
I still came here to kill your dad.
Because of what he did to you.
Do it.
I don't deserve to live.
Anna, do it.
Do it.
- Do it! - (GASPS) (WHITEY PANTING) Who shot our son? She loved you.
When she found out you'd been raping her on behalf of Her Majesty's Government, she tried to drink herself to death.
Ended up with wet brain.
You have any idea what that's like, Jack? Eh? Wet brain? Who pulled the trigger? So what did you tell yourself? FRANK: That you did what you did out of duty? You blew way past duty.
You're a fucking crook, same as me, you just joined a gang with uniforms.
Fuck you! FRANK: Eh? Or maybe you told yourself that you were a cop with a family to feed.
But that's a lie too, isn't it? Because you betrayed your family like you betrayed mine.
(FRANK YELLING) (GASPS) (GRUNTS) (RANDY SHUDDERING AND CRYING) RANDY: Mmm! You're a fucking crook just like the rest of us.
But you do it guilt free.
All because of your pathetic little tin star.
Ah! (CRYING) You know, the only thing I regret, Jack, is the hatred I've wasted on a low-life prick fuck like you.
Where's the little fella, Frank? RANDY: Don't tell him, Frank.
If you talk, he'll kill you.
He can do what he fucking likes to me.
Stop this.
- RANDY: Please.
- FRANK: Go on.
- FRANK: Just don't touch her.
- RANDY: Ah! FRANK: Don't touch (RANDY SCREAMS) Jack.
(RANDY GROANING) This is what you asked for, right? I know.
Well, this is how it goes, love.
And what about the woman and her wee boy? Kiss me.
(RANDY MOANING) What the fuck? (BOTTLE SMASHING) (JIM SNIFFLES) Who pulled the trigger, Frank? Who shot our boy? Two to the head, one to the heart.
- RANDY: Ah! - ANGELA: Jack, Jack, no.
RANDY: Don't.
Jack! Frank, don't let him kill me.
Please, please! Tell him.
Who killed our son? ANGELA: Tell him.
RANDY: Don't let him kill me, Frank.
Fucking tell him! The boy.
He had a favorite dog.
- Whitey? - Yeah.
Anna's with him.
(SIREN BLARING) NICK: Chief Worth? We're going there to get Anna, not to kill Whitey.
Is that clear, Jack? You're under arrest for the murder of Roger Crouch.
Denise, I need immediate backup.
NICK: Murder suspect's evading arrest.
DENISE: (OVER RADIO) Jesus, what? Do not leave me to deal with this son of a bitch on my own.
DENISE: You really have to do this now? Hey, get your hands in the motherfucking air, you motherfu - (GUNSHOT) - Ah! Ah! Fuck! Ah! (NICK SCREAMS IN PAIN) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) (SCREAMING) Fuck! Fuck! Ah! How do I look? You got a-a little mark right there.
(SCOFFS) JACLYN: It's a bit fucking crazy.
Blowing the whistle on a company employee that you stabbed in the back? When the authorities start asking questions about a missing security agent, they're gonna find out we went up against him.
The more public we are about it now, the better.
This way we control the story.
You are one hell of a liar.
Thank you.
What are you doing? What the fuck happened in Little Big Bear? What? What? Gagnon just happened to be waiting for us? My children were in danger.
I saved your life.
So what? I owe you now? You signed a statement.
Now all you have to do is sit in a boardroom.
That's all I gotta do? That's all you gotta do.
(SIREN WAILING) What the hell happened? NICK: Hello.
Chief shot me.
Where? - Right over there.
- No, where? Oh, kneecap.
(SIGHS) You put your faith in him.
Told ya.
Told you he was dirt.
You wouldn't listen.
I'm sorry.
Just swear to God, you nail the prick, eh? I swear, I swear I'll nail him.
I love you.
(AMBULANCE ENGINE STARTS) (SIREN WAILING) (ELEVATOR MUSIC PLAYING) Do these allegations implicate North Stream itself? ELIZABETH: That depends.
On what? There is no evidence to suggest Monsieur Gagnon had the support of the board, or indeed any other employee, however, he is a company employee, protecting company interests.
And not only did he murder a provincial doctor, he brutalized an indigenous community that this woman is a member of.
ELIZABETH: A mother, who lost all three of her children.
Her story brings a whole new spin to the headline, "Dirty Oil.
" And if I publish that testimony, I guarantee you every company with an ethical PR profile will drop North Stream from its supplier list.
Why would you publish this? You work for us.
I answer to my conscience.
What do you want? When you offered me a seat at the table, you told me it was an opportunity to change the oil industry from within.
Horse shit.
I had as much influence over North Stream as the fucking caterers.
ELIZABETH: So here's the deal.
A seat at the table? Sure.
I'll take this seat right here.
That's the CEO's chair.
No, it's mine.
"President, Human Resources, Environment, Corporate Affairs.
" We don't have one of those.
You do now.
Those are the terms of my contract.
I think you'll find them reasonable.
I've been gone all night.
If I don't answer, she'll worry.
Mum? Anna, are you okay? ANNA: I'm fine.
Is Whitey with you? Whitey, no.
ANNA: Um, I'm at the departure lounge.
Departure lounge? ANNA: I'm going home.
Really? - Yep.
- ANGELA: Why now? Mum, I've been wanting to go home ever since we got here.
Anna ANNA: Plane's boarding.
Call you when I get to Auntie Jean's.
(PHONE BEEPS) She's a fucking shit liar, isn't she? Christ, Jack, what are we gonna do? Should leave him to me.
I think she's in a car.
So? Go.
Why? You can't stay here.
(SIGHS) You fucking blackmailed the shit out of them.
Keep your voice down.
What if I don't? Pardon me? What if I talk? Hmm? If you talk, we both get arrested.
(SCOFFS) I got nothing to lose.
You have your liberty to lose.
Yeah, I would be better off in prison than going back to the res right now.
Don't be morbid.
You want me to keep my mouth shut about Gagnon, you're gonna pay my community for the rest of your life.
Your community will be well taken care of, but if you ever threaten me again, this will be the last bill I ever pay.
Ask yourself what I might be prepared to do to ensure your silence.
(GUN CLICKS) ANGELA: We agree we're here to save Anna, not kill Whitey.
Right, Jack? (ENGINE STOPS) Nice one.
Sorry, Jack.
WHITEY: We could leave here, you and me, and never come back.
We We'd always be together.
(THUMPING) Fucking hell, come here, you bastard.
Where would we go? Anywhere you want.
Anywhere in the whole world.
That's the point, Anna.
We're free.
Do you really think we could ever get away from here? What's stopping us? - (DOOR OPENS) - (ANNA GASPS) Anna, get behind me.
Leave us alone.
You have no idea who he is.
I know exactly who he is.
Darling girl, I'm here to help you.
Both of you.
Now just do what I say.
Or what? You, go.
I'm not going anywhere without Anna.
(COCKS GUN) (VOICE BREAKING) You killed my little boy.
My daughter is not going anywhere with you.
She's coming with me.
Now, you can stay here and take your chances with Jack.
Or you can fuck off while you still have a chance.
Anna! (WHITEY GRUNTS) Whitey, are you all right? Are you okay? Anna, don't do this.
(WHITEY GRUNTING) Can you, can you walk? - ANNA: Yeah.
- ANGELA: Anna, please.
Get out of our way.
Jack won't let him get away.
Stop him.
I can't.
Then I will.
- ANNA: You okay? - ANGELA: Anna.
ANNA: Come on.
- (BOTH GROAN) Where's your gun? Let him go, Jack.
ANNA: You got it.
Come on.
I've got you.
ANNA: Come on.
You got it.
You can do it.
WHITEY: I've got to stop.
ANNA: No, you can't.
ANNA: You've gotta keep going.
Come on.
WHITEY: Ah, fuck.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Let's just get over there.
(BOTH PANTING) What do we do now? I won't let him get you.
Okay? Jesus Christ, Anna.
This is Jack Devlin.
He's a fucking maniac.
He's-He's still my dad.
WHITEY: Listen, he'll kill you! (GROANS) Jack Devlin! Jack.
- Put the gun down, Anna.
- Stay back.
- What's he told you? - ANNA: Everything.
You know, she miscarried.
Whitey's mum.
How could you do that? ANNA: How could you do that to me and Mum? He killed Pete, love.
He snuck into our house, ate at our table.
He lied to us, Anna.
He lied to you.
Exactly what Dad did to him.
ANGELA: He's using you, darling.
No, he loves me.
You touch him, I'll fucking kill you.
She loves me, Jack.
Out you come, Simon.
- JIM: This'll all be over, mate.
- Don't move.
Stay behind me.
Always go on two.
JIM: Remember? JIM: Don't fuck this up.
Jack, you'll hurt her, Jack.
- JIM: Five.
- ANGELA: Jack.
- Four.
- Fuck! JIM: Three.
(ANGELA SHUDDERS) ANGELA: Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna.
I don't hate you, Jack.
I love you.
I've always loved you.
I love you too, mate.
No! No, no.
Whitey, Whitey.
ANNA: No, no, no.
Oh, dear God.