Tin Star (2017) s02e01 Episode Script

Prairie Gothic

[METAL CREAKING] Dad! [GASPING] [ANNA] It should have been me.
[ANGELA] Find them Find them, and kill them.
[GRUNTING] [SCREAMS] - [GRUNTS] - [TIRES SQUEALING] - [GASPS] - Y'alright? [THUD] You're the only good thing that's happened to me since Petey died.
[WHITEY] How much do you trust me? [ANGELA] With my life.
[WHITEY] Then maybe, you're ready.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You touch him, I'll fucking kill you.
He killed Pete, love.
He snuck into our house, ate at our table He lied to us, Anna.
He lied to you.
Exactly what Dad did to him.
[ANGELA] He's using you, darlin'.
No, he loves me.
Out you come, Simon.
- This'll all be over, mate.
- Don't move.
Always go on two.
Remember? Don't fuck this up.
Jack, Jack, you'll hurt her, Jack.
- Five - [ANGELA] Jack! Four, three [BOTH GRUNT] [ANGELA GASPING] Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna [WHITEY GROANS] I don't hate you, Jack.
I love you.
I've always loved you.
I love you, too, mate.
- No, no, no! Whitey! - [GASPING] Whitey? No, no - [SOBBING] - Oh, my God.
Jack! [WIND WHOOSHING] [WOOD CREAKING] [HORSE NEIGHING] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] [ROSA] Chico, are you cold? I'll get you a blanket.
Oh Whitey, Whitey [BREATHING HEAVILY] [ANGELA] Fuck! Shit! Don't you die on her, you bastard.
Don't you dare die on her, do you hear me? Where is it? Oh, shit.
Fuck! Don't go to sleep, Jack.
Jack, don't go to sleep! [GRUNTS] Jack, stay awake.
Don't go to sleep.
I'm gonna stop the bleeding, honey.
Don't worry, Jack! [GRUNTING] Anna! Anna! Anna, come back! [SCREAMS] Jesus, Jack.
Fuck you, Jack.
[CRYING] Fuck you.
God, I love you.
Goodbye, Jack.
Anna! Anna! [RICHARD] What the hell is going on? Last time you called, it was some sort of emergency.
[CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] [RICHARD] You're just not mother material.
What do you mean I'm not mother material? - I pay your mortgage, and the kids' tuition.
- [SCOFFS] - What's your point? - I want them here this summer.
The house is almost ready, Katie can learn to ride, and You think Katie wants to learn to ride? My God, Elizabeth, if you spent any time with our kids, or even just checked in once in a while, you'd know Katie has no interest in I miss them.
You miss them? I hate to tell you, but guess what, this isn't about you Your feelings, your plans, or your goddamn house This is about Katie [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] Can I have two of these? Elizabeth.
You here for business? [WAITER] There you go.
Say something.
Ten years ago, on a cold dark night, someone was killed underneath the town hall light.
There were few at the scene and they all agreed that the slayer who ran looked a lot like me.
The judge said, "Son, what is your alibi?" You were somewhere else, you won't have to die.
I spoke not a word, though, it meant my life.
I'd been in the arms of my best friend's wife.
- [WATER RUNNING] - [KNOCKING CONTINUES] Elizabeth Bradshaw? Yes.
I come from downtown.
But they just promoted me.
This doesn't make any sense.
- You need me to clarify, ma'am? - What? Put the legalese into plain English? You're fired.
Good day to you.
Hey! - Ma'am? - Who the hell are you? I represent the shareholders.
Okay, well, you clarify this for the shareholders, they can go fuck themselves.
You tell them they are fucking with the wrong woman.
How's that for plain English? Clear, cowboy? Crystal.
[CAR LOCK BEEPS] [AMBIENT MUSIC PLAYING] [ELIZABETH] Who's on the other end of that? - [MAN] Beijing.
- Beijing? New partners.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Okay, Beijing, have you ever heard of corporate manslaughter? 'Cause in Canada, an organization is guilty of corporate manslaughter, if the way in which its activities are conducted causes a person's death.
For example, if a burst pipe from a carbon storage facility were to kill innocent children [LAWYER] We recommend that you retract any, and all allegations against this company, its parent company, any affiliates, or any of its employees.
And refrain from making any other further allegations.
- Have we met? - Or we'll go to the police.
Oh, I think the sooner the authorities know about this, the better.
We'll press charges for extortion.
Extortion? - I'm a bonafide whistleblower.
- "Everyone commits extortion, who, with the intent to obtain anything by threats or accusations, menaces, or violence 3 - I know what extortion is.
- "Induces or attempts to induce any person to do anything or to cause anything to be done.
" - And I know the law.
- In your case, a promotion.
Do you really wanna go to court? Extortion is an indictable offense.
So it is liable to imprisonment.
We'd see to it that you serve five years.
And what makes you think I'm not prepared to go to jail? Those two individuals are detectives.
Go one step further, and we'll turn you over to the Federal Police.
If you're firing me, I'm entitled to a severance package.
I'm afraid you relieved us of any obligation to remunerate you when you broke the law.
I'll take two weeks' salary.
You'll vacate the premises immediately, Ms.
Bradshaw, or you will be escorted off of them.
- Were you bullied in school? - Excuse me? Do you ruin people's lives for a living because you're hurting inside, or because you're a heartless cunt? Security.
Don't touch me.
I said get your hands off me! Stop! Stop it! [PEOPLE GASP] [AMBIENT MUSIC PLAYING] [CAR LOCK BEEPS] [SHIVERING] Oh, shit.
Anna? Anna? [PANTING] [LINE RINGING] - [MOBILE RINGING] - Oh! Hello? - [ELIZABETH] We're screwed.
- What? North Stream Oil called the cops.
- What if they know something? - So what? This is serious.
My daughter's lost.
She could die up here.
I need to get help.
Where are you? [BREATHING HEAVILY] On Moose Mountain.
Angela, I'm on my way.
Don't call the police.
- We'll find her.
Okay? - Hurry.
[SHIVERING] [WOMAN OVER RADIO] bring subzero temperatures, up to minus 25 degrees.
And with that cold air, we're expecting a good deal higher than average snowfalls in many locations across the province.
And it does look like a good old-fashioned cold Canadian [CONTINUES INDISTINCTLY] [JACK GROANING] Fuck! Ah! Fuck! [GROANS] Fuck.
[GROANS] Bollocks.
[GRUNTS] Fucking bollocks.
You fucker! - [SCREAMS] - [SNARLS] Come on.
[SCREAMS] - Come on, then! - [SNARLING] Kill me! [ANNA GRUNTS] [PANTING] Oh.
[CONTINUES BREATHING HEAVILY] [MALE WEATHER BROADCASTER] severe weather warnings to much of Southern Alberta today.
Blinding blizzard conditions are expected to pummel most of the far southwest [KNOCK ON DOOR] and the storm, expected to deliver its biggest Hey.
How you feeling? Peachy.
What did the surgeon say? I get to wheel myself around in that for the rest of my life.
What? I just spoke to the nurse, she didn't say anything about the rest of your life.
She's probably under the impression you might give a crap.
That's not fair.
Do you love me? - Yes.
- Telling pause.
Which direction did the Chief drive off in? Swiftly followed by the mother of all segues.
You were the last person to see I have stared death in the face, Denise, - I think I can take the truth.
- Hey! It's over, isn't it? No.
[SIGHS] Look, I I don't expect you to date a cripple for the rest of your life.
You think I wanna suffer the indignity of being helped on and off the john by the woman I love? I don't even know if I still have what it takes to To make love to you, Denise.
It was a glancing blow to the kneecap.
He tried to kill me.
If the Chief wanted to kill you, you would be dead.
I'm gonna kill him.
- Great.
- Just so you know.
Which way did he go? [ANNA PANTING] [ANGELA] She knew this place.
[SIGHS] I thought maybe, she'd come back here.
[ELIZABETH] Why? [ANGELA GASPING] Hey! Chief Worthword.
That's what this place should be called.
Victims of - What happened? - She fell.
- What? - Down some stairs.
What about you? Me? I broke her fall.
Well, you know, tired to.
[CHUCKLES] I know, stupid, yeah? My partner says he saw the Chief coming into your bar.
[FRANK] All right, listen, sweetheart, no doubt you're a great copper, yeah.
Salt of the earth, pillar of the local community, it's just, I'm not sure you're equipped to deal with all this.
I mean, no offense, but you're Canadian for starters.
I'm not Canadian, I'm Musqwa.
You'll stop him, won't you? Why would the Chief wanna hurt you? This an interview? 'Cause if it is, I'd like a solicitor.
- Excuse me? - A lawyer.
You'd better get one, then.
[DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] She could have helped us.
He should be dead by now.
- What if he isn't, Frank? - I say he is, Randy.
I say we forget all about him, okay? I say What if he comes back? [ELIZABETH] Back at the cabin, that blood? - [ANGELA] I have no idea.
- [ELIZABETH] Really? You sure this isn't the second house you've burned down? There's not another body buried somewhere? [ANGELA] I found her phone here.
She must have gone to the top.
[SHIVERING] What, are you calling the police? I should have done it in the first place.
You need to start telling me the truth.
Oh, shit.
I've got no signal.
Anna? [SIGHS] Anna! We should go back to the car.
Not without my daughter.
The weather's getting worse.
This is crazy.
You have children.
You should know better.
- Anna? - Anna! [ELIZABETH] Enough! We go back down.
She'll die up here.
Anna? This is suicide! I'm taking you back down the mountain if I have to drag you.
You drag me down this mountain, I'll shoot you.
You'll shoot me? Okay.