Tin Star (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

The Bagman Cometh

[SARAH] In German, bitte schÃn.
- Prämolar.
Second bicuspid.
Prämolar zwei.
- Zwei.
- Next.
- [JOHAN GRUNTING] First molar, second molar, third molar.
Molar eins, molar zwei.
Why do I have to learn them in German? Because most of our patients prefer German.
[GIGGLING] Thomas, Thomas, gehe schlafen now, he should have been in bed hours ago.
You'd better brush your teeth, Thomas, if you don't want to end up in the chair! Rosa? [HESITANTLY SPEAKING GERMAN] [LAUGHS] Excuse me? - Weißheitszahn.
- [ROSA] Weißheitszahn.
I said that.
[SARAH] Wisdom tooth! Did I ever tell you how proud of you I am? [ROSA] I'm a laughingstock.
No one takes me seriously as a barrel racer, I'm a freak.
You have character.
- I don't want character.
- But you have character.
Everything you do has character.
The character to practice every day, the character to stand up for yourself, for your beliefs, for the life you'd like to lead.
Are you sure you want this? Put the gun down.
You just asked for this, Anna.
[JIM] Give her one reason why she shouldn't kill you.
[ANGELA] I let my daughter stay here because she needed a safe place.
What the fuck were you thinking? Why'd you smuggle a bunch of cocaine then come whinging to my daughter about it? Please.
[STAMMERING] My family [JIM] No.
My fucking family.
I think you should kill him.
Mum, please don't.
[MUTTERING] What's he doing? Praying, I think.
[JIM SCOFFS] Oi, Jesus.
Back in the room, mate.
I don't make deals with the devil.
The Devil's a fucking fairy tale.
I'm your worst fucking nightmare, and I'm in your fuckin' kitchen.
Who's the bagman? What? Who's the bagman? I don't understand.
You bring it over the border, then what? - They text me.
- They text you what? Instructions.
Show me.
Give me your phone.
It's in Spanish.
Muchas fucking gracias.
So you park the truck outside the motel and leave it unlocked.
This was the first text I ever received.
- "Drugs in truck"? - I never know where.
Then what? I get a good night's sleep.
That easy? The first time, yeah.
Then what? Something happened.
What? You.
I came back and you were searching the houses.
So I hid the drugs on a neighbour's property.
Hang on.
You've done this before? Twice.
Did you know that? You still feeling it? What? The Holy Spirit? Fuck off.
The first time, it was just a small amount.
But you're a pro though, right? I am an innocent man, Mr Worth.
No, you are not.
Jack? He's a drug smuggler, Anna.
Do you put that up your bum? - Stop it.
- What? They do.
Don't you? They do! They hide it up their arses.
Here you are.
4:37 pm today.
No caller ID.
This him? Yeah.
What'd he tell ya? Park the drugs outside a motel in Stavely.
- When? - Tonight.
Give you a deadline? Midnight.
Okay, they're in worse trouble than we thought.
Oh, no, they're fucked.
They are so fucked.
He's what, he's three hours late delivering five million quid's worth of cocaine.
I mean, there's nothing we can do, love, really.
Okay, let's go.
Please, help me.
- It's too late.
- No, it can't be! - There's nothing we can do.
- They're lying.
Tell him.
What? You found the fucking bag! - What? - What? Tell him.
[JOHAN] Where is it? They found it.
Then they lost it.
- Lost it? - But he can find it again, can't you? - [JIM] You really should sit down.
- [JOHAN] You lost the [LOUD CLATTERING] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [GROANS] [ANGELA] Anna, any minute now they're going to turn up looking for their drugs.
And we can't be here when that happens.
Do you think I'm scared? Of a cartel? Yeah, you should be.
Whitey was shot in the heart.
There's nothing a cartel can do to scare me.
- Where is the bag now? - Fuck knows.
[WHISPERING] Under the bed, under the bed, yes.
Under the bed.
Under the bed.
Go there.
Go, stay down.
Please go, you stay there.
[MUFFLED CONVERSATION] Look, I tell you what.
I could kill him.
Kill him? You got a better idea? - No.
- Right.
But I can't accept killing.
Help me find the drugs.
Well, now that's not going to happen.
- [ANNA] Why not? - Because - I'm going to kill him.
- For fuck's sake, Jack, you can't just kill a cartel bagman.
Course I can.
Cartel's a walk in the fucking park compared to a British hooligan.
I should know.
I've been to Mexico.
They're never letting me back in there.
Dad, don't.
Why not? Because it won't end there, will it? Well, it will for us.
But not for Johan! Or his family.
So? "So?" If you kill one of them, they'll send more men here.
Probably wipe out the whole fucking colony.
Fucking good.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Do you recognise that? Yeah.
What is it? It's a ring.
[ANNA] Whose ring? Helen's.
[ANNA] Who gave it to her? I did.
What does it say on the inside? To Helen.
[ANNA] What else? Love Jack.
So you told her you loved her and then you ruined her life - [ANGELA] He was doing his job, Anna.
- and murdered her son.
Who killed our son.
Who killed your brother, almost killed Almost killed your mum.
Now you fucked them up as well as us.
That's two families you've wrecked.
[JIM] Well, depends on your point of view.
Yeah it does.
The least you can do is save this one.
You stole his drugs.
And then you lost his bag.
Help him.
[JIM] What is this? Rhubarb wine.
That's fucking horrible.
[GASPS] Rosa.
[TICKING] [JOHAN] Are you going to look for the bag? I would be grateful, Mr Worth.
Can you protect your family? Ja.
I can protect my family, yeah.
Pick it up.
First time? I've held a rifle.
- Bunnies? - Deer.
- Ever shot anyone? - 'Course, he hasn't.
[JIM] Have you ever shot anyone? No.
You can't protect them, can you? I can.
I'll protect them.
How? Guns.
There's a shitload in the back of that truck.
No fucking way.
You taught me to shoot, Mum.
Remember? [JIM] Do they know they're in danger Your family? No.
Let's tell them, shall we? Please, please Hey.
[SARAH WHISPERING] Thomas, Thomas, please, please come out Thomas.
Come out, Thomas, please.
Sarah? Can I borrow you a minute? Stay here.
Stay here.
Are you okay? What are you doing here? What are you all doing in my kitchen? How long you been married, Sarah? Long enough.
Do you consider your husband to be an honest man? [ROSA] Is this an interrogation? - [JIM] Yeah, it is.
- Go back to the bedroom.
My husband is an honest man, yes.
They don't know.
Know what? I think you might.
What is he talking about? Leave my family alone.
You should have thought of that before you fucked with mine, shouldn't you? What about all those people down there in that fucking church of yours? Do they know? Know what? What's he talking about, Papa? What about all these people you dunk in that fucking river, my daughter included by the way? Do they know you're lying to them? Do you want me to tell her? What do you call a man who tells lies? - A liar.
- My husband's not a liar! [SARAH AND ROSA GASP] - No.
- Jack, no.
Jack For sentimental reasons I always go on two.
- [ANNA] Dad, don't.
- Five.
- No.
- Four, three - Two.
- No! [SHOUTING] I traffic cocaine! I traffic cocaine! [SOBBING] I traffic I traffic Cocaine? Yeah.
It's a drug.
Class A.
Even in Canada apparently.
I know what cocaine is! Good.
'Cause your husband's just smuggled five million dollars' worth across two borders.
That is 25 years of taking it up the arse in the showers and then smiling at your family through shatter-proof plastic.
What's this all about? Angela? It's about Anna.
- That's ridiculous.
- [ANGELA] No, what's ridiculous is that I thought she was safe here.
Actually, I thought she was safer here with you than me.
Imagine how that felt, thinking that my little girl was safer with another woman.
But I'm a fucking idiot 'cause it was all a lie.
[JIM] Yeah, but they are all liars, aren't they? They don't pay their taxes, they use their kids as slave labour, treat their women like shit.
I mean, we didn't raise you to be treated like shit, darling.
How dare you? In my house.
How dare you speak about us in this way.
You think because I choose to wear these clothes, because I choose to obey my husband, because I choose to follow scripture, you think that makes me a fool? You know nothing about us.
You know nothing about our beliefs.
You know nothing about our marriage.
Oh, I do Actually.
He's a criminal, Sarah.
[SHOUTING] My husband is an honest man.
[JIM] Your husband is a fucking moron.
[ANGELA] And he's put you all in danger.
Johan, tell the truth.
You've always told the truth.
Tell her.
Tell her what it means to be married in the eyes of God.
We are one flesh, tell her.
Tell her.
[VOICE BREAKS] Tell her we don't lie to each other.
Tell her.
Tell her! Speak! Why won't you speak? Look at me.
Look at me.
Why won't you look at me? Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
Tell me the truth.
[SHUSHES] I am what they say I am, Sarah.
I am a criminal.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
The thought crossed my mind that [SNIFFLES] you'd met someone else.
So I said to myself, I said, "Sarah, "rid yourself of poisonous thoughts! "Rid yourself of doubt.
Be the wife he deserves!" I never kept a thing from you for 22 years, and you have made a stupid little woman of me.
[ROSA] If you knew something was wrong, why didn't you ask him? He's your husband.
[SCOFFS] - Mama.
- [SIGHS] You must have heard him at night.
You must have done.
He doesn't sleep.
Every night for months now, he just gets up, and he goes into his study or the kitchen, and he just walks, all night backwards and forwards, around and around the kitchen table, until I want to scream.
I asked you if anything was wrong, and you didn't trust me enough to tell me.
Instead you opened up to her You don't see what you don't want to see.
You don't hear what you don't want to hear.
Your hope, your faith, your endless optimism They're all about looking away.
They're all lies, Mama.
You are of one flesh.
You are as much of a liar as he is.
[SARAH] And you? What about you? You and your plan to leave the colony? Were you going to run away from home, Rosa? Anna? I didn't say anything.
- Then how did she know? - I'm your mother.
I'm your mother.
So what you know that but you don't know this? [SHOUTS] I hate it here! This place is bullshit! It has nothing to do with Jesus or God or love or anything.
It's just about a bunch of hateful old men who wanna use rules to keep everyone in line! Look at you, look where your rules have got you.
Anna, tick-tock.
Wait, what about them? What about us? Tell them, Jack.
You're all going to die.
[ANGELA] We need to clear out of here.
What does he mean "we're going to die?" [ANNA] I'm not leaving until I know why he did it.
- [ANGELA] Does it matter, Anna? - Yeah, it matters to me and probably them.
- I can answer.
- Money, darling.
That's why he did it.
- Was it? Money? - [JOHAN] No.
- Dad.
- [ROSA] Why is he turning off the lights? [SARAH] What are you doing? - [ROSA] What's happening? - Thomas.
- Thomas.
- [JOHAN] They murdered my brother! There was a drought.
Our colony was dying.
We needed diesel to irrigate the soil, but we couldn't afford it.
I met a man, a business man in Casas Grandes.
He offered me a loan.
The elders were against it, but Sarah's brother, Eli and I, took the money in secret.
The crop failed.
And I couldn't repay the debt.
Then Eli, he went missing.
The elders, they sent out search parties.
But there was no sign.
- Come on, we have to go.
- No, wait.
[JOHAN] Thomas came to stay with us.
Days passed.
Then Thomas found his father.
What was left of him.
His body was missing.
There was just His head.
[WHIMPERS] So, I dug a pit and I buried it.
I kept the truth from you, Sarah.
And from you, Rosa.
Only Thomas and I knew.
Thomas Who has never spoken a word since that day.
You said, you said, he'd fled the colony, you said You said he'd abandoned us.
Why did you not tell me the truth, Johan? I wanted to protect you Sarah.
I searched the Scriptures for guidance, but found nothing.
All I had was my faith.
And sometimes not even that.
Despite all that you still took me in? And kept me? Even when my dad went mental? I don't condemn him, Anna.
That's a relief.
Your father is a violent man, but at least he has courage.
I have often asked myself if my pacifism was just cowardice.
Now I know.
[SCOFFS] I am a proud, dishonest human being.
And if I have never done another man harm, it's only because I've never had cause to.
Please, stop.
I I am all those things.
We are one flesh.
[SARAH CRYING] Come here.
[ANNA] Look at them.
Why can't we be like that? We never all sit and talk.
And really listen.
All we do is hurt each other.
[SNIFFLES] That night on the river, I felt safe.
And you're jealous.
You hate him.
You hate him because I love him.
I'm just worried, darling, I'm worried, I don't know him.
I do.
I know everything about him.
And so do his family.
He lied.
But most of the time, he tells the truth.
And that's why they trust each other.
We're the opposite.
We lie to each other all the time.
This whole fucking family was built on lies.
I tried to hang myself.
[SNIFFLES] I mean, I actually tried to kill myself.
Not once have either of you ever talked to me about it.
I want to talk about it.
I felt safer with this family than I've ever felt with either of you.
Maybe Petey is better off without us.
[EXHALES DEEPLY] Please help them.
We're trying, darling.
[JOHAN] The both of you must leave with Jack and Angela.
- What about you? - You cannot stay here.
- We're not leaving without you.
- Come with us.
- It's me they want.
- Why, why? The drugs are missing.
Look, if we stay here, we're gonna die.
Thomas, are you okay? [ANGELA] Anna Mum, this is Thomas.
He's six.
He's the same age Petey'd be if he was alive.
I know how old Pete is.
What's going to happen to him? Anna - [ROSA] Oh, my god.
- [ANNA] Shit.
[ROSA] What's going on? - [JIM] Put them on the ground.
- On the ground now, everyone.
- [ROSA] Mama, Papa.
- [JOHAN] Get down, down.
[MOBILE PHONE BUZZING] Hello? [MAN SPEAKING SPANISH] No, no, no, I don't have a problem.
You have a problem.