Titanic: Blood and Steel (2012) s01e04 Episode Script

Danger Looms

What are these bastards doing here? Come on, Emily.
Come on.
Pleased with yourself, are you? What? You know what I'm talking about.
You, Larkin and your brother-in- law.
You get us on the streets, you get us to march.
You promise us victory and it ends up with us being run down by the Army.
The Army shot and killed my brother-in-law.
All I'm saying.
! What are you saying? Whatever it is, I'd like to hear you say it to this face, to mine.
Walter's dead and.
! Leave it, Jimmy.
No, no, wait, wait.
Well? Jimmy says it's a Catholic plot for Home Rule.
Hiding behind a wee boy now, are you? You think we organized this to bring the country to its knees? Us Catholics? Well, didn't ya? You think I'd sacrifice my sister's husband for better wages? Who stood to gain from it, eh? Catholics? Don't be stupid, man.
The march was forced into our part of town.
A riot was deliberately provoked so it could be blamed on us.
The employers want us divided and they used my religion, your religion to achieve that.
They did their work well.
That's what needs to be happening if we do.
Excuse me.
(POLICE OFFICER IN THE BACKGROUND) Stop there, stop there! Miss Silvestri, you're not employed here anymore.
What?! Why? We don't need troublemakers.
You can't do this! Oh, yes, I can.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) I came to say thank you for helping me.
Oh, I specialize in damsels in distress! I didn't see where you came from but suddenly you were there.
Same for me.
You just suddenly appeared.
Anyway, thank you.
I'm sorry to hear about your friend's husband.
You came to the funeral.
Why did you come? To pay my respects.
But you didn't know him.
No, but I know the concept of justice and injustice.
I was mourning both the loss of a man and the loss of innocence.
You're a romantic.
Or naive.
You choose.
A naive romantic! You're not like other management here.
Perhaps it's because I've traveled.
Perhaps I've some perspective.
No, there is something else.
Well, when you find out what it is, you let me know and I'll bottle it and sell it in the streets! How's your other friend? The one who was injured.
Umhe's still at our house.
They were worried about his sight, but with rest, it should be fine.
And how do you know him? He's apprentice to my father.
I have to go now.
See you soon.
(LORD PIRRIE) I didn't order troops to be posted at the gates.
Well, who put them there? Y, y-yea, yes, I understand you were following orders.
What I'm trying to ascertain is who gave.
! (ABRUPTLY) Fine.
Thank you.
London gave the orders! They wanted a show of strength.
This is the United Kingdom, not some far-flung colonial outpost!! Don't they understand the tensions this will inflame? What's the situation in the yard? There's tension, naturally.
But I think we just do what sensible men should do.
We talk and we keep talking.
You've started a dialogue.
We have to keep the men engaged.
Ships don't get built where the workforce is on strike.
I wish other people in the city could hear your words, Thomas.
Whether it's fear or negotiation, some strikes have been called off.
Stokes's men have gone back to work.
The coal supplies have been restored.
Business as usual, Stokes is saying.
! Half of me is pleased.
The other half feels hollow.
I don't know which instinct to trust.
(LOUD HAMMERING AND POUNDING NOISES) (WORKMAN) Are you alright, sir? (KNOCK ON THE DOOR) Mr McCann to see you, sir.
Ah, McCann! Come in! Please, sit.
I prefer to stand, my Lord.
Why? I just do.
Well, um, either we sit and we're at the same level, or you make me stand.
Which is it to be? We have more in common than you might think.
We both build ships.
We're both sons of Belfast .
although I was born in Canada and I was brought back here as a child, so I suppose you have the upper hand on that one.
I want you to know that the soldiers at the gate have nothing to do with me.
I didn't ask that they should be there.
Who did? The government.
They want all key buildings and industries to have a military presence.
Why are you telling me this? Because I believe it's wrong.
And beyond that, I know how it might be interpreted on both sides of the religious divide.
I think the interpretation has already been made.
Yes, that is what worries me.
We build the best ships in the world, and in doing so, we put food in our mouths, shoes on our feet and educate our children.
And that is what is at stake here.
Your workmanship, my leadership- that's what builds reputations.
But reputations can vanish in a moment.
I want us to work TOGETHER.
My door is always open to you and anyone.
You only have to knock.
Have I made myself clear? You have, my Lord.
Thank you for coming to see me.
(KNOCK ON THE DOOR) Sir, a Mrs Hill.
Um, please stay.
Michael? Mrs Hill, please, sit.
Your brother was here on other business, but under the circumstances, I think it's probably right that he should stay.
Mrs Hill, I would like to pass on my personal condolences on the loss of your husband.
I know these will be difficult times for you.
I'd like you to accept .
a personal offer of help.
No, I couldn't.
(SIGHS) Losing your husband is bad enough, but losing his income at the same time No.
I can't.
! I don't want charity.
I won't be bought.
Mrs Hill, you misunderstand.
I thank you for the offer, but the answer is no.
He means to help.
With all due respect, I don't need your money.
My wage will be enough for me.
(SIGHS) I understand and respect your position even though my offer was not in the spirit that you consider it to be.
It was not my intention to insult you and I apologize if you believe that I am.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
Both of you.
Thank YOU, my Lord.
He only wanted to help.
Anything I get from them I will earn.
I'll not take their money just to rid them of guilt.
He's not like other employers.
No? Walter died fighting for people like you and me.
I can't put a stain on his memory by accepting their blood money.
(DOOR OPENS) What in God's name do you think you're doing? Who gave you the authority to order this? You did when you gave me this job.
We discussed a steel pressing issue.
No, we did not discuss it.
I said there were impurities in the steel plate and you assured me that the steel complied with the Board of Trade regulations.
What are you trying to prove? Exactly what I have proved.
That there's nothing wrong with the raw steel.
! But I've also proved that I'm right.
Something is going wrong between the delivery of the raw steel and the delivery of the same steel as plates that will make up the hull of the Titanic.
That's not possible.
In theory, yes.
But in practice, no.
Let me show you.
This, right here, is an exact representation .
of the raw steel as it leaves Colville and Sons.
Well, nothing wrong there.
This is the same steel ingot rolled and pressed into steel plate by me.
Again, nothing wrong.
THIS is the steel plate we've been receiving.
More impurities.
Something's going wrong at the rolling company.
All these impurities should be oxidized with the heat.
Get out there and see what's going wrong.
Well done.
You did the right thing.
You would have done the same.
I saw in your office, that you have a picture of Brunel.
Yes, I do.
There was a time, Dr Muir, I was a great deal more like you than you'd imagine.
A time when the engineer ruled the world.
I fear now that role belongs to the accountant.
(DICTATES) I would appreciate it if, under the circumstances, you would make this a priority.
Yours, et cetera, et cetera.
Mrs Hill.
Have you heard a word I said? I beg your pardon? Mrs Hill, these are very important letters.
I know, I'm sorry.
We'll start again.
To Melville and Sons, Fleet Road, Portsmouth.
! Mrs Hill, if your mind is elsewhere, if you've come back to work too early, then I suggest.
! Emily.
You shouldn't be here.
I have to be.
(SOBS) Listen to me.
It's too soon.
It's too soon.
I keep seeing his face.
His blood on my hands.
They killed him.
(SOBS) I know.
They murdered him.
They murdered him.
(SOBS) Oh, please, Emily.
I understand she's lost her husband, but if she's unable to do the job, perhaps we should get someone else in who can.
I wouldn't have let her cross the threshold.
She'd only poison the other women with her radical views.
Don't you agree, Dr Muir? I think Lord Pirrie is best placed to run his own business.
Employ whoever he wishes.
You don't think the man's gone a bit soft, no? This is when we should be coming down hard on the seeds of rebellion.
And what does Pirrie do? Nothing.
And when you do nothing, it breeds malcontent.
Could it not also breed trust? TRUST? Huh!! The only people who trust Pirrie are the Catholics who work for him.
And they trust him to let their ideas spread and take root.
Well, that's not my experience.
With respect, your experience of this city is somewhat limited! Oh, so that means I'm not entitled to an opinion? Well.
! (CHUCKLES) What does Mrs Hatton think? (ANGRILY) Mrs Hatton thinks what I tell her to think! (COMPOSED) And I would have thought you might have observed the way the Catholics operate within Harland and Wolff, from your position in management.
Hmmm? Oh, I haveMr Hatton.
Believe me, I have.
Why don't you join your father? Sorry.
He's just not used to anything other than his own opinion.
Listen, I think I've imposed on your hospitality for long enough.
You've all been very kind but .
I think it's time I found my own place.
You don't need to.
I know, but I think my absence might help to restore some .
Whatever suits you.
I'll miss you, Dr Muir.
You're very kind.
I'll tell your husband in the morning.
It is you.
I could smell your skin.
Oh, it's good you're here.
How are you feeling? Uh, better.
No, stay.
I'm not sleeping as much as I was.
I sleep when everyone is out of the house.
But it is too long without company.
The doctor says we can take off the bandage in a couple of days.
He thinks you'll see perfectly well again.
So I will see your face again.
Yes, you will.
Now rest.
Kiss me.
Just one.
To feel your lips on my cheek.
Sofia thank you.
Good night.
He's a good man.
Where is your sister? I don't know.
It's a scandal.
All I did was go on the march.
They stood there, protected by soldiers, singling us out.
What threat are you to them? You're just a young woman trying to earn a living.
It's too late to do anything now.
Is it? What d'you mean? We could burn the place down.
(CHUCKLES) And then all the other women would lose their jobs? No.
How's your father taking it? How do you think? Things are hard enough without me not bringing any money in.
You want me to go talk to him? If you don't mind being killed by a furious Italian, go ahead! Maybe I'll walk you to the end of the street and we'll forget about the killing thing.
He won't be asleep yet.
Well, we don't have to go straight home.
Ah(CHUCKLES) I bet you had a lot of girlfriends when you were in the Army.
You're kidding, right? It was like a monastery.
So, when did you last kiss a girl? About two seconds ago.
(CHUCKLES) Now my father has even more reason to kill you! Oh, is that right?!! (CHUCKLES) Hey! (SHOUTS) To what temperature do you heat the steel? 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.
Show me.
Wait! This steel, it's not yet reached 1500 degrees.
My men have been working steel all their lives.
They know how to judge a temperature.
At 1500 degrees, it burns orange.
Yes, but not this new steel.
It's made up differently.
It burns orange at 1400 degrees.
The impurities are still in it.
You need to leave it in longer, let it burn brighter, from orange to white.
Yes, that's more like it.
I'll need a sheet from each batch to bring back and examine.
Just like this.
From now on.
Every time.
I'll have it done.
Thank you.
Have you seen Miss Silvestri? (SCOFFS) Everyone's gone home.
Don't you know what time it is? Oh.
And Andrews? Left two hours ago.
(SOFTLY) Right.
(BEEPS THE HORN) Hello, stranger! Hello, Kitty.
Have you been avoiding me? Where were you last weekend? I expected to see you at the party.
Sorry about that.
Bored rigid by the thought of having to socialize with my friends.
I didn't say that.
Why shouldn't you be? I'm bored by them.
(CHUCKLES) Do you have any plans? No.
(GASPS) Neither do I.
Luck, isn't it?! I've been waiting ages to casually bump into you.
Where to? What? You're a strange one, Mark Muir.
I said, 'Where to?' We could drive up the coast and find somewhere quiet and remote.
Or we could drive into the hills and find somewhere quiet and remote.
Which 'quiet and remote' would you prefer? I don't mind.
A woman's asking you to take control of the situation.
Do I have to make all the running here? I'm just trying to be polite.
Don't be.
If I wanted polite and inane, I would stay at home with Ashley.
In either location, a blanket on the ground will be the same.
It'll just be the scenery that's different.
You have all this worked out, don't you? Oh, don't sound so shocked.
I didn't notice any resistance when I tip-toed into your bedroom.
Perhaps that's it.
Maybe you're the type who likes to be submissive.
I prefer relationships to be equal.
Oh, don't worry.
This isn't a relationship.
Unless you're the secret son of a millionaire, a Duke, industrialist? I'm not.
Anyway, I'm destined for Ashley Stokes.
Rich .
dull and not very bright.
Complete opposite to you.
So, what is this? This is sex and fun, darling.
Probably the only place we can meet and be ourselves.
I'm not sure that this is where I can be myself.
Well, of course you can.
Don't let's argue.
Life is too short.
It is.
I'm sorry, Kitty.
Sorry? What are you doing? I'm turning you down.
Gently but I AM turning you down.
Ready? Yeah.
(GASPS IN PAIN) Sorry, sorry.
(DEEP EXHALE) Is the light too painful? (MUMBLES) No.
Sofia? Mmm? I didn't think I'd see you again.
You be careful.
You told me why you came back here, but if I were you I'd get out.
With your education, you can go anywhere in the world.
This is home.
It's a dangerous game you're playing.
I've been told the many lies.
You haven't told them the whole truth either.
Have you thought about Canada? Some big ships are coming out of Canada.
What would I want to go to Canada? I want to stay here and build this ship.
Australia or Africa? There's plenty of places a lad like you could make a fortune.
You shouldn't have come back.
Why? Why do you want me to leave? Because this city is poison.
I need you back in two hours.
Yes, Mr Hatton.
What exactly is it you do? I draw magnified samples of steel.
From a microscope.
It's just getting to be rather a habit.
So what do you see? I see a lot of streaks.
Not like before, but like the first time.
Brilliant! I'll make a chemistry student out of you yet! And what does that mean? They are impurities in the steel- carbon and manganese.
And do we want these? No, we don't.
No, we very much don't.
You are too good! I've got a very good teacher.
Yes, which means we've discovered YOU have discovered.
with your assistance, what the rolling company are doing to the new steel.
What is it? Don't you know? No, we never got to that part.
No, you're right, we didn't.
My fault.
They're not heating it to the right temperature.
When you heat steel, as the temperature rises, the impurities fall off.
Yet these are still here.
But they must know what the temperature is.
Not necessarily, and that's the clever part, which we will cover in our next lesson.
Keep drawing.
I can't sign this.
Sorry? Separate is spelled A-R-A-T-E, not E-R-A-T-E.
You do know how to spell? I'm sorry.
I would have thought with your late husband being a school teacher, the art of spelling might have rubbed off on you.
You're qualified for the job? You know I am, sir.
Actually I don't.
I know I inherited you from the previous office manager.
You know, it might be an idea to see if you are completely suitable.
I don't know what you mean.
Perhaps you might like to sit a test for the job.
We can get other candidates to sit it too and the best suited will fill the role.
And what would happen to me if you gave my job to someone else? I'm sure we might find a little less taxing for you.
What would happen if I refuse to take the test? Then we'd say good bye.
Just a thought, Mrs.
What didn't you say something? I can't believe you didn't say anything.
What could I say? He was humiliating me.
If that was you I would have stood up and said something.
Maybe you're getting too close to management.
That's not fair.
Isn't it? (HAMMERING) Is that the last one? It is.
What are you waiting for? Jimmy, quit slacking! Away and get a box of rivets! Conor, go with him.
Good job the Army killing your brother-in-law.
One less Catholic to worry about.
(WORKMAN) Hey lads, there's a fight! Conor! (SHOUTING) Quit it! Quit it! What do you think this is, a schoolyard? (SHOUTING) Stop it right there! Step back! Step back or you lose your jobs! He's a bastard! You, that's your last warning.
Next time you're out of this yard.
And you, sort your squad out.
It won't happen again.
(YELLS) What are yous looking at? Get back to work! Right, so, this is Plate A, the original.
This is Plate B, the one I brought back that was heated to the correct temperature.
(MUMBLES) Watch this.
(STEEL CREAKS) Point well made.
Thankfully we'll only lose the ones that are stockpiled.
Yeah, luckier yet that we didn't discover this after half the hull was built.
Have you thought about what coal we're putting into the furnaces? One thing at a time.
We've solved the issue of the steel.
It's related.
There's a Welsh coal that burns at a higher temperature.
You're proposing we ship it in from Wales? Yes.
Granted, it's more expensive per ton but.
! I'll get Mr Jordan to do a costing.
We'll see how the numbers turn out.
But well done on the steel temperature.
I need to talk to you about something.
What you do in your private life, of course, is none of my business.
I don't think I follow.
In Belfast, things are done differently from the mainland.
People from different traditions and religions do not mix as freely.
What are you trying to say? I speak to you as a friend.
It simply doesn't do to be seen showing excessive friendships to Catholic colleagues.
I don't see why that should matter to you.
Even a mere suggestion of romance across this dividecan ruin a man.
Ruin the woman too.
Jobs can be lost.
People can be driven out of their homes by their own community.
My advice to you is to keep your distance.
You say I've been seen? By whom? Does it really matter? The important thing is that someone has noticed.
If you act now, you might be able to avoid the .
inevitable consequences.
And you say this to me as a friend? I am.
4 single ended.
Making a total of 162 furnaces.
Consuming approximately 600 tons of coal per day.
This lot should really make it go, eh? Yes.
It should really make it go.
No, not good.
I've drawn up designs for a quadrant davit.
It lowers four lifeboats at a time.
Is that necessary? It means that there's a place in a lifeboat for every passenger and member of crew.
That's a lot of davits.
The regulations are going to change.
If we do this, we'll be ahead of that change.
The regulations in place are 20 years old.
They've served us well.
They were introduced for ships a fraction of Titanic's size.
I should like to instruct Welin to manufacture a prototype.
Let's do it.
Are we on schedule and on budget? More or less.
We've had a lot to contend with lately.
I know but 'more or less' is not an answer I can give Mr Morgan.
I have to go back with a schedule.
I don't think we've ever proved ourselves unreliable in terms of schedule or delivery.
Have we? No, but the world is watching.
This ship seems to have a life of its own.
Yes, she certainly does.
(CHUCKLES) We have a very real concern that the religious and union tensions here will affect delivery of any White Star ships.
I am doing all in my power to prevent any stoppages at the yard.
Then let me be blunt, William.
Carlton tells me you favor a more 'liberal' approach to the workforce rather than being firm.
Are you asking me to condone the use of arms against my workforce? Ah, hello.
Fudge? What are you doing here? An experiment, to see how long it will take before you can no longer resist a piece of fudge.
Is that an experiment? Oh, the world's an experiment.
Fudge is made up by the chemical interaction of different substances.
Is it? Mmmm.
As is the melting process when you pop it into your mouth and the sugar dissolves.
Like this? Mmmm! I was wrong.
I thought you would be able to resist the temptation! (GIGGLES) Would you like to go for a walk? Yes.
Shall we? (BIRDSONG) There is something lonely about you.
You like to make me laugh.
But you don't want me too close.
I don't think that's true.
I quite like you close.
You see, you are doing it again.
Are you close to your mother? (CHUCKLES) That's why you don't know how you should be with a woman.
Am I right? Impressive.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you.
Where d'you learn that? I'm a woman.
We know these things.
Men think they are in control, but they aren't.
Women are.
We just let you think you are! Ah! I've been ignorant of that my entire life! (CHUCKLES) Yes, but not just you.
All men.
You see men never grow up.
They stay boys.
That's why you try and make me laugh.
But not women?? No.
Girls mature.
We see the world for what it is.
We know what is right or what is wrong.
What is fair and unfair.
That might be true.
But .
I bet you can't walk backwards.
What? I bet you can't walk backwards! Ah! (CHUCKLES) Come on! Come on! Ah.
! Show me what you got.
Come on.
See? I can do it! I can.
! (THEY BOTH LAUGH) Don't ever grow up.
I won't.
Ireland for the Irish? Pure sentimentality.
Isn't there a growing momentum? (CHUCKLES) Let's see where next year's elections lead us! Where do you stand on this issue, William? Well, I'm obviously one of those pure sentimentalists.
Nonsense! We've been running this country for 300 years.
Think what would happen if the native population once more gained control.
Think! I'd drive the country back into the Dark Ages.
Wouldn't the Catholics take retribution against the Protestants? Precisely.
We would be in a minority in our own country.
There would be anarchy.
Can you imagine major companies entrusting an Irish population with their contracts? And on what do you base this low opinion of the native population? It is well known they were lazy and tend to fecklessness.
The whole thing would fall apart.
Whatever next? Our colonies in Africa and India? The proposition is absurd.
Well then, let's allow democracy to take its course.
Democracy? Another vastly overrated institution! That's why we should build this ship.
Show the world what powerful people can do.
What's at stake? If that power should crumble.
! Titanic! (IN UNISON) Titanic! Titanic.
Michael, he can't go.
Tell him we need him! Unions headquarters thinks we're being provocative toward the government.
WE'RE being provocative? It wasn't us that put the Army on the streets or.
! Apparently, I'm making their position on the mainland difficult.
Where are you headed? Dublin.
Michael, tell him.
I'm sorry.
I truly am.
Papa? Sofia? Is that you? Should you be out of bed? Can you see alright? No headaches? No.
I'll get you some food.
Let's talk.
You need to eat.
We can talk later.
Can we talk now? Come on.
(SIGHS) Marry me.
Andrea, we talked about this.
We said we'd think about it and I had time to do a lot of thinking.
No, YOU said we'd think about it.
I said we'd get on with our lives.
But you're the woman I want to be my wife.
But I don't want that!! But you will.
No, I don't! I won't, Andrea! Andrea! Andrea, leave me! Andrea, leave me!!! (IMPACT GRUNT) I'm sorry, Sofia.
I'm so sorry.
Sofia! Please! Sofia! Dad! How have you been? Come on, let's get inside.
You want to go and get some food? Come on! Just do as I say.
Come on! Malone! Come on! Come on! You bastards! Come back, you coward! Get upstairs and let me deal with it.
What are you doing? Leave it, Bernard! You never came back for her! Bernie, come on! Siobhan died because of you, Marcus Malone! What are you talking about?! You killed my daughter! You never came back for her.
Filthy bastard! Come on! Come on! What?!! Let me go.
She died of TB.
Is that what you told him? She died in childbirth.
With your child.
And you abandoned her.