Titanic: Blood and Steel (2012) s01e05 Episode Script

Under Lock and Key

1 Open up.
(ROARS) Open up! I know you're in there! You lied to me.
You're not man enough to face me? Fine! Have it your way.
Marcus, please sit down.
(ANGRY) I don't want to sit down! Well? By the time I knew she was pregnant with your child, they'd already sent her to that place.
And the thought never occurred to you to tell me? I wanted you to stay in London.
You'd have left university and come running back.
She was pregnant with my child!! Your grandchild! And you never even tried to tell me! Did she try to get in touch with you? No.
And you know why that was? She knew, just like I did, that the best chance you had was to stay out of this place forever.
She didn't want you sacrificing that opportunity! (IRONIC TONE) Oh, so she sacrificed her life and the life of her child? She didn't know that.
Nobody did.
(SHOUTS) You told me that she had TB! That she died of TB! What difference did it make? She was dead by then.
I could have done something.
I could've.
! You could have what? You could have saved her? Married her? What could you have done, Marcus?! What?! What could you have done besides ruin your own life?! To hell with you.
Marcus? (DOOR OPENS AND SLAMS SHUT) Marcus, please! Sofia, please.
Please, please! Sofiaplease.
You have to forgive me.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
When I proposed and you said no .
I didn't know how I should be.
And then you were so kind to me and It won't happen again.
Thank you, Andrea.
I accept your apology but it doesn't change anything.
Is there someone else? No.
There isn't.
(DOOR OPENS) Two minutes, that's all.
Thank you, Sergeant.
May I? What do you want? I want to tell you the truth.
I had no idea .
that your daughter was pregnant.
If I had, I would have never left Belfast.
Or her.
But I was never told.
Not by her, not by anyone.
All these years, I genuinely believed .
that Siobhán died of .
And I understand .
why you must have been so angry.
I would have felt exactly the same way.
So I'm not gonna press charges.
I'll just tell them .
we had a misunderstanding.
You need never see me again.
How could you have sent her away .
to the convent? Why didn't you let her stay with you? What, were youashamed? Were you ashamed of her? I just want you to know that she died alone in a convent, in an institution, because of you! Well, what was your father ashamed of, huh? Why didn't he tell ya? So as you could be a better man than him.
Or me.
Your life is built on my daughter's death.
Sophia! Mark! What happened to your head? Oh, uh, nothing, it's Are you hurt? No, I'll be fine.
Look, I gotta leave town for a few days.
On business.
Look, I got to go.
I'll explain when I get back.
16 davits which will give us 64 lifeboats.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) (DOOR OPENS) I'm sorry to interrupt, sir.
It's a cable from the Admiralty in London.
It seems we have a problem.
Gentlemen! The rumors you've heard, I'm afraid, are true.
The pride of the White Star Line, our very own Olympic, has been in a collision with HMS Hawke off the Isle of Wight.
She has a big hole in her starboard side.
Do we know who was at fault? As I understand it, the Hawke rammed Olympic.
It would be very poor publicity if we were found to be in error.
What's the damage? Well, only two compartments were flooded.
I'm glad to say they managed to close the watertight doors but, er, the propeller shaft has twisted.
I'm not aware of any casualties.
All 1,313 passengers disembarked and found alternative transport to New York.
For us, the important thing is she is still afloat.
And under her own power.
For that, we can be proud.
Is that the most important thing? Right now, yes, I believe it is.
We will have to reorganize the whole shipyard.
Work on Titanic will, of course, have to continue while we repair Olympic.
It means that all departments will have to pull together.
The repair on Olympic will undoubtedly stretch resources and(KNOCK AT DOOR)of course (DOOR OPENS) Mr Ismay is on the telephone for you, my Lord.
From Liverpool.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
Carry on, Thomas.
And Olympic will have to go into the dry dock.
Hello, Mr Ismay.
(ISMAY) Have you heard about the Olympic? Yes, we've heard.
How quickly can you get her back in service? Well, that rather depends upon the extent of the damage.
I prefer to deal in facts rather than hypothesis.
Then let me give you some facts, William.
Every week she's out of service costs White Star thousands of pounds and hands valuable business to Cunard.
Mr Morgan is exceptionally agitated.
He wires me hourly.
We share your concern.
Do you? You know what the Admiralty are saying, don't you? That Olympic sucked Hawke into her side.
And why? Because they are saying she's too big.
That's nonsense, of course.
Of course it is.
They rammed us.
And White Star will take this to court if they suggest otherwise, but if this allegation holds, or gains any sort of credence, well I don't have to remind you of the the consequences for Titanic - an even bigger ship.
I understand.
White Star needs her ships on the ocean, William, not standing idle in dry dock.
I give you my assurance we're doing all we can to receive her and have her repaired as soon as possible.
I shall come to Belfast.
Follow up on that assurance for myself.
Well, you know you are always welcome, Mr Ismay.
This will mean working around the clock.
I am very aware of the ramification.
Then I hope you grasp the need for a firm hand on the work force.
The last thing the yard needs at this time is rebellion.
Are you criticizing my handling of the work force? As a member of the board I am merely highlighting an area of concern.
Then reserve those comments for the board room, Henry.
Don't tell me how to build ships.
And I won't tell you how to make a light bulb.
And the name of this girl you're trying to find? Siobhán Doyle.
From Belfast.
There was a Siobhán Doyle here some years ago.
Well, I'm the reason that she ended up in this place.
I'm the father of her child.
(SIGHS) And, uh,I just want to know what happened.
I'm afraid I'm not at liberty to discuss it with you.
Mother Superior, all I'm looking for is some information.
Why the urgency all of a sudden? I didn't know that she was expecting.
No one ever told me.
If I had known, I would have done the right thing.
The right thing is to marry first and then have children.
Institutions like this would not exist if good girls were not led astray into sin.
I'm aware of my failings before God.
And my failing to her, and to that child.
But I'm here now because I've just learned the truth.
Then you know that she died.
Would you be willing to show me her grave? Eddy - I want all the Olympic drawings out of the archive.
- Yes, sir.
Did you hear that, Mrs Hill? All the Olympic drawings.
Yes, Mr Hatton.
Do we know where the point of impact was? It'd be foolish to speculate.
Suffice to say that she's afloat and still under her own steam.
Do you know where Dr Muir lives? I need to get a message to him.
Actually, I don't.
I believe after he left us, he moved into lodgings, butcould I have a minute of your time, sir? Something rather important I need to discuss with you.
In private? (SIGHS) Very well.
Is this gonna take long? We do have a ship coming in for repairs.
A friend of mine is in the police force, sir.
I'm glad to hear it.
He told me something very interesting in confidence, of course .
concerning Doctor Muir.
They were called to an incident in the lobby of a hotel.
Take a seat.
You should know that she didn't die alone.
Her blood became poisoned during labor.
There was nothing we could do.
Is her child buried here as well? The child? The child didn't die.
What? What happened to the child? She was handed over to the church for adoption.
She What about the family? What didn't they want the child? They disowned Siobhán.
That's why she was here.
When was she adopted? Immediately after the birth.
She died 2 days later.
You gave her away before Siobhán died? How could you do something like that? How could we what, sir? It was the wish of the family.
Who did you give her to? I've told you too much.
Where do I look for her? Dublin? I think it's time you went.
I'm begging you.
Tell me where the child is.
I don't know.
I hand the children over, the church arranges the rest.
You must have a name.
- Or something.
- The child has gone.
Gone to a family to be brought up with love having been conceived in lust.
Oh, God.
Perhaps it would have been better, had you remained ignorant.
Forget you ever had a child.
Repent your sins.
And ask for God's mercy.
for what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.
Violetta? (COLDLY) Amen.
(SIGHS) It's good to see you back on your feet, Andrea.
All thanks to you and your family.
You may now have your parlor back.
(CHUCKLES) (SLAMS DOWN PLATE) (ANNOYED) Mamma mia! Ah, if you pay more attention, you might have more success in finding a job! I'm trying.
Hmm, are you? Yes, Papa.
How many jobs have you tried for? It's not that easy.
No? If you truly want a job, you will find one.
All ALL factories need women! Not Catholic women! No! What they don't want are troublemakers who go on a march and try to join a union! Papa, many of us.
! Er, Sofia Don't leave the table! Violetta.
Your father has spoken.
This has nothing to do with you.
It's between my father and my sister.
He's my guest, he can say what he wants.
Go! Michael.
Is Violetta at home? Yes, but it's not a good time now, Michael.
Um, do you know when might be a good time? Right now I don't.
I see.
Well you tell her I called, will ya? I will.
Sorry, Michael.
All that you've ever done is lie to me, so don't lie to me again.
Did you know that the child had survived? What?! When I walk out of here, you will never see me again.
Don't lie to me.
Don't do that, son.
All I heard was that the child was put up for adoption.
Where have you been? I told you, I was I was away on business.
I heard you were sick.
It wasfamily business.
You said you'd tell me where.
! Doctor.
We have a ship to repair.
We do, but Lord Pirrie asked to see you, Dr Muir.
Be there shortly.
Dr Muir, sir.
Take a seat.
Dr Muir .
or should I say Dr Malone? It's Muir, sir.
I .
changed my name in New York.
Yes, so we understand.
You arrived there as Dr Marcus Malone.
You metamorphosed into Dr Mark Muir.
What else did you leave behind in this chrysalis? Your religion? No.
I was born a Catholic, I remain a Catholic.
D'you take us for fools? No! Then why did you lie?! Because!! I believe this to be the best ship-building company in the world, but I'm also Catholic and I knew that, because of that, you could never employ me here.
(SIGHS) What is it about this city? Why do we live in this state of contempt? Your God is my God! And yet distrust and suspicion drives a wedge between us.
(SIGHS) And you're right, of course.
We could never have employed you at your level, even with the personal recommendation of JP Morgan! I don't have to tell you how disappointed I am in you.
Not for what you've done, but for the lie.
The personal lie.
The deceit.
For that .
I'm very sorry.
Buthad the boot been on the other foot, I believe I should have done exactly as you.
And that's the real sadness - that this great city engenders an atmosphere in which men just cannot be themselves.
However if we do build the best ships in the world, we should employ the best people in the world.
Your contribution is highly valued.
We want you to remain here.
Consequently, we are prepared to keep your "history" confidential.
Thank you.
(CLEARER) Thank you.
But I warn you, if your "history" ever becomes public knowledge, I won't be able to defend your position.
You do understand that? I understand.
(CHEERFUL) Well, if you're remaining with us, we have work to do! No doubt you've seen and heard all about the Olympic, Doctor Muir? Yes, I saw her in the dry dock.
And your initial assessment? Having the Olympic in this condition could be of great help to us, and Titanic.
We'll be able to examine not just the impact area but the rest of the ship as well.
I'll need a photographer.
! I've already got one in place.
And a few other things.
No, we'll arrange everything that's necessary.
Thank you.
Both of you.
Muir, in structural terms, the main area of impact appears to be here.
These are to be reviewed.
And on that matter with Muir, Eddy, it's been dealt with in a way His Lordship and I think best.
Then Doctor Muir will be leaving us? Doctor Muir is staying.
His presence here is valuable.
And Eddy I am grateful you came to me, but I must insist you keep this information to yourself.
If you breathe a word of it, I shall regard it as a personal betrayal.
But, sir (STERNLY) Not a word.
I mean it.
Tell Mr Andrews that when the water is pumped from the compartments, we can go in and start inspecting the damage.
Thank you.
So this is where they imprison you all day! I assure you, my dungeon is deeper and darker than this! (CHUCKLES) I honestly don't know how people do it.
Cooped up in these little rooms, having to do what someone else says.
Ah, you'd be surprised how quickly you get used to it.
Give me a life of idle boredom any day.
Have you changed your mind about seeing me? Aren't you getting engaged to Ashley? I am.
We are.
It will be in the paper shortly.
But don't look under the personal columns, it has more to do with the business pages.
You shouldn't believe everything you read in newspapers.
So, what should I believe? That, if ever you change your mindyou know where I am.
An invitationto the party.
It'll be nice to see a friendly face.
(SIGHS) I don't think this would be entirely appropriate.
Oh, don't be so stiff and proper.
Let bygones be bygones.
Now, if you'll excuse me, my godfather seems to think the announcement worthy of taking me to lunch.
(CHUCKLES) I need a record of how the ship's hull behaved at the moment of impact.
Once she's mended, it'll all be forgotten.
I'll also need these sheets of steel removed and samples to be taken from all round this area here.
What worries me is why the propeller shaft twisted.
It's different forces from the impact.
Ship's heading one way, the collision sends her another.
Is she too big, Muir? Journalists have been pestering Ismay after the Admiralty hinted as much.
As long as everything matches the increase in scale, then no.
Olympic, Titanic - they're not too big.
I have to wonder if we've compromised maneuverability by their sheer size.
If this can happen in Southampton water, what would happen if she or Titanic were involved in a collision out in the North Atlantic? (SIGHS) How would we get her home? How would you get any ship home? Right, let's head this way.
(WORKER) Yes, sir.
Mr Ismay, we share your concern.
You may share our concern, Lord Pirrie.
You're not sharing the cost.
Let me enlighten you.
Each day Olympic sits here is a day she cannot sail.
It takes five days, sixteen hours and forty-two minutes from Southampton to New York.
Two days to turn around and five days back.
Each cancelled trip costs White Star eighty thousand pounds.
That's five per cent of what she cost to build in the first place.
We need her out of this dock.
We've identified a problem with a propeller shaft.
Once we get a new one Use Titanic's.
I'm already preparing to move men across from building Titanic.
Do you really want me to use her parts as well? What Mr Morgan and I want and what Mr Morgan and I ordered were three ships.
Your job is to build and repair them in time.
Mine is to fill them with passengers.
So, yes, take on more men.
Use those parts.
While we're at it, the passenger deck on Olympic is too large.
No-one's using it.
I simply can't re-design the Olympic while she's being repaired.
No, but we can learn the lesson.
Add more cabins to Titanic.
Do you have any idea what damage is being done to our reputation, having the pride of our fleet sat here with an enormous hole in her? Costs and revenue are the two fundamentals of business, Mr Andrews.
So are client relations, Mr Ismay.
Don't lecture ME, Lord Pirrie.
The public need to be reassured over Olympic.
And perhaps, just as important, Titanic.
Getting Olympic back in service will do that.
I need a completion date I can announce to the press.
I know you'll do it.
You always have.
Is your father unwell? Not at all, Mr Andrews.
When you deal with our company, there are more members of the Stokes family than just my father.
I understand you want us to ship in a new type of coal? Yes.
We need a coal that burns with very little flame and smoke at a very high temperature.
Doesn't it all? No.
We need to ensure the steel is as pure as possible.
I see.
Is that a problem? No, of course not.
And where will you be getting it from? Our usual suppliers.
In which country? Where do you recommend we get it from? Wales.
It's called Best Welsh.
Doctor Muir, we already bring coal into Ireland from a whole variety of sources.
Usually, when we deal with your father, he knows exactly what we're talking about.
You told me it was business.
It was business.
Family business.
I told them I was sick because they wouldn't understand.
Sowhat was the family business? My father is Sorry.
(SIGHS) Sorry, it's nothing to do with me.
No I missed you.
I missed you, too.
Someone might see us.
(SOFTLY) Well.
! Who was the woman in the corridor? The woman? The woman.
Miss Carlton.
Daughter of Sir Henry Carlton.
I've seen you with her before.
Maybe you have.
She invites me to herparties.
Do you go? I did.
But not anymore? Justone more.
Her engagement party.
That'll be the last one.
(SIGHS) She'll be disappointed, I'm sure.
(SOFTLY) Yeah.
Maybe you'll change your mind.
No? (SOFTLY) I won't.
It's like I only know part of him.
I just get the feeling that he's holding something back.
End it.
Before you get hurt.
Why do you thing I'd get hurt? Because he isn't one of us, he's one of them.
He lives by their rules, not ours.
They spend their lives living off us.
He's not like that.
- You don't know him.
- And neither do you.
You think you do, but you don't.
- Alright, Jimmy? - Hi.
And what'll happen to you when people find out who you're mixing with? I don't care what people think.
It doesn't matter to them.
Do you really want to find out? Alright, I've got to go.
I'll see you later.
That's excellent.
Wait until Dr.
Muir has - finished before moving in.
- Alright.
And make sure you liaise with Mr.
Thank you, McQueen.
Good news, I hope? Unfortunately, Ismay's right.
There's no other way we could do it? Not if work is to continue on Titanic at the same time we repair Olympic.
We have to take on more men.
- Unskilled? - They will have to be.
We already have virtually every skilled laborer in Belfast.
- It's not how I like to do things.
- Nor I.
But White Star want us to do the impossible.
It's his way.
Just dancing to Morgan's tune.
And by default, so are we.
Very well, put the word out.
We need more men.
Here, McCann! I've got orders to transfer riveters to the Olympic, starting tomorrow.
I'm gonna have to split up your squad.
How's that gonna work? You'll be given a few unskilled men to make up the numbers.
You are joking? No joke, McCann.
That's madness.
We're all gonna make less money.
Look, I don't make the rules.
I only deliver the message.
Well, you take a message back.
You know it takes years to be a skilled riveter.
We get paid by the rivet.
Why should our families suffer? What happens if they don't put the rivets in properly? You just do your job and I'll do mine.
Okay? These are the instructions.
If you don't like it, you know where the gate is.
Okay? Michael and Jimmy.
You're gonna lead one squad.
Conor, you, Billy and Jack lead another.
These are your new work mates.
Show them the ropes.
It's a joke.
You're taking too long.
You're not doing this properly.
Just throw the rivet.
Throw it.
You can tell by looking at that it's too cold.
Away and get another.
Hey, that's too cold! Throw another! Come on, it's not that hard.
Just throw me a rivet! Here! Here's the bloody thing! Hey, if you can't do it properly, you shouldn't be here.
Come on! Come here! What? What? Come on, big lad!! Come on, what?! What's your problem? Huh? Come on! What's your problem, huh? You want some? Come on! (WHISTLE) You're costing us money.
It wasn't me, sir.
That's enough! It's alright, it's all over.
No, it isn't.
Right, yous are all docked 100 rivets pay.
That's all we're gonna get done in a day, thanks to this lot.
Don't worry, Carl.
It won't affect you 'cause you're fired! No need for that.
I said I'd look out for him and I will! It's too late.
Right, get out of this yard and don't come back.
Mr Chorley! Michael.
Leave it.
Move! Out of my way! (CALLS OUT) Right, we need a new man up on this squad! Get back to work, McCann.
Bastards! Papa.
Let me.
(SIGHS) I can create beauty from stone, but I can't cut bread.
(CHUCKLES) Violetta, I will speak to Lord or maybe Lady Carlton and ask them to take you back at the factory.
But you must promise.
! I will not go anywhere near Carltons and you should have more pride.
Carlton is nothing but Violetta! The Carltons keep the roof over our heads.
Mmm? You have no shame.
And, besides, I got a job today.
You did? Where? I cannot tell you.
What do you mean? If I put my money to the housekeeping, I decide where I work.
But I must know.
I will earn twenty shillings a week.
Hmm? Twenty shillings? Yeah, twenty shillings.
And I will give you fifteen.
(CHUCKLES) Mmm, next week we'll have a good wine.
What's going on, Mark? What's going on? Sometimes you seem so distant.
I don't mean to be.
It's There's a lot going on at the shipyard.
And away from the shipyard? What d'you mean? I want to get to know you, but the real you.
Not the man at work.
Not the man that I only see when no-one else is looking.
You will.
But I'm not allowed to get to know you.
They won't let us.
We'll find a way.
(SOFTLY) Let's go.
They don't want Catholics working there.
There's an agenda.
We're the last to be hired and the first to be sacked.
You don't think you starting a fight had anything to do with it? If you're a Catholic in this town, if you're a Catholic in Belfast, you're treated as a second-class citizen.
This is my land, our land, not theirs.
Then do something about it.
We're getting organized, politically.
And what's that gonna do? It's just a talking shop, Michael.
Talking's not enough.
We need to show our strength.
I'm away on.
Don't you be stopping here all night.
Oi, who's your man? Conor McCann.
He was drummed out of the British Army for hitting an officer.
These photographs really show a lot of detail.
(SIGHS) Interesting.
There are cracks.
Where? I cannot see them.
No, neither could I until I looked at these samples.
There are sheared rivets in this area as well.
Why? The damage is over here.
The impact might have been here, but the force of it sent shockwaves through the steel, so the collision might have taken place over here but the rivets were sheared in this area.
And that's not meant to happen? No.
Usually the joins are held together so tight they act like a skin.
Shockwaves pass right through them.
I'll need three enlargements.
This, this .
and this.
(LOUD COMMOTION) Let's try this again.
You get a hot rivet, you put it in the hole.
You counter, they hammer.
No, no, no.
You've gotta give him something to work against.
Put your bodyweight behind it.
That's it! Can I help you, Doctor Muir? No, no, bodyweight, son.
Get your b.
! Jimmy, look after this kid here.
Is this how all the rivetting's done? Well, normally it's done a bit better than this, but, yes, this is the process.
But these are iron, not steel.
We seem to have been using a few too many for my liking.
So you're not only using iron, then? No, just in the bow and the stern.
And how do you test them? Tap them, see if they're loose.
Look, how many times do I have to tell you? You're not doing it right! Is this not your normal team? You're joking!! Most of the skilled boys are on the Olympic.
They've split my team and I've got the raggy men off the street.
They're losing me money.
(TO NOVICE RIVETER) Look, let me in there! No, I'll do it.
Go on! Hammer! Hammer! That's it! Take a seat, Doctor Muir.
So, how can I help you? I would like for you to help me find my daughter.
(SCOFFS) I'm a solicitor, not a policeman.
I understand, but you know the system.
You know how to follow paper trails.
And what's her name? I don't know.
She was born at the Magdalene Convent in Wicklow and immediately given up for adoption.
I see.
I'm presuming that if she was born in the convent, that you and her mother were not married? Is that correct? It is.
I didn't know of the child's existence until recently.
Nor the fact that the mother was expecting.
How recent was this? Eight years ago.
But you must know that what you're asking is virtually impossible.
I do, but I still want you to try.
There's no name to go on.
The mother's name was Siobhán Doyle.
And there must be a record, somewhere.
Even so, there's something else you have to bear in mind.
You and Siobhán were not married.
(SIGHS) You've no rights over the child whatsoever.
Even if you did, the moment the child is adopted, the child is no longer yours.
I didn't consent to the adoption.
You didn't have to, you weren't married.
I didn't know.
I'm afraid that doesn't change anything.
Nevertheless, we'll see what we can do, but I don't hold out any hope.
Even if we discover what happened, I repeat, the child is not yours.
She's someone else's now.
I just want to make sure that she's alright.
Thank you, gentlemen.
The meeting is adjourned.
(MUMBLES) Hmm, very good, I will.
Er, William.
I, er, I understand you're bringing in new coal? We are.
It's essential that we rid our new steel of all impurities.
This coal burns more consistently and longer for a higher temperature.
And is it cheaper or more expensive than your existing coal? More expensive.
And who is absorbing the extra cost? We are.
It's a necessary cost for the integrity of Titanic.
(SCOFFS) But coal is coal.
(CHUCKLES) Not according to Doctor Muir who is, after all, our expert in this.
William, I know the man.
I like the man but, er, are we really going to bring in coal from Wales when we have a perfectly adequate supplier, at a very reasonable price, in Scotland? The man is a metallurgist, not a miner.
If you want a fire to burn hotter, then you add more coal.
You don't change it.
The decision has been made.
Has it? (SIGHS) (DOOR CLOSES) This chap Muir is starting to cost us money.
Why isn't Pirrie challenging this man? Has he taken leave of his senses? You know some of the people in the universities in London, Ashley.
Why don't you see what you can dig up? I mean, we know the man went on to New York, but we don't know where he came from? It'll be my pleasure.