Titanic: Blood and Steel (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

The Truth Shall Set You Free

1 Marcus Malone.
Why didn't you tell me, Mark? Couldn't you trust me? I should have.
Yes, you should.
I didn't know how to tell you.
After what we shared? I didn't mean to deceive you.
I wanted to tell you.
Did you? Yes.
You know what's strange? You grew up here.
We may have been neighbours.
Or seen each other? I know.
And now you are this new person.
You are Mark Muir.
On the surface.
But I had to.
Or, er Or what? Or I couldn't have come back.
'Marcus Malone'? I could never have come back.
I could never have a future in Belfast.
But he did.
Eventually he did.
And who is he? They say crazy things about you, Mark.
About that girl.
That she died and you left her.
No, no, no.
Before I left Belfast I was in love.
Let me finish.
Her name was Siobhán Doyle.
Get out there.
Dinner's ready.
Let's go.
- Plenty of room down there, lads.
- Thanks, Well, lads There you go, my son.
That's lovely, thank you.
Who are you seeing today? Mackie's.
Though God knows why I'm bothering.
Ah, you've got a chance there.
They've quite a few Catholics working for them.
Probably not many who were fired from their last job.
And have no references.
It's not bloody right! That bastard Hatton had it coming to him! For God's sake, Michael! Of course he did.
But it's me out of a job.
Maybe now I'll learn to control my temper.
I ought to take a crowbar to the bastard.
No, Michael.
That's not the way.
It's exactly the way.
No, Michael.
We have to fight like Walter showed us.
With our heads, not our fists.
We fight them on our terms with some dignity.
But they still always seem to come out on top.
So what are we gonna do about that? What about Parliament? What about it? I think you should stand in the election.
You're not joking, are ya? No.
In fact, I lay awake all night thinking about it.
Have you gone soft? I don't think so.
You're Walter Hill's brother-in-law.
A union man.
You've won a strike.
You're EXACTLY what the Labour Party are looking for.
God knows, Michael, I'd do it myself if they would give women half a bloody chance.
Just think about it.
'Cause it's true! No, it's not! Mornin', boys.
Back together again? Mornin', Michael.
So, Jack! Did you learn anything, working on the Olympic? Maybe.
Christ! They were worse than useless! Well, well, well! Look who it is! Arthur McAllister! How're you doin'? Mick.
Never better, Mick! Jimmy.
Ready for a hard day's workin', Arthur, after all the leisuring around? High time, I'd say.
Look what happens while I'm away! Ships crashing.
You lot nearly out of a job.
That's the last of it, lads.
Good riddance, I'd say.
- Careful! - Yes, Boss! As many of you know, Dr Mark Muir Malone! has left us.
Let us please not be distracted by gossip or idle speculation.
It is unnecessary and we do not have the time.
Olympic sailed this morning.
Mr Morgan joins us today to discuss the pending inquiry into the crash.
So we may now, thank goodness, turn our full attention towards Titanic.
Time rushes by and we're only all too aware of the impending nature of our deadlines.
And will we be reverting to normal crewing patterns, sir? Absolutely.
All available hands will now work on Titanic.
Indeed, I have permission from Lord Pirrie to retain much of the casual labour currently employed.
This will be a welcome boost to our manpower.
That will mean extra overtime in the budget, sir.
I'll talk that through with you shortly, Grey.
Onwards, gentlemen.
I'm sorry I'm unable to be more encouraging.
So am I.
The unfortunate truth is that you have no legal standing as the father and I have no legal recourse to extract this information from the Church.
I'm aware of the technicalities, sir, but surely you can use your imagination in some way.
Doctor Muir, all I can state is the legal position.
If the law can't help me, I'll find other means.
You're at liberty to try, Doctor Muir, but I fear you face a futile and frustrating endeavour.
Better perhaps if you resign yourself to Providence and accept the situation for what it is.
It's not ease I'm seeking, Mr Gordon.
It's my daughter.
Er, we're thinking of siting a Parisian cafe just here outside the main dining room.
I think it's a better use of space than the restaurant promenade.
Good idea.
What is it, Uncle? Thomas, I intend to throw myself heart and soul behind the Liberal candidate.
Damn it, I'd stand myself if I wasn't in the bloody Lords.
I see.
Oh, Thomas, I know that look.
What have I done wrong now? Nothing.
But should you make your political opinion so prominent? Thomas, I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about Home Rule.
I know.
It's going to be a close fight.
Impossibly close in this province.
But history show us if nothing else, that people must govern themselves.
I honestly believe the future of this province rests upon this vote.
I agree.
But for better or worse This is a contentious and very divisive issue.
Contentious or not, a man must follow his conscience.
You stand at the head of this yard.
At this point disinterested leader to all its men.
It could be disastrous if you'd become a figure of division.
Well, as always I have you, Thomas.
To rein me in, if I go too far.
Dad? Son? Well Don't you gonna tell me you told me so? It was only a matter of time.
- But you must be desperate.
- Why is that? Am I the only one you can drown your sorrows with? No.
You're not the only one.
But you are the best.
I knew you'd come around to my way of thinking.
Two pints please.
My son is paying.
Is the Olympic too big to sail? Our internal investigation is almost concluded.
I should damn well hope so.
We shall have answers for any external investigation too.
Whose incompetence is this? Ours? The Navy? We have handed Cunard a victory on a plate.
Wherever the fault lies, we don't want a perception that the Olympic class of liners are so big they can't be controlled.
The ship didn't sink.
THAT should be the perception.
We'll make that our story.
I'll start working on it.
Let's make sure she's given any assistance that she requires.
Of course.
And I want to see this metallurgist fellow Muir about this damage.
I wanna know what he thinks.
Well, what's the matter? Regrettably, Doctor Muir is no longer employed at the yard.
Did he quit? No.
He was asked to leave.
Why? What did he do? The Board dismissed him on religious grounds.
It's a local issue.
Religious grounds.
That's a pity.
When I met him, I thought he had real ability and character and I value character more than anything in a man.
I wanna speak with him.
After all, gentlemen, we're building a ship, not a cathedral.
So your Dr.
Muir is a dark horse? You were wrong about his class.
And his religion.
He still lied to you.
But you defended him.
I threw ink in Eddy Hatton's smarmy little face because what he said about Catholics not what he said about your man.
To be honest, it felt good.
- I don't understand.
- He got caught.
That doesn't make him one of us.
It's this place, not him.
- You can't let me be happy.
- Of course I can.
But that's a pretty sordid tale he's got to tell.
He abandoned Siobhán Doyle.
- He really didn't know she was pregnant.
- Oh, my God, woman, wake up.
I expected this, but not from you.
Whoaaa! What the hell are you doing?! Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
Leave with your hands on my mount! I need to talk to you.
See, I consider myself most cruelly treated.
I was driven from your father's house for the smallest of errors.
You were caught in flagrante with the maid! She was willing, miss.
I didn't force myself on her.
Your behaviour was lewd and obnoxious.
It was right to dismiss you.
Lewd and obnoxious? Is that how you'd describe it? You'd know all about that, wouldn't ya! You little bastard.
I seen you, but I kept my mouth shut.
I think I'm owed a little payment for that.
I'll pay you nothing.
A few guineas, that's all.
Nothing! If I see you here again, I'll have you run off! Now get your hands off the reins! That wouldn't be wise, miss.
Don't you threaten me.
Do you understand? Fire.
Not bad.
Okay, sir.
And fire.
Nice shot, right through the ugly bastard's heart.
I wanna know why that tallow was late.
I wanna know when it's coming.
Now go back to your desk and write a proper letter, demanding answers.
Yes, sir.
Right away, sir.
Bloody hell! What the hell is he doing here? Ah, Muir.
Have a seat.
I'll stand.
I am aware of the situation between you and this yard.
What I want to know, and what I am finding increasingly difficult to find out, is how concerned should we be about this little mishap in the English Channel? Well, the collision with the Olympic has outlined certain problems with the way that your ships are being constructed.
Yes, yes, I know, I know.
These, er, micro cracks and stress fractures.
I've read all about them.
But the question remains, how concerned should we be? Well, that depends on how much you're willing to gamble.
Go on.
Simply put, the odds are in your favour against a serious collision, but if that were to happen the stress could cause a rupture in the hull, letting water into three, four compartments and then, Mr Morgan, your ship will sink.
And your solution for the Titanic is this double hull? Correct.
Cost? 375,000 pounds, Ismay, give or take.
And a considerable delay to the launch.
We can't go backwards, we must go forwards.
Can you come up with another solution, Dr Muir? Yes.
William, I want you to put this young man back on the payroll.
But sir, er.
! I think that will be all.
Well, you seem to have made an impression.
I need to ask you some questions about the boat.
- Ship.
- What? We're building a ship.
You do excuse me.
Talk to you later.
I'll have a for them.
Mr Hatton?! Yes, Doctor Mal Muir.
Get my stuff back into my laboratory.
Hello, Michael.
How are you? I'm looking for the possessions of Doctor Muir.
Aye, he's back.
Right, good.
I'll tell him.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, Dr Muir, your possessions seem to have been misplaced.
Well, then, I suggest that you find them pretty damn quick.
I'm back here on express orders from Mr Morgan and he would be most displeased if my work were to be impeded in any way.
Do you understand? Yes, Dr Muir, I'll deal with it.
I'm surprised to see you back here after the way they treated you.
Guess I surprised myself a little.
Then why? Guess I convinced myself they'd learned their lesson.
They haven't.
I know.
So, why? The ship.
There's a great many problems to be solved.
You are the only one to do that.
Regrettably, I am.
Lives are at stake.
Ours certainly are.
I know.
What am I going to do with you? What do you want to do with me? Never lie to me again.
I won't.
I promise.
I better go.
Bag of laughs, that one.
A right joker, isn't he? What's his problem? Me.
Doesn't like working for a Catholic.
Oh he's a bit like that then, is he? A lot like that.
Do you want me to have a word with him? Ah, there's no point.
Aye, you're probably right.
You know I'm alright, mate, with all that carry on.
You know that? I do.
Good man.
You know how involved I was in the fight to get us a union? Yes.
I'm thinking about standing for Parliament? You?! Does that sound mad? You hear this, boys? Our Michael here wants to be Prime Minster! Ah, come on! I'm being serious! Right you are! Be going to Buckingham Palace?! Ah, shut up! So that would be for the Labour Party? Surprisingly enough.
I'd have your vote, though.
Wouldn't I? Ah, God, and I thought you of all people.
Look, I'm not sure, Mick.
I don't know.
The Labour Party stands for Home Rule, doesn't it? That's true, but it's all part of making things better for the working man.
That's what I'm not so sure of.
No, I couldn't vote for Home Rule.
Thought I'd stop by to see how you're getting on.
Tired of the accountants? Always.
I think I might have something for you.
Show me.
If we raise the level of the watertight bulkheads to the top deck, I think we've solved our problem.
Mechanically it's very easy to do.
But it's not gonna be very good on the eye.
It accomplishes everything Mr Morgan wanted.
It's easily achieved.
It's safe.
No, I'll present it.
Thank you, I appreciate it.
With all the things that's been thrown at you, you've maintained your vision.
It can't be too easy on you.
It's admirable.
Thank you.
Good man.
Thank you, Morland.
Hello, dearest.
I wasn't expecting you.
Have to dash.
I'm afraid I'm lunching with Lady Saxington.
Frightful old trout, though she be.
Katherine, I have something to ask you.
I'm all ears, darling.
Just make it quick.
Well, it's most unpleasant, but I've heard rumours.
About what? You.
Probably true, then.
About you and bloody Muir.
Well, they're ridiculous, of course, aren't they? Of course.
Kitty, please tell me they're nonsense.
Alright, they're nonsense.
Tell me like you mean it.
Oh, this is tiresome.
Tell me like you mean it! Oh, grow up, Ashley.
GOD! Don't be so melodramatic! What are you going to do? Call him out? Pistols at dawn? Kitty! Did you really think I was coming virginal to the nuptial bower? The what? Did you really think I was pure? A maiden unspoilt? Well no, but Muir?! What's wrong with Muir? You know what's wrong with him.
Ashley, that's over.
Stop being so revoltingly bourgeois.
I'm yours now.
Oh, don't look like that.
Shall I get Morland to bring you a glass of brandy? Without the double hull, the only way to render the ship TRULY watertight would be to raise the level of the bulkheads to the top deck.
Your view, Thomas? It's a good alternative.
That way, if the water does ingress a compartment, it will not spill over the bulkhead into another compartment.
It's relatively easily achieved and not inordinately expensive.
Well, that makes sense.
However I am concerned.
Look, all along the deck, there'll be these obstructions.
Can you imagine a passenger in first class having to climb narrow stairs? Then walk along the corridor, then down the stairs again just to promenade along the length of the deck? Yes, well it depends on what your priorities are, sir.
It's not a question of MY priorities.
Look, perhaps we could have an artist's impression of what these raised bulkheads will look like in situ.
! I'll put it in hand right away.
Thank you.
Do you really mean to go dressed like that?! Why not? What's wrong with it? If your mother could see you now.
Not going to eat? I'm not hungry.
Don't wait up for me, Papa.
Violetta! Papa! Violetta.
Good evening, ladies.
I have a confession to make.
On Sunday week, I shall become a criminal.
I shall not be alone in this state.
Indeed, I shall be in the company of thousands.
Thousands of women all boycotting the national census in a just protest at the wicked indignity of being denied the vote! In London, there will be a midnight walk around Trafalgar Square and overnight events are planned in Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool, Ipswich and many other cities.
All the women involved in this protest believe in one basic truth.
If women do not count then neither shall they be counted! Well done.
Do I know you, young lady? I was a pupil at your academy, Lady Pirrie.
Sofia Silvestri.
I do remember you.
Well, it's lovely to see you here.
What are you doing with yourself? I work at Harland & Wolff as a copyist.
Very good.
Could be better.
In what way? I would have liked to study.
To do something more responsible.
But Well, that's an excellent notion.
You should come and see me sometime.
We can talk further.
Hmm? I will.
Thank you, Lady Pirrie.
So, the rise and fall and rise of Mark Muir.
It has been difficult.
Well, you knew that coming back was going to be a risk.
Mmm, that's true.
Table for two, please.
So, has the siren call of the Titanic been worth it? Well when I was a little boy, I remember going to pick my Dad up from the yard and, coming back, standing at those same shipyard gates, it all felt so familiar.
So strange.
I can understand that.
This place, it's it's where I come from.
Maybe it's where I truly belong.
Are you in love? What? You've got that air about you.
But of course not.
You're the guy who never wants to get serious unless it's with a boat.
Sorry, 'ship'.
I suppose we'd better get down to business.
Perhaps we should.
So my task is to put a positive sheen on this sorry tale.
Can you tell me something cheering about the Olympic collision? Is the fact that it didn't sink a minor miracle? Oh, it's not a miracle.
It's, er, engineering.
Tell me.
Well, as you may know, the hull of the SHIP is divided into watertight compartments.
Now, if the hull is torn, the flooding should be confined to that one compartment.
Theoretically, the ship becomes unsinkable.
Unsinkable? That's a good word.
I said theoretically.
No, that is BRILLIANT.
What is? You, Mark.
The unsinkable Mark Muir.
Papa? Oh, thank God you're back.
What happened? Violetta is ill.
The doctor is here.
Why? What's happening? Wait, wait, wait.
Is she alright, Doctor? She's perfectly alright, Mr Silvestri.
She's in good health.
I, I was so worried.
She hasn't been eating.
Mr Silvestri, your daughter is healthy.
But she's with child.
What? She'll be fine.
All she needs is nourishment and rest.
Good night.
Thank you, Doctor.
Every brand needs a special quality.
Something that makes it unique.
I have, I think, the germ of an idea that will make Titanic unique.
An irresistible proposition, in fact.
Really? Mm-hmm.
I'll need an artist to draw up some illustrations for my article.
Yes, I'm sure we can arrange that.
Oh, sorry.
No, er, it's fine, Thomas.
Come in.
Miss Yaeger.
Mr Andrews.
I haven't interviewed you yet.
I'm sure I have nothing particularly interesting to say.
Er, new contracts from America, sir.
Ah, thank you.
Well, gentlemen, I won't keep you.
I imagine you have important matters to take care of.
I'll see you both later.
You can't avoid me for long, Mr Andrews! Remarkable woman.
Great confidence.
And abilities.
Quite so.
Er, Thomas, I hope you don't think me a fool for not accepting Muir's idea immediately.
Of course not.
It has great merits, of course.
I think so.
Yeah, but I know the minds of Ismay and Morgan.
They'll find objections.
Can I be blunt, sir? It would be a mistake to reject these proposals.
The ship would be rendered a great deal safer.
I shall do what I can, Thomas.
I know you will.
Damn you, Katherine! Have you any idea what you've done? Lost you a packet? Can't you be serious for one second? I find it hard.
Then try to absorb this piece of information.
That was Stokes.
So I gathered.
He has come to tell me that the wedding is off! Oh, dear.
Touch melodramatic, don't you think? Hey-ho, plenty more fish in the sea.
Most of them won't be quite as wet as Ashley.
It's not bloody funny! Don't you realise the disgrace you've brought to this family? My God, we'll be the laughing stock of this whole city.
Don't exaggerate, Papa.
I'm not! The chances of you making a decent match within Belfast have wholly evaporated.
Oh, dear.
Then, we'll just have to cast the net a little wider.
I see.
That's your attitude, is it? It is rather, yes.
Do you realise what you have done to my reputation by sleeping with that that Metallurgist? Have you any idea how you might damage me politically if this should get into the press? It just makes you human, daddy.
There is a general election coming upon which the fate of this province depends! And I will not tolerate anything that will prevent a favourable result.
I missed you.
Hmmm, it's only been a few days.
Even so.
They keep me very busy.
I know.
You haven't spoken about your daughter lately.
There's not much to speak about.
I'm sorry.
It's alright.
I've been thinking about it after what's happened with Violetta.
I just don't know what to do, Sofia.
I-- Everyone talks about a needle in a haystack.
I don't even know where the haystack is.
Well, you know she was born in Wicklow.
But she could have gone anywhere after that.
But you do know where she was born.
You are a genius.
Am I? Yes! Hmmm! Thank you.
Come here.
Come here.
Yes! Yes! Your son must do the right thing.
Conor's never done the right thing in his whole damn life! This time he must.
I don't even know where he is.
Haven't had a word.
Oh, he'll turn up.
We'll look after her.
I know this is terrible news.
But I'll tell you one thing.
That boy of mine, for all his faults, really loves Violetta.
And I know, he'd want to do the right thing by her.
I would regard it as a very personal favor if you could keep any rumours you've heard out of the paper.
Oh, I do know what you might have heard.
Quite! It's no more than gossip at the moment, but I feel in these sensitive times, that anything which damages our cause would be treated with the utmost caution.
I agree.
And of course, if there is anything that I may do to assist the paper, any information that I may receive about Pirrie or the liberal cause which I feel could add weight to our arguement, well then you can rely on me to um, pass it on.
Yes, thank you.
Mark? Mm? I don't want just to be hiding all the time.
I don't want to either.
It would mean so much to me that we want That we want what? That we want the same thing.
Go, go, go! Run.
Go, Good man.
Tell me where they are.
No, sir, please! Where are they?! I know nothing! Get the boy, now! How did they know we were here? I don't know.
Please leave us alone! Tell me where they are or I'll kill your son! Bastards! Not the boy! No, sir, PLEASE! What'll we do? Shh! They're up there.
They're up on the hill! They're up there! Right you two, go, go! Move yourselves, lively! Well, I think we should run.
Fire! McCann! Why don't me and O'Farrell hold them off, so you and Lorcan can get to the road? It's vital you get away and finish the mission, McCann.
Return fire and run.
Don't stay and fight, you'll die.
Good luck.
Lorcan, wait.
It's not right.
'Course it's not right.
They're trying to kill us.
Come on! Listen.
That's British rifles firing.
That's not the German Mauser.
Our lads aren't returning fire.
Why aren't they? Indeed.
How did the British Army find us at the farmhouse? Why did they volunteer to stay behind? It's a trap.
Circle around.
I knew something was wrong.
You were right.
Turncoat bastards.
They're gonna pay for this.
Come on.
Let's go.
People of Belfast! Vote for Hatton, vote for Ulster.
A defeat for the Conservatives is a defeat for Ulster, for all that we hold dear, for our livelihoods and for everything we have worked for.
It will bring an end to the Protestant religion in Ireland! And a clear message must be sent to London that Ulster will not stand for this.
We simply will not stand for this! Thank you.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
And what may I do for you, sir? I'd like to research all births that occurred on July 26th, 1902.
All of them? Yes, all of them.
That's all of them.
Thank you.
I can't promise you things will change overnight! But I can promise you I will not stop in my pursuit of workers' rights.
Let me remind you of the rights you fought for not so long ago.
The right to belong to a union.
The right to decent and safe conditions in your place of work.
The right to a better life beyond mere subsistence.
It was a fight that ended in blood.
But a fight that must go on.
But only with the workers united behind the banner of the Labour Party.
What's your policy on Home Rule? - No secret.
We're behind it.
- Not gonna have it.
As is the Liberal Party AND the majority of people both here and in England.
Then you're a Papist stooge! And you need to broaden your thinking and see beyond your own narrow prejudice! Home Rule is Rome Rule! A fair day's pay for a fair day's work.
Home Rule is Rome Rule! Home Rule is Rome Rule! Decent and safe conditions in your place of work Home Rule is Rome Rule! regardless of your religion! So, what is it you would REALLY like to do, given the opportunity? I think something to do with design.
Design? Yes.
It may sound silly, but sometimes I go to the library and I look at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.
Not his paintings, but his drawings.
His machines.
The sign of an inquiring mind.
Have you thought of university? Well, it doesn't seem very realistic.
I'm not so sure.
I have, as a good friend, the Principal of University College, London.
I know he's always keen to attract able and competent women.
I could write to him.
Really? Yes.
Why not? We, as women, must not be trammelled by the old ideas of the past.
But how would I pay? There are scholarships.
And a young woman as patently industrious and capable as you are should be able to support herself.
University College is one of the only institutions where men and women may study for a degree on equal terms.
It's an excellent notion.
It would be so wonderful.
Your generation owes it to mine to make the most of the opportunities we're fighting for.
Mmm? London awaits you, Sofia.
Been a busy boy, then.
These are the names of every child born on that date.
Oh, aye.
Oh, thank you.
And I think this has got to be her.
You're so sure? She's the only girl born in Wicklow on July 26th.
Ailish O'Connell.
Do you like the name Ailish? Well, it was given to her by her parents.
Or those who she thinks are her parents.
I know.
Just something you should think about, son.
She might be the fruit of your loins but she doesn't know you from Adam.
Doesn't she deserve to know me? Look, stubborn boy I know you're gonna do it anyway, and I can't stop you.
I'm just sayin'.
I will find her.
It's your life.
God knows, I've interfered enough.
I don't want to meddle, but it's just a father's instinct, you know? Yes.
I think I finally do.