Titans (2018) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on Titans [DISTORTED.]
Let him go.
You did this.
This whole journey you've taken with your friends.
You brought me here, Rachel.
It's all been to make this moment happen.
It's heartbreaking, isn't it? Your purpose was to bring me into your world.
Let your heart break.
You're a monster inside.
A bringer of death.
We have a solid plan.
We shut this operation down for good.
Hank! No! You can nurse me back to health.
Two fractures, three concussions in the last year, and a herniated disc.
He should quit.
You both should.
That's the plan.
- And we will, right? - As promised.
I've been thinkin' about San Francisco.
Titans again.
Titans are back, bitches! You're kind of an asshole, aren't you, kid? Maybe it's time for a do-over.
If there's anything you need, you let me know.
On one condition.
What is this place? Home.
Got a triple venti mocha for Rochelle and a small coffee for Dirk.
Excuse me? Oh.
Uh - Never mind.
So, have you put any thought into our name? What do you mean? Well, you, Hank, Dawn, and Donna were the Titans.
So, what are we? The New Titans? - Titans 2.
0? - Titans: The next generation? You're not helping.
Look, Rach, it doesn't matter what you're called.
It matters what you do.
We're training for whatever's next.
There's never a shortage of people out there who wanna screw things up for the rest of us.
You know what they say, "All it takes for evil to succeed" "Is for good men and women to do nothing.
" That's Titans.
Good men and women not doing nothing.
You could put that on a T-shirt, Dirk.
When I give the word, come at me, and don't hold back.
- Did you just nod? - Yeah, got it.
Just don't hold back.
- Fuck, man! - You said don't hold back.
What were you doing? I was fucking blindfolded.
You said, "Don't hold back.
" - Should I get the hose? - What's goin' on? We did what you said, the blindfold thing, - then he went nuts on me.
- He said, "Don't hold back.
" Then why do we even learn to fight like this, man? Hey, it's idiotic.
We have eyes.
In battle, anything can be taken from you.
Your hands your feet and your eyes.
No matter what is taken, you must be able to keep fighting.
And win.
All right, get changed.
Attack scenarios in the tech room in five minutes.
Then breakfast.
Yo, look, it's been three months, man.
When do I get to go back to Gotham City? Bruce doesn't think you're ready yet, and neither do I.
- I'm sorry, man.
You blew your privileges.
- What? The Batmobile joyrides, the motorcycle on the staircase I was practicing my tactical maneuvers.
And those websites you bookmarked? You know that's not what the Batcomputer is used for.
Oh, come on, man.
This gig is a waste of time! It's called training.
And you know as well as I do, it never stops.
- But all we do is fight each other.
- Yeah, like equals.
When you're fighting with Batman, you're a sidekick.
- There are no sidekicks in Titans.
- [JASON.]
You're kidding, right? Because that's literally all the Titans are, are sidekicks.
I mean, it's practically the fucking motto.
Wonder Girl, Aqualad You're thinking of the old Titans.
This is the new Titans.
That was the whole point when Donna and I put the team together the first time.
We're partners.
We have each other's backs.
Yeah, well, tell that to Tiger Boy.
Okay, look, here's the thing.
I could actually use some help with the others.
They don't have the experience you have.
Yeah, for sure.
Have you noticed how they sort of look up to you? Follow your lead? When you're on point, they're on point.
- When you're not? - It's true.
They need your leadership, Jason.
You need to set the tone.
I'm not Robin anymore.
You are.
Hey, wait.
If I'm Robin who are you? That's a good question.
[GUARD 1.]
Security breach in cell block two.
Security breach in cell block two.
- Do you copy? - [GUARD 2.]
All security personnel, report to cell block two.
This is not a drill.
This is not a drill.
[GUARD 3.]
We have a security breach in cell block two.
Is anybody there? - [GUARDS SCREAMING.]
I thought the fun was over.
- [HANK.]
Whoa, whoa.
All right.
This is all right.
- First thing, you stay calm.
- What am I supposed to do, like Just pet her.
Slow, firm strokes.
There you go.
Now you can get her attention.
Grab the reins and turn her head.
Look at you, cowboy.
- Thanks, Hank.
- That's all you, Ellis.
Yee-haw! [DAWN.]
You look really good out there.
You smell like a horse.
The horses can hear you.
Sure beats Georgetown.
I was actually a little worried you'd be bored out here.
You're all the excitement I need.
I spoke to Dick today.
- How is hero academy going? - Pretty good, I guess.
He wants us to come visit.
- See the Tower and the city.
- We should.
- Really? - Yeah, why not? Isn't San Francisco like a 24-hour party? You wanna put yourself through that? You know the first thing they teach you in recovery? The world's not gonna change just because you decided to get clean.
It's not just that.
I don't think a room full of masks is what we need right now.
Hey, Ellis's dad brought over, like, 40 pounds of rib eye.
Fresh cut.
- Yeah? - How's steak sound tonight? I don't know.
Are you cooking? - Yeah, I'm cooking.
- Mmm.
Who else is gonna cook around here? You? [DAWN LAUGHING.]
I'm good, Dawn.
You don't have to worry about me.
I know.
- [DONNA.]
Did you get any jellies? - No one likes jellies.
Maybe no one on Tamaran, but humans love jellies.
That's kind of why we invented them.
Oh, so now you're human.
Got it.
I'm half human.
And that half really likes jellies.
Did I miss anything? No sign of Shimmer.
I don't know.
Maybe she's not gonna show.
She'll show.
I don't know.
I'm starting to think that Roy Harper's intel was wrong.
Well, you're the one that said Shimmer will do anything for money.
- If that includes murder - It does.
Then this is the place those deals get done.
So, it might take a few weeks.
Don't you ever get tired? Or impatient? - Or pissed off? - Where I come from, - it doesn't really pay to get pissed off.
- So you like it better here? In this van? No.
I do not like it better here in this van.
On Earth.
It's nice to be in a place where people are still figuring themselves out.
So, Earth is kind of like one big middle school? In a way.
You're young, you're just starting out.
But you're born with options.
Right? You live with options.
Sounds like you're thinking of staying more permanently.
I was thinking, after we wrapped, I might head to Florida.
I hear there's places where it actually gets above 50 degrees.
Hey, speaking of options, have you heard anything from Dick? No.
Have you? Nope.
I keep thinking he's gonna call and beg me to help with the kids, but so far, nothin'.
- You good with that? - I'm great with that.
I did my time in the Tower.
- [MAN.]
Welcome, sir.
- [DICK.]
Keep it close.
Yes, sir.
"In all fighting, the direct method may be used but [YAWNS.]
indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.
Come in.
Thought you might be hungry.
"The onset" Gar.
Did you want to come in? Sure.
- You make this? - Dick did.
The crust is made out of cauliflower.
Why would somebody do that? If we hate eating, then we have more time to train.
Okay, so it's just not me.
He's totally obsessed, right? He's turning into Mr.
Miyagi before our very eyes.
Good one.
Have you noticed the other thing? What other thing? He's always trying to be extra nice to me.
- Yeah.
- I guess he's trying to make up for - Killing you.
- Yeah.
- Is it working? - Not really.
This feels good.
I We haven't talked like this in a while.
Well, my fault.
- It's all good.
- No, it's not.
I feel different.
Like I'm not the same person I used to be.
None of us are.
Have you talked to Dick about it? God, no.
- You probably should.
- I can't.
It's so important to him that we stay strong, you know? Especially me.
I'm his A student.
I can't let him down like that.
Are you worried that he's gonna think you're a failure? I'm worried he's gonna think he's a failure.
- God, I miss Kory.
- Me, too.
Road trip? I think that would be highly unrecommended.
Pull the vehicle to the side of the road.
live at a downtown car chase in a stolen vehicle.
Police seem to have the suspect cornered.
Freeze! [GRUNTS.]
Freeze! Ahh! [OFFICER 1 GROANING.]
Now it looks like the suspect [RACHEL.]
Who the hell is that? A total badass.
The suspect does appear to be female, she's got silver hair.
She does seem to be injured, we're not sure how badly [OFFICER 2.]
Get down on the ground! [OFFICER 3.]
Watch for it Not sure where she thinks she's So this all fits the legal definition of collusion.
Oh, my.
Did you see that? [TV NEWS ANCHOR.]
I absolutely did I'll be back.
suspect actually jumped from the roof of the parking garage.
Now, that's seven stories [GROANING.]
You were really good out there with Ellis today.
He's really getting the hang of those horses.
You know, he's been clean almost five weeks.
No relapses.
You don't seem happy.
His friends if that's what we're gonna call 'em, are startin' to slither out of the woodwork.
Trying to get him to party with them again.
Should he stay here for a few days? No.
He's gonna have to learn to deal with it on his own.
We can't do it for him.
You know how proud I am of you? And what you're doing to change his life? You're a hero to him.
You know that, right? He's the one doing all the work.
- I'm just coaching him from the sidelines.
- No.
I think this might be your thing.
I think helping kids might be your best skill.
- I got other skills.
- You do? - Greater skills.
- No.
- Really? - Watch this.
What the hell? Yo, go check the fuse box.
What the fuck was that? [ALL GRUNTING.]
Please, don't kill me.
Where's your phone? [DISPATCHER ON PHONE.]
This is 911.
What's your emergency? Um There's a meth lab at 2751 Hollister Lane.
It's being run by Three complete dipshits Three complete dipshits, so You better have someone come down and arrest us.
Thank you for your time.
Your mother would be very proud.
How long? A month.
Where were you? There's a meth lab where Ellis's friends used to cook.
Used to? Not after tonight.
God damn it, Dawn.
- You could've been killed.
- I'm always careful, you know that.
Goin' out by yourself like that? I know what I'm doing.
We had an agreement.
We have no future with Hawk and Dove.
No marriage, no kids, no life.
We got lucky for a while, and then that luck stopped, so we stopped.
It's just too dangerous.
Too dangerous for you.
What? We became Hawk and Dove to deal with pain.
Our pain.
And it worked.
But then, it wasn't enough for you, and you found other ways.
- You're wrong.
- Am I? That's why I went alone, so that you wouldn't risk a relapse.
Oh, I see.
So, you were doing me a favor sneaking out behind my back like that.
- Maybe I was.
- Bullshit, Dawn! You were in a coma for a month.
You got to sleep through it, but I didn't.
I had to sit by your side, wondering if you were gonna die, every fucking day.
Being Hawk and Dove was dangerous for both of us.
I stopped, but if you can't we're done.
- Ellis? - Hey, you okay? [DAWN.]
What's wrong with him? - Oh, my God! - No.
No, no! - We gotta go.
- Ellis! No! We have to help him! [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
- Hank? - [HANK.]
We got trouble.
Dawn and I just got a visit from Dr.
- [DICK.]
Are you okay? - We are.
There was a kid we were helping He wasn't so lucky.
You sure it was Dr.
Light? Just saw a kid burn up from the inside out.
I'm pretty sure it was him.
All right, I'm sorry.
It's just I thought he was still in prison.
I guess he paroled himself.
This is bad.
- No shit.
- [DICK.]
You guys should come here.
We should get together to figure this out.
We're on our way.
- Access denied.
Going somewhere? We need to talk.
You can't keep me here against my will.
- It's kidnapping.
- Call it a precaution.
I saw what you could do out there on the street, and it looked like you might need some help.
- Better safe than sorry.
- So you brought me here unconscious? You can leave whenever you want.
They're still out there.
And if I could find you, so can they.
It's pretty clear you're running from someone.
Do you wanna tell me who? - No.
- Okay.
Let's start with who you are.
- You got a name? - Like you haven't gone through my stuff.
I haven't.
Look, there are a lot of ways I could find out who you are.
But I'd rather you just tell me.
The less you people know, the better.
You don't need to worry about us.
We can take care of ourselves.
Yeah, what the hell is this place anyway? This is a place where people like you can learn how to be the best version of who you are.
And you can do it without being afraid for your life.
Boy, are you deluded.
Bringing me here was a big mistake.
He'll kill you and everyone else in this place just to get to me.
Who? Who is he? The more you know, the more trouble it makes for all of us.
Now are you gonna let me outta here? [SIGHS.]
You know, they did write music after 1979.
They didn't just crank out "We Are Family" and call it quits.
They should have.
Can we please dip a toe into the '80s? Just five minutes of Madonna, that's all I need.
That's it.
Tonight's a bust.
She ain't showin'.
Let's get tacos.
So what do you think is going on out there? He's probably just trying to find out who she is.
He's giving her a sell job.
That's what he does, 'cause he can't resist a stray.
I mean, I knew he'd be bringing in new people.
I just I guess I didn't think it'd be so soon.
We don't even know if we can trust her.
Hell, we don't even know what the fuck she is.
What she is, is a person who needs help.
Or is she a person? How did she survive the jump? So, you think she's a metahuman? Yeah, or an alien, like Kory.
Well, if she was like Kory, those cops wouldn't be alive right now.
She can fight, all right.
I'll give her that.
Whoever she is, she's had training.
Did you guys see her eye? When Dick was changing the bandage? - What about it? - It was gone.
- But the wound had already healed.
- Are you serious? [RACHEL LAUGHS.]
She's been here one hour, and you guys are already obsessed with her.
She's a freak.
- Look, my vote is we kick her ass out.
- Okay, wait.
Who says we even get a vote? Who says she even wants to stay? Look, it's hard to believe, but maybe her idea of paradise isn't sharing a bathroom with you, Jason.
I know how we can find out exactly who she is.
Is she gone? She's in her room.
Sounds like she's staying.
Maybe not.
She's pretty intent on leaving.
Do we get a vote? Look, I know it seems uncomfortable, the idea of a stranger joining our family.
But you guys have to trust that I know I think it's a great idea.
Really? It's what you do.
Face it, Dick, you can't resist a bird with a broken wing.
- I wouldn't say I can't.
- Come on.
You helped me.
You helped Gar.
- I didn't help Jason.
- Can anyone help Jason? [DICK LAUGHS.]
This is the reason you restarted Titans, isn't it? So people like us and her, whoever she is, can have a home.
- This is different, Rachel.
- How? When you came to me, you wanted help.
She doesn't.
Maybe she doesn't know it.
Or can't admit it.
It's pretty obvious she needs help.
That's what you do best.
You're good at it.
I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do.
I don't think you have a choice.
So, what is the deal with you and Shimmer, anyway? - "The deal"? - Yeah.
Why are you so desperate to take her down? Hmm.
Well, first, her name is Shimmer.
That's just annoying.
Well, it is your lucky day.
Look who just showed.
- She actually shimmers.
- Yeah.
Selinda Flinders, we're taking you into custody.
Don't make this harder than it has to be.
But that's what I do, love.
- I'll go high.
- I'll go low.
Really? Couldn't resist.
Bruce Wayne.
How did I know you'd be awake? Is everything all right? Got kind of a weird situation.
Found this young woman, and she's in trouble.
Someone's trying to kill her.
But she's special, Bruce.
You and me kind of special.
I think she can heal herself.
- Where is she now? - Here, in the Tower.
She doesn't wanna stay.
You didn't wanna stay either.
Not at first.
How long did it take? - A long time.
- I don't have a long time.
- Do you know why I stayed? - I think so.
It's hard to be angry in a vacuum.
I provided a target and a focus for your rage.
I became a tangible enemy.
I was mad at fate and death.
But those are just concepts.
You're a person.
More or less.
Well, she's a tougher case than me.
- She's scared.
Really scared.
- Do you know who she is? She doesn't want me to know.
Well, there are ways to find out.
Yeah, I know.
And I haven't put nine trackers in her, either.
I know that's your thing, but it's not mine.
It's not about "my thing" or "your thing.
" You can't make an informed decision without information.
That's the point.
I'm not sure it is my decision.
You adopted me when I was a kid.
She's an adult.
You said she's scared and in trouble.
That's no frame of mind for anyone to make life or death choices.
We keep her there till she can make them, and then make sure they're the right ones.
Okay, here's what I have to know.
Would you do it again? Take me in devote all that time and trouble for someone that just wants to leave? I would do everything exactly the same.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna need the rope.
No worries, love.
I'll be seeing you again.
Doubt it.
And seriously, change the name.
Hey, I gotta take this.
Meet you at the taco truck? Yeah.
What do you want? Surprise me.
Just not chicken.
Or pork.
- Or veggie.
- Beef tacos.
You got it.
Hello, Ms.
Surprised to see me? What are you doing here? I was expecting more enthusiasm.
After all, I came a long way just for you.
Who else did they send? Just me.
They should have sent more.
Sorry about that, Your Highness.
- [MAN.]
Chicken burrito? - [GIRL.]
That's me.
Chicken taco.
There you go.
- Hey.
- Hey, it's Dawn.
We have a problem.
Figured you'd be gone.
You said you were buying coffee.
I like coffee.
We got something in common.
You're going the wrong way.
The BART station's back there.
We're not going to Embarcadero.
- We're going to Glen Park.
- Why? So I can drive around and see if we're being followed.
You didn't need to do this.
I'm fine on foot.
- Right.
- I am.
I couldn't let you just walk out the front door.
- You sure you won't stay? - [SCOFFS.]
I'm sure.
Okay, look.
Probably shouldn't have just picked you up off the street and taken you in.
I overstepped.
You think? What you do has to be your own decision, obviously.
But? Each of those kids has something special, just like you.
But they've learned that being special and alone doesn't work.
I'm teaching them to have each other's back.
I could teach you, too.
That's it.
I'm done.
Sales pitch over.
Hang on.
What's that for? My number's in the contacts, just in case.
I know you don't think you need it, but when you do, call me.
Will you at least give me your name? Rose.
Nice to meet you, Rose.
And, Rose? You can keep the letter opener.
Get down! What was that? Come on.
Come on.
Match identified.
"Rose Wilson.
" And that's her dad, Slade Wilson.
No fucking way.
What? [SIGHS.]