Titans (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


Previously on Titans Titans are back, bitches! Whoo! [DAWN.]
What's wrong with him? - We gotta go.
- Ellis! No! We have to help him! Dawn and I just got a visit from Dr.
I thought he was still in prison.
Get down! I'm not the same person I used to be.
Hello, Ms.
Surprised to see me? [MOANS.]
Sorry about that, Your Highness.
Who the hell is that? [GAR.]
"Rose Wilson.
" And that's her dad, Slade Wilson.
No fucking way.
- That's Rose's father? - [JASON.]
The one and only Deathstroke.
Is that somebody you know? Kind of.
Old Titans business.
Check it.
Former Delta Force commando, part of H.
"Select soldiers who underwent a series of experimental bio-enhancements.
" Huh.
Out of the 35 trial subjects, the only one to survive was Slade Wilson.
INTERPOL says he retired years ago after the death of his son, Jericho.
I tried having the computer find I'll take it from here.
Security alert.
Main entrance.
Access denied.
So I guess you changed the code.
You guys have no idea how much this place misses you.
This place, huh? - Mostly just me.
- And me too.
So where's Kory? She sort of vanished.
- What do you mean by "vanished"? - [DONNA.]
I don't know.
She's not answering her phone.
But, you know, she mentioned she wanted to see Florida.
So, I just figured she made an Irish exit and took a quick little trip.
Were you followed? We shell gamed before we knocked.
Covered our tracks.
Can you guys give us a minute, please? You too, Jason.
I wish the circumstances were better, but [SIGHS.]
Welcome home.
- You okay? - Better now that you're all here.
Two attacks in two days.
Did you find out anything? Nothing you guys don't already know.
Light's out of prison.
Someone broke him out.
There's been a trail of dead bodies ever since.
We know.
He killed a friend.
I'm sorry.
Thanks to Robin-two-point-whatever, that little TV announcement put a target on our back.
Whatever the reason, Arthur Light's on a payback mission.
He was trying to pick us off one by one.
So, chances are, he's after us all now.
But we're together and we're strong.
Save the rah-rah speech for the JV squad.
We'll take care of Dr.
Light and then we're out.
Hank and I need to get back home, Dick.
Me too.
I can't stay here.
I understand.
All right, good talk.
Let's do this.
Same rooms? Same rooms.
Oh, and guys [SIGHS.]
One more thing.
Picked her up the day before yesterday.
She was on the run.
The evasive technique was impressive.
She has talent and training.
And then I saw this.
Fuck me.
- I thought he - He was dead.
Yeah, we all did.
But he's alive and well in San Francisco.
So, who is she? Her name is Rose.
Deathstroke's daughter.
You have Slade Wilson's daughter in the other room? You're fucking with us, right? I didn't know who she was when I picked her up.
And now you do and she's still here.
Yeah, obviously it's a concern.
A concern? It's pathological.
Dick, I get that you have a soft spot for strays, but she can't stay here.
Deathstroke is why we shuttered this place.
We limped away.
I didn't come for round two.
I didn't forget.
But I can't kick her out.
Slade's tried to kill her once, he'll do it again.
You don't think we're past that? You don't think the same camera that saw you pick her up saw you bring her here? He doesn't know she's here.
I covered my tracks.
And I'm not kicking her out.
Okay, look, we're here for Dr.
Light, let's take care of Dr.
The girl is my problem.
Well, so much for old home week.
Guess who gets to clean this up? - [CARTOON CHARACTER.]
Not bad, camel man.
But not good enough.
Yeah, I had a feeling you'd try that.
- You need to let me go.
Hold on.
It's almost over.
I love that guy.
He kills me every time.
You were saying? - Let me go.
- Oh.
First things first you've been served.
It says you are to come home at once and take your royal turn.
Wear the crown.
There's some stuff about family obligation and general disappointment, but if you don't adhere to the request, a second round of guys like me will appear.
Guys who aren't as civilized as me.
Remove them.
A guy travels 20 million miles to give you a lift home, and you want to get royal on me? Don't make me ask you again.
A room with a park view was not easy to get.
I'd hate to burn it down.
Do you have a better idea? - [KNOCKING ON DOOR.]
- [MAN.]
Room service.
Have you eaten? [KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS.]
Were you planning on telling me? - What? - About your father.
Telling people who my father is usually doesn't end well.
Daddy's not well-liked.
What's he doing here in San Francisco? We didn't do a lot of catching up.
- You two have a falling out? - More like a family spat.
Nothing a team of army psychologists couldn't mediate.
Or medicate.
What about? He killed my brother.
He said big brother fell in with the wrong crowd.
When did this happen? Four or so years ago.
So why are you going after him now? I heard he was back in town, so I went to take care of my business.
It didn't go so well.
I still have one good eye left.
He'd be dead already if you hadn't dragged me up here.
Who are the new people? I heard voices.
Old friends.
Are these friends you let out or ones you make stay here? Friends who have come here to help.
They come in handy sometimes.
So will this.
Ready? Ready.
- Let's go.
Houston, we have contact! Are we still sparring? Rachel.
Rachel, stop! [GRUNTS.]
You stay away from me, you fucking freak.
Everything okay? No, it's not.
Look, I don't like being left out of whatever plans you relics are cooking up out there, all right? [SCOFFS.]
You didn't miss anything.
I need you.
And what about me? Keep practicing.
You need to have that shit looked at.
By, like, a fucking priest.
So the concierge downstairs told me that Michelin gave this place two stars.
I don't get the whole tire-food connection, but hey, I'm from out of town.
These are yours.
You really know how to treat a girl.
Not just a girl.
My queen.
Are we really back to that? Twenty years in the Royal Protection service.
Born and bred.
Old habits die hard.
- You call this protecting me? - No.
I call this two old friends having dinner.
But I am here to ensure your safe return home.
It's your choice to comply or not.
I gotta make a phone call.
Don't make me chase.
Donna, it's Kory.
So, I guess ghosting is an intergalactic thing.
I'm sorry.
I ran into an interruption.
What kind of interruption? - A guy I know.
- Oh.
Is that what we're calling them now, "interruptions"? - Are you still in the city? - Uh, no.
We're all in Titans Tower.
- Family reunion? - I wish.
A guy named Arthur Light busted out of prison.
Nearly killed Hank and Dawn, then Dick.
Is everyone okay? Yeah, we're all right, but there are casualties.
- It's a bloody shit show.
- Do you need me? I think we can handle it, but I'll let you know.
- How's Rachel? - Asking about you.
Keep an eye on her, will you? She needs special care.
Yeah, will do.
I gotta go.
Call me if you need me.
Have fun with your interruption.
Mm, thank you.
Room service is expensive.
Did you rob a bank? No.
I found these in the bottom of your bag.
Looks like you did some research on the local ding customs.
Yeah, it was a long flight.
I splurged for the Wi-Fi.
Did my parents send you? Your sister.
Of course, of course.
Of all the royal guards, she sends the only one that I slept with.
No, she didn't choose me.
No? I volunteered.
I don't think we got introduced.
I'm Rose.
Pretty name.
Maybe too pretty now.
"Patch" has a nice ring to it.
I don't get this, the whole living situation.
Is it some kind of Euro hostel or something? [CHUCKLES.]
No, we're just friends.
I saw what happened.
Saw what? Dick has access to the city's surveillance cameras.
I saw everything.
Guy with the sword? My dad.
I'm sorry.
No "Dad of the Year" mug for him.
That thing in your forehead, it's Bold choice.
Not my choice.
My dad put it there for me.
Where is he? I got rid of him.
Got rid of, as in killed him? Yeah, kind of.
Is that what you wanna do to yours? I did.
But, uh, you know, I thought everything would be different if he just went away.
Doesn't always work.
Guess we're both members of the bad dads club.
Platinum members.
- Benefits kinda suck.
- Members are pretty cool.
Light will need to refuel if he's planning another attack.
He'll need a large electric power cell and a light source where he can absorb the energy.
So, monitor the power grids and keep an eye out for any unusual disturbances.
We find where he's pulling the power from, we find him.
Okay, got it.
Oh, hey, uh, everything okay with Rachel? She looked a little strange in training.
Yeah, yeah.
That was just her training face.
Training face? She just wants to be ready in case any of the old Titans want to spar.
After they settle in.
They're not gonna settle in.
Hank and Dawn, and Donna, they're not staying.
Did something happen between you guys? Keep looking.
Five years in the stir.
Nothing but prison pruno.
That's always warm as piss.
But this, this is freedom.
It's cold, it's cheap, it's abundant.
You're a professional killer, right? Hmm? Titans.
What's the plan? - Plan? - Mm.
Meaning, now that they're all together, are we gonna pick 'em off one at a time, or take 'em all out in one blast, or Neither.
Well, you didn't break me out to give 'em tanning sessions.
We put them in crisis.
See how they operate.
Who commands.
Who follows.
And then? We cull the herd.
Isolate the weak.
The rest come to us.
Okay, you wanna mind-fuck 'em.
I'm game.
As long as we make 'em suffer.
They took five years from me and they need to pay for that.
I'm glad we see eye to eye on this matter.
Well, given that you've only got one, we fuckin' better, right? [LAUGHING.]
That was a joke.
I was I see that.
Okay, I get what you did there.
"I see that.
" Okay.
I like that.
Let's see how much these Titans like being back together.
It's time to light 'em up.
Somebody getting crazy ideas? I know I didn't wanna come back here, wear the suit again.
But this place has a special power.
Maybe things will be different this time.
That's what every addict says.
What we are isn't as important as what we're not.
And we're not this anymore.
Says the lady who likes to super-hero at night.
In secret.
I'm sorry.
I should've told you.
Or invited me.
You can't put the suit on without using, Hank.
We've tried that.
I know, but I miss this.
Everybody needs a higher purpose.
Maybe hoof and saddle maintenance isn't enough.
You've barely given it a chance.
We're moving forward, not backward.
Horse ranchers.
The sooner, the better.
- They don't know.
- Know what? That they're walking with royalty.
They should walk on the other side of the street.
At least muster a little differential posture.
Out here, kings and queens, pimps and paupers, everyone walks together.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
You like the anonymity, don't you? I like making decisions, for one.
I wake up, I decide what to eat, what to wear.
What to buy.
It's fit for a queen.
It's a little royal, isn't it? Is that so bad? Tamaranean royalty is a smelly bog of preening boobs only interested in serving their personal appetites.
And here? Yeah, they're in the midst of some growing pains.
Our system isn't perfect, but our leaders are family, our family.
And nobody does weddings better.
That is if you marry within your class.
Here, you can choose whatever romantic partner you like despite their station.
- So, you and I? - Perfectly legal.
- That is, if I liked you.
- Ah, okay.
And I have no say in the matter.
You have to prove yourself.
Prove myself.
- Faddei! A queen deserves to look like a queen.
Did you not read the part in the manual about laws? Honestly, I never got past the food and wine.
Let's get out of the city, you're crazy.
- [DONNA.]
Any luck? - Gar is searching the power grid.
If Dr.
Light powers up, we'll find him.
- What are you doing? - Searching for power sources.
I mean, coming back here.
Starting all this again? It's like willful amnesia.
That was a long time ago.
- Everything's changed.
I've changed.
- Changed how? You burned the suit, you're not Robin anymore, so, what now? You're Dick Grayson, camp counselor? - This isn't summer camp.
- Exactly.
You made them Titans.
Do they even know what happened last time? I'm training them to be a better version of us.
- Write their own history.
- Ah.
The kinder, gentler Titans, huh? What's your problem? I'm sorry.
You know I love you and I want you to be happy, but there's ghosts in this place.
- They should know that.
- They know enough.
You wanna teach them to be better than us? Tell them what happened, our sins, so they won't repeat them.
Thanks for the tip.
I'm sorry you can't stay around and lead the campfire stories about how I fucked up.
It wasn't just you.
You've got Slade's daughter.
Sooner or later, he'll come knocking.
Donna, we have a lot of enemies.
Arthur Light, for one.
He's our main problem at the moment.
Slade Wilson's right behind him, and when he comes I just hope that Dick Grayson, camp counselor, isn't who answers the door.
- [GAR.]
Uh, Dick, I think I got something.
There was nothing irregular in the main grid, so I started searching the private lines, and then this.
It doesn't look like enough power for Dr.
Light, but it's centered around that location.
It's a switching station.
Kind of like a back door into the grid.
Main power interrupted.
Auxiliary power engaged.
The city's blacking out.
It's Dr.
He's redirecting the energy, looking for a light delivery system to refuel.
How about a stadium? Lit up five minutes ago.
He's gonna use the stadium to recharge.
He's a grandiose motherfucker, isn't he? - It's a challenge.
- Or a trap.
What he doesn't know is that we're all here.
He's asking for a party of one.
Well, let's give him a party of four.
What, we're on the move? Yeah, to Omaha.
We'll drop you off at the bus station.
This doesn't have anything to do with you.
We'll handle it.
Look, I didn't come here to empty the dishwasher.
At least let me run interference or something.
Not this time.
I can help.
I'll do whatever you say, but don't leave me behind, man.
You'll get your time.
Not tonight.
Costume Friday? [SIGHS.]
Headed towards the field.
Section 9.
Section 24.
Section 16.
Moving into position in Section 2.
I'm glad you could make it! [ECHOING.]
All of you.
- So much for the "party of four" surprise.
Anybody? I've got a visual.
He's heading toward the southern concourse exit.
Dick, get down! [HANK.]
I got this.
Cut him off on the other side.
I'm fine.
He's headed to Buchanan.
Got him.
- I got him.
Do you remember that story they told us, uh, at Easailin? The Three Moons? - That was a long time ago.
- Mmm.
You know, I watched you recite it by heart.
I recited a lot of stories by heart.
They turned us into little robots.
Well, you were never a little robot.
Neither were you.
That's what I liked about you.
You broke the rules.
Well [SIGHS.]
I was just trying to impress you.
I thought you would be a queen for the ages.
I still do.
What do you know about it? Some people spend their whole lives preparing, only to run away when their turn is called.
It is your destiny to be a queen.
We all have one.
But it's your duty to embrace yours.
To be what you were meant to be.
To not follow it is to let others keep you down.
When I look at you, all I see is greatness.
What happens if you return without me? Hadn't thought about it.
- Really? - No.
A royal guard returns without his charge.
That's a death sentence.
Look, I didn't think anybody else had a chance in hell of bringing you back home.
No, I should have left you alone, but hey, I'm that guy who raises his hand.
The guy who thinks one night together mattered.
Yeah, I'm that guy too.
You really put me in a difficult spot, Faddei.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
But we need you back home.
Look, if you don't return, I won't be the only one who suffers.
You really know how to ruin a girl's vacation.
I'll get some gauze from the infirmary.
You had a chance.
He would've killed everyone on the bus.
And he's gonna kill how many more now? - I'll get him.
- Maybe you've lost the taste for how this works.
We'll get another shot.
The old Robin would've taken the first one.
That's enough.
Come on.
- [JASON.]
Where's Dr.
Light? - [RACHEL.]
Little stealth job on a guy who shoots, what, head lamps? I mean, half the city's on fire and still no sign of Dr.
Not the time, Jason.
Look, I don't take orders from you anymore, man.
I do what I want, when I want.
Get out of my way.
I think you got it all wrong.
You're in my way.
Maybe you need to see a retirement package, huh? [KNUCKLES CRACK.]
Looks like fun.
If I wanted an audience, I would have asked.
I didn't come to watch.
I'm gonna have to learn how to fight cyclops-style sooner or later.
I don't think you're ready for that just yet.
All I need is one kill shot.
- Maybe you can teach me.
- I don't teach kill shots.
- What do you teach, then? [SIGHS.]
- Defense.
- Defense is for pussies.
Or survivors.
Show me.
I've revealed my special skill.
Sword fighting? [ROSE YELLS.]
Breaking things.
I hope I haven't broken this place.
Seems like there's a lot of drama around here.
It has nothing to do with you.
It was a hectic night [PANTING.]
I didn't handle it so well.
I've been there.
Things get hectic in my life and I fight.
Happens to the best of us.
Or the worst.
Let's go again.
There's been enough fighting for tonight.
Are you sure this is the building? [KORY.]
I remember where I parked my ship.
You are very popular on that thing.
- I made friends.
- Mm-hmm.
Man friends? [CHUCKLES.]
Give me a minute.
- Hey.
- [KORY.]
You're up late, kiddo.
I couldn't sleep.
Did I catch you at a bad time? [KORY.]
I got a minute or two.
What's up? I was worried.
About me? That you went back home.
Rachel 'Cause everybody's come back home, but the thing is, nobody's staying.
They're all moving on, and I wondered if you're moving on too.
I have to go home too.
I'm sorry.
I get it.
I mean, you have your own people back there, and I'm just somebody you met.
But I don't know.
I don't know, I [INHALES DEEPLY.]
I felt like you were my people.
If you're going home, maybe I could come with you.
You don't belong where I come from, Rachel.
What's going on? Something's happening to me.
Like before, with your father? No, this time, it's different.
When I fought my father, I became something.
Something different.
And that different thing wants me to be it all the time.
So I spend all day and all night trying to hold it down, trying to hold it in, trying to keep it in.
I'm so tired.
What would happen if you just let it out? I don't know.
I think I would be like when I - When you killed your dad.
- Yeah.
And I don't know if I want to be that all the time.
I kind of just want to be normal.
Have you talked to Dick? No, I've caused enough trouble.
That's why I'm telling you.
It's okay.
Sit tight.
- What? - I'm on my way.
I knew I could count on you.
- All good? - All good.
I was beginning to think we were stuck here.
Where's your ship? I had a little trouble with the touchdown.
- Trouble.
- Mm-hmm.
It's a good thing your ship is operable.
After you.
- Don't - Sorry.
What the hell? There's food in the galley.
Ten years' worth of it.
I'll burn my way out of here.
No a good idea.
It's our only ride home.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
This won't end with me.
More will come for you, legions of them.
Let them come.
How you doing? Nothing a bottle of Dewar's can't fix.
Or 20 Advil.
- I'm sorry about tonight.
- Forget it.
You saved a busload full of people.
I was just pissed we missed our guy.
I didn't mean to drag you guys back in it.
A part of me is glad to be back here.
Reminds me of why we started doing this in the first place.
What was that again? Free booze.
Fully stocked fridge.
The odd cult retreat.
Bad jam bands with two drummers.
I fucking love dueling drummer bands.
Why'd you open it up again? After all the shit that went down, I'd have thought you'd have burned this place to the ground.
Guess it feels like home.
Only place that ever did.
I'm sorry I can't stay and help.
It scares Dawn.
I can't let her down again.
Then you won't.
Then I won't.
Let's enjoy one last hurrah at Arthur Light's expense.
Take him down for good.
He won't know what hit him.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Yeah, I've been knocked down before.
Look, uh, Dick just reacted.
- He didn't mean anything by it.
- Yeah, he did.
Look, I know what I am.
I'm a dirty little favor to Bruce.
And probably why they reopened this place.
A scrap heap for rejects.
I'm not a reject.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean you.
Well, you're not a reject either, Jason.
We're We're Titans.
Hey, can I help you? Uh, sure.
I'm just checking for heat signatures.
After Dr.
Light absorbed all that energy, he's gotta be radiation hot.
What's that? [GAR.]
Emergency exits on the Bayline Train Station.
Underground, so, impossible to read.
Train tunnels must have underground heat sensors, in case of a fire.
Good idea.
I'm just gonna piggyback on the Bayline system.
Holy shit.
You're amazing, Jason.
I think we got him.
Whoa, where you going? - To tell Dick.
- I got a better idea.
Look, why don't we go take a quick look to make sure.
'Cause if we're wrong, we'll look like assholes.
Yeah - No.
- Gar, I need this.
To make things right with Dick.
To show him what I can do.
Yeah, what we can do.
Look, he knows what you can do.
You're Batman's guy.
I'm not saying we go rogue.
We'll just do some visual verification, lay eyes on the guy and call Dick.
Look, help me out, Gar.
I could use a win.
Quick look, then we call Dick.
I promise.
I thought this was reconnaissance only.
You're overdressed.
Reconnaissance on a homicidal psychopath.
Safety first.
- I'm calling Dick.
Come on, man.
Okay, you agreed to help me out.
Please? Let's go.
All right.
Let's, uh Let's split up.
No, no, no.
Have you never seen a horror movie before? You wanna get out of here fast, right? The two of us will get the job done in half the time.
Dark, creepy tunnel it is.
What, the big kids weren't available, they sent Junior Robin? [LIGHT SWITCH CLANGS.]
Maybe you're just a fanboy.
Fuck! [DR.
In a battle, anything can be taken from you.
No matter what is taken, you must be able to keep fighting, and win.
Hey, lightbulb.
Fuck off.
Is it Lite, like Lite beer Lite? Shut the fuck up! Fuck you! [DR.
- [DR.
- [DR.
This Titan is back, bitch.
Oh, man.
Jason! Lord, don't let me go down Will my soul be turned? Don't wanna leave the ground Till I'm done reaping Little thing gone wild Little thing gone wild Little thing gone wild Little thing's gone wild Lord, don't hold me down While I'm still creeping I wanna shake the ground Till I am done reaping Lord, do you hear me loud Unto my soul speaketh Oh, won't you let me out You got the wrong creature - Little thing gone wild - Little thing's gone wild - Little thing gone wild - Little thing's gone wild - Little thing gone wild - Little thing's gone wild Be your love Your creature love Why won't you let me love? Won't you let me love? I wanna feel your love I want your creature love