Titans (2018) s02e04 Episode Script


Previously on Titans - Hank? - [HANK OVER PHONE.]
We got trouble.
Dawn and I just got a visit from Dr.
I thought he was still in prison.
- [HANK.]
I guess he paroled himself.
- This is bad.
- No shit.
- [DICK.]
We should get together to figure this out.
What are you doing? Starting all this again? - [SHOUTING.]
- [DICK.]
Everything's changed.
You made them Titans.
Do they even know what happened last time? [HANK.]
After all the shit that went down, I'd have thought you'd have burned this place to the ground.
The one and only Deathstroke.
Fuck me.
- I thought he - He was dead.
He's alive and well in San Francisco.
Deathstroke is why we shuttered this place.
I didn't come for round two.
Well, so much for old home week.
Our reports show that this is the most anticipated trial of the year.
Yes, that's right, Dan.
It's day one of proceedings of this high-profile case, and the prosecution's two key witnesses have been flown in from the Federal Penitentiary in Lompoc.
Thank you, Rachel.
Please keep us posted.
Wait a minute.
Slow down.
Tell me that again.
Oh, my God.
He's dead? [GRUNTING.]
Case closed.
To a job well done.
Why the house call? Miss my irresistible charm? Thought I should deliver your next assignment in person.
This one's San Francisco.
It's an unusual one.
But easy.
In and out.
Hey, honey.
Oh, you've been busy.
Okay, okay.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
Something amazing.
Uh, mac and cheese? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, I'd know that smell anywhere.
Eggplant parm with basil.
How many times have I told you? We don't ever let down our guard.
Okay? [SOFTLY.]
It's okay.
You should have kept going straight.
Sign said no entry.
Did you set it to avoid freeways? When you guys are done being losers, Google Maps is - [CAR TIRES SQUEAL.]
- John! No, no! No! No! [ANDRE.]
Dad! [HOODIE.]
Grab his wallet.
Stay in the car, kid.
We got this.
"We"? [HAWK.]
Hey, losers.
Oh, fuck! [GRUNTING.]
Watch out! [GRUNTS.]
Think he's had enough of a workout yet? [CLANKS.]
Nice teamwork.
Just doing my job.
- [HANK.]
Sorry, bro.
Get some tartar sauce with those fish sticks.
You don't know how long I've been wanting to say that.
Anyway, was I the only one that noticed Johnny Ocean over here, chilling on the sidelines while the rest of us did the heavy lifting? - He's still going? - [LAUGHING.]
And while we're all proud of the work that we did last night to rid this city of three scumbags Here we go.
a special tip of the hat to our birthday boy, who managed to lend a hand despite being a year older and wetting everyone's pants.
- Cheers.
- [DICK.]
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
You've only been with us four months.
You ready to quit yet? No retreat.
No surrender.
Say, that's your best shot, featherweight? Uh, I don't know.
I had a question, though.
What is 22 in fish years? - Like, 90? - [GARTH CHUCKLES.]
Ninety-year-old fish is still faster than a beer-bellied bird, my friend.
Well, at least a bird's got friends.
Atlanteans got skills.
Not with the ladies.
Boo! Mic drop! [BLOWS PARTY HORN.]
God forbid you allow yourself to have a little fun.
Frida Kahlo.
It's all the fun a girl needs.
Why don't you give Garth a chance? You guys have great chemistry.
When we were kids.
Plus, I'm not really into his whole Atlantean "live for the moment" thing.
Opposites attract.
I'm here for a limited time.
Focus is crucial.
So is cake.
And we're about to bring out Garth's.
I'm on a sugar cleanse.
Okay, yeah.
And I'm on a bullshit cleanse.
What are you Oh! - Okay! Okay! I'm coming.
- [DAWN.]
Where's the activator? Oh, I love this gladiator look.
Reminds me of the time you went Spartacus on Professor Su after failing the freshman physics final.
Anger issues intensify if left untreated.
You ever consider therapy? [CHUCKLES.]
I'm not one for in-depth chats.
The activator, tell me where it is.
A spectacular failure whose only hope is to mooch off others.
I heard your last experiment landed you in the ICU for months.
Sorry I forgot to send flowers.
Yeah, you know what, you forget a lot of things.
Would your pedestal be so high without the insights from my "spectacular failures"? One man's trash is another man's treasure.
I've spent my entire life watching hollow heroes lap up the glory.
Any man who knocks me down will suffer the consequences of his disrespect.
I'm not giving you what you want, you twisted fuck.
Perhaps this'll change your mind.
Happy birthday Whoo! Here it is! - Happy birthday - [HANK.]
- Hap-happy day - [HANK.]
Sorry I couldn't fit all 90 candles on there.
I tried.
My birthday gift to you is that I'm not gonna sing.
Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on, I want my Dick Grayson a capella serenade.
Let's go, buddy.
Let her rip.
- Let's make it happen.
- Birthday boy request.
- You heard him.
- Let's hear it, Pavarotti.
All right, guys, we're gonna do a group photo.
- Come on, get together.
All right.
One, two Smile.
- Three.
A Polaroid.
Now two things that are older than dirt.
Whole neighborhood's out.
I'll check and see if Bruce's mainframe is still up.
I'll go get some candles.
More cake for us.
I should go help Dawn with the candles.
Any news on what caused the birthday-bash-interruptus? There was an alert at the Mission Substation.
- Hmm.
- No details yet.
You know, with the lights out down here, it feels kinda like a cave.
You like it? Yeah, I think I do.
A little darkness, little danger.
So the whole Batman thing turns you on? No.
Don't be Batman.
Nice mood.
Hey, you like Italian, right? Have you ever been to La Ciccia? Food's too salty.
Well, I heard they brought in a new chef all the way from Sicily.
Brand new tasting menu.
I could make us a reservation.
Kinda over Sicilian.
Well, what about Acquerello? [SCOFFS.]
Hard pass on anything "acqua".
I'm scrambling here, Donna.
I mean, what's a guy gotta do? I don't have time for dating.
I've got a lot to do before I leave.
Ah, to The-mascara.
It's Themyscira.
And yes.
Now why do you want to go back to a place that no one can even pronounce? I don't have a choice.
Yes, you do, Donna.
Right? Bottle of Cabernet, picnic dinner, black sands beach.
You can show me if you still remember that trick I taught you for swimming against the current.
I should blow the candles out.
Fire hazard.
Let's make a withdrawal.
An explosion at the bank with no explosives.
We're talking a Super.
Can't find Donna.
I texted her to meet us.
Avoiding work and play.
At least she's consistent.
So, what is all the fuss about? [SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY.]
Six months ago, you begged me to stay in San Francisco.
Insisting you deserve time to explore your independence from Diana with your indie-rock group of vigilante friends.
And now you want to go home? I was procrastinating.
As a young girl, the idea of becoming a warrior, I couldn't wait.
But now that the time's come to actually commit [JILLIAN.]
We waged the great battles and wear the scars.
That seems daunting? No.
This is my destiny.
And I'm ready.
This is about Garth.
Next time, don't waste so much energy deflecting.
Atlanteans are highly-skilled warriors.
And troublemakers.
And clearly, Garth's been blessed with other noble attributes.
So you've been following me? Surely you don't think I'd let you run around with your friends without keeping tabs? By the way, the next time you need a good birthday cake, I recommend Tartine in the Mission.
They have a divine dacquoise.
Mmm, well, since you know everything, I'll just shut up.
Quite the contrary.
You asked for more time here, I granted it.
You still have six months left whether you want to use it or not, that's your choice.
Sometimes it's not.
My exhibit closes in two weeks.
If you'd like to leave for Themyscira then, I'll make the arrangements.
Perimeter's clear.
- How bad is it inside? - Four dead.
About half a dozen others with third-degree burns.
Witnesses say the suspect seemed to have light running through his veins.
Blasted it from an armored vest.
Sorry I'm late.
So what else have we got? Apparently no money was stolen.
Just a safety deposit box.
We're gonna dig and find out who it belongs to.
See what this electric cowboy was after.
Someone should comb through surveillance of the area, try to ID our suspect.
- Got it.
- I'm on it.
We'll meet you guys at home.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Freeze it there.
Look at this.
This woman let her Pomeranian take a dump and didn't scoop it.
You know, just because it's small, doesn't mean you're off the hook, lady.
Ah, the guy with the beefcakes is our man.
Watching the rest of this footage is like watching cement dry.
Well, maybe this will spice things up a bit.
No way.
Where did you get that? [CHUCKLES.]
I have my people.
Plus, I remember it used to be your favorite, so [BOTH CHUCKLE.]
I haven't had this since I was a kid.
I thought they stopped making this.
Yeah, me too.
Oh, my God.
- The bubbles hurt your tongue.
- Bubbles hurt my tongue.
In a good way though.
Do, do you remember the first time we had that together? Oh, yeah.
New Year's Eve.
Diana said we were too young to drink champagne.
- Mmm-hmm.
- So I got this instead.
Our "bubbly".
Pretty slick moves for a 12-year-old.
- Me? - Mmm-hmm.
Are you kidding? You were the one with the slick moves, convincing an innocent young man like myself to sneak out past curfew to go see the fireworks.
You said that they looked cool under water.
You can't tempt a girl like that and expect her to sit at home.
I forgot how cold the water was that time of year for non-Atlanteans.
Uh, it was fine.
I wanted to find Nemo.
- Oh, believe me, I remember.
- Mmm-hmm.
Your lips turning blue, but you kept looking.
And you kept saying, "Clownfish don't live in waters that aren't tropical".
That's because they don't.
Then how come I found You did that.
You brought that clownfish for me.
I have to leave, Garth.
You know that.
So do I.
Right? Hey, did you guys find anything Oh.
Dick wants to get the team together.
Suspect's name is Dr.
Arthur Light.
He has a doctorate degree in physics from Caltech.
He gained his powers from a failed experiment with light manipulation, where he was badly hurt.
Well, we can't all be Einsteins.
You would know.
Up until yesterday, he was a low level threat.
Turns out he fried a friend of his named Jacob Finlay in order to get access to an activator he kept in a safety deposit box.
And we all know how it went from there.
An activator for what? I guarantee he's not the Energizer Bunny.
Let's dig.
We find out that answer, we find our lead on Dr.
Ah, just the man I'm looking for.
- Find any leads? - No.
Could use a little advice though.
- About Donna.
I'm not sure I'm the right guy to talk to.
Oh, right, I'm sorry.
Probably shouldn't ask the guy with the whip-smart, beautiful blonde girlfriend.
Right time, right place.
After Dawn's crash-and-burn with Hank, she probably just need someone to fill the void.
Oh, yes, 'cause we all know Dawn is the type of woman who just can't live without a man.
Me, I'm like lovesick Christian trying to get Roxane to look my way.
Cyrano de Bergerac.
I thought Bruce made you read the classics.
If it wasn't about power, domination or suppressing my emotions, Bruce didn't have me read it.
Look, want my advice? Donna Troy doesn't get thrown.
- Since you got here - Yeah.
So what do I gotta do? Nothing.
Look, it's like flooding a car engine.
You keep pumping the gas, the more it floods.
Take your foot off the pedal and wait.
I've been waiting for Donna Troy since I was 12.
So what's a little longer? [SCOFFS.]
I bet your ears are burning.
I know.
I saw Garth leaving.
Even if I was at liberty to tell you what that was about, which I'm not, I'm pretty sure it's nothing you don't already know.
We need to talk.
He's right down the hall.
You and I.
I went to see Jillian about my time here.
Again? I thought she was the one that said you deserve time to explore your independence.
She sanctioned it.
What Jillian giveth, Jillian taketh away.
She's pulling you? She changed her mind.
I need to go back to Themyscira.
When? Tonight.
Bullshit! You need more time here.
Do you want me to talk to her? No.
You can't talk her out of this.
She's thought it through and this is how it has to be.
- You need to tell Garth.
- I know.
I just need to find the right moment.
- So I guess this is - Oh, don't.
Me and you, no goodbyes.
You got a hit.
The U.
military? Jacob's activator was for a laser that was developed to take down nuclear missiles.
New intel on the military cargo shipment.
They're loading up at 2100.
Just what we need.
Less time.
If Dr.
Light gets his hands on that laser, he'll be like a walking nuclear bomb.
I got two men down in the warehouse.
North-east corner.
Right now! Right now! [POWERS ON.]
Three's the charm.
We're under fire! He got to the laser! We need backup! Garth, don't! Should have sang to me on my birthday.
Might have been your last chance.
Aah! Hank, Dawn, flank him.
Now! [YELLS.]
- Nice teamwork.
Just doing my job.
Burgers and beer.
Do you wanna come? Don't worry.
Just as friends.
Hank's coming, too.
How you doing? [SIGHS.]
I don't know.
Donna stopped by your room? Yeah.
Sort of.
So, how are you feeling? Amazing? [LAUGHS.]
I mean, I have been thinking about this night since I met Donna.
You know, Dick? And - It's like all of a sudden - Hold on.
So you didn't talk about anything? No, we didn't need to.
I mean, after all of these years, you know, I can't believe that we just finally What? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING.]
I trust your goodbyes were brief, but meaningful.
Donna! This is why you slept with me? 'Cause you knew you had an out? Can we please not do this right now? No.
I'm like you, looking for that damn clownfish.
I don't give up that easy.
What does this have to do with clownfish? - Everything! - Nothing! I'm sorry about tonight.
That's what happens when you live for the moment.
Because you're the fierce Amazon warrior and I'm the impulsive Atlantean who drifts wherever the current takes me, right? No.
Donna, don't run.
You're asking me to choose between my destiny and you.
Maybe they're the same thing.
I love you, Donna Troy.
I always have.
And I always will.
Garth! So should I send the jet home? [GUNSHOT.]
Garth! [GUNSHOT.]
- Garth! - Come on.
Come on! [COCKS GUN.]
I need to stay here.
The team needs me.
Be careful.
Vengeance is a dangerous path.
Oh, you're back.
I'm so sorry.
If I hadn't left, it wouldn't have happened.
No, no.
He would have never been there.
Don't blame yourself.
We don't know what this is about.
I found the shooter.
His name is Deathstroke.
We're gonna hunt this fucker down, and make him pay.
Now's the time.
Be Batman.
See you, buddy.
Got new ones in yesterday.
You get first dibs, as usual.
You're welcome, man.
You want that one, you're gonna have to fight me for it.
Unless, you wanna trade it for this first press Ziggy Stardust.
Mint condition.
Uh, he wants to know if it's the U.
or the U.
- All right.
You got a deal.
There you go.
I'm Dick.
Uh, he's Jericho.
Are you guys good? 'Cause I got work to do.
We're good.
Hey, did you see that signed Aladdin Sane? Come on.
It's over by the wall.
I'll show you.
Check it out.