Titans (2018) s02e05 Episode Script


Previously on Titans [RACHEL.]
Something's happening to me.
When I fought my father, I became something.
Something different.
What are you doing, coming back here? That was a long time ago.
You made them Titans.
Do they even know what happened last time? Garth! [DICK.]
His name is Deathstroke.
Old Titans business.
Former Delta Force commando.
"Who underwent a series of experimental bio-enhancements.
" - I thought he - He was dead.
Yeah, we all did.
But he's alive and well in San Francisco.
You have Slade Wilson's daughter in the other room? She can't stay here.
But I can't kick her out.
Slade's tried to kill her once, he'll do it again.
So how'd you find me anyway? The tracker.
He did it for you.
In case anything ever happened, he could find us.
Light's out of prison.
Someone broke him out.
There's been a trail of dead bodies ever since.
Quick look, then we call Dick.
I promise.
Ah, Dr.
Did you come up with that shit by yourself, or did your parents saddle you with that bullshit? I mean, come on.
What a lame fucking name.
Shut it.
What? Is my talking annoying you, dickweed? [JASON LAUGHS.]
'Cause that's the thing.
I can do it all day.
All night.
And if you're nice, twice on a Sunday.
I said shut the fuck up.
Night night, asshole.
Leaving so soon? [THEME MUSIC PLAYING.]
Call Rachel.
Calling Rachel.
Rach? Rachel? Aah! I'm up, I'm up.
- Gar.
What happened? Shit.
I'm so sorry.
- Please don't tell Dick.
- Jason's gone.
What? [DICK.]
What happened to Jason? [GAR STAMMERS.]
We figured out that Dr.
Light was in the train tunnels.
Jason wanted to prove to you that he wasn't a reject.
We were gonna come right back.
And then, Jason wanted to split up.
And then I heard him scream, and I ran, but they were already gone.
Why did you go out there in the first place? On your own, with no weapons, no backup.
- I'm sorry.
- I just need details.
Just write down everything you remember.
I'm searching for his tracker right now.
Subject offline.
If Jason's still down there, all that concrete and stone, it would mask the GPS signal from the satellite.
It would.
Jason's strong.
He'll fight back.
Yeah? Or he'll be so annoying that Dr.
Light will just let him go 'cause he doesn't want to hear him talk.
We should be out there helping to bring him back.
We are helping.
No, we're not.
We're watching coffee drip.
They don't trust us.
They've been acting strange even before Jason went missing.
- [GAR.]
Closed door meetings, keeping secrets.
Did you notice how they're barely even talking to each other? Something is off.
I can feel it.
Can't you do that thing where you touch them and find out what's going on? I'm not a magic 8-ball.
- Sorry.
- Besides, ever since my father gave me this beauty, my powers have been somewhat different.
So, we just have to trust the team's gonna bring him back the old-fashioned way.
How very retro.
Why did they go after Dr.
Light by themselves in the first place? I don't know.
He's been complaining about being left out lately.
Oh, don't blame yourself.
Shit-stirrer did this on his own.
There must be 20 or 30 miles of tunnel down there.
Maybe more.
We can't cover all this ground in one night.
Which is why I've redirected the satellites to the area to sweep for Jason's tracker.
Hopefully we can pinpoint his exact location from there.
Gar and Rachel will monitor it from here.
Boy-fucking-wonder strikes again.
Keep your heads on a swivel guys, Dr.
Light could still be down here.
Dick, no sign of Jason's tracker on the 3rd floor.
Hank, did you find anything? Do rats the size of my head count? Stay positive, Hank.
I got dragged out of bed to trudge through sewer water 'cause dip-shit decided to go off half-cocked.
At least Jason found Dr.
Maybe he would have told us if we'd given him half the chance yesterday.
Guys, I got something.
Sending over the coordinates now.
This is fucked.
He was attacked here.
Then dragged.
Tracks disappear a hundred yards down.
He could be anywhere.
If he's still alive.
He's alive.
Light's using him as bait to lure us out.
If he was dead, he would have left him here.
How does that make it any better? I'm not saying it makes it better.
Back up.
So the kid is bait to you now? Is that right? That's rich, Dick.
You were bagging on him a minute ago, and now he's your best friend? [HANK.]
Not about me, pal.
This is all because of you and your big, dumb fuckin' idea to start up the Titans again! - I'm out.
- [DONNA.]
Yep, me too.
What? Where are you going? To get Jason.
And for the record, this is all of our faults.
Every single one of us.
So get over it and move on.
Jason's out there, and we're wasting time.
Well, we can't keep wandering the tunnels all night looking for this tracking signal.
We need a new plan.
This little asshole has a tracking device in him? [DONNA.]
Dick? What is it? [DR.
No, no, no, no, no.
The motherfucker found it! Why are you sitting there like a damn statue when our whole fuckin' plan is going up in smoke? [DEATHSTROKE.]
This is good.
Oh, yeah.
What exactly is good about four months of planning going down the fucking drain? When you broke me out, you told me we would kill these bastards as long as I herded them to San Francisco! And now you just let our best chance of killing these masks slip through our fingers.
And for what? [DEATHSTROKE.]
For a reason you may not be capable of understanding.
You know, ever since you found out that your daughter is running with the Titans, you're losing focus.
I'm beginning to wonder just how different you are from them.
With this ridiculous costume, swinging your sword around, nothing gets done.
If you're looking for a result, I'm happy to provide you with one.
Ah, fuck it.
We're clean.
I don't owe you shit.
I'll take care of the Titans myself.
Adi-fucking-os, amigo.
It is you they're looking for.
But it is he they shall find.
Oh, fuck! [GRUNTING.]
Any luck finding your boy? Dick and the team are still searching.
They're probably in the tunnels.
Do you guys have any cereal not made for old people? I mean, who eats Wheaty Bits anyways? - I can't believe you.
- What? You don't even care.
I got ripped from my sleep in the middle of the night.
Excuse me if I wanted a midnight snack.
Jason could be getting burned to a crisp right now.
You could at least try to help.
How? By hanging out with you and your girlfriend - in front of a computer? - [CLATTERS.]
She's not my girlfriend.
So, are you saying you don't like her or she doesn't like you? No.
I'm not having this conversation.
Enjoy your cereal.
I'm sorry Robin 2.
0 is missing or whatever.
But he did this to himself.
So don't project your guilt on me, tiger boy.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go ham on some Cinnamon Corn Puffs and chill.
No coffee? - What's wrong? - Rose.
Just let her.
She doesn't even know him.
Besides, it wasn't her fault.
You're saying it's mine? I didn't say that.
Then what's the face for? It's nothing.
What? I understand.
Why you didn't tell Dick about your little plan.
You could've come to me.
I could've helped if you didn't keep it a secret.
How? You can't even control yourself.
Excuse me? [GAR.]
Yeah, I saw you yesterday in the training room.
You couldn't bring it back in.
Not to mention your creepy black cloud of razor blades that nearly took my hand off.
At least now I know how you got those marks on your back.
Oh, so you're spying on me now? I'm not spying on you.
I saw it when we were sparring.
Don't come at me about keeping secrets.
First of all, my powers are fine.
If I'd been there, I could've turned the guy into a glowing puddle.
What did you do, Gar? Did you growl at him? Was he real scared? If you and Jason hadn't been so stupid and thought it through, none of this would have happened! Screw you! [COMPUTER.]
Security alert, main entrance.
Access denied.
Hello? Is anyone home? Perfect timing.
Rachel, I'm sorry.
Alert, tracker located.
I got something.
He's not moving.
It's fucking Dr.
What the fuck? Is that Jason's tracker? Someone must have cut it out of him.
Well, if Dr.
Light's dead, where the fuck is Jason? He must be working with a partner.
I see you found my gift.
It's Deathstroke.
- Where's Jason? - [DEATHSTROKE.]
You mean your little sidekick? Who the fuck you calling a sidekick, asshole? Attaboy.
Fuck! Fuck! You fucking bastard! Come try that shit with me! Just tell us what you want.
As I was saying, if you want him back, hand over Rose.
And how do we know you're gonna keep your promise? [JASON GASPING.]
Tonight, 3:00 AM, Embarcadero Plaza.
Use this phone to confirm.
Why didn't you tell me Jason was missing? I didn't know.
But the team's out looking for him.
Yeah, Dick's got a satellite searching for Jason's tracker.
So, what else is up? With you.
Uh After Trigon, I thought that all my drama would be over.
- Is he back? - [RACHEL.]
I just thought that I would be normal.
But it's just all boys all the time.
No school, nonstop training And And this.
What is that? Uh, this thing comes out when I sleep.
Gar said it looked like a black cloud filled with razor blades.
The other day I almost choked out Jason.
- When did it start? - [RACHEL.]
After Trigon.
At first I thought it was punishment, or that he came back somehow, but this isn't Trigon.
I can feel that he's gone.
It's It's me.
When my father ripped out my heart, I changed.
I turned into something different.
Something I can't control.
And I know it sounds crazy [KORY.]
No, it doesn't.
On my planet we have a name for it.
It's called transfiguration.
All babies wear Sawar bracelets.
In order to suppress the ability to make Starfire until they reach maturity and can control their powers.
Normally this works.
- But not for me.
- Why? I don't know.
My powers just wouldn't stay caged.
People like us are destined to be special, Rachel.
Maybe that's why this is happening to you.
The more you try to suppress your powers, the harder they'll resist.
But the prophesy you found said that I was supposed to destroy worlds.
Or save worlds.
We're not born good or bad.
The choices you make define your destiny.
Trigon chose darkness.
I have to choose what my future holds.
You will, too.
So that's it.
I just decide to be good.
It's a little more complicated at times, but yes.
Kory? What happened to Jason? Let's talk in the training room.
It's bad.
I can tell.
They don't think we can handle hearing the truth.
I know a way to find out.
You should have thrown that girl out the minute you knew she was Deathstroke's daughter.
Wait a minute.
Pirate girl is this guy's daughter? Yeah, and he wants her back.
Which we can't do.
Why not? It's not a crazy idea! You're not serious.
I'm serious about ending this with Deathstroke once and for all.
It might not be pretty, but neither is watching Jason get killed by that lunatic.
This isn't Rose's fault.
We all know it.
The only reason we're all still alive right now is because she's here.
So there's cameras in every room.
Blame Bruce Wayne.
He built the place.
So where's the sound? [GAR.]
Yeah, I I don't feel comfortable doing this.
It feels sketchy.
Aren't you tired of being lied to? [RACHEL.]
Dick isn't lying to us.
He doesn't want us to get involved.
He's protecting us.
How does being kept in the dark make any of us safer? They're hiding something.
And I want to know what it is.
Don't you? Why don't we find this guy and neutralize him? [DONNA SCOFFS.]
It's not that easy.
We barely survived his last attack.
Look, Jason is hurt, alone, scared.
And I We all know what that feels like.
Bottom line is, he's one of us and she's not.
So handing her over, if it saves his life, I don't know about you, but I can sleep a little better at night knowing I did the right thing! You good with this, Grayson? - Dick? - [DICK.]
Just give me a second.
Don't listen to 'em.
They are just upset.
Rachel's right, it's just talk.
I want to hear.
She's just a kid.
Deathstroke's kid.
Let's be honest.
The further away from us she gets, the safer she's gonna be.
If we leave her out there alone, Deathstroke will hunt her down.
Or worse, we lose leverage over Deathstroke once he finds out she's in the wind.
We've gone down this path before.
We all know how that ended.
We're not using Deathstroke's kid to get to him again.
Uh, fuck it.
I'll take her there myself.
Good luck trying to stop me.
Wait, have you lost your mind? You're all turning into monsters instead of trying to figure out how to fight one.
Thank God for Kory.
She doesn't even know Rose.
We all need to get our shit together and figure out how to fight him as a team.
- Rose? - [KORY.]
Otherwise we've already lost Jason.
I wasn't the one What was that? Rose, uh, overheard you guys talking about giving her up.
- She's trying to leave.
- Shit.
Initiating system lockdown protocol.
Access denied.
Rose! Rose? Hey.
Don't do this.
Look, we can talk and, like, have cookies and milk or something.
- Hey! [GROANS.]
I don't wanna hurt you, kid.
Yeah, right.
Ow! That fuckin' hurt.
Okay, fuck this.
Hank! Let her go.
Get out of my way, Rachel.
You don't have to run, Rose.
Dick will make sure you're safe.
I promise.
You've been nice to me, but I won't ask you twice.
Rose, please.
Rose! Rachel, don't.
I'm sorry, kid.
What are we supposed to do now? She's alive.
What the hell? [CRYING.]
Rachel! Leave me alone.
Listen, I know what happened.
You were wrong.
Some of us don't get to decide who we are.
We're born bad.
So which problem do you wanna fix first? [SIGHS.]
You really are a pathetic piece of shit.
You know that? Rose deserves better than you for a father.
Some freak in a ski mask whose name sounds like a bad case of VD.
My friends will never give her up.
You know that.
Well, then, you're the price they pay.
Fuck you, you pretentious asshole.
Hey, look at me.
I'm not scared of you.
You should be terrified.
But instead, you're being played by that charlatan, Dick Grayson, who gives costumes to foolish kids, making them believe that they're heroes.
Leading you, like lambs to slaughter.
But not to worry, soon you'll learn.
For death leads to purification.
You okay, Troy? [DONNA EXHALES.]
It's been a night.
You want to tell me why this Deathstroke guy is getting under everyone's skin? It doesn't matter.
Now he has Jason.
Seems like no matter how much we try and move on, the past just keeps coming back.
I understand that.
Your interruption? Wow.
That bad, huh? What, some jilted ex try and drag you back home? Drag me home? Yes.
Ex? Not so much.
- He was my bodyguard.
Since when do you need a bodyguard? Royal protection services.
Royal as in like Fuck.
Does Dick know? So you're like On my planet, I am next in line.
I wanna stay here, but I don't know if I have a choice.
I'd rather be anywhere else but here.
Her vitals are stable.
I know I got carried away today.
We're gonna get Jason back.
It's more than that, Dawn.
All those times that Coach I know what it's like.
Sitting in the dark, alone, hurt, praying for somebody, hell, anybody, to come and save you.
And waiting, but nobody ever comes.
I joked about leaving him, but I'm not ready to give up on that little asshole.
No matter how much he makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes.
We can't give up.
Kory's right.
If we turn ourselves into monsters trying to fight Deathstroke, there won't be anything good left when it's over.
We need to talk.
After we kill Deathstroke, this is over.
The Titans? We don't need to go there.
I wasn't asking.
We both know Deathstroke didn't just pull Dr.
Light's name out of a hat.
This place, what we did, it's all coming back on us, which maybe we deserve.
But these kids, none of this is on them.
They had no idea what they were signing up for.
Not telling them might have been easier for you, but it wasn't right.
Reopening this tower was a mistake.
How many people have to die for you to realize that? Whatever reason you did it, whether it was selfish, or you just wanted to paper over the past with some new experiment to make us forget what we did, it doesn't matter.
This isn't about you anymore.
Or us.
End your little experiment or I will burn this place down myself.
Hank was right.
You were all right.
Jason needs us.
We can't just stand here and do nothing.
Deathstroke wants to make a trade, we make a trade.
We can't hand over Rose.
No, we can't.
We won't.
But I have an idea.
Gar, you and Rachel stay here with Rose.
Protect the Tower.
I'll contact Deathstroke.
Confirm our meetup at the Plaza.
And then we take him down once and for all.
You really gonna do this? Heard through the grapevine you might be going home.
"Might" being the operative word.
So you haven't decided for sure yet? Because I'd really like it if you'd stay.
With the team.
They could use your help.
They could use my help, huh? - You're a natural leader, Kory.
- [KORY.]
Why didn't you ask for help before then? [DICK SIGHS.]
A few years ago, I came to San Francisco to get out of Batman's shadow.
I opened up this place with Hank, Donna, Dawn and Garth.
That version of the Tower didn't end so well.
When Garth died, it nearly broke us all.
So when I came back, I didn't want to ask them for help because You wanted to protect them.
Or maybe I didn't know how to ask for help.
It wasn't how I was raised.
I thought it was the right thing to do, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted.
Anyway, the Titans need your help.
Think about it.
I can do that.
You ready for this, Grayson? Yep.
By the way, I like your new hair.
We set? [DONNA.]
Plaza's clear.
I'm in position.
Dick, you copy? - [ELEVATOR DINGS.]
- Dick, come in.
Anybody got eyes on Dick? [HANK.]
Dick, we're at the Plaza.
Where the fuck are you? [EARPIECE CLATTERS.]
- Sorry, guys.
- Dick? Other plans.
I know you're here.
I'm sure this has nothing to do with Jason or Rose.
You want your pound of flesh.
Revenge for what happened.
And I want this to end once and for all.
So how about we make a deal, huh? You can have me instead of Rose or Jason.
Pretty sure I'm the one you're mad at anyway.
Here I am.
You never learn, do you? Always the hero.
But you're not gonna dictate how this will go.
You're not a martyr.
You're a con man.
Preying on those weak enough to follow you.
The problem with con men is that they never know when to stop.
And somebody else always pays.
Let's just get this over with, huh? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Get up.
- Take a look.
Say goodbye to your friend.
You seriously listening to this bullshit? What are you doing here? Did you really think you were gonna compliment my hair instead of saying goodbye, Dick Grayson? [HELICOPTER APPROACHING.]
Go get Jason.
Jason, hang in there, buddy.
Jason, give me your hand.
Hold on.
Don't let go.