Titans (2018) s02e06 Episode Script


Previously on Titans [DEATHSTROKE.]
Say goodbye to your friend.
No! Give me your hand.
Don't let go.
Imagine community Imagine tomorrow, sustainability, dreams, innovation, vision, solutions, friendship, hope, inclusion Family, chemicals, Cadmus.
A better future tomorrow! [YELLING.]
Okay, Krypto.
And I guess I'm "Conner.
" [WOOFS.]
- You ready, boy? - [BARKS.]
I don't know why you had to pound on my door at 6:00 a.
Because I called your apartment, I called your cell, I texted you.
Where the hell were you all night? None of your goddamn business.
Could you please stop yelling? I wasn't yelling.
Do you have any aspirin? Aspirin's not gonna fix this.
You've gotta be fucking kiddin' me.
Eight lab personnel, three security guards all in the hospital, all critical.
- Where is - Subject 13? He's gone.
Who the hell do you think did all this? That's impossible.
How could that happen? [MERCY.]
That's what you're supposed to tell us.
Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the glass tube Mercy Graves.
Personal Security Specialist to Mr.
Yes, I've heard of you, Ms.
I'm Walter Hawn, Vice President of Special Projects, - and this is - I know who she is.
- Big night, I see.
Chanel or Chardonnay? [SPEAKING SOFTLY.]
What the hell are you doing here? You've got a real problem on your hands.
Luthor wants answers.
And he wants his experiment back.
Well, I'll just let you two [MERCY.]
This thing you created must've been triggered by something.
I'm assuming you know what that might've been? Actually, uh, Eve's the expert on genetics and cloning, so [CHUCKLES.]
Where'd your boy go, Doctor? [STUTTERS.]
If we're lucky, he's scared and hiding.
And if we're not? That's harder.
Our predictions have him at the emotional age of a two-year-old, so he's feeling fear, curiosity, anger confusion, wonder, everything that he is experiencing is for the very first time.
Mentally, emotionally, psychologically, he's a child.
He's absorbing the world like a sponge, sights, smells, sounds Even the people he meets will have an effect on his future behavior.
Hey! What the hell's the matter with you? What the hell's the matter with you? I'm sorry, it was an accident.
Take it easy.
If you want this shirt, it costs money.
50 or, uh, two for 25.
We don't have any money.
Then come back when you do.
So you think he's making any friends out there? [EVE.]
The only thing we know about his personality is this.
He was clearly in a hurry to get out of here.
Where'd he want to get to so badly? I'm not sure, but his memories might be the best clue that we have.
What memories? He's been alive for all of ten hours.
Due to the DNA-cloning process, he might have epigenetic memories, actual memories from the lives of the two men who made him.
Some of those memories might be pleasant, others less so.
The flood of emotion could make him unstable and even dangerous.
- Come on.
Please, stop! No! - [KRYPTO WHIMPERS.]
- Stay here, Krypto.
- Give me your wallet.
Now! - [PANTING.]
What the hell's the matter with you? - [CHOKING.]
- [GASPS.]
- Are you okay? - Yes.
Thank you.
He was trying to steal my money and I - You have money? - Well, yes.
Can I have your money? [WOMAN PANTS.]
Don't hurt me! Thanks.
So, let's say we do find him.
Who or what will we be facing? We don't know.
We thought we would have a year with him after incubation.
That would have given us time to observe him and to learn from him, and to teach him about the outside world, I mean I guess we'll see.
We've got a potential murderer walking around out there, with our technological fingerprints all over him.
Our boss wants answers.
"We'll see" just isn't gonna cut it.
Well, you can remind our boss that he initiated this project without my knowledge.
When I found out, I warned him of the potential dangers, and he ignored me.
"We'll see" was good enough for him then.
So, I guess he's gonna have to live with it now.
Either way, we gotta bring Subject 13 in.
So, tell me what you need to get that done and it's yours.
We'll need your team.
My pleasure.
They'll need briefing.
And you might wanna change.
You'll be hunting the world's most dangerous infant.
And I think it is safe to say he has not had his nap.
That's funny.
You know what else is funny? I'm interviewing replacements today, 'cause not all of you are coming back.
The goal is to subdue him by whatever means necessary.
Does that include killing him? No.
Are we clear on that? I want that to be really clear.
We're talking about six years and $40 million worth of science.
We have a lot left to learn from him, and I want to learn it.
That means I need him back in one piece.
Load up.
Good luck with them.
What? You're going with them.
Field ops is your job.
They need your expertise on the ground.
That's what FaceTime is for.
You spent the last six years of your life working on this project day and night.
No partner, no kids, not even a dog.
It's been your one true love.
And now, after all that sacrifice, you're telling me you don't want to meet him? To finally look into his eyes and know what it is you gave everything up for? [INHALES.]
I sure hope he's worth it.
Come on, boy.
Let's go.
They're coming for us, Krypto.
We gotta get outta here.
Clark? Clark.
Come on, buddy.
We're going home.
Okay, watch your step.
Take care now.
Krypto I have a feeling we're in Kansas.
Come on.
Come on, Krypto.
This is it.
Come on.
Hello? Someone there? [STAMMERING.]
I think I used to live here.
What's your name? Conner.
I never knew a Conner.
But I'm glad I do now.
Would you and your dog like to come in out of the rain? [KRYPTO WHIMPERS.]
I'll put the kettle on.
- It's different than it used to be.
- Is it? The kitchen should be over there.
And a staircase.
And there should be a big red barn out back.
And a windmill.
That sounds like the old Kent place, a few miles down the road.
That's right.
Clark Kent.
He was a friend of my son Alexander's.
Lex Luthor.
He was always Alexander to me.
Alexander never did have many friends.
I used to say to him, "Alexander, friends are harder to come by than money.
- I do believe that.
It's certainly been true for him, I'm afraid.
- [MAN.]
Whoo! What the hell's the matter with you? Sorry.
It was an accident.
It happens more and more nowadays.
I love this little town.
I expect to be here until the day I die.
Uh, but Alexander He moved to Metropolis the minute he could.
Why? Some people have a thing inside them ambition, uh, purpose, a calling.
It makes them feel larger than they really are.
So they need to be in a large place so they don't feel smothered.
There's a bottle of brandy on the counter over there.
I allow myself a small glass after dinner.
Would you care to join me? To new friends.
- [SPITS.]
Take a look in that cabinet over there.
He was a brilliant child.
So gifted.
- You're proud of him? - Yes, very.
He's a scientist like I was.
But even as a child, he was far beyond anything I could ever hope to be.
Then why did you beat him? Is that what he told you? - Because it's a goddamn lie.
- No, it isn't.
I don't know who you are.
Or what you wanted coming here.
I'm not sure either.
I would like you to leave.
Alexander was a difficult child.
He was a genius.
But he was missing something.
A moral compass.
A sense of right or wrong.
How do you know that? Because it's true.
I mean, I tried to teach him.
But he couldn't be taught.
He wouldn't be taught! It was as if he knew what I was trying to do, and he actively resisted me.
- Maybe he was scared.
- He never cried.
No matter how long it went on.
He would just stare at me.
- With contempt.
- You deserved it.
He would've done anything for your approval.
He never cared for anyone's approval.
I cared about yours! Who are you? - [SOLDIER 1.]
Everybody get down! - [SOLDIER 2.]
On the ground, now! - [SOLDIER 2.]
Nobody move! - [BARKING.]
- Down, boy.
What in God's name's going on? You can't come into my house, order people around! [SOLDIER 3.]
Quiet! - [GRUNTS.]
- Hey! - Shut up.
- Stop that.
What are you doing? [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Fire, fire, fire! [EVE.]
What? No, stop that! [GUNFIRE.]
Stand down, God damn it! I said stand down! [SOLDIER.]
Freeze! [YELPS IN PAIN.]
Subject targeted.
Fuck, fuck, fuck [BARKS.]
No No, no, no - [ENGINE STALLS.]
Please don't kill me.
Who are you? My name is Eve Watson.
Are you with them? I work for Cadmus Labs.
But I did not want them to hurt you.
They They should not have shot at you.
That was wrong.
- Then why did they? - I told them not to, but I think they were afraid of you.
Why? Because they'd never seen anything like you.
What am I? Can I just You are a genetic clone.
You were designed with the whole My whole point was to see if I could actually create a person You created me? You were created the way that every person is, the genetic material of two different people blended together.
So, you and who else? Well, no.
Not me.
In your case, it was two men.
Well, one man and one Superman.
Who is the Superman? [CHUCKLING.]
People like Superman.
- He saves people.
- Yes.
Yes, people love Superman.
Who is my other dad? His name is Lex Luthor.
He's very smart, and Well, he's very smart.
People don't love him, do they? [CELL PHONE VIBRATES.]
We don't have much time.
They're gonna send others.
If they get me, what will they do to me? I don't know.
Before tonight, I thought they would've given me more time to study you.
I wanted time to teach you.
I wanted time to learn from you.
Is that what'll happen if we go back with them? No, I don't think so.
Will they let me meet my fathers? Superman doesn't even know you exist.
And you really don't wanna meet Lex Luthor.
Yes, I do.
I have to meet him.
I need to know who I am.
You know what? Fuck Cadmus.
We can either sit here and let them take us or we can hit the road.
Where are we going? I have a cabin up at Lake Kipling.
Nobody knows about it.
I suppose that could buy us a day or so.
Was it your idea to make me? I have a PhD in genetics.
I was hired by Cadmus to study the theoretical possibilities of cross-species cloning.
Okay, let me make this simple.
I came up with the plan to design someone like you, but I never expected for them to actually do it.
So, making me was wrong? [KRYPTO WHINES.]
I mean, it's not that simple, There's no such thing as a bad scientific experiment.
You know, I mean, take nuclear fission.
Sorry, that might be a little beyond Nuclear fission is a form of elemental transmutation in which the nucleus of an atom splits into two or more smaller nuclei.
The by-products include free neutrons, photons in the form of gamma rays, and other nuclear fragments such as alpha and beta particles.
How did you do that? I don't know.
- Feel like I just remembered it.
- [SIGHS.]
It's not just memories.
You have epigenetic knowledge.
Some of the things that your fathers knew, you're gonna know, too.
So, nuclear fission is Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I don't know.
One thing I do know is, when I found out what they were at doing at Cadmus, that they were developing you, I stayed.
I could've left, but I didn't.
I decided that I was going to be the one moral, decent human being still involved.
- You didn't abandon me? - No, I didn't.
Can I call you "Mom"? Don't be a smart-mouth.
There's some damage to the house, but rest assured, your father is fine I don't know, I'll get an estimate.
No, they're in the wind, both of them.
But don't worry, Mr.
Luthor, we're tracking them even as we speak.
I know, I'm hungry, too, buddy.
Maybe she'll bring us some hot dogs.
Get it? "Hot dogs"? [LAUGHS.]
- "Dogs," get it? - [WHIMPERS.]
Get back in the car! [WOMAN.]
Stop it! Get your hands off of me! [WOMAN SCREAMING.]
Hey, hey, don't.
- He's hurting her.
- Just let it go.
- Why? - Because I said so.
- You should've let me help.
- Nope.
Because if you make a scene, then Cadmus finds us - that much faster.
- So what? I don't care.
And you're not my mom! You're damn right I'm not.
All right, there's a word, "consequences.
" Do you know what that means? No.
I didn't think so.
Okay, consequences are the shitty things that happen when you make stupid decisions without thinking.
- I can do whatever I want.
- No, you can't, that's the problem.
You don't have the maturity to do what's in your best interest.
Fine, then I'm leaving.
- Come on, buddy.
- [BARKS.]
Don't you dare! You come right back here, now.
This is exactly the sort of behavior that's gonna get you in trouble.
What were you gonna do to that guy, huh? I was gonna make him leave his girlfriend alone.
How? Were you gonna throw him through a wall? - Maybe.
- Were you gonna kill him? [BOOMING.]
I don't know! - [ECHOING.]
You wanna know who you are? What you are? Let's go.
Go where? I'm gonna show you.
Come on, buddy.
What are you doing? Having breakfast.
You want some? It smells like brandy.
Why are you drinking that stuff? [EVE EXHALES.]
This is what grown-ups do when they don't like the way that they're feeling.
Where are we? Cadmus Industries.
A better future tomorrow.
Welcome home, Conner.
What happened here? There was an isobutylene explosion.
Fumes were highly toxic.
Sixteen people were killed and the entire facility was condemned.
What was this place? It was a chemical factory and lab.
Walter Hawn used to say this was where the devil's work got done.
The fire alarm went off just after lunch.
Everyone was evacuated.
We thought we'd be back within a couple of days and things would go back to normal, but they never did.
I don't understand.
What are we doing here? I wanted to meet Lex Luthor.
That's why we're here.
This place? This is Lex Luthor.
"Project Rakshasa"? [EVE.]
Don't ask.
Was it something bad? [EVE SCOFFS.]
Lex Luthor used to say, "Knowledge is a fire that once lit can never be extinguished.
" He thought he was being clever.
He was mangling the words of the man who invented the atomic bomb.
"Knowledge is a fire that, absent of morality, will consume us all.
" I don't wanna be here.
I wanna leave.
I lied to you, Conner.
I told you that there's no such thing as a bad science experiment.
Of course there is.
Tuskegee, MK-Ultra, the Nazis, and this.
Eve Watson's Nobel Prize-losing work.
Stop doing that! Lex Luthor wanted to clone Superman, but he just couldn't figure out how.
I told him he need to use human genes to stabilize the alien ones.
I gave him the idea to use his own DNA to create you! You're saying I'm bad? No.
I'm saying I am.
I had so many chances to go against Cadmus.
I could've left.
I could've tried harder to stop them, but I didn't.
I told myself there would be at least one good person involved in this project, but I'm no better than Lex Luthor, because when it comes right down to it, I just wanted to see if we could do it.
I don't think you're bad.
I just wanna leave.
You said you wanted to know who you are and where you come from.
All the answers that you're looking for are on the other side of that door.
You're the only person who could possibly open it.
But, kiddo, I really suggest you don't.
I have to.
I know what I am now.
- [GASPS.]
Conner What the hell's the matter with you? [CHOKING.]
- [GASPS.]
That's why you brought me here.
You wanted me to see what I am.
I'm a monster.
I didn't bring you here to shame you.
I brought you here to warn you.
You're not Lex Luthor.
And you're not Superman.
You're both which means you have to be very careful.
I'm sorry.
I just I got so mad.
I know.
Sometimes that anger will be yours.
And sometimes, it will be his.
And either way, you have got to learn how to control it.
When you woke up yesterday why did you attack those scientists? I heard someone howling in pain.
It was Krypto.
They were experimenting on him.
I wanted to make it stop.
And when those men from Cadmus tried to capture you last night why did you kill them? They were hurting the old man.
He was helpless.
It wasn't fair.
See? You're not a monster.
You're a person.
What does that mean? That means [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
Your life is going to be difficult and complicated and painful.
And sometimes full of joy.
Just remember people are not what they say they're going to do, they are what they do.
So, what should I do? Run.
Don't put down roots.
Be careful who you trust.
Don't use your powers because that will draw attention to you.
And for you, that is a bad thing.
And above all - don't be a hero.
It's time to start running.
I can't leave you here.
- They'll kill you.
- What are you gonna do? Save my life by killing all of them? [CONNER.]
But you said they made you bad.
They didn't make me bad.
You have a chance to be good.
To be better than I am.
You have to get out of here.
I don't wanna leave you.
- Where is he? - [EVE.]
I don't know.
He tried to kill me.
I begged for my life.
This time we're doing it my way.
Let's go.
No, boy.
We can't.
Hang on.
Who the fuck are you? I'm not super sure yet.
Whoever you are I don't know how to thank you.
I'm just glad I could help.
Jason? [COUGHING.]
What happened? - [GASPING.]
- This guy just saved my life.