Titans (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Bruce Wayne

Previously on Titans What am I? You were the genetic material of two different people blended together.
- Lex Luthor.
- And who else? [CHUCKLING.]
If they get me, what will they do to me? [MERCY.]
We're doing it my way.
- I don't wanna leave you.
- Go.
Don't use your powers.
Don't be a hero.
If I'm Robin who are you? That's a good question.
His name is Deathstroke.
Old Titans business.
That's Rose's father? He killed my brother.
I'm Dick.
He said big brother fell in with the wrong crowd.
I'm training them to be a better version of us.
But there's ghosts in this place.
Do they even know what happened last time? Garth! [DAWN.]
Reopening this tower was a mistake.
How many people have to die for you to realize that? [DICK.]
If you want revenge for what happened, you can have me.
Say goodbye to your friend.
No! [JASON.]
I don't know how to thank you.
This guy just saved my life.
They say the suit makes the man.
In your case, I guess it would be a memorial urn.
A whole life reduced to a decorative can of ash.
But you're not sentimental, are you? [SCOFFS.]
When you walk away from a job, you really walk away.
Let things go.
Let, ooh, people go.
I guess you figured one less Robin in the world wouldn't hurt.
Or maybe you had another idea.
Let me guess.
You were gonna trade your life for Jason's.
And fucking stupid.
You thought Deathstroke wanted you? Guess what, precious, he wants everybody but you.
At least for now.
You were supposed to protect these kids.
That's why I sent Jason to you.
You were supposed to make him right.
Instead you hurt him, you ostracized him, humiliated him.
You lied to him.
Not the florid lies you told in grade school.
This was, uh, more insidious.
A lie of omission.
This blood feud between you and Deathstroke You just let Jason walk right into the middle of it.
You know what this is really about? [DAWN.]
Dick? You okay? Yeah.
Well, I can't say the same about the kid who saved Jason.
I thought you patched him up? I did the best I could, considering, but there are complications.
You might wanna come take a look.
Is he stable? For the moment.
Whatever they shot him with left something behind.
Some sort of toxin.
Maybe we should take him to a hospital.
A nice, quiet place where they can finish him off.
The boy has special abilities.
Yeah, I think he's safest here.
And I think you should call Bruce.
He catalogues these things.
He might know who he is.
Hello? Hey, Dick.
Oh, sure.
I can look the kid up.
Hey, I just realized what your special skill is.
The thing that makes you the natural leader in this group.
You're the only one with my phone number.
Dick? - I'll call Bruce.
- [DAWN.]
You check on Jason? On my way.
- You all right? - All good.
Of course he's all right.
Fifteen storeys of free-falling probably did him good.
It's past midnight.
You should probably take it easy.
I don't wanna take it easy.
I feel good.
More people should drop their problem children off buildings.
It clarifies the mind and body.
That was quite the fall you took.
Yeah, it was hellacious.
How did it look from your angle? Scary.
Well, good thing Conner was there.
I'm sorry.
That should do it.
"Sorry" always makes things right.
- Ah.
Rest will fix him.
And a team of shrinks.
Maybe some meds.
Uppers, downers, in-betweens.
Kid'll be right as rain.
Are you sure you're all right? [JASON.]
Cut the crap.
Okay, why don't you say what you really wanna say, huh? That all this is my fucking fault for going out there alone.
I don't think that.
A master of understatement.
Rest up.
Well done.
You can check that off the list.
What's with the Houdini act? - What? - Out there with Deathstroke.
You disappear and leave us in the dark? "Houdini" is flattering.
Houdini was not suicidal.
There's no egg fried rice.
You go off by yourself with nobody to trade? - No backup? - Can we not do this now? Now is working for me.
I fucked up.
No shit.
Is there Is there something you're not telling us? The bastard's clever, too.
No wonder Dawn made the trade.
I always imagined it was a lateral move, but now I see it's an upgrade.
Something to do with Deathstroke, maybe? There's nothing.
It was just a tactical error.
Military-speak for when you're bald-faced lying.
You take note, kids.
I'll take care of it.
Everything else has gone so well.
- Where are you going? - I'll be back later.
People were just shooting at us, and you're gonna go out? There's nothing to worry about, kids.
Just a mild psychic split.
Anybody need anything? Milk, eggs? Body bags? [LIQUID POURING.]
Gosh! What did you say? "Let go of my damn arm.
" He's from Tamaran? No.
It's a dead language.
Which also explains this IV.
I couldn't get it in.
His skin is completely impenetrable.
He's saying "Eve.
" Who the hell is Eve? I'm thinking of teaching him to do a new trick.
How about play dead? - Where is he? - Subject 13? It's dead.
Almost dead.
I suppose by now, the kryptonite should have done its job.
What You don't have him? Luthor considers it another write-off.
On to Subject 14.
You just left him to die? If you'd just brought it back to us as instructed, all of this could have been avoided.
Assemble another team.
Bring him back here.
If I just have another couple of hours with him in the lab It's over.
Subject 13 has been terminated.
And so have you.
Luthor wants you off the premises within the hour.
Let's have your party pass.
Have you considered that this might all be for the best? No, Mercy, I haven't.
Think about it.
A thing made from even a little of Lex Luthor's DNA? That's super.
Have you met our boss? There's no good end to that story.
The world's better off without it.
What? He's a person.
He has a name.
His name is Conner.
I swear to God, bald is sexy.
You will literally do anything for a promotion, won't you? Why so judgy? Oh, my God! I'm so sorry.
Dick Grayson.
Back from the abyss.
Hi, Benny.
Heard you were in Detroit.
What's it been six, seven years? - Five years.
- I can't remember.
It's been five years.
You remember it perfectly.
I need information.
Oh, I don't do that anymore, man.
No weapons, no hook-ups, no cop-talk.
What's that on your waist? Well, the rest of the neighborhood hasn't got the memo, that's all.
I'm looking for a shooter.
Guy by the name of Slade Wilson.
The last time I saw Slade was down at the Peninsula gun range.
How desperate you are to cauterize your little secret, huh? Hide your little boo-boo.
It's too bad Alfred isn't here to fix it.
"Oh, somebody has a nasty splinter.
I'm sorry, Master Grayson, but that's going to have to come out.
Let me get the tweezers.
" Sprinkles.
Just how you like 'em.
Slade doesn't do gun ranges.
Don't lie to me, Benny.
Why don't you stick his head in the deep fryer? Smash his head in the counter? I mean, in for a penny, in for a pound Shut the fuck up.
He speaks.
Talk to me.
Look, Slade retired maybe six or seven years ago.
Five years ago.
Why does nobody remember that? What about his handler, Wintergreen? [BENNY.]
I don't know.
Come on, man.
- You happy? - Now you're cooking, baby.
Okay, okay! [PANTING.]
He dates these sisters, twins.
He used to anyway.
One of them OD'd.
But the other one runs the Scarlet Rose on Harbor.
- What's her name? - Mati.
Mati Matisse.
Sounds made up.
Because it is! I'm keeping this.
Hey, no guns.
Deathstroke's a gun guy.
Thanks, Benny.
Jason! Jason! [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
What the fuck are you listening to? - Can I come in? - No.
What? I know the look.
He did a number on you.
You can leave now.
Really? You made it out alive from my dad.
I thought you'd be - What? - Tougher.
You know, your friends act like you're some kind of fuck-up.
But you're the only one actually doing anything.
The rest of them just argue with each other.
You tried to stop my father.
They didn't do shit.
Dick did what he could.
Really? 'Cause I heard he dropped you from a skyscraper.
- Not his fault.
- Not yours either.
You got any music with an actual beat? - Look, I don't want to be an asshole.
- Then don't.
I know my dad tried to kill you.
Your friends tried to kill me.
And that was after they tried to trade me for Deathstroke.
So call us even.
God, what is up with everyone here anyways? You people need some kind of super shrink to deal with all your problems.
That would mean talking about them.
Not our strong suit.
You're the only person worth talking to in this place.
You're still out of your mind.
But I understand it.
Did you Did you just say something nice in that? I'm pretty sure you said something nice.
Don't make it weird.
So Kicking me out? I was trying to.
But now, you wanna see where this is going.
Admit it.
So do I.
So how about I DJ for a bit? Up to you.
Just don't scratch my vinyl.
Okay, boy.
I need you to help me find him.
Come on, boy.
Let's make this fast.
Fuck! Fuck, fuck! Okay.
I'm gonna need your help with this.
Do that weird laser-eye thing that you do.
Come on, boy.
Yes! [BARKS.]
Stay right there, Dr.
- Don't move! - Come on, go! [EVE EXCLAIMS.]
Now coming to the stage, Pastel Supernova and sweet Rosie May.
You wanna buy me a drink? Mati? Mati Matisse? [SULTRY MUSIC PLAYING.]
You're at the wrong table, Creamsicle.
- This one's mine.
- I was hoping we could share.
But I'm not in the mood.
I think we could be friends.
Friends need a reason.
A common goal.
Or a condition.
Or a common enemy.
I'm sorry about your sister.
You knew Christy? But I know Wintergreen.
Let's not say that name tonight.
I heard you were with him - Both of you.
- Makes my skin crawl.
He killed Christy.
Course, she let him.
I need to find him.
Come on, Boy Wonder.
This is your show.
The whole night is about you.
Saving your ass.
Chasing your ghosts.
Let's see what you got.
Amazing, aren't they? Who? Look, I need your help.
Why would I do that? Because once he gives me what I want, he'll be gone.
Are you some kind of hero? Something like that.
My sister would have liked you.
He's at the Davis Hotel.
Which room? The top.
Hey! Earth to Major Tom.
Snap out of it.
Batman teach you how to dance? I don't dance.
Come on.
Deathstroke messed with my head, too.
Doesn't mean you can't dance.
It's just like fighting.
Without the blood.
Ah, fuck.
I'm I'm sorry.
Don't hit me.
It's a thing that happened.
Don't get stupid about it, and it might happen again.
What? The fuck you doing with my brother's record? - You have a brother? - I did.
This is his.
This is his handwriting.
How the fuck did it get here? They're Dick's.
I borrowed them.
Okay, maybe he bought them secondhand.
You guys playing me? Well, what am I, bait? What are you talking about, Rose? Don't fucking lie to me.
This is my dead brother's shit.
Did you use him to get to Deathstroke, and that's what you're doing to me Rose, calm down, okay.
What are you talking about? Deathstroke killed my brother.
Rumor was he fell in with the wrong crowd, people who used him to get to my dad.
Sound familiar? If this record is here, then my brother was here.
Dick knew him, and he never told me.
You know what, fuck him! Fuck all of you! Rose! Rose, wait! Fuck.
This doesn't feel right, and you know it.
What are we really doing? Finding Deathstroke.
Then what? Bury him.
You mean so you can bury your secret.
You know, we all played our part.
And yours was a featured role.
Hey, get out of here.
Hey, scat.
Where's Slade? [SCOFFS.]
I'm not sure which one's crazier, you or him.
Pretty sure you win, Dick.
Where is he? You've hit a dead end.
- Next round's in the stomach.
- I know.
Thing is, I'm a middleman.
A buffer.
Safety zone between guys like you and Slade.
So kill me if you want But I didn't get this job because I'm personable.
I got this job because I hold the line.
How long has it been since that went down with you and Slade? Oh, please God.
- Five years? - Thank you.
You crossed the line, man.
Used the man's family.
- Even I wouldn't do that.
- Dick.
Where the fuck is he? These guys are playing you.
You should get back to the Tower, back to where you're needed.
Stop fucking talking.
Are you all right? [GROANS.]
You kill him, then Slade, then who? Who else you gotta kill to keep this secret? [DICK SIGHS.]
And I'm the one with the anger issues? What now, genius? Come on.
- What say we - [CELL PHONE VIBRATING.]
123 Lakeland.
What? You'll remember it when you see it.
Deathstroke again, huh? Let me guess.
We have a date.
I need chives.
Chives coming right up.
Did you take this from my dresser? No.
Somebody did.
Somebody's fucking with us.
- Bad timing? - Look at this.
This is our friend who Doctor Light killed.
Someone took it from my dresser and put it there for me to find.
There was a bottle of orange soda like the one Garth gave me waiting on my bed this morning.
A bottle of bourbon for me.
Why didn't you tell me? So who's the asshole playing pranks? [DICK.]
I don't know if you can hear me but you're one of the strongest people I've ever seen.
And I know, because I'm pretty strong, too.
Thing is, there's not much more I can do for you.
You're making me feel helpless.
And I hate feeling helpless.
So do me a favor, okay? Don't die.
Because that will really piss me off.
What did you say your name was? My name is Eve Watson.
Please let me in.
Look, I know this doesn't make any sense, but I was led here by a dog.
Is there someone named Conner there? Let her up.
I'm so sorry.
Save the apologies.
Can you help him? Maybe if I'd gotten here sooner, but The kryptonite poisoning has gone too far.
Seriously? Is that the best you've got? I am a scientist.
I'm not God.
You just told me you created him.
You're the closest thing to God he has.
Half of his DNA is from a guy that lifts skyscrapers, and flies faster than the speed of light.
At least fucking try.
It's not about speed or strength, okay? In order to save him, we would need a level of radiation that can't be found on this Earth.
We would need to fly him to the sun, and we don't have time for that.
By now, in order to heal him, we would need to bring the sun here.
Well, why didn't you say so? All right, Eve.
Stay back.
This may get a little crazy.
You ready? Uh I hope so.
- Rachel? - Yeah.
Obviously, I am fully confident.
Just contain me.
Let's do it.
Holy shit.
Well, hello there.
It's gonna take a little while for the radiation to fully saturate your cells, but you're gonna be okay.
I'm sorry.
What for? You told me not to be a hero.
You have nothing to be sorry for.
Okay? I mean, that advice I gave you? That was terrible.
The world is a much better place with you in it.
Wha What's gonna happen to you [CONNER HESITATES.]
Say it.
I'm gonna be okay.
I'm going to get as far away from LexCorp as possible, but I'm gonna be fine.
You're gonna need a few days of sleep to recover.
You rest.
My sweet boy.
- [BARKS.]
- Hey boy.
You really wanna be back here? Where is he? He's feeding on your guilt.
Like a spider.
He's lured you away from where you need to be who you need to protect.
He killed my friend.
Nearly killed Jason.
He has to be stopped.
Very heroic of you.
Except you don't give a shit.
- You don't know.
- But I do.
I know everything.
That's why you brought me.
Just like I know why you keep sneaking off on these solo runs.
Just like you did five years ago.
You have blood on your hands.
Not just me.
But you have more, son.
Blood only you and Slade know about.
You're afraid of the dark.
Always have been.
Even as a little boy.
The great chasm of silence.
The coldness of isolation.
You're afraid if the others know your secret, they'll leave you and you'll be alone, again.
And they may.
They don't need to know.
What difference does it make? It's done.
It's in the past.
It's behind me.
But it's not.
- It's got to come out.
- God damn it! [BREATHING HEAVILY.]
Can you leave me alone? You know how to get rid of me.
You've known the whole time.
I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
Of course you do, son.
You always have.
You just have to tell the truth.
It's too hard.
He left those for you.
Go home, Dick.
It seems like one way or another, the monster's been in the Tower all along.
Jason! No! [RACHEL.]
How fucked up are you? All you do is give people reasons to hate you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
The crosses on my mirror.
I still don't know what the fuck you're talking Don't fucking lie to me! I'm sick of this shit.
Fuck! Don't fucking walk away from me.
Hey, what's happening here? Jason drew crucifixes all over my mirror.
Jason, it's okay if you're angry.
I didn't do shit, okay? Don't blame me for her voodoo issues.
What's all the drama about? Somebody drew crosses on Rachel's mirror and she thinks Jason did it.
I know he did it.
Cute idea with the bourbon bottle.
Not my type though.
I'm more of a sour mash guy.
You ever go in my room and pull that shit again, I'll forget what team you're on.
Why, Jason? I don't know what happened, guys, but I didn't do it.
What about the picture of Ellis? The orange soda bottle? [RACHEL.]
He did it to you guys, too? - Fuck this.
- Hey, we're not done here, kid.
You people are insane! I'd rather be with Deathstroke than you assholes.
You think everything's my fault.
He's here.
What? Deathstroke, here, in the Tower.
He took pictures of all of us.
Can't a guy sleep in? [HANK.]
Dick, talk to me.
What's with the gun? Psst.
There's somebody missing.
Jason? I keep falling.
You're okay.
It won't stop.
- Listen - Bruce wasn't the first one, you know tried to help me.
I can make a list.
Relatives, teachers, cops.
Nobody's been up to the task, Dick.
I got a poison in me.
Shit spreads, it can infect even the healthiest people.
Why don't you just step away? No.
Step away from the ledge, Jason.
We can just sit up here quietly.
I fucked it all up coming here.
You know, it's happened before.
I once spent two nights in juvie, and four fucking people died.
It follows me like a curse.
Nothing's following you.
I'm the reason they all hate each other.
The reason that kid got shot, the reason this place won't work.
But I can fix it.
Remove the poison.
Jason, wait.
Can I tell you something? Something I've never told anyone.
It's not you.
You're not the poison.
It's me.
It's my fault.
It's this secret that's making us all sick.
My secret.
I caused all of this.
I did something five years ago Something unforgivable.
I killed Deathstroke's son.