Titans (2018) s02e08 Episode Script


Previously on Titans [MAN.]
Nice teamwork.
You've only been with us four months.
You ready to quit yet? No retreat.
No surrender.
I don't think we got introduced.
I'm Rose.
Picked her up the day before yesterday.
- Who is she? - Deathstroke's daughter.
Deathstroke is why we shuttered this place.
Why don't you give Garth a chance? I'm not really into his whole Atlantean "live for the moment" thing.
You're asking me to choose between my destiny and you.
Maybe they're the same thing.
Garth! [DICK.]
We're gonna hunt this fucker down and make him pay.
You want that one, you're gonna have to fight me for it.
- I'm Dick.
- The fuck you doing with my brother's record? - What are you talking about? - Deathstroke killed my brother.
Rumor was he fell in with the wrong crowd.
He's Jericho.
If this record is here, then my brother was here.
Work done? What kind of friends? Girlfriends or boyfriends? Everyone likes a guy who finishes their homework.
Look what the surf dragged in.
I was beginning to think you blew us off.
He says, "Homework, it never ends.
" Ah, it did for me.
One day I woke up, no school, no books.
Weren't you expelled? Some say.
Well, Stereolab released a new Japanese pressing today.
- [DAWN.]
Twelve inch? - Twelve inch and the LP.
Both on clear vinyl.
A little profanity.
- He says, "Take all my money, please.
" - Sure.
Okay, record geeks, come back to the party, please.
Oh, nice toss.
You okay? I hate this.
This is the only way.
Trust me.
If you start feeling weird, just think about Garth.
I just like the kid.
So do I.
But he's Deathstroke's son.
Are we sure of that? He's the one.
So there I was, sixth grade, braces, doing the full Spanish version of the Macarena - the whole five-minute version.
- [DAWN.]
Tiffani Hernandez and her friends are sitting there, laughing at me while I'm doing this thing, dancing my heart out.
And I swore then and there I'd never dance again.
- Never? - [HANK.]
Never, ever.
Hey, that's a cool little cuff thing.
The Eye of Horus.
Where'd you get that? He said, "It was a birthday gift.
" Who from? His dad.
Is he still in the picture? Hey, I get it.
Not everyone has a family you want to talk about.
I was raised by a borderline psychopath.
We don't get to choose our fathers.
He said, his dad was a war hero.
Before he was born, his dad was in the army.
Major Slade Wilson.
"He was part of a special unit called H.
" Try to relax.
Tell us where the others are.
We tried everything.
Just kill him.
Ahhh! You look tired.
You'll revive me.
Where's Jericho? Backyard.
Go slow.
You're home.
I'm sorry I missed your birthday.
- No biggie.
- Hey.
It is to me.
You never take that off.
Come here.
It kept me safe during battle.
Now it'll keep you safe, too.
Come here.
I missed you.
What's he doing now? [DAWN.]
He doesn't know.
They don't talk.
He hasn't lived with them in a few years.
Fresh one? Why's that? [DAWN.]
"Everything changed after my dad retired from the military.
He went into business with a buddy of his.
A man named Wintergreen.
Hey, kiddo.
Is your dad ready? [SLADE.]
Let's go.
His dad said their new business was risk assessment for an insurance company.
He went from hardly home to nearly never.
And then Dad! [MAN.]
How was Omaha, Mr.
Wilson? Sit the fuck down.
What do you want? The Brussels situation.
We need to know the buyer.
- You've made a mistake.
- Slade.
It's okay, honey.
These people are going to leave now.
There's been a terrible misunderstanding.
Dad, please - Are you okay? - Jericho? [BOTH SHRIEK.]
Call 911! Oh, God.
Just You're gonna be fine.
Just stay with me.
Stay with me.
When he came home from the hospital, his dad was gone.
"We all have family stories, right?" That's a rough one, Jericho.
I'm sorry.
To fucked-up families.
- Only ones we've ever known.
- [DICK.]
To family.
Meet Wintergreen, aka William Randolph Wintergreen, Special Forces.
Slade ran into him on a UN mission in Bosnia.
Uncle Wintergreen was also Slade's best man at his wedding.
The insurance job was just a cover for assassin work.
Wintergreen was the main contact for clients looking to hire Slade aka Deathstroke.
We ran Wintergreen through Bruce's facial recognition software.
Pulled up an address in Bernal Heights.
House looks lived in.
We should move now.
No recon first? This is Deathstroke we're talking about.
I want to know what kind of shitstorm we're walking into.
Look, I know we all want this over as soon as possible.
I just don't want to miss him if we have a chance now.
We catch this Wintergreen guy, I say we cut ties with Jericho.
Leave him out of this.
Dawn's right.
We got what we wanted.
Let's get Wintergreen.
They knew we were coming.
Oh, there's no way.
We moved too fast.
Or maybe sweet Jericho played us.
He hates his dad.
You were there when he told us.
More like love-hate.
Either way, I say we party with young Jericho again.
See where it takes us.
I'm still with Dawn on this.
I'm done playing that kid.
Since when is separating children from their psychopath parents a bad thing? We're doing him a favor.
We're not exactly Child Services.
Maybe you forgot what his dad did.
Garth is dead.
Nobody's forgotten.
None of us.
But maybe we've taken it far enough with him.
We'll find another way.
So I'll just stand here and wait for this big idea? I said "we".
You'll be a part of it, too.
Can't wait.
I'll go tell Jericho.
They're like ants.
Kill one, more come.
The job you were hired to do, you need to finish it.
And you need to figure out how they trailed us.
Already did.
Your son's hanging out with a new crowd.
They may be milking him for information.
He doesn't know anything.
You'd be surprised what a kid can pick up.
They're sponges, all ears and eyes.
Who knows what information he has stored up waiting to spill.
Leave Jericho out of it.
It's your call.
Let's go.
Jillian Good, you're here.
What's up with the entourage? You get a promotion? As you know, our work here sometimes ruffles feathers.
There's something you need to know about Garth being shot.
He wasn't the target.
Show me.
It was me.
I'm so sorry.
All I ever wanted to do was lookout for your best interests and I brought tragedy.
It's not your fault.
Two things are certain in this world, good and evil.
Your friend Garth was good.
Yes, he was.
I hope this means you'll be leaving for Themyscira.
Far from it.
My work here is important.
I don't run.
We identified the shooter.
His name is Deathstroke.
We know.
- And I'll handle it.
- Why? Because I've been authorized to bring the issue to a conclusion.
You're pulling rank on me? Call it what you want.
You're grieving for a lost loved one.
You're letting your emotions color your actions.
I know exactly what I am doing.
I ordered the album weeks ago.
Where is it? You know, I'm sorry.
I just can't find it.
Hey, what did they hire you for, your ass? Because it definitely wasn't your brains.
Hey! Watch it, asshole! That was so rude of me.
Let me buy that for you.
I am sorry for my outburst.
Please accept this tip.
Uh, thanks.
I have a tiny penis.
Good day.
Bye Hey.
What did you just do? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS.]
Follow me.
Guys, I have great news.
- You're rejoining the circus? - [DICK.]
- You have to see this.
- You should have called.
Something came up.
Go ahead.
Show 'em.
He's asking, "Who?" "Who" what? Hank.
- "Hank" what? - Look at Jericho.
I don't know what this is about, but I'm gonna Dance.
- Let's dance.
- What? My mom taught me this one.
What's happening to Hank? I'm not very good at this.
- That's not Hank.
So this is like Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Kind of.
I can make my consciousness jump into anyone I make eye contact with.
I control everything.
What they do, what they say.
Hank has no idea I've rented him out.
No way.
"I hope this doesn't freak you out.
" This is amazing.
This is amazing.
It sucks to have to give it up.
Did I just black out? And pull my groin? What are you laughing at? Did you just [DAWN.]
He said, "Sorry".
He's sorry.
Where did you get this power? [DAWN.]
He doesn't know.
He thinks it's from the drugs his dad took when he was in the military.
How long have you had this power? He doesn't know.
Since he was a kid.
The only person he told was his dad.
I'm gonna miss my lesson.
Don't curse.
We'll get there.
Just relax.
You got a problem, asshole? Dad, no.
Come on, - he's not worth it - [SLADE.]
Stay in the car.
Yeah, let's go, tough guy.
Thank you for your service.
Have a nice day.
Guess he changed his mind.
Was that you? Was that you? Did you control him? I was going to tell you.
I don't know where it came from.
It came from me.
You must have inherited one of my experiments.
But But yours is different.
But it's kind of cool, right? I can be like you.
You will never be like me.
If people ever found out that you can do things like this, they will take you away.
Never show people what you can do.
Promise me, Jericho.
The only other person he's told is his mom.
Until now.
There's so much you could do with that.
Can I talk to you for a second, please? You were supposed to break things off.
I swear that's what I went to do.
But then I saw that Jericho's got a gift.
We agreed to cut ties.
He needs us.
A gift like that, he's gonna use.
It's too tempting not to.
We can help him use it the right way, for the right reasons.
It's awfully convenient, Jericho's needs and yours.
I thought we all wanted Slade.
We do.
But not at Jericho's expense.
Look at us.
We're using a kid a damaged, fucked-up kid who just wanted some friends to find his damaged, fucked-up father.
Slade took from us.
He's still taking from us.
What're you talking about? I wake up alone.
I go to sleep alone, too.
You're a ghost these days.
I'm sorry.
I know I've been burning it both ends.
And I know how this looks me bringing him here and taking him on.
But I'm telling you, he needs us.
Needs us for what? A place to belong.
He wants to be out there in the world, to find his people.
But for him, it's not gonna be so easy.
He's a freak.
Just like us.
You do have a saving-people problem, Dick Grayson.
I'm working on it.
It's why I fell in love.
If he stays, we tell him the truth.
How we all met and why.
Cards on the table.
"Cards on the table.
" This is who we are.
I'm Dove.
Hank is Hawk.
Donna is Wonder Girl.
And I'm Robin.
We'd love for you to join us.
But there's something we need to tell you first.
I haven't exactly been clear with you.
When we met at the record store I went there to try to talk to you.
I lied to you, because I wanted to get information from you.
Your father was never an insurance agent.
He's a paid assassin.
He kills for a living using the name Deathstroke.
"How do you know my dad kills people?" He killed a friend of ours a few weeks ago.
Your dad's a hard man to track down.
We hit a wall, so we decided I decided to approach you to see if you can help us find him.
But that was all before we knew you.
Things are very different now.
It's not about your dad now.
We want you to join us.
But first you need to know who we really are.
No more lies.
He wants to know if he's our friend who his dad killed.
He wants to know the truth about his dad.
Please stop.
Whoever these "friends" are, if they're mixed up with your father, you can't trust them.
- I lied to you - [HUFFS.]
because you've always idolized him.
I know how much you love him.
I didn't want to take that away from you.
Where are you going? Nobody stops your father.
If that's what your friends told you, they're not your friends.
Jericho, no! Please! He knows about you.
What you did, what you've become.
And now he's moved out to live with some people.
I think they know about you too.
They're the ones who told him.
I think I know who they are.
Then fix it.
You destroyed our lives.
When you left, we had to patch a life back together, Jericho and I, however we could.
We had to start from nothing.
And we were happy.
But that wasn't enough for you.
You had to come back and hurt us more.
Ad, what do you want me to do? I want my son back.
And I want you to go away so you never hurt us again.
I need you to promise me that you'll do that.
I understand.
I never told him the truth.
Because a son needs to believe certain things about his father in order to become a man himself.
I preserved in him what he need to believe about you.
Thank you.
I didn't do it for you.
You don't deserve it.
This is your chance to make it right.
You won't get another one.
Hey, kiddo.
Long time.
I don't read sign language.
Okay, maybe I do.
Now shut up and listen.
Your father wants to see you.
I know Slade hasn't been much of a dad, but these new friends of yours, the Titans? They seriously call themselves that? The Titans were tragic Greek figures, got their asses handed to them by Zeus.
Who names themselves after losers? You need to know they're feeding you lies.
Go to this place, this time.
You want to know the truth about your dad, let him tell it to you.
You turned out good.
Don't let those masks mess with your head.
Yeah, I know.
Go fuck myself.
I don't see how Jericho seeing his dad is a good idea.
That's why he came to talk to me about it.
He's afraid you're gonna be disappointed in him.
And what did you tell him? That you and I would talk about it.
Jericho needs your approval for this, Dick.
He won't talk to his dad without it.
He didn't need to tell us at all, he could've just gone.
But he didn't want to lie to you.
Cards up, right? It took Jericho for someone to finally be honest around here.
You know, maybe it doesn't matter what we tell Jericho.
So we use him again? - What's happening to you? - You told me.
You told me, "Be Batman".
Remember? I was wrong.
This version of you What? You don't like it? You don't want me to answer that right now.
I think you should go see your dad.
I'll stay out of it.
Listen closely.
I'm only going to say this once.
Stay away from my son.
Emergency beacon activated.
Hello, son.
I'm here.
It was Deathstroke.
Jillian and the guards are dead.
Building's clear.
We have to get her out of here.
I'll meet you back at the Tower.
Take care of Donna.
You wanted the truth.
So here it is.
No more lies.
This is who I am.
This is who I've become.
I'm so sorry, son.
Almost losing you to the Titans made me realize how much I've failed you as a father.
But you chose family first.
I'm proud of you.
You didn't make the same mistake I did.
And I will.
No more secrets between us.
I can hear your heartbeat.
I can hear you breathe.
I knew you were coming before the thought entered your head.
I'm sorry, Jericho.
Your father killed again.
He has to be stopped.
You did this? You told him we were meeting? Don't blame yourself, son.
The Titans act like heroes, but they're hypocrites.
They used you.
He's lying.
Don't listen to him.
I can see right through you.
You wear the pretty costume, say all the right things but I can see what's underneath the mask.
I can see your lies the manipulation.
Using a son's love for his father to complete your mission.
Step aside, Jericho.
You killed my friends, you murder the innocent.
You're a monster.
As are you.
Only of a different breed.
In the pantheon of sins, murder is far more honorable than betrayal.
Watch closely, son.
This is what happens to Titans.
So emotional.
That's why you lack control.
There it is.
You feel it, don't you? Fear.
I guess this is - Dawn, I - Don't.
I'll be in New York.
If you ever need a place to crash Thank you.