Titans (2018) s02e09 Episode Script


1 [DICK.]
Previously on Titans - Ellis? - Hey, you okay? - We gotta go! - No! We have to help him! [FADDEI.]
You're to come home at once and take your royal turn.
Wear the crown.
- Don't - Sorry.
More will come for you, legions of them.
Let them come.
You're going to need a few days of sleep to recover.
You rest.
Your father killed for a living using the name Deathstroke.
We want you to join us.
Jason, wait.
Can I tell you something? I lied.
I lied to you guys because I was afraid you'd leave this place.
And me.
And if that happened, there would be no Titans.
And I lied to you, too.
I told you that Jericho was dead when I got to the church, but he wasn't.
He was alive.
He died trying to save me from his father.
I'm sorry.
You all deserved more.
Lying sack of shit! [DAWN.]
How many other fucking half-truths have you told us? At least you got a half-truth.
My brother's dead because of you.
I'm out.
- I'm going with her.
- Jason, you Look, you don't decide what I do anymore.
What anybody does.
I'm out, too.
I'm going with Donna.
Can I go with you? Sure.
Rachel? I can't stay here.
Let's go.
Kind of messed up, Dick.
You're leaving now? I got a loose end to take care of.
At least it's out now.
The truth.
I'm sure they'll get over it soon.
Kory? Really? [KORY.]
Looks like getting out of my ship was painful.
Getting out was the least of it.
What happened? Your sister happened.
Blackfire's here? No.
But she sent her friends to kill the both of us.
Your extended field trip has had consequences.
What does that mean? Blackfire now wears the crown.
Your crown.
That's impossible.
She would have had to circumvent my entire court.
They're all dead, my queen.
Just like she wanted you and me.
She sent the royal goon squad.
Fucking bitch.
Queen fucking bitch.
She's gonna take it apart, piece by piece, everything we built.
It's begun.
Anyone who gets in her way will die.
The best thing for you to do is just run, stay out of reach.
Take me to my ship.
You know those movies where shit gets all burned up in a giant cone of fire? Your ship's gone.
What about yours? It'll take some work, but it's not impossible.
So, what, we're just like his little soldiers that work on a need-to-know basis? I mean, he got a kid killed.
Who the fuck hides that? You were there, too.
What? You played your part.
You all played a part, and you all decided to kept it a secret.
We thought it was for the best.
Yeah, I know you did.
Oh, my God.
These tech losers are making this city a nightmare.
Hey, go right on Montgomery.
Rachel? [GRUNTS.]
Rachel, what's happening? [RACHEL.]
Sorry, Donna.
This doesn't make any sense.
Look, I get why everyone else is leaving.
They're pissed.
But they left.
Logically, that means you don't have to.
I fucked up, Gar.
Yeah, okay, and you admitted it and apologized for it.
What more can you do? [SIGHS.]
Nothing here.
Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Hold down the fort.
The place pretty much runs itself.
If you got any questions, there's a manual in the tech room.
Yeah, hi.
Hey, I got a question.
What about the unconscious, naked dude down the hall? He's your number one job.
His vitals are steady.
Just check on him every few hours, but nothing to worry about.
He's probably gonna outlive us all.
When he wakes up, call Bruce.
Bruce Wayne? No, Bruce Springsteen.
Conner will probably want to get in touch with Superman.
Bruce can make that happen.
So he and, uh, Superman are like Just call him, okay? He's your number one job.
Number one job.
- All you gotta do.
- It's all I gotta do.
I'll be back.
Keep the faith, Gar.
"Keep the faith, Gar.
" - Hey - [KRYPTO WHINES.]
Good boy, Krypto.
Gar's log.
Stardate: June 21st.
Operation "Save the Titans.
" Day Alpha.
There's a whole lot of work to do and no one to do it but me.
So let's get started.
"Chapter One: The Period.
- "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness.
It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity.
Gar's log.
Stardate: June 22nd.
Day Beta of Operation "Save the Titans.
" Day Alpha went pretty good.
No progress on the Conner front though, but a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
A thousand miles [CLEARS THROAT.]
Let's begin.
"dreary night of November, I beheld the accomplishment of my toils with an anxiety that almost mounted to agony.
I collected the instruments of life around me, that I might infuse a spark of being into the lifeless thing that lay at my feet.
"Hickory, dickory, dock, the mouse ran up the clock.
The clock struck one, and down he run.
Hickory, dickory, dock.
Fucking screw the works, God damn it.
Motherfucking piece of shit.
"Ten Benefits of Burning Sage, How to Get Started and More.
Purifying, symptom relief" Oh, crap.
Oh, God damn it.
Anything in there about fixing a stripped nut on a P-trap? "Smudging can also be used to remove negative energy from an object or a person.
" - That's helpful.
Back to Home Depot.
Please, God, no, I can't go back there again.
Hey, this dump ain't gonna fix itself.
Or we could, uh, blow out of here.
Big country.
Gas is cheap.
We just need to have some fun.
I'm up to my elbows in rat shit.
Come on.
We need a win.
All right.
Google "fun" in Bumfuck, Wyo.
- Okay, I will.
- Okay, do it.
- All right, I'm gonna.
- I can't wait to see.
You know what? Shower up, cowboy.
I know exactly where we're going.
- Shower's broken.
- [DAWN.]
Use the hose.
Gar's log.
This sucks.
- Hi.
- Whoa! Hey, uh, okay [LAUGHS SHEEPISHLY.]
You're, uh You're awake.
So we pretty much have the entire place to ourselves, uh, until the others get back, that is.
Which should be soon.
How did I get here? [CHUCKLES.]
Wait, you don't remember anything? Just little bits and pieces.
I remember feeling really sick, and hearing a lot of voices, and then it was like I was on fire, and then - Is Eve here? - She was.
She, uh She helped you get better.
Well, it was her and Kory and Rachel.
What is this place? Titans Tower.
Yeah, I guess that might sound a little weird with no context.
Um, okay.
The Titans are a group of people like you, basically.
I mean, you're Superman's son, right? And Lex Luthor's.
Yeah, well, no one's perfect.
You saved our friend, Jason Todd.
He was falling from a building, and you caught him.
And then I got shot.
But then the Titans saved you, and they brought you back here.
That's what we do.
We all have powers and special abilities.
We choose to help people.
Eve said it's okay for me to help people.
I remember that.
Look, the important thing is you're awake now, which is good, because I was on the verge of losing my mind.
Uh, give me one minute.
There's someone I gotta call.
Call initiated.
Call ended.
You want anything? [FADDEI.]
Ranch Corn Nuts, and a Yoo-hoo, if they have it.
So gross.
Yeah, well, that's just like your opinion, ma'am.
You're watching way too much TV.
This is the training room.
We have weights, weapons, equipment.
Basically, anything that you need, we have it.
Sometimes it feels like I never leave this room.
So where is everyone? I mean, the Titans? Uh [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY.]
I guess you could say we're taking a break.
The others all had stuff they had to do.
Are they coming back? [CHUCKLES.]
I think, once they realize how important it is to do what we're all doing they'll be back.
This is the heavy bag.
Give it a shot.
It's okay.
We'll just tell Dick I did it.
All by myself Don't wanna live All by myself Anymore Keep workin' through that breakup, Dermot.
I'm sure Katy's gettin' the message loud and clear.
Next up, a couple of newcomers to our stage.
Let's hear it for Frank and Shawn! Frank and Shawn, everybody.
Here we go! - [SPARSE APPLAUSE.]
- All right.
Listen, baby Ain't no mountain high Ain't no valley low Ain't no river Wide enough, baby If you need me, call me No matter where you are No matter how far Don't worry, baby Just call my name I'll be there in a hurry You don't have to worry [BOTH.]
'Cause, baby There ain't no mountain High enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me From getting to you, babe Remember the day I set you free I told you, you could Always count on me, darlin' From that day on I made a vow I'll be there When you want me Someway, somehow [BOTH.]
'Cause you know that there Ain't no mountain high enough Ain't no valley low enough Ain't no river wide enough To keep me From getting to you, babe [PEOPLE CHATTERING AND LAUGHING IN DISTANCE.]
Let's take this in the truck.
What, like in high school? [DAWN.]
It won't be like high school.
Well, aren't you lovebirds cute? [LAUGHS.]
Excuse me? You don't know who I am.
But I know you.
You think you can come back here, throw some funny names around, and us dumb country folk are gonna forget about everything? I'm Ellis' sister.
That kid you got killed.
No, ma'am we're so sorry about Ellis.
You do not deserve to say my brother's name.
Do you know we're still trying to scrape up enough money to pay for a headstone? And where the hell have you been? Singing your titties off? [HANK.]
Back off.
We don't owe you shit.
- Hank, don't.
- No.
Her junkie boyfriend was the one that got him hooked in the first place.
Where were you when Ellis OD'd and nearly died? Oh, that's right.
You were in lockup on a possession beef.
We took care of Ellis.
We got him clean.
Not you.
Yeah, you got him killed, too.
Pat yourself on the back.
Nice try.
Crawl back under your log.
No, that's not gonna happen.
'Cause I plan to make your life a living hell.
Maybe you've got it in you to kill another of us, but, uh Maybe we get to you before you do.
What was it that you liked to say to Ellis? Oh, yeah.
One day at a time.
Hey Don't listen to her.
Look at me.
Don't listen to her.
Let's get in the car.
- Oh, no.
Bro, I'm dead.
I'm dead! We're dead! We are dead, bro! - Ugh, game over.
Game's over.
It's not over yet.
No! You win.
That's That's impossible.
I've never beaten that boss before.
No one has.
How did you do that? [CONNER.]
I don't know.
It's like something just took over inside me and I knew how to beat him.
This this is amazing! Conner how would you like to be a Titan? I don't think I can, Gar.
I mean, you guys, you're actual heroes.
- I'm not.
- Uh, yeah.
You are.
Look, the guy who made me, he's not a nice guy.
I have this, uh other side.
I hear you.
But, dude everybody does.
Let's run it back.
- Show me how not to die.
Hi, my name is Dick Grayson.
I was hoping we could talk.
Uh, I don't understand.
Showing up here, now I came to say I'm sorry.
Sorry? We made a terrible mistake.
I did.
A long time ago.
It's something that's followed me ever since.
I took advantage of Jericho to get to your husband.
He killed a friend of ours and I wanted to make him pay.
So you just happened to run into the son of the man you were hunting? Lucky break.
I didn't just run into him.
I made him my target.
Used him.
I found him in a record store and Well, I got in the middle of a family.
My family.
Your family.
And it killed him.
He loved you.
And your friends.
You all still together? That's all finished now.
I'm a forgiving person.
I like to think so anyway.
But, um I can't forget what you did.
Your sorry is as self-serving as your seduction of my son.
You came to make yourself feel better.
Not today, Mr.
I've got nothing but pain for you.
Uh, there is, um another option.
If it's forgiveness you want you should try in there.
They might feel differently.
[MAN 1 ON TV.]
Wanted to get her out of here.
Had to.
It's over.
[MAN 1.]
Put on your coat.
I won.
You took my family and cast it into the sea forever.
So I took away yours.
You came here for forgiveness.
- To confess - [DICK.]
Not to you.
You killed him.
You're a murderer for hire.
You kill without thinking, even your own son.
This isn't about me.
You still haven't accepted your guilt.
And so you must pay.
I sentence you to live alone, Dick Grayson.
Forever knowing that your Titans family lives and breathes somewhere out there in the world, but you can never be with them.
Not until you've paid for your crime.
You didn't deserve him.
Excuse me? [DICK.]
You didn't deserve a son like him.
Neither did we.
He was better than the rest of us and we all let him down.
I think you should go.
No, no.
Wait! He's tired.
It's time to go.
Grayson! [GRUNTS.]
You came here to pay your debt, but there's no forgiveness here.
Our war is over.
But if you ever put the Titans back together, even for a weekend I will kill every last one of you.
So think of all of this, San Francisco, like one big, totally immersive, three-dimensional, interactive, multi-player video game.
- And you're Player One.
- Okay.
And your job is to make sure that everyone stays safe and no one gets hurt.
Is that what the Titans do? Well, we don't, but the old Titans did.
Dick mostly just kept us locked up in the Tower.
Jason, Rachel and I talked about how we wanted more real-life experience.
And once the team is back together again, I think we'll get it.
I know this sounds crazy, but once the team knows you're awake and can see what you can do, they'll be back in a hurry.
So, Gar what can you do? [LAUGHS SHEEPISHLY.]
It's no big deal.
Come on.
Can you show me? Now's not the best time.
Well, can you tell me? Yeah, yeah.
It's kind of weird, but I can turn into a tiger.
No way! Yeah.
What's a tiger? [CLEARS THROAT.]
- Whoa.
- [BARKS.]
That's awesome.
Look, there's more to it, but I'll show you later.
Help! Help! They're hurting me! Help! Game on.
Hero time.
Conner, no! [GRUNTS.]
Get down, now! This is your last warning.
Stand down.
Down on your knees! Shut up! [COP GRUNTS.]
You didn't eat your corn nuts either.
I lost my appetite.
Do you mind? Your sister, Blackfire Yeah? [FADDEI.]
I know you're angry, and I'm angry, too, but I know you still love her.
You don't know her like I do.
She's always been a climber.
She's always been kind to me.
She wanted to have you castrated after we slept together.
Rules are rules.
You haven't always been so nice either.
That that toast you gave at your cousin's wedding? About her hair? Huh? I have been hard on her.
She was always in my shadow.
Too frail to play the Glass Games.
To weak to run the Two Moons race.
I think she ran the Two Moons once.
We shortened the course for her.
She never knew.
If it wasn't for me, she wouldn't even have any friends.
What about Lexi? Lexi was her speech therapist.
The point is, you helped each other through rough situations before.
Maybe there's some way you two can do it again.
Co-queens? Make peace with my sister or go back and start a revolution.
It's a tough call.
Well, I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Well, I'm a fighter.
Where are we going? Nowhere.
Bad sleep? No sleep.
Do you want to talk about it? I didn't want to come back here.
Anywhere but here.
I wanted to pick up where we left off.
Before Dr.
Light and Ellis.
It was working before then, we were moving forward.
Yeah, until we weren't.
You wanna pick someplace else, get a map and some darts.
I'll go anywhere you want.
It won't matter.
What won't matter? [HANK.]
Trying someplace new.
The problem isn't where we go.
It's us.
You've been listening to Ellis' sister.
She's right.
All we do is bring pain with us, wherever we go.
For Christ's sake, we met in grief counseling, Dawn.
We're practically defined by loss.
I don't believe that.
I don't think you do either.
When we're together we beat the shit out of people and pretend it's for the greater good of humanity.
When in reality, all we're really doing is keeping the cycle of pain alive.
That's what we are to you? Some sort of twisted, fucked-up pain response? Maybe we should be apart.
What? See if the world is a little less fucked up a place without Hank and Dawn.
If you want to go, go.
Well? It's too bad.
I've seen worse.
That you couldn't find it in your heart to forgive.
Let's end this game, Blackfire.
When did you know? Faddei wasn't at the wedding when I joked about your hair.
Faddei, if you can hear me if there's any part of you that's still alive in there I am so sorry.
Please hurry.
Do it.
He was stronger than I expected.
What do you want, Blackfire? [BLACKFIRE.]
We could rule together.
It's always been a dream of mine.
Have you asked Mother and Father? [BLACKFIRE.]
Of course not.
They were always yours, weren't they? There was never a day that went by that I didn't think about how much happier they'd be if I was gone.
You killed them.
I have my own family now.
One that loves me.
Just me.
I'm coming for you.
Reservation? Uh, no, not yet.
Where are we going today? - Sir? - I don't know.
Um Far, far away from people.
You'll have to narrow that down.
The most remote place you go.
Um, Japan, France [TICKET AGENT.]
Not a lot of people in Greenland.
Uh, it'll take a day, but I can get you there.
Sounds good.
I'll go there.
Uh, just you? Just me.
One way.
- Any bags to check? - [DICK.]
No bags.
Passport and credit card.
What can I do you with? Uh, Diet Coke.
So where's a guy got to go to get some real shit around these parts? [FEMALE NEWSCASTER.]
earlier today of what witnesses say was a brutal attack carried out by what appears to be one man, still unidentified, whose whereabouts - remain unknown - [DIAL TONE.]
This is Dick Grayson.
I can't take your call right now.
Leave a message.
This is your final boarding call for Flight 805 to Greenland.
Final boarding call.
Dick, uh [STUTTERS.]
I'm sorry.
Something really bad happened and it's my fault.
I need your help, so call me back, yeah? Excuse me, sir.
Officer down.
Gate D.
- [COP 3.]
Get on the ground! - [COP 4.]
On the ground, now! [COP 3.]
Show me your hands.
[COP 3.]
Backup requested at Gate D.
I repeat, backup requested at Gate D.