To Your Eternity (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Last One

In the beginning, it was a sphere.
It's not just any normal sphere.
It could change itself
by imitating all that may and does exist.
I decided to place it upon this land
and observe.
For some time,
it assumed the form of a rock.
When temperatures rose,
it took the form of moss.
Before long,
snow began to fall upon this land.
A single wolf appeared from the south,
moving slowly.
And once the wolf perished,
it took the form of the wolf…
and gained consciousness.
It did not know
how to move or where to go,
but it picked up
the wolf's habits instantly.
It moved slowly.
It seemed it had copied
the injured wolf's wounds as well.
Its initial discomfort
and its initial pain
healed within 20 seconds.
And it carried on without any problem.
It began to walk.
Carving into its mind, the frostiness
of the wind and the smell of the snow.
Yet it had no destination.
Joaan! You're finally back!
I'm so glad you're safe!
You've been gone for two months.
I was so worried!
I knew you wouldn't forget about me!
You seem quieter than usual.
I know. You must be tired.
There were many unfamiliar things there.
The comfort of warmth.
And unknown scents.
This place was enchanting.
If it could speak, it would probably say,
"I want to stay here forever."
I keep telling you
not to get too close to the fire.
Here's your food.
I see.
You don't like it
because it's not caribou milk.
Well, that can't be helped.
The last caribou died a year ago.
The fire will go out soon.
Let's sleep before it gets cold.
The nameless boy
was the first human it met.
After it snowed,
it's hard to get dry stuff.
We can't use the wood at my aunt's place.
We're borrowing from people's houses.
Isn't that something?
I'm sorry. I know.
If they came back,
they'd probably be angry.
Well, it can't be helped!
If I don't do this, I'll die.
Of course they will!
It's only been five years since they left!
Only five years!
They'd left for a place far away.
Far beyond the horizon,
believing that there,
they would find people and food.
According to them,
that place is like a paradise.
There are a lot of fish
and even something they call fruit.
There are people far smarter than us
who live happily every day.
How nice. I would have liked to go.
I was trying to sneak out
with all the adults,
but you stopped me from going.
You bit my leg!
Then they told me,
"You stay here! Look after the elderly!"
That was so mean.
They said they'd come back
with souvenirs if they found that place.
They did say that, right?
In the end, the ones left behind
were the elderly I couldn't save
and the two of us.
Welcome back.
What a surprise! It's a fish!
Nice! What a big catch!
Here, this is for you.
To save fuel,
let's eat this raw.
Why don't you eat it?
Did you forget how?
Like this.
With your mouth, chew it.
Well, you can eat it after all.
These are aunty and uncle.
My cousin and his children.
And the uncle with a beard down the road.
This is the aunty next door.
It looks like her, doesn't it?
So that there's evidence
that people were here.
And so…
I don't forget.
I'm thinking of leaving this place.
I want to meet new people
and have new experiences.
I'm sure some of it will be bad,
but I want to see the world.
With you, of course.
I can't even see the sea anymore!
It's my first time coming this far out.
My uncle said
it was direct to the south.
Just walk straight ahead from the house.
You can't see it in these conditions,
but eventually, you'll see
a big mountain standing like a wall.
Beyond that is paradise.
Well, let's go further
before it gets dark!
What is that?
It's a message!
It's for people like us
who are searching for that paradise!
It says to go this way!
Awesome! This is such a relief!
Joaan, coming here was worth it!
I'm happy too!
Joaan, have you ever heard of vegetables?
Apparently, I've had them before,
but I can't remember at all.
And sweet, round fruits!
I don't know what sweet tastes like,
so I asked my uncle,
but he couldn't really explain it either.
I'd like to try it soon.
I can't wait.
Freedom feels great!
It's starting to snow.
Is that a complaint I heard, Joaan?
The journey has only just started!
Look! A tree!
Amazing! This is proof
we're getting closer to the mountains.
We can use some of this as fuel.
All right!
Let's resume our journey!
That was embarrassing.
My face is freezing!
I'm completely soaked!
But it's amazing
to think there'd be a river here!
Let's fish!
You were smiling just now, weren't you?
There. That will do.
It's fine. Don't worry.
It's just a flesh wound.
Hey, don't joke around.
I'm not going back.
I can't do something that uncool.
And we still have plenty of food.
Let's keep going tomorrow.
And the day after and the day after that,
I'll keep walking even if you complain.
As long as I have the strength,
I'll keep going!
That's not right, Joaan.
It will be even more foolish
to stop going further
just because we don't know
if the others are still alive.
If we return,
we'd just rot away in that house.
I can't accept that!
I will go where the rest have all gone.
That's the only thing left for me to do.
The fact that they haven't returned
surely means
that paradise is too fascinating.
It's because they're enjoying it so much.
The fascinating food
and the fascinating people.
That's why…
This is amazing, Joaan!
These are the remains of people!
Look at this!
This means that everyone made it this far!
That's why, for sure,
ahead of us
is the way to the mountains.
We can definitely make it!
We can make it.
Can we make it?
What do you think, Joaan?
Do you think we can make it?
Tell me!
Say something. Like you always do.
That's right. You can't reply.
That's right. Isn't it?
I've only been talking to myself
all along.
Curse it!
That's right.
I'm sorry, Joaan.
You've been by my side this far.
I shouldn't have said that.
I'm sorry.
Let's go back.
Let's go back, Joaan.
I've decided.
It's not your fault.
I want to go back.
I want to go back.
Let's go back.
What's with that face?
Are you not feeling well?
Or are you trying to make me laugh?
I know.
You must be hungry.
I'll prepare some food.
It's healing.
Does it smell nice?
Once this heals,
let's challenge ourselves again, Joaan!
That's weird.
You see…
If I'm sleeping when they all come back,
that would be embarrassing, right?
is what
makes me cool.
Joaan, I have
a request to make of you.
Don't ever…
forget about me.
All right! Let's head out
to paradise one more time!
They were all waiting for me.
I won't be alone anymore.
Now I can do my best!
Look, everyone! There are people up ahead!
It's nice to meet you.
What kind of place is this?
Do you know
about something called a fruit?
Hello, nice to meet you!
My name is…
As a consequence,
it took on the form of a human.
There are conditions
for this transformation.
There must be stimulation.
And so it set out to seek
an even stronger stimulus.
It will likely meet all sorts of people
and have all kinds of experiences,
just as the boy wished.
It arrives in the land of Ninannah.
March, a girl raised in the village
was selected as a sacrifice.
Her dream of becoming an adult
was thus shattered.
To survive,
the two lives intertwine.
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