To Your Eternity (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

A Rambunctious Girl

It departed for the south.
It collects information
through stimulation.
And it is able to replicate
and emulate them.
From a rock…
to a wolf…
and a human now.
It had no characteristics of a human.
It was incontinent
and lacked a source of nutrition.
And so,
it soon died.
Yet this was not an issue.
For this being,
death is but a change of condition.
By now, it had already died six times.
Yet its regeneration mechanics
were functioning just fine.
The first time, it took all of five days
before it came back to life.
By the 6th time, it took only 12 hours.
Pain promotes growth.
There are no meaningless deaths.
It died again.
Yet this was not an issue.
Mom, I'm so hungry, I could die.
Poor Usajiro.
Mom will make food for you!
It's done! Eat up.
It's so good! Mom's cooking is amazing!
As expected of Mom!
Thank you!
With this, you are a proper adult.
Thank you, Grandma.
What are you looking at, March?
Look. What might this be?
Were they born safely?
Yes. Meet the sixth member
of our family, Kanitaro!
I've been thinking we needed a child!
With this, our family has eight people!
That's right.
Dearest, a feast to thank you!
It looks so good!
The food you make is the best after all.
Aren't you glad you married me?
It's time to eat, March.
Mom! Dad!
Look! It's Kanitaro!
Good job!
Sorry for troubling you
all the time, Parona.
Not at all.
I feel at ease playing with March.
When will March become an adult?
Are you asking that again?
Once you can sleep without
wetting the bed 3,000 times in a row.
That's what I always tell you.
I can't wait for that!
I want to grow up soon and become a mom!
Did you know?
Ri next door isn't a kid anymore?
She has already removed
the paint on her face!
The only kids left in this village
are me, Lisa, and that baby Lala!
It's embarrassing!
How about this, Lisa?
Your big sister will feed you next time!
Don't do that.
I'll teach you something nice, March.
If you aren't obedient,
you won't become an adult.
Because adults are obedient.
What is that supposed to mean?
I don't get it.
That bow is too heavy for you.
Don't worry. You'll get better someday.
We'll help out too.
Let's all train hard together.
Thank you, everyone.
Where is Dad?
Dad is busy working today.
But you can't be selfish.
I wonder what that sound might be?
No idea.
Where are we going?
I found a really nice place.
Let's go play there.
What are you doing?
She is a village girl, isn't she?
Did you not hear
about the order to assemble?
Rejoice, all of you.
This village was lucky
to be selected this year.
The ritual to thank the deity who blesses
Ninannah with peace and prosperity,
The Spirit Bear,
will be held in this village.
We shall offer
an unsullied girl to the Spirit Bear.
The selection shall be carried out
by us Yanome,
as dictated by tradition.
Let's see.
This child.
Congratulations, March!
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much.
For what?
You've been chosen
for a very prestigious position, March.
We're sorry, March!
What happened, Mom?
You are to die,
For everyone's sake, you shall be
the sacrificial lamb for the Spirit Bear.
I am Hayase of the Yanome.
I have been assigned to watch over March
until the completion of the ritual.
Please stand down.
No man, not even her dad,
may approach her.
I must ensure that she remains pure.
Then as for the ritual's schedule,
a day before the departure,
a banquet will be held.
Families and friends
may bid farewell to her.
Over the next three days,
we shall climb the mountain.
We will escort her carefully,
so have confidence that she will be safe.
We will have March
rest on top of the altar.
We'll return immediately without waiting
for the Spirit Bear to descend.
If anything remains after a year,
we shall collect it and return it to you.
March doesn't want to die.
Dying means that
I won't become an adult, right?
So I don't want to die.
That's too bad.
Why are you deciding everything for March?
That's how it is.
What is that supposed to mean?
No! I don't want to die!
Why do I have to die?
Why is March the only one
who can't grow up?
Be obedient.
-March, eat these.
-These are for you too.
March, I made this for you.
Wear it on your last day, all right?
Thank you.
I'll do my best.
Does your job also include
watching me when I use the bathroom?
I am ensuring that you stay safe
until the final day.
Right. You need to make sure
that I don't run away.
Let me give you a warning.
If you run away,
Lala may be the one to die instead.
And what if Lala runs away too?
We'll take the kid who can't run away.
What's wrong?
There, there.
There, there.
You've done well, March.
You've stayed obedient until now.
Good job.
There is a saying.
"The world beyond death
is one of freedom."
You may do anything and become anything.
There, you can be the adult
you could not be here.
An arrow.
She ran away!
Ms. Hayase!
Go after March!
Don't let her get away!
She's gone! Look over there!
-She's not here!
-Look harder!
I'm sorry, Dad.
I couldn't be obedient.
There she is!
What is that?
Wait for me!
What is this thing?
Where are you going?
Take March with you.
I see.
Did you intend
to fake March's death with these?
I understand what you wanted to do.
It seems like you play pretend.
Don't misunderstand.
The one to punish you will not be me
but your own people of Ninannah.
Where is March?
Did she escape?
We should go back to the village
and get another…
Why do such a shameful thing
when we can just find her?
We're going to go find her now!
No! Wait! There's a monster!
A monster?
What are you?
You looked like a pile of bones at first.
But then you wiggled around,
and then you came back to life!
One time, my big sister stepped on a bug,
but then it was still alive!
We were really surprised!
That's called
Immortal, right?
That's what my big sister taught me.
By the way, where did you come from?
You're definitely not from Ninannah.
You don't look like
you're from Yanome either.
What's your name?
I'm March!
Hey, say something! Can't you speak?
That fruit looks sweet.
I see. You must be hungry.
I'll get it.
Leave it to me.
I'm good at climbing trees!
What? You can't be serious.
You look so pitiful.
Did your parents never teach you?
Here. You hold it with your hands
and eat it.
Hey! How could you?
Good grief.
That's not nice! That was March's share!
Stop it.
No! These are March's!
Did you want to eat that much?
You see, when someone you don't know
does nice things for you,
you have to say, "Thank you."
Can you say it? Here, "Thank you."
"Thank you."
"Thank you."
"Thank you."
Hey! Don't run off like that!
Are you sleeping?
Mom! Dad!
March is back!
Where is Lisa?
It's your fault, March.
Two people were sacrificed
because you ran away.
Why are you following me?
March is not your mom, do you know that?
A boy who knows nothing,
and March, a girl who wants to be a mom.
Their lives gradually began to intertwine.
Parona, who fights to save March's life,
the persistent Hayase,
a giant shadow that suddenly appears.
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