To Your Eternity (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

A Large Vessel

The sphere that I placed upon this land
took the form of a young man.
A girl from Ninannah, March,
named it, Fushi.
Through the battle with the Spirit Bear,
it received stimulation
and collected new information.
Thank you.
Let's play a game
where you try not to be found by anyone.
The game will continue until I come back.
So stay hidden until then.
Got it?
My sister…
Here's some food.
If you run out of food,
pick some berries and fruits.
My sister!
If you win, I'll make a new doll for you!
Parona, where ever have you been?
Where is my sister?
She's not here anymore.
She was chosen
as the sacrifice for the Spirit Bear.
My sister.
Running away?
-My sister!
And you call yourself
a woman of the Ninannah?
My sister!
You are no longer one of us!
Scram! Leave this place!
It was a dream.
What kind of face
did my sister have on back then?
Thank you.
Thank you.
What a weird doggy!
Thank you.
How much longer will we be traveling?
We should reach Yanome in roughly 20 days.
You're the Shaman of Yanome, aren't you?
Why are you
in the same dirty carriage as us?
That's right!
You did horrible things to March!
Why did you choose me?
You were the prettiest, that's why.
I see.
I am a criminal.
To achieve their greedy ambitions,
they were desperate enough
to enlist the help of a fake shaman.
They want
the abundance of land in Ninannah.
That's why they are so absorbed in
Ninannah's tradition and sacrifice ritual.
They clear suspicions
by dirtying their hands in the ritual,
and sending presents and thanks
to give the ritual an air of heroism.
"People of Ninannah, how well
you have devoted yourselves
to the betterment
of all people on this earth!"
The goal that lies beyond that dynamic
is psychological conquering
and domination.
I wasn't aware of this.
It's unpleasant that all of this arose
from one word of tradition.
The fact that this ritual exists
is even more abhorrent.
My goodness!
I thought the people of Ninannah
were folks who believe
that faith is more important
than the lives of their brethren.
They are antiquated adults.
They are indifferent
to the souls of the suffering.
This backward practice needs to be put
to an end as soon as possible!
That is impossible.
The older people of Ninannah
are fixated in their ways.
They won't believe you
even if you tell them "God" is dead.
What should I do?
What happened?
It's wet and stinky!
It's flowing this way!
Let's clean you up, doggy.
It's cold but be brave!
Don't ever
about me.
It was you all along!
I miss you!
Do you know this guy?
Yes. His name is Fushi.
The sun is setting. It's time to go.
Come with March!
Good boy.
I'll teach you
how to use the bathroom later.
It seems to be close to you, March.
Fu is still a child.
That's why March decided
she will be Fu's mom!
He can't die.
So is that why his name is Fushi?
A person who can't die is unfortunate.
I feel that people's lives
have a purpose for them.
In living infinitely,
what meaning will he find in living?
Sorry, March.
It's wrong to look for meaning
in life and death.
I don't understand what you're saying,
but March is very happy right now!
Please wear this.
Yanome clothes.
There are clothes for Fu too!
I'll put them on for you.
Here we go!
What will happen to us now?
From today onward,
you are Parona and March of the Yanome.
Look, Parona!
There's a lot of tasty-looking stuff!
There are so many pretty things too!
Please help yourselves
to do what you like.
I'll pay.
It smells so good!
Do you have something
you'd like to tell your loved ones?
Let us help you! We are a letter shop!
-Look, Parona!
-We can deliver your messages for you.
Please write your message
on this piece of paper.
I see. Don't worry.
I'll help you write it down.
Please tell me what you'd like to say.
"Dad and Mom, how are you?
March is in Yanome right now.
Please don't worry about me!"
That's all.
Where should I deliver this to?
To my parents!
They are in Ninannah.
The Ninannah where the Spirit Bear lives?
That's right!
Ninannah has no written script.
Your parents
will not be able to understand
what is written in the letter, March.
But March knows a different script!
Is that so? What kind?
And what does that mean?
It means, "March is doing well!"
Please help me deliver this!
All right.
Where should I put it in Ninannah?
Where my parents live of course!
Which district? Which block?
Whose jurisdiction?
Do you know, Parona?
Ninannah is a large territory.
Even in the closest region,
there are over 40 villages.
What is that picture?
March, let's go and have dinner.
I'll hold onto this for you.
We'll come back when we figure it out.
What is this? It's so yummy!
Look at the way she eats.
Thank you.
Fu, you should eat properly.
I've taught you before.
You have to eat with your hands.
Got it?
March, you should
exercise manners as well.
Why don't you try
using those chopsticks on your head?
These are head-scratchers!
They're used to scratch your head
when it itches.
It seems that Yanome's culture
has not been properly propagated.
I apologize.
Please continue as you have been eating.
Fu, eat as you please.
Fu, are you all right?
I think
he has learned Yanome's table manners.
What do you think, March?
Yanome is a good place, isn't it?
A place where you could spend
the rest of your life.
Not really.
March thinks…
It's a pity.
As expected, morning glory
from the west works wonders.
As I previously reported,
during the iteration of this ritual
which has been conducted for many years,
we caught sight of
and subsequently captured the Spirit Bear.
In addition,
I have something to show all of you.
This boy.
As we were returning from the ritual,
we witnessed this boy
take down the Spirit Bear.
This boy felled the Spirit Bear?
Yes. He is immortal.
If I kill you, they'll let me out!
The wound disappeared?
How can this be?
It hurts!
-It hurts.
-It hurts.
Don't blame me, little runt!
I just want to meet my love,
enjoy good food, and live my life!
-It hurts.
-Please die!
It hurts.
Is he a God or is he a demon?
As of right now, we have no idea.
We have yet to ascertain his capabilities.
But I am convinced
that this boy is critical
to the future of Yanome.
Get out of the way, grandma!
Cut his head off!
It hurts.
-March, please calm it down.
-It hurts.
It hurts.
Please bear with it.
It hurts.
I won't forgive
whoever did this to you!
There we go.
There, you're all better now!
You did great, Fu!
Are you with Fushi?
Parona? Where are you?
I'm here, March!
What do you have in that room?
There's some straw and a bowl.
And this.
Good. Tie it onto this.
Where are we?
What is going to happen to us?
Don't worry, March.
Could you get me some of Fushi's fur?
Fu's fur?
Right. To the right.
When will March be able
to leave this place?
You'll be here forever.
It hurts.
What's wrong? Haven't your wounds healed?
It hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts.
What is this?
It hurts.
It hurts.
An arrow.
There are so many of them.
How pitiful. If we don't help it…
How is it coming along?
Well, nobody wants to tend
to the Spirit Bear.
What's so difficult
about looking after a bear?
Then let her do it.
Is it all right? It's dangerous.
It doesn't matter.
There's no issue to be had
with some girl dying.
I can't believe
they left the bear in your care.
It's too dangerous for you
to do it all by yourself.
I'll be fine.
I have Fu and Kanitaro with me.
Parona, you have your work too.
Do your best!
Don't worry! It'll be all right!
First, we'll have the old woman
fake illness to trick Yanome.
Help! I'm dying!
Then I'll go save March.
Then I'll kill the Spirit Bear.
And bring back its eyes or fur as proof.
The people of Ninannah will know
that there is no longer a need
to continue with the ritual.
That should work.
No matter what,
I have to do it.
Right, my sister?
Hey, big bear.
You're just like me, aren't you?
When March left Ninannah,
everyone told me how good of a girl I was,
saying "thank you" and "congratulations."
But in the end, I'm just a normal girl.
It hurts.
You're just a bear who likes human meat.
People made a big fuss over you
and shot you with arrows.
And they made you out
to be like the real scary Spirit Bear.
Once your wounds heal,
you'll be able to go back.
Go back.
Sorry for making you worry.
There, there.
There we go.
It hurts.
Thank you.
And so the vessel opened.
The Spirit Bear is dead.
Its body will be disposed of tomorrow.
I must ensure that I have evidence
before we escape.
March will be able
to get out of here soon.
She doesn't have to grow up here.
That should do it.
My sister!
It hurts.
This is the tool room?
I wondered what fell.
So it was you.
I can help you keep this a secret.
But you'd better be quiet.
How dare you!
Shut up and stay still.
Rotate out.
What is going on?
I'm taking you away.
My sister.
You must've been smiling back then, right?
That is why I will use the life
that you've given me
with purpose.
Let's get out of here together!
Parona and the others
are planning to escape from Yanome.
However, the Yanome soldiers led by Hayase
are persistent.
During the escape,
Fushi's body
faces another change.
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